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nhe gpanng sme.
WEDNESDAY OCT. 18, 1899.
Remember Our Fall Sale
Is now in full blast and those who
wish to purchase Fall and Winter
Goods had better come at once and
secure some of the great values we
are offering. There never was such
values ever offered in this town in
Gent's Fine Clothitg as we are now
offering. Just think of it, a Gent's
nice All-Wool Suits. nicely made and
nicely trimmed, at $6.50 that sells
anywhere at $12.50.
The prettiest line of Boys Knee
Suits ever offered in this town at 75c,
$1, $1.25. $1.50, $2, $2.50 and $3 per
A. C. Dibble Esq.. of the Orangbuirg
Bar is in Manning attending court.
Go to Brockinton's for a delicious and re
freshing drink, when beated.
Rev Arthur Crane, who is conducting a
protracted service in the Baptist chureb,
continues to draw large congregations.
The piettiest line of saddlery gcods anl
harness too, ever seen in Manning. Legg
& Hutchinson.
Died in Sumter last Sunday, Mrs. Clara
Harlow McQueen, widow of the late Rev.
Donald -McQueen, D. D.. nged about 80
Requisites for the toilet a superb line at
the R. B. L3ryea drug store, Isaac M. Lor
yea, Proprietor.
Through a mishap THE TIMEs failed to
make the down mail last WednesLlay even
ing by five minutes; we hope it did not in
convenience our readers.
South Carolina raised Rust Proof Oats
55c per bushel. Texas Oat a little less.
Rye Seed and Wheat for sale by Legg &
Died this morning Mr. J R Ridgill aged
about 53 years. The deceased leaves a
widow and several cbildren. He was a
good citizen and a hard working and an
industrious man.
Why stay hot? when you can get cool
quick and easy at Brockinton's np-to-date
soda fount.
Probate Judge Windlsma will hereafter
have Monday's and caturday's of each week
as his office days, persons having business
in the office of the Probate Judge will re
member the days.
Just received, Green and black tea, a
beautiful blend at the R. B. Loryea drug
store, Isaac M. Loryea, prop.
Ma.rld yesterday evening at the -resi
dence o:. tLe bride's parents, near Packs
ville Mr. David F. Lide Jr.. and Miss
Catherline Reynolds. a daughter of Dr.
W. H. Reynolds.
Another big lot of Buggies and Wag->ns
arrived today. They, too, were bought be
fore the advance, so we are ready to offer
some big bargains in these also. Legg &
The town was aroused last Friday night
by an alarm of fire, which turned out to be
the barn on the premises of Mr. L M. Bag
nal. Of course the barn was destroyed as
we have nothing heie with which to fight
Simmons' Squaw Vine Wine or Tablets
insure rapid recovery of mother aflter child
birth. Sold by Dr W M Brockinton.
A letter from Sergeant A. C. Davis re
ceived here a few days ago says that his
command has received notice of the trans
ports being ready which are to carry them
to the Philippines, and that he expects to
be on the ocean before the last of this
Do not drive your horse with hames bro
ken and all tied up with strings; he might
vun away, cripple or kilt you. You can
ge 21 the new parts from Legg & Ha~tchin
The reported shortage in the office of
County Superintendent of Education Rena
bert of Sumter county turns out to be a
mistake and was caused by a clerical error
in his books which has been discovered
since the report was made by the grand
jury, merch to'the gratification of the officer
and his friends.
'-You may break, you may shatter the rose
if you will,
But the scent of the rose clings around it
That is if you use Eastman's, Garwood's
and Lazell's Extracts to be had at the R.
B. Loryea drug store, Isaac M. Loryea,
The various supervisors of the census in
charge of congressional districts have been
kept busy receiving applications for the
position of ,township enumerators, and
from a letter recently received Supervisor
Breedin for this district has his enumerators
already selected, and especially is this so
for Clarendon cunty.
Quick, easy labor and rapid recovery, are
guaranteed by use of Simmons' Squaw \Vine
Wine or Tablets. Sold by Dr WV M Brock -
We want all of our readers to read the
advertisement of the Manning Grocery
Company. They have come into the '-os
session of a good thing and the many testi
monials they are receiving prove that in the
"Guterman Pad" they are offering,humani
ty is being greatly benefited. if the pads
do not do as recommen ded your money is
refunded. There is no risk to run.
Dr M .A Simmons' liver uedicine has
greatly beraefitgd others and is reasonably
certain to do you good. Try it! Sold by
Dr WV M Brockinton.
Cogresman James Norton arrived in
town yesterday and is here today meeting
with his friends and becoming acquainted
with the needs ot his constituants so that
he can the better look alter their interests
in Congress. General Norton's work in the
department has made many friends for him
all over the district, and he is stronger now
than at any time during his congressional
A full assortment of Woods Tested and
Tried Turnip Seed Wood's Rye Seed.
Wood's Silver-Skin, Yellow Danvers and
Pearl Onion Sets at the R. B. Loryea drug
store, Isaac M. Loryea, prop.
A gentleman living in Santee township,
while here at court last Monday, told us
that the country is infested with blind
tigers labor is demoralized. and that it is a
great source of annoyance to the commu
nity. We asked him if he could furnish us
with anything like tangible evidence and
e replied he could not, but that the illicit
sale of liquor was manifest to everybody,
and there seemis to be no effort to stop it.
tapi d, safe and comparatively painless
delivery result fromu continued use of Sim
mons' Squaw Vine Wine or Tablets. Sold
by Dr W M Brockinton.
Mr. T. B. Clyburn, cheif clerk of Comp
troller General's office was in Manning last
Friday; making annual settlement with the
Auditor, Treasurer and Sheriff. The set
tlement was not completed, on account of
a large number of tax executions, still in
the Sheriffs hands, which he has not yet
trned in, because they are not collected
and the Comptroller 'General instructed
him to make the money out of the execu
Presideni King, Farmers' Bank, Brook
lyn, Mich., has used DeWitt's Little Early
Bsers in his family for years. Says they
re the best. These famous little pills cure
constipation, biliousness and liver and
bowel trouble s. D 0 Rhaune, Summer
ton n.. W 1 n,-r1.-inoan Mnning.
The district meeting of the womans F or
eign Missionary Society wil meet at Packs
vie in M. E. Church, beginning I(Xt Fri
day evening, October 2. ard will continue
through sun day. Mleetogs in mornng,
afternoon and evening. Mrs. Wightial,
Mrs. Humbert and Mrs. Herbert are expee
ted and every one who will come will be
assured of a warm welcome, as well as a
good and profitable time. It is hoped that
i very auxiliary in the district will be rep
A magnticent line of toaps, Pears, scent
ed and nscentei, 4711 White Rose Gilyee
rine, Parker's Tar, Glenn's Sulphur, Cosnio
Butter Milk, Elder, Flower and many
other favorite brands at the R. 1. Lor) ea
drag store, Isaac M. Loryea, prop.
The R 11 Loroea drug store, has, after a
mst careful investigation and search so
cured the services of Dr. W W Ridi of
Rateigh. N. C. , who is a licetxed d uig
gist arnd a gaduate of pharmacy. Mr.
Ismaae M Lorvea, who succeeds to the busi
ness of Lis limniteI orotuer, feels a pride
in the business so beloved by his :t
brother, that he is sparing no expense to
give to the people a service equal to that
which made his brother's reputation a pride
of the family, and in seenring a first class
druggist the public will continue bestow
ing their confidence in the prescription
To strengthen the generative organs, pre
vent miscarriage and bring joy to childless
homes take Simmons' Squaw Vine Wine or
Tablets. Sold by Dr W M Brockinton.
Remini. the Mecca for escape convicts
and all other depraved wretches from every
where, and which has been a source of i
great expense to the taxpayers in the shape
of court trials, has again been heard from.
A report reached here, that on last Sunday
Capers Miller, and other negroe's congre
gated at an alleged drinking dive, said to
be run by a white man named Slawson.
They got into the place and the devil
held high carnival. Slawson wired Mag
istrate Ragin who is attending court to go
to lemini- We cannot understand why
the good people of that section do ---t or
ganize and wipe out the total disregard
for law which has been, and continues to
be a menace to that community.
-Joseph Stockford, Hodgdou, Me., healed
a sore running for seventeen years and
cured his piles of long standing by using
DeWitt's With Haze! Salve. It cures all
skin disez'ses. D 0 Rhame, Summerton:
Dr W M Brockinton, Manning.
Hon. Joseph M. Skinner of Barnwell
died last Saturday in Spartanburg county.
Mr. Skinner was formally of Clarendon
and after his admission to the Bar he prac
ticed his profession in Sumter. He took an
active part in politics in 187G and became
involved in a difficulty with a negro leaJer
Butler Spears, which resulted in Skinner
shooting him. He then went to Barnwell
where he became identified with the peo
ple, and won their esteem. They elected
him to the legislature three times, and he
was regarded a strong member of that body.
The deceased was a brother of the Captain
Skinner of 5th S. C. Calvery many of his
comrades still live in this and adjoining
To stimulate a slnggish liver, banish bil
iousness, disperse dyspepsia, prevent sick
and nervous headache, use Dr M A Sim
mons' liver medicine. Sold by Dr W M
The city of Sumter is not the largest city
in the United States, but it was large
enough on last Wednesday to hold the
crowd of Manningites who could be seen
alt about the circus tent eating pop-corn
and dringing red lemonade. One young
lady drank four glasses of the pretty lem
onade, and her dress folds when she got
home was full of pop-corn, she declares it
was equal to Brockinton's soda water and
Loryea's pea-nut brittle. Then, Manning
was not slow in getting on to the pretty
stceks of' red striped candy, one young fel
fow was so pleased with it that he bought a
supply to eat on the train, which resulted
in having to wear an electric belt afterwards,
yet he cannot understand why the thing
should have drawn at blister on him. He
will lkarn after awhile that red striped
candy is not a non-conductor of electricity.
Millions of dollars is the value placed by
M1rs Mary Bird, Harrisburg, Pa., on the
ife of her child, which she saved f'rom
croup by the use of' One Minute Cough
Cure. It cures all coughs, colds and throat
and lung troubles, D 0 Rhanme, Sum
merton; Dr WV M Brockinton, Manning,
We are now negotiating to give our sub
scribers some t-xcellent reading matter
without an additional cost to them, and as
soon as the deal is made Mr. J. M. Wind
ham will canvass the county in the inter
ests of THE TDris and will present in per
son a fine inducement to increase our sub
scription htst as well as to induce those who
are in arrears to pay up. Mr. Windham is
authorized to receive and receipt for all
dues and subscriptions. WVe are highly
gratified with the practical demonstrations.
of friendship that are daily being made to
us in behalf of THE TDEs; it encourages
us to work the harder to give the people a
strong paper, and we can truthfully say
that THE TDIES circulation is larger today,
than at any time since its establishment.
Merit will tell and there are none so certain
to appreciate it, as the people.
WV A Dyches, Whaley, S C. writes: Have
used Dr M A Simmons' liver medicine 10
years for indigestion, bad colds and tired
feelings. One dealer sold me Zeilin's, say
ing it wasthe same, but I will not be fooled
again. Sold by Dr WV M Brockinton.
Public School Notice.
The trustees of the public schools are re
quested to open their schools on the first
Monday in November.
L. L. W 'ELLs,
Co. Supt. of Education.
At this season of the year there are
always many deaths, particularly
among children, from summer comn
plaint, .diarrhoa, dysentery, cholera
morbus, cramps, etc., and every one
ought to know that a sure and
speedy cure can easily be obtained
by taking Perry Davis' Pain-Killer
in swveetened water every half hour.
It never fails. Avoid substitutes,
there is but one Pain-Killer, Perry
Davis'. Price 25c. and 50c.
Special Notice.
Mr. L. E. Edwards of Manning, S. C.,
has accepted the agency for the sale of the
Addison Electric Belt in Clarendon county.
Trhese belts are indorsed by leading physi
cians and best people in the South for
many chronic diseases.
Try one and you will be pleased.
Florence, S. C., General Agent.
L. E. Epwanns, Local Agent,
24-4t) Manning, S. C.
During the winter of 1897 Mr. James
Reed, one of the leading citizens and mer
chants of Clay. Clav Co., W. Ya . struck
his leg against a cake of ice in such a man
ner as to bruise it severely. It became vet-y
much swollen and pained him so badly
that he conad not wal t wvithrout the aid of
crutches. He was treated by physicians,
also used several kinds of liniment and
two and a half gallons of whiskey in bath
ing it, but nothing gave any relief until he
began using Chamberlain's Pain Balm.
This brought almost a comtlete cure in a
week's time and he believes that had lie
not used this remedy his leg wonld have
had to be amputatedl. Pain Balms is un
equaaled for sprains, bruises and rheuma
tism. For sale at the Ri. B. Loryea drug
Attention, H~amipton Light Dragoons1
You are hereby ordered to appear
for inspection on the comnpany~drill
ground at 11 a. m. 27th inst. Those
having no uniforms will be supplied
before inspection.
By order of
R. C. RICrAnoSCN, Jn., Capt.
Keep Quiet
and use Chamberlain's colie-, cholera and
diarrhoea remedy for all pains ot the stom
ach and all unnatural looseness of the bow
ela. It always cures. F~or sale by it. B.
Loryea, druggist. [janlay
Tlh fill tern convencI last Monday with
hs Hono Judge Kltgh on the bench, So
cit 'r Wil son at his p t and Col. Geo. D.
TIlman. Jr., stenographer. Judge Klugb
h- been with us lore and on ttiat occa
sion we gave our readers a sketch of him.
We beli-ve Clarendon was the second
plate 1e held court after his eltvation to
the bench, and the record he has made is a
sonree of pleasure and pride to his friends.
Judge Klugh lia the reputation of being
one of the most painstaking judges in tWe
State and all of his decisions are rendered
with a conscientious regard for duty.
The stenographer isa stranger among us,
this beina his first visit to Manning, and
we hope lie will not be long in getting ac
qinuted. le is a son of lon. George D.
Tilhani whoe natne is a household word
in tha State and who has a host of warm
.imirer, in every county in ie State. Col
on T:Eman is a briglt Nou:g nin and
ktwws his busineo.
The court experienced tome iiieulty in
Setiing startel n c --mnt of absent jurors
an wIitu.os, but when organized the So
*eitor nnuiLC the 11;1.ls of indictmenot
h, hadi read v and his Honor charged the
rand jory very lri(fly, saving that he
deemed it unnecessary to cotisulme time
going over instructions which had already
been given to them at former terms of coui t,
d that their own experience in the per
torniance of their duties was more valuable
in teaching them the nature of their du
ties and how to perform them than instruc
tions from the court. He urged upon them
the importance of making a thorough in
ve-tigation at least once in each year into
nubbe effairs of the county. and into all
matters that affected the welfare anl safety
of the public, and bp told them if they had
not already niade sueh mvestigationsz to do
so and embody the result in their general
presentment which would be their final
presentment for this year.
The grand jury presented ihe following
trre bills:
Wiiliam Frasier, 4irceny of live stock.
John llenbow, forgery.
John (;tbson, rape.
John F. Richardson, assault and battery
with intent to kill and c-trrying concealed
Israel Phillips. rape.
Bill Dixon and some other colored man,
to the jury nnknown, murder.
John P. Broek, libel.
Joseph M. Pouncy, grand larceny.
Carolina Johnson, rape.
The first case c.tlled was that against
John ieibow for torging the names of
Messrs. C. 1. Mason and J. P. Moore to
orders on J. W. Heriot. Benbow pleaded
guilty and was sentenced to one year on
the chaingang and to pay one dollar fine.
Then came the case against Willie Fra
sier, who was caught by Mr. D. M. Brad
ham in his cow stable in the night time,
and charged with cow stealing. Frasier
admitted being in the stable, but dec'ared
is purpose was not to steal a cow, but to
fulfill an engagement made with another
individual. le was in a bad plight at
best; if convicted, chaingang stared him in
the face, if acquitted, a wife to satisfy with
explanations or a row. The jury came to
the conclusion that to make a satisfactory
explanation to the wife was sufficient pun
ishment, so the jory brought in a verdict of
"not guilty."
Major Marion Moise asked for a post
ponement of the case against J. P. Brock,
charged with libel, on the ground that Hon.
Joseph F. Rhame, leading counsel for the
defendant, was now in Columbia undergo
ing a painful and dangerous operation and
could not possibly be in attendanca upon
the court. He also stated that his firm,
Lee & Moise, had only recently been em
ployed to assist in the case and that Col.
Lee was quite ill. The State announced
its readiness to proceed, and the Solicitor
spoke quite feelingly of Mr. Rhame's con
dition. His Honor in deciding to grant the
continuance asked for, stid that he had re
ceived a letter from Mr. Rhame asking that
wheie he could consistently do so, to can
tinue all of his cases. Judge Klugh said
that Mr. Rhame's request should be grant
ed, that it was due him; his long and hon
ored career at the Bar, his eminence as a
lawyer and as a man entitled him to make
this very reasonable request, and after ex
pressing the hope for a speedy recovery, he*
granted the continuance.
The tributes paid Mr. Rthame by the
Judge and the Solicitor are appreciated.
James Tindal, colored, was tried for
breaking into the store of S. A. Rigby last
March. The trial consumed the rest of the
day, and after the arguments of counsel the
Judge ordered a recess until the next day.
At the reconvening of court his Honor
charged the jury in the case against James
Tindal and they returned a verdict of "not
"The case against Jos. M. Pouncey, charg
ing him with grand larceny, was tried. In
substance the circumstances arc, that on
last Saturday afternoon~ William Blanding,
jr., colored, sold a bale ot cotton to Mr. S. A.
Rigby, and, under a rent lien, Mr. Pouncy
with J. S. Tobias, took the bale of cotton
from Mir. Rigby's lot and placed same in
J. Wi. McLeod's lot. The jury rendered a
verdict of "not guilty."
Thle last case for the day was that against
John F. Richardson, for shooting Wilson
Crosby, both colored, in the throat at
Remini, where blind tigers are said to be as
thick as whortleberries in June.
Dr. Powell, a physician of that section,
testiied as to the nature of the wound
and the location of the hail. He said, "It
was a 38-calibre pistol ball, and it entered
te zigomatic process malar bone; went
inward, backward, obliquely down, around
the coronoid process ot the inferior max
illary bone, slhghtly downward and im
Medded in the posterior part of the ex
ternal cairoted triangle of tue neck. It lies
under the sterno cleido mastoid muscle,
and under the sheath that contains the
external caroted artery jugular vein, pneu
mo gastric nerve."
The jury was aided greatly by the doe
ter's lucid deliverance.
This case could not be finished yesterday
and was concluded this morning. The
jury found the defendant gmilty and the
Judge sentenced him to seven vears in the
State penitenitiary at hard labor.
The ease on trial before our going to
press is against Shaw Washington, charged
with assault arid battery of a high and ag
gravated nature. Whben this case was call
ed the prosecuting witness was absent and
the Solicitor concluded to go to trial any
how, nothwithstanding thiit the prosecu
tor's miother announced ''dat himu was so
rackttied widi misery in he head dat him
could not be here 'til tomorrow."
To the Honorable J. C. Kitugh, Pre
siding Judge:
We, the grand jury, having dis
posed of all bills laid before us, beg
Ito make this our final report for the
vear 1800:
A committee consisting of Messrs.
A. Weinberg, W. C. Chiandler and H.
J. Wheeler, assisted by E. J, Browne,
made a carefutl examination into all
the county officees and records during
the interval since last court and find
IAnother loa
and MUJLES jij
lough stock.
ers among the I
all the books of the various officern
neatly and properly kept.
We consider all bonds sufficiently
strong except two which have been
weakened by death and otherwise.
We recommend that the bond of
Magistrate J. F. Richbourg be
strengthened; also the bond of the
Clerk of the Court, which has been
weakened by the death of some of
his sureties. This he has promised
to do within ten days, and we have
appointed two of our number to in
spect said bond after it shall have
been strengthened.
We find that the county jail is in a
miserable condition-that it leaks, is
unsafe and liable to take fire, in
which case prisoners could hardly be
rescued. The sanitary condition is
very bad and wve consider it unfit for
said purposes, but no reflection is
meant for the jailor, as he keeps
everything in the best condition pos
We find the poor house in about
the same condition as our previous
presentments, but that in case of one
of the inmates who is sick and in a
very had condition; we recommend
that he be furnished with suitable
bedding, such as mattress and cov
We find that the county chaingang
is doing substantial and good work
for the county and is being managed
well and as economically as possible.
We present to the court the name
of S. A. Alsbrook, who has been re
ported to a former grand jury for not
paying his license and who still con
tinues to buy seed cotton.
We find that the County Treasurer
has paid out of the school funds of
School District No. 5,$198 on account
of the school chart swindle, and for
which amount 'he was indemnified;
we recommend that steps be taken at
once to recover the same to the coun
~ We find that many polls are escap
ing taxation and that our funds for
school purposes would be materially
increased if this matter were looked
after more carefully.
We recommend that the sum of
,15 be paid E. J. Browne for his ser
vices to the grand jury.
We desire to thank our presiding
Judge for his kindness and courtesy
in all matters pertaining to our du
All of which is respectfully submit
That Throbbing Headache
Would quickly leave you if you used Dr.
King's New Life Pills. Thousands of suf
ferers have proved their matchless merit
for sick and nervous headaches. They
nake pure blood and strong nerves and
build up your health. Easy to take. Try
them. Only 25 cents. Money back if not
cured. Sold by R. B. Loryea, druggist.
Seed Cotton Licenses.
Following is a list of those who
han taken out licenses to buy seed
R C Plowden, Lee Clark. A S
Briggs, David Levi. Mrs. T L June,
T S Ragin, Dr. L W Nettles, Robert
Adger, J H Geddings & Bro., I Y
Eadon, Tommy Felder, T H Harvin,
Cantey Nelson, Robert Doughty,
Rawlinson & Thames, Miller & Fel
der, J F & L B Way, J P Brock, C R
Felder, P H Felder, F H Chewning, S
A Rigby (2), Clarence Sprott, W R1Da
vis & Co., Carrigan Bros,, Chewning
& Chewning, Peter Chewning, A W
Billups, Thames & Alsbrook, Thomas
Ridgeway, S M Nelson, C M Davis,
J S Mathis, L R Chewning, Jake Ra
A Remarkable Case.
Antioc. Miss., July 1, 1898.
I want to thank you for the great benefit
I have received from your wonderful rem
edy, Benedicta. I was induced to try a bot
te, and it benefited me so much I used an.
other and I am now entirely well. There
is certainly no medicine like it and I can
recommend it to all women.
Sold by RI. B. Loryea.
Attention, Manning Guards !
You are hereby ordered to be at
your armory on Saturday, October
21st, at 3 o'clock p. in., and Tuesday,
October 24th, at 4 o'clock p. mn., for
drill. Also Friday, October 27th, at
9 o'clock a. mn., for inspection.
By order W. M. LEWIS,
F. P. ERVIs, 1st Lt. Capt.
SFrom Cheapest to Best,
st in, but not all
Some nice driv
L, 1899.
It is useless to call your attention to the rapid advance on a great many things, for
your minds Lave already been taxed with this OLD SONG, but it is a fact nevertheless
that all Staple Goods are bringing on the wholesale markets today nearly what ve can
s-l th-m to yon for. We are offering everything in our
at the same ]d. : L -7 ]v"*-rices.
The last few weeks have been somewhat wintry and have put yoa in mind of get
ting your old jacket or wrap out for use. You can well afford to throw your old cloak
aside when you see what we have to show you.
Sixty Lddies'Single Capes, heavy grade, Tans and Blacks, worth at least $1, going
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Mule Millinery.
Such as Saddles, Harness, Bridles, Single and Double Lines and all kinds of
"horse Wears," going at prices that will make our competitors shudder,
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g* EDIpoR TDIES.p**, CC$ O. *C C'
i eolian osy e orIt u
We onlyi wanyt isanewrs eto ur
tftries, and the uchng ndbwell-establishe
I standing of this business puts us in position to
~ et thc best prices, which we always give our
Scustomers the benefit of.
6Remember that we carry EVERYTHING S
and employ a force of courteous gentlemen totob on naGnrlMrhniebsns
I wait on our friends and customers.
Come and see us when you have any buy
i n to do, and if you have been everywhere
eleand cannot find what you want, come and
see us anyhow, and probably we have the ar
One other tiling. We give the highest S
Smarket prices for cotton. We get several re
ports'~ from Liverpool each day and reports on
the cotton market every twenty minutes from
New York while the exchlange is open. Things
that happen in Liverpool at 12 o'clock noon
Swe often know hero by 10 or 10:30 the same
Sday. Bring us your cotton.
D. & A. LEVLI,
Til Gre i Dis ery ofIle Ag
Guaranteed to Cure Dyspepsia.
This is the Little Pad that does the work.
It is vconvenient sized sachet fitting over the pit
of the stomach, and is worn with absolute comforl to
the skin. Special pads made for ladies in size and
shape so th.a it can be worn with comfort under the
As medicines have proved a failure in curing Dys
pepsia, give Gutermann's Dyspepsia Pad a trial, it is
This Pad has only been qold here during the last
ninety days, and over ei.ht hundred have been
bought for this market already.
Can furnish you any number of best testimonials from parties hero that have been
cured by the use of that
"I8-. .3P A
If you can't come for one, send money order for $1.00 and we will mail you one
postpaid. Booklets free on application.
We also have Chill and Fever and Kidney and Bladder Pads GUARANTEED TO
The Mlaning Grocery Comp'y.
Sole Agents for North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.
Agen.ts VVantec. .
Have you been to my store to take advantage of the
many bargains I have to offer?
Others may blow and bluster, but the proof of the pud
ding is the chewing of the string, and when you come to my
store there will be no such thing as tempting baits in order
to induce you to begin purchasing, and then after you have
commenced to make your bill, the profits increase on the
goods you need most and have to buy in larger quantities.
My friends, I am here to tell you that I intend to sell my
goods at a living profit and you do not expect me to do oth
erwise., Let me show you my
My Grocery %tock is as complete as any store in town,
with all prices as low as the lowest, and goods guaranteed.
When you come to town be sure to call on
NV. G. JKinzg
Big Shoes and little Shoes, good Shoes and cheap
Men's :Dress Shoes from $1.00 to $4.00.
Ladies' Shoes from 65o. to $2,50.
Children's Shoes from 15o. up.
~EAnd all kinds odf Shoes. We have them, but the ?3
~kind we want to sell you is our
Solid Leather Shoes
Swhich will bring you back again, We bought them 9
Sright and are selling them to our customers the same
Sway. Also look-at our line of
~Dry Goods, Notions, Etc.,
SAnd especially our GROQEP3"ES.
We have Tobaccos and Coffees which astonish
Sboth our customers and competitors.
Get our prices and you will not be surprised
Sthat our goods are going rapidly.
Do not throw money away by buying a poorly made cane mill. We
sell the GOLDEN MILL, which is one of thle best made. Why? Because
they are constructed of the very best material, and are made as compact
as possible to secure strength, Durability and Easy Running, and their
capacity must not be judged by appearances, but determined by the size
of the larger rolls which have greater diameter than in some mills with
The prethe easrentas only strong mills compactly built and with
lathe-turned rolls will do. The gears are detachable from rolls, and with
ipoed aclutch for thee parts, tere can be no slipping.E"i sc h
breaking of a single cog or the wearing out of any or all of them necessi
artieculrhattention isetwol the Ste aShafts used in these Mills.
They will not bend or break like iron, and will wear longer with less frie
tion; they run in babbitted boxes which, when worn, can be renewed by
any machinist at a trifling cost. Steel shafts and babbitted boxes produce
but little friction, hence great durability and easy running. They are fit
ted with steel bolts and lock set-screws and other improvements suggested
by experience necessary to the completion of a perfec Cane Mil.aemd
of heavy rolled Copper or Galvanized Steel instead of iron, both of supe
rior quality. They are durable, cleanly, simpler and more effectual in ope
ration. These goods we bought at prices much lower than are now pre
vailing, and can offer a No. 1 Mill and No. 3 Evaporator for $27 at store or
We . care agent for the Osborne and Deering Mowers and Rakes. Our
space will not allow us to give a description of these, but those wishing to.
purchase should call and examine them; you will find them the Best,
Lightest Running and Easiest Machine kept in repair of any in the market.
Housekeepers, when in want of a first class Cook Stove, come and see
"Our Leader" Cooks, they are the best ever shown here.. Some of
the special features are Cast Iron Ash Pan, rods in fire box are incased to
prevent burning out. Double Covers, Double Centers, cut long centers, Cut
'op, Heavy Center Rest, Tin Lined Oven Doors. Fire Backs guaranteed
for fifteen years.
Very truly yours,

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