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s1''-Z!PTIO)N It\ATES:
six ?:lO)1ths . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
One square. one time. *t ; each subsequent in
sertion. W0 cents. Obituaries and Tributes of
Respect char-ed for as reguar advertisements.
Liberal contracts made for three. six and tw-:Ve
Communications must be accomipantied by th
real name and address of the writer in ordevr to
r-e-ive attention.
Copiesl of this paxip-r ay 1- f",tiiJ 0"i ie
WVasirigtOlin ilt ote..vv.
pondent. E. G. Slr- i t
Washinton. 0. C
We had about determined to pay no
further attention to what appeared in
the other papel' published in this town:
because, we i elieve the concern was
conceived in jealousy, and born in inal
ice. and to continue noticing it, will be
simply playing into the hands of its
parent. and gratifying his tiendish
spleen. We therefore give notice that
after this issue we will take no further
notice of it, matters not how gross its
misrepresentations are.or what it might
say, but we shall go right on express
ing our opinions in a fearless journalis
tic manner, always with a strict regard
for the truth. as we see it. and with
a full responsibility. morally. phys
ically and financially for what we
write. On account of a gross and
a malignant misrepresentation which
appeared in that sheet last week.
and which we believe was writ
ten for a puri)ose to deceive, we are
compelled to refer to its statements
about the tickets of two years ago. and
errect the misrepresentation. That
paper said. ''Two years ago. after the
polls had been open for an hour or more.
our attention was called to the fact that
no State ticket was to be found except
the one printed, and sent out by our
-Col." Upon inquiry, the county chair
man found the State tickets in the ex
press office at the depot, brought them
up town" etc. This was intended to
create the impression that there was
sharp practice. The facts are. that on
Saturday night preceding the Tuesday
of the second primary, a package of
tickets reached the Manning express
office addressed to "D. J. Bradham"
and on the morning of the election Rev.
J. 0. Gough accosted County Chairman
J. Elbert Davis, and complained to him
of there being no State tickets. Mr.
Davis told him that he did not think it
was customary for State tickets to be
sent for the second primary, the voters
generally used the tickets left over from
the first primar'y. Mlr. Gough told hinm
he understood the tickets had been
shipped. Mr'. Davis then proffered to
walk to the depot to ascertain. having~
received no notice. Whereupon Mr.
Cough offered him his horse and
Mr. Davis rode down to the depot. and
inquired if there was any express mat
ter for him. The agent told him no.
and as he started out. he remembered
Cautain Bradhamn having been county
chairman just befor'e him. he inqiuir'ed
if ther'e was a package fox' "D. J1. Brad
ham County Chairman." No. was the
answer, and as Mr. Davis was about to
leave the office the agent called his
attention to a package addressed" "D.
J. Bradham." Mr. Davis asked to see
it. and it having the appearance of a
package of tickets, he obtained per
mission to deliver it to Captain Brad
ham. It will thus be seen that if any
body was at fault fox' not distributing
the tickets in second primary. it was
the man to whom the package was ad
dressed. We do not complain at his
not getting the tickets out to the boxes
because, had he received notice of the
arrival of the package, that notice
would not have been sent him before
the day before the election, and it was
too short a time to have them distri
buted throughout the county. What
we complain of. is his attempt to. by
indirection, put the blamne on the editor
of this paper whom he sneeringly speaks
of as "Col" The editor of this paper was
not county chairman.never has been,and
therefore not responsible for those or any
other tickets, and in fact had nothing
whatever to do with them. The "State"
ticket he speaks of as having been fur
nished by us wvas the very tfcket we
had at the head of our editorial columns
for weeks, and one of the names on it
was "For Secretary of State Daniel J.
Bradham.'' He did not complain of that
ticket then,nor did we hear a complaint
from him until after the election, and
then his complaint w"as not of that
"State ticket." of ours. but, of "C'ooper
and his whiskey."
We must apoligize to out' readers
for wasting so much space. and we
promise them, in the future, wve will
heed nothing more from that source as
we do not propose to give that paper
any more fr'ee advcertisingr.
Deafnes: Cannot be Cured
by local applications. ns they cannot reach the
dis':ased portion of the ear. There is only one
way to cure deaf ne..s. and that is by constitu
tional remedies. Deafness is caiused by an in
tiame.d condition of the mueous. linin of the
Eustachian Tube. whenm this tube gets iniflamt
ed you have a rumbling sound or imperfect hear
img. and when it is entireiv c used deafness is
the result, and unless the i.nuammation can be
taken out and this tube restored to its normal
condition.hearinc winl bed dsroyed foever: nine
cases out of ten are caused by caitarrh. which is
nothing but an muamied cond'itin of the mu
cous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dolars for any
case of Deafness (cautsedl by eatarrh) that eta
not be cured by Han's tutarrh Cure. 5-.nd fvr
circulars. free.
F. J. CH ENEY & CQ.. Toledoi. 0.
Sold by druggists. 75e.
Hail-s'Family Pills are the best.
The "Pr'ohibitionists" ar'e now cry
ing persecution, and are trying to win
votes for' their s'andar'd bearer, by mis
repre\se tiig those who had the manli
n.ess to deal henestlv with them. Those
papters which ar-e persisting in saying
that an attempt weas muade at the Exe
(eutive Commitittee mleet ink' to rule out
C.olonel Hoy t. are either~'l so ignorant,
they- cannot recad plain Eng'lih or' theyv
are' lpres~uming~' tiat thle oelople ar'e a
set of fools. The~ r'eports of that meet
ing statedl plainily that the intention to
rulie any white man out of the primary'
was disclaimed by those who wvanted to
follow the constitution. Did Mr. A. C.
i party out when he told them that. to
matnke nomination.s was un-Democratie?
The Irohibition nominee has. within
the past few 'lays, tiled his pledge.
Whet her he did like 'Mr. Brunsonwrite
outt a pledge of his own working. we do
not know, that is a matter for the State
chairman. but we do know that Colonel
Hoyt has always Iorne the reputat it n
of being a conscitntius niiii. andl his
signing the pledge requirel by tht
consttition of the Dem.rati paty,
under thl cumnt n may haw h
effect of miak~i sm' think (hat Con
'a-t isothli : r0 (it, \ th tt miat
u a high pinna
c ', pr-ove.s himnself ready to
atIV-iantag'' of loopholes, if a loop
dot eist ;in the constitution. Col
; foyt klo nows full well the inten
eion of the convention, and why it put
in a provision against factional nomi
nations. He knows it was meant to
control the primary. and to put all
Democrats on an equal footing. Ir.
Brunson refused to take the constitu
tional oath two years ago. and signed
an oath of his own making. We cannot
read a man's conscience. but we can
judge of his acts and so will the people.
Millions Given Away.
It is certainly gratifying: to the public to know
of one concern in the land who are not afraid to
be generous to the needy and suffering. The
proprietors of Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumpu.on. Coughs and Colds. have given
away over ten million trial bottles of this great
medicine: and have the satisfaction of knowing
it has absolutely cured thousands of hopeless
cases. Asthma.'bronchitis. hoarseness and all
diseases of the throat. chest and lungs are
surely cured by it. Call at the R. B. Loryea
Drug Store and get a free trial bottle. Regular
size 50c. and f1. Every bottle guaranteed, or
price refunded. 3
A Pretty Marriage.
Editor The Manning Times:
On last Wednesday afternoon, .une
6th. there assembled at the residence
of Mlr. H. S. Briggs a small number of
the nearest relations of the contracting
parties to witness the marriage of Miss
Camilla Briggs. eldest daughter of 'r.
H. S. Briggs,. and Ir. Willie Davis.
Promptly at 3 o'clock p. m. the bridal
couple entered. and took their position
in the center of a large room, where the
family and friends had gathered and
arran'ed themselves in a semi-cirele.
preparatory to the ceremony which was
performed by Rev. J. C. Bailey. After
the beautiful and impressive ceremony
was over, hand shCkiug and congratu
lations came in order, and many was
the "God bless you Camilla, God bless
you Billy." and the writer could not
help from adding and "long may ye
live and prosper."
Then M1r. Briggs to the surprise of all
threw open the door to an adjoining
room and invited everybody in to lunch.
and shades of Gormand, such a lunch.
The table which was beautifully adorn
ed with exquisite flowers tastefully ar
ranged. actually groaned with good
things. immediately after lunch the
lovely bride, who wore a handsome,
and verv becoming traveling suit.
and the groom who was also becomingly
attired. and by the way. judging from
his looks seemed to be the happiest man
in the crowd. bade adieu to their
friends, and seating themselves in a
beautiful buggy drawn by a handsome
pair of horses. started on a drive
through the country to Pinewood.where
they took the northern bound train for
a two week's trip to the up) country
wherec they anticipate a delightful time
at timel var'iouis watering places, and in
viewing the beautiful mountain scenery
of North Carolina. After which they
expect to retut'n home. It is the in
tention of I. Davis to make his home
at Panola when he is erecting a hand
some residence wbich is nearing com
A Good Congh Medicine.
It speaks well for Chamberlain's Cough Rt'm
edyl when druggists use it for their own families
in'preference to any other. -I have sold Chanm
berlains Cough Remedy for the past tive years
with complete satisfaction to myself and cus
tomers." says Druggist J. Goldsmith. Van Et
ten. N. Y. -"I have always used it in my own
family both for ordinary coughs and colds and
for thie cough following la grippe, and ind it
very emeltacious. For sale by the R. B. Loryea
Drug Store. Isaae M. Loryca. Prop.
Summerton Notes.
Editor The Manning Times:
The following are the iresolutions,
adopted by the Summerton Democratic
club on June 9th, 1900'
1. Resolved that the Summerton Dem
ocratic club most heartily endorse their
fellow townsman and club member.
John C. Lanham as a candidate for the
ofice of County Auditor.
1. Resolved, that we unreservedly
commend him to the voters of Clai'en
don county as a man, fully qualified for
the office.' and capable of discharging
every duty assumed thereby.
Rains h'ave been plentiful in our' comi
munity for tne past week, and our farm
ers have grass, if nothing more in
their' fields.
The base ball team is getting in shape
no', and we hope to get some gaimes
very soon.
Miisses Inez Felder'. Lillian ('antey
and Emmie Tindal and M1essrs. Sublct,
Dingle and Henry Cantey ai'e home for
the summer months.
Mrs. J. S. ('antey, who has been crit
ically ill. is some better, but imprioves
slowl. A. T. Dunlap is quite unwell
and may be confined to the hospital in
Sumter' for some time. S. 0. C.
Summerton, June 11, 1900.
It Saves the Children.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy has saved the
lives of thousands of croupy children. It is also
without an equal for colds and whooping cough.
For saile by the R. 13. Loryea Drug Store. Isaac
M. Loryca. Propr. tJanlay
The wise woman marries for protee
tioii as well as for r'evenuec.
should always be kept~in
the house for thegol
lowing reasons:
FiRST- Because, if any~ember
of the family has a hard'cold,' it
will cure it.
SECOND-.Because, if the chil
dren are delicate and sickly, it will
make them strong and well.
THIRD-Because, if the father or
mother is losing flesh and becom
ing thin and emaciated, it will build
them up and give them flesh and
FORTH -. Because it is the
standard remedy in all throat and
lung affections.
No household should be without it.
It can be taken in summer as well
as in winter.
co-eka;..lo drggists
"Many a Mckle
Makes a Muckle."
'Line upon tine" is the
way a building grows. The
'Mic k le' "in this Scotch
proverb is something very
smal. but the " muckle" is something
great. One microscopic bacillus makes
impure blood, and " muckle zvae" (much
disease and disaster) follows. Hood's
SarsaparilLa cleans the blood as nothing
else can. Ii brings " muckle " joy at
"mickle'" cost. Half teaspoonful doses.
Pimples-" Pimpies, blackheads and
a kind of rash covered my face. A
friend advised me to try Hood's Sarsapa
rilla. I Have taken three bottles and the
pimples are gone." Lizzie Meyerherm,
12 Hunterfly Place. Brooklyn, N. Y.
Hood's Pills cure liver ills: the non-irritating and
only cathartic to take with Hood's Sarsaparilla.
A gift with a string iti to it is a
great drawback to charity.
Mr. W. S. Wht-don. cashier of the First Na
tional Bank of Winterset. Iowa. in a recent let
ter gives some experienc- with a carpenter in
his employ that will be of value to other me
chanics. He say: " I had a carpenter working
for me who was obliged to stop work for several
days on account of beinr troubled with diar
rhoea. I mentioned to him that I had been
similarly troubled and that Chamberlain's Colic.
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy had cured me.
He bought a bottle of it from the druggist here
and informdc, me that one dose cured him. and
he i. aain at, is work." For sale by the R. H.
Loryea Drug SLore. Isaac M. Loryea. Prop.
Soniv people are better when they
are sick than at any other time.
Red Hot from the Gun
Was the ball that hit G. 13. Steadman of New
ark. Mich.. in the Civil War. It caused horrible
ulcers that no treatment helped for 2V years.
Then Bucklen's Arnica Salve cured him. Cures
cuts. bruises. burns. boils, felons. corns. skin
eruptions. Best pile cure on earth. i5 cents a
box. Cure guaranteed. Sold by the I. 13. Lor
yea Drug Store. 3
The jonly thing that is positively
known about angels is that nobody ever
saw one.
Unless food is digested quickly it will ferment
and irritate the stomach. After each meal take
a teaspoonful of Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. It di
gets what you eat and will allow you to eat all
you need of what you like. It never fails to cure
the worst cases of dyspepsia. It Is pleasant to
take. D. 0. Rhame. Summerton: Dr. W. M.
Brockinton. Manning.
The devil has quit handing out green
apples. It takes bicycles and Sunday
newspapers to catch the crowds nowa
Working Night and Day.
The busiest and mightiest little thing that
ever was made is Dr. King's New Life Pills.
Every pill is a sugar-coated globule of health.
that changes weakness into strength. listless
ness into energy. brain-fag into mental power.
They're wonderful in building up the health.
Only 25c. per box. Sold by the R. B. Loryea
Drug Store. 3
The most innocent girl knows that a
man is in love with her long before he
finds it out himself.
Negiect is the short step so many take from a
cough or cold to consumption. The early use of
One Minute Cough Cure )revents consumption.
It is the only harmless remedy that gives imme
diate results. It cures all throat and lung trou
bles. Children all like it and mothers endorse
it. D. 0. Rhame. Summerton: Dr. W. M. Brock
inton, Mannmn.
People's Tobacco Warehouse,
Manning Hardware Company's store,
These Baskets ar-e made of White
Oak and they are equal to any tobacco
basket on the market and
Call at the Manning Hardware store
and inspect them.
Is rapidly taking the place of all
I, other known remedies as a rheu -
o matic cure. laxative, tonic and
blood puritier. The reason is 0
plain, for it
QThere is no better time to treat
+rheumatism than duringr the
Q pigmonths. RHIEU.MACIDE
+ ossut $1 per bottle. Secure it0
and cure your
still head the list and are acknowledged b:r
ull to be the great c-oqueroirs of palm.
aches and diseases for wvhich they are
-Ramon's, Relief will positively cure
pa.inisof allkindls, soc-l as Headache. Sick
He-adache. Toothache. Neuralgia, Cramp
Colic. Pains in the stomach and Bowels,
Diarrh i-a, &-c., almost instatntly, and, as a
household remedyv for these sundden siek
nesses, it has no equacl in the world. "Once
tried. always used." Price 53 and 50 cents.
Sample bottles 10 cents.
Ramon's Nerve & 3one Oil is the
origitnal and only genutine Nerve- and Bone
Oil mud. It i., jut what its niame implies.
and penetrating quickly to thme nerve and
bone, relieves pamti crives awacy disease
and effec-tsaR pe-rmancent cnre. A specitic
for lRheumatismn, -sores. Bruises. Sprains.
Cuts. iurns, atudi all injunrie-s to the tiesh of
either manci or lben.-t. Price 25 tand 50 cents.
Sample bottles 30 ucen1s.
The genuine has the name blown in the
bottle. Tihe Relief is pcut up in square red
carvtoonfs and the Oil in green eartoot
The R. B. LoryeaDrug Store.
Soda Water!
Over twenty different drinks served
*-..NEw NO. eso.
The Skilful Physician Demands a Skilful Phar- Notice to Surveyors.
maclst, the Patient Requires Both.
.1lid, will be received up to Saturday,
June 1th, for -,urveying proposed pub
Relab t lie road to run in a direct route from
Rianning. S. C.. to Summerton, S. ('.
Surveyor to furnish hands for carring
Skill, T. C. OWENS.
Sup't Clarendon County.
.' 11ning., S. C.. .Tune 5.1900. [l
Promw tnhes s Teachers' Examination.
Since we entered the drug bhisines
we have faithfully endeavored to meet The regular iummer examination for
these three requirements. teachers' ertificates will be held in
Reliability. Our Drugs are ab- Mannin on Friday. the 15th day of
lutely pu re.No adulteration toleIted. Junec. Examination to begin rnomlltly
at 91 o'clock. L. L. W-LLS.
Skill. 1-'veiv precaution excisied Sup't of Education.
in the tilling of I'rescriptions: c l Os -n 4. 1100. [2t.
attention to the most minute details:
correctnesip e.O f eident M:ina
Promptness. No unwarranted di- 'THE POSITION ger for the STATE
lay. no tardiness. no procrastination in MUTUAL LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY of
filling 1'rescri~t iiOs. .\Itssahuset ts for Manning :and vicin
Our large aId inicreasig liratrolIage itv is open to a man of character and
indicates that these met odils o'are a alhilitv. A "ood contract. with renewal
ciated by. tht lOlhlic. interest. will he given to a gootd man.
Address SANBOlN ( CHASE.
General Agent.
THE -) -st I Florence. 1. C.
R. B. LORYEA For Sale or Rent.
The Lot and )welling of R:ev. Jaies
DRUG ST0EE ~, nIlowt-en in Manning.
Also two desirable Building Lots ad
ISAAC M. LORYEA, Propr. joining for sale. For terms apply to
.Manning. S. '.
Sign of Golden SURVEYOR'S CARD.
Parties desiring surveys and plats
made will receive my most careful and
accurate attention.
I am supplied with improved instru
ments. Address.
Summerton. S. C.
For Sale. I
Two Second-I iand Cins. Feeders and ILSON & DuRANT,
Condensers. complete. will be sold
cheap. Thev are in rood condition. .l//orwys and Counselors (it 1,0'.,
Manning. S. C. MANNING. S. C.
EFFECTED BY Gerstle's Female Panacea.
One Bottle Cured Where Physician Failed.
to a young lady customer whom our physician ad given
- -up as hopeless. and told her if it did her no good she need
cured and has been in good health ever since.
Moore's Bridge. Ala. J. R. GILLILAND.
Health Restored.
I was weak and in very bad
4 -/- health and unable to do my
work. I used one bottle of
AF CEA (G. F. P.) and it did
me more good than anything I
If there is any Cos- ever used. I am now in good
tiveness, use St. Jo- health and can domy work.
tiveessuse t. J- MIs. S. E. CHANDLER.
seph's Liver Regula- Gin. Ark.
tor until the Bowels I
become regular. Get
It from your druggist,
or send us 25 cents
and we will send you j:
a package, prepaid.
Suffered from Change of Life.
My wift betide '
was sick for seven years. sufferin from the -
Change of tife We tried everything we could get from 4
the doctors and paid out a considerable sum for treat- O I
ent without any good result. We then began using . \
tRSTLr,s FEMAL9 PAN CAt F. P.) and it did
more gothan al else we a use'forsixyears. Itis
the greatest remedy for suffering females ever placed
on the market. J. D. BORDEN. Colmesneil. Tex.
If your druggist does not keep it, send us $1.oo and will send you a
bottle, all charges paid. L. GERSTLE & CO., Chattanoogn, Tenn.
801.1La The L 3E Larye a M or'e, kIac Ki Loryea, Pro ,
Your Head Aches TO=day.
It is a small matter; but it ached two days
ago, and again a week ago. You are acquiring
'.a habit of headache. That must be stopped. The
trouble is with your liver. You want a mild lax
ative, and then a tonic to stimulate the appetite
and make the blood rich and pure.
'. druggis forJV
A 'Word
- No onebut yourselves know of the
- suff~er yougo through. Why do
- * . lse yorhealth and beauty, (for the
loss ofoeis speedily followed by the
S loss of the ether.) .Dn'1 fec wa
- and " worn out." Imnure blood is at
~ ~ \ ' ~ the bottom of all your- troubTh.
thebo o hEath backl contain yora
PaInful and Supressed Menses, Irregularity, Leucorrhea Whites Steriiy ,Ulcers-.
JOHYNsT~oNsusAZ1 ZI~uIt irarealad paae fofr heae paIns In the.left
a orc mk av "terage wtoma life so mIserable. Wehave a book ful of
" THE MCMIGlA IIIUCG CO." Detroit, Mich.
Livete fr LUver nIs, Th ameus Uittle Iver Pills. 256.
Dr. W. M. Brookinton, Manning, S. C.
I have on hand over two hundred pairs of
Ladies' Sandals and Oxford Ties
That I am going to sell
Regardless of Cost.
Tis olfer is, for TWO WEEKS ONLY.
So if you want a pailr of nice Slippers
c'heap~er than you can buy anywher-e else,
don't wait. Come and supply yourself
before they are all gone.
I am not talking just to attract attention
as miany advertisers do, but I meatn just
what I say.
Dcmui1 T cN 1v.
uWe have jist received a lot of nice, seasonable goods which we know
will inoterst ou. Among other thiugs are:
TWO-GALLON WATER1 COOLERS....................$1 60
WIRE DI11 COVElS.............................8 and 10e each
THREE PRONG ICE CHISELS................... ........15c
W IRE FLY TRAPS......................................15c each
[CE CREAMI FREEZERS-l-qt.. *1.35: 2-qt.. $1.75: 3-qt.. $2.25: 4-qt., $2.75.
STONE CHURNS..........................1-gal., 25c.: 2-gal., 35c
POTATO MASHERS.........................................25c
H AM M OCKS.................................................I.25
TOOTHPICKS-large package..................................05
We have lately received a large consignment of STOVES, and can safely
say that we have the best assortment of them to choose from that has ever been
shown in Clarendon County. Our prices. too, are so reasonable that they excite
comment from every one. We can assure you that you can do as well with us in
making purchases as you can anywhere.
We still have a few of those cheap Oraugeburg Sweeps and Cottou Hoes
on hand.
We have latel v received a lot of Paris Green Distributors or Sprayers and
will endeavor to have them on hand when wanted.
Our One-Horse Harrows have been in great demand. We still have a few.
Will find our stock of Builders' Hardware in good shape. We have
Valley Tin. Locks. Hinges. Nails in endless variety. Also White Lead, Oil and
Colors for Painters.
Remember our
Have been tried and proven the best on earth. We have Bicycle Repairs
at lowest prices.
Very truly yours,
Manning Hardware Co.
Did you know that we have the largest and most complete stock of Grocer
ies of any house in Sumter. and always prepared to meet the demands in our
Our trade has grown to such extent that we are forced to have more room.
In addition to our large store and warehouse that we now have we are fitting up
a 90-foot warehouse between the Atlantic Coast Line and Southern depots in
order that we may be in better position to supply the demands.
In addition to our large stock of goods on hand, we have lots of goods bought
at factories that we can ship direct to you and save you money.
We give you a FEW PRICES BELOW. but as we have not space to give
you a full list of prices, will ask that you write or come and get our prices which
we will furnish with pleasure.
Best Large Lump Starch, 40-lb. boxes.....................................34c lb
Best Soda. 60-lb. boxes. 1-lb. packages. at............................$2 per box
Star Lye, $3 per case, 4 dozen. Delivered in 5 case lots.
Rex Baking Powders - and 1-lb. cans. $3.60 per case of 100 J and 50 lbs. Deliv
ered in 5 case lots. with 1 ease Rex Soda, 60 lbs., free.
TEA.-Good Black and Green. 10-lb. caddies..............................35c lb
DIMlE 3MILK.-Four dozen in case. at............................$3.50 per case
OLD VIRGINIA CHEROOTS-Three for 5c, at............$12.50 per thousand
OLD GLORY CHEROOTS-Five for 10c......................$14 per thousand
CIGARS-The finest 5c Cigars on the market..................$35 per thousand
SCHNAPPS TOBACCO-10-lb. Caddies..............................35c per lb
EARLY BIRD TOBACCO-10-lb. Caddies...........................35c per lb
SWEEP APPLE TOBACCO-10-lb. Caddies.........................34c per lb
LALLA ROOK TOBACCO-10-lb. Caddies..........................32c per lb
BIG WHISTLE TOBACCO-10-lb. Caddies..........................36c per lb
RED EYE TOBACCO-8 plugs to lb.. 10-lb. Caddies..................27c per lb
M EAL:::::::::::::::G RITS
And other Goods at LOW EST PRICES. Ask for prices which we will furnish
S~lVET~rt, S. C~.
Look to Your Interest.
Here we are, still in the lead, and why suffer with your eyes wvhen you
can be suited with a pair of Spectacles with so little trouble' We carry the
Celebrated HAWKES Spectacles and 6lasses,
Which we are offering very cheap, from 25c to $2.50 and Gold Frames at $3
to $6. Call and be suited.
WW*S3A2.* 020C32
159 East Bay - - Charleston, S. C.
* WVe Would le ild4 to LVm You Write Ui for Fric m
The Percival Manufacturing Company,
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Frames, Mantels, Turning,
Moulding, Scroll Work, Stair Work,
.\nd every description of house-finishing wood work.
We are prepared to compete with any establishment in the United States in
prices and quality of work. Get an estimate from us before purchasing else
YouI W7i11 Sa~7e Money "Ey It.
THE TIMES Neatly and at
Office Does JY '" Lowest Prices.
D)R. M0OFFETT'S Allays Irritation, AIds Digestlon,
> ~ n rr II lRegulates the Bowels,
-H u ~ nStrengthens the Child,
(Teething Powders) ATEETftlSA Relieves the Bowel
- AS AP . Troubles of Children of
- . Costs only 23 cents at Druggists, ANY AGE. J
Dank of Manning,
Transacts a general banking busi
Prompt and special attentirn given
to depositors residing out of towln.
Deposits solicited.
All collections have prompt atten
Business hours from 9 a. w. to 3
p. mll.
A. LEVI, Cashier.
J. W. McLEOD, W. E. BiloWN,
A. LEvi.
South Carolina College,
A. B.. B. S.. A. M.. LL.B.. L. I. Courses-.
Spring Courses free for Teachers. Fourteen
Professors: 33.000 volurnes in library: excel
lent laboratories. class-rowns. gymnasium. in
drmarV athletic -rounds. Tuition 40. other
fees 51$. a session:- tuition remitted to needy
students. Expenses M15 to 5175 a session. Cer
titled Pupils from forty-five Accredited Schools
enter its Freshman Class without examination.
Entrance and "Normal Scholarship Examina
tions held at every county-seat. Friday. July 20.
1900. by County Superintendents.
Next session opens September 26, 1900. For
catalogue, address.
To Consumers
Lager Beer,
We are now in position to ship Beer
all over this State at the following
Pints, "Export bottles," five and ten
dozen in package. at
90c. Per Dozen.
We will allow you 1& per dozen f.o.b.
your depot for all Export pint bottles
and can use all other bottles and will
give standard prices for same.
Cash Must Accompany All Orders.
All orders shall have our prompt and
careful attention.
T Hl E
Charleston, S. C.
Clothing .
Is where you get the right
sort of Clothes without dan
ger of mistake. Our Clothes
are of the right sort, and you
will appreciate their excel
lence and smallness of cost.
We Make Clothes to Order
for those who prefer them.
Lasting Materials, proper fit
an-i make and moderate pri
ces. Your orders will have
our best attention.
5. W. Cor. King andl Wentworth Sts.,
Geo. S. Hacker&Son
Molingrand uailding
Sash eighs an Cors an
uildr' adwr .h
IDwillsd Svyin, Bl.,indCsren
doulindaomg andounildin
I ldpepred't negotiate.lan
Won good an estasurStyconlrea
donable adjinngContes
Cal t ffceoradres Sumter, S.
L. . KRANoxFF,
Ipamparepare totrt nortit loasit
ing Ad rs. 0. PRDYF,
Smnin, S. C.
Aill ni h Inetieat~ A nmaec
trats or ll iad Nof buildng ad iseed
ifer A -sls.ntLwe.ah ..

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