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In accordance with a custom of this paper, we herewith pub
lish the ticket we will personally cast on next Tuesday. It is un
derstoo dthat we do not dictate who our readers shall vote for;
they, of course, will select for themselves, but being in a position
to have a personal acquaintance with the candidates aspiring for
State offices, we think it right and proper to let our readers know
what is our personal choice.
For United States Senator-B. R. Tillman.
For Governor-M. B. McSweeney.
For Lieutenant Governor-C. L. Blease.
For Secretary of State-M. R. Cooper.
For Attorney General-G. Duncan Bellinger.
For State Treasurer-W. H. Timmerman.
For Comptroller General-J. P. Derham.
For Superintendent of Education-J. J. McMahan.
For Adjutant and Inspector General-J. W. Floyd.
For Railroad Commissioner-W. D. Evans.
THE WORD "MAY" WAS A COMPROMISE. to be a moral principle, and when
The Greenville Mountaineer, the hoodwink is removed to find
Col. Hoyt's own paper, and the ourselves captives in the camp
Columbia State, a high license of the enemies of the institutions
paper advocating Col. Hoyt and we have been struggling to main
prohibition, seem very much tain. Col. Hoyt has done much
wrought up over our calling at- to build an antagonistic senti
tention to Col. Hoyt's past rec- ment against our State schools,
ord towards the State's institu- and no friend or well wisher of
tions of higher learning. They them should vote for him.
do not deny their candidate's past The Mountaineer complains of
attitude towards these institu- our exposure of Col. Hoyt's posi
tions, but they endeavor to keep tion relating to the schools, and
the hoodwink over the eyes of thinks we are resorting to unfair
the college friends by saying tactics: we do not think we are
that the educational policy of the unfair in sounding the warning.
State "'is fixed." We deny that but fair or unfair, we are telling
such is the case: the institutions the truth. Col. Hoyt and his
of higher learning are in as great " Prohibition-Dispensary " fol
jeopardy as is the dispensary: lowers have invaded the churches
all that is needed to converit the to pull their political strings to
colleges into owl roosts. is for capture votes, they are working
men holding views, such as have to couple church and State for
always been advocated by Col. votes, and by hallelujah tactics
Hoyt, to get in a majority in the the people are to have their at
General Assembly. At the last tention drawn away from mat
session, votes were admittedly ters of more importance to them
cast for a certain amendment to than is the liquor question. It is
the appropriation bill to burden the Hoyt side that is unfair, for
the colleges and to give the anti- they are seeking the suffrages of
college forces a cudgel to wield the people by false pretenses.
in the coming campaign. We are
not surmising nor dealing in wild Heorr one 's rehDs?~asRwr o
guesses, but we know whereof aycae ofatrrh that cannot be cured by
we speak. Can the friends of | F. J. CHENEY & CO.. Props.. Toledo. 0.
Iwe. the undersigned. have known F. J. Cheney
the colleges content themselves for the last 15 years. and beiiev-e him perfectly
honorable in all business transactions and finan
with permitting their prejudices cally able to carry out any obligations made by
against the dispensary to put into wEST &.TUA.holsale druggists. Toledo. 0.
the gbernaorialchairanav w Aist.mTolo KINAN MARvis, wholesale drulg
the gberntoria char anHvow- sT2atarrh Cure is taken internally, acting
el oppnent of these institutions? directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces. of
the system. Price tSc. per bottle. sold by all
C'-l. Hoyt has edited for years drugist.: Temoiae firet.
- two of the strongest anti-State
college papers in the State-the Candidate Jones' Address.
Greenville Mountaineer and Bap
tist Courier, and we defy any of To the Voters of Clarendon County:
his riens wo ar no akn1 FRIENDs AND FELLOW CITIZENs:
his rieds ho ae nw mkmgAfter the county campaign meeting at
excuses for him, to show one Pinewood I was unexpectedly summon
ed to the bedside of a sick son at Lynn
editorial in either of the two pa- yille, Tenn. This being the case I had
pers which indicates aught but to leave the campaign meetings unat-I
tended. I regret very much my ina
-opposition to the support of Ibility- to meet my friends, and to have
Clemson, South Carolina, Win- been deprived of the opportunity to re
and he itadl. ntiltheply to some insinuation of a certain can-;
throp an h iae.Utltedi'date at Packsville. On my position
opening of the present campaign in regar-d to certain points of legisla
tion that was touched on for effect, with
Col. Hoyt has always been re- the voters my position in regard to the
garded by the Columbia State as best solution of the whiskey question
o . has been already made as plain as I am
a denominational college man, able to make it, and consequently I will
and it was men of the Hoyt stripe pass on to the points already referred'
whic prventd te Stte on-to and explain myself as briefly as I
whic prventd te Stte on-can. The points are taxation, finlishing
stitution from making it manda- State House, biennial sessions of legis
lature, and pensions to the confederaee
tory for the Legislature to pro- veterans, In regard the taxation and
vide sippor-t for the State col- its reduction in Clarendon by the pres
leges.ent legislative delegation I will briefly
leges.mention that the delegation investigat
We will remind the friends of ed the affairs of the county before the
theseinsttutios ofthe srugg embling of the legislatur-e in 189
thes insituionsof he srugle wichrevealed the fact, that the coun
there was in the constitutional Ity was in debt to the amount of about
three thousand dollar-s. After the del
* convention over the words egation went to Columbia they met to
"Shall" and "May.'-' The anti- discuss this matter- of county debt. and
Stat colegeto try and devise some means to pay it.
Stat colegepeople were not and we came to the conclusion that to~
quite strong enough to kill the make the taxes three-four-ths of a mill
and te colegeore would pay the debt. We did so.
colleges, adteclgepeople and the debt'was paid off. By this
were not quite strong enough to process this debt was paid and the pres
makethe onsttutin ~ h~ent taxes will be one mill less than last
mak th costiutin sy tat ear, and one-four-th less than the year,
the General Asebyshall 1pro. before. As to the State House and its
vide foromonletion I wish to sav that I voted
viefrcollege support. and for ~the approlriation to complete it.
ever since, an annual iught has- because in its utinished condition it .is
been ade y th opprent~ ofot only an evesor-e, but it refiects dis
beenmad oy he pponntsof redit on the'chivalry, intelligence and~
the colleges to starve them out. eunter-prise of the people of South Car-o
.. ,.lona. The amlount to finish the State
Talk about the 'State lponey lHus ha been borroI-wed fr-om the
fixed." Why, within the past sinking fund with inter-est at the rate
.of four- or- five per cent.
few months the Columbia State The State House will be completed
had a long and tedious contro- after- the model laid down and after its
. .conmpletion, the capitol of South Caro
versy with a denomunational pa- lina will be second to none in the Ame
per on the college question, and ic~an Union of States. [ voted against
biennmal sessions of the legislatur-e be
we would ask, can any reason- cause I had no instructions front my
able man believe that a man wxho constituency to vote other-wise, and con-t
has lway bee aiiaveda~ai~tsequently I considered I had the right
has lwas ben rraed gaist o vote as I thought best. The strong-.
the support of Our Statte col. est r-eason I have for- voting against;
ie~ henput U i postio tobiennial sessions is. South C arolina has
lege, whn pu m aposiion o aways had annual sessions of its legis
cripple them, that he will not do lature. from the earliest teachings of
soY riens ofeductio its historvy. But a few short year-s agro
so? rieds f edcatonweye had a'constitutional convention comn
must not allow ourselves hood- posed it was said of the most talented
wikdwt. th.v ~ f.~ me of the State as its members, and
wmke wih a heoyprfes~n? hkbody of men never thought it nee
essary to engraft a single section or
clause in that master piece of states
manship to change the meeting of the
Legislature from annual sessions to that
biennial sessions. Then. again, it is
very often the case that biennial ses
sions leave room for extra sessions, and
the people ought very well to remem
ber that there is no constitutional limit
to extra sessions. South Carolina has
a constitutional limit to annual sessions
of forty days. Biennial sessions might
necessitate extra sessions, and extra
-ions without any constitutional re
straint might claim the right to pro
long a session six months at the ex
pense of the taxpayers. Tlhe-e were
my reasons for voting against biennial
sessions, but if the people re-elect me
to the next Legislature. and it is their
wish for the (Clarendon lelegation to
vote for biennial sessions I will promise
as one to vote first. last and all the tilli
for an aniendneit to the constitution
providing tor biennial sessions of the
Legislature in South Carolina.
I have now reached the point of the
old Confederate veterans-my old ex
comrades in arms and old brother sol
diers. A certain candidate for the
Legislature at a campaign meeting.
took it on himself to insinuate that the
last Legislature did nothing whatever
for the relief of the old soldiers and as
good as said the present delegation had
made no attempt to give the old sol
diers and the widows of the old soldiers
an increase in pensions. This same
candidate. to work himself into the good
graces of the old soldiers for their
votes. had the cheek to boast what he
would do for the soldiers if ne can pos
sibly get into the Legislature. Oh yes,
he even boasted of his brains and cour
age to enable him to push the claims of
the old soldiers. so much so. that he
would only have to command that so
much more be given and it would be
done. forgetful of the fact that in the
Legislature he will only have one vote
and be only one among 124 other mem
I was a Confederate soldier, and for
three long years and more, and years
'that tried men's souls. I stood shoul
Sder to shoulder with the Con
federate soldiers and shared with
them in all their hardships: yes. I
fought with them for the rights and the
honor of my country. I suffered along
with them the pangs of starvation. and
with them. ragged and barefooted, with
feet frost-bitten. I suffered all the bit
terness that suffering from intense cold
can imply. With the knowledge of all
this. can I ever forget the sufferings of
my old comrades? Will I ever forget
the noble achievements, the noble sac
ritices and the intense sufferings of the
noblest army that has ever been mar
shalled on this planet? No, never,
while my memory lasts will I ever for
get my old brother soldiers. I chal
lenge any man, not excepting this can
didate for legislative honors, to go any
farther in behalf of the soldiers or their
widows than I will. The constitution
of South Carolina provides that the
Legislature shall annually make an ap
propriation for destitute Confederate
soldiers. and for the destitute widows
of Confederate soldiers. This clause
of the constitution has never said what
the appropriation should be, but the
Legislature has increased the appropri
ation from 530,000 to $100,000. At the
last session of the Legislature there
was a bill introduced to cut the appro
priation of the Confederate soldiers
down to :50.000. This bill I voted
against. The bill was amended, mak
ing the appropriation $100,000, the same
as heretofore, which amendment I voted
I defy any man to truthfully show
wherein I ever opposed any measure in
behalf of Confederate soldiers. eithei
in or out of the Legislatur-e.
I have taken up the points mentioned
and briefly explained myself in r-efer
ence to the same. and in conclusion as
a candidate foi- re-election to the Leg
islature, I will say that if re-elected. I
will serve the people of Clarendon with
the same fidelity and faithfulneiss in the
future as I have in the past.
Autrust 18. 1900.
A Night of Terror.
--Awful anxiety was felt for the widow of the
brave General Burnham of Machias. Me.. when
the doctors said she could not live till morning.''
writes Mrs. S. H. Lincoln. who attended her
that fearful night. "All thought she must soon
die from pneumonia. but she begged for Dr.
Eing's New Discovery, saying it had more than
nce saved her life, and had cured her of con
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easily all night. and its further use completely
ured her." This marvelous medicine is guar
anteed to cure all throat. chest and lung dis
eases. Only 50c and $1. Trial bottles free at the
R. B. Lorrea drug store.
W. D. Mayfleld, Candidate fol '-tailroad Com
The Commissioners should be paid by the
State instead of by the railroads, and the term
of ofice should be reduced from six years to two
' Stop discriminationi. Freight rates should be
so regulated as to
Encourage fruit growers, truck farmers and
canners, and enable them to offer their products
on the market on equal terms with any State.
Induce manufacturers of all kinds to locate in
this State and enable them to offer their pro
ducts on the market on equal terms ,with any
Enable cotton mills in this State to buy on
any market in this State.
Give cotton mills the best rates for shipping
their products.
Enable wholesale merchants in this State to
compete with wholesale merchants in adjoining
Make Charleston. Port Royal and Georgetown
import'and export cities on an equal footing
with Wilmington and Savannah.
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"Preachers in Politics"-The Bible Quoted.
To the Editor of The Stat:
I have for some time been looking on
the State politiral pot, and have watch
ed how it has been boiling and bub
bling and running over with a mix
t'e of clergymen and politicians
nd can now see that the would-be State
and chur'ch branch of the Church seems
to prefer- to legislate men into heaven,
rather than to preach the doctrine of
(hrist and His gosp~el.
They too seemi to pr~ove everything
they say by the Bible. Should we be
d' sueli men wvho have only used
the part in the Bible that suited. and
teh their members to skip over the
esential part of the Bible. we might
then be led to their truth.
In the tirst place, suppose we ask a
fe questions in the Bible and see if
thev ca'n be answeredy What did Noah
do after he came out of the ar-ky Did
he not make some of that non-intoxi
cating wine they speak of y Why then
did lie get drunk ? and ilso wny was
Ham cursed? Then too where did Lot's
daughter get that good old-time wtine
fron. that made her father drunk and
caused h.ias.to commit a crm e that the
seed of the prophets might be sav ed to
the fulfilment of the coing of the same
J}esus they all talk abouty And then,
again, whys was there a scarcity of wine
at the m'arriage feast of Jesus' own
kinsnan? And that the imother of Jesus
Is BabyThin
this summer? Then add a
to his milk three times a day.
SIt is astonishing how fast
he will improve. If he nurses,
let the mother take the
Emuln.e~ o.~.o.. -arggs
should demand of her son to make up
the deficiency that the merriment
should continue? All these things are
naught to those who would have God to
know that he was just mistaken, and if
they could have their way about the
matter, they would have all they want,
and elect their own God to create them
all anew, with just such nature as would
suit to save all the money used by
drinking men, to give to the preachers
and to their money god.
I can only see it this book (called the
Biblej but one "root of all evil." That
root s not the love of wine: is not the
love cf woman. but to that root I refer
son. And now. my dear Wiseacres of
the pulpit, when you can destroy that
root in man just to a Christianized ex
tent, all other evil roots will soon be
overcome. and we will have no more
use for political preachers, but every
thing will move smoothly.
Now all Bible readers should know
that God says. "Love of money is the
root of all evil," that is what causes
men to lie, steal and murder. And,
my kind friends, who wish to lead oth
ers should first take the great beam of
sin (the root of all evil) out of their own
eye, and then you may see how to take
the mote out of their brother's eye, for
he that preaches the love of money (the
root of- all evil) can't do very much to
ward advancing the cause of Him who
says, "The love of money is the root of
all evil."
Now as to prohibition. political
preachers, there is no such thing in all
the Book of books, and the most hein
ous crime of all is that these prohibition
preachers know it, and then just for
the sake of a little anticipated popular
ity, and a few cents they expect to get
out of it have denied the faith, and
what is the consequence? Trying to
hold up their own instead of the banner
of the Cross of Christ.
Now just suppose that they could
carry their point and elect a Governor
and Legislature that would try to en
force just such a law as they want?
what would be the result? Do you
suppose for a moment that you could
add one soul more to the kingdom of
Christ? And if that should be the case
what need have we for the Bible or
Christ, if His by-laws and constitution
of same needed the amendments they
speak of y Then if Christ be not the
Christ. the prohibition preachers are in
it and that is all.
This question is very easily settled in
the mind of any enlightend man, that
it's not a question of prohibition or dis
pensary, but a question whether we
will have prohibition or Christ.
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Attention, Connor Mounted Rifles.
Every member of the Connor Mount
ed Rifles is requested to meet at
Packsville on Friday 24th, inst., at 10
o'clock a. m. for the purpose of having
two drills one in the morning and one
drill in the afternoon and every mem
ber is requested to be present as busi
nes of importance will be transacted
on that day and every member must be
BY order of
H. B. BATE.MAN, ('apt.
Orderly Sergt.
Packsville, Aug. 20, 1900.
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Supervisor's Notice.
In compliance with request of the
county executive committee, an esti
mate of the probable cost of a new jail
for Clarendon county with jailer's res
idence attached. is published below:
The Cauley Jail Building Company
of St. Louis, Mo., estimates the cost of
the proposed new jail at $6,500 or s7.000
and will guarantee a first cla.ss struct
ure. Will say, however, that as soon
as I see their representative, which will
be within the next few weeks, am satis
fied I will be able to make contract with
him to build same for $4,500 or $5,000.
T. C. OwENs,
Supervisor C. C.
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Opp. Central Hotel, flanuing, S. C
Bicycles and Bicycle Supplies.
We also repair Wheels and guarantee
our work.
All work entrusted to us will receiv
)rompt attention.
I am prepared to negotiate loans
yn good real estate seourity, on rea
sonable terms.
R. 0. PURDY,
Sumter, 8. C'
Is where yoa get the 'rrght
sort of Clothes without dan
ger of mistake. Our Clothea
are of theright sort, and you -
will appreciate their excel
lence and smallness of cost.
for those who prefer them.
Lasting Materials, proper fit
and make and moderate pri
ces. ,Your orders will have
our best attention.
I. L.DhI& D1O
S. W. Cor. Klag and Weutworth Sts.,
Tailor-Made Clothing
Carpets, Art Squares,
Colored designs and samples of goods.
Carpets sewed free and wadded lining fur
I.shed FREE.
There Is no kind of pain
or ache, Internal or exter
nal, that Pain-Killer rwhll
not relieve.
and Surveying and Leveling.
I will do Surveying, etc., in Claren
on and adjoining Counties.
Call at office or address at Sumter, S.
.P. 0. Box 101.
Will furnish estimates and make cor.
racts for all kinds of building and is
repared to contract for first class paint
ag. Address,
Manning, S. C.
For Sale or Rent.
The Lot and Dwelling of Rev. James
lcDowell in Manning.
Also two desirable Building Lots ad
aining for sale. For terms apply to
Manning, S. C.
Rring tour Job Work to The Tinm office.

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