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Publishes All County and Town Of
ficial Advertisements.
IANNING. S. C.. SEPT. 12. 10uP.
A Few Minutes' Look
At the stock :of a: the Jenkinson
Dry Goods Store will convince any
one that th'y have barg:rains that caaannt
be had 1l<ewhere.
Five thou:and yards good ('alico. o:
3=e ) er v"ard.
Five thousand yards good 'as: (oi
ored Calico, 4-e per vard.
Five thousand vai-ds t. iadF
Colored Cico. iuual to the be-t :m
in ou; itv. on'v 5e - e r r.
that is s'd ev'\ where a: -
lean jus t what we -ay t hat
bet ca llo made, only -c er \ d.
You don't need t1em l t 'ji
come and look at the line of (et' Jer
sev Knit Fleece Lined -ests wt are ot
fel-ing .t 25>t each, that yo c'1aot : \
elsewi'. or le s than 35: n' irri'e
nulv 23e.
The cheapest and l""ort line of Foor
Oil Cloths and Floor 1 attin. I
and Art Squarc to t' ouni
towu and at price'' n cheap it w n
)ri-t ou .to see ~ Goods
? uL 'ies, our line of Crumb tloth ain
Art Squlares" is som-ething: lhandsome to
look at and they a' ' very c.
Notice is hereby given that no advertise
ments will be changed in this paper where
the copy is brought in later than Saturday
Gen. James Norton was in Mcanning
last Thursday.
Scheol Books at Ilhamle's Du, Storc.
.\Iost peopl' like to be callcd hart in, a
launghing sort of a way.
All kinds Of School 831906 :
September 1~. Termtil ptr. mt i.
Call on Log : Hinteliison for a
Champion Mower or a solid Stte llake.
When a man will not concedl the
right of opinion to others, he i t oar
row to waste time arguing wit.
Or-ape .1uice .ieliciously re4ieshing at
Brockinton's ila l'unt.
Wanted-5.O lbs. of nicely cured
Pea Vine Hay. Leg . uii()lnson.
Died Friday .11s. inst., r. wita
Ridgill wife of Mir. T. P. Rdil.. aged
about 30 years. The deceased left three
small children.
Will arrive short' the 'Path
tinder. The l:. 1). Loe Drug
Wanted- Ontnll '- c' IIe -inll uuan
tities or car ioaal 1t0 . Le -l I ut
When vou want an up-to-date out
of clothing. remember that M3anning
has a brand new elothing and rentts
furnishing store. Call on C. M. Davis
& C'o. and inspect their stock.
How about a Lemon Phosphate now
at Brockinton's Fount.
School Books at Rhame's Drug Store.
The trustees request us to say that 1
the M1oses Levi M1emorial Institute be
gins Mlonday. Sept. 1T. Let every pu-1
Ipil be present the first day. And r
inember that the regular contingent of1
25$ cents per mionth MUST BE P-\ID IN
One hundred bushels Ivye seed.going.
at $1.10 per bushel. Legg & Hutchmi
All the .favorite brands of Smoking
Tobacco. The it. B. Loryea Drug
Those who sell tobacco on tife l'&o
ph 's warehouse floors are warm in their
praises of the managemnent. We have
talked with quite a'number and they
freely say they are well pleased. not
onywiththe prices, bat the courteous
Brockinton's Soda Water, Bigiht.
sp~arkl ing, cold and refreshing.
For extra Buggy Poles. Shafts. Cush
ions. Storm Aprons. Whips. etc.. go to:
Legg & Hlutchinson.
Those defeated candidates who are
attributing their defeat to the editor of
this plaper, must imagine the editor ot
this oaner h:as a bower in this countyv
whiech is wonderful indeed. No friends,
the county candidates can only attrib
tite their'defeat to the lac-k of votes.
and the independence of the voters.
The best and the cheapest- 2.-W
MIatches for 12 cents: they all stike.
The Ri. B. Loryea Drug Store.
Any pr-ice set of singlie or' Doubale
Harn'ess, we have got it. Any sep~arate2
part o; Harness you may wish. we Lave
got it. Legg & Hutchinson.
We want our- readers to go over our
advertising colunms, it is to our inter
est that they should, and we k-now that
a large majority of the readimg pubihe
of this county is a fiencd to Tuit TDMES.
Within the last ten days w-e have had a.
practical demonstration of friendship
from people in ditherent portions of the
Scratch Pads and .S:uionery at
Rhame's Druir Store.
Soda Water,. cold as it ought t4 b~e,
and sweet as you like it at Briockinton's.
The people of C'larenadon have showna
clearlyv by their votes, that no mant or
set of'me'n control them. A look at. the
returns is convincing proof of the vot
er- s indenende-nce. 10 charge that this
or that tman manIPluate or 0 slated the
successful ticket is a strn symtomt0i ot
soreness whieb ('reate 0 'l( in tIld
sleeves of the listener'.
We have a full lin of tpoular
brands of Plug Tobacco for chewing
and smoking. Thle 1I. B. Loryea D~rug
A car' load of TI 'soell we-Horse
WVagon-.,. 55 i all, t arrie in a fe*w
days. wVill be -Oo chcepe than11 ever
hefore. Legg' r Hutcn'.hinson:.
A man'v man i- a (creat:.e uno )
made mn tie imagec of his Gol. aud let
come w~hi a: il his per'sonaity 15 re
sueted. but a sycophant, or' rather onIe
of those catures whuo act- on th rm
pulses of those in whnose simsn-.e of
favor thev wish to watrm, is imae of
waste clay and his indivialitybe
comes extinguished like~ a vaporiub
ble. He is to be uitled.
Weu have a full assor'.tmen of Novels
and Poets in cloth and paper di'tiou
al przs Thle 1 , I. Lorye.a'ru
Wec are real ilad' :bait theI pol icl
conte-st is over an d we. hopth : what-Ii
ever ill feling ha -be-en engendered
will pas away. as far as We are co'
cerned, we entrtin noI unki:nt:fli
toward- a' lin -oul 4.1 aero~ "- -
that we have been 'n eealino
msrceesente' an aly's
weC look upn t 1 on)o011n-o
of political exetc ntwhn - .
"ill he-lp th-:' side.
Pens, Ink. Pencils. Slates, . .9'ni _ .
"1 ,it. I:1: l lu Ir : ?' 11111 I ,.' 1 "ii 1)
' - .l lii 1< t Ilifui )' l\' u)t :l!: 11(I
.or th I. Iv t' 'Iflll'ut'IVCE'il. iit t~
t'xv l ehTi (t 'Lit. \' 1ow . I
"\' . 1:t
uP 1 Vt't'I*** I
I.~1;i 11, ptI Vt~
'(I' 1 ela (, h'0U .
'1}? c' b t \'~ t -I}C s , 2 ' 1 I
I~ ~ E ;o 'I. 1PIe I
E ." l ':! e ltll I tI:.' ' 1 1 :( ' I i .. . ".
,it ta . a d 1a i lt\ .. t li! i II]
1.. ' :!. L i . 11Ii
V'Xp. them v r t 1.t.1i Seedr.. ll t a t.'
It.t.I) C .~'*~ I~,p p ja ''h11 I 1. i't.
*irt:tt I): TotX" . )Iu ian 1'e :'fnmes . v
a 11'iie r li. te'v 1i4 r T he I:t . B. t.r
'tYe L~:1 ua l ' c' S .at V.~t. tit.k . Pr ti s
tie ~ ~ ") "'cifi tw* ' ~ Iit I
(;tt etw :- 'l) Sun . . 1'.e :?..)l W I +(
to t 1 l'
oru fo- n i t ' t. 1.kiv . ..v 11. n . :. i-c
.1? . .. c o .. l . i :fr- . . I 1 i ' L .I I
vhc \ . i:!'tof I t)~tl:I*' h s b u
'01'I ' : . l't.X'l e il y e t 1 t . n' I l! ^h t. i uet i i 1t
enutl hav -t e ' ca b.' ept t11) t(1t1
P' u*~ ': .^ t l i . '.I. T ~ l t " i a o t o 2l ' t a gav l e Serv it f
a_ ' t*i il"'1 ' :I u: .Il t ti cutl ~ PoW ll e
ICl> I~i iil tCL if I'li :it. at is l Iv
110 a1T Cal tl . ' bIi i.'i~. ~
tWe h::' eauthe n:.:: 't.'plente assot
n; chafe Toile 51- ft.~ er~fumes. but
is ar -;:1( kn '\'n"- t ' hi s '.'ictii ! toV \v
loved hn rd his's 1" 3 'au ntii ai- I
rod lltiep fori'. i .-Uc )l l Ui1- t Eue tiic Ll.
.Iid"-t' aitS .T ayd . .\1:I. - wrt:t1
1\t h ptit e o t Goatti, t
7.::: ther kltICS t.a 11be '-.11
It.ailet " . ' ~~ .f ri~. AI UI fhit
Blacklis ofted 'n Bss.l sofe
BeaC" E t ie nr Ieto8 ind ou ,e hlvas beeL :h
Soit(I la -,tet'~a'il it h1 O11 tIj
A Sumter Marriage.
Last Iusiay afternoon a beautiful
triage *cremony was witnessed at
it.iewish Le'ture Hall, corner of
bur andj "epubliean streets in this
ts. .\t that time lIr. Isaac Calhoun
tratu.ss was united in marriage to :lis, L
!a:ttle llvttenberg. daughter of Ir.
:1 AIrs. Harry Rvttenberg.
Ih Lecture Hall had been tastily
ecora ted with smilax and vines, en
wvined around the pillars. while the
iar, the or' an and~L organ stand were
Overed with green and white. The
ouple stood under a marriage bell Of
Six 'lck w Ias thtU ietlou appomted
'it he c ttnI. anll long before that
hme the hrall wa. 'llh1 with a large
row'Ad of tri:i- ll well-wishers of
he cthn-ra int parti. Ex:wctly at
he hl r th' '. l- of th organ broke
rth. undle the.ailll touch of Miss i
Ll T ilie. andl the strains of
Il . :~ \ di W .arch nlled the
to hut Min1 w ith1 rweetuess and melo- a
e. The t1. prece dtd by the ush- t
. teredI on the arm of her father
i's lti ime ) the aisle. At the altar t
er were me by the groom and his.
n. r \be Weinberg, of Cam
u t. The ceremony was performed b\
abb li. W. Schnecherger, of Balti
ort, an uncle of the bride, and was
rv interesting and impressive. He
clivered1 a few appropiate remarks to
wt' couple before him in English, re
.r ing to the fact that the day on .
hlth', -iler were married was the u
vent *v-seventh anniversary of the mar
a, ceof the parents of the bride. He
ien reneated the Jewish marriage rt
-rvice in I Hebrew. The cup of wine,
as then handed the bride and groom
it of which they drank and then the
ass was erushed under foot by the
room. The benediction was pro- 0
Ounced in Hebrew and in English. I
rid the bridal narty. to the strains of a
vXouts mparch, iled out of the building.
A delightful reception was given at
1t' homse of the bride's parents on
be''ty stret't. from , to 9:30 o'clock t
Im., 'it i was attended by a number
it im at. friends and relatves of
r. atsd Mrs. Strauss. The elegant1
id'ence was decorated in keeping I
th the irlad occasion. and the evening t
as a most pleasant one. Refresh- t
:is were served. and many congrat- I
at ions and '-ood wishes showered upon
10 youtn' couple. just venturing upon
t sea of matrimony. At 8.30 -Mr.
a Mles. Strauss left for Asheville, N.
where they expect to spend the
mevmoon. They carry with them
to best wishes of a large number of
'icnds In Sumter. who desire for them
-ery hanpiness.
The wedding presents were many and
eautiftl. and testified to the populari
of the bridal couple. n
Messrs Geo. L. Ricker. Isaac Strauss, d
[ordeeai A. Strauss and Louis Loyns t
ere the ushers. and performed their \\
it well. z
The groom, Mir. Strauss. is a rising tE
>ung attorney and has been employed i
the omlee of Lee & Moise for a num- c
cir of years. He possesses much abili- e
and his friends look for much fine I
rk from him in his chosen profession. .
The bride is a very attractive young
onan. and has a host of friends who
teem her for her many fine qualities
ea virtues.-Sumter Herald Sept, 7th.
It is conceded by those who have
iven our Tea a trial that it possesses
beautiful blend and is now widely
ed in Manning and other sections of
e conunty. The R. B. Loryea Drug
To pirevent consumption quickly cure v
roat and lung trotubles with One Mmi- n
('Cough Cut-c. The R. B. Lot-yea e
rug Stre Isae 'i1\. Lotryea. Pt-op. si
a the The Kind You Have Always Bought t
The milk of human kindness is not ~
'ry heav-ily enamele-d with cr-eam. nII
Our line o-f Wr-iting Paper. Tablets. t.
x Pantei. F~nvelopes and everything
rtainintg to the needs of the sehool. e
ie and study is unsurpassed. We tt
n please the most fastidious. The RI.
.Lot-yea Drug Store.
He Fooled the Surgeons.T
\u (doctors tohd Reniek Hamilton of We-st Jef
son. 0.. afte-r suffe-rinig 18 months from rectal
~tla. he would die unles~s a costly oper:. n
Sperormed: but he cured himself with tive
IeI of Buckien's Artnica Salve, the surest pile
e on t':trth. and the best Satlve int the world.
ensa bOX. So.ld at the R. Ii. Loryea Drur
The good die young: but the bad al
avs eouive their asefulness.
Chamberlains Cough Remedy a Great
li.' soothina' :Ind h-aline p~rope-rties of_ this
:nd.it s plasant taste and promtpt anul pe(r
aattir... havade to t a a'reat favor'ite with
epi' everywhe're. It is especially prized by ft
-lhers of 'sniall childtretn for colds, eroup and -
tOpintg couah. a' it always a:Tords quick re
fand asit contains no opiumtt or other harm
1 drur. jt may beL ilven as contidenitly to a
by as to atn adult- For sate by The R. IS. Lor
a'Druau Store. Isaac M. Loryea. Prop.
'Te- R. B3. Lorcea Di-ug Stor-e beg to
I oemiI theLir man~ty kind patr'ons that we
sertve' tile following hoturs: Durtiing
Ie week ouhr dt-ug stotc is opeLn fr-oma
mt. to 9 p. mi.: Saturday nights to
: . Sunday houtrs. 11 a. am. to 12:30) p.
:;:30 to (::k) p. mi. Night calls r
necd to piromp~tly and cheetrfully by
itr Phar nacist. Mi-. J. E. At-ant, Phl.
.who resideas at Mt-s. S. A. WVells'.
Off the Track.
~ Tis menis disastetr and death when
plidto tia fast express train. It is
ually ser-iotts when it recfets to plel
hoLe'blootd is disotrdered and who con
quetly 1 hav~e p~imlT)es and sot-es. bad
emah1 tl(ranged kidneiys, weak
rvirI an '-d tat tired feeling. Hood's
u--ma il pu tts the wtheels back on
:I t rac by making puret. rich blood
adcuittn. thleSe troutbl.es.
(onst iatton is etured hr Hood's Pills.
tIhmt'hold Necessities: Eatgle Brand
-Ik l'aker's an an Hlouten's C'hoe
ar- and (Cocoa~. (olmian's tand other
I"nd to f '.lusitard. Satarch. Bi-'arb.
i in hulk antd packages. Stove Pol
'.'tauiry Ilue. Gold D~ust. Sapolio.
- oIf (Iti'Le. Ot-tagoni Soap. Tar
sp Totpiks -woiod and quill. The
It Saves the Children.
Chal--r(I ituih loemedytt has saved the
I thatsod s Lf crou'tpy' children-. lt is also
Ithu un1 equal f- r col ds and whotpina c'ugLh.
'- by IV ti . Ii. Lo:-yeoa Drua' StIrI-. IsaaetL
. .. -e. ro r [janiay
Th prcogre(tssiveL nations (If the worlId
cr1e e-reat food conuimm;.g nations.
;od fo od well' digested gives strength.
i ou canniot digrest 'all 'otu eat, you
eed~ tKodlI lDyspepsiai (Cure. It digests
ha: yo ( t. YXottuc ned not diet "out
-lf If t con'tain- l of the ditiestants
'Ombitll d with the bes't kuoJ(wn tonics
nai irecontructies It will even-t di
'.'t a ila--es of~ foo- it a hot L-. No
thlt' ppar'atiton will do this. It in
tautly reliever.s and quiLckly curles tall
tomacht~d trotuLes. The 1It. 1B. Lotrea
At this Season of the reatr ther-e at-c al
ca's tmanty deathis. paticiular-ly among
'ild re-n, ft-oat summi er L-omtplatitt diar
h itoya. iiysentetr, Lcholer-a in o r- b u s .
ramptl~s, ete.. and ev'ery one otught to -
nowr thaLti asure and speedy cure can
asiy ih.. LtbtatinedI by ta king PERRY
)Avi< P.ulx-KILtLFt in s-weetened
cater eviery- half hotir. It nev'etr fails.
\rd substitutes. thetre is but one Pain
-mler Pe-ry Davi&. Pt-ice 25 and 530c
Cured of Chronic Diarrhoea After Thirty
Years of Suffering.
I su:Terep for thirty years with diarrhoea
nd hi ught I was past bein cured, says John
. Hlloway of French Camp. Miss. -- I had
pent so much tine and money and suf
'red NO much that I had tiven up all hope. of
co. r:. I was so feeble fron the e:Tects of
ie diarrhoea that I could do no kind of labor.
ould not even travel. but by accident I was
,.riitted to find a bottle of Chamberlain's
-oli. Cholera and Diarrhoea Iemedy, and after
iking several bottles I am entirely cured of
mat trouble. I am so pleased with the result
at I am anxious that it be in reach of all who
miter as I have." For sale by The R. B. Ler
a Dru) Store. Isaac ML Loryea. Prop.
CoA.S oZ IA..
Bears the The Kind You Have Always Bought
of ,
The emergency bags sent by a church
eet x to Kansas soldiers in the Phi!
ipines contained among the necessitit 5
box of D)eWitt's Witch Haze Salve.
ie well known eure for piles. injuries
ud skin diseases. The ladies took care
>obtain the original i)eWitt's Witch
[azel Salve, knowing that all the coun
:rfeits are worthless. The I. B. LIr
"a Drug Store, Isaac M. Loryea. Prop.
Cuts and Braises Quickly Healed.
Chamberlain's Pain Balm applied to a cut.
guise. burn. scald or like injury will instantly
lay the pain and will heal the parts in less
inc than any other treatment. Unless the in
ry is very severe it will not leave a scar. Pain
am also cures rheumatism. sprains. swellings
d lameness. For sale by The R. B. Loryca
ru-, Store. Isaac X. Loryea. Prop.
The man who parts from the right is
-asonably sure to get left.
You can spell it cough. coil, caugh.
au. kaff. kough. or ka h but the
aly harmless remedy that quickly
ares it is One :Minute (ough Cure.
he I:. B. Loryea )rug Store. Isaac M.
?ryea. Prop.
Some preachers are very deep-and
te most of them are rather long.
Large sun spots. astronomers say,
used the extreme heat this summer,
ad doctors declare nearly all the pros
-ations were induced by disorders of
,e stomach. Good health follows good
igestion. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure di
ests what you eat. If you have indi
estion or dyspepsia it will quickly re
eve and permanently cure you. The
B. Loryea Drug Store, Isaac M. Lor
a. Prop.
Where the wages of sin is death,
lre is no striking for an increase.
Poisonous toadstools resembling
ushrooms have caused frequent
-aths this year. Be sure to use only
le genuine. Observe the same care
hen you ask for DeWitt's Witch Ha
l Salve. There are poisonous coun
rfeits. DeWitt's is the only original
itcll Hazel Salve. It is a safe and
rtain cure for piles and all skin dis
ses. The R. B. Loryca Drug Store,
naa M. Loryea, Prop.
We Made
"No loud professions
And with little deeds."
When we assumed the management of the
e promised that the same honest business
ethods. the same care and attention to the
ost minute details. the same absolute purity
the products handled by my predecessor
oud be continued, that no expense would be
ared in having our
Pharmacy Department1
rder the control of the most skilled and scien
tic Pharmacist that could be procured.
We have redeemed every promise made and it
with satisfaction that we have received the
couragement of the friends and patrons of
ehouse: we have retained old friends and
:de new.
Our Drug Store has been run on strict busi
-ss principles: we have neither misrepresented
r depreciated the efforts of others.
At the beginning of the fall season we ask for
esame liberal patronage that has been be
wed on us in the past.
We have the largest and most thoroughly
uipped drug establishment in this section of
e State. and we congratulate ourselves on be
gthe proprietor of a
Modern Drug Store.
iere is nothing obsolete about our business.
ISAAC M. LORYEA, Proprietor,
Sigtn of thc
Golden M'ortar,
'mIiss Olivita Ingram is now in our employ
and ill be pleased to see her many
till head the list and are acknowledged by
all to be the great conquerors of pains,
aches andi diseases for which they are
Ramon's Relief will positively cure
p~ains ofalkinds. such as- Ilcadache'. Sick
Headache, Toothache, Neuralgia, Cramp
Colic. Pains in the Stomach and Bowels.
Diarrhota, &n., alnost instantly, andi, as a
household remedy for these suddeni siek-.
nes. it hiasno c'nal in the world. "Once
tried, always used.'' Price ~5 and 50 ceuts.
Samnie bottles 10 cents.
Ramones Nerve & none Oit is the
original and only genn ine Nerve and Bone
Oil mati. It is jus~t what its namue implies,
and penietrattinig quickly to) the nert'e and
bone, relieves pain, drives away disease
and efrecets ai permatnent cure. A specifie
for Rtheumatismi, Sores. Bruises. Sprains.
Cits. Burns. and alt injuries to the tiesh of
either mani or beaiit. Price 2. and 530 cents.
Samile bottles 10 cents.
The genuine hta the name blown in the
bottle. The Relicf is put up itn square red
catoons and the Oil in green cartoons.
AxE~ No o-HER
The R. B. Lcryea Drug Store.
An American Disease.
thority for the statement that nerv
ousess is the characteristic mnal
ady of the American nation, and
statistcs show that nerve deaths
number one-fourth of all deaths
recorded, the rmortality being main
ly among young people.
is the grand specific for this great
SAmercan disease, because it goes
straight to the source of the weak
Ines s, building up health an d
strength by supplying rich, abund
m a'it food and pure blood to the
worn-out tissues, rousing the liver
rto activity and regulating all the
organs of the body.
" The NiebIgan Drag Co.," Detroit, Xich.
LIerems the famous little liver pills. 5c.
, M. BROCKINTON, Manning, S. C
.claannen anid beautifies the hair.
Prmtsaluxurnant growth.
~ever ail to estore Gray
Hair t its outftojtr
Cu cu lpdieasa.|un r alii.?&
Is the Place to Do
Your Fall Trading. 1
The largest stock of Fine Dress Goods in town. containing the very lates
styles. in foreign and domestic Novelties and all cut in patterns-no two alike.
Our line of French Flannel Waist Goods at 50c. 75e. $1 and $1.25 per yard i
th admiration of all who see the line.
Our line of Dress Trimmings is something that the ladies have never set
in this town before.
Doiestic Dry Goods.
Five thousand yards Calico at 3ie per yard. Better Calicos at 4, 41. 5 an
Gic per yaad.
Yard-Wide Sea Island Homespun at 5c per yard.
Yard-Wide Fruit of the Loom at 8tc per yard.
Three-furths yard-wide Sea Island Homespun for quilt linings at 3tc pe:
yard, by the bolt.
Best Bleached 10-4 Sheeting at 25c per yard: the same 10-4 Sheeting un
bleached at 224c.
Floor Covering &Housefurnishing Goods,
This is a department which we have given considerable attention.
A beautiful line of Mattings at 15, 20. 25, 30 and 35c per yard.
Floor Linoleum, six feet wide, at 40 and 45c per square yard, in a number o
pretty patterns.
A beautiful line of Rugs of every description, from 25c to $5 each.
Wool mixed Crum Cloths and Art Squares, from $5.50 to $8.50 each.
All-Wool Art Squares, from $7.50 to $15 each.
Our Ali-Wool Art Squares 4yards wide by 5 yards long, at $15 each is jus
as gaod as any carpet. and what is better still, you can take it up and dust it a
A very pretty line of Chenille and Tapestry Table Covers and Portiers.
Our line of fancv Table Covers is the wonder of all who see them.
Shoe Department.
Our line of Shoes is one of the largest shown in this town and is up-to-dat
in every respect. When you want good Shoes that will give you good servic
at a moderate price, go to the Jenkinson Dry Goods Store for them.
Gelts Clothing & Fullishings
Gents', you must not forget that we have Clothing in all styles at prices s
low that it will certainly do you good to look at them.
Also a large line of Youth's and Children's Clothing.
An inspection of our immense stock of Clothing will convince you that w
intend to lead in the sale of Clothing.
And while you are thinking about Clothing you had just as well begin t
think about when yon are going to buy your Underwear I just wish to say whil
in New York we picked up several cases of Gent's Fleece Lined Undervests tha
we are going to sell at 25 and SOc each thpt our competitors cannot sell for les
than 40 and 75c. Now we mean just what we say-we went to New York to ge
this that our competitors could not get and we got them.
You had better not buy your Clothing and Underwear until you see what w
have to offer you.
Millinery Department.
We are nsw showing in our Millinery Department a very exclusive an
pretty line of Street Hats for early fall wear, and a little later, the day we wi)
have our fall opening of Pattern Hats.
Yours truly,
~WE H AVFmm- *si
Clothing for the naked, 8
3 9 Glasses for the blind;
Q $ Shoes for the barefooted,
3 + Gloves that are lined.
__ ~ Curtains for the windows,
Shoe strings and laces; ;
S Lamp wicks and oil
oCanned ligtth canned dakgoods, * i
Everything to eat:
F Caps for the head
And-socks for the feet.
Calicoes of the IEnest,
That never fa es:;
Woolen goods fo r dresses,
Tobacco for men folks,
SHats for the ladies,8
Something for the children.
Sacques for the babies.
Queensware, glassware,
Plates and bowls,
Leather harness
And leather for soles.
Straps and strings,
Buckles and other means ;
The finest of silks,
And the coarsest of jeans.
Potatoes and hosiery,
Buttter from New Yr
Lrds and tet.
Tea and coffee,
Sugar and rice,
Cakes and crackers,
a Cheese and spice.
Oysters and salmon,
H o lour andmel
+ Mouse traps-and cats
To make the mice squeal.0
+ Powder for faces,
Powder for hunters ;
Axes for choppers,
And remedies for grunters.
Chewing gum, candy.
Corset and bustle:
The people come trading ~
And how we do hustle.
+ Medicina to make vou sick.
Medicine to make you well:
In fact we have everything
2 sell.6
jlS. A. RIGBYj
8. I. TIL.L.'S.
Just getting in goods every day that we scooped in while in New York, and
we "scooped" in some of the greatest drives ever shown in Manning. In some
of the cases the lots were large, but we figured the price right and bought the
stuff, and for the next four months Manning and Clarendon County will have
the chance of their life in bargain buying, and buying from us is like bringing
one dollar to our store, and getting two for it.
There is Nothing Gained
In this life without hard work and plenty of it. But there are some easy things
left. One I can suggest: When in need of anything in
Dry Goods, Clothing, Shoes, Hats, Gent's Fur
nishings and Millinery, why just call on
8. 1. TILL,
We have the most complete line of Boy's Dress and School Clothing ever
shown in this market.
Yours to please,
'WlIbNowHeadtr Buinss
' W
. M. Davis & Co.
c Brand New Clothing, Shoes, Hats, Caps and 2
Gent's Furnishings,
And if Quality and Low Prices will help us to sell our goods, we are a
C sure to do some business with the people of Clarendon this year. -'r
A better bought stock of goods has never been brought to this a
town. Mr. Gerald, the manager and junior partner of the business,
visited the Northern markets and spared no effort in selecting and :
buying his goods. Are they cheap? We don't ask you to take our :
t word for it, but come and see for yourself.
We are sole agents for the DREW, SELBY & CO. line of LA- ,
t DIES' FINE SHOES, none better. We guarantee every pair Of them. -
S If they do not give perfect satisfaction your money will be refunded.
2!rHKE *
Sol ony b
.o~oo~oo.O~~o~~o~oodoo o-, oo- ~ o
Ou oubi ieofSosfo0e n Bos r tnes o
$150 uaaned oldlethr
Se or ounee So fr 1.5 it i 0 odoe
anod irprntanlheyebsyls urdos
Is Our olumbia ier ofs Shes fore en ans fr sthers forAL
BRAN LOgnTed Asol et er.h kltnCats oae
see hour itoisumaee Shefr$.2,i aodoe
OuWe rr evyalowear irns utaseahd of Chldensylthing tiou'
twll We rel to boresbing ut com e a lre brgain inBoy'.
Kne Par t pin busnes pfr fe day andgligee ashadow vihw
casand butfs, ore here tomeay and wet men teor doe busie alone i
E~ principlesBSIES T L, and ifwbyno sell orgoswtotil osing 3
sticl Wo he we aane make ortcleits mal -:twhtwsyIu
BOpp. COtHIG Astosee th SkeetnN S Coa. maee
WeMarryn svrliarofCdwrensCohieta yo
ill bdn efllyt beoeuipp.e have a lreran immn oys' tome
the rirnty ays wemands ofeir patro$1Nelgshitwt.w
Th cllrs u ancforte.to Coehendolloin besohyabe alines:
Is Pnwtaisintha-er crntm.oPius and hosnently ep
pec oepintedforlin anfly euiped with an imnel stockur ito meet
thereitseof ts andead.o hiptos

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