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ieht Wanning Sime.
MANNING, S. C.. AUG. l. 1900.
1-..:r months.
one sqae. one .ti :each subsequent in
-ert .n. 5 cents. Obituaries and Tributes if
;-pet.t chw.ti (1 o s regiutar adv.ertisemets. i
Li brd ti Lat: made for three, s.x and twelv
':ntnunicationis must be accompanied by thA
-a: nar.e and address of the writer in order te
-'.eive attientioln.
No communication of a personat chararn
w. be published except as an ader tiemnt.
Entered at the Postolce at Ml'.a-ne
und Class matter.
Copies of this paper may
Washingtol in the oeie o e . ' N M
pondent. E. G. sir.ar.
Washington. I). C.
For President:
For Vice-President:
A great deal of political capi
tal is being made of Senator Till
man's assertion "that the preach
ers and barkeepers are in an un
holy alliance led by Col. Hoyt to
destroy the dispensary." We
have iot the slightest idea that
Senator Tillman intended to con
vey the impression that there ex
isted a written, or even a verbal
agreement between the preach
ers and barkeepers, but that both
the preachers and the barkeep
ers are working for the same
end-the destruction of the dis
pensary. No one doubts that
high motives are prompting the
clergy, and in their zeal for a
cause which they regard a reli
gious one, they do not stop to
consider the practical results:
the one leading idea with them
is to bring about a condition of
holiness which they think ought
to exist. The barkeepers and
anti-dispensary forces are taking
advantage of the religious fervor
of the preachers to destroy the
dispensary, and without any for
mal agreement or alliance, they
have tacked on to the preachers
in the effort to kill the dispen
sary, thus making the preachers
and barkeepers enlisted in the
same cause. but with different
Senator Tillman's blunt and
harsh statement has aroused the
resentment of the preachers and
they, with a show of righteous
indignation, are using the Sena
tor's statement as a cudgel to
wield over the heads of church
mnember-s to make votes for Col.
Hoyt. We have no idea that
there is a preacher in South Car
olina who thinks Senator Till
man meant that the preachers
and barkeepers had actually
made a compact, but all the same
it gives them material for an ex
cuse to electioneer for Col. Hoyt,
and they are not failing to take
advantage of it. We do not know
what effect the preachers are go
ing to have in this election; they
are a large body and should have
influence, but if the preachers
continue messing in politics an
injurious effect on the church
is bound to be the final
result. We read where this
and that preacher has condemn
ed the opinion expressed by Sen
ator Tillman, but nowhere have
we read where the preachers
have expressed approval of Gov
ernor McSweeney's course in the
Florence matter, where he did
his sworn duty, and showed to
the people that he was a man
who cared more for his oath than
he did for the votes of a mob.
No, but had Governor McSwee
ney acted in accordance with the
wishes of the mob, the preachers
would have denounced him, and
for fear that their candidate, Col.
Hoyt, may lose votes. they with
hold the praise Governor Mc
Sweeney so justly merits.
We are thoroughly convinced
that the present prohibition
movement is politics pure and
simple, engineered by politicians
for the purpose of getting con
trol of the official positions. The
politicians hare shrewdly man
aged to get the preachers on
their side, by professing to advo
cate a moral principle: this pro
fession has caught a great many
good men who will say they have
no idea that we can have prohi.
bition, but ti e fact that the ques
tion is here. they must record
their votes in favor of the priop)
osition, and leave the results
with (;od. Then.l there are othei
me equally as grood, who take
the view that every man is en
dowed with the faculty of think
ing for himself and that God will
hold him responsible, if by his
act or vote he brings about a
condition worse than we have
now. We agree with the latter
view, to cast a vote for- prohibi
tion when we believe that such a
results, and do so with the idea
that we leave the results with
God, is, in our mind, nothing
short of fanaticism. We heard
a man say recently, -I would
vote for prohibition even if 1
knew that liquor would be sold
at every turn in the roaibd.eause
prohibition is right, that l have
nothing to do with the results,
those I leave to rod.
such a iman there is no use *r\'in,
to reasol. He would have the
evil which he feels called upon
to drive out. --at every turn in
the road - rather than vote to
have somlie protectioll from the
The matter for reasonable men
to consider, is not whether pro
hibition is right or wrong, but
will a prohibitory law on our
statute books at this time be to
the best interests of the State?
In our judgment it will not, for
we honestly believe, the ideal
condition hoped for by the
preachers, is a dream, which can
never be realized on this earth,
and one which, if brought about,
will give freer sway to the
liquor evil and retard the
cause of religion, and will
result in financial benefit to
the barkeepers whose votes will
be allied with that of the preach
ers to destroy the present sys
tem of liquor control.
If the preachers and barkeep
ers succeed in electing Col. Hoyt
with a Legislature to enact a
prohibitory law, how will the
law be enforced' The dispen
sary law now requires sherifs and
magistrates to see after its en
forcement, and we have vet to
see where a sheriff or mag-istrate
attempted to enforce the law.
Would it not be the same with
prohibition" There is an old
saying, "what is everybody's
business is nobody's business,"
and a prohibitory law cannot and
will not be enforced if, as Col.
Hoyt says, "the enforcement
will be left to the local officers."
Well, suppose that to enforce
prohibition an army of consta
bles are employed, where is the
money to pay them to come from
An extra tax would have to be
levied to raise the money to pay
constables. The r-evinue now
coming from the dispensary goes
to the public schools and county
expenses, take i' away and the
tax levy is bound to be raised in
order to meet the deficiency
Are our readers ready and will
ing to contribute money out of
their pockets by paying~ more
taxes, simply to gratify a theory
which they know is imp~ractic-a
We lh-ar- Prohibitionists talk
about '-blind tigr-s,"- and that
the dispensary law is not c-arr-ied
out. Will these same people
show where they have ever given
the slightest aid to help (-arry
out the lawy How many of them
have sat on juries and refused to
convict a blind tiger with dir-ect
proofy How many of these pro
fessing Pr-ohibitionists have pat
ronized blind tigers and how
many of them are inter-ested in
blind tigersy If an examination
of the freight and express books
could be had, we ventur-e the as
sertion that package after pack
age is recorded in the name of a
Prohibitionist, and probably
some who are taking such a lead
ing part that their names will
be found attachedi to c-alls for
prohibition conlvent ions or were
delegates to the (convention~
which nominated Col.- Hoyvt.
Prohibition is a failur-e wher
ever tried, and the dispensary
system, while not altogether as
perfect as we would like to see
it is the best liquor regulation
et devised. This is an age
where people do their own think
ing, and if they drink they (10
their own drinking. Notwith
standing the beautiful theor-ies
of the preachers, the people will
drink liquor: this being so. they
will have it, and the best way to
manage the (vil---for' we adimit it
is an evil-is to throw such safe
guards around its sale as wvill
take away the alluring induce
ments, and thereby reduce its
consumption in tile most practi
cal way.
$100 Reward, $100.
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learn that there is at le-ast on.e dre-aded diseae
that science has been able to cure in all its
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frteniy catarrh inglu a conlstitutionaldi
ca- r-uire- a constutional treatment!. Hall
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u)o th- bloo-d and ueous sufa. -of - - the.s
te -Z. there-by detstving thie foundtion io the .
di a eknd - iving :he pati:nt strengt h by bild
in up the co-nstitutionk antd ---i-.in I aur
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a ih in its curative- powers. that they~ ofe a '
nude olr t-r any ca-e tha itfiN
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te a mani shet loves him - u-.rs
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consequence. but i -hows yor bloo I pu
and impure b lo is wha case
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b~oo. meudin coful a ndtlt hrun"
Coke Davis in the Phiipi-es.
Edeor Ti'he 'M.:an :
'Tis said "an idle b~ralin. i lld dt \ih
work-ioI)." n'li i I t i:tit' the
.. .ii.. in \"yo :u ll t";1. )y Wm. w enmost,
fi. ti, I ti:i k wi ti fill a fun a whie
W h ha'e tnt ' io t but sit
down"a ide away timett. watch the beauti
al *h , iin y pat-s by and think of
luonn-. ,\\t;-ht arts and fr'iends. The're
i.. ol:\ o'ne tingl; in this country that
Rioksi t lk" the satme thing at homte. the
rain-hotw, it is a gr1eat c'onsolationl too.
for the rain doesu't -ome dtiovn in i rps.
it simlply" pourst. 'iTe rainy sea:sonl b:as
commllenc'ed. if thet l1suret"!s aut uls
hack in the ti'eneh's we will I \t"
the Republican ticket when we ti
back home. There is ,till lIt ' f i o :?
ing on the Islands and :ill kind of tu
imors. but in this Pvitnxijt i, very
quiet. if it citntinuta s a, quietall o f
U-:swi lt -'k , hti n. :ii d a -nti
will seare ii ua I tIut' i ' tha eatlti t e
we heard. .\bhu:t Ih'. Is' of thi:'.3
tit i- :lian to hit tim ilk :hi : 1 i.
ea .tlalaia bhail ao r: iait i iD's ", n
ritLna ftlts l tit l il'ni t' tti - ett'
tit'. I Dt I h e mii tt iln teitlh bentail'n
of the *viIit. h a;.. 'nld ii h. -;\" I iiii
tie, sco t he ll cotunu-y fo , event\"'1 da.\
halitint he alled l'i n the 5iar an
.\lalla"al's r"ioke., hlull alli that could, lt'
seetn was SWnI-k,hitrt-talil cro"s~ing; te
ll untaint s in the diistan e.
The natives ha:l a big parai- iet' on
11t'w 1lth.l eb tn Ithe day oft l't'rpus
Christi. we had tirt t t'o T it 'tt n i lu
tl'rac' anti jst .' :n. : it e a\' I Wo
oir '.hto tle Iaitives calitit'i'd l is t y
of 0Lila irtom ll- th ,I fanialis and cre' is
ano'w ihtyt e ie it. h't t and fs cam e hitre
frem all t i's thWe l'rovxxitnceii taking
a't in tie iphade apparently friendly.
'whenl twithotut warin1g the l'ilpino's
nuled out thei bloxIw at thet' oulnd If
a hu('le in the diistanet and fte!! upin
their enenly. T'il'e Spaniards we'l
totdpleteli surpriseti those ltt i'ere
not killed pon the streets retreated ito
the church anil were ain c'mpelled to
To show ou what feelings till exi-l.
not longe ago, two, famllihs "vamnoosed
and went to M.\anila fr fart of being
holowed. on two or thn-e ic sions the
Amerdian 'ice wors at Illts ant wtee
tfertainet'dv at' de'm an sonI astit lt'temy
heard it tley set them wtor tlo k li'
twndhe nrt'd e' at talik(d 'tiosy ouled
he tho l th o' nr ll it' killt-d.
L>ften ti In-urge nst havt :tlit' I ngled
t attackin 'tittyis. L-t' i' inu n(' th whot
b, fbr-en ti :t' a of t he .\m eritn an
.. lfii tr. i 'w l l ' oni e d e th l ie Prei
ritin all a sht tis tied in the town
-li coons would liook alike"' one hun
dred yards away. andi there Would he
ny one hinil ag left a.mi the in'meri
aoss would occu y sate. We would be
only too glad to hte attacked while fresh.
for it isn't pieasant to iun 1u aganst
themii after matcin fite or two dat's
For all 1 enre they tt remain away.
tae not looking ter ai light any iore. aii
perfetly sattiied with three btattles
and two krlibes on m dtischarge.
although we may be ordered to china
any day. Two rngtiinents and a battery
of oartifler are under orders to leave
for china at once. It now looks like
the )rettmition made by hiago s great
Prxophet last y ar will c ttm ' trule. H
prediction 1 eve i' -- is that the English
sneaking natittns will conoier the otrld
b'fre 'tw tendof tothe next century.
Now I aml oi' n To givt YOU Some
real fact; whie is har"itd to believe after
writing all ablut the hattes liy coo
pany and battalion have patrticipattedl in
since landing at Manila. I don't sup
post history has repeated itself in this
rase and I dot not beleive it Will ev\er do
fromi atl ts yfott thoted Sate
wtee broult' itiotgsiii ethtan form-l~
d i~to m a h at.' alho tii aniit d drfled'
four: x hourst :.ti ay t'for d t~e-mnt i.
th lit'cii otb lithel' broadi li'I Pac t.iIietan
I tit hadtt onal Ndzen iries. i
Th tenm ini tropI ical tima- te tand
Sam loose at t' man b de t have tily oneii
lil n wone.t h is n owxit i~ on t duity'
of mybattal ti'o pr itwt'n
atthe- k'alin now in .te xverv'iceo
it:t aeve in')xxv t the lais-.\miridcan
I ar noted for thaengipn o up~
Th-ey' weaked n younir thry and
eesand go lungsicand. lTiw to i
staeorgaioustroubl e r gowr
nteie Scott's Euloa ripy
lelone. tn sohies, itlooks~ lik
an curesi. inhhatirta
WeOae'rrt:'in y gldiwehae otin
The Church in Politics.
The action of the Greenville Di.strict
Conference, or rather the action of the
committee on temperance. calls for crit
ieisl. With all due respect to those
who conlposed that religious body. it.
really setims to mne that the committee
on t emperance fare not altogether ('Ol
sistent in the position they have taken
oin Iht' whijsket y iuiestion. It is evident
that a ltoost ti- it' so-called 1 'rohihi
I iol candidate has iteen attemhptt(d un
dir ht' sacr id cover of the church. but
in doiuie this tile commit tee have cer
ta inly lot si iht of the moral and chris
ia iie of this question. as regards the
National imipotance of such a ques
tion. Thne commnittee. in pre~par'ing
ti-i' iepottiii. tVe're not content with set
tin" furth lt t evils of intempcrance,
i;m actually adtletti. a- a means of con
*tdlin.' it wthiskey evil, the same
It;2 lto'o tsed hivt the P'rohlib~iton ('on
t'n1tion.'rd for word: that is. that
h. tait of p iition lituors be restriet
tel tio - l i nal. l t its inilenctal ato
, it iiet' purtp..es." No f. tlr. Editor
( .:lV 'ttt"il b hiektv t (lr peoplem- saht
tools that tleillcanot discern the eo
li itus luibiinlg indulged in by this
-iniutlittce. It is all right fior lawyers
to indul te in le'gal quibbles andi hair
splitting. but when it comes to the
i:hurle of Godtt lending its influence to
I political party composed of the old
tar room whisker element and a lot of
potlitical schem~ners, under the guise of
I'rohlibition. .ueh an act on the pari of
u- clmreh re'prese'ntatives is a shame
;iul hiwering~ of the church's influence.
iw report of the committee says that
the sale of whiskey nas a beverage is a
crime against the State, as well as
against God that ought to be suppress
ed." yet this same document would pro
vide'for the manufacture and sale of
whisker hv restricting it to "medicinal,
sacratenittl and scientific purposes."
So the intelligent and discriminating
reader will perceive that the committee
does not propose to absolutely prohibit
the manufacture and sale of whiskey.
hut simply to make a change in the
mni~tlnt'r of dealing with it. which. in
the comiiittee's opinion, would be a
ittir way to deal with the liquor busi
ne's titan a at present managed. Ob
, e. however. that the State would
still have to maintain a dispensary or
lts mlake dispensaries out of the drug
store. From a religious or christian
point of view. why have whiskey at all?
if the handling of whiskey by the State,
as is now done, is so demoralizing and
hone blighting. why provide for its
sale in any forni Why not abolish it
altogethti' and prohibit its manufac
ture? Wiy practice deception by pro
posilg to "restrict its sale to medicinal.
sacramental and scientific purposes?"
F'or how easy it will be to get whiskey for
--medicinal" purposes? How easy for
"'seientitie" purposes' And in the name
of Godt what earthly use can the church
have for spirituous liquors for sacra
mental' purposes'? The wine that
Christ made. it has been contended.
was the pure juice oi the grape and un
fermented: and if this be so. why not use
that kintd of wine for "sacramental"
purposes. without having to provide a
. place to keep fermented wine for ""sac
ramt'ntal purposes:" And then again.
Mr. .ditor. if tilt' "sale and nianufac
tut e" of whiskey is a crime against the
State. is it not just as great a crime
against the entire nation. and just as
much subject to restriction as a "crime"
against the nation as against the State?
Yet these good preacher's never said a
word along this line. notwithstanding
thirt is a National Prohibition and
anti-whi.,key party that has put up can
dtidatts for I'resident and Vice Presi
tent. bt thiese giod preachers will
nt-vter Vot. fori tem -they will vote
ciir for ilekinley oi Bryan,. without
sit muenic., a word of encouragement
fir ile Nat ional l'trohibition nominees.
Now. whent-i is the Christian and moral
iclnt ive or duty that they claim ac
tuat11es them'i in their light for the re
stieitn oii f tiw' liquor evily it posi
liht thaI~t these good prieachers camn feel
stuh dtecin religiouis conic!rn for the
heat hen 'in foreign lands yet he in
dil~rnit to the whiskey evil beyond
thit boirderis of thejir own State? Deai
ilari ac t in was evi-r takn by ai like
re ligious iboditty prio'' tus to tithe u Reor
t" Iof the Stte. gover'nmleut and eo
:LabIih-hing the ispensary in p lace of
theid I ar' r'ooms. you can safe-ly put, it
dotwli as an elfloirt, to restoire the same
old state of political aifair's that existed
prior- t o 19.
.\id furthiermuore. it is ac knowiledged
by a ft'w good pastors in out' city chuirchi
es hat an overiwhelmning mtajor'ity of
our leading pr'eachler's and churich miem
hit-s are m~orec in synipathy with thet
wea'lthyv anti society classes in tile
chui-'tntan thev' are with the labor
ing classes and 'the poor and humble
nort ion of the chureh's mnembership.
Suchi ('hiristian organizations that
would seek to accomplish a political
prphoSte by appealing to Chr'istian sen
timient. yet is not biroad enough to in
'lude' the wihole woirld in its scope. eer
tainil does not deseirve to be counnte
nanec'd. When the' preacher'scan show
thatt thev ar'e as mitch inter'estced in
saving tilte souls of the masses of comn
m lon folks. instead of regar'ding the
- ichrc as a kind of select religiouseclub
hat is permtitted to put aside ('hirist's
teat'bings as regards the poor,. then and
noit tiil then can they expect tto exer't
rvr imh influeince in State politie's.
it is a sad ('ommnentar'v on the teachings
of thie great anti holy Friend of the
por but1 never('itheless5 a fact thlat the
ch'lurchl in this day and time. does not
st for! the poolr. ('mI.
Glorious News.
Com-'-s Irtom Dr. iD. ii. C'arrile of Wt.hita. I.
T. Hei writes-: '"itour botttle'sif Eleetrit' Bitters
has eurid .\r-. Hr-twevri! -crotfula. whichl c-aused
htr ieat --urltering for yea:r-. 'Tetrrible stires
wou.ldt break out oni her head! tand tace'. andt the
b., t -totri' culdt! ive not ihelit: but hetr c'ure is
re Hitr'. is the bes"t blootd puriter knitwit.
its thet sup~reme remedy for eezema. tettier. salt
rhetun. uleer-. boils andu runnuine uores. it stima
Stages of Water.
<amniti. July -t ' a. at. -ltteizht of Wateree
ri'.erA.5 feet. bingat a rise -: I-It) of a fotot duringr
na:24 ho.a-l.
ti1 tiet. bteing a falt t-f '2 feet durinr past '24
CLturnia. JuLy .t. 8 Ii. il.- Height of t'onita
ree river. O.5 fee't. bing '.tationatry durinti patst
-21 ihour-.
Juitvy 3J. a.tm.--Heiutht of ('ontraree' river.
:vuv-. inicar ristet of 1o a toot durinlg Past
S:. Steph-n's. July -:7. S a. m.-Heiiht of
Satee river. 3.5 feet. being a rise tf 5-it0 of a
foot d uring ptast 21 htout s.
July 30i. 's a. m. Hleirttt of Santtee river. 5.5
:ee:. beinllu a rise- ofI i10 tif a hitit durnga pait 24
tpesia ,lave' theit lol hav iig appropr-)uiate
reinideinii iofIh -us' famous blessing
-''mtihav ul nonf thtiuant i: utw
have no-t ind we~t~llli can t-KtodolDyt
t' -:i eiarst what ou eat. Itin-e
relder News.
Editor The a.I:;nnin:: Times:
A long time ago we would oc ta 'slin
ally see letters from this place, but here
Of late they have failed to appear. We -
eannot. un~ders;tand this silence and in
tendl breaking it.
The erops in this section are tolcta
bly ;,rood: the last dry spell reVents
0i1r hragging o,1In i lin.
i1 r. C. l. Stratng~e has the uiost prom
isingr erop in this section.
Mr. A. -. Felder has a young lady
from;I Columbia visit iug at his home.
We don't know tvlt lie intends doing
about it. but if we were in his place we
would "tiike hay while the sun shines."
Miss 1aisy 'indal is attending the
suntier school at I oek hill.
2lisse- Irma Smith and .\lmia Stansill
of Sut arave visiti n at Mi. P. A. Fel
.\lr-. Ih-nre Thonias :uul chlibiren of
( 'hikisttn are spending siic tjilt at
t la- houw (,f in. .la;. I:. Ti'intia!.
Thell seasott for- pr1ott-:tesi ineeting
is agatin Iuplon l s. 'fiT he lav. .. Fal: -
low, :. L o contluete w il t' e et in- :a ('al
var-y tWO sitllilnels tigo will i- .riti Is
again the IirUst Su rnlay in .\ugiust fo r
the saie tuIpose. Mr. Fallow is quite
a favorite in t his coniniunil i We are
looking forward to a "IIxl] meeting-.
Now. 'Mr. -ditor. if we tintd ion have
roomh for such letters as thi.. wtv will
write yti aTain so))n.
En:I. t tI .
Febier, S. ('.. .1uly '2. lI.H ).
I'-Iple whol) claiin to have no ViceS
usually have but few virtues.
Question Answered.
Ye:. August Flower still has the lar
gest sale of any medicine in, the civil
ized world. Your muothers and grantl
miothet never thought of using- any
thing else for Indigestion or Bilious
ness. Doetl;irs were scarce and they
sellom n- ard of AIIitudicitis. .\ervous
Prostrationl or Heart failure. tc. They
used .\utust Flower to clean out the
s- tet atl stop fernwntatioll of undi
gested tood. regulate the action of the
liver. stimulate the nervous iii1i org'aniC
action of the system. and iht is alI they
took win feeling dull aw! boi' with
headache- anl other aches. Iou only
need a faw Atioses of Gr\en .\uust
Flower. in liquid forn. to niake you Sat
isied there is nothIi inr ser11 its t' mliat
ter with .mu. For sale h,,- tih- 1. !3.
Loi're: )tu- Storc. Isaac MI. Ioryea.
PrpiItr. a
When a ian's t eiper is ndi]i. his
berws are usuall v knit.
Cramps. tlysent er'V. (boltra itorbus,
diarrhIa. nt;ud. indeed. all howel coin
plaints quickly relieved by I 'ttimY I)A
l' , IK lI LLJ it. a safe. stirt' ;ad
spedy curt. fo:- all the trou-les named.
Every relitable dr'tugist keens a Sul
ply. Eai hotte has full directions.
Avoid substitutes. there is bit one
Pain-Killer. ijrry Davis'. 25e and 5oe.
Mv bh wats territl sick with the diar
rhca'." sn'vs J. II. Deat of Wiliians. Oreaon.
-- We were'un b:l tu hita with the doctr 's
assistance. and as a last resort we tried Chain
berlain's Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoea Itemedy.
I am happy to say it lave imtmedit relief :and
a complete cure." For sale by the R. B. .1 r
yea Druz Store. Isaac M. Loryea. Prop.
It requires i good-sizedt closet for
some family skeletous.
Keep Quiet
and use Ciitheitrain's Colie Chlera andt Dia;r
rhwia Remedly fo~r ai ll in~s of the stomach and
all unnatural looseness of the bowels. It always
eures. For saile by the R. IH. Loryea D~rug Store.
Isaae M. Lorvea. Pipr. [janlay
ItAAt IN'S tt'~EE
R.0if0tN- NElI\'U ANI> klINE OIL
still headl till lixt ui are aclknoledlged by
aches lint disease for which they are
Ratmon's R& ief will OsitiVely eurc.
,ains oft all kinti..sac -h tlledtlche, Sick
liraae, iIl. .tbare. terit. Oamp
com-.Painsin th Itanneh ~ iu- thwe
Oil iia .: . , V :. e ntot 1y imd, s.a
amn hlt.r..m.uiy . th.e nden~ 1sick
nill; cV . it h i ... u ~ iiewrd. "once il
trd atlway,~lii, n..:. ri -.lri: . nd riolins.
little bottles. 1 cenIrI il: I.i
lR a,o2.!it eve t & till e~m~ il.t in the
l me. li ie h- ut hhi sae rles.
alnllt l; pn t l iiia re e l i t neveian
fo ThenmatiB. Loryea. ruge Ston.
Same Potl JI Iace
Theod geieasthe names.wni the
botle Te elCie . ustn aure e
eatosand o thee oilgin.ten eart
ThleryB.hLrea rug .0 Stre.
QA botle.-~ er adeny
Ds apro lnen Mysichofv. ae
blood. IfHovre er&iplsah
evdnc .oplIt's naur'
the -logt eee of ot
stndin r ecn oign It thirty.
gI-at otl. -rpae0olyb
DoorsrSas, inds,
Moulding and Building
Ssh Weights andl Cords and1(
Builders' Hardware.
Window and Fancy Glass a Specialty.
Crne--. and beautifies the hair.
Irmoe ralxuriat growth.
,Never FastoBstore GrayI
Esr otsYouhfulCoor.
Cwres sealp diseases a hairtaling.
m. .aI 1(i6 m.u nmea
Severe Pains in the Back,
EARING-DOWN pains and symp
4,. toms of a like nature are forerun
ners of the most distressing and
A . "also the most common of female dis
eases, Whites and Falling ofthe Womb.
Whites is often the result of neglect,
and when permitted to continue fre
qluently causes infiammation of the
womb, the ligaments are weakened
and relaxed and Falling of the Womb
and other complications arise, pro
- ducing general debility and undermin
ing the health. These loathesoms and
weakening diseases will be cured and
the entire female system built up if
a few bottles of the great female tonic
BeGerstle's Female Panacease
TRAOF(( . 1=.)A-K
Are taken regularly as directed. Remove any biliousness, indiges
tion or constipation with St. Joseph's Liver Regulator.
With falling of the womb and ulcers of the same. I have been treated by two
physiians but they did me no good. I have tried many kinds of medicines nd
I find that Gerstle's Female Panacea benefits me more than all other
treatment. I shall continue its use. for I wish to recover my health. I have
used only one bottle and am better alreadbcSAN E. DAVIS. Imboden, Ark.
L. (IERSTLE & CO., Proprietors, Chattanooga, Tenn.
S<>>. atraw Ori R,~ om, Saac M. Loyea1 Prop,
Your Head Aches To=day.
It is a small matter; but it ached two days
ago, and again a week ago. You are acquiring
a habit of headache. That must be stopped. The
trouble is with your liver. You want a mild lax
ative, and then a tonic to stimulate the appetite
..nJ make the bicod rich and pure.
- ~ S p4otr aslN'i'i P EE
Jeweler & Watch Repairer1
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Silver
ware and. All Kinds of Fancy
Articles of all kindt, suitable for Wedding and Holiday Presents.
Such goods have nevir been sold here before. Call and see them.
I deal -tio In
Ifllllled fancy 8000flollled Gilll ON GIasswaIe.
All Novelties in Silver bought of ime will be engraved free of cost.
Manning Times Block. three doors south of Postoffice.
WVe have just rece ived a lot of nice. seasonable goods which we know
will interest von. Aimongt other things are:
TWO-)GALLON WAT ER COOLERS......................1 60
W~Ilm DISH COVERS........................ce and 10c each
THRmE PRIONG ICE CHISELS.........................15c
WhIRE FLY T RAl'S.................................15 each
[CECR E AM FR E EZl-'RS--1-qt.. $1.35: 2-qjt.. $1.75: 3-91., $2.25: 4-qt., $2.75.
STONE (HURINS.....................1gal.. 25c.: 2-gal 35c
POT.\TO MASHERS...................................25c
H-AM MOCKS.....................--...-.-.......--......S5
TOOT HPICKS--large package..............................c
We have lately received a large consignment of STOVES, and can safely
sac that we have the best assortment of them to choose from that has ever been
shown in (larendon County. Our prices, too. are so reasonable that they excite
comment from every one. We can assure you that you can do as~ we ll with us in
making purchases as you can anywxhere.
We still have a e of thoe cheap~ Oraineburg Sweleps and (Cotton Hoes
on hand.
Wec hiavc lately received a lot, of Paris Green Distribtutors or Sprayers and
will endleavo)r to have them on hand when wanitedl.
Our <>ine-Horse Harrows have been in great dlemaud. We still have a few.
WVill find otir stock of Builders' Hardware in good shape. We have
ClleyTin Locks. Hiing-es. Nails in endless variety. Also White Lead, Oil and
Remember ourl
Have been tied aind proven the b)est onl earth. We have Bicycle Repairs
t lowest pirices.
Very trulv yours.
Manning Hiardware Co.
SSummer Goods I
I w ill -ell ever dolar's- woth of Suimer
G (oods. regaridless'- (of cot.
he good-. mus-t ro, I need the roomn foi IFall
SI have put the knife in .-very lin, amnd ifyo
- aant to hayi goods ceap'r t hain they wer eve
3 oldi in .\anning~ bier'. Give me a eall.
8 All Slippers WVill Be Sold
9 9 At a Sacrifice.
I' I oiIi 8iimi
FOR S.%LI BY Till;
People's Tobacco Warehouse,
Manning Hardware Company's Store,
These Baskets are made of White
Oak and they are equal to any tobacco
basket on the market and
Call at the Manning Hardware store
and iaspect them.
Which is fitted up with an
eye to the comfort of Iis
customers. . . . .
Done with neatness an
dispatch. . . . . . .
A cordial invitation
is extended.
Manning Times Block.
Opp. Central Hotel, Planning, S. C
Bicycles and Bicycle Supplies,
We also repair Wheels and guarantee
our work.
All work entrusted to us will receive
prompt attention.
I am prepared to negotiate loans
on good real estate security, on rea
sonable terms.
R. 0. PURDY,
Sumter, S. C.
Is where you get the right
sort of Clothes without dan
ger of mistake. Our Clothes
are of the right sort, and you~
will appreciate their excel
lence and smallness of cost.
We Make Clothes to Qrder
for those who prefer them.
Lasting Materials, proper fit
and make and moderate pri
ces. Your orders will have
our best attention.
S. W. Cor. King aud Wentworth Sts.,
Tailor-Made Clothing.
Carpets, Art Squares,
Carpets ewe dfree ad waddd lning fur
nished FREE.
,1. L. WILSON.
A Medicine Cheet ia Reelf.
Cramps, Diarrhoea, Colds,
Coughs, Neuralgia,
25 and 50 cent Bottee.
Land Surveying and Leveling.
I will do Surveying, etc., in Claren
don and adjoining Counties.
Call at office or address at Sumter, S.
C. P. 0. Box 101.
Will furnish estimates and make con
tracts for all kinds of building and is
prepared to contract for first class paint
ing. Address.
Manning, S. C.
For Sale or Rent.
The Lot and Dwelling of Rev. James
McDowell in Manning.
Also two desirable Building Lots ad
joiuing for sale. For terms apply to
Manning. S. C.
Ottice lately occupied by the late B.
Pressley B3. Barron, Esq.
ut/f'ra"gy and Couunselors at Law,

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