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LO)UU- APPE."GLT. litor.
MANNING, S. C., SEPT. 1i. 1900.
O ne~ yea'.. . . .. . . .. . . .. . . . .
Six m onths
Four months----- -.h. . ------ -
O. .u-ie. one time. M: each subsequent in
sertion. .' con:. Obituaries and Tributes of
Respect charxed for as regular advertisements.
Lira: contracts made for three. six and twelve
tmaication' must be acconl) iedi by thi
iname and address of the writer in order to
-eiV' attention.
No conmunicatiun of a ewru.v i r"
will be published except as ::ti adv er i-n-ut
Entered at the 'ostomee at ' -I . _.- e
ond Class matter.
Copies of this paper may le -ound .n ~ix' at
Washington in the mt-e t - N. Wpe -.i rr,'
pondent. E. i- . .
For President:
For Vice-President:
Col. James A. Hoyt Jr., in sev
ering his connection with his
father's paper The Greenville
Mountaineer, to return to his
labors as one of the members of
the Columbia State staff, fires at
Governor, a parting salute which
is full of misrepsentation bitter
ness and gall. Here is what he
With this issue of The Mountaineer
mv connection with the paper again is
severed and in a few days it is the in
tention to return to the field of labor
which was left three months ago. The
line of work is the same and while the
field in Columbia is broader and the
opportunities greater. it is only with
sincere regret that I leave Greenville.
where the surroundings are so pleasant
and the friends so numerous.
the recent campaign at the last mo
ment took a rather bitter turn, which
was deplorrd by none so much as my
self, but it was not the fault of Col.
Hoyt or his campaign managers that
this was so. We regret nothing that
we have said or done during the whole
I am proud to ha-:e been able to take
an active part in the light against the
most monstrous and most despicable
whiskey machine which has ever dis
graced a sovereign State by its rule of
corruption and infamy. If the good
people of South Carolina could only
realize how they are being deceived
and what practices are being used to
forward men and measures in this
State, they would revolt-they would
have revolted ere this. It is only by
personal contact or personal opposition
to the whiskey machine that its power
and its methods can a t present be un
derstood. There will surely come a
day when this gigantic fraud will be
exthloded and a parer political atmaos
ph'ere be obtained. In hastening the
ap~proac'h of that day. I shall deemi it an
honor to have even a small part and
regard it as a pleasant duty to devote
mv best efforts to that end. The fight
seems hopeless, because it has again
been lost'when the prospect was bright
est, but the fight will not be abandoned
as long as there remains itn South Caro
lina men who love honor above money,
who value patriotism above policy and
who do not fear to face odds for the sake
of right. There are such men and they
intend to keel) up) the fight until the
many good people on the other side
join the opposition, as they will surely
do soon or late. It is a fight for princi
ple, not for personal aggrandizement
or personal satisfaction, and it is actu
ated not by malice or pique but by un
selfish motives. The defeat of one man
is merely an incident, which points its
own lesson. " The Octopus must go."
This young man it will be re
membered, was one of those
whom Governor McSweeney hon
ored with the appointment as a
member of his staff-a position
which is supposed to be held on
ly by close personal friends.
Hoyt went through the entire
campaign with Governor Mc
Sweeney's commission in his in
side pocket, and accepted the
salutes as "Colonel" with much
pride, now that his papa has
been defeated he gets sour and
shows an ugly temper. How
ever if James A. Hoyt Jr., be
lieves that Governor McSweeney
is not among that class of men
"who love honor above money,"
or that he cannot be classed with
those "who value patriotism
above policy," he should sever
his confidential relations with so
vile a wretch at once, and carry
back the commission he so fond
ly accepted, return it, and tell
the gover-nor that he can not
serve in the position of a close
personal friend to a man who is
the representative of a "mon
strous and most despicabal whis
key machine which has ever dis
graced a sovereign State by its
rule of corruption and infamy."
James A. Hoyt Jr., with self
respect can no longer- where the
Colonel's uniform, he must re
nounce the title. The election is
over and we are glad of it, for
we honestly believe there has
been much harm done in the
past campaign, many sins will
have to be atoned for, and the
sins were not confined to the or
dinarv voter either. Those who
advocated a spirit of revenge,
have, by their action, shaken
the contidence of many people,
and it will take a long time to
restore their usefulness. We
are ther-efore glad that the thing
is over beforet mloreC harim was
Thme estimated damage to prop
erty by the Galveston storm is
estimated at over #0,000,000.
The loss of life runs up to nearly
Governor McSweeney is con
stantly receiving letters of con
gratulation not only from men
in South Carolina, but many
ladies are expressing their grat
ification at governors magniti
cient success.
The Columbia State imade a
bitter fight against the election
of Governor MesweeneY, all
because it does not ag*ree with
that otticer on the liquor ques
tion. an(l now we hope that it
will put aside its prejudice, and
gibe its aid and iniluence towards
wI lpin g Governor McSweeney in
giving the people a first class
administration. We hope the
liquor question will be relegated
to the rear now, and that matters
of more importance to the ma
terial welfare of the State will
be taken up.
When the General Assembly
convenes Clarendon will have a
candidate for the office of State
Librarian, in the person -.f Miss
Lucie Barron, and if there is any
sign in the present indications,
this worthy lady will be success
ful. Miss Barron has had the
advantage of a training which
makes her specially fitted for
that office, and if chosen she will
carry into that department
thoroughness and ability. Miss
Barron is the peer of any lady
in the State, and the General
Assembly will do well in select
ing her for this very important
Bryan continues to keep the
Republicans guessing what will
be the outcome of the wonderful
demonstrations that are being
made by the people in receiving
the Democracy's great leader.
Wherever he goes tremendous
crowds greet him with enthus
iasm, and many who heretofore
believed that Bryan had no
chance of winning, are beginning
to believe that in the November
election he will poll a majority
The shut-downs in the coal
I mines is having a demoralizing
effect upon the laboring element
and it will be felt in the coming
election. There arec today many
thousands of voters out of em
ployment, and the McKinley ad
ministration is being held ac
countable for it. The Republi
cans are doing their utmost to
push the money question to the
front to scare capital, but they
are haviing up-hill work of the
job. Trusts and imperialism is
what is doing them up, and they
are beginning to realize their
Senator Tillman has given out
an interview in which lie dis
plays one of two things, his utter
ignorance of the mandates of the
constitution of the Democratic
party, or a desire to go back
wards and bring back the old
factional feeling which all agree
is not for the best. He said two
years hence "the dispensary
people will be asked to hold a
convention and nominate a ticket
just like the Prohibitionists did."
and further on in the interview
he said such a nomination would
be only a "suggestion" that he,
"was suggested by the March
convention." Senator Tillman
was "suggested" by a March
convention when there was noth
ing in the constitution prevent
ing such action, the sanme mnay
be said of the xomination of Gov
ernor Shepperd two years later-,
but the convention of 1894, real
izing the strife created by these
preliminary conventions, put its
foot down on them by requiring
a pledge of candidates that they
are not, nor will they become
the candidate of any faction
either publicly or privately sug
gested. We therefore do not
see how Senator Tillman can
propose a convention to "sug
gest" a dispensary candidate.
unless he expects the State Ex
ecutive Committee to always be
made up of men who are afraid
to place a positive construction
on the language of the constitu
tion. The Prohibitionists clear
ly violated the party constitution
by "suggesting" a candidate but
the committee only half way said
so, leaving it in a condition to be
doubly construed, and hence we
had a factional fight. If Senator
Tillman will read the constitution
of the party lie will be better in
fornmed as to its requirements,
and lie will not propose factional
Deafness Cannot be Cured
b1v local lications. a-. ther cannot reach the
disea-ed portion of the ear. 'JThe-re is only one
way to curec deaenew and that is by constitu
tional remedies. Deuiness is caused by an in
fiamed condition if the mucous linina of the
Eustachian Tube. When this tube :.:ts intiam
ed you have a rumibiing soundl or imperfect hear
ini, and when it is entirely closed deafness is
herst.and unless the it tamtin can be
taken routan this tube restored to it5 normal
condtion.hearingi will be- destroyed forever: nine
ases out of ten are caused by catarrh. which is
nothing but an intlamed condition of the mu
cous surfaces.
cewl gieOne Hundred Dollars for any
caseof eafess(caused by catarrh) that can
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for
ciclrF. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo. 0.
sold by druggists. 75c.
iiaespmir Pills nre the be-t.
Off ic
Farmers' Platform ..............
Cross Roads.. ..............
Foreston...... ..............
New Zion ...... ... ...........
Panola.. ................
Silver .........-.............
New Town.............. ......
Doctor Swamp ........... ......
Packsville............ .........
Harmony............. .......
Foreston Reform......... ......
Summerton........... .........
IAlcolu. .............. .....
Davis Station..... ....--.
Clarendon.................. ..-.
Midway.............. .. . ..- ...
Mannin g......................
Jordan ....... . ............
Black River...... ..... .......
Fork............. -..........
West Clarendon................-.
Totals..... .. . -.... ---
The following are elected:
Does it Pay to Buy Cheap?
A cheap remedy for coughs and colds
is all right. but you want sometning
that will relieve and cure the more se
vere and dangerous results of throat
and lung troubles. What shall you do:
Go to a warmer and more regular cli
mate'.' Yes. if possible: if not possible
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severe throat and lung troubles. "Bos
chee's German Syrup." It not, only
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stroy the germ disease. but allays inila
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tient. Try ONE bottle. Recommended
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world. For sale by the II. B. Loryea
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A mouse is afraid of a mlan, a man is
afraid of a woman, and a woman is
afraid of a mouse.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
Marriage is a committee of two. with
discretionary powers to increase their
Keep Quiet
and use Chamberlain-s Colie. Cholera and Diar
rhwa Remedy for all p.ains of the stomach and
all unnatural looseness of the bowels. It always
cures. For sale by the R. B. Loryea Drug Store.
Isaae M. Loryea. Pro~pr. ijanlay
When the drop curtain in a theater
is lowered, the men go out to take a
Beware of Green Fruit.-Now in the
heated term people should pay attention
to their diet, avoiding unripe fruit and
stle vegetables which invariably bring
on cramp. cholera morbus, or diarrhoea.
Children are particularly subject to
comlaints of this kind, and no mother
can feel safe without having a bottle of
PAIN-KILLER. It is a safe, sure and
speedy cure. Avoid substitutes. there
is but one Pain-Killer. Perry Davis.'
Price 25v. and 50c.
Variety is the spice of life--especially
an up-to-date variety. show.
Ber the Tha Kind You Hlan Always Bought
Some of the leading atesses seem to
have a fad for making a collection of
Cured of Chronic Diarrhoea After Thity
Years of Suffering.
-I sufferep for thirty years with diarrhoea
and thought I was past being cured." says John
S. Hailoway of French Camp. Miss. "I bad
spent so much time and money and suf
fered so much that I had given up all hopes of
recovery. I was so feeble from the effects of
the diarrhoea that I could do no kind of labor.
could not even travel, but by accident I was
permitted to find a bottle of Chamberlain's
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suer as I h-ave." For sale by The R. Bi. Lor
yea Dru:: Store. Isaac M. Loryea. Prop.
It takes more than the bleachers to
remove the- stains from the umpire's
Bear the h Kind You Have Always Bought
CialiL C011111101 S
Has built up for 'us th
CERY trade in the col
We are working fo
Ias well as our own, an
shown by the large tr
Farmners, come to
we will always treat y
P. S.-We are expec
any day.
vial Returns o1
f Dover- Lieut. R. R.
nor. Gov. Com.
j , n~ 1 1 1 9 17 ~ 1 j r
.. 16:3 5U 130 1 120 1 ,
49... io 594 4 98 ;
. " . . . 4: 1 2 5'2 1 0i 22 32
41 '23 5 2,,'1 27i
... 1. 4 1f; 1i 1 34
5U' 1: 40.. 40 4 ~1
.. ~ 1 4 il1: 42 118 : G
7120 . 1 02 11 1 ( 4';
18 10 1 7225 .
7... . 2 1 3 5' 21 19 71
:58 7 4(I1 4 2:1
.-1058 499104- 502 97 580
Woods, Davis, Dickson. Owens, 11
{ Card.
.\IR. EDITOR: I desire to return my
sincere thanks to the people of Claren
d (on for the fine vote they gave me mn
the r'ece nt primtary. and to say to them
that while I did not get quite enough
votes to elect me. I have no complaints
to make against any one. but attribute
my,. defeat sole-ly to the lack of votes.
I wvent through the campaign without,
attempting to besmireh the character
of any one and without saying an un
kind wvord. I shall accept the derision
of the people with cheerfulness and
when the general election comes on
will go out to the polls like a man and
support the nommnees.
W. .T. T RBEvI GLo.
A Thousand Tongues
Could not express the rapture of Annie E.
Springer of 11% Howard st.. Philadelphia. Pa..
when she found that Dr. King''s New Discovery
for Consumption had completely cured her of a
ha:ckting cou h that for many years had made
life at burde"n. All other remedies and doctors
could give her no help. bu~t she says of this royal
eure. -it Noon removed the pain in my chest and
I can now sleep soundly. something I can searce
ly remember (oing before. I feel like sounding
its praises throughout the universe." So will
every one who tries Dr. King's 'New Discovery
for any trouble of the throat, chest (or lungs.
Trial bottles free at the R. B.
Loryea d rug. store: every bottle guaranteed. 5
A Card.
Conway, S. C.. Sept. 1-. 1900.
Please allow me, through the col
umns of your paper to express to the
people of Clarendon county my profound
me on Sept 12i. 27 1an th)po
os, Dhv ave Dbesoen. onor
Mpon oeDTRho wi do in his petr to
dencer anks ho wilhue hispl utost aen-F
donafor the prom ote the intee
thI welhule dd noat iteeinog
etme, rts andil one butn aribroac
on so ene roush th cmpanlhot
ofesp eul yn wou bdt singant.n
kidw Rd.Ishal aB. t h SCA ~on ou
ofte Aol wrihu cheneruns n
willeo theienueal orilection. eamd, utor
Frwilleg uttoen' Arnica likete bes ian and
w~lort ilk the om nedprmtlsea.t
Cures old 1 o eseetorfulee. bis eos
cors. llski eupton. JTBe pl ue o
Cat.oul :ot epeth rap.ure u arnt e.
Sprl e of th R. B.oLoradru str. lae -ha.
whnThe foundtha Driatic Eew cutive
fConmittin hdmletelyth curt hrouse
on atud a fo Septembearshd 190.ate
lie bo'ck. All fothe remdise of docor
coulrmiven hrothepstsed wisfthi meyas
cout chairemovn thegaintn therest ad
apsprarson theghu face ofnthereturs ofl
ftran re Deocheroat (-himary. ug
Editor AN FavoItES:
Peey leas tase allnd throghth colpe
mnnt ofur haer to epre taot wth
people oferywhre.do cutyi eseimy profoud
mothnks for thmal nient colds ie n
woping ouh cont ito feely attod qick re
l.in as tir reprisen aivoter inarm
gurss te ave beste d c onfdnltora
upo one to dul o sall in h er o
proe hciosl othy caliu thei confi
dieas oprooe ther interedsigt.
Thfee hubldroghs ressie aion ofwol
Goo fodliesteed il ee bring reroth.
on sou cnrost pieop llo eto
ne' Kod Dspepsiaou Cre.Iet et
wha o Bet. You needLnoOdiet yor
ll ftenI cnans al orrible rnsa ts
cobie wulinth in~ the best n thic
andrcntuce.I will lthpanadrmtleen dit.
ues old clses fr sores ulces bottlfelonNo
othralsn p erptions.wile dopthis.uItin
ath.ntly reliets. an quick Curearalld
Soytoahe trobe. oyaduTre . 1.Lo5e
Drug Stre. Isa e .LryaPop
Th onyDmcainty.cuiv
Comite willmeer's ithe rt':he
on Stuery Seperciation 1 isa
1de othyc a. fr te purpose ofs.e
coeunt char n gin town reuta
the rcent.mcaicpia
Second Primary.
-_ -- -, -------- .--- Supt .- - MIagist. MIagist.
In j Leais Sheriff. Auditr. uler- Educa- Coronera t Man- in Sa
grvss~a. laturei vis'or.i
;I i ~ tion. nu 11g. lein.
16 114 114 102 94j 1.36' 17:5; 1.2 919 14490 147 $ I 116! 0
553 5:; 1 4} '26 1 .5 53 i 17 1i 52 5 ..
29... 4 -241 14 15) ! :. ......
1 9 : 7 4 2. 1 '22 1 I 2 " 172 ... j ...1... ..
(54 81 -1 2 . 21 1 :; 11( 1i 4 7 2.
0 N 1:, ::, 21 5 1 2 1 5 i : 11 ' 7 ; ;. . .
5I 4 14 (131. 21i4 4; 5, 0 1 :92 .
-, 42 .i. 10 41 214 175 7 12 : ...' 4 . 4
52 11 il6 4; 21 41 22 40 28 ~4 :17,2,4 1 4:4
:t. :4 ' ! 55 4: 22 11 5: 4 1 5 : 1 120 58 16 . I .
1; 4 17 19 22 17 21 21 3' 7 2 2 5 '2; :0 115 .
:;'; :2 4 5 : 1 8 :4 i:' 4 21 2 1 31? 37'... .... ..
47 12 :7. 4:1 19 1 27: 27 5, 108 45 9 16' 49 . .
25 1:i 25 10 2 : ) 15 ; :' :.2' 6 25,1:3 i 221.... .........
12 16 > 1 111 :; 2:' 101 1(! 11 1 22, -,. --...1
2 1 1 I 22 16 14, 24 6, 10; 20 14! 22 1..
25 "11 15 . 2! 11 :34 25' 20 19 '6 27: 17' 3 17 6 3...
5! 18 0 ...5113
91 "!1.. 7(907.)( 71769; 8'21 77( 9071 1 9'22! G50 726 847 2351 276. 13
'ells, Brewer, Youmans. and Turbeville Magistrate in Salem.
J. ELBERT DAVIS, County Chairnuan.
From Girlhood to Womanhood.
have a wrong merging into womanhood.
The greatest crisis in every girl's life is
at this stage when the menstrual fun
tions arc being established, and she should
have every provision obtainable for establish
ing this period properly, without which she
can never become a perfect woman. Mothers.
II teach Your daughters to confide in
V you. Explain their condition to
I them and watch over them as you
' Il i,.. would the moust delicate plant, and
~~~a,~a tl~i., ~his most critical age draws
~ !il~i~near commence giving her
~. Femlae Pallacea.
51AD M R3K.. .. . ...
It will establish the menstrual
functions, restore the strength and
give life and energy to the entire
being PRICE $1 .00 PER BOTTL
When there is any costiveness. move the bowels gently wi th moderate doses of
My daughter was suffering from a severe bilious attack, together with great "bearlun
dewn" pains and back-ache during her monthly periods. She ha violentnervous spelii'whic
p reduced a peculiar q uive ring an d jerking sensation. I bought a bottle of GERSTLE'S El.
MALE PANACEA (G. P. P.) and some ST. JOSEPH'S LIVER REGULATOR and commenced treat'
lng her. All pains and biliousness were removed and the jerking was stopped. it ithe bes
l ever saw for young girls. MARY ELI1A BENE 8, Beulah, Ala.
L. OERSTLE & CO., Proprietors, Chattanooga, Tenn.
Sold at The RI 31 Loyea Erag Storo, Iva~ N. Loyea, ?roe,
troule s wih yur lver Yo wan .. mil lax-....
rolBe.Yuae and Threv oic Magstmuate the Sappetie.
Fro and make thebo rich anhood..
ThJwe e & reatch Rnevey iries
atchs thics, J ewel mestrleun
tion and. Allein d salsed, Fan cysol
Articles ohaveevery kovisio obtaiable for W~~gadHldyests
Such goods laae never beecsl hr e oeCl an erethm. Mtes
irnj~r1 Fo1~ Hyou.nt xpli n~ thI onitont
All Nveltes i Silvr bogl- of emb endgwatcve re of cou
Manin TiesBlokthre oos sth ofmostiicaedaw
cabe repraiof FemAl as PBough .
j~ng~It will establish the mensrruth
functions restoreitheCstrength an
1es an give lfeandenergytoetheentir
Wheun thre is anyosivnesreL th oesgnl ihmdr oe of
dorm s andnvback-achevier onh ypros h avoetevu iwi
redss a aLoar OFvri aSjerkEP. ain Ib tabtl o g L'
Sold nat ure o OFg, r
YourHead AchesrTyoYars
ItXi aTmalCmater;butit ahedtwoday
ago an aaina ee Tao. COouN areW Oa cIrin
Dry Gods, Niolls
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Very respectfully,
SLouis Levi.
Prize Sale!
The merchants of Manning, in order to induce an extra sale of
tobacco on THURSDAY, 27th inst., have contributed the follow
ing prizes to be competed for on the floor of the
People's Tobacco Warehouse.
FIRST PRIZE-For the best average of over 500 pounds, $10 in
Gold, by the Bank of Manning.
SECOND PRIZE-For the largest load of graded tobacco, Cook
Stove, by the Manning Hardware Company.
THIRD PRIZE-For the best average load of bright strips of 400
pounds or over, Suit of Clothes at W. E. Jenkin
FOURTH PRIZE-For the best price on pile of 25 pounds or
over of mahogany wrappers, one Double-Barrel
Breech-Loading Gun, by Louis Levi.
FIFTH PRIZE-Best average price on a pile of 'bright wrappers
of 50 pounds or over, one Box Blue Jay Tobacco
by R. M. Strange.
SIXTH PRIZE-Best average load of smokers of over 400 pounds,
one $6 China Clock, by S. I. Till.
SEVENTH PRIZE-For best average load of cutters of 200 lbs.
or over, one pair of Celebrated Walk-Over Shoes
or R. E. Bonor's Wide Brim Hat, guaranteed for
one year, given by 0. M. Davis & Co.
EIGHTH PRIZE-For best load of fillers of 300 pounds or over,
an Arm Rocking Chair, by M. M. Krasnoff.
And various other Prizes contributed by the merchants and
others. Remember the date,,
Thursday, September 27, 1900.
The Percival Manufacturing Compaan
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Frames, Mantels, Turning,
Moulding, Scroll Work, Stair Work,
And every description of house-finishing wood work.
We are prepared to compete with any establishment in the United States in
prices and quality of work. Get an estimate from us before purchasing else
Y'Oii W.11 Sa7"e 1MO2i.ey By It.
TEOMA&S WILSON, President.
159 East Bay - - Charleston, S. C.

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