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M\NNING, S. C., MARCH 14. 1900.
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One square. one time. $1: each subsequent in
eOn square- ne i tries and Tributes of
seon.p,0 chargt-l for as regular advertisements.
LizwrI ech trak-- mad.e for three. six and twelve
Communications must be accompanied by the
real name and address of the writer in order to
receive attention.
No communication of a personal charaet' c
will be published except as an advertisement.
Entered at the Postotce a* Manning as See
ond Class matter.
Copies of this paper may be found on !i( at
Washington in the oice of our special corr -
pondent. E. G. Siguers. 91S F stret
Washington. D. C.
If free trade to Porto) [eio eXist5 as
a iattetr of righjit4it must similarly exist
in the Philippines. But Spain is, under
the Paris treaty. entitled to trade with
those Islands on the same terms as the
United States. That is to say, she will
be entitled to free trade with the United
States by way of Manila for ten years.
The State Press Association is now
on its way to Cuba. We regret that
business engagemeits prevented THE
TimEs editor from being a member of
this party, and although our presence
is not with them, our heart is. and we
hope they will have a safe and a joyous
outing. It makes us feel real blue in
being disappointed about this trip.
The war which is now engaging Eng
land is about the- first real land war
which her soldiers have fought for
centuries. Heretofore she has hired
her fighting done and then took the
glory. Waterloo was won by the Ger
mans: Blenheim by the Italians, and
what few victories perched on Eng
land's banners ir. America were due to
the hired Hessians. and Wellington
and Marlborough took the glory. Now
England has to do her own fighting.and
if the reports are true she will win the
war. but no glory.
President Kruger. of the South Afri
can Republic and President Steyn, of
'the sister Republic. have jointly m-de
England an offer of peace, but England
has refused, claiming that the two Re
publics have abused their independence
to England's detriment. This simply
means that England has found out that
she can over power the South Afri
kanders and take their country. and
that she proposes to do so. We hope
that Russia and France will step in
now, and give England to understand
that her unholy war must cease.
We see from some of the up-country
newspapers that Senator W. N. Gray
don. of Abbeville. may become a candi
date for Solicitor of his circuit. and we
hope the report will not prove correct.
because he would be greatly missed
from the State Senate. Graydon is one
of the best law-makers in the State,
and although he is Abbeville's repre
sentative, should he go into another
field it would be a loss to the State. If,
however, he has decided to make the
race for Solicitor, we would advise the
p~eople of that circuit not to cast their
votes for Senator Graydon unless they
are seeking a man who will do his
full duty fearlessly and without favor
He knows the law and has the moral
courage to push and advocate the law.
He is a man of a high sense of honor
which qualifies him for so important
a trust. and if elected Solicitor he will
be such a prosecuting office that evil
doers will tremble at the mention of
his name.
It is intimated that the Prohibition
isits will have an early convention, and
take action to forestall the convention
to be held by the regular Democratic
organizaticn. We do not propose to
advise our Prohibition friends, but in
attempting to forestall the Democratic
party, they had hetter study the con
stitution and rules thoroughly. If our
memory serves us right, we have a rec
ollection of that factton assembling in
Columbia, perfecting an organization,
electing an executive committee and
making nominations for all of the State
offices. We also recollect that their
action was questioned, and the State
executive committee caused the Pro
hibitionists to pull down their ticket
as that party was separate and distinct.
and their action was in violation of the
rules of the Democratic party. We do
not think it was the intention of the
Prohibitionists to go outside, and they
were to a considerable extent mislead
by one of the Democratic committees.
But with their former experience, and
with the constitution and rules plain if
they do go outside of the party, the re
sponsibility of such a course must rest
with them. Prohibition in our opin
ion. would bring about a fearful con
dition in this State we believe, at the
same time we realize that a very large
number of good men hold contrary
views, and these men and their sincer
ity we respect, therefore, if they are
determined to inject the question again
into our politics, it is best for them to
comply strictly with the rules of the De
mocratic party.
The South C'arolina Exposition of the
industries and resources of the State to
be held in the city of Charleston in the
fall of 1901 is in the hands of a com
petient management.MIr. JTno. H.Averil.
the corresponding secretary, is a man
of tireless energy and if he does not
make the exposition a success, then it
will be the fault of those whose inter
ests are intended to be enhanced and not
his. Among the industries which the
management proposes to press forward
is that of growing and manufacturing
tobacco. and thle people of this section
aren ratinteres ted in the develop
mnofthis produeit. \%e hope our to
baeco growers will get into commnuni
cat ion wvith Mtr. .\veiil and give him
the benefit of their experience. he is
oliciting advice and he wants to get in
close touchl with those who mnake~ the
weed. We have Lrleat confidence in
the final results of this exposition, be
lievingr that it will not only add an im
Cha- .ton. but tat te whole State
from the mountains to the sea will be
benefited. It is our- honest opinion that
the resources of this State when proper
. advert ised will be the means of
bIrlingring into the State a new and a
desirable population. The develop
ment of our resources requires an intel
ligent class of people and by inducing
such a class to come among us we bring
brain, brawn and money. We want to
see every county in south C('artolinia b.
come enthusiastic in the wok of mak
ing this exposition a great sucss- At
lanta had an exposition and thousands
of South Carolinians patronized it. Thev
same may be said of NashVille. Now we
have one of our owI which should com
mend itself to every man and woman in
the State. itemembir, when we pat
ranue tiht, ciharlton exposition the
niley spent remains in the State. and
by a natural order of things we stand a
chance of getting it back.
FRANK J. CHExEY makes oath that he is the
senior partner of the tirm of F. J. CiNEY &
Co.. doing business in the city ot Toledo. couat
and State aforesaid. and that sai 1 tirm will pay
the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOLLAl.S for
each and every case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured by the ise of HAI.is CATARRH CURE.
Sworn to before me and subscribed in my pres
enee. this 6th day of December. A. D. 1886.
EATL Notary Public.
Hull' Catarrh Cure is taken internally and
act, directly on the blood and mucous surfaces
the system. Send for testimonials. free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO.. Toledo. 0.
ohld by druggists. 75e.
liall' 'Famiv lills are the best.
Interesting and Spicy News from the Philip
pines-Coke Davis Heard From.
Editor The Manning Times:
It would take several issues to tell all
that I have seen and experienced since
my enlistment on Sept. 12th 1899. so
will cut it short, and only mention a
few of the most important events.
The 38th left Jefferson Barracks. 'Mo.,
on Oct. 20th, arrived at The Presidio.
Cal. Oct. 27th, remained in camp at the
latter place until 'ov. 20th. when we
boarded the Transport's St Paul and
Duke of Life for 'Manila. P. I.
My experience crossing the Straits
going to Cuba was nothing compared to
the 37 days crossing the broad Pacific
and China Sea. We arrived at Hono
lulu H. I. Thanksgiving day. renained
there until Dec. 5. this is the loveliest
place I ever saw. much prettier than
H1avana. Cuba. the climate about the
same as Cuba, it is a "Heaven" com
pared to our large cities: there is more
religion to the square inch at this place,
than to every acre in the States, you
can not buy a cigar on Sunday. In San
Francisco, the majority of the stores
and Bar Rooms are open all the time.
It is a common thing to see women walk
in the Bar Rooms, and buy a drink
across the bar just the same as the men
Talk about the Pacific being calm,
and free from storms that is all a dream,
although we encountered several heavy
seas we reached Manila Bay on the
evening of Dec. 26th, without any ac
cident or loss of life. The two trans
ports kept in sight most of the time.
for 15 days nothing was seen, but the
blue waves, the sun, moon and stars.
My company was in luck. Headquarters
was on board the St Paul, so of course
we had music to pass away the long
dreary hours spent out at sea. at night
the boys would remain on top deck un
til taps. singing songs, cracking jokes,
thinking of loved ones.sweethearts. etc.,
left behind and talking about how many
Filipino's we expected to kill if the war
was not over when we reached the Is
lands. I think the majority believed
that it would be over-, but to our first
question when we anchored in the Bay
is the fun over-the answer-not by any
meaas; Gen. Lawton was killed a few
days ago. I think all of our feet got
cold that night. the next day came the
order to disembark. By noon we were
all camped in the heart of the City of
Manila trying to make eurselves comn
fortable in our little shelter tents. We
all received a handsome New Year's
gift. took a hike out to the water works
to support the 29th which expected an
attack that day, but no attack was
made, so we were not needed. That nirst
18 mile hike will never be forgotten. Af
ter being on board of the boat and tak
ing no exercise for over a month, it was
enough to make one sleep well, if on
the ground with only a blanket and
poncho. The next day we got orders
to go to M1aricalon. on the South line.
This was only six miles out. We led
the advance South, so every fellow was
in his place when orders came to move.
We ha~d nothing to do at this place bnt
train the men on out post duties. We
remained there until the expedition to
begin the move on the South line was
completed. On January 6th we got
orders to re-enforce the 28th at Innes,
by daylight on the 7th we were on the
hike. When we reached Innes we rest
ed for two hours; all that afternoon we
could hear the roar of the artillery and
the crack of the Kraggs: the officers
would say. "close up men, close up.
close up. About dark we reached the
battle tield where the 28th, had lost
several men, when the wounded were
brought to the rear, and the dead bod
ies of the enemy could be seen on the
roadside, it made one feel like the day-s
of fine soldiering was over, and we
would soon go up against the real stuff.
The next day the 38th took the lead,
Co. "-E" was the advance guard, my
position was not a pleasant one, expect
ing every moment to be fired on, there
was not much time for meditating. The
enemy had " vamoosed,"- we took two
small'towns that day without any re
sistance. Outpost duty was now inter
esting, every now and then a shot would
be heard and the sing of the Mlauser
became real. General Bates came in
with his calvary, the next day we hiked
out and marched all day and until 12
oclock in the night, by day light we
were on the road again, after marching
all day through rice fields over moun
tains, 'we caught up with the ,enemy
about 4 o'clock in the afternoon near- a
little town by the name of Talise. It
was my Co's luck to be the advance
guard that aft. We were marching
slowly down the mountain trail when
without any warning a volley was pout
ed into us. Captain Sawyer did not
command " lie down every man," ex
cept the reserves which I commanded,
and was 600 yards in the rear of the
support, was fiat on the ground, in a
few mnomemts two more volley's were
poured into the point and support. The
enemy was located, and a line formed
while the bullets were singing a regu
lar song, five volley's were poured into
them, and in the brush Co. "-E" rushed
firing at will. The niggers can't stand
when the Americans charge and begin
to yell, so in a few minutes they left
their- trenches, and hiked out. such
running you never saw, then the boys
felt good and the Kraggs began to talk.
One fellow made me bow pr-etty low to
hin, we call it ducking or dodging: I
got a good shot at him, and the last I
saw he went into the bushes head first.
One of the boys said Sgt. you got him
before I cotild get a shot: don't think I
killed him. but I'll bet h'e will know
what a Kragg sounds like, should he
hear one again. The town was taken
without any loss on our side; Here the.
artillery got separated from us. The
next morning~ we went on. and took
another town without any resistance.
and waited until the artillery and sup
plies could go around the mountain. in
tw days the artillery came up and
reported a wagon train captured.
which proved untrue four days
later. WVe were a hungry set of
men. as no looting or stealing was
allowed, oranges and bananas rice and
chickens were olentiful: so when break
'fast came next morning, officers and
Cures those eruptions, b
Spring; cures scrofulous d
eczema with its dreadful i
generally weak conditior
'that tired feeling," whi
vitality and the elements
were asked. They knew there was no
one in town to self them. and the mel
couldn't starve and hike I5 miles the
next day.
From here we left for Lipa where we
expected a strong resistance, it being
the next largest city to Manila on the
Island. About 5 miles fron Lipa the
fun started, and I must say it was the
real stuff. at one time 11 Co's of the
38th. a batterv of artillery and the 39th
Infantry all were engaged for about 2A
hours.The second ibattalion was the re
serves on this occasion. and all were
sent to the front except Co. "E.' l'll
tell you 1 prefer the liring- line every
time. the niggers shoot high and those
in the rear are kept busy ducking.,
bowing and dodging. It is not pleasant
to have the dirt thrown in your face by
Mauser bulletts, and hear thatipeculiar
sound when they ricocchet. The men
killed and wounded on this occasion
were hit before deploying farther back
than my company. We thought this
was only the out post, but after getting
to Lipa the Spanish prisoners said that
Agpinaldo had sent out the troops un
mounted to cheek the advance until he
could get out of Lipa with his men etc.
he got out two hours before we arrived
so they said: here we released about 100
Spaniards who had been in prison for
22 months also captured ,20.000 in coin.
Here Colonel Anderson got orders to
remain until supplies and the calvery
could catch up. The 38th. are called
the Hikers. General Schwan tried to
catch us for two days with his calvary.
but gave it up and it is said he remark
ed "H-1 couldn't stop the d- fools."
Up to this time no rations had been
seen. so in two days there wasn't a
chicken left to erow for day in Lipa.
Our bill of fare at our non-coimission
one day viz: mutton. chicken. boiled
and fried eggs, rice. sugar and coffee.
Since this the $mth Regiment took
four towns, at this place the Ist batal
lion captured a company of Filipino's
commanded by a Spaniard.
Yesterday 3 Cos of .the 1st batallion en
countered 400 of the enemy about four
miles from here. a pretty hard scrap
they were in. on our side one ma n kill
ed and five wounded. They have just
returned so the boys are now telling
about their experiences. The gun boat
shelled them and they say the niggers
were slaughtered in a frightful way.
Botangas is on the coast. from here the
sick and wounded are sent to Manila:
we get our supplies here also. We are
the first American troops that have ever
been in this part of the island. The
38th has been ordered to garrison Bo
tongas. Lipa and Osario. These are the
most important towns on the south line,
so I can say with good authority that
our fighting and hiking in these parts
is about over. In fact I believe the war
'is practically at an end. Of course
there will still be some fighting, but
nothing compared to what we have
The people- or papers in the States
ive General Otis hail Columbia. Could
hey even imagine what it is to handle
an army so far away from the States and
solve this momentous problem over
here they would not jump at conclusions
so quick. Everybody here seem to be
pleased with his management and I am
sure it is only those who have been dis
appointed in'some way that are making
the biggest kick. He was right in saiy
ing 25.000 men could straighten things
over here, but it would take time. One
company can whip L.200 of the enemy.
Now every town taken can be garri
soned. so ere long the backbone will be
broken and things will settle down and
wait for Congress to do the rest.
I tvon't take any more space this time.
Will let you hear again some time soon.
Yours truly.
A. C'. DAVIs.
Batangas, P. 1., .T an. 20. 1900.
An Honest Medicine for ILaGrippe.
George W. Waitt of South Gardiner. Me.,
says: "I have had the worst cough, cold. chills
and grip and have taken lots of trash of no ac
count but profit to the vendor. Chambcrlain's
Cough Remedy is the only thing that has done
any good whatever. I have used one bottle of
it and the chilis. cold and grip have all left me.
I congratulate the manufacturers of an honest
medicine." For sale by the R. B3. Loryea drug
store. Isaac M. Loryea. Prop.
Stages of Water.
Camden. March 9. 8 a. m.-Height of Wateree
river. 16.5 feet. being a rise of 6.2 feet during past
24 hours.
March 1-1. 8 a. m.-Height of Wateree river.
10.8 feet. being a fall of 4.2 feet during past 24
Columbia. March 10, 8 a. m.--ight of Conga
ree river. 5.4 feet. being a rise of 4-10 of a foot
during past 24 hours.
March 12. 8 a. m.--Height of Congaree river.
2.3 feet. being a fall of 1.3 feet (luring past 24
St. Stephen's. March 9. 8 a. m.--Height of
Santec river. 9'.l feet. being a rise of 2-lu of a
foot during past 24 hours.
March 12. 8 a. m.---Height of Santee river. 10.3
feet. being a fall of 2-10 of a foot during past 24
A Remarkable Case.
Antioe. Miss.. July 1. 15'.
I want to thank you for the great beei I
have received from your wondelf ul remedy.
Benedicta. I was induced to try a bottle, and it
benefited me so much I used another aoni I am
now entirely well. There is certainly no medi
cine like it and I can recommend it to all women.
Sold by the R. B. Loryea D~rug Store.
The railroad engineer mnay not be a
society leader, but wealth and fashion
frequently follow in his train.*
Win. Orr. Newark. 0.. says. "We never feel
safe without One Minute Cough Cure in the
house. It saved my little boy's life when he had
the pneumonia. We think it is the best medi
cine made." It cures coughs and all lung dis
eases. Pleasant to take, harmless and gives im
mediate results. D. 0. Rhame. Summerton:
Dr. W. M1. Brockinton, Manning.
Only the man who has delirium tre
mens'may be said to enjoy life to the
fullest extent.
"The Noblest Mind
The best contentment his." Yet. however noble
in mind, no man or women can have perfect con
tentment without physical health. The blood
must be kept pure and the stomach and diges
tive organs in good order. The best means for
this purpose is Hood's Sarsaparilla. It prompt
ly cures all blood humors and eruptions and
tones up the system.
The favorite cathartic is Aood-s Pills. 25e.
When a man nearly br-eaks his neck
getting out of the way of a lightning
bug. supposing it to be the headlight
of a locomotive, it is time for him to
sign the pledge and move to Pinewuod.
TE GREAT F-amilv Medicine of the Age:
For sore throat. gargle tbe throat with a mix
ture of PAIN-hlILLERt and water. alnd the relief
is immedate. and cure positive. It should not
be forgotten that the Pain-Killer is equally as
good to take internally as to use externally.
Avoid substitutes, there is but one Pain-Killer.
P-rrv Davis'. Price 2c. and 50c.
If the suln had nothing else to do but
shine on the righteous. it wouldn't hav-e
to rise 50 ear-ly in the mor-ning.
TATD-Honest nman or woman to travel
for large house: salary $65 monthly and
expniss. with increase: piosit ion lrrmnanent:
ine-o e self-addressed stamped en velope. M AN
AG ER. 330 Caxton bldg. C'hicatto. I01a00(M
After- a woman marries a man she
begins to find him out- almost ( eer
gestion. Regulates the Liver. Price,25 cts.
)ils and pimples which are so likely to appear in the
seases in their most tenacious forms; cures salt rheum or
tching and burning; cures all stomach troubles due to
and impure blood; cures debility, sick headache and
ch just as surely indicate that the blood is lacking in
)f health. Hood's Sarsaparilla
Johnston's Sarsaparilla
A Grand Old Lady Gives Her Experience.
Mrs. Thankful Orilla Hurd lives in the beautiful village of Brighton,
Livingston Co., Mich. This venerable and highly respected lady was born in
the year 1812, the year of the great war, In Hebron, Washington Co., New
York. She came to Michigan in IS40, the year of "Tippecanoe and Tyler
too." All her faculties are excellently preserved, and possessing a very re
tentive memory, her mind is full of interesting reminiscences of her early
life, of the early days of the State of Michigan and the interesting and re
markable people she has met, and the stirring events of which she was a wit
ness. But nothing in her varied and manifold recollections are more mar
velous and worthy of attention than are her experiences in the use otf
JOHNSTON'S SARSAPARILLA. Mrs. Hurd inherited a tendency and pre
disposition to scrofula, that terribly destructive blood taint which has cursed
and is cursing the lives of thousands and marking thousands more as vic
tims of the death angel. Transmitted from generation to generation, It Is
found in neary every family in one form or another. It may make its ap
pearance in dreadful running sores, in unsightly swellings In the neck or
goltre, or in eruptions of varied forms. Attacking the mucous membrane, It
may be known as catarrh in the head, or developing in the lungs it may be,
and often is, the prime cause or consumption.
Speaking of her case, Mrs. Hurd says: "I was troubled for many years
with a bad skin disease. My arms and limbs would break out In a mass of
sores, discharging yellow matter. My neck began to swell and became very
unsightly In appearance. My body was covered with scrofulous eruptions..
My eyes were alzo greatly inflamed and weakened, and they pained me very
much. My blood wvr li a very bad condition and my head ached severely
at frequent intervals, and I had no appetite. I had sores also in my ears. I
was in a miserable condition. I had tried every remedy that had been recom
mended, and doctor after doctor had failed. One of the best physicians In
the state told me I must die of scrofulous consumption, as internal abcesses
were beginning to form. I at length was told of Dr. Johnston, of Detroit, and
his famous Sarsaparilla. I tried a bottle, more as an experiment than any
thing else. as I had no faith in it, and greatly to my agreeable surprise, I
began to grow better. You can be sure I kept on taking It. I took a great
many bottles. But I steadily improved until I became entirely well. All the
sores healed up. all the bad symptoms disappeared. I gained perfect health.
and I have never been troubled with scrofula since. Of course an old lady
of 83 years is not a young woman, but I have had remarkably good health
since then, and I firmly believe that JOHNSTON'S SARSAPARILLA is the
greatest blood purifier and the best medicine in the wide world, both for
scrofula and as a spring medicine." This remarkably interesting old lady did
not lok to be more than sixty, and she repeated several times, "I believe my
life was saved by JOHNSTON'S SARSAPARILLA."
Dr. W. M.L Brockinton, Manning, S. C.
One of the First Symptoms of
Failing Health in a Woman is
Did you ever think that there is always a
cause for this malady? In women Nervous.
ness is generally the forerunner of some
'IN. form of female disease, such as Whites,
Painful, Profuse or Irregular Menses, etc.,
either of which will produce Nervousness
in all of its distressing intensity. Ifyou use
Gerstle's Female Panacea
jf ~tyou will very soon be cured of Nervous
- ness and all other female troubles as well.
If costive, move the bowels with mild
doses of St. Joseph's Liver Regulator.
With painful menses, attended with sour stomach, rushing of blood to the head,
and occasioal whites. I also have severe nervous spell1s and heart palpitation s
bad I cannot rest. I have used various female remedies for a long time but found
noelief n til about two mnths ag when Icome nnced using your Grste'
moe god than all others. I shall continue their u(se. SRHJNIS
If your case is complicated, write us and we will gve you fall in
formation regarding the use of this medicine. Get it fom your drug
gist. If he does not keep it send us $1 and we will send a bottle,
all charges paid. L. GERSTLE & CO.. Chattanooga, Tenn.
1 'efor~e marriage a womn is1 pens.ive:
c CoustyTo Clarendon
Bas thhle Kind You Have Aiways Bought
A mian's love has been known to lastagis
until his wife's wedding clothes wereMAPRihurSseVCbtt
wornl out. SrhJRdeaEiaARde
Mrs. Calvin Zimmerman. Milesburg. Pa.. says. WileVCobtLERgwa
"As a speedy cure for coughs. colds. eroup~ andetrACret eedns
sore throat One Minute Couch 'Cure is unequal-'
ed. It is pleasant for children to take. I hear
tily recommend it to mothers." It is the only Jdmn o oelsr n ae
harmless remedy that produces immediate re
sults. It eures bronchitis. pneumonia. grippe UDRADB ITEO
and throat and lune diseases. It will prevent
consumption. D. 0. Rhame. Summerton: Dr. Jdmn re fteCuto on
w. M. Birockinton. Manninc.moPlaithao'estdac
to'rchv3rde1d0ryIwwmll weel at pub
. ingesntirdaystehenfoelooingadehcribe
Dreadfl &seaes sreals cstertan
consumption preceltor tractaofeland
SWaenfoesadcotanin oeuin
.beencwondeyful.dstknownood foodman
menstrualndroustes; landssofsMatiall
your druggisteforotheayamouspaineso
Cardui.).rJoo aRbottle
FoTavie icaeres special
direetisdress the"Laies Ad-ne
v ir cearmet,"The Cha tta-e" N N I .
noogadfuldicieae sC. Catanerad,
cnsumpton a dfe craed at
tengahed afs d purmoe th eteP R
syteandeo L rng hese."e afl
Ladouverys itfags Its ecsveg
bee wn derveyin. Ite. is Claedfor l
recadommendeg a Cutis tm. s
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Call litAolftcatopardressoattract rf lanC
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Do you know we are mak
ing a special run on the fol
lowing brands of Flour :
If you need any give us a
Wholesale Grocers,
Car load of Corn and Feed Oats just received.
. Interesting Facts
Regarding Tinware
Always attract attention from the careful housekeeper,
especially those who have boug-ht Tinware and after a short-time found holes
eaten by rust in it. They know that but for that one fault tin makes the best
ware for the culinary department of the home. It is strong, light, easily kept
clean and more durable than any cheap metal excepting aluminum, which is as
yet too expensive, that they can buy.
Our Anti=Rust Tinware
Has a positive guarantee on each piece from the manufacturer that it will
not rust, and we are instructed by them to replace any returned to us rusted
with new pieces.
We have Anti-Rust Tin in Scalders at 75c: 2-pint Tea Pots, 55c: 4-pint Tea
or Coffee Pots at (i~e: 6-pint Pot. 75c: Pudding Pans at 20, 25, 30, 3.5 and 40c;
Milk Pans. 20, 2.5 and 30c: Bread Raiser, $1.25: Stove Boiler, $2.2.5 Toilet Sets,
TObacco GOM/ers -
Will do well to call and see our new device for applying Paris Green. W
give a free demonstration of how to use it, and the best judges tell us it is ahead
of anything offered yet. as it will save more than half of the usual quantity of
Paris Green required heretofore. and does the work more effectual.
We are taking orders now foe Flues and can deliver same at any time.
Notwithstanding the heavy demands on us for Farm Tools, our stock is in,
excellent shape and we still have many bargains in
Plows, Hoes, Bridles, Collars, lames and Traces.
Don't throw your old Bicycle away: come and get repairs for it.
Our stock of Paints and Oils will interest you if you want any, in quality and
price. Very truly,
Manning Hlardware Co.
iD Jeweler & Watch Repairer,
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Silver
ware and All Kinds of Fancy
Articles of all kinds, suitable for Wedding and Holiday Presents.
Suc~h goods have never been sold here before. Call and see them.
I deal also in
All Novelties in Silver bought of me will be engraved free of cost.
Manning Times Block, three doors south of Postoffice.
Look to Your Interest.
Here we are, still in the lead, and why suffer with your eyes when you
can be suited with a, pair of Spectacles with so little trouble? We carry the
Celebrated HAWKES Spectacles and 6lasses,
Which we are offering very cheap, from 25c to $2.50 and Gold Frames at $3
to $6. Call and be suited.
W~t$OAX* GROC3as
159 East Bay - - Charleston, S. C.
a aV We1 3& m1a ave You Write Us for ?iices. 's*
T~ETAKE PLEASURE in announcing to
the public that we. Robert L. Bell and Jo
se'ph S. Bell. have formed a copartnership and
w are now doig husiucss unr the lirm name
of Bell & Bell.
Our shop is furnished with all the latest im
provements in machinery nd steam power. and
we are now in pos.ition to do the best
Wheelwright and
Blacksmith Work
at the luwest cost in the county.
Give us a trial and be convinced. We are also
the leaders in the county in the Horseshocing
business. We guarantee satisfaetion to all
parties bringing us work.
Inginei aad Boilos 1airid iDnlath.
Gins worked over and Brushes Filled and
made as good as new.
Plumbing made a specialty by Joseph S. Bell.
whb guarantees as good work as can be done in
the State. In fact we do any and all kinds of
work in the mechanic line. and respectfully so
licit contracts from all parties desiring work
Yours faithfully.
The Name on a Can
Or a package is not nearly so
importa.nt as the name and standing
of the dealer it is bought of. The
canner or packer may be hundreds
of miles away. The dealer is close at
home. You can go to him any day
and demand attention to any short
comings of the goods. Every item
we sell is guaranteed by the maker,
and to this we add our own guaran
tee-that makes you doubly safe if
you buy here.
We want to say to the good people
of Manning that we are large receiv
ers of everything known to the Gro
cerv trade.
IN RICE We have a larger stock
than many wholesale dealers and
can furnish all grades, from 2 cents
a pound upwards, in any quantity.
Samples mailed free on application.
HOLIDAY GOODS are now in de
mand and we have a full supply of
everything that is. necessary for the
full enjoyment of this season.
Ou'r stock comprises
and hundreds of other items.
We are offering, for CASH ONLY,
Standard Fine Granulated5C L
Sugar at only ............ LB.
Orders filled for any quantity from
1 pound to a dozen barrels if you
want them.
We issue a monthly PRICE LIST
which will be gladly mailed you. It
contains much information in a small
space and is a valuable guide in or
dering your supplies.
Universal Providers,
185 & 187 Meeting & 117 Market Sts,
Is where you get the right
sort of Clothes without dan
ger of mistake. Our Clothes
are of the right sort, and you
will appreciate their excel
lence and smallness of cost.
We Make Clothes to Order
for those who prefer them.
Lasting Materials, proper fit
and make and moderate pri
ces. Ydur orders will have
'our best attention.
S. W. Cor. King and Weotworth Sis.,
Millinery, Millinery.
The ladies of Clarehdon are invited to visit
my millinery parlors, where they will have
an opportunity of selecting from a bpautmful
line of Hats. The very latest designs.
Every attention is given to styles.
My stock consists of
And All thme Latest Trimmings.
Miss S. E. McDONALD,
Will furnish estimates and make con
tracts for all kinds of building and is pre
pared to contract for first class painting.
Address, S L. KitASNOFF.
Manning. S. 'G.
J Pylly-PeotorSII
* Very valuable Remedy in all 4
2affections of the
Large Bottles, 25c.
The Prudential Life Insurance Co.
Issues up-to-date Life Policy.
The Palatine and Sun Fire Ins. Coipanies.
There are none better.
insure Against Sickness
$2 a year pays $5 weekly indemnity.
4 -" "' 10 "'
10 " " 2
J. L. WILSON, Manning. S.C.
Notice of Discharge.
I will apply to the Judge of Pro'
bate for Clarendon County on the
'd1st day of March, 1900, for letters of
discharge as guardian for Susan Bel
ser. 5. N. BRowN.
Pnaksville. S. C., March 1, 1900. 4

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