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Publishes All County and Town Of
ficial Advertisements.
MANNING. S. C.. M.AllCH 14. 1900.
First Quality.
If there is any one thing that we
would like to impress upon our patrons
more than anything else it is that we
handle nothing but the best we can
buy. First quality is our aim in every
thing and sell at a small living profit.
Cheap, shoddy goods is dear at any
We will open this week one thousand
dollars' worth of Drummers' Sample
Hats in Men's. Bov.* and Children's.
and we will sell them at prices that will
be a surprise to the people of this part
of the country. Come to see us if you
wish to buy the cheapest Hat you ever
put on your head. We have the goods
and we are going to sell them.
When you want nice Dry Goods of
any kind remember that we carry the
largest and most complete stcek of Dry
Goods of any house in Clarendon coun
tv and we offer all lines at prices that
will paralyze our competitors.
Just call at our store and be con
vinced that we have the greatest Bar
gain House in Clarendon county.
Yours truly.
Notice is hereby given that no advertise
ments will be changed in this paper where
the copy is brought in later than Saturday
The County Board of Equalization
met in the court house yesterday.
You can get a nice Tooth Brush from
SC up, at Brockinton's.
The entertainment at Jordan on last
Friday evening was quite a success.
Corn and hay. two ears of each. cheap
fer cash. Legg & Iutchinson.
The friends of Mr. W. S. Harvin will
be glad to learn that he is improving.
J. B. Taylor, the photographer. will
remain in Manning until April 1st.
The shad season has opened over in
Salem, and a party will go netting next
Just received, a new supply of Writ
ing Tablets, from le to l0e, at Brockin
Kendall is to have an .opening" on
next Tuesday and Wednesday. Read
his advertisement.
We are still headquarters for all fine
Perfumery and Extracts. Call and ex
amine our stock. Brockinton.
Married last Sunday, near. Bethle
hem, by Rev. R. E. Smith. Mr. Tim
Flowers and Miss Lether McClam.
In stating last week that the time for
hunting game was out March 15th. we
were mistaken. AToril 1st is the limit.
Greelevville was represented in Man
ning last'Saturday by Messrs. E. B.
Rhodns Footman and Captain
Don't fail to see our One and Two
Horse Wagons. Harness and Saddlery
Goods, the best we have handled this
seasoni. Legg & Hutcchinson.
The Editor of THE TIMES has struck
luck in getting a present of a box of
fragrant cigars from his "Royal Nibs,~
C. WV. Kendall, of Yellow Front fame.
Rheumacide is not recommended for the cure
of every ill; it does not cure everything. But it
is a certain cure for rheumatism., and is a fine
blood purifier and laxative: try it. The R. B.
Loryea Drug Store.
It is said that from Sardinia to New
Zion small pox has taken the country,
and Doctor Woods has reported the
condition to Dr. Evans, secretary of the
State board of health.
To secure the original witch hazel salve, ask
'or DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve, well known as
a certain cure for piles and skin diseases. Be
ware of worthless counterfeits. They are dan
gerous. D). 0. Rhame. Summerton: Dr. W. M.
Brockinton. Manning.
Remember the ladies of the Methodist
Church will serve refreshments in the
store building formerly occupied by
Mr. W. C. Chandler as a furniture
store, next Friday evening.
M. B. Smith. Butternut. Mich., says. *De
Witts Little Early Risers are the very best
pis I ever used for costiveness, liver and bowel
troubles." D. 0. Rhame. Summerton: Dr. W .
M. Brockintoni. Manning.
Major PR. R. Briggs, of Summerton,
has a fine Jersey milchcow. which was
bitten sometime ago by a mad dog, and
last Sunday the cow showed distinet
signs of the effect of the bite.
Dr. J. Frank Geiger moved into his
ne w and attractive home last Thursday.
This residence is of neat design and
modern in its appointments. Mr. S. L.
Krasnoff was the contractor and builder.
Mrs. Harriet Evans. Hinsdale. Ill.. writes. "I
never fail to relieve my children from croup at
once by using One Minute Coush Cure. I would
not feel safe without it." Quickly cures coughs.
colds, grippe and all throat and lung diseases.
D . 0. Rhame, Summerton: Dr. W. M. Brockin
ton. Manning.
The Senator from this county has re
ceived so many requests for a synopsis
of his speech on the liquor question.
that he decided to print it in full and
send it out to the readers of T HE TIMES
as a supplement to this issue.
Legg & Hutchinson will sell the
Chamion Reapers, Mowers. Self-Bind
ers and Hay Rakes this season. When
on come'to Manning call at their
Stables and they will take pleasure in
showing you the above machines.
Mr. A. W. Billups. of the Davis Cross
Roads section. is to be married to-mor
row to Miss Clara Bounds, at Bennetts
ville. The bride and groom are ex
peted home to-morrow evening, and
we presume that the joy of the bride
w~ill know no bounds hereafter.
Rev. WV. E. Sitzer. WV. Caton, N. Y.. writes. "I
had dyspepsia over twenty years. and tried doc
tors and medicines without benefit. I was per
suaded to use Kodo1 Dyspepsia Cure and it
hepd me from the start. I believe it to be a
panacea for all forms of indigestion." It digests
what you eat. D. 0. Rhame. Summerton: Dr.
V. M.'Brockinton, Manning.
Died in the city of Savannah. Ga.. on
the 9th inst-. Mr. Benjamin J. Cannon.
aged about 45 years. The deceased had
been sick about a month. and he leaves
a wife and four children. He was mar
ried twice, and both of his wives were
the daughters of Mr-. R. F. Ridgeway
of this county.
"I used Kodol Dyspepsia Cure in my family
with wonderful results. It gives immediate re
suits, is pleasant to take and is truly the dys
peptics best friend." savs E. Hartgerink. Over
isel. Mich. Digests what you eat. Cannot fail
to cure. D. 0. Rhame. Summerton: Dr. WV. M.
Brockinton. Manning.
Information has reached us that TH E
TIMES did not get to Pinewood until
Monday afternoon, and we wish to state
that th'e fault was not w'ith THE TIMl-s
office. We got off our mail in lenty
of time. and we see no r-eason why the
paper did not reach Pinewood on
Thursday afternoon.
The municipal authorities of Claren
don. for-merlv Pinewood. have recently
been making things humn about them.
and by their unr-elenting war on the
lind 'tigers, they have driven one of
them up into the Sand Hills., and scat
tered the others. We ar-e glad that
Intendant Burkett has determined to
0ne day last w(eek the people in tne
Duliant Section were stirred up about
the visitation of a iad do,- in their
midst. 0n the Joeph DuiRant place.
the dog hit a little colored girl, and
from there, iT wetnt oVer to The Gaillard
place and bit aW 1ine do- aid a calf.
Mr. Gaillard had tho maid dog and his
own dogs killed, and is watching to see
what will develop with the calf.
WHEN YoUR Jol1TS ARE STIFF anid your
muscles sore from cold or rheumatism. when
you slip and sprain a joint. 'train your side or
bruise yourself. PAIN-KI Li.El wil' take out the
soreness and lix you right in a jitvy. Always
have it with you. and use it frc-y. Avoid tub
stitutes. there is but one Pain-Killer. Perry
Davis'. Price 'sv. and -;sc.
In the published list of presents con
tributed to the silver wedding of Mrs.
and MIrs. ). M. Bradham TH1EuI TIES
had the list of names as furnished. We
learn that several presents were given
and the donors names did not appear in
the paper. This was due to an over
sight on the part of those who made up
the list and not the fault of this otiee.
In other words. we followed cop*. We
make this explanation because we tun
derstand that this office is being blamed
for the omission.
His Life Was Saved.
Mr. J. E. Lily. a prominent citizen of Han
nibal. Mo.. lat-ely had a wonderful deliverance
from a frightful death. In telling of it he says:
"I was taken with typhoid fever that rain into
pneumonia. Mp lungs became hardened. I was 1
so weak I couldn't even sit up in bed. Nething
helped me. I expected soon to die of Consum
ption. when I heard of Dr. Kin::'s New Discov
ery. One bottle gave great relief. I continued
to uwe it. and now am well and strong. I can't
say too much in its praise." This marvellous
medicine is the surest and quickest cure in the
world for all throat and lung trouble. Regular
sizes 50 cents and s1.00. Trial bottles free at The
I. B. Loryea Drue Store: every bottle guaran
teed. '1
Preaching at the 'Methodist Church
Sunday morning and evening by the
Pastor. Subject for the morning ser
vice. -Laying up Treasures in Heaven.
At the evening service. the Pastor will
preach a Special Sermon to the young
ladies. The series to the young men
will be continued on the following Sun
dav evening. The public is cordially
inited. The young ladies especially
are invited to the service on next Sun
day evening, as the Pastor has some
thing of importance to say to them.
No Right to Ugliness.
The woman who is lovely in face. form and
temper will always have friends. but one who
would be attractive must keep her health. If
she is weak. sickly and all run down. she will
be nervous and irritable. If she has constipa
tion or kidney trouble her impure blood will
cause pimples. blothes. skin eruptions and a
wretched complexion. Electric Bitters is the
best medicine in the world to regulate stomach.
liver and kidneys and to purify the blood. It
rives strong nerves. bright eyes. smooth. velvety
skin, rich complexion. It will make a good
looking. charmina woman of a run-down invalid.
Only 50 cents at The R. B. Loryea Druz Store.
Congressnan Norton has returned to
Washington after a hurried trip to
Florence. where he went to confer
about the building of a United States
court house in that city. and also with I
reference to starting the free rural de
livery system. Mr. Norton is now in
a position to be of great service to his
onstitutents and he is without a doubt
taking advantage of every opportunity
to help his District. The longer a man
is in Congress the more useful he be
comes. and it takes several terms for a
ongressman to secure any sort of an
influence in the many departments at
the capitol.
Remarkable Cures of Rheumatism.
[From the V indicator. Rutherfordton. N. C.I
The editor of the Vindicator has had occasion
o test the effcacy of Chamberlain's Pain Balm i
wice with the most remarkable results in each -
ase. First. with rheumatism in the shoulderr
rom which he suf'ered excruciating pain for ten
ays. which was re-lieved with two applicationsd
f Pain Balm. ruobing the parts amficted and
ralizing instant benefit and entire relief in a
very short time. Second. in rheumatism in
high joint, almost prostrating him with severe
pain, which was relieved by two applications.
rubbing with the liniment on retiring at night.
ad getting up free from pain. For sale by the
R. B. Loryea drug store. Isaac M. Lory r., P'rop.
A couple of gentlemen from the Salem
section were in Manning Monday. and
they expressed themselves as not being
pleased with Representative Richard- I
sons action in withdrawing his tobacco I
bill. They claim the bill as introduced.
was in th'e interest of the tobacco grow.
ers, and the withdrawal of it should be i
explained. We mention this that Major
Richardson may explain the matter 1
through these columns. as we know .
that he had good reasons for withdraw
ing it. or he would not have done so.
If we remember correctly, tobacco
planters on the floor of the House in
formed Major Richardson. his bill
would not accomplish the desired ye
sult, and would injure instead of help
the growvers- ___
August Flower.
- -It is a surprising fact:." says Prof. Houton,
-that in my travels in all parts of the world, for
the last ten years. I have met more people hay- t
ing used Green's August Flower than any other
remedy. for dyspepsia. deranged liver and stom
ach. and for constipation. I find for tourists
and salesmen. or for persons filling office posi
tions, where headaches and general bad feel- t
ings from irregular habits exist, that Green's
August Flower is a grand remedy. It does not
injure the system by frequent use. and is excel
lent for sour stomachs and indigestion." Sam
ple bottles free at the R. B. Loryea Drug Store.
Isaac M. Loryea, Propr-.
We have received a letter from Hon.
L. J. Breedin. Supervisor of Census for <
this District, in which he says that
some of the applications for township
ennumerators from this county will
have to be rejected on the ground thatc
the applicants in their examination pa
pers. -have made so many errors and
write such miserable hands." He speci
fied the applicants from the townships
of Midway, Sammy Swamp. Calvary
and Fulton, and he also says. " perhaps I
St. James." He has sent us a few ap
plication forms foi- new applicants in
the townships mentioned, and parties
desiring to apply must do so at once.
because Mr. Breedin must send all of
his papers to Washington not later 1
than the 26th inst. We will be pleased
to give a blank application to any one
from the townships already mentionedr
desiring to apply for the work.
For Tnfants and Children.
The Kind You Have Alway Bought
Bears the
Signature ofC a'7 4 1
We understand that canrdidattes for
the var-ious county ottieers will be
many, and wve may count on a lively
time among the aspiring gentlemen. It
takes $5 cash in advance to get a candi- -
dat's announcement in The Times and 1
we hope the peole will have a lontg
list to select front. THE TIMES will
continue its established rule, with ref
erence to adv-ocating candidates for.
office. This paper never- has, nor will
it tuse its colutmns in the inter-est of
county -andidates. but when it comes
to Stat' and Congr-essional matters we
prIose to expr-ess out-self frecely. open
lv and without reserve. We wcill let
tle pteople know whlo we piersonally fa
o- for Congress or- a State ofiiee and
i-e our reasons for such choice. at the
same tie we will not pre-stume to die
tate whom the people shall stupport. If
they can agr-ee with tis in ouri chtoice, it
is ill right, if not, they have the righut
to choose for thenuselvyes.
C AN O IL eures
Cuttes, BunBruises, Rheu
nasm and Sores. Price, 25 cents.
The Democratic State Executive
Committee is calle(d to meet in Colum
bia April 11th. This committee will
al a S ate convention to meet in lay
for the purpose of sending delegates to
the National Convention which meets
in Kansas Cit.%. Mo.. July 4th. The
De-mocratic clubs throuohout the county
will meet the 4th Saturday in April to
elect their oticers and delegates to the
countv convention on the basis of one
elegate for every 25 members and one
for the majority fraction of 25. The
countv convention will be held on the
first Slondav in l a. and will elect a
:ountv chairman, a menihler of the
State executive coiliittee. and eight
delegates to the State convention. The
arrangements for the county primary
will be made by the county executive
committee. which is composed of one
member from each club. We think it
well for the president ofeach club to
confer with his secretary and see to it
that the club rolls are properly made
up. also see that every new voter in the
comnnminity is enrolled. At the imeetings
,>f the clubs it is important for a good
attendance. that delegates may be se
lected for the county convention. It
i; true, that under our primary system
it matters not who is sent to the county
r State conventions., but nevertheless.
it will not do for indifference to creel)
in our ranks. because it was that spirit
)f indifference which caused so much
rouble in North Carolina. The Demo
ratic organization in the county must
aecessairily depend largely on the club
p)resident and it is his duty to see that
is club is kept in line. We hope that
tvhen our county chairman issues his
all. it will be responded to from every
lub with full delegations.
A Good Cough Medicine for Children.
"I have no hesitancy in recommending Chain
erlain's Cough Remedy." says F. P. Moran. a
ell known and popular baker of Petersburg.
a. - We have given it to our children when
roubled with bad coughs. also whooping cough.
d it has always given perfect satisfaction. It
,vas recommended to me by a druggist as the
yst cough medicine for children as it contained
io opium or other harmful drug." Sold by the
R. B. Loryea drug store. Isaac M. Loryea. Prop.
Attention, Manning Guards!
You are hereby ordered to report at
our armory Saturday, 'March 24. at 3
)'clock p. m.. with grey and blue uni
orms. caps, helmets and guns in your
By order W. N1. LEWIS. Capt.
F. P. ERVIN. 1st Sergt.
Bismarck's Iron Nerve
Was the result of his splendid health. In
lomitable will and tremendous energy are not
ound where stomach. liver. kidneys and bowels
.re out of order. If you want these qualities
nd the success they bring, use Dr. King's New
ife Pills. They develop every power of brain
nd body. Only 25c. at The R. B. Loryea Drug
Idealism is the contemplation of mar
iage realism is what you get afterward.
It Saves the Children.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy has saved the
[ves of thousands of croupy children. It is also
ithout an equal for colds and whooping cough.
'or sale by the R. B. Loryea Drug Store. Isaac
. Loryea. Propr. [janlay
This is your opportunity to get the
mnly offleial life of D. L. Moody. writ
en' by his son. W. R. Moody. I
Lave the agency for the western portion
>f Clarendon county.
44-3t] A. T. DuNLOP.
A Woman's Letter.
Coolidge. Ky.. Aug. e0, 1898.
New Spencer M~edicine Co.: Since writing you
a July. I have continued to use Benedicta and
,m surprised at the results. Before using the
emdy I suffered from womb troubles and a
teak 'stomach, but the three bottles of Bene
icta has completely cured me. It is a great
edicine for delicate women.
Sold by the Rt. B. Loryea Drug Store.
He Seconds the Motion.
ditor The Manning Times:
I see a very pleasant editorial in THE MAN
Lso TIMEs of March 7th in reference to the
resent representatives of Clarendon county.
As a representative in that august body I
ighly appreciate your kind as well as true ex
mressions in regard to Clarendon's rep~resenta
ives. and heartily endorse every. utterance you
nade in regard to them, and the sincerity of
heir actions in representing the people.
The representatives from Clarendon county
n the past Legislature will compare favorably
cith the representatives that have preceded
I was also pleased with your thrust, at the
-bushwhacker." A man who injects his slan
erous venom in a person through hidden fangs
s no man at all. He is simply a coward and is
,s much deserving of an honorable and spirited
aan's pity as he is his contempt.
If you. Mr. Editor, have to get afoul of this
-bushwhacker' again, try to find him out. and
hen you do. go at him with both blades wide
spen and give him thunder generally iilong the
ghole line.
You make a mistake in putting three out of
our of the Clarendon delegation in the Legis
ature as being born and raised in Clarendon. I
ca~s born in Columbia and lived there until I
as ten years old. I then lived in Sumter one
ear: then at the age of eleven years I came to
~larendon and have lived in Clarendon ever
ince, except the three years and four months:
hat I served in the war for Southern independ
ne. The mistake is perfectly agreeable with
ne. for like yourself. I married a Clarendon
ady and have raised a large family in Claren
Ion. All my interests are identified with the
nterest of Clarendon. I love Clarendon better
han I do Columbia and consider the people of,
~larendon are my people and will ever considc~r
hem so as long as I live.
Davis. S. C.. March 1:1. 1900.
Volcanic Eruptions
Are grand, but skin eruptions rob life of joy.
lucklens Arnica Salve, cures them: also old
unning and fever sores, ulcers. boils, felons.
orns. warts, cuts, bruises, burns, scalds, chap
~ed hands chilblains. Best pile cure on earth.
)rives out pains and aches. Only :15e. a box.
:ure guaranteed. Sold by The Rt. B3. Loryea
)rug tore.
No one ever heard a married man
max his wife to sing for him.
Quick Resnlts.
Coolidge. Ky.. Aug. 1. 188
I have been suffering with female troubles and
cas unable to get relief. I was persuaded to try
enedicta and after one month's treatment I
an recommend your remedy to suffering women.
Sod by the R. B. Loryea Drug Store.
Nobody -A p~romilnent woman's hus
Lewis Ackerman. Goshen. Ind.. says. "De
Vitt's Little Early Risers always bring certain
elief. cure my headache and never gripe. ''They
ctly cleanse and invigorate the bowels and
iver. D. 0. Rhame. Summerton: Dr. WN. M
rockinton. Manning.
Undertaker-A man who follow's the
nedicail p)rofes.sion.
Ber The Kind Yo'J Have Always Bnngi4
The happiest day in the average
nan's life is the day before his marriage.
Keep Quiet
md use Chamberlain's Colic. Cholera and Diar
hw.a Remedy for all pains of the stonmach and
1 unnatural looseness of the bowels. It always
'ures. For sale by the R. B. Loryea Drug Store.
saac M. Loryea. Propr. [janlay
A married couple otught to be happy
f their domestic trotubles are only little
.~..~The Kind Yiu Have Always Blught
T AN'TE -H)llnest man or woman to travel
fo lar"e hoiuse: salary $d5 monthly anid
-penes. with increas*': position permanenrt:
nl 'Q-:f-add oressed stampled envelope. MAN
\t E~I R.330) Cax onl bldg. C'hicago. {al iM"
Ofice lately occupied by the late P..
paeley arronn Esn
Raiel Slor
Next Tuesday and
20th & 21st
Worth of New Goods!
200 Pattern Hats
Will Be Exhibited.
We are back at our Old
Stand, the Yellow Front,
pposite Court House.
C. W. K EL
3h 1 PROOF. t
remedy has wn erful tir e
The manufacturers of
leave it to those who have been perma
I ntopositvey cured of RHEL
Protest? Nr xql.14I'. to make clhims.Aoths
who ,have recenrtly written us voluntary
When it is admittedl by the pubc ayin tht.h aave been cured are:
Wh,-1 tisad ite b tepublic tll..t we I, )ter: Raleigh. N. C.: Mr. J.?
carry the largest and most complete line of o inson. editor. Goldsboro C
Daily. Arg-us.: Mr. A. Daus. a prominentA
Smerchant. Macon. Ga.. and Mr. W. R.
PAINTS, O S, BRUSHES u. a railad m . ansas Cit. MO.
and everytling appertainin:: to the needs of the Rieumineitle Will Curc You.
Manufactured by the
*T ESold in Mannin:: by the R. B. Loryea
We have furnished the Paints. Oils. Gas.I Drug Store.
etc.. for many residences and churches in Man- .
ning and Clarendon County. and can refer conti 040+040+040+040+0+0+0+0+(_________
dently to parties who have used our
Strictly Pure Paints MONEY TO LOAN.
We furnish estimates on application andi will
guarantee lowest market figures.
We are sole agents for I am prepared to negotiate loans
Longman & flartinez's on good real estate security, on rea
Celebrated Prepared Paints.
We would be pleased to have our friends R. 0. PURDY,
write or call and in-pect our line of Paints.
Sumter, S. C.
R. B. LORYEAI Furniture Stains
mUG STO, and Varnishes.
A Can With Brush, 25C.
Sign of - Golden
the Mortar. -AT
Use Both Your Eyes.
Buy your Hats where you have a first
class line to select from.
Get the Latest Styles, the
Cheapest and the Best.
It is not always the low price that
makes the bargain, it is what you get
for the price.
To see a bargain you must use both
your eyes: keep one on quality and the
THE LONGLEY. other on the price.
I don't say it boastingly. but I know I have just opened up as nice a line of
Men's and Boys' Felt and Straw Hats as has ever been brought to this town.
Are they cheap? I will leave that for you to say when you see them.
I also carry a nice line of
Ladies' Trimmed fiats
In the latest styles. I can sell you a Hat trimmed with NICE. FIRST CLASS
MATERIAL for just half the amount you pay a milliner for one: A dollar saved
is a dollar made.
My stock of Ladies' and Misses' Sailors is up-to-date'in every respect. And
if you want a little Boys' Hat or an Infants' Embroidered Cap, I have them too.
at right prices.
Don't forget to come to see me when you come to town, for I am in the fight
for some of your spring trade, armed with a full and complete stock of
Spring and Summer Goods,
DEFYING COMPETITION. I have what the people want and I don't intend
to let anybody undersell me.
T -ouis T vi.
W. 1. Jei
HAVING served the people of this county in the capacity of a
Hdry goods salesman for the last seventeen years we are wil
ling to flatter ourself to the extent to believe that the, pepople we
have served so long are willing and will attach some importance
to what appears in this paper above our signature.
We have been in business on our own account for the last six
ears, and never in the history of our business were we in a better
osition to offer bargains to our patrons than at this time. With
the markets of the whole country open to us, with cash and credit
at our command, we set about late last summer and early last fall
to place contracts for spring deliveries and the result is that we
are able to name prices to our patrons much cheaper than our com
petitors can buy them today, and one more fact we wish to impress
upon our patrons that our stock is first class in every respect.
We could have bought goods much cheaper, such as remnants,
short lengths and out-of-date styles and goods subject to imiperfec
tions, but experience has taught us that this is not the class of
goods to handle for a merchant to maintain a reputation. We han
de nothing but first class goods.
Offerings for Bargain iluilters.
Four Thousand yards of nice Fast Colored -Shirting Print Cal
ico-full 40 and 50 yard bolts-at 4c. per yard.
Four Thousand yards Skirting Crash, in assorted styles, in
full length bolts, at 64c. per yard that can't be bought elsewhere
for less than 8*c. per yard.
Four Thousand yards &-yard wide Unbleached Homespun at
3c. per yard, by the bolt, or 4c. per yard when cut.
~Four Thousand yards Scotch Lawns, all Fast Colors, in full
length pieces, at 4c. per yard, well worth 5c.
One Hundred and Fifty Dozen Pair of Harvin's Famous Brown
Mixed Seamless Half Hose at only 5c. per pair for the next two
weeks: after this these hose will go back to 10c. per pair. Now
just to let you know what we think of this line of Hose, we will
ive anybody 6 cents per pair for every pair of hose they will
ring me as good as this lot we have in the store of 150 dozen.
Now remember this offer only stands good for two weeks, Harvin's
Brown Mixed Seamless Half Hose at 5c. per pair.
Fifty Gross of nice Clear Pearl Buttons, on tin foil cards, at
c. dozen that we have never sold for less than 10c per dozen, but
we picked up a lot of 50 gross at a bargain and we sell them at a
Fifty Boxes of Wild Duck Plug Tobacco at a sacrifice, and the
reason for this is that last fall we placed a contract for 100~ boxes
10-lb. boxes of the Wild Duck; 50 boxes were delivered in Decem
ber and the other 50 boxes the first of March. but on the first of
January we retired from the grocery business and wrote our man
ufacturers to cancel the remaining S0 boxes of Wild Duck, and we
heard nothing to the contrary, but on the first of March the S0
boxes were shipped to us, so you see we have some cheap Tobacco
to offer. Come with the cash and you can get the best box of To
bacbo you ever used at 32c. per pound, but bear in mind we cannot
break packages for this price, Sz'c. per lb., just 83.20 per box.
Three Hundred pair of Men's Heavy Plow Shoes at 81.2S per
pair that are well worth 81.50O today, but we bought a large stock
of ti' 'm last fall for this spring's trade, hence this low price for
the ad. vance in shoes have been enormous since we bought.
Three Thousand yards of yard-wide Sea Island and Windsor
Percales at 10c. per yard that never have been offered here or in
any other market, vwhen cotton was 4c. per pound, for less than
12 and 15c. per yard, but we picked up this bargain very cheap
and we offer it cheap.
Fine Dress Goods.
If there is any one department in the store in which we take
more interest than any of the other it is the Fine Dress Goods De
I Some People Guess,
'While the Well-Informed Know,
Where to Get High Class Low Price
Goods These High Price Times.
We notice not the prices of things on the Philadelphia and New
York wholesale markets of today, but all of our attention is turned
toward our large stock of
-iSpring -:- Goods.
And we intend to sell them all during a seasonable time if prices CUT
Our entire stock is New, Fresh and Stylish, due to the fact that
we completely sold out everything last season, lock, stock and barrel.
Remember, then, when we offer an article from a one-cent paper
of Pin., to a side of Bacon. it is brand new from the factory.
We don't have any old shop-worn stuff carried over from time to
time. If we can't sell, our motto is to "GIVE IT AWAY."
We have Fast Colored Lawns, nice for Tea Dresses, for 4c.
A fair quality of Nainsook Check and Plain Lawns for 5c.
Real drive in Dimity Cords. fast and substantial, for 6ic.
Organdies and Lawns for 71, 81. 10c., 12c., 15c., 20c. and 25c.
It would be useless to attempt to tell you about our White Goods.
Come and see for yourself.
We have the correct things in Lace Edgings, Lace Insertions,
Allover Lace, Embroidery Edgingss, Embroidery Insertions.
We are offering a good Corset for 22c.
Our New Spring Silks
Are the prettiest kind to be found in town.
We have the very thing for separate Skirts in Staple Goods, from
a 35c. Silk Lustre to a handsome 45-inch wide Melrose Cloth at $1.25.
Our Lining stock is the most complete that you will find any
where, from 5c. to 40c. per yard, including both Linen and Cotton
All kinds of Percaline. Perca Silks, Mercerized Silks and in fact
all the requisites used in the foundation of a ladies' suit.
Take a Glance at Our Umbrellas
While you are looking at the other things. We can sell -you an Um
brella for 35c.
We carry always the most stylish and reliable stock'of Shoes to
be found.
We have Ladies' Shoes, Infants' Shoes, Children's Shoes, Young
Men's and Old Men's Shoes, CHEAP FOR CASH.
Our Spring Suits
For Bos, Young Men and Grown up Men are daily arriving, and in
this line you find some of the prettiest things the market sends out.
We have all that the most fastidious could wish in Gent's Fur
nishings, such as Suspenders, Collars and Cuffs, Handkerchiefs and
Ties. Shirts of all kinds.
Floor Matting cheap.
GROCERIES...s,.cials for Cash.
Good Rice, 100 lbs., $3.
Rice Flour, 35c. bushel, or $16.50 per ton.
Dessert Pears, 3-tb. cans, 15c., or two for 25c.
Okra and Tomatoes at 15c., or two for 25c
Peaches, ready for the table, at 15c.
Loose Keg Pickles at 10c. dozen.
Mixed Pickle at 10 to 25c. per bottle.
Tomato Catsups, 10c. bottle.
French Mustard, large bottles, 10c.
Long Cotton Tobacco, 353c.
3-lb. can Tomatoes, 10c.
ikinson 's
partment, we love to handle nice Dress Goods, and we can say
with all candor that our Dress Goods stock is the most complete
we have ever offered at this season of the year.
The ever-ready Shirt Waist and neat Blaa -&o x-' L
Skirt will play an important part in ladies' dress I' . mrr
Ladies, you should see our line of Black and N.
Serge, 40 inches wide, at 30 and 50c. per yard. Very fine heavy
Storm Serge, in Navy Blue and Black, 50 inches wide, at 75c. yard.
Black and Navy Blue Brilliantines at 50c., 75c. and $1 per
yard, from 40 to 46 inches wide.
Our line of Fancy Plaid Skirting has no equal in this town.
It will just do you good to see our line of Crepon Black Skirt
ing at 50c., $1, $1.50 and $2.25 per yard.This line is the latest nov
elty on the market in Skirt Goods.
Just call and see our line of Ki Ki Silks at 30c. per yard, for
Shirt Waists. Also an exquisite line of Shirt Waist Patterns in
Silks, of the latest weaves and creations, at 50c.. 75c., S1 and $1.25
per yard.
Our line of White Goods and Trimmings is the wonder of all --
who see them.
Allover Laces, Allover Embroideries and Allover Tuckings
and Puffings are all the rage for lining for white. In short, we
have the prettiest line of White Goods and' Trimmings we have
ever shown in this place.
Millinery, Millinery.
Our Miss Coppedge has just returned from the Northern mar
kets, where she has spent several weeks im buying our stock for
spring and summer Millinery. We will be able to show, just as
soon as all of our stock comes in, a very pretty and attractive line
>f Spring Hats.
Clothing and Hats.
Young man, that nice Spring Suit you will need this spring.
We think we have just the Suits you will need and at the right
prices. Perhaps you have heard of the line made up by the May.
ield Woolen Mills of Mayfield, Ky. They are without doubt the
best line of goods we have ever been able to offer for the money.
We have this line in Suits and Pants in both fine and medm
priced goods.
We have a full line of Gent's, Youth's and Children's Clothing,
all as cheap as they can be sold.
Itis useless for us to enlarge npon the superiority of the line of Shoes we
arry. It is enough for us to say that we carry the H. C. Godman famous Black
ottom Shoes for Ladies, Boys and Children. We have been selling this line of
Shoes for three years and wa have never had a customer to complain about this
hoe. but on the other hand if wve ever sell a pair of them, that customer will
ome back and call for the Black Bottom H. C. Godman, the best shoe on earth
for the money we ask for them.
A full line of all kinds of Shoes very cheap.
th ecantNOT IONS.
c -s tiadornoteone without saying something about.
mert cannot coetti aorno Sels Fast Black Hose for Ladies, Men and
hdeu Theyt areW Scthet rds en have ever found to sell for 10c. per pair-.
Weildreu sole ansfre this best oi'-Harvin's Hose and Mr. Lucius Harvin,
he pre senteprgentstor othsmills. is very careful to give us the very best good~s
the millsturn popritoo. t
Yomlug Genout. we have the mnost beautiful line of Negligee Shirts, Collars.
Cufs and Neckw-:ar' roflered in this town.tlyothtwhaejitgtn
ina ullneofthe famous Rufus Waterhouse Neckwear which is known the
wold over for its exclusive styles.
all and see ouri Shirts, Collars and Fancy Neckwear.

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