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tMfe Manning gimes.
MANNING. S. t'." 5EPT -
One year....................... .......I .o
.six months'...................
Four months.--- .
One 'uilre. one time. $1: each subsequent in
Oein cents. Obituaries and Tributes of
sertont charged for as regular advertisements.
I.ibt.-r1 coritracts made for three. six and twelve
CoXmmunications must be accompanied by the
real name and address of the writer in order to
reveive attention.
No commutication of a personal character
a ill be published excelt .~- an do rtiscient.
ntatr.d :Lt the l'v,.u2lcC :t 11?:,~i :a: Sic
cid~ Q'lx-- mautte..
For President:
For Vice-President:
El Capitan Narciso Gener Gon
zales, editor of the Columbia
State, and counselor in the Has
kell and Pope movements, now a
recognized leader of the Prohi
bition forces, although a strong
advocate of the license system,
in a labored editorial which
might have won laurals for " In
d' Pitts colard porter" seeks to
array the temperance vote of
the State against Governor Mc
Sweeney by throwing bouquets
at Messrs. Gary and Patterson
recent candidates. According to
Signor Gonzales the Gary and
Patterson vote should go to Hoyt
on next Tuesday, because if the
people will only elect Hoyt, he
will enforce the dispensary law
in Charleston, and elsewhere by
remedying the evils complained
of by Gary and Patterson; that
is to say, Hoyt will seize bar fix
tures and do all manner of things
to make things hot, even if he
has to "raise hell on Chicco
street." The Prohibition forces
are certainly in a dilemma; be
fore the first primary, the dis
pensary was a stench in their
nostrils and, as a moral principle
it should be driven out, now that
58,596 votes were cast for the
dispensary system against 33,833
for prohibition, a shifting of
position takes place, and we find
the leaders of prohibition whist
ling through the bung-holes of
whiskey barrels to keep up their
courage for the second battle
Featherstone who was defeated
two years ago, has opened up
headquarters in Columbia some
where in the vicinity of the Co
lumbia State's printing presses,
and we look to see the country
flooded with all manner of litera
ture, hot from the presses urg
ing the voters to put aside their
individual preference between
prohibition and dispensary and
vote for Hoyt. Manager Feath
erstone and Counselor Narciso
Gener Gonzales will not be able
to fool the people by shifting
their plan of campaign- Every
man who believes the dispensary
system the most practical method
of controlling the sale of liquor
will turn out on next Tuesday
and vote for M. B. McSweeney
for Governor. Remember voters,
that on next Tuesday will the
contest be decided, as to whether
Governor McSweeney the rep
resentative of the dispensary or
Colonel Hoyt the advocate of a
hydra-headed idea called "Prohi
bition-Dispensary" shall be the
next Governor of South Carolina
In the first primary the dispen
sary system received a tremen
dous endorsement nearly two
thirds of the white voters of the
State voted to sustain the dis
pensary, and notwithstanding
the efforts made to discredit Till
man by advising that his name
be scratched, he received 73,679
votes the largest vote ever given
to a candidate with opposition in
the State's history. Tillman had~
no one running against him, but he
provoked an opposition to him.
by his impolitic utterances. He
gave the opposition an opportu
nity to seek and advise revenge,
and wherever they could in
fluence a man to scratch his name
they did so.
In the election which is to take'
place next Tuesday, the Prohi
bitionists rely upon the vote be
ing light outside of the cities
and towns; they hope the coun
try vote will not turn out and
that the opposition to the dispen.:
sary system being principally in
the towns and cities, and the
voters in them being convenient
to the polls, they will turn out
in full and thereby give Colonel
Hoyt a majority. The result of
the first primary shows conclu
sively that the General Assembly
will be anti-prohibition, then if
the "Prohibs" are not after office
what hope can they possibly
have for prohibition if Hoyt is
elected. Turn out next Tuesday
before 4'clock in the afternoon,
Spain was once the pride of
nations her institutions were of
the grandest, and her posses
sions were world wide. Now
she is sitting on the stool of mor
tification, her institutions crumb
ling and her possessions slipping
away from her. The cause of
her humiliating condition can be
attributed to her permitting
church, and State to assimilate.
No country can stand the on
ward march of progress unless
church and State are held apart;
this was seen by the founders of
the American government, and
timne has proven the wisdom of
that view. Those nations whicih
oermitted themselves to become
priest-ridden are the- victims of
ignorance, superstition, vice and
an unmerciful rule of tyranny.
The clergy of Spain dominate
the politics of that nation, and
it is a notorious historical fact,
that only about 15 per cent of the
Spanish colonial subjects can read
and write: in every country iml
political control of religious bi
gots, ignorance, superstition and
intolerance is rampart. The
priests keep their subjects in ig
norance, lest they assert their
individuality and question their
power, and grow sleek and
fat on the toils of those who fol
low their lead, while their delud
ed and blind followers are kept
in poverty and rags.
Wherever the stars and stripes
are flung to the breeze, freedom
of thought, action, and speech
should exist-the fundamental
law guarantees this, and the
people have shed oceans of blood
for this principle. This happy
condition can only be maintained
by a jealous regard for the princi
ples as laid down by the founders
of the government, and the hold
ing apart of Church and State.
McSweeney is being bitterly
and unfairly opposed by Narciso
Gener Gonzales the great es
pouser of the cause of Haskelism,
the fellow who wanted everybody
to scratch Ben Tillman. Narciso
Gener Gonzales is a license man
but for his present purposes he
is a warm advocate of Col. Hoyt's
election. What does Gonzales
see in Col. Hoyt's election for
the license people?
Narciso Gener Gonzales, edi
tor of the Columbia State con
fessed to having turned at the
last moment, his support to
Eller-be two years ago for a
promise of a "high license"
-lause in the Governor's mes
sage. Has Colonel Hoyt given
Signor Gonzales a promise to
recommend high license also?
onzy,these gubernatorial prom
ises, according to your alleged
xperience are nil.
The people of South Carolina
have not forgotten how Narciso
Gener Gonzales, editor of the
Columbia State confessed having
betrayed the Prohibitionists two
years ago, and we do not believe
the Prohibitionists place much
confidence in him now, Mr.
Featherstone the former defeated
prohibition candidate has opened
up head-quarters in Columbia,
somewhere in the vicinity of the
"State" office possibly, where he
can keep a sharp eye upon the
man who, two years ago in a fit
of temper confessed having sold
Featherstone out to Ellerbe.
Clarendon is honored by the
election of Mr. M. S. Cantey as
one of the Democratic electors.
When the State Executive Comn
mittee met and the call for nom
inations was made for electors
from the respective Congres
sional districts, the editor of
THE TIMES, recognizing in Mr.
Cantey a staunch Democrat, and
gentleman of unquestionable
integrity, placed him in nomina
tion which was seconded by Hon.
W. D. Evans of Marlboro, and
Mr. Cantey was unanimously
elected. We sincerely congrat
ular Mr. Cantey, as being the
recipient of this compliment, an
honor that is seldom given to a
a~n over once in a lifetime, and
is very much sought after. In
Mr. Cantey's case, the honor is
ae greater, because it conies to
him unsought, and in the nature
of a surprise. William Jennings
Bryan will not have in the elect
orial college a vote, cast for him
in the entire Union, by a purer
man than M. S. Cantey of Sum
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Six Reasons Why a Prominent Ctizen of
Greenwood Will Vote for McSweer ey
I am going to vote for h-Sween'y for
Governor, and I'll tell vou w.x:
1. 1 like him personally. He i p !>lain.
unassming and at the ,::i!e thAe alla
ble and sociable. II- is a f:iend to
those who are his friends and is without
vindictiveness towards those who art
2. I agree with his politics. I en
dorse his position on the dispensary. on
the educational question and on the
other questions of State policy.
3. He is an efficient. execntive. It i;
admitted that under his adtministratiou
the dispensary law has beet ti t:r en
forced than it ever was before. :nid he
has done it quietly and in I b-it*it'
like manner. with'out the lthwing :"f
horns or beating of tnrus. I e blieves
in enforcing the law. Taki' hii acti n
at B3eaufort. at Florence an.d in th.
Pons cast. H<, l- ad no i iiendt make
in either u:ase and ran ti- rb-k ilmak
w"ih h:1 1ait 0- 'iuf. . .1 w lot
lqii' V."s I gal: '* ' iitt" ." .tt 1;o
h1:rv. tatken th~e cours' t,:mt ;e:di"
4. lie is his own ii. .n- ee he has
been in te ('ioer.-' clair he has
beeu Governor. He i, the creature ol
no ima n or sot of ni-n: he is not the
manikin that jumps when the master
hand pulls the strings.
5. His administration has been char
aeterized by business-like methods and
enforcement of the law. If the people
of South Carolina want prohibition and
will elect a i Leg',isiature that will pass a
prohibition law. eSwn eu y Will en
force that law as thorutghly anti efti
cienitly as Hoyt or any other man. In
deed. it strikes me that Governor Me
Sweenev would be the best ian to en
force a' prohibition law. Hoyt. it is
well known, will receive pr acttitally the
solid vote of the blind tiger elieiet. If
he should be elected could he be very
vigorous in enforcing the law arainst
those who '>ut him in oite' If 1 were
a Prohibitionist. and wanted t-> see the
law enforced. I would vote for 'rohiibi
tionists for the Legislature to pass the
law.aud vote for MeSweeuey for Gover
nor, so as to have an untrammelled.
courageous man to endorce it.
6. I am going to vote for McSweeney
for Governor as an encouragement and
incentive to the poor hoys of the State.
McSweeney was left a friendless orphan
at an early age, and his first money was
made as a newsboy on the streets of
Charleston. He is now the chief magis
trate of the State. and he has risen by
his own efforts and his own merit. I
want to see him re-elected. so that I can
point to him and show to my boys that
the brightest station and honor are pos
sible for them if they will strive for
them and deserve them.
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Fine rain on yesterday.
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Hat anld Cap Departmlent.
/ If you have never worn " The Longley " Hat
p. don't wait any longer if you wish to have the
correct shape this fall. They come in Al
pines, Derbys and Crushers, Black, Brown
and Grey. We have the largest stock in
town to select from and can give you Hats in
all shapes and prices.
Over fifty dozen Caps in all colors, from
10c to a fine Plush Cap.
Neckwear, Collars, Cuffs
and Shirt Departmient.
This is also a pet line with us and we can give you the very
latest styles and you will be surprised to see the very low price
we are selling at.
Suspenders for everybody, from 5c to 50c.
Trunks and Valises.
Over 100 styles to select from, in all grades from the cheapest
to the best Saratoga.
We have a large stock of Saddles, Bridles, Buggy Harness,
Horse Collars and Pads, Buggy Robes, Saddle Blankets, etc.
Double and Single Barrel Shot Guns to suit the sporting peo
We haven't space to mention our full line, but will be glad to
have you call and examine our stock, as we feel sure it will pay
you, even if you don't care to buy over 50 cents worth. Our
prices are right and we have the stock.
Thanking the many customers for past favors and hoping a
continuance of the same, I remain
Very respectfully,
Louis Levi.

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