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WEDNESDAY, OCT. 4, 1899. 2
O ne Tear .......------------ - .-.
Six Month. .. ---- - -
Fonr Nlonths .... - ------------ -. 50
One square, one time, $1; each subse
quent insertion, 50 cents. Obituaries and
Tributes of Resper charged for as regular
advertisements. Liberal contracts made for
three, six and twelve months.
Communications must be accompanied
by the real name and address of the writer
in order to receive attention.
No communication of a personal char
acter will be published except as an adver
Entered at the Post Office at Manning as
Second-Class Matter.
We are not disposed to criticize
officials, because we know they have
much to contend with that public
policy forbids them from explaining,
and at the same time the public does
not understand and often misjudges
an officer, but when we find an officer
so indifferent to the cause of justice as
to thwart or hinder other officers
from doing their duty we cannot con
scientiously refrain irom giving the
public the facts, even if it does injure
somebody. The public welfare is of
more importance than an officer's in
dividual feelings.
Everybody knows how anxious the
people are to have that notorious des
perado Bill Dixon captured, and all
rumors in relation to his whereabouts
are carefully investigated by our
sheriff. On last Monday a Mr. Davis
was in town and reported the arrest
of a negro in Sumter who answered
the description of Bill Dixon, immed
iately Sheriff Bradham sent the fol
lowing telegram:
Sheriff B. G. Pierson, Sumter, S. C.:
We learn here you have Bill Dixon;
is it so? D. J. BRADHAM, Sheriff.
After waiting about two hours' the
answer came as follows:
Sumter. S. C., Oct. 2, 1899.
D. J. Bradham, Sheriff:
Bill Dixon has not been arrested
by me. B. G. PIERsoN, Sheriff.
Sheriff Pierson wires back that
Dixon was not arrested by him, but
evaded saying, that a party suspected
of being Dixon had been arrested by
Mr. C. W. Stansill and was at that
very moment in the Sumter jail. Tbe
answer of Sheriff Pierson, under the
circumstances was nothing more or
less than a culpable evasion, and
tended to thwart another sheriff in
the discharge of his duty. Why did
Sherifi Pierson, wish to conceal from
Sherift Bradham the fact that an ar
rest had been made? Was he look
ing into the matter of rewards, before
giving the required information? The
conduct of Sumter's sheriff in this
matter is nothing short of outrageous
and it is a pity that Governor Mc -
Sweeney has not the power to sus
pend from office, an officer who so
flagrantly violates the laws of ordina
ry common sense. Sheriff Bradham
after receiving the answer to his tel
egram from SheriffPierson contented
himself with the assurance that Bill
Dixor. had not been arrested in Sum
ter, and that the report was another
of the many false rumors in connec
tion with the outlaw, but on Monday
night THE TDD~ editor reCeived a
letter from Mr. C. W. Stansili, in
which he relates that he arrested a
negro that he believed to be Dixon.
We herewith reproduce the letter:
Sumter, 5. 0., Oct. 2, 1899.
Mr. Louis Appelt, Manning, S. C.:
Dear Sir:-I arrested a negro here
on Saturday evening with stolen
horse and buggy, which parties have
followed him here with and claimed.
Now some seem to think that he is
William Dixon. I don't know Dixon,
but I am almost certain that this fel
low is one of the three negroes that
you want in Manning.
~QNow what I want is for you to find
the party or parties who saw those
negroes in Bradham's barn down in
the swamp, and see if they would be
able to identify either of the parties
they saw at that barn. If they can't
maybe some other parties may have
seen them and mi ght be able to iden
tify this fellow. I am almost sure he
is one of the parties and 'would be
glad if you could find some one who
could identify him. He has all the
marks of Dixon, but I don't know
Let me hear from you at once.
Upon receipt of the letter we im
mediately went the Sheriff Bradham's
house and showed it to him and at
the same time we read to him an ar
ticle taken from Monday's Item:
Saturday afternoon a negro drove
up to Harby's stable with a horse and
buggy which he endeavored to sell to
Mr. C. W. Stansell for $20. Mr. Stan
sell suspected that the team was
stolen and sent for a policeman, de
taining the negro until Policeman
Seymour arrived.
The negro was arrested and placed
in the guard house. He said his
name 'was William Goldstein. In
appearance he fitted the published
description of Bill Dixon, the Claren
don county horse thief and murderer,
and a closer examination of his body
revealed the fact that he had scars
on one hand, forehead and the rear
portion of one thigh similar to scars
said to be on Dixon's body..
He was clean shaven and a part of
his eyebrows were shaven off, and in
those particulars he differed from
Dixon's description. He denied em
phatically that he was Dixon, but
Mr. Sta'nsill and others who have
seen Dixon believe that the right
man has been captured.
Soon after G.oldstein was arrested
Rev. Murray, colored, of Wedgefield
horse and buggy, which had been
stolen from a hitching rack in
Wedgefield, and he immediately
claimed and identified as his, the
horse and buggy which Goldstein at
tempted to sell at Harby's stable.
Goldstein tried to break out of the
guard house Saturday evening and
had broken the lock of his cage and
would have escaped in a few min
utes more if one of the policemen
had not gone to the guard house at
the time. He was then taken to the
jail and put into the steel cage where
he will be kept until his identity is
Mr. Huggins, of Manning, who is
in town today, went to the jail and
examined the prisoner, but did not
positively identify him as Dixon,
consequently there is still a question
as to his edentity.
He admits stealing the horse and
buggy in Wedgefleld, but pleads as
an excuse that he was drunk when
he did so.
Sheriff Bradham was very indig
nant at his treatment by Sheriff Pier
son, and said he would take the first
train for Sumter to see the arrested
party himself. Sheriff Bradham said
it was the Sumter Sheriff's business
as a matter of official courtesy, if
nothing more, to have informed him
of the arrest made by Mr. Stansill.
Sheriff Bradham hurried to Sumter
yesterday, visited the jail, and look
ed at the man in custody. He found
that the man was not Dixon. It so
happened that he was not Dixon,
but suppose the man in jail was Dix
on, the telegram from Sumter's sheriff
to Clarendon's sheriff was not calcu
lated to further the cause of justice.
How's This I
We offer one nundred dollars reward for
any case of catarrh that cannot be cured by
Ha11's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY & Co., Props., Toledo, 0.
We the undersigned, have known F. J.
Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe
him perfectly honorable in all basiness
transactions and financially able to carry
out any obligations made by their fir-n.
WEST & TRAUx, Wholesale Druggists, To
ledo, 0.
WAriso, KIssAs & MAavv., Wholesale
Druggists, Toledo, 0.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mucous
surfaces of the system. Price 75c per bot
tle. Sold by all druggists. Testimoniais
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
The past week was one of patriot
ism, historical, and sensation. Dewey
the great naval hero was welcomed
home in a manner that threw into
shade all previous receptions to a
conquering hero; millions of people
gave vent to their patriotism in their
efforts to do honor to the hero of
Manila bay. South Carolina was a
conspicuous figure in the celebration,
and Governor McSweeney did him
self and the State proud in the part
he took in the celebration.
When the history of this country
is revised, and the Spanish-American
and the Philippine wars are reviewed
the historian cannot complete his
work without giving a word picture
of New York as that great metropolis
appeared last week.
The speculators took advantage of
American entbusiasm when the "fat
ted calf" was being killed in honor of
Dewey, and while the New-Yorkers
were battering their silk hats, and
waving flags, a conspiracy was form
ed to out speculate the speculators.
A fake cablegram from Liverpool was
rng in on the New Orleans cotton
exchange which run the price of cot
ton up 2 1-2 cents per pound. The
wires were kept hot instructing buy
ers to buy everything in sight, and
when the truth was made known,
many a speculator had put up his last
dollar and ruin was his reward. The
exchange could not stand the pres
sure and for the first time in 30 years
the doors closed to untangle the tan
gle created by the fake cablegram.
Buyers all over the country on ie
ceiving their instructions bought at
any price, one farmer in Augusta
sold 60 bales at 8 cents and later
when the buyer found out the true
condition he went to get his money
back from the farmer, but Mr. farmer
regarded the cotton buyer as a good
joke, and laughed him back home.
It was a blue day for the speculators,
but it was a verification of the saying
that "tis an ill wind which blows no
Cotton has been steadily advanc
ing and we are about convinced that
the Neil report of a 12,000,000 bale
crop has been proven to be greatly
overestimated, that the crop is short,
very short, with a fine prospect for a
still higher climb; at any rate the
present stiff prices have been a great
help to our farmers, they have helped
them pay their debts and the mner
chants have never made better col
lections. We all rejoice in an era of
prosperity, toay it continue.
Millhons eivena Away.
It is certainly gratifying to the public to
know of one concern in thle land who are
not afraid to be generons to t'e needy anid
suffering. The proprietors of Dr. King's
New Discovery for consutuption, coughs
and colds, have given away ovr ten million
trial bottles of this great medicine; and
have the satisfaction ot knowing it has ab
solutely cur.d thousands of hopeless cases.
Asthua, bronchitis, hoarseness and all dis
eases of the throat, chest and lungs are
surely cured by it. Call on IR. 13. Loryeai.
druggit, antt get a trial bottle free. Re-gu
lar size 50c and $1. Every bottle guaran
teed or price refunde'd. 3
Love is a desease that keeps one
sick a long time after he gets well.
A Itemarkable Case.
Antioc, Miss., July 1, 1898.
I want to thank you for the great benetit
I have received from your wonderful remi
edy, Benedicta. I was induced to try a bot
tle. ad it benefited me so tunch I used an
other and I am now entirely well. TIhere
is certainly no medicine like it and I can
recommend it to all women.
Mus. B~rnE LA,.osTos.
Sold by R. B. Loryea.
D~~~tC UBA N OlIL cres
SCuts, Burns, Bruises, Rhieu
ratim and Sores. Price, 25 cents.
Sold by , R. Tonyea
Meeting ot the Sons or Veterans.
The second regular meeting of our camp
of Sons of Confederate Veterans will be
held in the conrt house on Friday. Uctober
13th. at 11 o'clock for the purpose of en
rolling members and further completinz
the organization. After consulting with
several officers and members we have con
cluded that Friday will be a more conven
ient day for all concorned than Saturday.
Every son or grandson of a veteran who
was enlisted in the confederate army, either
in the cavalry, infantry, artillery or navy,
and who was killed, honorably discharged,
transferred or who fonght to the end of the
war, and such sens or grandsons being over
the age of sixteen years, is eligible to nmem
bership and sbould enroll his name.
We already have a good membership en
rolled, and every young man who is elihible
should join and help perpetuate tCA me-u
ories of the brave deeds of bis father or
grandfather in a noble cause. The proud
memories of the Confederate soldier should
never die, and each young man who holds
(iear to his heart the sacred sacrifices made
by his father or grabdfather for the cause
o, patriotism and our country, can keep
bright those hallowed memories by j ,ining
and keeping up an organization to perpet
uate the bravery of those ancestors.
Let ns have a large meeting on the 13th,
and all old veterans are most cordially in
vited to be present with us.
J. H. LEEsNEs, Commandant.
I. I BAGL, Adjt.
During the winter of 1897 Mr. James
Reed, one of the leading citizens and mer
chants of Clay, Clay Co., W. Va , strnck
his leg against a cake of ice in such a man
ner as to brz.ise it severely. It became very
much swollen and pained him so badly
that he could not walk withont the aid f
crntches. He was treated by physicians,
also used several kinds of Luiment and
two tnd a half gallons of whiskey in bath
ing it, but nothing gave any relief until be
began using Chamberlain's Pain Balm.
This bronght almost a complete cure in a
week's time and he believes that had he
not used this remedy his leg would have
had to be amputated. Pain Balms is un- I
eqnaled for sprains, bruises and rheuma
tism. For sale at the R. B. Loryea drug
Packsville Notes.
Elitor THE TinEs:
The Packsville High School opened
on Thursday last under the manage
ment of Prof. S. E, Smith. Miss Ma
rion Kruse assisting.
Addresses were delivered by Rev.
Conners, Mr. Wells, school commis
sioner, and Mr. Bradham, a Citadel
cadet. The enrollment was very en
The people of Packsville having
realized the great importance of edu
cation in their midst, have put their
shoulders to the wheel, and, by their
earnest efforts, they have a good and
well established high school in this
little town. It is hoped that this
may be the most pleasant and pros
perous session in the history of the
school. OPPIDANUS.
Brave Men Fall.
Victims to stomach, liver and kidney
troubles as well as women, and all feel the
results in loss of appetite, poisons in the
blood. backache, nervousness, headache,
and tired, listless. rnn-down feeling. Bnt
there is no need to feel like that. Listen to
J. W. Gardner, Idaville, Ind. He says:
"Electric Bitters are just the thing for a
man when he is all run down, and don't
care whether he lives or dies. It did more
to give me more strength and good appe
tite than anything I could take. I can now
eat anything and have a new lease on life."
Only 50 cents, at. R. B. Loryea's drug
store. Every bottle guaranteed. 3
With the aid of a hammock, love
making may be suspended without
being stopped.
Red Hot From The blun
Was the ball that hit G. B. Steadman of
Newark, Mich., in the Civil War. It caused
horrible Lcers that no treatment helped
for 20 years. Then Bneklen's Arnica Salve
encred 'him. Cures ents, bruises, burns,
toils, felone, corns, skin ernl.tions. Best
Pile cure on e-arth. 25 cts. a box. Core
guaranteed. Sold by. R. B. Loryea drug
gist. 3
It's bad enough to be disappointed
in love, but it's worse to be disap
pointed in marriage.
A Woman's Lettei.
Coolidge, Ky., Aug. 20, 1898.
New Spenceer Medicine Co.: Since writ
ing you in July, I have continued to use
Benedicta and am surprised at the results.
Before usicg the remedy I suffered from
womb troubles and a weak stomach, but the
three bottles of Benedictai has completely
cnred me. It is a great medicine for deli
cate women. Ma~s. H. R. Gnmaz.
Sold by R. B3. Loryea.
Both the bide and groom may be
timed, yet they always stand up for
their rites.]
Working night and Day
Thle busiest and mightiest little thing
that ever was made is Dr. King's New Life
Pills. Every pill is a sugar-co Lted globule
of health, that changes weakness intoI
strength, listlessness into energy. brain-fag
into mental power. 'They're wonderful in
building up the health. Only 25 ets. per
box. Sold by. R. B. Loryea druggist. 3
The person who leaves fly paper on a
chair is never the one who sits down
on it. -
"Best on the market for coughs and colds
and all bronebial troubles: for cronp it has
no equal " writes Henry' R. Whittord,
South Canaan. Conn , of One Minute
Coigh Cure. D. 0. Rtham'-, Summerton;
Dr. W. M. Brockinton, Manning.
You can hardly expectL a young
man to make any progress with his
first mustache, when everybody takes
delight in calling it down.
Bearst~e he Kind You Have Always Bought
More than half the time when a
woman betrays a secret, some man
is at the bottom of it.
Quick Results.
Coolidge, Ky., Aug. 1, 1898.
I have been suffering with .female trou
bles and was unable to get relief. I was
persaded to try Benedicta and after one I
month's treatment I can recommend your I,
tetedy to snfering women.
Sold by R. B. Loryea.
More men are locked up for safe
keeping than for safe breaking.
Most parents prefer boy babies to
girls, because they never come a-miss.
Keep Quiet
utail useL Ci~hanlain ' die, cboiera and
ii arf.t miereme'ii forI all pais oft the' stom
nebi .rol all unaiz duoral loos-ness of the bow
elIt awarS cure's. F'or sale by 1t. B3.
Lor' 0' . iiuggist. fj nla
You can't always judge a man by
the cigaretta he doesn't smoke.
Bears th h Kind You Have Always Bought
P1t*leAINUBIAN TEA cures Dyspep
KRI 'sia, Constipation and Indi
.estion. Regulates the Liver. Price,25 cts.
Sold by R. B. Loryea.
When a married man gets his hair
ut, his wife loses her strongest hold
m him.
Some children are naughty because
hey have heard that the good die
loU ng.
For Infants and Children.
he Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
It's no harm to bite off more than
rou can chew if you don't try to
wallow it.
There is nD such thing as a woman's
die curiosity; it works night and
c A. 3 T O 3L I.A.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Death sometimes cancels debts with
the aid of an insurance policy.
Notice to Creditors.
All perpons having claims against the es
ate of Renben B. Loryea, deceased, will
present same duly attested, and those
>wing said estate xill make payment to
Manning, S C.. S-pt. 20. 1899. [21-4t
Notice of Discharge.
On the 9th day of October, 1899, I will
ipply to the Probate Judge for Clarendon
:ounty for letters of discharge as exccntor
>f the estate ot N. R. Cousar. deceased.
Sardiiai, S, C., sept. 11, 1899 [20-4t
[am daily receiving from the best markets
Apples, Oranges,
Bananas, Nuts,
California Peaches,
Grapes, Cabbages,
Irish Potatoes
My store is headquarters for the choicest
andies and Crackers.
My Grocery Stock
[s certaiiily where the family supplies can
)e fonnd.
I also keep a full line of
Fancy Goods,
Notions, Shoes
and Dry Goods.
Come to see me.
Ihomas Nimmer,
Opposite Court House.
.. Thek .~
R. B. Loryea
Sign of G'(olden
the Mortar.
ro the Public:
Having purchased the drug busi
ess of my brother, the late R. B.
[oryea, I have assumed entire con
~rol thereof, atnd the public will find
me doing business at the old stand of
he Golden Mortar.
All persons indebted to the late R.
B. Loryea will make settlement with
ne and payments of accounts as ear
y as possible is requested.
I have secured the services of a
:horough ly competent and reliable
Pharmacist, who comes to me with
he highest testimonials as to his
:arefulness and accuracy in com*
ounding prescriptions, and it is my
urpose to keep this department of
ny business up to its present high
Customers will receive prompt and
sourteous attention at all times, and
[ hope to merit a continuance of the
iberal patronage bestowed upon my
'he R. B. Loryea Drug Store
ianning, S. C., Oct. 1, 1899.
A Medicine Chest in iself.
Cramps, Diarrhoea, Colds,
Coughs, Neuralgia,
25 and 50 cent Bottles.
SORmYD PsRe e Ivv curd
cled hop es.In tel
d Testimonials and TEN DYtreaen free.
DR. E. B. GERE'S SONS. Box K, Atlanta. Ga.
.and Surveying and Leveling.
I will do Sarveying. etc., in Clarendon
nd adjoining Counties.
Call at ofice or address at Samter, S. C.,
0. Box 101.
Office lately occupied by the late B.
?ressley B3arron, Esq.
.Atorneys and Cojunselorso J,! L.
We are going to make it to the advant
age of every one in Clarendon County to buy
from us everything they need in the shape of
Dry Goods, Notions, Carpets,
Cloaks, Shoes, Clothing and
Gents' Furnishing Goods, Hats, Gro
ceries, Hardware, Etc.
First-For we carry in stock anything
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most varied assortment in each department
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Second-Rock bottom prices on
Third--You will receive the same atten
tion if you spend 10 cents or $100.
We shall sell as long as they last,
75 dozen guaranteed 4-ply Linen Collars
at 5c; all shapes and sizes.
50 dozen guaranteed 4-ply Linen Cuffs
at iic; Links and Plain; sizes, 10,
10 1-2 and i.
The above will give you an idea of the
prices we are going to offer this season.
Northwest Cor. Main and Liberty Sts.,
snater, - - s. c.
Mail orders fired pro ptly. Dress goods samples sent on
And progressive people must
move with it or lose their place
in the race of life. Take time
by the forelock-not the fet
lock. When the cyclone has
struck the outskirts of the town
it's too late to begin digging
your cyclone cellar; there's
only about time then to finish
a nice, comfortable grave.
A cyclone of business is just now making
ts appearance in our land. October and No
ember the storm center will seem to be in
very home. Have you made your plans and
some preparations to meet it? Or are you go
ng to get swamped in the whirl of trade and
ripped up in the eddies ?
Have you thought of this?
Have you decided to make
your bill with THE NUM~TE R
DRY GOOD~S 0O. this falI?
Take time by the forelock,
not by the fetlock, or you may
get Kicked, and then want to
KICK yourself for not making
your fall purchases at the store
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hereby giving the customer the full ben
fit of his money.
so An RifBnY5'S NEW STORE.
Watch this space till November 1st, for we are showing
Bargains that can't be duplicated in Baltimore city.
1,000 yards yard-wide Unbleached Domestics, beginning Thursday, at... 4e
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Dressing Saques and Tea Dress
es, really a value at 25c; this
sale's price..............C ble Grain Shoes, Lace and But
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(D QOE9 lEa
While we are quoting you Rock Bottom prices in our Dry Goods De
partment, our list would not be complete without naming some of the nee
essaries of life.
Good Rice at...a..............................$3 00 per 100-b. sack.
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Floar ............... ...... ........................ 3 50 to 4 50 per bbl.
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ood double thick Tobacco in 10-lb. caddies, at ...... 35c per lb.
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WHigesutin Marke rce BotPie f our DrGoodsDe
patenou it oldnt ecmpltm ihu aigsm ftenc
ood oubl thic Tobcco i 104. ediea.....3cpe.b
10 ar G odSo p or........ .............. 2c
Com, eeryody Notob, bu-laue oso o
GoodGoos Ceap
S. A.Rigby
Highst M rke Prie Pad fr Coton
s no opnnhifaladwnesocofMns
Bos5n-hlde' ltinHt n Frihn -
Th soc s arerad heprcs s owo
loe5ta hrtooe.I
Me'5S t ro . $ o 2
Yot'sSis rm . 45 t 1
An os'K e uis os ftemwt
DobeSat-n nes-rm . $1t 6
byan coening hose lnd winStte sock Soft Men's,
a os li andCide' ltig asadFrihn

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