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Supplement to The Manning Times.
Will open on Thu
During this sale we will offer ten
cases of Ladies' $1.25 Shoes for only
$1.00. This lot will contain a lot of
Heavy Pebble Grain Button Shoes
for everyday wear; also a lot of gen
uine Dongola Button Shoes for dress.
It will pay you to see this great offer.
We will also offer 10 cases of Men's
all solid $1.50 Shoes for $1.25.
In this lot will be a lot of Men's
Shoes in Congress and Bals for dress.
Also a lot of Heavy Oil Grain Shoes.
-for everyday use.
18c. to 75c.
We will also offer a large lot of In
fants' and Children's Shoes at re
duced prices, ranging in prices from
1Sc to 15e per pair.
We offer 50 Men's nice Black Clay
Worsted Suits at $5 per Suit that are
being sold at $6.50 and $7 per Suit.
We offer 50 Suits of Men's Fine All
Wool Sack Suits at $8.25 that we feel
no concern in this country can offer
for less than $10, for we picked this
lot of Suits up at a great bargain and
we sell them at a bargain. s
If you are a judge of clothing you
will be struck with this lot.
Tax Notice.
County Treasurer's Office,'
Clarendon County. -
Manning, S. C., Sept. 27, i899.
The tax books will be open for the
collection of taxes for the fiscal year. r
commencing January 1st, 1899, on s<
the 16th day of October, 1899, and
will remain open until the 31st day c
of December, following, after which.
time a penalty~ of 15 per cent. at- 1]
taches to all anpaid taxes. d
The following is the tax levy: c
For State raurposes, five (5) mills a
For ordiary county tax, four and f
one-fourth (4+) mills.p
For past indebtedness, t ih r e e - c
fourths (1) of one mF!.
F or constitutional school tax, three I0(
(3) mills. Total, thirteen k13) mills t
(separate from special school tax). . la
Special two (2) mills school tax, c
School District No. '^9' Total, fif - t
teen (15) mills. ti
Special two (2) mills school tax, g
School District No. "16.'' Total. fif- a.
teen (15) mills. sc
Special three (3) mills school tax, p
School District No. '-21.'' Total, six- bi
teen (16) mills. ve
Special four (4) mills school tax,
School District No. "20." Total, sev- p
enteen (17) mills.
Special four (4) mills school tax, ei
School District No. 7. Total, seven- by
teen (17) mills. fa
Special four (4) mills school tax, e
School District No. Q2. Total, seven- hi
teen (17) mills. ci
Special four (4) mills school tax, W
School District No. 9i. Total, seven- m
teen (17) mills. B C
Every male citizen between thel.
ages of twenty-one and sixty years,
except those incapable of earning a
support from being maimed or from s
other causes, and except those who t
are now exempt by law, shall be a
deemed taxable polls. The law re-a
quires that commutation road taxa
shall be paid for the succeeding year
when State and County taxes are W
paid. S. J. BOWMAN,
Treasurer Clarendon County. A~
There is no kincd of painM
or ache, internal or exter-s
nal, that Pain-Killer .will
not relieve. e
Eye Glasses,
____ C
New glases put into old frames,re
or new frames fitted to old glasses. po
Have your eyes tested at ma:
rsday, the 12th of Oct(
20c. to 75c.
We offer 400 pair of Boys' Knee
Pants, from 4 to 16 years old, at from
20 to 75e per pair.
You call and see this line of Pants
and we will surprise you when you
see the goods and hear the prices.
We offer 5 dozen Boys' Knee Suits
at $1 per Suit that look very cheap
at i.25.
We offer 75 Boys' Knee Suits at 73e
to close them out.
This lot of Clothing is several odd
lots thrown together and is in bad
sizes-6, 7. 8 and 9 years old only, and
some of them are worth as much as
1.25, but we put them all together
nd run them off at 5e.
If you need small Suits you can
;et some great values out of this lot.
We offer 10 pieces of nice Worsted
-4 Dress Goods at Oc per yard that
Lre sold everywhere at 10c.
12 1-2c.
We offer 10 pieces nice 6-4 Worsted
)ress Goods at 12=c per yard that are
old everywhere at 15 and 20c.
Just call and see the line and you
ill be convinced. 1
igher Prices For Cotton Expected to.
Bring Good Times.
BALTIMORE, Oct. 6.-The one thing
thich has been lacking to make well
>unded and general prosperity for the
yuth-prosperity for the farmers as 3
'ell as for the nmanufacturers-has t1
yme, says The Manufacturers' Record
its weekly review of the southern in
ustrial conditions. The advance in
tton, if the price ruling today holds, t
it probably will, means that southern
rmers will receive at least $75,000.,000,
>ssibly $100,000,000 more for this year's P
op than for that of last year.
The addition of $75,000,000 to $100,.
X),000 to the value of the south's cot-b
n, the production by the country at
rge of about 2.500,000,000 bushels of
irn, or about 30,(00,000 bushels more
~an the largest crop ever before raised,
e high prices which cattle raisers are
tting and the enormous demand for
1 kinds of agricultural products by rea
n cf the general employment of the
iople at good wages, are factors in the d
isiness situation which must have ad
rv telling effect.It
The farmers this year are going to be Iai
-osperous. Last year western farmers ct
ere in good shape and southern farm- di
s were trying to get on solid ground
Sclose economy. This year western
rmers, with their magnificent corn
op and a fair wheat yield, added to va
gher prices for live stock, will be in s
>ver, and their southern brethren will f
ind up the season with less debt and ye
ore spending money on hand than for it
r'e years. c
Add to these facts that every railroad c
taxed to its utmost; that the iron
tde is crowded as never before, with
les a year ahead at magnificent profits; o
a~t nearly all other branches of trade,
a doing egnally as well, and we have ce
uniform condition of activity and da
osperity such as has not been seen for o
ong time. to
;eo 'Couple Brought Together by
the 3Mail Mediumn.H
AUGUSTA, Ga., Oct. 6.-Last eveningsu
:urred the marriage of Mr. William ho:
*nce Thompson of Bath, Ga , to Mrs. ch:
Llliam Melissa Tompkins of Ithica, ha,
Y., and the ceremony was the cul
nation of an interesting romance.
.Thompson is postmaster at Bath, a
all village in this county, a dozen her
les from Augusta, and is 62 years old. on
Iis bride is 61 years old, and untilge
terday they never saw each other. T
sy wero introduced by a mutual
~nd through the medium of the mails
I have been in correspondence for a (
.r past. Tueoy exchanged photographs A
yesterdaiy Mrs. Tompkins camne
at her New York home to carry out d
ir agreement of mnarriage. aut
he wedding took place at the Method- que
parsonage, Dr. Kenidall ofliciating. a ri
and Mrs. Thomi son left on the 5ay
ning train for their home in Bath, bee
2appy as a boy and girl. dra
An Explanationt Is Wa&nted.qn
HARLEsTON, Oct. 6. - The special
imittee of the Cotton Exchange has
orted on the matter of the false re
ts of the Liverpool cotton future
rket, transmitted by the Western we
ion last Friday, and the Charleston
hange unites with the exchanges:lv
r the country in demanding a more, tha
sfactory explanation of the false re- vo
)ber, and run until the
We offer 15 pieces of z3-inch nice
Brocade Worsteds, in all shades, at
20e per yard that we usually sell at
25e. but you can have them during
this sale at 2?0c.
We offer 10 pieces of Plain Cash
meres, in all the leading shades, at
25e. This line of goods is sold by us
at :Oc per yard, but during this sale
we let them go at 25c.
Silks, Velvets and Gimps to line
them up.
We offer 15 half pieces of Fine
Dress Goods at SOc per yard that we
get GO and 63. but we let them go du
ring this sale at 50c per yard.
This line contains a beautiful as
sortment of Plain and Fancy Mixt
ures. A line of Trimmings to match
75c. to $1.00.
We offer 15 Dress Patterns in Fan
y Mixtures at 75c and $1 per yard.
'here is only one dress in each piece,
o if you buy one of these Patterns
1o one else in the community will
ave one like it, for there are no two
Black Dress Goods.
W e offer the largest line of Black
)ress Goods for mourning and other
To B3o Military Instructor.
RALEIGH, Oct. 6.-Captain Edwin L.
'letcher, a retired army officer, now re
iding at Hampton, Va., has been cho
an military instructor at the North
arolina Agricultural and Mechadical
>llege. Captain Fletcher is a native ofi
~ew York state and entered West Point
1 188 being retirad from the army as
tptain in 1b95 for physical disability.
Railway Commission Dt fled.
ATLANTA, Oct. 6.-The roads entering
11s city have virtually defied the state1
tilway commission by failing to filet
lans for a new union depot as they
*ere ordered to do two months ago.
n adjourned meeting of the board will
held Monday, when fines aggregat
tg $30,000 may be assessed, in accord
ice with an act of the legislature.
Farmer Waylaid and Shot. (
HOKE's BLLFF, Ala., ot. 6.-Dave ~
ahaugh, a prominent farmer living ~
sar here, was waylaid and shot last a
ght while returning honae from Gads- r
~n, where he had been to sell his cot
n. Bloodhounds were quickly secured f
id the highwayman will probably be
ptured. Nahaugh is in a critical con- C
No Spanish Flag In Havana.
HAVANA, Oct. 6.-The mayor of Ha-a
na, Senor Perfecto Lacosto, has is
ed an order directing that no Spanish d
,g shall be displayed in the city of Ha
na, except at the Spanish consulate. b
is believed that this will give rise toc
nsiderable hostile criticism.
31111 Directors Buy Land.
EosCitSKo, Miss., Oct. 6.-The direct-. 5
of the proposed cotton factory re
atly capitalized here at $12ii,000 to- cc
y purchased 270 acres of land just
tside of the corporate limits of the
v-n and work will begin at once upon B
s erection of the building. te
Surgeon Caldweli Resigns.
VAYCRoSS, Ga., Oct. b. -Dr. Frank a
Caldwell, superintendent and chief jla
geon of the Plant system relief and
pital department, and E. P. Peabody, i0
ef clerk of the same department, G
re resigned. 18
Price of Lumber Advanced.
IomILE, Oct. 7.-The Gulf Coast Lum
association today advanced prices f
all lumber $1 per 1.000. except Rio
.ls, which are advanced $2.50 a 1,000. w:
is brings Rio deals up to $14 a 1,000. 'Ci
Shot and Killed at a Dance.S
IHICAGo, Oct 9.-While the floor of or
rora Turner hall was thronged with h
icers late last night Dominic Peter- in
oni. an Italian, shot and killed Pas.
le Z.accannido. The dancers made co
ish for the murderer, and the police $
that violence probably would have th
n done had not three patrolmen, with
wn revolvers, forced the crowd back.
policemen finally brought Peter- w
oni in safety to the station. The
,rel which led to the shooting was c
r $1 borrowed from Peterantoni by CL
'cannido, who spent it for wine. t
Strong Wind Is Promised. ret
EW YORK, Oct. 9. - The local tes
bther burartoday gave out t fo
t the yacht race Tuesday will be fa
ad by southerlbrwinds, which will
ill E
15th day of November
purposes of any house in this town
and we offer them all at reduced
prices during this sale.
Prices run from 20c to $1 per yard
on our Black Dress Goods.
We offer one case of 3,000 yards of
nice Calicoes at 4c per yard that look
cheap at other places at 5c per yard.
Two thousand yards of Hamilton's
famous Sailor Boy Indigo Bl:e at 5c
per yard during this sale that we are
:now getting Gic for now, but you can
have them as long as they last in this
sale at c.
4 1-2c.
Two thousand yards of heavy yard
wide Sea Island Homespun at 41c per
yard, but we cannot sell any one cus
tomer over 25 yards of this goods, for
we cannot buy it today for than 5c
per yard, but we will sell it to our
customers in 23-yard lots at 4jc per
yard as long as it lasts, but no more
at this price when this lot is sold.
3 3-4c.
Three thousand yards of the fa
mous Graniteville C Homespun at
3c per yard by the bolt. If you
vant less than a bolt, 4e per yard.
President McKinley has determined
o again gge upon congress the author
zation of a transpacific cable.
Two children of a Hollister, 0., couple
were cremated while their parents were
ttending wedding festivities nearby.
Yellow fever continues to rage at
Cey West, an average of about 4(O cases
>eing reported daily, with from one to
hree deaths.
Dr. 19ansen, the arctic explorer, says
he United States ought to jomn Great
3ritain and Germany in co-operative
lolar exploration.
John Galvin has been appointed re-c
eiver of George A. Moncure & Co., a
sincinnati clothing house. Assets, $80,
00; liabilities, $35,000.F
H. H. Dewey of Sheffild, Ills., un
le of Admiral Dewey, is dead. His
:m thinks excitement over the ,admi
L's honors hastened his death. I
Masked parties broke into the county
til at Winston, Hertford county, N. t
., and fatally shot Robert Vaughan, s
nder suspicion of barnburning.
Cotton is bringing 7% cents a poundt
SGriffin, Ga.
Evangelicar'ministers of Atlanta have
icided to take a hand in city politics.j
D. P. Henderson, one of the leading j
>oksellers of Chattanooga, has made
1 assignment. t
The rate of discount~ of the Imperial n
auk of Germany has been raised from o:
to 6 per cent. at
The Alabama Democratic executive
immittee has been called to meet in |t
irminghanm Oct. 10. It
Rev. 0. L. Martin, pastor of the First r'V
iptist church at Anderson, S. C., has ci
ndered his resignation, effective Jan. 1.
It is reported that the British govern
ent has placed orders for canned meat'R
id tinned fruit with some of Chicago's
rge packing concerns. di
United States District Attorney Mar- l
a Erwin. for the southern district of
sorgia, has been instructed to begin. te
al proceedings against the contrac- ai
es implicated in the Carter case.
There aro now 11 cases of yellow d<
er under treatnment in New Orleans.
The Georgia Sawmill association, vi
2ich embraces lumbermen of South 12
.rolina and Florida, is in session at ofi
Macon has presented Lieutenant Em- id
r Winship, one of her sons, with at
ndsomie sword for his gallant services to
the Philipnines.
Exports to foreign ports from Pensa- et;
ta dluring September were valued at ret
11,058, an increase of $600,000 over th
asame month last year. erl
[t is reported that the Southern Rail
,y company has secured control of the
2cinnati, New Orleans and Texas Pa
t road, running from Cincinnati to ha
attanooga. all
Willam H. Stubbs, a compositor on at
:Baltimore Sun, broke the world's
:ord for machine typesetting in a con- a
t with William Duffy of the Phila- in
.phia Enquirer, setting 66, 617 ems in res
.ours and 35 minutes.
in epidemic of smallpox exists at the in
ihans homeat Dayntn, 0. the
. During the Sale we
3 3-4c.
Three thousand yards of Plaid
Honespuns at 3tc by the bolt; 4c if
We offer 10 pieces of Jeans, very
heavy, at 10c per yard that are sold
at 12c and 15c, but during this sale
we sell them at 10c.
We offer 100 rolls of Quilt Patch
Calico at 95c per roll during this sale.
This Quilt Calico runs in lengths
from one-half to one and sometimes
two yards, and contains from 35 to
40 yards of good Fast Colored in each
We offer for 25c the greatest bar
gain that was ever offered in this
town in the way of a Bleached Linen
Damask Fringed Border Towel. This
Towel is 22x42 inches and we offer
them as long as they last at 25c each
or 50c per pair.
We also have large lots of all kinds
of Towels, Doylies, Napkins and Ta
ble Linen to offer during this sale at
very close prices.
We offer 50 dozen Gent's Colored
Border Cambric Handkerchiefs 19x19
inches in size, 5c each, or six for 25c.
Nicaragua has courtmarpialed and
:ondemned to death several insurgent
Dr. Galvin Ellbs, class of '46, who ,
lied 1883, and whose will has ;jusiebeen
probated, left to Harvard univ~isity
Several hundred Filipinos have re- Ii
>cupied Porac, which was captured by
leneral McArthur qa Sept. 28 axd evac
ated by the Ameridans the following
The novel experiment Qf hauling pu
ils to public schools has beeli made
n Surry county, Va., with pertect suc
ess and it is likely to be tried in other
ections of the state.
The secretary of war has issued an
irder discontinuing the military de
:artment of 'the gulf and merging it
uto the department of the east, under t
ommand of General Merritt, with d
eadquarters at New York.
A modern American fire department g
las been organized at Santiago.
The president has appointed George
5. Patterson postmaster at Key West. ti
Bishop Henry C. Potter is going to I
Le Philippines on an ecclesiastical mis
It is reported that Germany is about h
> hand over documents which will lead
, the quashing of the Dreyfus verdict.
Dr. Vaughan, an American, who has I
orked up a large trade among the pee
le of New Guinea, narrowly escaped
eing caught by savage natives a few
eeks ago.
Colonel Henry C. Kessler, First Mon
na volunteer infantry, has been com
issionled as brevet brigadier generalA
volunteers for distinguiished conduct
Malolos on March 31 last.
The large, oldfashioned dwelling on t
se Oak Hill plantation, the property of Ut
te La Bruce family, situated on the c
Taccamaw river, in Georgetown
>unty, S. 0., has been destroyed by fire. tr
4 i C
S. S. King, three times mayor of! ta
ome, Ga., is dead.
James J. Evans and his 16-year-old
ughter were killed by a train at Lake- ch~
nd, Fla.
The French navy is installing wireless M
legraphy between the lighthouses at
ong the French coast.
The trustees of the University of Ver
ont have voted to confer the~ degree of'a
ictor of laws on Admiral Dewey.
Fire on t,e public square of Smith- ' ha
lie, Dekalk county, Tenn., destroyed ,sha
business buildings and a number of s
W. J. Bryan sat directly behind Pros-.
mt McKinley at Canton, Ills., while ..ts
s president delivered a brief address
the citizens of that town.
rho American Female Guardian soci
rhas adopted resolutione, which were
Ld by Miss Helen M. Gould, opposing ft
3seating of Congressman-Elect Rob.a
;s of Utah, and characterizing his
ttice of polygamy as an attack on yes
Ssanctity of home life, at
[he tug McCarty, which it was feared oee
d gone down on Lake Michigan with ci
on board, is safe. She has arrived
Cheboygan, Mich.
Che Transvaal government has issued
totice of the measures to be observed Col
the even of war. Strioc passport a
slations have also been provided.
L fight between the rival telephone of
panies of New Orleans has resulted e
S1000d aae suit for ibel in
will offer great inducE
We guarantee the borders of these
Handkerchiefs to be absolutely fast.
We offer 50 dozen Ladies' White
Hemstitched and Colored Border
Hemstitched Handkerchiefs at 5c
each or six for 25c, and we would
like our lady friends to examine the
Hankerchiefs and see if they are not
the best values ever offered for this s
money. 1
We offer for 50c a large lot of Men's
Fast Colored Negligee Shirts. This
Shirt has collar and pair of cuffs put f,
in with each Shirt and it is well C
worth 75c, but we will let them go t
during this sale at S0c or as long as c
they last. P
School Books. g
We have now on hand about $1,000 Y
worth of School Books and School r
Supplies, and we sell our School
Books, as usual, at New York pub
lishers' prices.
We also have a large lot of Pens, Q
Pencils and Tablets as cheap as they bi
can be bought anywhere.
We offer for Sc 200 Slates 7x11 in. ve
in size, with pencil thrown in with th
ach Slate. se
Severe earthquakes have occurred
tiong the coast of Alaska.
Havana laborers threaten a general b
itrike to secure an 8-hour day. E
In the past isix months under the new C
aw of Delaware 1 75 trusts or corpora- D J
ions have been organized. W
Vice President Hobart,it is announced, I
y'ill be unable to accept a renominationA
>ecause of continued poor health. G
At a massmneeting of Methodists in j E
Ltlanta over $16,000 was raised for the j r
wentieth century educational fund. D(
Dr. Luke Di. Broughton, a New York J B
strologer, died early the day that he R .1
redicted years ago that he would die. TI
The unprecedented demand for pig TiI
on and unusual advance in prices con-g
nues all over the Birmingham, Ala., g p
strict. w.
Patrick S. Triggs, an American just R A
ack from Johannesburg, denounces the H I
nglish agitation as a scheme to grab J P
ie Transvaal. M J
Joe Choynski defeated Jim Hall in oC E
ie third round of a 20-round bout atRS
Edward Cole, who five years ago es- H A
iped from the Tennessee penitentiary, J A
is been captured in Chicago. D C
The Standard Oil company has ab- H
>rbed its strongest competitor in Ohio, FOC
te Manhattan, near Columbus. S H
Advices from Samoa say quiet pre- W
tils there, but the feeling among the Tr B
hites is that there is trouble ahead.
J. R. Peck. who was a member of
oosevelt's rough riders in the Spanish
merican war, committed suicide at
President Diaz of Mexico has decided '
abandon his contemplated trip to the
uited States owing to the enfeebled I
ndition of his wife.
A Chesapeake and Ohio passenger
tin ran into a freight near Richmond.
ibert Garrett, a tramp, was killed.
>lonel N. August, a passenger, sus
ied a broken leg.
9 i iLoat
General Henry Heth, the confederate fcol
ieftain and historian, is dead. Real
Savannah has quarantined against ni
lami, Fla., on account of yellow fever D"O
the latter place. b
A. Filipino officer has offered General
Is 1,000 Maccabbee tribesmen to fight
gals of the La Guna de Bay district. ap
3eorge M. Buchanan of Holly Springs 1Profi
s been appointed United States mar- Depc
Ll for the northern district of Missis- State
Ihe British government has ordered
agents at New Orleans to purchase'
00 mules immediately for use in The ]
ath Africa. thatt
,alter Shaw, while performing on a to the
peze at a Chicago opera house, fell a
tance of 15 feet to the stage and was Sw
ally injured.Set
t is probable that the scope of nextSpt
r's army of the Cumberland reunion
Chattanooga will be extended so as
include a general reunion of the so- Att
ties of all the grand armies of the A. Le
il war. _________J. w.
D. E. Converse Is Dead. h.,
;PARTANBURG, S. 0., Oct. 5.-Dl. E.
iverse, a liberal patron of education
ian important factor in the develop
nt of the great cotton mill industry
this county, Is dead. He was 72
rs old. His fortune is not known,
he was the wealthiest man in the Offi
~e outside of Charlestn Pressl
ments on FINE DI
We offer for 10e 200 Wire Bou:
slates 7x11 inches. This Slate is wi
)ound and a boy cannot break it u
ess he takes a hammer or an axe
We offer at $1.25 a nice Mackinto:
goat, with Cape, that are usual
old at 1.75 and 2.00, but will let y<
ave them during the sale for on
Harvin's Hosiery.
Remember that we are sole agen
)r Harvin's Hosiery for Clarendc
ounty and we carry full lines of a
ie Hose he makes and sell at tt
osest possible prices, namely, 1(
er pair or three pair for 25c. The;
:ods at this money are the cheaper
e have ever handled for the pricy
ou get a first class article at a ver
asonable price.
4 1-2c.
We offer a large line of Outing a
c per yard that are well worth 5(
it we will sell during this sale a
We offer a large line of Outings, ix
ry Fancy, Stylish Patterns, at 5<
at we sell at 6tc per yard, but wil
[1 during this sale at 5c.
Jury List.
'ollowing is a list of petit jurors to servy
the next term of court in Manning
~inning Monday, October 16th, Judg<
igh presiding:
I Davis.......... .....Davis Statior
1 Lloyd................Manning
E Gibbons..................8elo<
Graham .............Davis Statioz
1 Smith................Pin ewood
Burgess.................New Zion
B Floyd.............. ...Lake City
M Vaser.....................Seloc
Harvin...................St. Paul's
t Bilups, Jr...............t. Paul's
[ Connors..... ..........ummnerton
Holladayj..............Wilson's Mill
. Boswell................Packsviile
Graham................. ....Jordan
t Broadway..............Packsville
[ ahoney................Manning
Richardson, Jr...........Puewood
Felder............... ....Felder's
aLawson...................St. Paul's
I Castene....................eloc
Fleming.................New Zion
Hudnal.................. Manning
. Rehbourg..............St. Paul's
Colclough......... .........Jordan
Welch.................New Zion
McElveen........ ............Seloc
Thomas........ .......... Manning
Bnrgess....... ..... ......New Zion
Coker......... ............eloci
the condition of
at the close of business,
EPTEMBER 30, 1899.
s and dis
mnts .... . $ 90,230.54
estate and fur.
are ..........7,384.01
us by other
ass and cash
band........ 71 ,915.25-S175,529.80
al..........$ 30,300.00
scounts. ...41.352.92
s an d surplus 12,814.34
of South Carolina,
rndon County.
>ank of Manning, do solemnly swear
he above statement is true according
best of my knowledge and belief.
JOSEPH sPRlOTT, Cashier.
>rn to Uefore mes this 30th day of
aiber, A. D. 1899.
Notary Public for S. C.
Di rectors.
e lately occupied by the late B.
yBa rrn Esn
7 1-2c.
id We offer a beautiful line of nice
re Dress Outings that we have been
n- selling at 8}c per yard, but we offer
to the entire.line during this sale at 74c.
Capes and Jackets.
We now have in stock a large line
h of Capes and Jackets and we can sell
y Capes from 50c to 7.50 each.
'u Seal Jackies from $3.50 to 9.00 each.
y 32 1-2c.
We offer during this sale 100 boxes
of Long Cotton and Wild Duck Plug
ts Tobacco at 32jc per pound by the
n ox, 10 pounds in each box, This
11 Tobacco is sold by us at 45c per
.e pound, but we offer 100 boxes during
ic this sale at 324c per pound by the
e box of 10 pounds.
t The Wild Duck is well known to
. many of our customers. The Long
y Cotton is a new brand which we re
gard a little better than the Wild
2 3-4c.
t We offer 50 Sacks good Rice at 2?c
' per pound by the sack of 100 pounds.
t To give the trade some idea of how
this Rice sells we have sold 150 sacks
of it in the last 30 days.
3 3-4c.
We offer 50 bags of splendid Rice,
I good enough for anybody, at Sic per
pound by the sack of 100 pounds.
Sumter, S. C.,
Under Opera House.
Stock recently closed out. Open
now with
New Stylish Shoes
From the best manufacturers. And
every pair of Shoes guaranteed. Six.
teen years experience in this vacini
We know the Styles best suited to
the wants of the people.
Look far the City Clock,
Under it you will find the best Shoes
in the city. We have many good
customers in Clarendon, but we want
Walsh's Shoe Store
The ./
Have you called on HIERIOT,
the Baker, yet? If not, do so
and purchase a trial lot of
his Bread, Rolls, Cakes and
Fancy Crackers, all of which
are guaranteed to be fresh.
He also keeps in stock the
best line of Canned Goods
and Meats to be found in
town. Will give you special
bargains also in heavy Gro
ceries. i i Your patronage is
solicited, If fresh goods and
low prices availeth anything
you will call again.
in Rear of Bank.
.and Surveying and ILeveling.
I will do Surveying, etc., in Clarendon
nd adjoining Counties.
Call at office or address at Samter, S. C.,
0. Box 101.
M AMNG S.l C.(

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