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The Timies OEHF uAE
* A7 TU ,:. EY 1 TL.:U',
Job Printing. C sw
1 .T TOI|XEV YIT L.1 11,
n U rWhli ey 'bts Olliee hitelyv occupied by th. !.t .
Georgian Succumnbs After aLn
Illness of Three Weeks.
Io Raised the Stars and Stripvs Over
31anila and on His Return to Anir
ica Was Presented With a Ilaudsome
Sword: !:a Atlaita.
WASING-rox. Dec. 18. - Lieuten:ul
Thomas M. Brumby, Admiral D,).way
flag officer at the battlie of Mauila bay,
died in this city yesterday after an ill
ness of about three weeks.
The immediate cause ci death was blocd
poisoning that came from a glandular
swelling which wvas one of the comli
cations with the typhoid. The swelling
was in the left side of the face and neck.
An operation was performed several
nights ago and seemed to give rea,
but the tissue of thle parotid glandwa
destroyed and there were i nt er na!
Lieutenant Brumby's sister, Mrs. Hay
ward, of Marietta, Ga., was wi~lh himu
when the end came.
The funeral and interment will be al
Lieutenant Brumby was 14 years old
and unmarried. He was app)ointed a
naval cadet from Georgia, entering the
service on Sept. 29, 1873, and his pres
ent commission dates from Aug_.14,
189-2. Practically all the time during,
the last two years he has been with Ad
miral' Dewey.
In his reu~ort- of the battle of Manila,
Admiral Dewey sp~oke in very compli
memitary terms of the services and
lantry of his flag lieutenant, and recom
mended that he be advanced some num-'
bers on the list of lieutenants. His rec
ommendation was adoptzed by the navy
depa~rtment, and the name sent to the
Senate, but together with a number or
other promotions made by. the depart
ment, failed to be acted uponi.
Lieutenant Brumby was presented a
sword by the legislature of Georgia on
Oct. 26. He remained in Georgia some
days after that, and returned to Wash
ington about the middle of November.
On Aug. 13, 189S, at the fall of Ma
nila, Lieutenant Brumby lowered the'
Spanish colors and hoisted those of the
United States-the first American flag
to / ovr h Phlppns
Th dat o Leuant rub
toAdiral Dewey T heMA relaXMtoso
wietnan Brhmc was ntn of t thepl
Asaisation with the dmirasl, and
has ien thef side unti theyc both e-k
Aunoerton was UnierStated several
mnts ago.adsee ogv eif
Inesto caacithasfla liereuternatoth
adiaLieutenant BrumbyMs Hay.
wrdofnita. a with hisnhe patcal l
The imead actd hipernail rep
ieenat inmny wats of yea l
andficere. He was debAdiai
Deyas cade fright Genergeting cape
blie ositnt wiept9 the~ doiso pre
ette comiheo adiaes omethg.4
The burcicll oflhi theugtim duringh
ater las of eas helnssee wih hi
midasweckd wihdliim
semdtIn adn his rwoto h ateorfo anhe
Adimiraliral spoewiey was nre
metting tnehs ofttedances nhi uni
anofhis dtao beamenparu, and
menddthas hee not adowed soe him
btaer tlite of liueans Hsred
omnatn w add.b hen
dEwrmADI, adteme en t 1.The
.thaer romoeiofnsae bof the Tennes
teater'sledge atd whieo yin. a
sw ythe egMisltre All tergiasen
das escaerdhatseandaretuned bale.
ofngoton, botthsidale fih nveber.
Ong Aug. de, Sroyed. The foal os Mi.
Snstimaeol and oised0hos0ofth
The death of Liunsan et Bremphis
whise nogt unexpote, wareat sonts
oAddmial eeal Terais The
therto icue iten fo hundalyereds hale
bee veryo oniegned to estrfien
ship Sate gofwKnsa hu beteen tid
iutant heMmphi wharf fott the'
mnha tad begahini hey borth wine
turnet latiht. UTed taese isetera
River capcit asr fageten os hol
trow wit hi chef theaessell a
ofier H orws rearedbyAiral
MDeweey aasigt errgedtic andrrowa
$3,00 asitnt whilht ae the iosftate
Theorden hthght dheringltpo
mid nd was wrecked th el irium,
semd ot. roerngi Mcworkney took
mh oittin hattendancelic himaltide
hiandtheoic becmeiearious money
vioswere n oteded owedmtotsee had.
Slean Stater ConsasDtro
M MDco Mo, Dec. I8.Alen Tulera
tero Satee onviansas of the Tennes
he waters Egenioay Pottle lyng atn
thece fotohn ofn tree. All The pjuryn
ers esaped bny1 uteas.nrdae
of coton conderal ofOrando, Fad bag
eweediscovered. the ttld losseen
siiicte and PortArtu:,0ich
The Stcat of Kentuckyef Mwillhio
lastr nih otheleiatrnd rivempitsto
aded th geeublchaste. Thical
ott on.nd oeatr
TeSoatead of bunsashacking tie
surgnts past andreangheyr frwnes
ip tnthe Phlppinsewilleb stmal
Riedealtwiher tt h ossol
oRev.cDad B5,0. aptan DatonA
ther "Fashr of the syey"sse
athijomen tht orro ughage8
B.LMI Stark,supec.nt1den -ofero
L.c& R. raly y has aranen seted boo
$3,000denth wih oh the st .ate
redent Thea fh the smalCl&pot
troub. Thekon arrngmehnt hav Green
Pmde ad as eeded bmny willown
padote. Goenr cweeytk
The poiinthtepublicanealthneo
willed heroi remeieadif ones
were Tneede it mutbehd
He Loses Heavily In Men and (lGuns
at TugeIa River.
Lo.NDo, Dec. 16.-The war office has
received a dispatch announciog that
General Buller has met with a serious
reverse, losing over 1,000 men, besides
11 guns. General Buller was attempt
i:g to cross the Tugela river. Finding
it inmossible to effect his object, he or
dered a retirement in order to avoid
a greater loss.
As may have been expected, the des
perate strait of the British arms in
South Africa. as revealed by the defeat
of General Buller at Tugela river, w here
at one stroke he lost treble the number
of gurs Wellington left in the hands of
Napoleon during the six years of fight
Ilg in the peniusula, while adding to
the determination of the authorities to
send every available man to the front.,
caused something in the nature of a
momentary panic among the public.
It is long since the tone of the news
papers and the comment in the clubs
and other resorts have been so chastened
and pessimistic. Some of the comments
go so far as to say the crisis is so far
reaching that Great Britain stands
"where she stood over a century back.
when the American colonists, men of
British and Dutch blood, were in arms."
Tie Evening Standard declares the
situation calls for all the equanimity,
determination and perseverance' of the
emire and demands the immediate
caling out of all the voluateers. em
bodying all the Uitland -rs expelled
from the Transvaal, to guard the lines
of communication, thus freeing all the
regulars for service in the fighting line.
The Star urges the commandering "of
all the great English Atlantic liners for
transportation of reinforcements" and
says the country must "set herself the
task of plucking victory out of defeat,"
"The guilt of the government is super
seded by the danger of the empire. We
are thinking of a hostile Europe; we
are thinking of India. and whatever
happens, we inplore the government
nor to move another mai from Calcutta
or Bombay. We remember the mutiny."
District Master O'-efo Will Fight
the Mine Workers.
EmIoIAM, Ala., Dec. 1G.-District
Master Workman A. J. O'Keefe of the
Knights of Labor has called a state con
vention of that body for Jan. 1, at Jas
per, Walker county.
Mr. O'Keefe has taken cognizance of
the fact that the United Mine Workers
of America, district of Alabama, have
formally declared war on the Knights
of Labor, and will attempt to eradicate
them from the state. He says that he
will soon ba in a position to fight the
mine workers, not only in Walker
county, but also in Jefferson county,
Nrhere he is making contracts with the
mine operators and is preparing to or
ganize locals of his order.
Mr. O'Keefe denies the charge that
he is conducting a "scab labor agency."
He has stated that at no place where
the Knights of Labor have made a con
tract with the mine operators were the
United Mine Workers barred from
working in the mines, and if they kept
out they did so of their own accord.
The executive board of the United
Mine Workers of America held a ses
sion here yesterday behind closed doors,
and outlined a plan for a vigorous war
fare on the Knights of Labor.
Legislature Adjournas After a Session
of Fifty lIays.
ATLANTA, Dec. 10.- -Both branches of
the general assembly adjourned tonight,
the limit of 50 days fixed by the consti
tution having expired.
There was a spirited debate in the
house this morning over an effort to re
consider the Clifton uniform textbook
bill, which was indefinitely postponed
yesterday afternoon.
Chairman Denny of the committee
on education said that the opposition to
the bill was largely due to a high official
in educational circles, and to book pub
lishers. He spoke very caustically about
the high official, and stated after con
cluding his speech that he referred to
the school commissioner. Professor G.
R. Glenn.
Mr. Chappell said that if he cared to
use the same kind of argument as Mr.
Denny he could say some things about
lobbying that would prove even more
striking than anything the gentleman
from Floyd had said.
The motion to reconsider was lost,
thus killing the bill.
Amnericus Has a Bi1g Fire.
A1ERC~s, Ga., Dec. 1.-Amoricus
had a disastrous fire last night, the
flames originating in the plant of the
Virginia, Carolina Fertilizer company.
The acid chamber, an immense build
ing, was swept away, as was the office
building, close by. The adjacent build
ings of the plant and also the entire
plant of the Ameircus Oil company and
the lower cotton compress were in dan
ger but were saved by the heroic efforts
of firemen and citizens. Several freight
cars in the yards were destroyed. The
loss will probably reach $40,000.
Fugitive Hunter Arrested.
WASINGTON, Dec. 16.-United States
Consul General Gummere, at Tangiers,
has cabled the state department that
the Moorish authorities have arrested
Thomas J. Hunter, who is wanted in
Atlanta, Ga, on the charge of default
ing in his accounts as auditor of a rail
road. Hunter at first denied his iden
tity and claimed to be a British sub
ject, but he fitted the description of the
fugitive accurately and the consul gen
eral is satisfied he has the right man.
The government of Morocco has con
sented to surrender the man.
Ch:w:ged to a Broad Gua:7.
CHESTEti, S. C., Dec. 16.-The heari!
of all the business men of Chester havf
been made glad by the announcemeni
coming direct from the lips of President
W. A. Barber of the Carolina and West
er railway, that the road would be
changerl to a standard broad guage at
once, ar contracts have already Leen
closed f .r the full supply of crosstier
and heavy steel rails. Work wvill begin
before Jlan. 1.
Lord Salisbury, Sir Michael Hicks.
Beach and other members of the British
cabinet are reported to be angry with
Mr Chamberlain, colonial secretary,
for not warning them of the magnitude
of what was before the government.
Lucius R. O'Brien, the landscape art
ist, is dead at Toronto, aged 67 years.
The orohibition national convention
will be 'held in Chicago June 27 next.
A German cruiser has been sent to
Puerto Cabello, Venezuela, on rc quest
of the German consul.
The federal assembly at Berne has
elected Walther Hauser to be president
of Swizrland for lE00.
The Tennessee Copper company, at
Ducktownl, has reduced working hours
and increased the wages of its miners
from $1.30 to S3 per day.
Efforts are being made by certain
promoters and iinancial interests in the
east to form a combination of all of the
ice manufacturing plants in the princi
pal cities of the south.
At a consistory held in Rome the
pope formally announced the appoint
ment of a number of bishops, including
that i :Jonsignor Fergo McEvay, to
the bishopric of London, Oat , which he
hennocupineg since last August.
Measure Has a Majority of
Forty Votes.
Eight Democrats, Messrs. Clayton,
Denny, Driggs, FitzgeraId, lR upperr,
Scudider, Thatyer and Wilson,Answer
WASHINGTON, Dec. 19.-The currency
bill passed the house today by a vote of
190 to 1.50. The following Democrats
voted for the bill: Clayton of New
York, Denny of Maryland, Driggs of
New York, Fitzgerald of New York,
Ruppert of New York, Scudder of New
York, Thayer of Massachusetts, Wilson
of New York.
Almost every seat in the hall was
occupied when the house convened. The
vote upon the currency bill, which was
to be taken immediately after the read
iug of the journal, was responsible for
tbe full attendance.
Under the terms of the special order
with the currency bill neither a motion
to recommit nor a substitute proposition
was in order, and the vote was taken
directly upon the passage of the bill.
The result was a foregone conclusion,
as it commanded every Republican vote.
The interest in the vote, therefore, cen
tered only in the record of Democratic
disaffection it would show.
It is expected that the bill will be sent
to the senate during the presen.t week.
It will be referred to the committee on
finance. This committee expects to
make its report soon after the resump
tion of business in the new year.
The chairmen of the various commit
tees were announced by Speaker Hen
derson today.
Woman of Morman Belief Admits
Killing an Intruder.
CHAR.LOTTE, N. C., Dec. 18.-There is
now being investigated at Dobson, the
county seat of Surry county, N. C., one
of the most mysterious murders ever
committed in North Carolina.
About the middle of November, Mrs.
Sarah Wallace, a woman in full sympa
thy with Utah and Representative Rob
erts' manner of living, came to Dobson
and reported that she had, on the night
previous, shot and killed Sol Simpson.
She returned home, and found, as she
claims, that while she was away to sur
render to the authorities, some one came
with a wagon and removed the dead
body, which she had left lying in front
of her door.
The body had been secreted, and so
far no trace of it has been found, though
dilligent search has now been made.
Some sour days ago the father of the
murdered man, not hearing anything
from his missing son, and having heard
these reports, had warrants sworn out,
with the result that Mrs. Wallace is
now in jail, and the search for the miss
ing corpse continues. It seems now
that she implicates a man of some stand
ing and fair means, and, if the body is
ever found, Surrey county will have a
highly sensational and complicated
murder trial.
Her story is now that this man was
with her, and that they knew Sol Simp
son was coming. As she had no way to
defend herself, the man gave her his
pistol and then retired- Simpson
kncked for admittance, and Mrs. Wal
lace informed him that she did not care
for his company. He declared he would
come in any way, and after two heavy
assaults on the door with a rock the
door fell and Simpson started to enter.
As he reached the threshold she fired
the pistol, and he felL. Then, as she
claims, she went to Dobson to surren
der, and while she was there the body
was removed and secreted.
RaIlroad Sued For $20,000.
RALEIGB, Dcc. 18--. T- Couch of
Durham. N. C., father and administrator
of L nwood Couch, has instituted suit
for $20,000 against the North Carolina
Railroad company. Linwood Couch,
who was in the employ of the railway
company, was killed at Funston, a sta
tion between Durham and University,
on Sept. 19. He was a brakeman, and
while chaining a car whose drawhead
had pulled out was crushed to death.
it is claimed by the plaintiff that his
son's death was caused by negligence of
the company.
Officer Goes For Hunter.
ATLANTA, Dec. 18.-Governor CandleZ
has designated John W. Rogers, a Pin
kerton detective, to go to Tangier, Mo
rocco, and bring to Atlanta Thomas
Hunter, formerly auditor of the At
lanta and West Point Railway com
pay, who recently left here with a
large discre;>ancy in his accounts. Rog
ers will leave at once.
Coal Output For the Y~ar.
BIRMItNGHAM, Ala., Dec. 18.-State
Mine Inspector J. deB. Hooper esti
mates that Alabama's coal output for
the year 1899 will be 6,500,000 tons. He
says that tho increase in production
during the last three months has been
something enormous, and that the year's
total will be a record smasher.
Colonel Moe Critically Ill.
CHATTANOOGA, Dec. 18.-Colonel S. B.
Moe, one of the leading citizens of the
city, and who was General Sheridan's
chief of staff during the battle of Mis
sionary Ridge, has been stricken with
cerebro-spinal meningitis and very grave
fears are entertained for his recovery.
FIive Votes For Johnston.
MONTGOMERY, Ala., Dec. 18. - Re
turns from primaries held in Jackson,
Morgan and Macon counties indicate
that Governor Johnston won in all o1
them, thereby securing 5 more votes foZ
United States senator in the next gen
eral assembly.
A Failure In New York.
NEw YoRK, Dec. 18.-The Produce
Exchange Trust company of this city
has closed its doors. A notice upon the
door says the company has suspended
payment pending an examination of ita
Count Tolstoi, the eminent Russian
noelist, is critically ill.
The state department authorizes &
contradiction of the report that Den
mark has offered the Danish West In
dia islands for sale.
The governor of New Mexico, in his
annual report, estimates the population
of the territory at 260,500 and renews
the plea for statehood.
Herschel V. Johnson, postmaster at
Claxton, Ga., has been -arrested on a
charge of embezzling postal money or
der funds of his office.
Count Toistoi, the Russian novelist
and social reformer, has sufficiently re
co,'ered from his illness to resume work.
T. W. Leary of Chattanooga has been
appointed general manager of the South
ern Express company, to succeed M. J.
O'Brien, elected president after the
death of H. B. Plant.
The Mississippi board of health, in its
biennial report to the legislature, states
that smallpox is generally prevalent over
the state and recommends that a law be
passed making vaccination compulsory.
United States Minister Loomis, at
Caracas. Venezuela, has cabled the
state department that President Cas
tro's forces have completely defeasted
the insurreoionists under General Her
It is announced by the committee hav
ing the matter in charge that the nex'
annual reunion of the United Confed
erate Veterans' association will be held
from May 30 to June 3 at Louisville.
The United States supreme court has
affirmed the opinion of the court of
claims in the case of the claim of Los
Abra Silver Mining compan: against
the republic of Mexico, holding that
claim to be fraudulent and unfounded.
Edward Bates, librarian of the treas
ury department at Washington, is dead.
Lead and zinc have been discovered
in St. Louis county. Mo., and prepara
tions com-rleted to mine it on a large
Fifteen Slavonian laborers, who came
to this country two months ago in vio
lation of the contract labor law, will be
deported from Galveston to Germany.
Mayor Woodward of Atlanta, in a
speech before the police board, severely
upbraided the department for alleged
nonperformance of duty in enforcing
certain city laws.
A Norfolk and Western passenger
train ran into a siding at Panther, W.
Va., killing Engineer W. S. Bishop of
Huntington and fatally injuring Fire
man Coontz of Bluefield.
Spanish prisoners released by the Fil.
ipinos charge that they were turned
over by Dewey to the insurgents after
Captain Coghlan had pledged that their
surrender should be only to the Amer
Bridges Smith has been elected mayor
of Macon to succeed the late S. B. Price.
At Seale, Ala. Judge Evans sentenced
Bill Harris, a negro, convicted of the
murder of Jule Smith, to be hanged
Jan. 10.
The record for highest prices on beef
cattle since June, 1882, has just been
broken on the Chicago market, one car
load selling for $8.50 per 100 pounds.
Curtis M. Taylor, superintendent of
machinery at the hosiery mill at the
South Carolina penitentiary, was caught
in the shafting and whirled to his death.
Wealthy lumber dealers of Chicago
have purchased 35,000 acres of land in
Scott and Fentress counties, Tenn., and
will build sawmills on various parts of
the Droperty.
Factorlen Without Chimneys.
The statement that a chimney, the
third or fourth tallest in the world, has
just been completed at a cost of $53,
000, and the announcement that the
most gratifying success has attended the
use of forced draft, without any chim
neys whatever out of the ordinary, ap
pear in contemporary journals. The ex
periment of forced draft gives promise
of great economy in fuel, as well as
oing away with the expensive and un
ornamen tal chimney. The draft arrange
ment consists of a large fan, which is
connected with a 4 by 4 double cylinder
engine. The fan has a wheel 54 inches
in diameter and runs at almost any rate
of speed desired. The draft is something
prodigious and makes it possible to em
ploy fuel of a lower grade than any
heretofore used. Instead of the best
Cumberland coal, a mixture of Cumber
land and screenings has been tried. The
cost of operating the fan, even with im
perfect apparatus, is something like
$800 per annum. The smokestack is
scarcely taller than the roof of the
building and of less capacity than that
heretofore used for such purposes.-New
York Ledger.
?ne ancients took the owl tor a sym
bol of wisdom because he always minds
his own business.
Tax Returns.
Manning, S. C., Dec. 20, 1899.
The Auditor's office will be open
from the first day of January, 1900, to
the twentieth day of February, 1900,
to receive returns of personal prop
erty in Clarendon County for the
year 1900.
The Auditor will be at the follow
ing places in person on the dates
mentioned to receive returns:
Pinewood, Monday, January 8th,
Packsville, Tuesday, January 9th,
Panola, Wednesday, January 10th,
David Levi's Store, Thursday, Ja n
uary 11th, 1900.
Summerton, Friday, January 12th,
Davis X Roads, Saturday, January
13th, 1900.
Jordan, Monday, January 15th,
Johnson's Store, in St. Mark's
township, on Raccoon road, near
Duffie's old store, Tuesday, January
16th, 1900.
Foreston, Wednesday, J a n u a r y
17th, 1900.
Wilson's, Th ursday, January 18th,
Alcolu, Friday, January 19th, 1900.
W. M. Youmans', Saturday, Janu
ary 20th, 1900.
Saul's Store, Monday, January 22d,
New Zion, Tuesday, January 2:3rd,
S. C. Turbeville's Store, Wednes
day January 24th, 1900.
J1. F. McFaddin's Store, Th ursday,
January 25th, 1900.
McIntosh's Store, Midway town
ship, Friday, January 26th, 1900.
Taxpayers return wvhat they own
on the first day of January, 1900.
All personal property must be re
Iturned this year.
Assessors and taxpayers will enter
the first given name of the taxpayer
in full, also make a separate return
for each party for the township the
property is in, and where the tax
paers owns realty, to insert the
postoffice as their place of residence,
and those who only own personal
property, to give the party's name
who owns the land they live on as
their residence, which aids the tax
paer as well as the county treasurer
in "making the collections and pre
venting errors.
Every male citizen between the
ages of twenty-one and sixty years
on the first day of January, 1900, ex
et those incapable of earning a
Isupport from~ being maimed, or from
other causes, shall be deemed tax
able polls. This dloes not apply to
Confederate soldiers over fifty years
of age.
All the returns that are made after
the twentieth day of February will
have a penalty of 50 per cent. added
thereto, unless out of the county du
ring the time of listing. Not know
ing the time of listing is no excuse.
The assessing and collecting of
taxes is all done now in the same
year, and we have to aggregate the
number and value of all the horses,
cattle, mules, etc., and their value
that there is in the county, and have
same on file in the Comptroller Gien
era's office by the thirtieth day of
June each year. And from that
time to the first day of October each
year the Auditor's and Treasurer's
duplicate has to be completed and
an abstract of the work in the Comp
troller's office by that time, which
will show at a glance that the Audi
tor has no time to take in returns
or do anything else much. benveen
the first 'day of March and the first
day of October each vey but work
o the books and blar's. Therefor-e
II hope that all taxyayers will do me
the favor of making their returnis in
Auditor Clarendon County.
We have agreed to unite our inter
ests, commencing on January 1st,
1900, and will do a geueral inercan
tile business under the name of Mc
Leod, Wilkins, King & Co.
We will handle fertilizers and all
manner of farm supplies, and ask
the continued patronage of our
The Clarendon Tobacco Warehouse
will be under the special charge of
Mr. E. L. Wilkins, and Mr. McLeod,
Mr. King and Mr. C. E. Wilkins will
be found at the store.
Manning, S. C., Dec. 6, 1899. [32-3t
Boast! .
Boasting is not what the
people want; they want sol
id facts, and with solid facts
I propose to deal.
My store is in the Nettles
building, between Loryea's
drug store and Jenkinson's.
An invitation to the pub
lic is extended to inspect my
Fall and Winter stock of
Dry Goods,
Dress Goods,
Fancy Goods,
SShoes, .
Hats, &
and all the latest Novelties.
My Grocery Stock
Is full and complete and I
guarantee every purchase
made at my store.
I am perfectly satisfied
that Lam sufficiently known
Sto the people without mak-.
ing a lot of brags in the pa
9 pers.
When you come to my
4 store and get miy prices the2
Stale will be told then, and I
will sell you the bill.
'i Louis Levi.
ii I.
Have You
Seen George?
"No, but I have seen George's
mamma, and she was on her way to
You will find there an abundance
of good things to tickle the palate.
Holiday Presents.
Fire Works.
All the latest Novelties in Fire
Works will be found here.
Dont fail to come and see me.
Yours truly,
Christmas Comes
But Once a Year
Is in the lead all the year for Cheat.
This is th place to buy your Christ
mas Presents.
Will fm-nishd esti mates and inake~t con
traets for a-i kinds of buildin" anrd is pre
paredl to comiratct for first class j.:intifg.
Add ress, S L. KR ASNt)FF.
Manning, S. C.
A Woman
Only Knows
what suffering from falling of the
womb, whites, painful or irregulaer
mienses, or any disease of the distinctly
feminine organs is. Amanmay sympa
thize or pity but he can not know te
agonies she goes through-the terrible
suffering, so patiently borne, which
robs her of beauty, hope and happi
ness. Yet this suffering really is
will banish it. This medicine
cures all " female diseases " quick
ly and permanently. It does away
with humiliating physical exami
nations. The treatment may be
taken at home. There is not con
tinual expense and trouble. The
sufferer is cured and stays cured.
Wine of Carduiis becoming the
leading remedy for all troubles of
this class. It costs but $z from any
For advice in cases requiring
special directions, address, the
"Ladies Advisory Deartment,"
The Chattanooga Medicine Co.,
Chattanooga, Tenn. &
XIR. C. J. WEST, Nashvifep Tenn",
write.:-" This wonderful medicineought
to be in evei house wher there are g9=
and wozeY
R.. L. BELL'&
Repair Shop
Is thoronghly prepared to cdo everything in
the Whrelwright and Blacksmith line; also
Engine and Boiler Repairing.
All Work Guaranteed
And done promptly,.at live and let live
Horse Shoeing receives special attention
and work ef all kinds is soliete.
Tmas Presenits
In great variety and quan
tity at
he Prudential Life Insurance Co.
issues up-to-date Life Policy.
he Palatine and Sun Fire Ins. Companies.
There are none better.
Insure Against Sickness.
2 a year pays $5 weekly indemnity.
4 "' " 10 "- "
0 " " 25 " "
J. 1. WILSON, Manning. s. C.
Millinery, Millinery.
The ladies of Clatren don are invited to visit
ay nmillinery parlors, where they wit! base
n opplortrnity of selecting fromi a b'-autiful
ine of Hats. The sery latest designs.
vry attention is given to styles.
Alv steck consists of
And All the Latest Trim~mine.
Eiss S. E. McDONALD,
Is where you get the right
sort of Clothes without dan
ger of mistake. Our Clothes
are of the right sort, and you
will appreciate their excel
lence and smallness of cost.
We M~ake Clothes to Order
for those who prefer them.
Lasting Materials, proper fit
and make and moderate pri
ces. Your orders will have
our best attention.
S. W. Cor. King and Wentworth Sts.,
and COLDS j
SThe Canadian Rcmedy for211l
jThroat and Lung Affections.
-Large Bottler., s5 cents.
tDAVIS & L AWRENCE CO.. Limited,
Prop's Perry Davis' Pain-Killer.
NewYork. Montreal,

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