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EThe JRuing Wintes.
Publishes All County and Town Of
ficial Advertisements.
'MANNING. S. C., FEB. 14. 1900.
If You Want
To see the flinest line of Spring Dry
Goods ever shown in Manning, go to
the Jenkinson Dry Goods Store and yoa
will see it.
If you want a nice pair of Pants or a
nice Suit of Clothes or a nice Hat or a
pair of Shoes. go to the Jenkinson Dry
Goods Store and you will get them.
If you want some nice Sea Island
Homespun 27 inches wide at 4c. per
yard, or 3ie. per yard by the piece, go
to the Jenkinson Dry Goods Store and
you will get it.
If you want to bry the best Plow
Shoe in this market for $1.25. go to the
Jenkinson Dry Goods St--re and you will
get them.
Remember that the Jenkinson Dry
Goods Store carries the H. C. Godman
Black Bottom Shoes for Ladies' and
Children. Every pair warranted to
give satisfaction or money returned.
If you want the best line of Men's.
Ladies' and Children's Hose to be found
in this town, go to the Jenkinson Dry
Goods Store and you will get them, for
they carry W. Scott Harvin's famous
line of factory Hose. which is the best
ever offered for the money. namely. 10c.
per pair for Men's and Ladies' goods.
If you want anything in Dry Goods.
go to'the Jenkinson Dry Goo.ds Store for
Notice is herel~y given
that no advertisements will
be hereafter changed in this
paper where the copy is
brought in later than Sat
urday noon.
How do you like THE TIMES' "new
You can get a nice Tooth Brush from
5c up, at Brockinton's.
The wide tire bill was decently killed
A big lot of those 50c. Work Collars
just in. Legg & Hutchinson.
The Senate has killed the marriage
license bill.
Just think about a good Riding Sad
dle for $1.75. Legg & Hutchinson.
Mrs. E. G. Hall and children returned
Saturday from Eutawville.
Bliss' Triumph Seed Potatoes, a very
early variety. The R. B. Loryea Drug
Choice Timothy Hay for sale in small
or large quantities. Legg & Hutchim
Mr. Robt. L. Bell is erecting a neat
four room cottage on West Boundary
Just received, a new supply of Writ
ing Tablets, from lc to 10c, at Brockin
Married, on Feb. 7th. by Rev. S. D.
Bailey, Mr. E. D. Hodge to Miss Letitia
Reames, all of the Fork section.
Stop that cough by using Dr. Bull's
Cough Syrup. The Bl. B. Lcryea Drug
Cards are out announcing the mar
riage on the 14. (today) of Mr. Dickie
Richardson of Panola to Miss Tin Tin
Cantey of Camden.
Just arrived, a car of the best Ten
nessee Horses and Mules of the season.
Legg & Hutchinson.
We are still headquarters for all fine
Perfumery and Extracts. Call and ex
amine ourstock. Brockinton.
Miss Olivia Mitchum, who has given
such efficient service in the telephone
exchange has resigned her position and
has been succeeded by Miss Hattie
Johnson's Chill and Fever Tonic will
cure chills and fever. The R. B. Lor
yea Drug Store.
It is no fault of ours that THE TIMES
is delayed again this week. These de
lays are very annoying and we promise
to try and arrange in future to come out
every week on time.
We have in stock the genuine Woods'
Early Rose Seed Potatoes. The R. B.
Loryea Drug Store.
Mr. J. Edgar Haley, while return
ing home from Manning last Satur
da, bad the misfortune of being thrown
from his vehicle and getting his arm
broken just above the wrist.
India Cholagogue, an unfailing rem
edy for fever and ague. The R. B.
Loryea Drug Store.
The price of cotton is now higher
than it has been for years and it is
highly advisable for farmers to take
advatage of thlis and sell while they
can get the price. But who has any?
Stop that cough by using Dr. Gran
ger's New Discovery for coughs. The
R. B. Loryea Drug Stor'e.
This is a busy time in the movement
of Fertilizers. Farmers .are getting
dead loads of the article and numerous
extra trains are plying up and down the
railroad carrying solid train loads of
the stuff.
The great Japanese Salve. Menthola
tu, e" : headache, earache, bruises,
sore tnroat, neuralgia and all infiama
tions. The R. B. Loryea Drug Store.
Preaching at the Methodist church
Sunday morning and evening, by the
pastor. Subject for the morning ser
vice. "Regeneration." At night the
series on "the future life" will be con
tinued: subject, "Fnture Punishment."
White Pine Cough Syrup with Tar.
a reliable remedy for coughs and colds
which we have no hesitancy in com
mending. The R. B. Loryea Drug
Among the laws enacted at this_ ses
sion of the legislature is one requiring
railroads to run full size cars of equal
accommodations for the white and color
ed races, instead of the chopped-in-two
cars heretofore known as Jim Crow
Why suffer with chapped hands and
lips when you can be relieved by using
Frostilla. Vaseline, Camphor Ice. Cold
('ream, Almondol. The R. B. Loryea
Drug Store.
Charleston is already making big
preartions for the entertainment of
thc National Teachers' Association
which meets there in .July. She is to
be congratulated upon securing so great
a gathering and one which will bring
her so prominently in the eyes of the
count ry.
Mr. Francis H. Williams. Ph. G..
graduate of South Carolina Medical
Iollege. pharmacy department, late
with Messrs. A. 0. Barbot & Son. Chai
leston. is in charge of our prescriptior,
department. The R. B. Loryea Dr'ug
The young folks enjoyed a dime read
ing and oyster supper at Mr. Aaron
Weinberg's Tuesday night, given for
the benefit of the c'irculating library.
The credit of getting up the entertain
ment is due Misses May Wilson and
Nettie Weinberg. who have been un
Mr. Thomas Stukes who lives near
Davis Station met with a great loss last
Saturday morning. Just about day
light he was awakened to see his barn
and stables on fire. and too far gone to
save anything. His loss was all of his
corn and forage and two fine mules.
which perished and were dead when he
rot out to the lot. The origin of the
tire cannot he explained and must cer
tainly have been the work of an incen
diary. as it was raining at the time and
the lire bug probably took this oppor
tunity of doing his work when his
tracks would be outed.
A delightfully cool and refreshing lo
tion for preserving -and softening the
skIn, excellent for chapped hands, face
and lips. Almond Cream. 2.5c. a bottle.
The R. B. Loryea Drug Store.
This is St. Valentine's Day, and much
pleasantry will be indulged in by young
folks in sending anonymous letters. etc.
some comic. some in earnest and some
lovesick. The day is an old observance.
said to be sacred to St. Valentine.
Which one of tne Valentines the day
honors it is not known, as there were
three of them who ruled in the Wes
tern Provinces of Europe during the
fourth and early part of the fifth cen
turies, but probably in honor of the
last one, as his history would appear to
make him the most saintly of the three.
The day always comes on the 14th of
Februa'ry. and gardners used to think
that if they did not plant on that
day it was a case of bad luck, but that
idea has changed since the change of
seasons in the past few years. Shakes
pare is charged with being responsible
for starting the notion that birds begin
to mate on St. Valentine's day, and this
probably accounts for the sentiments of*
love that cluster around it.
The purity of our medicines are re
cognized in the Philippine Islands, we
having just received an order from our
far away possessions. The R. B. Lor
yea Drug Store.
One of the most praiseworthy things
that has been done by our delegation in
the General Assembly. at this session
was to provide for the payment out of
the county funds of two hundred dollars
to Mrs. Kate Tobias. widow of the late
Samuel T. Tobias, who was killed in
the honorable discharge of his duty
while trying to capture a desperate
criminal. It is intended to go as a
year's salary. Samuel T. Tobias was a
true hearted and brave man. and it is
only a pity that more could not be done
for his familv. He was willing to risk
his life in the discharge of his duty,
and did not quit at what was absolutely
required of him by his office, but when
he was killed it was after he had sat up
all night and watched and waited in
the dead hours of the night down be
side the swamp when other people were
asleep. He was a man who discharged
his duty from a conscientious sense.
and all Clarendon should not stop until
some day his foul murder is avenged.
Plant seed that will germinate. To
do so successfully use Wood's Garden
Seed. "tested and tried." Wood's Yel
low Danvers and Silver Skin Onion Sets
just received. The R. B. Loryea Drug
There will have to be a tremendous
cotton crop made this year to run the
price down below 6 cents. when we con
sider the short crop last year. Our ad
vice to everybody is to first make
enough bread and other provisions and
then make every pound of cotton they
can. It is our principal money crop,
and if all of our whole State's crop were
knocked out it would not affect the
price a great deal. South Carolina cuts
a small figure in making the price of
cotton, but that is regulated by .the
uantity that is made in Texas and the
ther S'outhern States, and they are go
ing to plant it anyhow. If the whole
Southern cotton states could be brought
into an agreement to reduce the acre
age then we would advise differently,
but that has long since been demon
strated to be impracticable, and there
is no use for Clarendon county to cut off
her acreage. Texas and Mississippi
will never know that we had reduced it
and we had as well look out for our
"I had bronchitis every winter for years and
no medicine gave me permanent relief till I be
gan to take Cue Minute Cough Cure. I know it
is the best cough medicine made," says J.
Koontz. Carry. Pa. It quickly cures colds.
croup. asthma. grippe and throat and lung trou
bles. It is the children's favorite remedy. Cures
quickly. D. 0. Rhame. Sumimerton; Dr. W. M.
Brockinton, Manning.
Summertou Notes.
Editor The Manning Times:
The writer has intended to make an
explanation in both the two last issues
of your "weekly," but has neglected
same, and takes this opportunity to fur
nish the Manning people with this in
The Summerton Dramatic C'lub did not
wilfully disappoint the people of Man
ning a'nd community on the 20th ult.,
by not playing "Heroic Dutchman of
'65" at that place: but they were very
anxious to do so, and fully intended do
ing the same even within four days of
the time suggested. However, they
could not play in the street: and, as
they could not get the use of the school
building and -were informed that no
other suitable building could probably
be secured, they had to give up the
idea of going, of course.
Prof. H. A. C. Walker. with his
bride, returned to our midst on last Fr'i
day evening.
Miss Julia Anderson has returned to
her home-and, my: a next door neigh
bor is delighted--after a visit to friends
and relatives at Statesburg.
Rev. Thomas Leitch of Charleston is
preaching for- us every day and night
at St. Paul's church. He will close the
meeting at that church Tuesday night
and begin one at St. Andrews' chapel
on Welnesday night. Truly this is a
great opportunity for men to hear the
ord of God preached in the truest and
most solemn manner, and all should
avail themselves. S. 0. CANTEY.
Summerton, S. C.. Feb. 12. 1900.
lie Fooled the Surgeons.
All doctors told Rtenick Hamuiion of
W,est Jefferson, O., atter suffering eighteen
months fromn rectal tistula, he would die
une-s a costly operation was perf'ortad;
but he cured himself' with five boxes of
Bken's Arnica Salve, the surest pile cure
on earth, and the best salve in the world.
25 cents a box. Sold by Ri. B. Loryea,
Jury List.
Court convenes on Monday.: dth. with Judge
D. A. Townsend presiding. The followimg arc
the jurors:
T. H. Harvin. Silver: L.?P. Hardy. New Zion:
Jim Walker. Summerton: S. WV.'Nelson. Jr..
Davis Station: Hezekiah Ross. St. Paul. A. P.
Hill. Packsville: L. J. Tomlinson, Workman: J.
M. Richardson. Sr.. Panola: J. H. Boswell. For
eston: W. T. Francis. Manning: S. F. Geddings.
Packsvile; 1B. C. White. Foreston.
S. M. Reardon, Frank Mc~night. J. A. Bar
tield. H. J. Haley. H. B. Berry and J. H. T. Coul
B. J. Cutter. Foreston: J. E. Morris. For
ton: C. M. Cook. Seloc: T. R. Brailsford. Pan
'la: W. J. Buddin. Sr.. Seloc: Jeff D. Holladay
Wilson: WV. M. Mc-Knight. Workman: E. C
Horton. Manning: Adger Barrineau. Seloc: R
M. Thirpen. Seloc: S. Rt. Cole. Summertoni: .
A. Rihbourg. St. Paul: J. Mel). McFaddin
Manning: T. C. Martin. St. Paul: R. P. Morr.
New Zion: J. J. Bargeld. Aicolu: W. W. John
son. Marnning: L7V. Plowden. Wilson: J. D.
Hoyle. Packsville: E. B. Andrews. Manning
E. C. Coskrey. Wilson: J. WV. Hilton. Davis Sta
tion: John W. Clark. Jordaa: T. L. Bagal.
Foreston: P. M. Windham. Manning: J. W
Heriot. Manning: H. M. McIntosh. Workmn:
J. H. Childers. Jordan: R. J. Carrigan. St. Paul:
V. B. Dickson. Manning: E. S. Jenkinson.
Panola: R. E. Evans. Foreston: L. H. G ibson.
Manning: G. M. Bradham. Manning: R. I..
B ladi.--: M. S. C.antey. Summierton.
3ar de Ihe Kind You Have Always Botght
Attention, Manning Guards!
You are hereby ordered to report. at
your armory Saturday. February 24. at
3 o'clock p. M.. with grey and blue uni
forms, caps, helmets and guns in your
By order W. M. LEWIS. Capt.
F. P. ERVIN. 1st Sergt.
W. S. Philpot. Albany. Ga.. says. -DeWitt's
Little Early Riscrs did me more good than any
pills I ever took." The famous little pills for
constipation. biliousness and liver and bowel
troubles. D. 0. Rhame. Summerton: Dr. W. M.
Brockinton. Mannin;g.
Teachiers' Examination.
The regular examiniaton for teachers'
certificatesz will be held in Manning on
Frida, 23rld of Ftbnary. Examinations
begin ir m.:iy at 9 o clock.
County supt. Education
Rheumucide is not recommended for the cure
of every ill: it does not eure everything. But it
is a certain cure for rheumatism. and is a line
blood puritier and laxative: try it. The R. B.
Loryea Drug Store.
A weak-minded man is usually the
most headstrong.
CP A S3 T O3 t .X A.
Bur the The Kind You Have Aways BoUght
signatm /1
A good-humored lawyer often makes
a cross-examination.
DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve is unequalled for
piles. injuries and skin diseases. It is the origi
nal Witch Hazel Salve. Beware of all counter
eits. ;D. 0. Rhame. Summerton: Dr. W. M.
Brockinton. Manning.
There are two kinds of grocers -
green grocers and cash grocers.
Mrs. J. K. Miller. Newton Hamilton. Pa..
writes. -I think DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve
the grandest salve made." It cures piles and
heals everything. All fraudulent imitations are
,worthless. D. 0. Rhame. Summerton: Dr. W.
M. Brockinton. Manning.
The narrow-minded man sometimesl
makes the broadest assertions.
Geo. Barbe. Mendota. Va.. says. "-Nothing did
me so much good as Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. One
dose relieved me. a few bottles cured me. It
digests what you eat and always cures dyspep
ia. D. 0. Rhame. Summerton: Dr. W. M.
Brockinton. Manning.
All a man has to do in order to be
come famous is to do the public.
John Dirr. Poseyville. Ind.. says. -I never
used anything as good as One Minute Cough'
Cure. We are never without it. --Quickly
breaks up coughs and colds. Cures all throat
and lung troubles. Its use will prevent con
sumption. Pleasant to take. D. 0. Rhame.
Summerton: Dr. W. M. Brockinton. Manning.
A woman laughs in her sleeve when
a man begins talking through his hat.
"I had dyspepsia for years. No medicine was
so effective as Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. It gave
immediate relief. Two bottles produced mar
velous results." writes L. H. Warren. Albany.
Wis. It digests what you eat and cannot fail to
cure. D. 0. Rhame. Summerton: Dr. W. M.
Brockinton. Manning.
What the average farmer needs is a
tonic that will eradicate the gold brick
mania from his.system.
The greatest danger from colds and la grippe
is their resulting in pneumonia. If reasonable
care is used. however. and Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy taken. all danger will be avoided. It
will cure a cold or an attack of la grippe in less
time than any other treatment. It is pleasant
and safe to take. For sale by the R. B. Loryea
rug Store.
The two most awkward things in this
world are a woman holding a gun and a
achelor holding a baby.
Keep Quiet
and use Chamberlain's Colic. Cholera and Diar
hoa Remedy for all pains of the stomach and
all unnatural looseness of the bowels. It always
ures. For sale by the R. B. Loryea Drug Store.
saac M. Loryea. Propr. - -ijanlay
The honest grocer buys and sells by
he same scales. There are no two
weights about him.
Bears the T#he Kind You Have Always Bought
GENTS wanted for the best typewriter on'
Athe market. the -"Pittsburg Visible:" writ
ing in sight at all times: exclusive territory
iven. Address Bindley Hardware Company;.
Pittsburg, Pa.
W ANTED-Honest man or woman to travel
for large house: salary $65 monthly and
xpenses, with increase: position permanent:
nlose self-addressed stamped envelope. MAN
GER. 330 Caxton bldg. Chicago. {ap800
Notice in Bankruiptcy.
In heMaterLINA.
[n te Materof E. Conyers Hor-ton,
Bankrupt.--In Bankruptcy.
'o the creditors of E. Conyers Horton
of Mlanning. in the C'ounty of Claren
don and District aforesaid. a Bank
Notice is hereby given that on the
2th day of August. A. D. 1899. the said'
E. Conyers Horton was duly adjudicated
bankrupt. and filed his schedule of cred-'
itors on the eighth day of Februnary, A.
D. 1900: and that the first meeting of
his creditors will be held at the United
States Court House in Charleston, S.
C., on the nineteenth day of February.
A. D. 1900. at twelve o'clock noon. at
which time the said creditors may at
tend. prove their claims, appoint a trus
tee, examine the bankrupt and transact
such othet business as may properly
come before said meeting.
Referee in Bankruptcy.
8th February. 1900. [it
Repair Shop
Is thloroughly prepared to do every
thing in the Wheelwright and Black
smith line; also Engine and Boiler
All Work Guaranteed
And done promptiy at live and let;
live prices.
Horse Shoeing receives special at
tention and wvork of all kinds is solic-!
Office lately occupied by the late B.
Pressley harr on, Esq.
C AN O IL eures
Cuta, Burns Bruises, Rhen
iamtandSores. Price, 25 cents.
'-old hv the R.1 B. orvea. Dr ug Stor.
Soul of Wit."
W i is ewisdom. Blood is life. Impure
bl1ood is l?::ing death. Healih depcnds
on good blood. Disease is due to L;d
blood. The blood c4;n " -: p::
Legions say Hood's Sarsspari'a, -::
ica's Greatest Blood Medicire, p::rid:= it.
A brief story but it tells te ta!c.
I am prepared to negotiate loans
on good real estate security, on rea
sonable terms.
R. 0. PURDY,
Sumter, S. C.
"To Have an. Open Ear,
a Quick Eye,
a Nimble Hand,"
Are qualities that the Pharmacist must po,-ess
in compounding
This is our specialty. When we fill your Pre
scriptions your physician knows he obtains just
what his Prescription calls for without the
slightest substitution.
We use Drugs of standard quality in filling
Prescriptions. If you have a difficult Prescrip
tion or one demandidg extreme care. bring it to
us. For
- Qilelf Of GenCll! :
Our Prescription Department has enjoyed the
onfidence of the public. and this reputation will
always be maintained under its present manage
We pay particular attention to the filling of
out-of-town Prescriptions. and our correspond
ents can rest assured that their w nts will be
attended to promptly and correctly.
We need not dwell on these facts to our Man
ing friends. as they are well aware that
Promptness and Correctness are synonymous
with the name of
T 9H D Y E
Sign of Golden
the Mortar.
Where DOo
'1 Stand?
YOU are in your shoes two-thirds of
yvour life,'and if you are comforta
'bly fitted you are happy. but very
miserable if your feet are pinched.
The make and finish have everything
o do with the fit of a shoe.
Now if you want a first class make
nd finish, perfect fit and up-to-date in
style, come and see our
Bion F. Reynolds
n Black. Patent Leather and Tan, in
all shades.
Gve us a call and you will be suited
in fit, price and durability.
In fact, our entire line of
Gent's, Ladies', Misses' and
Children's Shoes
Are up-to-date in every particular.
Price and quality guaranteed.
I have moved into my father; Moses
Levi's store, which is well known to
everybody and I hope to keep up the
reputatio'n that he established for fair
Dont forget I carry a full line of Mer
SIt is. an easy matter to claim that a
remedv has -donderful curative power.
The manufacturers of
leae it to those who have been perma
nently and positively cured of RHEU-?
MATISM to make clims. Among those
~who have recently written us voluntary
Reters.~ 1 sai they have been cured are:
Re.J.L Foster. Raleigh. N. C.: Mr. J.
SE. Robinson. editor. Goldsboro. N. C..
Daily Argus: Mr. A. Daus. a prominent
merchant. Macon. Ga.. and Mr. W. R.
Duke. a railroad man. Kansas City. Mo.
Rho'umaceido Will Cure You.
4 Manufactured by the0
B ioarr'r UnG Co.. Raleigh. N. C.
Sold in Manning by the R. B. Loryea
0 Drug Store.
Jeweler & Watch Repairer,
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Silver
ware and All Hinds of Fancy
Articles of all kinds, suitable for Wedding and Holiday Presents.
Such goods have never been sold here before. Call and see them.
I deal also in
I1001101 FoRU lllllied Chill 0 GIOSSwOR.
All Novelties in Silver bought of me will be engraved free of cost.
Manning Times Block,. three doors south of Postoffice.
The Old Reliable House of
Is showing the biggest and cheapest line of
Ladies' Corsets
Ever put on sale in all the history of Manning These
Corsets .were bought from a la-ge and leading manu
ufacturing establishmet. and they will be sold accord
ingly for one month. So that means a big saving to,
every customer that makes a purchase.
The great
"P. C. C." Line
Is displayed in our window.
All 25c. Corsets we are offering at........... 22c.
30c. and 35c. kind for....................... 2 5c.
50c. and 75c. styles at........................ 4 0 c.
$1 and $1.25 sellers for...................... 75c.
The very best Corset for $1 that some would ask
And along with the above complete line we always
carry in stock the Famous
I"R. & G." Corsets
At 75c. and $1.
During this Corset sale we will get in order to
show you the most complete line of Spring Goods ever
found'in our place.
The Old ReliableI
N. B.--A Double-Seat Extension Top Surry forI
At Cot
Having decided to discontinue the retail Grocery busi
ness. we offer our stock of Shelf Goods (broken eases) at cost.
We are anxiouS to go inlto the
Wholesale Grocery
Business Exclusively
At once, and offer this inducemnent to close our shelf goods
Ot. They are all of the latest packed and good, clean goods.
A splendid dhance for parties just opening up a store, or
merchants to replenish their stoek. Now is the tirne to get
a bargain in good. saleable goods.
.It will pay housekeepers to fill their pantries at our low
Terms NET CASH at this sale.
Wmn. E. H olmes & Co.,
209 East Bay,
Paints, Oils, Glass, Varnish and Brushes, Lanterns.
Tar Paper and Building Paper.
Headquarters for the Celebrated Palmetto Branud of Cylinder, Planing
E.,gi ne il and Greases.
We anticipated the rush, however, and prepared ourselves
to fill orders for the spring trade on a much larger scale than ever before.
Farm ers, We ask you to read the following prices and
F we are suire to get your orders for Hardware.
We quote you:
Trace Chains at %30c, 40c and 65c per pair.
Orangeburg Sweeps, 10 inch at 25c, 12 inch at 30c, 16 and 18 inch at 35c,
20 inch at 40c. 22 inch at 60c. These prices cannot be duplicated when
present stock is sold out.
Plow Lines, per pair, at 10c, 15e and 20c.
Hames at 25c, 35c, 40c, 50c, 60c, 6.5c, 75e and s1.20 per pair. 0
Collars at 50c to $1 for Canvas and $1, S1.45 and S1.50 for Leather.
Singletrees at 15e and and 25c.
Back Bands, complete, 15e, 20c, 30e and 35c. Corn Shellers, $1.50.
Dixie Boy Plows, $1.15, $1.35, $1.50 and $1.75.
Georgia Rachet Stocks, 75e and 95c. Heel Bolts, 5c each.
We have in stock Cotton Planters and Guano Distributors, Harrows
and Cultivators.
We now have an excellent stock of Paints and Oils, on which we can
name you very low figures. For
H1ousekeerters We have a nice assortment of
beautiful Stains for renewing
old furniture at 15e per can. Our Carriage Paints are the best that money
can buy and will make old buggies look like new ones and for all purposes
just as good.
We are now taking orders for Tobacco Barn Flues.
Very truly yours,
MI1aiig Hardware Compaly.
Look to Your Interest.
Here we are, still in the lead, and why suffer with your eyes when you
can be suited with a pair-of Spectacles with so little troubl"' We carry the
Celebrated HAWKES Spectacles and Glasses,
Which we are offering very cheap, from 25c to $2.50 and Gold Frames at $3
to $6. Call and be suited.
Hardware, - Cutlery - and - Crockery,
In order to accommodate my growing business, I have
moved my quarters into the spacious store lately occupied by
the Ducker-Bultman Company ,and I am prepared to fill all
orders. Call or write for what you want. My stock is com
plete, in fact larger than ever before, having added to my im
mnense stock of
Hardware, Stoves, Housefurnishing Goods,
Harness, Saddles, Leather, etc.,
Gs.s A Large Line of Crockery.
I lohandle in large quanties Paints, Oils and Window
My store is headquarters for Guns, Pistols, Powder, -
Shot, Shell and all kinds of Sporting Goods.
Engine and Mill Suipplies.
All of our Stoves warranted.
EVE hARDOP ~ Special Offer Price $15.50
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