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The Manning times. (Manning, Clarendon County, S.C.) 1884-current, August 29, 1900, SUPPLEMENT TO THE MANNING TIMES, Image 5

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The Kind You Have Always Bought, and which has been
in use for over 30 years, has borne the signature of
and has been made under his per
sonal supervision since its infancy.
Allow no one to deceive you in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and "Just-as-good" are but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children-Experience against Experiment.
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea-The Mother's Friend.
Bears the Signature of
The Kill0d YoI Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
fiUTTHR 14. C.
On account of big advances on everything in the Grocery line
We Can Save You Money if You Will See Us
Before You Buy,
As we bought largely before the advance. Below we give you a list of articles
that we can save you money on:
200 Sacks Rice, 2 3-4c to 4c per lb.; 22 Barrels Good Carolina Rice, 4c per lb.
CAKES AND CRACKERS (f. o. b. factory in 5 box lots) as follows:
Soda Crackers, 4c. Ginger Snaps, 4c: Round or Square Lemon Cakes, 4ic;
Nicnacs, 4ic: Sugar Cakes, 5c: Molasses Cakes, 5c; Cream Lunch, 51c. Prices
subject to change.
These are low prices and you should take advantage of them.
Parrott and Monkey Baking Powders, $1.60 for case of 50 10-oz. cans.
Rex Baking Powders, 100 5c cans to case, 50 10c cans to case, $3.60 per case.
Delivered in 5 case lots. Ship direct.
Best large Lump Starch, 40-lb. boxes, at 3ic per lb.
Star Lye, $3 per case, delivered in 5 case lots. Ship from Sumter, S. C.
3-lb. can Tomatoes, 2 doz. in case, 90c a doz.; 2-lb. can Tomatoes, 2 doz. in
casg .>argains in Tobacco, Cigars and Cheroots, Cigarettes, etc.
(Get Our Prices on Sugar, Coffee, Molasses, Bacon, Lard, Meal and Soap
Before You Buy.
FLOUR we can always give you at mill prices. The "Roller King" Fancy
Patent is the finest on earth. "Alpine Snow" Half Patent is fine. "Red Star"
Family. $3.50 barrel. Ask for price shipped direct from mill in o barrel lots or
SUMTEma.. S. 0.
159 East 'Bay - - Charleston, S. C.
sir e Wall~ Do ild to Huto To Witi Uo foi 1hien 'm
Watches and Jewelry.
I want my friends and the public generally to know that when in need of a
Wedding, Birthday or Christmas Present,
That~ in the future, as well as the past, I am prepared to supply them. My line of
F'Watches Clocks Sterling Silver Diamonds Jewelry Cut Glass
Fine China Wedgewood Spectacles and Eye Glasses
Is complete, and it will afford me pleasure to show them.
Special and prornpt attention given to all Repairing in my. line
at prices to suit the times.
Atlantic Coast LineL W " FOL OM SUMTER.
Watch Inspector. . . - S. C.
To Consumerss, Wagons, Road
____ _ __ ___ Carts and Carriages
V ~Lager Beer. Withanes ,,a Desatch
We are now in position to ship Beer --AT
pricesver this State at the followingl. A. WAH IT E'S
pies "Export bottles,'' five and ten~ R.i ~ fh
dozen in package, at WHEELWRIGHT and
We will allow you 18c per dozen f.o.b- I repair Stoves, Pumps and run water
your depot for all Export pint bottles pipes, or I will put down a new Pump
and ~ean use all other bottles and will. cheap.
give standard prices for same. If you need any soldering done, give
sSh Must ACCompany All Orders. acl. LAME.
Al oresshall have orprompt and i MI horse ism.\h. B uie
rfulatnto.the man that puts on such neat shoes
and makes horses travel with so much
T HE ease.
GERMAN IA BREWING GO., We Make Them Look New
We are making a specialty of re
Charleston, S. C. painting old Buggies, Cal-riages. Road
'arts and Wagons cheap.
Come and see me. MIy prices will
I please you, and I guarantee all of m;
F or Sale. wr
Shop on corner below I. 31. Dean's.
T wo Second- Hand Gins, Feeders and
Condensers. (onmlete, will be sold |
eeap. Thy areu in ,.od eondition. a
d ;ann' S. MANNING, S. C.
The entry into womanhood is a
critical time for a girl. Little men
strual disorders started at that time soon
prow into fatal co~iasn~ That
feaetroubles are i rvead
roes this. Wine of uierdab
lines a painless and natural menstrual
flow. When once this important func
tion is started right, a healthy life will
usually follow. Many women, young
and old, owe their lives to Wine of
Cardui. There is nothing like it to
give women freedom from pain and to
fit young women for every duty of life.
$1.00 bottles at druggists.
Miss Della M. Strayer, Tully. Kan.: "I
have suffered untold pain at menstrual pe
riods for a long time, was nervous, had no
appetite, and lost Interest In everything,
in fact was miserable. I have taken four
bottles of Wine of Cardul, with Thedford's
Bladt-Draught, when needed, and to.day
i am entirely cured. I cannot express the
thanks I feel for what you have done
for me."
For eadvibe in eases reqtiring special direo
ryis parte t. C taooga Me d
toine Company, Chattanooga, Tenn.
We've Gone Through
This store's stock and put light
ning prices on all goods that don't
move fast enough to suit us--given
them the farewell, good-by push that'll
send 'em out of sight quickly. The
quality of every item is all right, but
for some unaccountable reason they
have not sold rapidly enough to please
us, and we've put them at prices that
will make them go quickly. We men
tion the following:
1-lb. cans Chipped Dried Beef at 20c
can; regular price 25c. 1-lb. cans
Brawn, 10c can: regular price 12ic.
i-lb. cans Vienna Sausage, 7c can:
regular price 10c. Armours' Deviled
Ham, small cans, 4c can; 45c dozen.
1-lb. cans Sliced Breakfast Bacon,
10c can: $1 dozen. 1-lb. cans Atmore's
Plum Pudding, 18c (regular 25c.) 2-lb.
cans N. Y. State Pears 6c can, (regular
10c.) 1-lb. cans Cocktail Pineapple
(chunks) best quality, at 10c; worth
12ic. 2-lb. cans Slieed Pineapple, good
quality, at 121c. Fine N. Y. packed
Green Corn at $1 doz. (Cheap at $1.20.)
Choice new Evaporated Apples at 10c
lb.; regular 12ic. Choicest Sliced Dried
Apples at Sc lb.; regular 10c. Best
Sliced Peeled Dried Peaches at 15lc lb.
Crushed Oatmeal at 3c lb: 40 lbs for $1.
Frv's Sweet Chocolate at 25c lb. Me
niers' Vanilla Chocolate at 40c lb; reg
ular 50c. Meniers' Plain Chocolate at
30c: regular 40c. Richardson & Rob
bins' Chicken Soup, quart cans, 20c.
Emery's Tomato Soup, quart cans at
10c. Wheeler's Irish Ginger Ale at $1
doz., import cost.
Ask for our Bargain Price-List. It is
full of surprises.
Universal Providers,
i85 & 187 Meeting & 117 Market Sts,
Parties desiring surveys and plats
made will receive my most careful and
accurate attention.
I am supplied with improved instru
ments. Address,
Summerton, S. C.
NOIlce to Eleculols, Moiloi8shotors,
Manning, S. C.. August 1, 1900.i
To Executors, Administrators. Guardians and
I respectfully call your attention to annexed
statute. You will please give this matter early
Very respectfully.NDAM
Judge of Probate.
Sec. 206-(1942). Executors. Administrators.
Guardians and Committees, shall annually
while any estate remains in their care or cus
tody, at any time before the first day of July of
each year. render to the Judge of Probate of the
county from whom they obtain Letters Testa
mentary or Letters of Administrators or Let.
ters of Guardianship. ete., a just and true ac-.
count, upon oath, of the receipts and expendi
tures of such estate the preceding Calendar
hear. which, wh examn antor aproved
praisement or other papers belonging to such
estate, in the office of said Judge of Probate.
there to be kept for the inspection of such per.
sons as may be interested in the estate-(under
Aprove the dday of March. 1897.
Wagons and Log Carts.
All work entrusted to me will be done
with neatness, despatch and durability
and guaranteed.
Bring on your work.
SCools the Blood.
IFrPineapple Apperient
25 & 0 ENTS8
Rhame's Drug Store,
Notice in "Inventive Age "
Chagesmoerae. o ee illpaentissecured.4
E..SIGGERS, Patent Layr,Wahinon, D.C.i
Office lately occupied by the late B.
Pressley B. Barron, Esq.
1Attorneys and Counselors at Lou,
It Was About Coons and Possums by
the Hundreds In His Dream, Which,
as Events Proved, Was All a Mon
strous, Tarnashun Lie.
[Copyright, 1900, by C. B. Lewis.]
"The roof of our cabin had bin leakin
fur half a y'ar, I reckon," began old
Zeb White as I asked him fur a story,
"but as it didn't rain more'n once a
week and as the leak didn't do any
great hurt I wasn't breakin my back to
fix it. The old woman didn't say nuth
In till one mawnin she got up with a
headache and was techy. Seein how it
was, I didn't say nuthin to provoke
her, but she burned her baud ag'in the
stove, stubbed her toe and finally bust
ed out on me with:
"'Zeb White, of all the shackelty
critters on this yere Cumberland moun
ting nobody kin hold a candle to yo'!'
"What's wrong with me?' says I.
"'[Heaps and heaps of things. This
old cabin is reg'larly fallin to pieces
fur the want of a day's work, but yo'
ain't man 'nuff to take hold and fix
"'I'll fix that leak tomorrer.'
"'That's the old song. Yo'll go right
at it this minit or ; har'll be a row.'
"'Look here, now,' says I, speakin as
softly as I could, 'I'll work all day to
norrer, but today I've got to go up to
:hem limestone caves. I had a power
ful vishun last night. In my vishun I
saw a cave, and that cave was chuck
ull of coons and possums. I can't say
what brung the varmints together, but
:har they was, and thar was 500 of
I'I don't believe nuthin of the sort!'
says the old woman. 'Yo' are allus
hevin vishuns 'bout b'ars and coons
and possums, but nobody ever knowed
ro' to hev a vishun 'bout choppin wood
>r hoein corn.'
"She was right 'bout that," said Zeb,
with a smile, "but it riled me up jest
the same. I answered back purty
>riskly, and she got mo' sassy, and so
we had a row. I got up from the table
and took my gun and whistled to the
awg and started off, and the old wom
an called out to me that she hoped I'd
fu lled cosadcapoTs. I an't rna
nt'bou thas, aishun.aI was 50n onf
>ack dn' beeeve uthn, ofwhen sotat
says theclda woan. I 'elno' arem-lu
>ev vhrnws a'cbeoull b'rfan coonsn
an ossums, bIwet nod eve 'noed
y' tohey ihun andbot chopp oey
>ot ofteicrsns oby'eamel
"Shted tos ight 'bout ofaco'seibutebt
eemed a smilerfut Ito letmehatjes
hun goab. I hasw'te bakoe' purty
we afarow. th gotue from the table
>egnd tok myan bak. hite tolthe
peawgrdtred ototake the old wom-d
ane hcaagi akIylled out tomattsh oe '
b clawd byabbedcas up asn'bbt yarn
ent out tfhat vlIk was rabit. onm
bac the baed wes wen opn, wnd hagh
eredshe aintsbfo, and I saeeup
th in so l that Iwhel Int aotrome.
bl.ha was a cave full of coos andi
possum, andI wen In anhd stlIylooked
ythe hrundreds tands got 'ne wasnto
out ftheir skin toatm dan' discourg
ntIpeed fxtatound f co'sel butnd
hn gon by. It han' go narre' openin
atilnd the ouse wseark bth dadg
bgunt alng ack.le cande. Icrihtedu
tecade angd back, to lled aout me.
himDad rabbt, bupha a clu, bu man
ent make of shtslikwen h traies!"
wxcanted tht oldmanhoafte mopuse.
ofnybod cav whiesenst nanduh
tereduth darm'ts hand Iarestmde upes
Thathn wase cavs tandsu ite.a Tat
bigewst adwe bIg ahned and I e
baleud, but tha din't fudscuthag.
[e Ia peerd aond kfrn msell ahndI
tantd te cav wasar, but I hadge
bralg alng ou tlater cane. I ligted
hes cae afond ben ton o abtke
tnd ot eeme but wha an fude of mn
posusd ong hadngdin Iafound caes
cafle wasth big sc hafanroe, and I
wauld smll over itl andround ntint
statedml to e out Ihant gonea
fud whlee the to the cave ned
etche fal dow upc'ongsidebe t head.
hal aond houltier hen cavend my
eyesad aoIfound ysel on myuack,
[and i rseemer. asif one ide had bmn
hAd hd binaraed in.e foind upyh
rioed wits tetockn rokedn an Ia
oul mel my'ar saand. It didn't
takeme ongaftoger ut tt a plan
'nf had fo hree ntgoi tet cae out.
In aouht otwsdes the caeepn st Iu
cawled ang Ie if houdn't o gaay,
inds i d'y'kown fair in the way, andm
bIe has hirioner. Ifent riflhad sbeep
al[ig couldi het gitot rtid overi
short orde, but tw coursdn't be e
"As moved b'rhear me flnaovnepat
hiwad h teeth and growled ilwa
tomebe my'r sand up.te He takn
comfor in taft mae, but itwen plfound
'nur hagi he was gointye merabte
tougt it. Thwbas eso eepstill fued
hile sandhtered ifhem woln't wo away,
toele that t critter etrighte to sleep
Ie could' gints out wtout anytepime ove
hiand ta toe 'ersk to try tatn
Iakte quie furmeby hors andme dark,
bu erd' move. I wngastne ad
hist, and he wkenpdgowehold oman
wouldbe orrsyI oervn takghse
oefer ind at cae, Ibsty hept asun
thea aftenoo weoullaa and tep
b'I donta rcon Ihea cmigh mie drbl
ovefu o r itd'rifnnesee weha
mela pohtwen dayudght furohe, and
had Isaghtered teand ungr thas
totel whpeate thscithte rposed toar'i
He couldfshI adaned oan themutheo
thed ave but eearedi to boe ain
anoher gate ouithme. itcoe wudrk,
doirty, and Igrowed the rod woand
wased. bThe bwouldn't oe offI
fur awayas Inould andwt olandph
naa an the advantage. 1 yeiiea an
whooped and flung stones and called
him names, but he let me tire myself
out. Noon come, and he was still thar.
I had another row with him, and if
he'd bin a proper b'ar he'd hev come
in and showed his grit, but he staid
outside and growled.
"I looked fur the old woman all that
afternoon, but she .idn't come. I had
an old shotgun in the house, and I
knowed that if she come she'd load it
with buckshot and bring it along. If
the b'ar waited fur her, he was a gon
er. Night come along ag'in, and I was
b'ilin over with madness and ready to
eat nails from hunger. The only thing
I could do was to sleep, but it was a
nightmare all through the long dark
hours. I kin tell yo' I was mighty
glad to see the daylight ag'in. I went
to look fur the War, and he was in the
same old place and as cheerful as ever.
We had a jaw, but he wouldn't fight.
I made up my mind to wait about two
hours and then kill or be killed, but I
was out of the cave before that time.
The old woman had come huntin fur
me, and she got clus up to that b'ar
and fired a handful of buckshot into
him befo' he knowed what was up. As
I crawled out of the cave she looked at
me fur a minit and then keerlessly said:
""Pears to me I've seen yo' befo'.
Are yo'r name Zeb White?'
"'That's it,' says I.
"'Ginerally spoken of as the possum
hunter of Tennessee?'
"'Man what has vishuns of coons
and possums in a cave?'
"'I thought it was a vishun.'
"'Yes, I know, but it was mighty
sing'lar that when yo' was hevin a vi
shun. of coons and the possums yo'
didn't see nuthin of the b'ar. Zeb
White, yo' come 'long home and go to
work on that cabin roof and let vi
shuns and dreams go to pot.'
"I was glad 'nuff to do so," explained
the old man, with a sorrowful smile.
"I tagged along behind her till we
reached home, expectin she would hev
mo' to say, but she. was mighty good
about it. She cooked me the biggest
meal I had ever eat, and she let me go
to bed and sleep fur 20 hours, and all
she said was:
"'Zeb, yere's nails and hammer and
boards, and now yo' hev a vishun 'bout
leaks in the roof of this cabin.'"
A Salty Tale.
The old saying that the way to catch
a bird is to put salt on its tail has been
verified by little Jimmy Belew, who
lives in Naudain street. Jimmy was
sent by his grandmother for two bags
of salt for some domestic operation
already in progress. After an hour's
absence he returned in a high state of
excitement, crying, "I've got the bird!"
Sure enough, lie had a sparrow clutch
ed tightly in his fist. "But where's
the salt?" asked his grandmother.
"Oh, the salt!" said Jimmy. "Why,
that's around the corner in the middle
of the street."
Investigation showed that the boy,
returning from his errand, saw some
sparrows on the car track. He opened
one bag and poured out the contents,
which the birds proceeded to investi
gate. Then he threw the contents of
the other bag on top of the sparrows,
submerging them sufficiently to cap
ture one before it could extricate itself
from the avalanche of salt.-Philadel
phia Record.
The Latin Quarter.
Thackeray said of the Quartier Latin,
the noted art district of Paris: "The
life of the young artist here is the eas
est, merriest, dirtiest existence possi
ble. He comes to Paris probably at 16
from his province, his parents settle
E40 a year on him and pay his master,
he establishes himself in the Pays La
tin, he arrives at his atelier at a tol
erably early hour and labors among a
score of companions as merry and as
poor as himself." The students' quar
ter is located south of the Seine, where
the principal colleges and schools have
been situated for many centuries and
where numerous students have lived.
We find it hard to -love those we
measure ourselves against-especially
If the pattern is a little large.-H. A.
I have opened up a Sev:ing Machine
store next door to Mr. S. A. Rigby's
eneral merchandise store August 1st,
900. I will carry the
The new ball-bearing "New Home,"
the best machine made: also "New
deal" and "Climax," from $18 to $40.
I sell on Instalment, Easy Payment
Plan. I clean and repair any kind of
machines for least money possible.
('all and see me.
A. I. BARRON, Ag't.
Under $3,000 Cash Deposit.
Railroad Par. Paid.
O& ar to Both sess. Very Cheap Board.
Albm us'ie Colee
Geo, S Hacker&Son
- ====C= u-mae
Doors, Sash, Blinds,
Moulding and Building
Sash Weights and Cords and
Builders' Hardware.
Window and Fancy Glass a Specialty.
Full Corps of Buyers
From the Best Markets.
The management will see to it that all Tobacco placed on our
floors will receive full market value.
Bring your Tobacco to the PEOPLE'S WAREHOUSE.
0. M. MASON,
Manning, S. C. rlanager.
Look to Your Interest.
Here we are, still in the lead, and why suffer with your eyes when you
:an be suited with a pair of Spectacles with so little trouble? We carry the
Celebrated HAWKES Spectacles and Glasses,
Which we are offering very cheap, from 25c to $2.50 and Gold Frames at $3
o $6. Call and be suited.
Harris Lithia Watero
Contains more Lithia than other Lithia spring water in
Emerica, which is shown by the noted chemist, Dr. Doremus of New York.
Read what Dr. A. N. Talley, Sr., and Dr. J. M. Kibler have to say for
A fter a long and varied experience IIhv rsrbd"arsLti
[n the use of mineral waters from aerin ypaccadam e
nn soreboth foreign and do- lgtdwt ti hscssi hc
nestic, I am fully persuaded that the tosi hc hr sui cdi
Iarris Lithia Water possesses efficacy tessei ot n huai
n the treatmnenzt of afflictions of thedihesncyttsad nd ev
Iidney and the Bladder unequalled rnldos n yppidet
>y any other Water of which I have tri ie rcntptoIhv
uade trial. !udtebs eut rmti m
This opinion is based upon obser- ea ae.Idei a eue
ration of its effects upon my patients fruamysgetislepcal
~or the past three years,during which we ihai niae.Irci
ime I have prescribed it freely and mn tt h ulc n eiv
nost uniformly with benefit in the teei ospro ihaWtri
nedical maladies above mentioned. thscury
ColubiaS. 0, Otobe ,89 I Neb rsr ibS.C ept "9ari Lith3 a
ithallmodrn mproemetsEle ter Lihts rtie and yo an g et h o
itia ats i te Hte. Cme t h Sis and t we lltoecni
HarrisLithn Waihter iurCoidi
Th tahesille incsiis thdendcri
Sae Sae re drongppsau o
Weohaved lrgeo copstiofv
buyrslndwle tyr ofedi monybeud
coanowg advante n e goodchit
priesand sa itsto theblcradbeiv
treeatment.io LtiaWaeri
Bring usi yourntobaco
OThie Does Now Open owGestrcs.
Nih llmoer mvmns Ecr ic I L ihts adyou criatn AiDgestion,
Har i Lithi AWuater Ceol.
ThatMay sl e iaks Tethe
Stae. aleSar gong n
We haveNalaRgeicors th ofe
buyer an plentyle of Clnoe
pricesny csatiggsfactoyAE
CHA.xES-oN, S. C., Jan. 14, 1900.
On and after thi, date the following
passenger schedule will be in effect:
'35. *23. '53.
Lv Florence, 3.25 A. 7.55 P.
Lv Kingstree, 8.57
Ar Lanes, 4.38 9.15
Lv Lanes, 4 38 9.15 7.40 P.
Ar Charleston, 6.03 10.50 9.15
*78. *32. *52.
Lv Charleston, 6.33 A. 5.17 P. 7.00 A.
Ar Lanes. 8.18 6.45 8.32
Lv Lanes, 8 18 6.45
Lv Kingstree, 8.34
Ar Florence, 9.28 7 55
'Daily. f Daily except Sunday.
No. 52 runs through to Columbia via
Central R. R. of S. C.
Trains Nos. 78 and 32 run via Wilson
and Fayetteville-Short Line-and make
clo.e connection for all points North.
Trains on C. & D. R. R1. leave Florence
daily except Sunday 9.55 a m, airive Dar
lington 10.28 a in, Cheraw, 11.40 a in,
Wadesb.oro 12.35 p mi. Leave Florence
daily except Sunday, 8 00 p in, arrive Dar
lington, 8.25 p in, Hartsv;lle 9.20 p in,
Bennetsvilie 9.21 p in, Gibson 9.45 p in.
Leave Florence Sunday only 9.55 a in, ar
rive Darlington 10.27, Hartsville 11.10
Leave Gibson daily except Sunday 6.35
a an, Bennettsville 6.59 a i, arrive Darling
ton 7.50 a in. Leave Hartsville daily ex
cept Sunday 7.00 a an, arrive Darlington
7.45 a in, leave Darlington 8.55 a an, arrive
Florence 9.20 a in. Leave Wadtsboro daily
except Sunday 4 25 p in, Cheraw 5.15 p in,
Darlington 6.29 p in, arrive Florence 7 p
n. Leave Hartsville Sunday only 8.15 a m
Darlington 9.00 a n, arrive Florence 9.20
a m.
Gen'l Manager. Gen'I Sup't.
T. M. EMERSON, Traffic Manager.
H. M. EMERSON, Gen'l Pass. Agent.
55. 35. 52.
Lv Wilmington,'3.45 P.
Lv Marion, 6.34
Ar Florence, 7.15
Lv Florence, '7.45 '2.34 A.
Ar Sumter, 8.57 3.56
Lv Sumter, 8.57 *9.40 A.
Ar Columbia, 10.20 11.00
No. 52 runs through from Charleston via
Central R. R., leaving Charleston 7 a in,
Lanes 8.34 a in, Manning 9.09 a in.
54. 53. 32.
Lv Columbia, '6.40 A. '4.15 P.
Ar Sumter, 8.05 5.35
Lv Sm ter, 8.05 '6.06 P.
Ar Florence, 9 20 7.20
Lv Florence, 9.50
Lv ',brion, 10.34
Ar Wilmington, 1.15
No. 53 runs through to Charleston, S. C.,
via Central R. 1., arriving Manning 6.04
p n, Lanes, 6.43 p in, Charleston 8.30 p in.
'trains on Conway Branch leave Chad
bourn 5.35 p in, arrive Conway 7.40 p in,
returning leave Conway 8.30 a in, arrive
Chadbourn 11.50 a in, leave Chadbourn
11.50 a i,arrive at Hub 12.25 pm,returning
leave Hub 3.00 p in, arrive at Chadbourn
3.35 p in. Daily except Sunday.
J. R. KENLY, Gen'l Manager.
T. M. EMERSON, Traffic Manager.
H. M. EMERSON, Gen'l Pass. Agent.
No. 52
Lv Charleston, 7.00 A. M.
Lv Lanes, 8.34
Lv Greeleyville, 8.46
Lv Foreston, 8.55
Lv Wilson's Mill, 9.01
Lv Manning, 9.09 "
Lv Alcolu, 9.16 "
Lv Brogdon, 9.25 "
Lv W. & 5. Junet., 9.38"
Lv Sumter, 9.40
Ar Columbia, 11.00"
No. 53
Lv Columbia, 4.00 P. M.
Lv Sumter, 5.13 " - -
LvW. &'S. Jnct. 5.15 "
Lv Brogdon, 5.27
Lv Alcoln, 5.35 "
Lv Manning, 6 04 "
Lv Wilson's MH l, 5.50
Lv Foreston, -5.57 "
Lv Greeleyville, 6.05"
Ar Lanes, 6.17 "
Ar Charleston, 8.00"
No. 35.
Lv Sumter, 3.47 A. M.
Ar Creston, 4.43 "
Ar Orangeburg, 5.10 "
Ar Denmark, 5.48 "
No. 32
Lv Denmark, 4.28 P. M.
Lv Orangeburg, 5.02"
Lv Creston, 5.27 "
Ar Sumter, 6.18 "
Trains 32 and 35 carry through Pullman
palace buffet sleeping cars between New
York and Macon via Augusta.
W ilson and summerton R. R.
'hxx Tara No. 1,
In effect Monday, June 13th, 1898.
Between Wilson's Mill and Dalzell.
South bound.Nothbound.
No. 73. Daily except Sun day No. 72.
P M! Stations. 1' 3
1 45 Le...Dalzell...Ar 1 30
2 08 ...NW Junction... 102
2 ....Sumter.....' 1
303 ...NW Junction... 1227
333.........Packville....... 1130
3 50...........ilver.........11 10
4 05 ilad10 45
43 Mil''''- .''-----.-1015
4 45........ummerton.... 10 10
515...... .... Davis..........940
5 40..........Jordan....... . 925
6 00 Ar. ...ilson's Mills.Le 9 05
Between Millard and St. Paul.
Southbound. Northbound.
No 73. No. 75. No. 72. No. 74.
P M A M Stations A M P31
4 05 10 15 Le Millard Ar 10 45 4 35
415 1025ArSt.PaulLe1035 425
THOS. WILSON, President.
Bank of Manning,
Transacts a general banking busi
Prompt and special attention given
to depositors residing out of town.
Deposits solicited.
All collections have prompt atten
Business hours from 9 a. mn. to 3
p. m.
A. LEVI, Cashier.
J. W. McLEOD, 'W. E. Bnows,

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