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.X I x\ EIZT'S1N NilATrE.
Presiden t'ieyhat de
i-ne to'i ir iethnta
in ashinton ee in t haive
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,.;1 i publi!e ecel Ct n a dt. c r*,i -.
sto tehed -t the in the Sout
ment i withoi Enln in tr
p hinen 'l. . G . N .
j ' -Vsiielt K Iinjlt> has- tie
wr buit~tlItothe pli are R itm
pt\ys ot the Transvaal who are
in Washington e to hav
o)ur crovernirent to interfere and
stop the bloodshed ie the South
African republics. The overn
aient is with Eettland i this
Spar. eut the peo le are i sevdl
pathy with the uoiers Who are
redhtinhis for ecis i
Thie contention over the Ken
tunv ubernatorial uddle ha
at last been settled by a decision
in favor of the Demlorats by the
Supreme Court of the nie
States. Thief Justice Fuller in
rendering is decision said the
questions involved were not
within the jurisdiction of the
United States Courts, as, they
were purely of State c-oncern and,
ce Tyle, according to the
constitution and laws of the
State. This virtually knocks thec
Republicans off their props and
they will ma-eke no further resist
ance. Taylor the Republican
claimant, hlas already thro\vni up
the sponge.
Some kind friend has senit us
an emetic in the shape of a copy
of "T'ie Seashore Re.,view" a
printed sheet which seems to be
doing the scavanger act in the
day time, and the Lord-only
knows-what. at night. It roosts
on Sullivan's Island, and ties
over into Charleston where it
seems to be poking its bill into
everybody's business andl all
sorts of places: filth gathering
seems to be its mission, which
inclines us to the belief that it
has the plumage of, and profes
ses to be, a mother-carv bird.
It is a fortunate thing for Char
~ston that newspaper readers
are Mtelligent enough to not
take seiously anything they
might read in the "Review" be
cause its very make up gives its
irresponsibility away. The song
of a bird that befouls its own
nest will not linger long.
In the last legislature a bill to
permit graduates of the South
. Carolina Medical College of
Charleston to pr-actice without
being examnin ed by the State
Medical board, was defeated in
the Senate by one vote, after it
had passed the House by an over
whelming majority. A great
many people thought the meas
ure a proper one and advocated
the passage of the bill, on the
ground that a student hav-ing a
diploma from the Charleston
Medical College was a guarantee
of his qualitication to practice
medicine. At the last meeting
of the State board seventeen
graduates failed to pass the r
quired examination, and the
board discoved five applicants
cheating, and they were turned
down also. Had it not been for
that majo'ity of one in the Sen
ate these seventeen incompe
tants and tive cheats would now
be prescribing medicine to the
The constitution of the Dem
ocratic party requires of candi
dates a pledge setting foith that
they are not the candidates of a
faction either publicly or priv
ately suggested. How will these
conscientious Prjhibitionists re
gard those who are suggested
by the Prohibition conference
tonight in Columbia? Do they
believe the candidates suggest
ed by that conference c-an lion
orably take the pledge that they
are not the candidates of a fac
tion either publicly or privately
suggested? The constitutional
pledge has not been changed,
and two years ago, Brunson's
ticket was pulled down because
it had been "s-uggested" in vio
lation of the contitution of the
Dem-nocratic paty. If Colonel
Hoyt is suggested tonight we do
not believ-e hex will sign the
pledge reqt'i r'd. becatus we -
gard himi a v ery conscientious
man, and~ we do not see howv any
man can sign suchl a pledge who
has been suggestod or- nonina -
ted by a confer-enco- r onv-Oen
1i1tant il ha beeni sounded
in the Kaiiibei' Herald with re
ard to a State appropriation for
Tiht- E xposition to be held in Char
lestol 19l. This institution is
not a local affair and it should
not be so cons)lidered and treated.
The Exposition will be the great -
est advertisement the id ustries
and resources f Sioth a rli na
can possibly gel. anti whilh it is
true that during thei looVtsiI jn
will be ''reai t beneiciariies, yet
t heir benetit wij :1 & a liner'e bag
tlle coiipa red to te good done
to tiVry por'tioni of the State.
We hope the tBamberg Herald's
)pposition to a State appropria
tion was under a inisapprehtel
sion and that upon investigation
it will come out and acknowledge
its niistake. Baknberg county.
although one of the baby coun
ties, stands up for proress, as
is evidenced by the number of
siall industries she supports,
and for- her county paper to put
her in the moss-back column is
not doing her justice.
We do not understand how
the Prohibitionists can have a
Prohibition State Executive
Committee, a chairman in each
county. hold conventions for
county and State. and yet claim
to be acting within the Demo
cratic party. When the Demo
cratic conferences are called all
Denocrats are invited to parti
cipate, but when the Prohibi
I tionists are assembled, only those
who declare themselves in favor
Of prohibition are invited. The
State Democrat ic Executive Coin
Iiittee is the head of the party,
and aill] other Democratic com
mittees are sub-ordinated to it.
The State committee not wishing
to offend were very lenient two
I years ago with the Prohibition
ists. and by taking no action
I permitted them to have their
I eparate organizations. We do
lot believe in such a policy, if
we are to keel) up the Demo
cratic organization the State
conmittee must take a positive
pos'ition: it it not right to per
mit independant organizations
within the Democratic organiza
tion and it should not be allowed.
If our prohibition friends have a
major~01ity they.' can elect whomi
they pleaise within the par'ty and
if they haven't they must sub
mit or get out. This thing of
claiming to be working in the
party, and organizing against the
party should be checked.
Deafness Cannot be Cured
by Ioeail applications. as. they cannot_ reach the
.saised portion of the ear. T1here is only otne
way to cure rianess. aind that is. by constitu
utiai rceedie-. D~eaifness is caus.ed by an in
tiamed condition of the mucous lining. of the
Eustacian Tube. when thiE tube get-. inflam
.d vou have a rumbling s.ound or imperfect heair
int, and when it is entirelv elosed deafness k
the res-ult. and unless the inflammation can be
taken out amd this tube restored to its. normal
condition hearing will be destroyed forever . nine
cae' out of ten are caused by eaitarrh. which is
nohn' but an intianed condition of the mu
cous. surface.
w\e will -ive One Hundred Dollars for any
e -se of Deafness (caused by catarrh) that c-an
ot be cured by Halls Catar-rh Cure- Send for
F. J. cH ENEY & ('0.. Toledo. 0.
s.od bv dru'eist-'. 75e.
Hair] 1Famni Pills~ arc the best.
A Clarendon Boy With Ambition in Nashville.
Editor The Matnning Time-.
It is with the greatest pleasure that
I take advantage of the columns of
vout- paper to indirectly address my
iany acquaintances and friends in your
community and throughout the county.
I say many friends, because I believe
there are 'few boys of my age who have
mor'e good and true fiends than I have,
andl it is a source of joy to me to have
theprvilgeofcommunicating in any
warwit thm.H-ece this short letter
is oley or hepurpose of letting them
The localities whlich Iwish to miost
Idirectly refer to are those of M1anning.
Dvis Station. Jordan and the "Duffyv
Old Stand." The first three of these
may be taken into one as iny native
neighbohood: as the place where my
happy boyhood days. guarded over- by
loving par'ents. were spent: the place I
love best of all lalice. The last, which
is down on Santee. is the laice where 1
passed the time of one school ter'm. try
ing to promote my own educational
standing and inter'esting tmyself in en
deavoring to pr'epar'e the children of
that section. who had been placed un
der' my supervision, to make their
future life a success. Therefore I feel
that I owe to the above named places
a lasting i'emembt'ance: and I do rec
ember them. I shall not forget how
t h ueople of my community took a firm
stan'd in my favor in time of adversities
they all knowv what this means). and
they shall ever r-eceive my kindest r
1coll'etion for so doing.
I shall try to make this letter non
sentimental, although it is always hard
for mne to write other'wise.
It was on the 12th day of April. 1899,
that I bade a loving mother. a devoted
father and affectionate brother's aud
sister's goodbye. 1 was always fond of
my home. and it was with some diffi
cu'lty that I par'ted therefrom. but
there lay at future before me in which
I knew' I should be up and doing:
theefore it behoov-ed mec to make this
depattre, ev-en thotugh it was accomn
panied by sadness.
n the' following mornilng, Aprlil 13th
i arived at Nashville. I took a back at
ihe depot and went directly to Dr'aug
ns Practical Business ('ollege. whei'e
1i purchashied a scholar'shipl for the comn
ined course of bookkeeping. stenogra
th tnd ty pewriting in said college.
~o. to go into details from that time
uI' t this. it would reqtuire sev'eral is
.u- of your' paper,. allowing no sptace
for 'tny-tlmg else whatever,. but. of
core. 1 shall not write at all in this
mnaner: I shall only touc~h on a few
getnral points.
inmmediately prtoceeded to atccomi
plish the purplose for which I had comec.
The first of my study wasi dlirected on
the bookkeeping cours5e. Ou)tr school
was run night and day. that is. from
-'lock to 9 o'clock at night, hence
wead little or no time for fi'ollicking.
IHoever,. we were at liber'tv to stay
out' of schooXl whenever we felt so dis
pSd. We had steamboat excursions
to) nienie. street cars running to the
pakis anc imin the things of the
k inl ant octina hie I would take
opportunities were otfered day at
night. so I had the chance of spendiig
a few pleasant days in this way and
many delightful evening-s.
It. is. however, as any one who has
attended a college. either literary o'r
business. will know. a matter of fact
that the question which receives the
most serious cOinsiderat ion with a otl1
lvge student is tlie ilnancial question.
I. like othr~. eveni while these oppor
moit~s fr aiuseentwere, presenit,
have h:itl to ':ii-'fullv (XamlliI' Ii onIev
ianer be'.Iifor'e inlinZ~g in ti: bunt.
niet n~ Illi l jnittI this. despite of tile fact
3nes to say I hat I h'ave not tnjoyed~( tin
"11.11 i \ 1 4a LIIIf ln\1c ('ifit .L ano Na)q~l
10' t%44t'1(I I [l t it lla10 110 1 jli'.t *( Vt' I Itt
<rhhhvenvI sincev comllhingt) Natsh
Sihwoudnot he doing.! jti t) ti~e
party or parties witih who I have been
\01u know that I have not bein xprI' -
lltneing_. lmonim times inct. h-tav i it
'Do) no1 111t thn for a Ilmmentl thatI these
'ar time, of whit'h I have. given a few
hit'. oi have attratted all of my atten
tion. These were taken only for ree
reation after a periol of hard study.
's h1'IS beei stated above, the first
branch of study that I took up was that
,,f bookkeepingt. At iirst I experienced
011e Very diflictult tasks in tryin to
get iy tiial balance at the enild of a
mionth , for we took trial balances each
month). and te make imy * protit and loss
account come out right after a year's
active business was more trouhlesome.
But time passed on. bookkeeping Ie
came mo'e easy. and in the course of a
few months I became the possessor of a
diploma on this study from the college
as befofore mentioned. I suppose. judg
ing from the grade marked on my dip
loma. and taking into consideration that
this college furnishes a very thorough
I course of study, that I am now a "pret
ty _ood" bookkeeper. However. I have
not yet Put this into practice.
Immediately after getting my diploma
on bookkeeping I took up a study which
is not practiced quite so much in our
section as bookkeeping. that of short
hand. On this study I experienced
much less trouble than had been found
in the study formerly mentioned. After
spending three and one-half months in
the shorthand department of the col
lege and working in the office of same
for one month. I accepted a posi
tion as stenographer with the irni of
H. W. Forde & Co.. Steel and Iron
Factors, this city. After working with
this firm for about two months I had
the opportunity of getting a better
pa)ving plae, so I accepted a position
as'stenographer for the Equitable Life
Insurance Co.. this city. where I am at
the present time. Since completing my
tenographic course I have also had the
offer of a situation with one of our law
yers in Georgetown S. C., but for rea
sons not given I declined the offer. I
like stenography better than I do book
keeping. and expect I will follow this
line of work.
R. L. JTox..
Nashville Tenn. May 5th. 1900.
Story of a Slave.
To be bound hand and foot for years by the
chains of di.sease is the worst form of slavery.
Georee D. Willian:s of Manchester. Mich.. tells
how such a slave was made free. He says: 'My
Nwife ias been so I elpless for tive years that she
could not turn over in bed alone. After using
two bottle', of Electric Bitters. she is wonder
fully imlprovd arid able to do her own work."
Thi'. supreme remedy for female diseases quick
lv cures ne'rvousness. sleeplessness. melancholy.
lheadache. backache. fainting and dizzy spells.
I This miracle working medicine is a god1send to
weak. sickly. run down Iteoplt. Every )ottle
I uaranteed. Only 50 cents. Sold by the R. B.
SLorrven drug 'tore.
Stages of Water.
Camden. May Is. S ... n.- -Height of Water'e
river. 1;.5 feet. being : ri'.e of V.1 feet during
pas't 24 hours.
IMa v1 I '. mn. -Hle ight of W~ateree river.
.1 et ieing a fall of 5. feet during past 24
Columnbi. May iS. 5 a. m.-Hleight of Conga
r e river. ". feet. being a rise' of I f 'ot during
iti'.t '4 hours.
~i~ May 21 a. m.--Height of Cong ree river.
1. feet.' be'' a fall of 3-tO of a foot (during
past 24 hours.
St. Stephen's. May 1s. 5 a. in. - Hei::ht of
Santee river. 4.9~ feet. being a fall of 4-10 of a
foot during past 24 hours.
May '21. 8 a. m.--Height of Sant('e river. 5.7
fet. being a rise of 8-10 of a foot during past "4
Question Answered.
Yes. Augtist Floweir still has the larz
gest sale of any medicine in the civil
ized woril. Your mothers and gr'and
mothers never' thotught of using any
thing? else for Indigestion or Bilious
ness. Doc'tors were scarce and they
seldom heard of Appendicitis. Neirvous
Prostration or Heart failure. etc. They'
used August F'lower to clean out the
systemn and stop) fermentation of undi
ested food. regulate tile action of the
liver, stimulate tihe ner'vouls and organic
action of the system, and that is all they
took wvhen feeling dull and bad with
headaches and other aches. You only
need a few doses of Green's August
Flower. in liquid form. to make you sat
isied there is nothing serious the mat
tel' with you. For sale by the R. B.
Loryea Drug Store. Isaac M\. Loryea,
An- old maid is always a man-hater
until one of themi proposAs to her'.
Beware of a cough.
A cough is not a disease but a sympton Con
sunption and bronchitis, which aire the most
d-'gerous and fatai diseases. hav'e for their first
icication a persistent cough, and if properly
trated as soon as this cough appears are easily
cured. Chamberlain's Cough Remedy has
proven wonderfully successful, and gained its
wide reputation and extensive sale by its sue
ee'.' curing the diseases which cause coughing.
if it i'. not beneficial it will inot uoht you a cent.
Fr sale by IR. Ii. Leryea Drug Store. Isaac M.
Lryea. P rop).
A tombstone alIways hiad a goiiiod word
for a man when he's down.
Keep Quiet
and use Chamberlain's Colic. Choiera and Diair
rh a Remedy for all pains of the stomach and
all unnatural looseness of ile bowels. It always
ures. For sale by the R. B. Loryea Drug Store.
Isaac M. Leryea. Propr. ijanlay
lievenge is swee't only when comn
pared to the bitterness of hate.
The man who is always telling you
how much he does for' others needs
SDoes the
Baby Thrive
IIf not, something must beI
wrong with its food. If the
mother's milk doesn't nour
}ihishe needs SCOTT'S
* EMUSION. It supplies the
~elements of fat required for
the baby. If baby is not+
nourished by its artificial ?
food, then it requires 1
i Scott's Emuls'en !
h -alf a teaspoonful three i
or four times a day in its
bottle will have the desired+
effect It seems to have a
magical effect upon babies
adcildren. A fifty-cent
bottle will prove the truth
of our statements.
Should be taken in summer as
well as winter.
cwe. anid $: no, all druggists.
AsCOTT'& BOWiNE, Chemistst, New Yort
I. .. ~ ee
Clerk of Court J. 11. Timmons has
received from the Comptroller Gen
eral a check for S1,443.20 to pay off
the pensioners of this county.
Class B get S16.40: Class C get
M. A. Bell, Manning; T. K. Hilton,
Manning: Md. .J. Holladay. Manning;
W. H. H. Hobbs, New Zion: John
Jeffers, Manning; S. W. Kirton,
Manning: J. P. Strange, Manning.
J. D. Beatson, Packsville: J. 1).
Broadway. Packsville: Julia U. Cor
bett, Paeksville: J. H. Barnes, Fores
ton: C. L. Barrow, New Zion; 1t. C.
Gibson, New Zion: F. M. Johnson,
Wilson: Daniel .Jolnson, Wilson: A.
C. Lee. Wilson; Jeptha Welch, New
Zion: Jackson Welch, New Zion;
dsaac White, New Zion: Sarah J. Io
bias, Manning; Jane Tobias, Man
ning M E. Wise, Manning: M. E.
Young, Manning. Jas. W. McCauley,
Manning: W. H. Geddings, Packs
ville; Aaron Kolb, Packsville; J. M.
McFaddin, .lanning; Williatn Vick,
Silver: T. L. Thames. Packsville; H.
1R. Frierson, Packsville; Hulda H.
Hill, Packsville; Keziah Kolb. Packs
ville: S. E. Johnson, Packsville:
Catherine MeLeod. Packsville: M. A.
Rhodus, Foreston: Dolly Stone,
Packsville: H. L. Timmons, Packs
ville; H. E. Harrington, Workiman:
R. M. Nelson, Sardinia; Sarah A.
Stukes. .Jordan: H. M. Andres. Man
ning: W. (). Dority. Manning: S. E.
Johnson, Manning; Friendly Kolb,
Manning; John Lyons, Manning; J.
M. Pouncey. Manning: G. W. Plow
den, Mann'ing; R. C. Timmons. Man
ning; R. A. Ridgill, Pinewood; Reu
ben Ridgeway, Manning; S. L. Bart
lett, Manning: Angady Barfield,
Manning: Jane E. Bell, Manning; M.
E. Bradhan, Manning; M. E.
Burgess. Manning; Jane Harring
ton. Manning: Susan Johnson.
Manning; Sarah Catherine Pack.
Manning; Margarett S. Ridgill,
Manning; Caroline J. Tindal, Man
ning; E. H. Green, New Zion;
Sarah Hudson, New Zion; Re
becca Hardy, New Zion: S. A. Scott,
New Zion: M. E. Wheeler, New Zion;
H. L. Benbow, St. Paul; W. A.
Brewer, Maining; S. H Driggers,
Manning; Daniel Jeffers, Oakland;
A. H. Reese, Alcolu; R. J. Wither
spoon. Sardinia; R. A. Fawn, Alcolu;
S. J. Gardner, Alcolu; A. M. Rich
bourg, Alcolu: J. A. Brown, Pine
wood; B. E. Boyce, Seloc; Isaac M.
Carraway, Seloc: M. L. G4reen, Seloc;
W. W. Hickman, Seloc: Ellerson Rob
erson, Seloc; H. E. Roberson, Seloc:
S. M. Smith, Seloc; John C. Scurry.
Seloc; R. S. Mellett, Seloc: M. A.
Robinson, Seloc; M. E. Welch. New
Zion; Isabella Welch, Seloc; E. J.
Beard, Seloc; M. C. Gibbons, Seloc;
S. G. Coker, Seloc; W. N. Coker,
Seloc; S. A. Odom, Seloc; T. G. Rob
erson, Seloe: Mary A. Barfield, Seloc:
M. L. Godwin, Lake City; M. M.
Johnson, Seloc: Mary A. Hicks,
Seloe: Margaret Wilder, Bethlehem:
J. C. Hodge. Jordan: R. N. Rich
bourg, Davis; Leonora Ard, Fores
ton: M. C. Richbourg, Foreston: Al
mira C. Cantey, Forebton: Caroline
S. Richbourg, Foreston: Annie Rich
bourg. Forestoa: E. J. Watts, Fores
ton; Dolly C. Evans, Foreston: B. R.
Bryant, Davis: James W. Kelly, Da
vis; Caleb DuBose, Manning: S. M.
Plowden, Manning: F. E. Chewning,
Panola: Mary E. Ridgeway, Panola:
E. E. Ridgeway, Panola.
Prevented a Tragedy.
Timely information riven Mrs. George Long
of New" Straitsville. Ohio. prevented a dreadful
tratredy and saved two lives. A frightful cough
had long ke-pt her awake every night. She had
tried many remedies and doctors but steadily
grew wairse until ur;;ed to try Dr. King's New
Dicovere. One bottle wholly cured her, and
she writes this nmarvelouis medicine also curedt
Mir. Lonr of a severe attack of pne-umonla.
Such cures are positive proof of the matchless
merit of this grand remedy for curing all throat.
chest and lung troubles. Only Soc and $1. Ev
erv bottle guaranteed. Trial bottle-s free at the
R.'UI. Loryea dru::store. 6
(.annihai, enjoy having a pr-eacher
for lunch morec than any other clatss
of people.
Volcanic Erdptions
Are grand. but skin eruptions rob life of joy.
nuklen's Arnica Salve cures them. also old.
ruuning and fever sores. ulcers. boils, felons.
corns. warts, cuts. bruises. burns. scalds. chap
ped hands, chilblains. Best Pile Cure on earth.
Drives out pauins :'nd aches. Onlyv-5 eents a box.
Cure guaranteed. Soldl by the I?. H. Loryea
drug ,.tore. 6
About the only thing they sell aut a
church fair- is the public.
It Saves the Children.
Chamberlain's Coug~h Remedy has saved the
lives of thousands of croupy children. It is also
without an equal for colds and whooping cough.
For -ale by the R. BI. Loryea Dine Store. Isaac
31. L~orvta. Propr. [jant ay
Sin may be ugly, but, it understands
the art of beauty culture.
The Great Remedy of the day is unques
tionrbly PAIN-KILLER, for the instant
relief of all burns, scalds. bruises, etc..
and for pains in the stomach and bowels
as wvell as in sudden attacks of cholera
morbus. No family should pr1etend to
keel) house without it always by lhenm.
Avoid substitutes. there is but one
Pain-Killer. Persy Davis'. Pr-ice 25c.
ad 50.
Books of Subscription.
(laleudon C ount v. i
Hy authority of a commlissi(on isued
to the undersigned corp~orators. hy thle
Secretaryv of State dated M1ay 9th, 19%s.
notice is hereby given that books of
subscription to the capital stock of the
--anning Oil Mlill and illuminating
(ompany" will be opened at the stoe
of the Mlanning Har-dware Company, in
Mlanning. county and State aforesaid.
on MIay 24th, 1900. at 12 o'clock M1.
The'said prop~osed corporation will
have a ecaplital stock of 830.000. divided
into 6100 shares of the par value of $50
each, with its place of business at Mlan
ning. S. C.. and the purpose of the cor
poation is to engage in the imanufac
turing of cotton seed oil. cotton seed
meal and other pr-oducts of cotton seed:
the manufacture of ice and the trans
mitting of power b., electruicity. illumli
nating, etc.
F. P. ERvIN.
Paris Green
In Sealed Pound
Dr.W. E.Brown&Co.
cla.- and beauime. the halr.
Promoses a luxuriant growth.
Never Yails to Boo Gray1
Hair to ita Youthful Coor
Cuns.eacidjames bhau ling.
Your Head Aches To=day.
It is a small matter; but it ached two days
ago, and again a week ago. You are acquiring
a habit of headache. That must be stopped. The
trouble is with your liver. You want a mild lax
ative, and then a tonic to stimulate the appetite
and make the blood rich and pure.
$aggir ND NIC PEL1.ETS.
For sale by THE R. B. LORYEA D1-UG STORE.
f> Female Panacea
Cures All Diseases of Women.
ANY women are under the im ression
M that the diseases peculi to their sex
I are natural and incurable bees uso
many suierconstantly froemu thembe T iso
mistake. Few women are so badly diseased
II) that they cannot be cured. It is true.
that bad taken a remedy that was
efficient when the first symptoms of dis
ease appeared. a more rapid cure would
ha e be n the resu t. N woman should
nezlect herself. WNhen the monthly pe-X
riod becomes too frequent, painful. pro
fuse. obstructed. or irrezularin any way.
or ifshesuffers from fallin of the womb.
should at once resort to the use of
Gerstle's Female Panacea
Which is absolutely the best female remedy ever offered her. Even if she has 0
been negligent and allowed disease to fasten itself upon her she should not de
sgair of being cured. This medicine is a purely vegetable tonic. containing
t se ing dients intended by nature as a remedy for suffering women. It ot
ters nqt if other remedies bave been tried and proven failures-Gerstle's e
male Panacea will not fall. If there is any tendency to costiveness.1idi
digestion or biliousness. move the bowels gzently with a few mild doses of ..
Joseph's Liver Regulator. If your druggist does not keep these medicines
write us and we will send them to you, all charges paid. uon receipt of price.
Panacea, $1.00 per Bottle. Liver Regulato, 25 er Package.
L. GERSTLE & CO., Chattanooga, Tenn.
Largest Package on the Market.
One Package Price 25e. Five for $1.00.
David Howells, Scranton. Pa., says: "For some time I was annoyed with pim
ples on the body, and a feelin~ of sickness and general weakness. I was unable to
work. A frien recommend Ramon's Tonic lator-Two packes cured
me entirely." BROWN F'G. CO.. roprietors, Greenevihle. Tenn.
Johnston's Sarsaparilla
A Wise and Venerable Doctr Talks about. Advanced Science.
In a leading hotel, in a great city, a famous and aged physician was convers
ing. Istening to his wise and sententious discourse, were a group of well
dressed men, evidently lawyers, business men and commercial travelers.
My firm belief, is " that medical science is certain yet to show .that all dis
eases without exception are caused by invisible germs which are iving organ
isms. Here is the germ of that terribl disease diphtheria. Here is the bacillus
of typhoid fever; andhere is the still more dreadful bacillus of tubercle which
causes that most destructive of all diseases, consumption. This of that very
common and supposed incurable disease, catarrh."
"I wish, Doctor," said the traveling man, "that you would tell us about
catarrh. I have had it for years, and I am thoroughly discouraged."
The Doctor answered. "Catarrh, like diphtheria, consumption, typhoid
fever, and a host of other diseases, is the result of a microbe invading the blood
and attacking specially the mucous membrane. This foul and most disgusting
disease is especially prevalent in the United States and it is rare to meet one
vho is not, or has not been troubled more or less with it. How often is he or
she obliged to remain at home frompleasant entertainments, deprive themselves
of many intellectual treats, from fear of the disagreeable odor arising from ca
tarrhal afections. In its worst phase, the patient becomes loathsome both to
himse f and his friends.
"I believe," continu ed this great physician, "that the true way to heal ca
tarrh is to medicate the blood. This can be done only by powerful alterativcs
which act as blood purifiers."
Betsy A. Marett, of Manistee, Manistee Co., Mich., writes:
Dear Sirs :-For ten years I was a sufferer from general debility and chronic
atarrh. My face was pale as death. I was weak and short of breath. I could
hardly walk, I was so dizzy and had a ringing in my head all the time. My
hands and feet were always cold. My appetite was very poor. On getting up
in the morning, my head swam so I was often obliged to lie down again. I had
awful pains in the small of my back. 1 had a continual feeling of tiredness.
My muscular power was almost entirely gone, and I couldn't go half a dozen
steps without stopping to rest, and often that much exercise caused me to have
a pain in my side. It seemed as though the blood had left my veins. The doc
tors said my blood had all turned to water. I had given up all hope of ever get
ting well. I tried the best physicians in the state, but faled to get any relief.
My husband got me a bottle of Johnston's Sarsaarilla. I took it, and then I
bought another. When these had been used, Iwas somewhat improved in
health. I continued its use, and felt I was growing stronger; my sleep was -re
rehgad it seemed as if I could feel new blood moving through my veins. I
keo aing it, and now consider myself a well and rugged woman. I work
all the time, and am happy. I am positive that the Sarsaparilla'saved my life.
The sick headaches I have had since childhood, have disappeared, and my ca
tarrh has almost entirely left me. I cannot be too thankful for what Johnston's
Sarsaparilla has done for me. I recommend all women who have sick head
aches to use your Sarsaparilla.
Dr. W. M. Brockinton, Manning, S. C0.
I have on hand o.ver two hundrIled pairs of
Ladies' Sandals and Oxford Ties
That I am oing)H to sell
Regardless of Cost.
This offer is for TWO WEEKS ONLY.
So, if yout want a pair of nice Slippers
cheaper than you can buy anywhere else.
don't wait. Come antd supply yoursel 1
before they are all gone.
I am not talking just to attract attention
as manyfl advertise'rs do,. but [ meain just
whatl I sa v.
Douis Devi.
HE TIMES JO WORKDI Neatly and at1
Office Does ~ 'IX Lowest Prices.
P'arties desiring surveys and lahts *
ade will receive mym most careful andl ATTORNEY AT LA W.
acurate attention. . - N NI NG. S. C.
I am supp)lied with imipro~ved inst rui
auts. Address. ' mice lately occupied by t late b.
Summerton. S. C.
~'L ~ -~ J F. RHAME, J.ii.
Will furnish estimates and make cou
trats for all kinds of building and is fR. J1. FRANK GEIGER,
re~pared to cont ract for first class paint- j
g~. Address. S.L ANF.D ENTIST,
The Trustees will IIet at the Bank.
.June 8th. 5 p). m1.. to ehrt teachers for
the ensuing year for th1(e Moses Levi
Memorial Institute: and. also, to elect
teachers for the Manning (olored
Graded School.
If any of the patrons of either of the
above 'named ;ch(ool desire to confer
with or iake any suggestions to the
Board of Trustees they will please do
ao at or before the time above nameind.
1-.. L. WILKINS.
1tJ TruS-tee.
Furniture Stains
and Varnishes.
A Can With Brush, 25C.
Doors, Sash, Blinds,
Moulding and Building
Sash Weights and Cords and
Builders' Hardware.
Window and Fancy Glass a Specialty.
To Consumers
Lager Beer.
We are now in position to ship Beer
all over this State at the following
Pints, --Export bottles.' five and ten
dozen in package. at
90c. Per Dozen.
We will allow you 18e per dozen f.o.b.
your depot for all Export pint bottles
and can use all other bottles and will
give standard prices for same.
Cash Must Accomipany All Orders,
All orders shall have our prompt and
careful attention.
Charleston, s. C.
A Medicine Chest in Itself.
Cramps, Diarrhoea, Colds,
Coughs, Neuralgia,
25 and 50 cent Bottles.
Notice of Discharge.
I will apply to the Judge of Probate
for Clarendon County on the ~th day
of June, 1900. for letters of discharge
as executor of the estate of J1. R.
Thames. A. J. RICHBOURG.
St. Paul. S. C.. 31ay 7. 1000.
ChBok mHoae ob etin patentis scrd
Letters strictly confidential. Address,
E. G. SIGGERSPtn LyeWsngo,.C
I am prepared to negotiate loans
on good real estate security, on rea
sonable terms.
R. 0. PURDY,
Sumter, S. C.
Which is fitted up with an
cye to the comfort of his,
customers.. .. ..
Done with neatness and
dispatch. .. .. .,.
A cordial i nvitation
.-l/f'irm-ys and Covuueors of Lom',
Rring ymur Job Work to The Times offie.
Notic-.- 1iherebv givn ihnt a petition
of the freeholdetr. and qualilie-d voters
of a part of Sandvy Grove School Dis
trict No. 1 in hlarendon County. has
been inade to) the- loard of Elucation
of said couity. they having complied
with tOhe law as t' mnaking special
mshool districts. and to levy an addi
tional tax of one mill upon the taxable
proper t y in sati special territory to
siullement the constitutional and other
taxes for the saume purpose.
An el~ction is herebv ordered by the
under-igned trustes 'of the said'Sev
enteenth School District. to take place
on the 2sth day of Jav. 1900. at S. W.
Gowdy's store. Polls'to he open from
I0 o'clock a. in. to 3 p. in.
V. H. Tt(;PEN.
T. E. BURGEss.
Tiustees Sandy Grove School District
No. 17.
Winthrop Gollege Scholarship
And Entrance Examination.
The examination for the award of
vacant scholarships in Winthrop Col
lege and for the admission of new stu
dents will be held at the County Court
House on Friday. July 20th. at 9 a. m.
Applicants must not be less than fif
tcen years of age.
These scholarships are vacated after
July 20th: they will be awarded to
those making the highest average at
this examination.
The cost of attendance. including
board. furnished room. heat, light and
washing is only $8.54) per month.
For further information and a cata
lomue address
Presidenrt D. B. JOHNSON.
2tj Rock Hill, S. C.
Buggies, Wagons, goad
Carts and Carriages
With Neatness and Despatch
I repair Stoves, Pumps and run water
pipes. or I will put down a new Pump
If you need any soldering done, give
me a call.
My horse is lame. Why? Because I
did not have it shod by R. A. White,
the man that, puts on such neat shoes
and makes horses travel with so much
We Make Them Look New.
We are making a specialty of re
painting old Buggies. Carriages, Road
Carts and Wagons cheap.
Come and see me. My prices will
please you. and I guarantee all of my
Shop on corner below R. M. Dean's.
We've GoneThrough
-This store's stock and put light
ning prices on all goods that don't
move fast enough to suit us-given
them the farewell, good-by push that'll
send 'em out of sight quickly. The
quality of every item is all right, but
for some unaccountable reason they
have not sold rapidly enough to please
tus, and we've put them at prices that
will make them go quickly. We men
tion the following:
I1-lb. cans Chipped Dried Beef at 20c
can: regular price 25c. 1-lb. cans
Brawn, 10c can: regular price 121c.
i-lb. cans Vienna (Sausage, Tc can:
regular price 10e. Armours' Deviled
Ham. small cans. 4c can: 4.5c dozen.
21-lb. cans Sliced Breakfast Bacon,
10c can: $1 dozen. 1-lb. cans Atmore's
Plum Pudding. 18c (regular 25c.) 2-lb.
cans N. Y. State Pears 6c can. (regular
10c.) I-lb. cans Cocktail Pineapple
(chunks) best quality, at 10c: worth
124c. 2-lb. cans Sliced Pineapple, good
quality, at 121c. Fine N. Y. packed
Green Corn at SI doz. (Cheap at $1.20.)
Choice new Evaporated Apples at 10e
lb.: regular 121c. Choicest Sliced Dried
Apples at Sc lb.: regular 10c. Best
Sliced Peeled Dried Peaches at 15je lb.
Crushed Oatmeal at 3c lb: 40 lbs for $1.
Fry's Sweet Chocolate at 25c lb. Me
niers' Vanilla Chocolate at 40c lb; reg
ular 50c. Meniers' Plain Chocolate at
30c: regular 40c. Richardson & Rob
bins' Chicken Soup, quart cans, 20c.
Emery's Tomato Soup, quart cans at
10c. WVheeler's Irish Ginger Ale at $1
doz., import cost.
Ask for our Bargain Price-List. It is
full of surp~rises.
Universal Providers,
185 & 187 Meeting & 117 Market Sts,
Is where you get the right
sort of Clothes without dan
ger of mistake. Our Clothes
are of the right sort, and you
will appreciate their excel
lence and smallness of cost.
We Make Clothes to Order
for those who prefer them.
Last-ing Materials, proper fit
and make and moderate pri
ces. Your orders will have
our best attention.
S. W. Cor. King and Wentworth Sts.,
Tailor=Made Clothing.
Carpets, Art Squares,
colored de'oinms.and amples of g-ood'.
Carpets sewed frec and wadded hinng fur
nkhed FREE.
Land Surveying and Leveling,
I will do Surveying, etc.. in Claren
don and adjoining Counties.~
Call at ottice or address at*Sumter, S.
C. P. 0. Box 101.

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