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The Manning times. (Manning, Clarendon County, S.C.) 1884-current, November 29, 1899, Supplement to The Manning Times, Image 5

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Supplernent to The Manning Times.
xL IV A - \- N ING, S. C., NOVEMBER 29, 1899. NO. 31.
R 0 0
On Monday December 4th, V. E, JENKINSON will open a Grand H1oliday Sale, and it will continue throughout the
month of December. Dry Goods, Fine Dress Goods. Millinery, Shoes and Clothing will be sold at reduced prices.
We have now on our shelves the largest stock of Merchandise ever carried at this season of the year, and the greater
part of this immense stock of goods must be sold before the end of the holidays, so we say to one and all come and take ad
vantage of the great values that will be offered at this Great Holiday Sale. Several hundred pair of Shoes in odd lots sold
,.At an Below Cost
Three thousand yards of good Check Homespun will be sold at DURING THIS SALE WE WILL OFFER THE GRANDEST LINE OF
3Sc per vard.
3~c pr yad. Iand 50c per pair.
FourA large lot of Men's Fine Pants will be closed out at astonish
be sold at per yard that are worth at the resent condition of theingly low prices.
market. 6-c per yard, but we will sell all we have at o5c per yard Tft
regardless of the market.
The pretties Prinet ofr Gent' FieOecathvrsowenti
Three thousand yards good Calico Prints will be sold at 4e per Ever offered in the town of Manning. There will be suitable Presents here for the Old and the Young, the town, will be sold at from $5 to $10 each.
Thre thosan ar sgooOur entire line of Men's and Boys' Clothing will be cut to the
yard that are sold everywhere at 5c per yard. Rich and the poor. An immense line of
Several hundred yards of 9-4 and 10-4 Bleached Sheeting will
be sold at 25c that have never been sold for less than 35c per yard. - FI R E W tme.
Two thousand yards of very fine quality Bleached Honespun, Our entire line of Millinery will be sold at cut rO KaSais,
one yard wide, no starch, will be sold at 7c per Yard that will costI
oe ya wd o stcwi Will be on sale. We will have huge Fire Crackers here that can be heard for 1o miles when they are ex- if you havent bought your Winter Hat yet now is r.he tie seurc.
more than 7c to buy it now. a agm
Twenty-five pair of nice large Cotton Blankets will be sold at ploded. Our entire line of Fine Dress Goods will be knifed to the quick
60c per pair, regular value 7 oe. SA TiLUvILB E EA URSO EI L FHSGO Y e have a lot of Fine Dress Patterns left on hand which we
Twenty-five pair Wool Mixed Blankets will be sold at $1 per We extend a cordial and never ending invitation to all to come and attend our great HOLIDAY SALE. ill SELL AT COST.
nair, regular value $1.25 per pair.
P. S.-Oh! we forgot to mention that we are sole agents for this county for 1R. W. SCOTT IIARVIN'S FAMIOUS LINE OF F!
mous line of Hose. 3Many of you are well acquainted with 3r. Ilarvin and know hill well that he would never consent to let an interior
Thein Outlook In South Africa Now
S to re i Brighter For British.
M anning I where von - the ri-xt
sort of Clothes wixthout din- B3URGHERS DISPLAY SKILL
,,er of inistake our Clothies
Ba er .are of the rig.ht sort, and you W~ar Correspondent Who Hatts JLut Ar.
will aippreiate the.ir exi!el rv - Vw; azedSy
Ha'e vou called on HERIOT, lenee and .iu illness of coste
the Biker, vet? If not, do so
and purchase a trial lot of We Make Clothes to Order the White la,.
his Bread, Rolls, Cakes and LONDON, Nov. 27.-None too soon for
Faacy Crackers, all of which
are furnedtoorrs. I o rpanI' o thoe -'%ti i o refer th~rIeI the British has conme the ncws of the
ar-uaranteed to be freshi. I' o h at mtras rprft
He also keeps in stockto o eid. I improved outlooh the them bth on the
bet in o Cnnd 0 and a strong -womanly organism, ieastern and western sidcs of tile South
best line of Canned Goods
and Meats to be found in, e.Yu resNilhv
and eat tobe oun in motherhood but adds to a woma's .I u xdc ixl xV African republios as t *,e constant sm~all
town. Will give vou special I our be'.t attention
bargaics also in Heavv Gro
ceries. e Your patronage is
solicited. If fresh goods and J
low prices availeth anything
you will call againl.
vo ilcl gi.W ine of Oardi S. W. Car. King and Weritvot Sts.,.~~
~~ T~ taicesawaysalterrors by strengthening CALSOSC .....
JOHN W ,r HERIOTItfitsaniotherfor
In Rear of Bank. baby's coming. By revitalizing the
__________________nerve centres it has brought chubby, DOLU0 D L
purifies, regulatesB ugg1es
and strengthens, and is good for all
women at all times. No druggist 737 tE ]Ixre o3.3t_45 ~
would be without it. $ oo. heal
Foradvice in cases reguiring special ERY
directions, address, giving symptoms, il "Teat vtric;' :u . quan
Buggies mthe Ladies Advisory Department,
The Chattanooga Medicine Co., Chat- eits st
Wagons tanooga, Tenn.
theainstathorgans.rItifits re.othes far
bTa omvmg.nced by the Byerevit ofiz theds
W H ITE'SInerv centreresivt haralityought0 csco,
RA . oc y oun"gW councstr toon ttnr hudthepreiof
we a women he rhrvv ear ht ere
brtare xn ciis, ofhea re ont"- tates
Iad strengthen atoed is r all ie3
orh Neilats and; D a tchr LU G owm t tryvr2~ of - t e prstwa, kasem nta
w at ti mesirst te aNowh ich dtreg iTis h
- AT - Frdaancdd inse rteeguii of t e an
directions, r es , v smatptras ,ethe w re d
RAE. t er as A.u-ir W HI E' V Conserofathe flairty os the Boes were
"Thethribet Lades A d s DepaK C R t ntrt d oreai e antlm"nt t qucl
The ChaOGaS MeDcn Co.,S' Chat- .a sse hircniat en ai
Molaksmith Shop. e Iiee, Tt lieenn
no haV ity vzhodl byn d It ahte th wa 171~'~ te ki r 0~ 1)'' n t low ii TO I nia .1eh n it(' apeasbe
S rtsaO l the ln s of the fi JBritish nava
I nrii soes rnis n nnwae nnifa lfl Wth tntr of th e .the eet miiary asBlioties
oIia na T forh eeo afner ho the Austriann
Cood18nWiNeBY-f a e yIlEN
Shopon he orne beow . M Dea's - '' ustoersin hagndon ~t w wa tlook waIhn st herdfromastiw
Sore nerly ilherro breiyi an
DENTIST flILwereyo ge h foriatMderrvrhtoe Da
R. A. W HIT E Dh FR XNK GEIGE~x aelfshe rigt orten yioue Iee ssm ob st ht
MANNING, S C. M~will apprnecdoteiitheirrelieeed
.ST BLACK SEAMLESS FACTORY HOSE for Men Ladies and Children. It is useless for us to comment upon the merits of this Fa
article leave his mill, therefore, we do not hesitate to recommend Harvin's Fectory Hose to be the best for the money ever sold by us.
mwDin, ines tatemuent mar, tLue noers
are falling back on Warrenton, which MASTER'S SALE. NOTICE OF SALE STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA,
is 50 miles north of Kimberley, unless
the dispatch was intended to fall into BY VIRTUE OF A DECREE OF Uh.ge Chattel
I iierChttlMortgage. County of Clarendon,
British hands in the hope of misleading the Court of Common Pleas for Sum
General Methuen. The latter, how- ter County, in the State of South COURT OF COMMON PLEAS.
ever, is said to be far too cautious to be Carolina, in the case of Hannah Har- VHEREAS ARCHIE I. BARRON,
caught by such a trick, and, it is added, ris, Miriam Esther Coldman, Frymet by his Chattel Mortgage bearing S. M. Nexsen, Plaintiff,
it can be confidently anticipated that Wygand, Pessa Marcus, Gente Cos- date the 23rd day of December, 1898, against
his column will sweep steadily forward tinski, Esther Sandground, Wolf executed to W. B. Wilson to secure
in spite of the determined resistance he Abrahms, David Abrahms, Frigel the payment of six hundred dollars Laura L. Brunson, Nettie E. Brun
will meet with. Prezestrzelski,Sakka Citla Arenwald, advanced to said Archie I. Barron son, Henry Nexsen Brunson,
The conclusion must be accepted, Itel Fenikshtein, Michael Cohen, by the said W. B. Wilson, the said Harvey E. Brunson and Edward
however reluctantly, that the Boers are Rvtke Szklarz, Mikle Mayre Parzen- indebtedness being evidenced by the Devaga Brunson, Defendants.
deliberate in their misuse of white flags- ewski, Lvman Cohen, Miriam Ester sealed note of the former to the lat
On top of General Methuen's warning Wiggon, Richla Kowalk, Annie King, ter, bearing even date with said Judgment for Foreclosure and Sale.
and other evidence comes the state- Wolf Cohen, Israel Celler and W. F. chattel mortgage and payable on the UNDER AND BY VIRTUE OF A
ment of Correspondent Knight, who has B. Haynsworth and Marion Moise as first day of November A. D. 1899 with UDEn OrD of The Cu o
arrived at Cape Town wounded. He Administrators of the Estate of Jo- interest thereon from date at the Judgment Order of the Court of Co -
says he accompanied a detachment of seph Cohen Wilson, deceased, against rate of eight per cent per annum, mon Pleas, in the above stated ac
the Northampton regiment, when a Solomon E. Samplin Laye Natalo- granted bargained and sold unto the Otoer ectd, ewing at of
force of Boers, 300 yards distant and witch and Morris Cohen, I will sell to said W. B. Wilson: Octon, to I ihet pub.
surrounded, displayed a white flag. The the highest bidder, at public auction, All the stock of dry goods, shoes, c auction, to the highest bidder for
officer commanding the Northamptons at the court house in the town of hats, hardware, groceries, notions, Manning, in said county, within the
then ordered his men to rise, when the Manning, in the County of Claren- corn, peas and general merchandise, leg , i c sa ls, on the
Bcears deliberately volleyed, wounding 'don, in said State, on sale day in De and all such goods as may be there dal he for da l sales, on Mon
Knight and others. cember next, being the 4th day of after acquired by him in course of day, the 4th day of December, 1899,
FIFT E E N BR ITONS KIL L ED said month, during the usual hours i business; also all furniture and fixt- eine salesate
'_of sale, the following described real ures, consisting of a safe, lamps, Arl rha etae
General Hildyard's Losses at the Bea- estate, to wit: desks, scales, counters, showcases, land situate in the ecunty of Claren
Con Hill Fight. That tract of land in Clarendon etc.. located at the store of the said don and State aforesaid, containing
DURBAN, Natal, Nov. 27.-The latest County, in said State, containing rciie I barron in a n 0 ixty acres, and bounded as follows,
Three Hundred and Twelve Acres, the ocuidbti i arigo o wit:
reports of General Hildyard's losses at more or less, adjoining lands of Ann his general merchandise business Bounded on the northeast by lands
the Beacon Hill engagement show that L. Revnolds, estate of Henry Byrd, and, . of R. L. Brunson; bounded on the
15 man were killed and 72 wounded. lands of G. W. Broadway and of Rod- Whereas default has been madedn southeast by lands of S. A. Rigby;
The West Yorkshire suffered heavily. gers and known as the China Place the payment of the said indebted- soutdeast by lands
Major Hobbs was captured and several and being the land conveyed to J. C ness whereby the conditioni of th of S. A. Rigby and J. W. Horton, and
men are missing. Wilson by Samuel W. Harvin, execu- said chattel mortgage has been bro- bounded on the northwest by publie
Dispatches from President Kruger tor, by deed recorded in the office of ken;- road leading to Wright's Bluff, as
and General Joubert, found on a Boer the Register of Mesne Conveyances I ow, therefore, I, the said W. Bw. or lly apperby'plt a
prisoner, said the Boer losses at Bel- for Clarendon County, in Bcok H. Wilson, mortgagee aforesaid, wi ini this case by J. E. Scott, surveyor,
mont were ten men killed and 40 H., at page 387. person or by agent, on ttie17th day indh ae Oby e 14,808. Refer
wounded. It added, in order to reas- Terms of sale-Cash. Pu.chaser to ofecember, Areno1899, at eleven ce be ter 14, 1 ill mor
Teocmc; if the-asi forenoon, atteoM ence being thereunto had will more
sure the burghers, that it had been pay fo r' oapers F W st re n inew ood aforesaid r fu appear.o a oB HoM ,
I eeedneesar o al bckonWa-H. F RA"NK WILSON%, for sale and sell at public vendue, to Purchaser to pay Borpa e
renton. pay for BM
A pigeon message from Colonels Master for Sumter County. the highest bidder, for cash, all the Sheriff Clarendon County.
Hamilton and Duff, at Ladysmith, un- November 15, 1899. [29-st chattels hereinbefore mentioned and Manning, S. C., Nov 8,1899.
dated, reports all well. - referred to, in such lots or parcels as
Another naval contingent from the wTATEl nTa ay appear bestcalculated to real
British firstclass cruiser Terrible, with L UATU ize the highest price therefor.
two 4.7 inch guns, started for the front That the said sale will be contin- D S
tonight.____Pit 0f Claren0o, ued, adjourned and resumed from ANDCOPYRIGHTS
tongh. _______Co_ unty, oi Clntilon th ADE-MAYRGHS
time to time, if necessary. ntil thePA OBTAINED
General Advance on Coienso. COURT OF COMMON PLEAS. said chattels and stock of merchan- ADVICE AS TO PATENTABILITY
Es-rcoRT, Natal, Nov. 27.-The rail- dise, or so mnuch thereof aLS may be Notice in " Inventive Age"
Kitty Levi, Plaintiff, I necessary to raise the full amount of Book"HowcoobtainPatents"
stream, has been destroyed by the Boers, aUainst sale, is disposed of . Rsh gten,
streamt Utters strictly confidential. Address.
who are reported to be retiring rapidly. Charles A. Bradhiam, Defendant. The said Chattel Mortgage will be - - - - - - --- - -
A general advance upon Colenso has found of record in the office of the
been ordered and a flying column has Judgment for Foreclosure and Sale. Register of Mesne Conveyance forS A. FlOU CAROLINA
left here to intercept the Boer raiding UNDER AND BY VIRTUE OF A Clarendon County, in Book "Z." "Z"
Sparties. A reliable messenger from La- UDRADBYVRU OFACaednCutiBok Z-S TE FSUHCRLI ,
dysmith says he gathered from th Judgment Order of the Court of Com- at pages 80 and 81. CounI of Clarendon
Boers that they had proposed a comrn- mon Pleas, in the above stated ac- W. B. WILSON, *o.
bined attack a d rooe a for tion, to me directed, bearing date 29-4t] Mortgagee. By James M. Windham, Esq., Pro
today. General Joubert is expected to October 21, 1899, I will sell at public bate Judge.
stoutly dispute the passage of Tugela auction, to the highest bidder for Notice to Creditors. HEREAS, DANIEL L. REY
river cash, at Clarendon Court House, at ll persons having laims aainst NOLS DAdE L REY
Manig in1 sai couty wihi the i'rn de-n clim agint W NOLDS made suit to me to
MolieuxJur Inompete lealng housai oruiatyl, oth Mohe the estate of .T. Ashley Colelough, ge rant him letters of adminis
NEW lineux Nov. 27.Nompddtion glororjdcal dateal ayo e sr1, beo- ceased, will present them -duly at- tration of the estate of and effects
N~w RK, ov. 2.-Noaddiion dates4dayh followingmberi9bed tested, and those owing said estate of Isabella Reynolds, deceased.
juror for the trial of Roland B. Moli- ingealedythfoown estarte: will make payment to These are therefore to cite and
neu, hd been e'Al etat SUSA~N R. COLCLOUGH, admonish all and singular the kin
euthe alleged poisoner, ha ens- "l hiece, parcel or tract of Qualified Executrix. dred and creditors of the said Isabel
cured up to the time when the court of land lying, being and situate in Clar- Jordan, S. C., Nov. 15, 1899. Ia Reynolds, deceased, that they be
general sessions took a recess today, the endon county, in the State aforesaid, [2-4 and per eoemi h or
tenth day since the case was called. containing sixteen and two-thirds -__----- _ - of Prt, tober e atMin g Cour
andbutin acrs oowes, tondt orthe JOSEPH F. RHAME, C., on the 14th day of December next,
and eattn by flnds to Mi CNoline ' 7.RE'JT after publication hereof, at 11 o'clock
D)ied1 in Two Feet of Waiter- anJat ylnso isCrln 41ONTTLW in the forenoon, to show cause, if
DIAMOND, La., Nov. 27.-Fred Pietch, Weinberg; south, by lands of saidMANGS.Caytehawytesiddmn
a German employe in the Magnolia Mrs. Kitty Levi, and west by Sumter ,AN S C. iain heyhaewh nthbe gratd.mn
sugar factory of Governor H. 0. War- h"uPi roaed.t paytforipapers.d n begte2dda
mouth, fell into a pond 2 feet dee in Pucae to pay forAHM nn paprses Gve undE m handh2da
an epileptic fit and was drowned. or- Sheriff Clarendon County. 'ays aitleast two-thirds orali symptoms remov- [EA]
ofer Sohayot viewed the body and or- Manning, S. C. December 8, 1899. rd estimonials adEDAY:eat nentfree 30-t SJdgAoLPobte

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