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\VEDNESDA, FEB. 7. 19()
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Da' square. one tiime. :l each subs
,jieit :nsertion, .511 cents. Obitua -rie an l
Trihutes ot Reslpe char z or as reguir
ri.vertisemetst. Lib:ral contrctt:umde for
I '. :C4i n~' tt 1a Jresof tewi-tr
o:,,kl,,r to roet-rv *t'.-vilrtul.
No (Ot rtt.:toi a pirSC4Dai chiar
at' vxL! l:h4etcpt as: ani -.,ver
Etiered at the Post Office at Mt:nning as
Second-C assz Ykna-.
kopies of this paper iay be found on
.iv rit :n the ofie of our ;pe
-21<-eresondntE. G. Siggers, 918 I.
meer. N. W.. wa\hiniitoa, D. C.
The legislation on the dispensary
question amounts to very little. A
bill has been passed doing away with
the board of control, consisting of
five members, and creating a board
of directors, to consist of three, one
to be elected by the Seuate and two
)y the House. There is very little
difference between "board of control"
and "board of directors." About all
it ineans is turning out the old crowd
a01d putting in a new one.
Cuncle sa'u !,as added cand to the
regnlar anv ration, and o1e New
York tirm has shipped more than
fiftv tons during the past year to
troops in the Philippines, Cuba and
Porto Rico, all of a high grade that
would retail from thirty to fo'rtv cents
a poand. The Qeen of England sent
live hundred thousand pounds of
chocolate as a Christmas gift to her
s Aliers in Africa. What do our
old Johunie Rebs think of that? If
thev had only got enough beef, bread
and coffee, somebody would have
been whipped, and if they had had
candv and chocolate they would have
lieked somebody or been fighting yet.
Some of the newspapers are hav
ing quite a time trying to decide who
is the real author of the wide tire
bill, and many of them claim the sup
posed honor for their various Sena
tors and representatives. As a mat
ter of fact the first time that this bill
was ever introduced into the General~
Assembly was two years ago, when
the original plan was introduced oin
he Senate by SenatLr Gaines,of E Ige
rield Courty. and who also repre
sented the County of Greenwood a
short while until some little senatorial
differences as to representation were
settled. But we cannot see whv peo
ple should want the honor of being
the father of such a bill. It strikes
us had we ever fathered such a meas
ure we would want it to be forgotten
as soon as possible.
The Columbia State chos the fol
lowing and credits it to the Sumter
"'Wide tires make good roads by not cut
ting up the roads a~s narrow tires are bound
to do. Anvoue who would think of it for
a monwant would see that this was so; but
a treat manny people lacki the thinking
We would like to know how wide
tires are going to make roads. If
the roads are tirst made then there
may be some little argument in say
ing that wide tires wvill not cut them
up) as badly as narrow tires. But the
strongest argument against this bill
is the unnecessary inconvenience and
expense it will cause to people in
having to provide vehicles with wide
tires, and when we see so many legis
latolrs and newspapers arguing that
this conjectural measure will be such
a great thing we ere forced to ag'ree
with The llerald that "a great many
people lack the thinking facuity."
Representative 3IcCullough of
Greenville has introduced in the
House of Representatives a series o
resolutions expressing sympathy with
the Boars, and also expressing the
ho4pe that the United States will e:
tend its good ofiices towards stop
ping the cruel and unjust war which
England is waging against the Trans
vaal Republic and Orange Free State.
In the light of the memories of Wash
ington, Jefferson and Patrick llenry,
of Mloultrie, Thomas Sumter and
Francis M1arion, the South Carolina
Legislature should pass these resolu
tions. It will cost nothing except for
the time of their reading and the
printing, and in expressing the sym
pathies of our State they will b ut be
consistent with the motives of patri
otism which inspired our forefathers
one hundred and twenty year-s ago
when they rose up and purchased for
us with many lives the liberty which
we enjoy today. If anything the
cause of the Boers is even more just.
than ever ours was. Ve fought to
free ourselves from a bond of slaverv'
in which we were* born, wvhile the
Boers ate fighting to keep a tremuend-I
ous government, tilled with the greed
for money, from putting the yoke of'
slavery upon their necks.
The M1anufacturers' Record of
l~timiore has published a lengthy
and interesting interview with Senator
.ohn L. 31eLaurin, regarding the
treaty between France and the
United States, in which Senator 31c
Laurin exhibits his complete famili
arity with many international ques
t ions involving more practicuarly
the commercial interests of the South.
In opening the interview the MIanu
facturers Itecord pays Senator 31c
Laurin the following compliment:
- JLbu Lownjes McLaiurmt senator in
<'tges'fom' S.uth Carolina, stands be
to~ the countrv as a type of the yong.
aerssv outh--rrner wnou thi:nks for him
I, Le~ves :o progr-s. and who "lives,
moe and~ Las :.is L.':n not it reminis
Chaos is the word to describe the
condition which has prevailed in
Kentucky for the past ten days.
That State has always been known
to be a place where land feuds arose,
which oiten resulted in desperate
shootings, and handed down bad
blood from generation to generation.
Daniel BocLe met with rough ex
perience when as the first white ex
plorer be rambled through her forests,
and the occurences of the past month
have done much to merit for her the
title given her by the Indians of
"Dark and Bloody Ground." The
fearful tradgedy of three weeks ago,
when in a hotel lobby at Frankfort
an altercation between Cl. Colson
and Lieut. Scott resulted in the kill
ing of three men, two of them in
nocent parties to tie affair, was fresh
in the minds of newspaper readers,
when the news of the foul assassina
tion of Cuot Goebel, Democratic con
testant for Governor, came as the
State's crowning climax of shame.
The public are familiar with the poli
tical conditions that have existed in
Kentucky since last fall's elections,
and remember that Col. Goebel,
Democrat, was contesting the Gov
ernor's seat, which had been gotten
possession of by William Taylor, Re
publican, and who was occupying the
same, as claimed by the Democrats,
without warrant of election. The
board of election commis.sioners were
to have decided who should be Gov
ernor one day last week, and it being
enerally known that they would
award the seat to Goebel, he was
foully assassinated while walking
ecross the public square, by some
villainous cowards who were secreted
in the third story of the building in
which were Taylor and his crowd.
From this third story window some
coward fired the fatal rifle ball that
ended the life of one of the bravest
men that was ever bred in old Ken
tucky. While on a dying bed Goebel
was sworn into office, aud issued sev
eral proclamations, and at his death
the Democratic contestant for Lieu
tenant Governor was sworn ia, so
that for ten days Kentucky has had
two Governors. But an appeal by
Taylor to the President to seLd
troops and uphold him has been de
clined, and like I lampton redeemed
South Carolina twenty-three yeais
ago Kentucky will yet be redeemed
from the Republicans, who are now
weakening. All is excitement and
trouble in the old "Blue Grass"
State, and if she passes through the
next ten days and settles the ques
tion of who shall be Governor with
out a fearful clash between soldiers
and civilians, she will have done well.
Let us hope that she will.
The foul murder of Col. Goebel to
keep him from taking the Governor's
seat is a bloody stain that the Repub
lican party in Kentucky will never be
able to efface. lie was a strong
minded man and as fearless and brave
as a lion. Knowinr this they feared
him and wanted him out of the way.
The hands of John Wilkes Booth or
f Guiteau were never engagedl in a
more cowardly deed, or slewv a braver
man. It is asserted by the Republi
ans that his murder is the result of
evenge for the killing of Sanford by
30ebel, but this is far-fetched, as that
illing occurred something like two
ears ago, and an assasin for such a
ause could have long since gratified
his revenge.
The killing of Sanford by Gioebel
laims no place in the minds of rea
sonable men in this affair. Ie and
nford had an altercation concern
ng the publication of a newspaper
rticle and Sanford started to draw
his pistol, but Goebel was the quick
est, and upon the principle that self
reservation is the first law of nature
e defended himself and was cleared
y a jury of his countrymen.
All America~ can but deplore the
eath of such a man. While lie
ight have lived a better life from a
:eligious point of view, yet it is not
ithin the province of man to judge
im along t bis line. At his request
mluisters were with him constantly
just before he (died, and among his
last utterances was a statement that
e wanted it understood he had not
ived in open defiance of God. i~e
eraps by this tiuue knows his re
ard. Our province is to condermn
the foul method by which lie was
forced to meet it.
The situation in Kentucky was
uiet up to last night, and the lie
publicans show signs of weakening.
overnor Taylor has agreed to cer
tain measures decidedly favorable to
the Democrats. .1. C. WN. Beckbamn,
the Lieutenant Governor with soe
bel, has been sworn into office to suc
eed his (lead chief, and will stand
the contest to a finish, ie is a yong
man only thirty years old, and is
strong intellectually and at fine arator.
e is said to be equal to the emerg
ncies and will not only be the Gov
ernor, but will make a model one.
Slt10, R WARD $100.
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(ipital Correspondence.
SF\AT E C H1.10nn-:.
Columabia, S. C.. Fel). 3. 1,100.
The General Assembly within the
past week has done a great deal of
work. Both brancies seem anxious
to get through within the forty days
allowed by the constitution: and, al
though the Calendars are heavily
laden. the probability is an adjourn
muent will be reached before the forty
days are out.
The legislation on the liquor con
trol is not settled. The Senate by a
vote of 25 to 12 declared against loeal
option. Some voting that way de
elare their desire to have the ques
tion discussed in the coming cain
paign. This class believe in the prin
eiples of local option, but voted
against it because they thought such
a revolutionary change should not he
made until the people have been
consulted first. I wast not at all dis
appointed when my bill was snowed
under: and, although it was defeated
by a two to one vote, the priiciples
set out in the hill are not hurt, and
will become a leading issue. The
dispensary bill as passed in the Sen
ate is virtually a measure to turn out
the present State Board of Control
to put in a new set of men. If the
new set conduct the affairs of the in
stitution without scandal then local
option will not be brought forward
again next year, but there is a grow
ing sentiment favoring county con
trol of the liquor question.
Dr. Woods was called home on ac
count of sickness in his family. His
bill to exempt St. Marks, Brewing
ton and Mt. Zion townships from the
operations of the stock law during
certain months has not yet been act
ed upon.
Mr. Jones' bill to exempt Claren
don from the seed cotton license was
Mr. Richardson's bill defining the
duties of sheriffs with regard to es
caped convicts has passed the House
and is now in the Senate. If this bill
becomes a law sheriffs will have to
arrest escaped convicts with or with
out a warrant.
The Senate bill putting the Clerk's
office on a salary has been passed:
so also has the bill to require the
sheriff to act as constable for Ohe
magistrate at the county seat. Both
go into effect in 1i1ol.
In the Senate a joint resolution
was passed to a third reading au
thorizing the Supervisor to draw his
warrant on the Treasurer for 52i for
Mrs. Kate Tobias. widow of the late
S. T. Tobias, who was killed in the
honorable discharge of duty.
The broad tire bill had a rough
time in the House: it was killed at
first, afterwards resurrected and
amended so as to make it almost in
operative. If the amendments are
agreed to the people will have a right
to vote on the question. The friends
of the bill are not pleased and may
not agree to the amendments.
The question of completing the
State House will be thoroughly dis
cussed. I have tacked on an amend
ment to the bill providing that the
appropriation shall not eause an in
crease in the tax levy. This does not
meet with the wishes of those who
cry out for the completion of the
building regardless of expense. I
find it easy enough for men who have
no taxes of consequonce to pay to ad
vocate the spending of people's
money, but those who have to pay
taxes are not wanting the burden to
press any heavier than it is. I should
like to see a magnificent State House,
but if the State cannot have the
work done with its present 5 mill
evy in my judgment we have miore
important things needing money:
the free schools need mnore money,
and if the $130.000 wanted for the
State House would be scattered
among the country schools it would
do the State more good than the
beautifying of the capitol building.
If, however, we can complete the
structure without adding an addi
tional burden upon the taxpayers I
will vote for it. If' this cannot be
done, in the language of Citizen Josh
Ashley, "I am agin it."
The prohibition bill was killed in
the House by a vote of 763 to 26.
An effort was made to cast suspi
cion on Governor McSweeney by re
p)orting that he had held a caucus in
his offiee to push the dispensary
measure, with himself on the board.
It was a political stroke and p~roved
a boomerang. There w'as a confer
ence in the Governor's office to de
vise means whereby ni e c e s s a r v
amendments might be made to the
dispensary law and sav~e the people
money by shortening the session.
L. A.
To be Prepared
For war is the surest wayV fr this~ ntioni to
maintaijn pe-ace. That is the o4pinion of tile
wisest statesmlen. It is equally tru'e thit to be'
prpared for spr'ng i- the best war _~to iavold the
peculiar daniers of the season. T his is a .'ewonl
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In the hiuman bar-ometr, smiles
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Standard Fine Granulated C
Sugar at oniy............U LB.
Orders filled for any quantity from
1 pound to a dozen barrels if you
want them.
We issue a monthly PRICE LIST
which will be gladly mailed you. It
contains much information in a small
space and is a valuable guide in or
deringr your supplies.
Universal Providers,
185 & 187 Meeting & 117 Market Sts,
Sumter, S. C.,
Under Opera Hous.
Stock recently closed out. Open
now with
New S!ylishi Shoes
From the best manufacturers. And
every pair of Shoes guaranteed. Six
teen years experience in this vacini
We know the Styles best suited to
the wants of the people.
Look for the City Clock.
Under it you will find the best Shoes
in the city. We have many good
customers in Clarendon, but we want
Walsh's Shoe Store
Is where you get the right
sort of Clothes without dan
ger of mistake. Our Clothes
are of the right sort, and you
will appreciate their excel
lence and smallness of cost.
We Make Clothes to Order
for those who prefer them.
Lasting Materials, proper fit
and make and moderate pri
ces. Your orders will have
our best attention.
S. W. Cor. King and Wentworth Sts.,
$1.15 Gallon, Actual Cost.
The HR.B, Loryea Drug Store,
Sole Agents.
Will fmrui.h &stimixates and ma~ke con
tracts -r :1 dlluinds of bmlding and is ure
piar I :n ou itrct !rst class painting.
A.1,i~a. L. KR~ASNOFF,
_____ .'danning, S. C.
IUP J and Whishy abits
efi.ure- at m.me wtah
use arE
b~.Uce. 14orh PryoreSt
0- ' Ui :'. A i ,
.t77T:i|YAY..AT L AW,
Charges moderate. No fee till patent is secured.
Letters strictly confidential. Address,
SE. 6. SGGERS, Patent Lawyer, WashIngton, D.C.
Land Surveying and Leveling,
I wil do Suirveying, ietc., in Clarendon
anid aijoining Counties.
Call at otlice or adidress at Samiter, S. C.
P. 0. g0x 10)1.
OD CRED ithvegetable
i',med i~s. In en
daysat u-i :*-:~i~.t.. n 3 .vn d can re s
"Sweet Bells Jangled
Out of Tune and Harsh."
Shakespeare's description fits thou
sands of women. They are cross, des
pondent. sickly, nervous--a burden to
themselves and their families. Their
sweet dispositions are gone, and they, like
the bells, seem sadly out of tune. But
there is a remedy. They can use
Wine of Cardui
It brings health to the womanly
organsm, and health there means
well poisednerves, calmness, strength.
It restores womanly vigor and power.
It tones up the nerves which suffer
ing and disease have shattered. It is
the most perfect remedy ever devised
to restore weak women to perfect
health, and to make them attractive
and happy. $r. oo at all druggists.
For advice in cases requiring spec
ial directions, address, giving symp
toms, "The Ladies' Advisory De
partment," The Chattanooga Medi
cine Co.. Chattanooga, Tenn.
BEV. J. W. SMITH, Camden, S. C.,
says :-"My wife used WIne of Cardut at home
for falling of the womb and it entirelycured
CHARLESTON, S. C., Jan. 14, 1900.
On and after this date the following
passenger schedule will be in effect:
*35. *23. *53.
Lv Florence, 3.25 A. 7.55 P.
Lv Kingstree, 8.57
Ar Lancs, 4.3s 9.15
Lv Lanes, 4 38 9.15 7.40 P.
Ar Charleston, 6.03 10.50 9.15
'78. *32. "52.
Lv Charleston, 6.33 A. 5.17 P. 7.00 A.
Ar Lanes. 8.1s 6.45 8.32
Lv Lanes, 8 18 6.45
Lv Kingstree, 6.34
Ar Florence, 9.28 7.5
*Daily. t Daily except Sunday.
No. 52 runs through to Columbia via
Central R. R. ci S. C.
rrains Nos. 78 and 32 rn via Wilson
and Favetteville-Short Line-and make
close connection for all points North.
Trains on C. & D. R. R. leave Florence
daily except Sunday 9.55 a m, a:rive Dar
lington 10.2.8 a im, Cheraw, 11.40 a m,
Wadesboro 12.35 p m. Leave Florence
daily except Sunday, 8.00 p ni, arrive Dar
lington, 8 25 p m, Hartsv'lle 9.20 p m,
Bennetsville 9.21 p mu, Gibson 9.45 p i.
Leave Florence Sunday only 9.55 a in, ar
rive Darlington 10.27, Hartsville 11.10
Leave Gibson daily except Snnd-ay 6.35
a i, Bennettsville 6.59 a m, arrive Darling.
ton 7.50 a in. Leave Hartsville daily ex
cept Sunday 7.00 a w, arrive Darlington
7.45 a i, leave Darlington 8.55 a m, arrive
Florence 9.20 a mn. Leave W'adesboro daily
except Sunday 4 25 p mn, Cheraw 5.15 p nm,
Jarlington 6.29 p mn, arrive Florence 7 p
tm. Leave Hartsville Sunday only 8.15 a mn
Darlington 9.00 a in, arrive Florence 9.2 '
a mn.
Gen'l Manager. Gen'l Snp't.
T. 31L EMERSON, Traffic Manager.
H. M. E MERSON, Gen'I Pass. Agent.
55. 35. 52.
Lv Wilmiington,*3.45 P.
Lv Marion, 6.34
Ar Florence, 7.J5
Lv Florence, '7.4; '2.34 A.
Ar Sumter, 8.57 3.56
Lv Sumter, 8.57 *9.40 A.
Ar Columbia, 10.20 11.00
No. 52 runs through from Charleston via
Central R. R., leaving Charleston 7 a mn,
Laues 8.34 a in, Manning 9.09 a mn.
54. 53. 32.
Lv Columbia, *6.40 A. -4.15 P.
Ar Sn:ater, 8.05 5.35
Lv Samter, 8.05 *6.06 P.
Ar Florence, 1) 20 7.20
Lv Florence, 9.50
Lv Marion, 10.34
Ar Wilmington, 1.15
No. 53 runs through to Charleston, S. C.,
via Centhal R. Ri., arriving Manning 6.04
p mn, Lanes, 6 43 p mi, Charleston 8.30 p mn.
frainjs on Conway Eiranchb leave Chad
bourn 5.35 prm, arrive Conway 7.40 p m,
returnig leave Conway 8.30 a ci, arrive
Chadbourn 11.50 a mn, leave Chadlbourn
11.50 a u,arrive at Hnb 12.25 pmn,returnuing
leave Hlub 3.00 p mn, arrive at Cwadbonin
3 35 pim. D-ily except Sunday.
J. R. KiENLY, GJen'l Manager.
T. Mi. EMER1SON, Trailic Manager.
H. M. EMERSON, Gen'I Pass. Agent.
IThe Canadian Remedy for anl
SThroat and Lung Affections.
S Large Bottles, 25 cents.
DAvIs & LAWRENCE CO., Liited,
Prop's Perry Davis' P'ain-Killer.
* ew York. Montreal.
Cls~eadbeazutfie the hair.
lor Fn ne Growy
L0cani O.0at Dhu
Bank of Manning,
Transacts a1 general banking busi
Prompt and special attention given
to depositors residing out of town.
Deposits solicited.
All collections have prompt atten
Business hours from 9 a. m. to 3
p. m.
A. LEVI, Cashier.
2 LEvi, J. W. AMcLEoD,
TX E. Baows, S. 31. NElsEN,
Jo.l' SPRTT A. LEvr.

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