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NIANNINXG. S. C., 31UN1 G. V00.
One year ..
Six months...............- -...
Four montb.. .......................
One square. one tine. $I: each subsequent in
Kertion. q rent-. Otituaries and Tributes of
' .~ec chajrged for as rezular advertisement.i
.iberal eontracs niade for three. six and twelve
uminunications must be accompanied bY the
real name and address of the writer in order to
receive attention.
No communication of a personal ciarater
will be published except as an advertisement.
Entered at the Postomlce at Maunn in- a- sve
ond Class matter.
The "Seashore Review" pub
lished on Sullivans Island June
2nd, has devoted eight columns
of space replying to an editorial
which appeared in THE TIMES
May 23rd, and which occupied a
space of about four inches. THE
TIMES article was altogether im
personal, and we have no recol
lection of ever having seen the
editor of the "Review," never
theless,there seems to have been
something in our criticism to
arouse the anger of the Review's
editor, for he made wry faces at
us, raved and pitched, and other
wise worked himself up to reck
lessness. He fairly "cussed us
out" and vomited up from his
irritated stomach a lot of billious
matter which must have been
fermenting, and was being held
back to be thrown on the city
authorities of Charleston at the
first provocation.
He makes a very frothy person
al attack, and says THE TIMEs
made "lying charges," that what
we said about "owls flying out
on the approach of the pur
chasers" of the St Charles Hotel
was not true, and he declares
as a matter of fact no such thing
as an owl ever roosted in the
"St. Charles." Well, perhaps
not, and we are sorry that the
Charleston owls did not take ad
vantage of such a fine opportu
nity. He intimates that we think
we are "funny and could write
comical stories." Perhaps he is
right, and it makes us feel real
bad to think that the Review ed
itor thinks we cannot write "com
ical stories." Our elec-tion to the
State Senate was unfortunate,
so thinks this editor, and that
we "talk like a man who served
his apprenticeship as a police
court reporter. Oh well, we will
not disturb the dream asle
might be enjoying the delusion.
The Review claims that it
"shows ability that THE TIMEs
never did and never can possess."
We fully concur: did we possess
such ability, out of pure charity
our friends should take us to a
sanitarium where diseased minds
are treatedi. That paper says,
"the whole of THE TIMES article
is a mass of lies from start to
finish, and is so disgusting that
it does not deserve notice." What
a pity to have wasted eight col
umns of space in the high toned
and ably edited Review, on a
four inch editorial in such a paper
as THE TIMEs, and that too, in
such chaste, beautiful and elo
quent language as is found in
the Review. No wonder the
eclipse of the sun made such a
poor show on Sullivan's Island.
The brilliancy of the Review of
fice was too strong a competitor
for such a little dull thing as an
In the ravings of the Island
editor he makes mention of ex
pressions, the inspiration of
which we suspect he procured
from a politician in Clarendon
county who is now in the "'soup"~
possibly "by some unfortunate
mishap" and who is anxiously
awaiting an opportunity to get
even with us for the "throw
down." He would not mind
paying a quarter any time to
have us "cussed out" so that he
could apply the abuse of us as a
poultice to his sore head.
The editor reads us a lecture
on "tBirdology" in order to teach
us why "Mother Carey's chick
ens" should not be troubled. In
our allusion to the "Mother
Carey bird" we said the "Re
view" has "the plumage of, and
professes to be a Mother-Cary
bird," we are now confirmed in
our opinion that the plumage is
a disguise, and the profession is
a fake, that it is in its element
only, when it is hovering around
a pile of debris dumped fr-om a
scavenger cart.
The personal references and
strictures, may soothe the source
of his inspiration, and convince
him that at least some spleen has
been gratified by having us pelt
ed, even with the blue mud from
the flats of Sullivans Island, but
those who know us, will laugh
at the absurdity of the state
m12ents made in the Review's ar
tie. Among his absurd state
ments is a "tilt" we had with
stitutional Convention. We did
not know before, that we had
anything to do with that distin
guished body: the only member
from this town was, Sheriff D. J.
Bradham, who is also a trustee
of the colored college of which
Prof. T. E. Miller is president,
and at a meeting of the trustees
lof that college held in the officte
of Sheriff Bradhai in Manning,
Professor Miller got oft a joke at
our expense, anI in our presence
which we enjoyed.
We said that "some kind friend
has sent us an emetic in the
shape of a copy of The Seashore
Review," we really do not know
who sent it. but we are satisfied
the address was not in the hand
writing of the gentleman whom
the Review hints at, for we doubt
very much if he would take the
time from his business to wrap up
and mail such a paper. We have
received several copies of June
2nd, from whom we do not know
or care, but from a perusal of its
columns we see no reason to
change our mind about its mis
sion being a stink-hunter, and in
order to cast suspicion, it de
lights in complaint, and all sorts
of reckless insinuations. When
we said it "pokes its bill into
everybody's business, and all
sorts of places" we took it for
granted, that newspaper readers
would understand that we were
not trying to convey the idea
that the Review "peered into a
man's private life or career" we
of course alluded to its criti
cisms of the city government
which the first copy of the
Review sent us was nagggin
at, and iaking insinuations of
corruption among city officials.
In fact, all of our references
were to the paper, and not to
the editor personally, and with
the Review's editor we can quote
-'evil unto him that thinketh
evil, but to the pure all things
are pure."
The editor of the "Review"
thinks we should be impeached
because, we suppose, of what
we said about his paper. Now
this must be one of the
signs of ability the editor boasts
of showing: localities dif
fer. Here, were we to display
our ability thusly, our friends
would hunt up an officer to have
us sent to the lunatic asylum.
No, we will not be impeached,
nor will the man who told the
Review's editor that we "strut
around Manning like an old
peacock" have an opportunity
to cast a vote in an impeachment
trial against us or anybody else,
We have heard that "peacock
strut" story before, but it is pas
sing strange, that "strut" was
never discovered until political
reverses set in, as long as things
prospered politically his admir
ation for us blinded him so, that
"any kind of an old strut" we
might have had, was "a thing of
beauty and joy forever" to him.
Well, the scribe from the
famous sand bank, says he has
been hearing "some bad stories
from Manning, but before we
make use of them we want to see
with our own eyes, so as to be
better able to verify."
Assuming the "bad stories" are
about us, we heartily invite the
editor to come and make a search
ing investigation of the "bad
stories' he has heard from Man
ning." He may come incognito,
or make himself known, it is all
the same to us: should he come
and investigat the "bad stories"
about us, we will give him such
information about ourself and
others, as the law and records
will show. We think an inves
tigation will prove that some one
with a grievance has been reck
less in "blowing off his mouth,"
and is at work endeavoring to
make history repeat itself, by
resorting to rule or ruin tactics,
upon the principle "if I must
sink I will sink others if sword
fish methods will do it." Those
methods may have succeeded in
other institutions but they will
not succeed in our politics: the
people will not be fooled all the
time, and their memories are
good. Underhanded tactics can
not destroy the confidence people
have in a man whose life is an
open book for everybody to read.
Come to Manning, and if while
here you are possessed of lucid
moments, take advantage of the
opportunity quick, and you will
learn that "bad stories" emanate
from a source green with envy
or rotten with malice.
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The State Democratic Execu
tive Committee balked at a shad
ow when called upon to construe
'that provision of the party con
stitution which refers to faction
al nominations, and instead of
meeting the question as Repre
sentatives should, they repeat
the milk and water decision of
two years ago. Not a member of
the committee doubted that the
meaning of the constitution was
to prevent these preliminary
nominations within the party, so
that all candidates can go before
the people on the same footing.
Instead of making a positive con
struction, they shilly-shallied
around the question by adopting
a resolution which is so ex
pressed, as to leave room for
consciences to be stretched to fit.
The language of the constitu
tion is as follows:
That no vote shall be counted for any
candidate who does not file with the
chairman of the State Executive Com
mittee or with the respective chairmen
of the County Executive Committees. a
pledge in writing that he will abide the
result of such primary and support the
nominees thereof, and that he is not nor
will he become the candidate of any
faction, either privately or publicly
suggested, other than the regular Dem
ocratic nomination.
In order that there might be
no opportunity for misunder
standings with regard to the in
tent and meaning of the above.
we introduced the following res
Whereas, There is some contention
as to the proper construction of a cer
tain provision of Section 6 of the consti
tution of the State Democratic party,
which said provision of said section
reads as follows: "Provided, that no
vote shall be counted for any candidate
who does not file with the chairman of
the State Executive Committeeor with
the respective chairmen of the County
Executive Committees,a pledge in writ
ing that he will abide the result of such
primary and support the nominees
thereof, and that he is not nor will be
become the candidate of any faction,
either privately or publicly suggested.
other than the regular Democratic
Be it resolved. That the Democratic
State Executive Committee hereby con
strues said proviso in Section 6 to mean
that it is in violation of the intent and
meaning of the constitution of the Dem
ocratic narty for any person or persons
to become candidates in the primary
elections to be held under the auspices
of the Democratic party of this State
who have been, or may be, nominated
or suggested by any other organiza
tion or faction.
This brought out much discus
sion, and if the speeches of
some of the members who
opposed the resolution had
been published they would pre
sent a ridiculous attitude. We
refer to th'ose who took the posi
tion that factional nominations
were in violation of the party
constitution, but to say so now,
after nominations had been made,
might cause an independent
movement, and, as a matter of
policy, they accepted a substi
tute offered by Col. R. B. Wat
son, and which reads as follows:
Resolved, .That we interpret the con
stitution as disapproving factional nom
inations, but if the pledges are signed
by the candidates as individuals the
votes will be counted.
It will be noticed by reading
the resolutions offered by us
there was nothing said about
what candidates could do if they
signed the pledge, and there was
no threat to throw out votes. It
was a plain question founded in
the constitution which demanded
an unequivocal answer. What
was the purpose of the conven
tion? Did that body intend to
prevent preliminary nominations
'within the party? What is meant
by the language "and he is NOT
nor will he BECOME the candi
date of any faction, either pri
vately or publicly suggested,
other- than the regular Demo
cratic nomination?" A plain,
straightforward answer was nec
essary to throw light on a matter
which some people differ on, but
it came sugar-coated instead of
plain and positiv..
Candidates in the primary
must, under the party law, sign
a pledge: that pledge must be
filed on or before the opening of
the first meeting. In the pledge
required the candidate swears
that on the day of the first meet
ing he is NOT nor will be BE
COME the candidate of any fac
tion, either privately or publicly
suggested. This is his oath be
fore he is permitted to run. How
can a man who had been "sug
gested" by a public conference
take such an oathy If his candi
dacy is the result of a public
conference, he is clearly in a po
sition where he cannot take the
oath required by the party con
stitution. A man cannot be "sug
gested " by a public conference
and then swear that he wa-s not.
He not only swears that he is nmt
a "suggested " candidate, but he
further swears that he will not
become one. We take this to
mean that when he tiled his
pledge he had not been suggest
ed and that he would not, during
that campaign, consent to per
mit his faction, as such, to sug
gest him; in other words, lie
would not use sharp pr-actice af
ter having filed his pledge.
Some -ontend that the words
cratic nomination" qualities the
preceding sentences; we, how
ever, construe this to mean, that
after the primary has been held
the candidate will not accept a
nomination on an independent
ticket that may be run in the
general election. Not later than
the first day of the primary a
man to be eligible as a candidate
swears a written oath that he is
not the candidate of a faction,
either publicly or privately sug
irested. When is that oath of
etfect? The moment it is tiled
with the proper authority, and
he must take that oath before he
is allowed to enter the race, be
cause the party law requires it,
and because the constitution
which every Democrat is sworn to
obey requires it, and according to
the ruling of the executive com
mittee when it said "That we in
terpret the constitution as disap
proving factional nominations."
The committee voted down the
resolutions which said in terms
that factional nominations were
a violation of the party constitu
tion, but as a substitute softened
the language somewhat by inter
pretting the constitution as "dis
approving factional nomina
tions." We confess our ignor
ance of being able to distinguish
much difference. If a "suggest
ed " nomination from a factional
conference is not approved by
the constitution of the party,
how can the candidate so sug
gested,claim he has the approval
of the party's fundamental law?
In our judgment the committee
did not meet the question, but
shied around it with a desire not
to ruffle the feelings of our Pro
hibition friends, many of whom
are anxious for a positive declar
ation, as they do not want to vio
late the spirit nor the letter of
the constitution, and if in their
action in the recent Prohibition
conference they have erred in
suggesting a ticket, they can
correct the error while there is
time. It was due to such Prohi
bitionists that a positive declar
ation be made, but as it is, the
action of the committee simply
amounts to this: If a candidate
suggested by a convention or
conference is willing to swear
that he was NOT so suggested,
why take his money and let him
and his conscience arrange that
between the two, notwithstand
ing the fact that the State con
vention, the highest law-making
power of the party, has de
clared its disapproval of such
candidates, in order that factions
within the party would cease.
No Right to Ugliness.
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One of the delegates to the re
cent Prohibition conference, ask
ed us if we regarded "the Prohi
bitionists a faction." Of course
we do. Any body of men be
longing to a political~ organiza
tion who assemble outside of the
call made by the authorized
source to assemble them, and
who organize themselves into a
conference to which the whole
organization is not invited to
participate, is a faction. The
Prohibitionists of this State be
long to the Democratic party and,
where they could do so, they
came into control of the party ma
chinery, they were not strong
enough, however, to capture the
State convention, and therefore
they made calls for counties to
elect county chairmen, and send
delegates to a State conference,
where they put forward~ a plat
form and suggested a candidate.
Had the recent convention been
composed of a Prohibition major
ity it would have in our opin
ion, committed the Demnocracy of
the State to Prohibition by
adopting a Prohibition platform,
and, that would have had the
effect of ruling every man out of
the primary vwho would not sup
port the platform of the party.
No man has a right to hold his
membership in a party when he
will not submit to the decision of
his party in the selection of can
didates or in the making of a
The party has an official
head, who alone is authorized
o assemble the Democracy; when
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it is done without the authority
of the official head, it cannot be
recognized by the party, and the
so assembling of a portion of the
party,makes it a faction in direct
violation of the letter and spirit
of the Constitution of the Demo
cratic party. The State Execu
tive Committee had no right to
"disapprove" it was their plain
duty to construe the language of
the constitution, and make its
declaration accordingly. If the
organization in this State known
as the "Prohibition" is a faction
of the Democratic party, and in
our opinion it is nothing else,
then the nomination or suggest
ion is a clear violation of the
constitution of the party, and it
will surprise us if Colonel Hoyt
signs the pledge,without first de
clining the nomination tendered
him. He might later write a let
ter declining the "suggestion"
on account of its clear violation
of the fundamental law, or rather
the committee's interpretation of
"disapproval," and then come
out as a candidate as a individ
ual on the plailina adopted by
the conference, this he would
have a right to do, ev.n if it is
beating about in the bush.
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School Books At Cost.
Editor The Manning Time,.:
In your paper of recent date I noticed
that you called the attention of our
County Superintendent of Education to
his not having carried out the law in
furnishing our people school books at
cost. He said that it was impossible on
account of there being no funds for that
purpose. If he will notice in 1897 an
Act was passed for the purpose of giv
ing our school books at cost and direct
ing the County Superintendent of Edu
cation to set aside V500 for that puIrpose.
The law was not compulsory, but the
County Board of Education was empow
ered to set aside this fund. In 1,898 the
law was again enacted and amended so
as to further aid the people in reducing
the great expense of school books. Hav
ing had two years' trial in some coun
ties and having worked well. an Act
was passed at the last session of the
Legislature compelling the County Su
perintendent of Education to keep these
books and to sell them at actual cost,
and for that purpose he was directed to
keep his ottice open for one week (six
consecutive days) before each school
term commenced. Would it not have
been a great saving to the people had
this law been carried out?
May 23. 1900.
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ton. Manning.
A man will sometimes go to the devil
for a woman-probably because he's
sure of a good assortment to select from.
Bismarck's Iron Nerve
Was the result of his splendid health. In
domitable will and tremendous energy are not
found where stomach, liver. kidneys and bowels
are out of order. If you want these qualities
and the success they bring. use Dr. King's New
Life Pills. They develop every power of brain
and body. Only 15c. at The R. B. Loryea Drug
Ivy poisoning. poison wounds and all other ac
cidental Injuries may be quickly cured by using
DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve. It is also a cer
tain cure for piles and skin diseases. Take no
other. D. 0. Rhame. Summerton: Dr. W. M.
Brockinton. Manning.
A man is the moneyed factor during
the engagement, but after marriage the
woman appoints herself cashier.
A Good Cough Medicine.
It speaks well for Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy when druggists use It for their own families
in preference to any other. "I have sold Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy for the past nye years
with complete satisfaction to myself and cus
tomers." says Druggist J. Goldsmith. Van Et
ten. N. Y. "'I have always used it in my own
family both for ordinary coughs and colds and
for the cough following la grippe, and find it
very efficacious. For sale by the R. B. Loryea
Drug Store. Isaac M. Loryea. Prop.
A man sometimes deceives a woman
when he marries her, but more often
he deceives himself.
Reports show that over fifteen hundred lives
have been saved through the use of One Minute
Cough Cure. Most of these were cases of grippe.
croup. asthma. whooping cough, bronchitis and
pneu monla. Its early use preven ts consumption.
D. 0. Rhame. Summerton: Dr. W. M. Brockin.
ton. Manning.
There are only two classes of women
in the world-those that at-e married
and those who want to be.
It Saves the Children.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy has saved the
lives of thousands of croupy children. It is also
without an equal for colds and whooping cough.
For sale by the R. B. Loryea Drug Store. Isaac
M. Loryea. Propr. [janlay
When a man has so much money that
it troubles him. he can easily find some
woman who is willing to share his
Unless food is digested quickly it will ferment
and Irritate the stomach. After each me'al take
a teaspoonful of Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. It di
gets what you eat and will allow you to eat all
you need of what you like. It never falls to cure
the worst cases of dyspepsia. It Is pleasant to
take. D. 0. Rhame. Summerton: Dr. W. M.
Brockinton. Manning.
S Is rapidly taking the place of all
S matic cure. laxative, tonic and
blood purifier. The reason Is
plain, for it
Q There is- no better time to treat t
+rheumatis-m than during the
S spring months. RHEUMACIDE t
costs but $1 per bottle. Secure it
annd cure your
Sold in Manning by the
still head the list and arc acknowledged by
all to be the great conquerors of pains,
aches and diseases for which they are
Rbfamon's Relief will positively cure
pains of allkind-, sneh as Headaclid, Siclh
Heidache, Toothache, Neural~gia, Cramp
L'olic. Painis int the Stomach and Bowels.
Diarrhcen,&c., almost instantly, and, as a
household remedy for these sudden sick
nesses, it has nto equal in the world. "'Once
tried, always used." Price ~5 and 50 cents.
Sample bottles 10 cents.
Ramons, N ervo & 3one oil Is the
original and only genuine Nerve i.nd Bone
Oil made. I t is just what its name impilies,
and penetnaing quickly to the nerve and
bone, relk-ens liin, drives away disease
and eff'ects a permanent cure. A speific
for .Rhetumnattism, Sores, Bruises. Sprains.
Cuts, Burns, a ni all injuries to the feh of
either man or heast. Price 5) and 50 cents.
Sample bottles 10 cents.
The genuine has the name blown in tlie
bottle. 'The Relief is put up ini square~ red
cartoons an d the Oil in green eartootEa
The R. B. Loryea Drug Store.
Under $3,000 Cash Deposit.
Railroad Pare Paid.
O n .l year to Both'Sexes. Very Cheap Board
fais-Alabama Cusiees.
Never Walls to Restoe Gray
Hair to its youthful Color.
Curte scalp diseases a hair lling
sEe.and s.OOs Drugl
Bring-your Job Work to The Timn office.
The Skilful Physician Demands a Skilful Phar- Notice to Surveyors
macist, the Patient Requires Both.
Bids will be received up to Saturday,
June l6th. for surveying proposed pub
lie road to run in a direct route from
Reliability, Manning, S. C.. to Summerton. S. C.
Survevor to furnisli hands for carryina
Skill, implments.
SH 19Sup't Clarendon County.
msManning, S. C.. June 5, 190. [2t
Since we entered the drug business Teachers' Examination,
we have faithfully endeavored to meet The regular summer examination for
these three requirements. teachers certificates will be held in
Reliability. Our Drugs are ahso- 'Manning on Friday. the 15th day of
lutelv pure. No adulteration tolerated. .June. Examination to begin promptly
Skill. Every precaution exercised at clock. .Sut of Eucatn.
in the filling of Prescriptions; closest C. [f t
attention to the most minute details:
correctness in preference to haste. T ofResidentMana
Promptness. No unwarranted de- THeE POSITION * for the STATE
lay, no tardiness, no procrastination in MUTUAL LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY of
filling Prescriptions. Massachusetts for M1anning and vicin
Our large and increasing patronage itv is open to a man of character and
indicates that these methods are appre- ability. A good contract, with renewal
ciated by the public, interest, will be given to a good man.
General Agent,
THE Now 9-8t] Florence, S. C.
R. B. LORYEA For Sale or Rent.
The Lot and Dwelling of Rev. .James
DMUGDowell in anning
D UGAlso two desirable Building os d
ISAAC M. LORYEA, Propr. joining for sale. For tr Lots ad
Manning, S. C.
Sign of Golden SURVEYOR'S CARD.
the Mortar. Parties desiring surveys and plats
- made will receive my most careful and
accurate attention.
I am supplied with improved instru
MANNING, S. C. ments. Address,
'PHONE3 NO. 2. S 0. CA . SEY,
For Sale'. J. S. W W
Two Second-Hand Gins, Feeders and WILSON
Condensers, complete, will be sold
cheap. They are in good condition. Atlorneys and Counselors at Lai,
Lanning, S. C. DwelAlNNIN ReG, S. C.
One of the First Symptoms of
rjFailing Health in a Woman is
Did rthink thattuereisalwys a
cans maderwillreceivy In women Nervous.
ness is generally the forerunner of some
form of female disease, such as Whites,
Painful, Profams or Irregular enses, etc.,
either of which will produce Nervousnesi
inalloftdistressingintensity. fyou use
Gcrst'sSFeuero Pa nuaC
TRAC1<3-.:~j JMARK.
you will very soon be cured of Nervos.
nos and all other female troubles as weL.
a If costive, move the bowels with mild
doses of St. Joseph's Lver pegulator.
With painful menses, attended with sour stomach, rushing of blood to the head.
and oc l whites. I also have severe nervous pells and heartpalpitaions
bad, I canndtret. I have used various female remedes or a ong timebut fous.
es iI geneyted fsnoureerofsome
no relief until about two months ago. whenj comece asn or esl
Female Panacea and ST. JOSs REGULATOR and they are doingme
Mre good than all othere f wshall continue their use.
(ileinmore. G&a MRS. SARAH 3EnKINS.
if your case is complicated, write us and we willgive you Pall in
iformation regarding the use of this medicine. Get it from your drug
gist. If he does not keept senldus $1and we will send abottle,
all ch paid. L. GERSTLE & CO.. ChattaPoo Tean.
4It is awimall mtero bt iced to dEaVoys'
ago, and al wer fago. toublre aquiring
aa Itf eadache,h m ust the toped. wThel
trubeiswth you liver Y o odn a midlh
S t al ohes. Isad ctenue tonicrt su late tARhe JEKI.
Ifyour ase d cmiaed rthe snd ic andl pueyufl n
fomaio rgrdngth ufoftisjg medcin. et t yurdrg
o al l e paiEd . L . SLEA. ChttUog, STOEn.
ag, n aaiSuw ffao.Yoerngqirn
'. a habitof e rihe That yousbes koped. the
troubl isowit your ver. Yoan bay mild tax-e
ative losshe of thei otmulat Dntheelppetite
~.and mae"hebodricnd "Ipurebod sa
For ale y THhR. B oto ofYE DRUl SuTrO E.
-orblo osedyor heathan batr he
tebI omnof health back into yur
ceks. Each bottle contains a
tionof thtrs hne oflfe In'mtrn mad allhdrihlbnh n ueI
JOHNSTON'S SARAARILLA. .t sa real pace for eaaepnsin th eft
swlivgo eett oens f terests Theuagia, utrie uPdisplcmet inc.~ltti
Dr. W. M. Brochinton, Xanning, S. C.
I have on hand over two hundred pairs of
Ladies' Sandals and Oxford Ties4
That I am going to sell
Regardless of Cost.
This offer is for TWO WEEKS ONLY.
So if you want a pair of nice Slippers
cheaper than you can buy anywhere else,
don't wait. Come and supply yourself
before they are all gqnac.
I ali not talking just to attract attention
as many advertisers do, but I mean just
what I say.

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