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The Manning times. (Manning, Clarendon County, S.C.) 1884-current, September 19, 1900, SUPPLEMENT TO THE MANNING TIMES, Image 6

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.. . onsu. .er.
1aver Beer.
We are now in nosijtion to -lhip Ut-er
all over this Stat at the following
Pints. ' xrt bottle-a." :e anti ten
dozen in 1packag2e. at
90c. Per Dozen.
\ .e ill atiloV ou 't " p 'lozen f.o.b.
"oa: dtpot for all Fx port pint bottles
:tti ren utt all o;ner bottles and will
n; ;aai~ra prwesk" forsa .
Cash Must Accompany All Orders.
AIl order' :hall have our trom tt 1 and
cat reul attention.
Charleston, S. C.
Buaggies, Wagons, Road
Carts and Carriages
With Neatness and Despatch
l repair Stoves, Pumps and run water
pipes, or I will put down a new Pump
If you need any soldering done. ;ive
me a call.
My horse is lame. Why? Because ]
did not have it shod by [R. A. White,
the man that puts on such neat shoes
and makes horses travel with so mucl,
We Make Them Look New.
We are making a specialty of re:
painting old Buggies. Carriages, Roac
Carts and Wagons cucap.
Come and see me. My prices wil
please you. and I guarantee all of my
Shop on corner below R. M. Dean's.
I have opened up a Sewing Machine
store next door to Mr. S. A. Rigby
general merchandise store August 1st
1900. I will carry the
The new ball-bearing "New Home,'
the best machine made: also "Ne?
Ideal" and. "Climax." from $18 to 40
I sell on Instalment. Easy Paymen1
Plan. I clean and repair any kind o:
machines for least money possible.
Call and see me.
A. 1. BARRON, Ag't.
r4'Z 0 - - ||
O .
Unde $0 0 CahDpst
.~~ ~naon.
~Manning, S C.
-tp Thy r O ago od.
for Women
Are you nervous?
Are you completely exhausted?
Do you suffer every month?
If you answer "yes" to any of
these questions, you have ills which
Wine of Cardui cures. Do you
appreciate what perfect health would
be to you? After taking Wine of
Cardui, thousands like you have real
ized it. Nervous strain, loss of sleep,
cold or indigestion starts menstrual
disorders that are not noticeable at
first, but day by day steadily w
into troublesome complications. Wine
of Cardui, used just before the men
strual period, will keep the female
system in perfect condition. This
medicine is taken quietly at home.
There is nothing like it to help
women enjoy good health. It costs
only $1 to test this remedy, which is
endorsed by 1,000,000 cured women.
Mrs. Lena T. Frieburg. East St. Louis,
III., says: "I am physically a new
woman, by reason of my use of Wine of
Cardui and Thedford's Black Draught."
In cases requiring special directions, ad
dress.giving symptoms."The Ladies' Advis
or7 Department." The Chattanooga Mdedi
clue Co., Chattanooga, Tenn.
We've Gone Through
This store's stock and put light
unig prices on all goods that don't
move fast enough to suit us-given
then the farewell. good-by push that'll
send 'em out of sirht quickly. The
quality of every item is all right, but
for some unaccountable reason they
have not sold rapidly enough to please
us. and we've put them at prices that
will make them go quickly. We men
tion the following:
1-lb. cans Chipped Dried Beef at 20(
can: regular price 25e. 1-lb. cans
Brawn. 10c can: regular price lie.
j-lb.cans Vienna Sausage. ~e can:
regular price 100c. Armours' Deviled
Ham. small cans. 4e -can: 45c dozen.
.1-lb. cans Sliced Breakfast Bacon,
10e can: $1 dozen. 1-lb. cans Atmore's
Plum Pudding. lSc (regular 25c.) 2-lb.
cans N. Y. State Pears 6c can. (regular
10c.) 1-lb. cans Cocktail Pineapple
(chunks) best quality, at lOc: worth
12;c. 2-lb. cans Sliced Pineapple, good
quality, at 12;e. Fine N. Y. packed
Green Corn at 1 doz. (Cheap at $1.20.)
Choice new Evaporated Apples at lOc
lb.: regular 12ie. Choicest Sliced Dried
Apples at Se lb.: regular 10e. Best
Sliced Peeled Dried Peaches at 13c lb.
Crushed Oatmeal at 3c lb: 40 lbs for A1.
Frv's Sweet Chocolate at 25c lb. Me
niers' Vanilla Chocolate at 40c lb: reg
ular 50c. Meniers' Plain Chocolate at
:;c: regular 40c. Richardson & Rob
bins' Chicken Soup, quart cans. 20c.
Emery's Tomato Soup. quart cans at
10e. WVheeler's Irish Ginger Ale at $1
doz.. import cost.
Ask for out Barginr Price-List. It i
full of surprirses.
IUniversal Providers,
i85 & 187 Meeting & 117 Market Sts,
Parties. desiring surveys and plats
made will receive my most careful and
accurate attention.
I am supplied with imp~roved instru
mnents. Address.
Summerton, S. C.
Manning. s. C., August 1. 1900U.
To Executors, Administrators. Guardians and
I respectfully ea11 your attention to annexed
statute. You will please give this matter early
Very respectfully.
Judge of Probate.
See. 204- ( 1i4:)- Executors. Administrators.
Guardians and Committees, shall annually
while any estate remains in their care or cus
tody, at any time beforc the first day of July of
each year. i-ender to the Judire of Probate of the
county from whom they obtain Letters T'esta
mentary or Letters of Admniastrators or Let
ters of'Guardianship. etc.. a just and true
count. upon oath. of the receipts and expendi
tures of such estate the preceding Calendar
year, which. wheii exaamined and approved.
.shanl be deposited with the Inventory and ap
praIisemenLor other papers btelonringz to such
estate, in the onice of said Jndge of Probate.
there to be kept for the inspection of se per.
sons as may be interested in the estate-(under
former penialties.)
Approved the ud day of March. 1W7.
Wagons and Log Carts.
All work entrusted to me will be done
with neatness. despatch and durability
and guaranteed.
Bring on your work.
I Rhame's Drug Store, 8
2 Summerton, S, C.
rnmin DESIGNS 4
SNotice in "Inventive Age "
SBook "How to obtain Patents"
I Chtarges moder'ate. No fee till patent is secured.
ettrsstrictly confidential. Address.
E.G. SIS6ERS, Patent Lawyer, Washington, D. C.
1 ,.\N niN C( . ' It* -!Iw
I: where
sort of Cic
i.er of mist
are of the
will appr
lence and
We Make
for those
Lasting 1
and make
ces. Youi
our best a
S. W. Cor. K
C a H A
- - C .iT
Doors, Sash, Blinds,
Moulding and Building
Sash Weights and Cords and
Builders' Hardware.
Window and Fancy Mlass a Specialty.
Which is aitted up with an
eve to the enmfort of his
customers. . . . .
Done with neatness an
dispateb. . . . . . .
A cordial invitation
is extended...
Manning Times Block.
I am prepared to negotiate loans
on good real estate security, on rea
sonable terms.
R. 0. PURDY,
Sumter, S. C.
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
It artificially digests the food and aids
Nature in strengthening and recon
structing the exhausted digestive or
gans. It Is the latest discovered digest
ant and tonic. No other preparation
can approach it in efficiency. It in
stantly relieves and permanently cures
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
Sick Headache, Gastralgia,Cramps and
all other results of imperfect digestion.
Price50c. and 51. Large sizecontainss2times
smallsise. Bookallaboutdyspepslamatledfree
Prepared by E. C. DeWITT 8 CO., Cblc000.
The R.8B. Loryea Drug Store,
Tailor=Made Clothing.
Carpets, Art Squares,
Colored desirus and .sampiles of goods.
Carpets sewed free and wadded lining fur,
nished FR EE.
Cals promptly answered day or night.
Land Suryeying and Leyeling.
I will do Survey ing, ete. in Claren
don and adjoining Counties.
Call at otfice or address at Sumiter. S.
C. P. 0. Box 101.
TeeIs no kind of pain
or ache, Internal or exter
nal, that Pain-Killer Ewil
not relieve.
For Sale ori Rent.
The~ Lot and Dwellima of Rv a
\l-Dwell in 31anningr.
A'zo iw.~o desirable lhuilding Los:i
ingl for sale. Foer terms a]pid~v
31anning. S. .
Bring yor Joh Work to The Times office.
My child, your hero may not be,
In truth, a hero all the time;
Remember, it must chance that he
Shall still have rugged steeps to climb.
Don't place him on too high a plane
In fancy; then he will not fall
In your esteem and may attain
To something noble after all.
My boy, don't think your sweetheart bears
A halo on her golden hair;
A crown of purity she wears,
And you must help to keep it there.
But she will have her trying moods
And be not always kind and sweet;
These are life's nerving interludes
Sad pitfalls for unwary feet.
You both are far from perfect yet,
And quarrels will, unhaply, come;
Both may he wrong; so don't forget,
In anger's blind delirium,
That sweet concesienus each must make
And tender promiises renew
Or else a lyving heart may break
And sorrow come to dwell with you.
-Pearson's Weekly.
he Found a Lace Handkerchief and
Quickly Turned It Into Cash.
"I lost a $; lace handkerchief today,
ut I learned one of the tricks of the
git lingered peuple in Chicago," re
larked a North Side woman as she
came back from a shopping excursion.
"Was it worth $3'" asked her hus
"Hardly, but it's interesting. I
bought a lace handkerchief, and as I
walked to the ear I stopped to buy a
newspaper. I had my purse in my
hand and a number of things, of course,
and I laid the parcel containing the
handkerchief and the check for it down
on the corner of a fruit stand near by.
After I got to the car I thought of my
package. I hurried back, and the
package wasn't there.
"'Where is the little package I left
here?' I asked the Italian vender.
"'Zatta litt' pape?'
" 'Yes.'
"'Other lady took it.'
"I wanted that handkerchief espe
cially to give to a friend for a birthday
present. I went to the store again and
picked out another handkerchief.
"'I am sorry the first one didn't suit
you.' the clerk said.
"'Why, I lost it!' I replied in aston
"'You don't say so:' said the clerk.
Why, about ten minutes ago a rnice
looking woman came in here with that
handkerchief, and we took it back and
refunded the money. She said that
you were her niece and that you were
out shopping together. You decided
the handkerchief was not just what
you wanted, and she came back to re
turn it. We gave her a ticket for the
$3, and she cashed it.' "-Chicago Inter
Lord Russell's Dilemma.
Once, when he first came to Lon
Ion and was laying the foundation of
is great career, says a London letter.
the future Lord Chief Justice Russell
ment to the pit of a theater. The piece
was popular, the pit was crowded and
the young advocate had only standing
room. All of a sudden a man at his
side cried out that his watch was
stolen. Mr. Russell and two other
men were hemmed in.
"It is one of you three," cried the
man minus the watch.
"Well, we had better go out and be
earched," said Mr. Russell, with the
tertness of mind that did not fail him
t a trying moment amid an excited
rowd. A detective was at hand, and
he suggestion was accepted. As Mr.
Russell walked out the idea flashed
hrough his mind that if the man be
ind him had the stolen property he
ould probably try to secrete it in the
ocket of his front rank man. Quick
s thought he drew his coattails about
lim-only to feel, to his horr'or, some
hing large and smooth and round al
edy in his pocket.
While he was still wondering what
his might mean for him, the detective
nergetically seized the hindmost man,
xclaiming: "What, you rascal! At it
gain'" To Mr. Russell and the other
an he apologized and bade them go
Bt Mr. Russell,.before he had taken
nany' steps, reflected that he could not
eep tL watch. lie went back to the
ox office dt explained, with a cour
ge on whiJ&he afterward said he
rarely experienek greater demands,
tat though lhe did d'ot..,take the watch
e had it. So saying, bhmfrt his hand
nto his pocket and pulled out-a for
otten snuffbox.
The Panama Hat.
"The cheapest straw hat to buy,"
said a man who owns a beauty, "is,
fter all, a Panama, like this. Look
ere." He took down his -big white
iat, which was creased down the mid
dle like a pair of trousers, and rolled it
ip tight; then he tossed it in the air.
With a cracking sound it spread open
and fluttered down to the tioor in its
riginal shape, deep center crease and
all. "You could soak this hat for a
week," he continued, "and iron it out
at afterward, but when you came to
put it on again it would be just as you
see it now.
"Women in Mexico and roundabout
all that region make the hats, using
straw that has been selected with more
aare than I could tell you of. The art
as been handed down in their families
from one generation to another, and it
is a secret art, unknown to any other
people ini the world.
"These women, living so far away
from everything, are ignorant of the
fashions, and that is why the hats
never change their' ugly shape. If they
were fashionably made, the demand
for them would be enormous. As it is,
atters travel through all that country
and buy them up at good prices.
"The perfect Panama hat costs at
least $30, and if you should pay $50 for
a big arid unusually light one you
would not be getting stuck."-Philadel
phia Record.
Ils Double Fee.
Lawyer Smart-Good morning, Mr.
Gull. What can I do for you today?
"I wat: to get your opinion on a mat
ter of law."
"My hens got into my neighbor
Brown's yard, and he poisoned them.
What I want to know is, can I recover
"Certainly. It was malicious mis
hief on his part, hesides being a de
strctionl of youlr property."
"Thianks. But hold! I stated that
wrong. It was Brown's hiens got into
my yard, andl It was I who adminis
tered the poison."
"Aha, yes; I see. That puts a differ
ent color upon the transaction, and it
is clear that heC, in the person of his
hens, was the trespasser, whereas in
leaving the poison on your premises
you w"ere quite unaware that his fowls
would eat it. It was purely aa acci
ent, so far as you were concerned."
"Thanks. Ihow much?"
"Thirteen and fourpence."
"Why. that's just twice w.hat you
asked for a legal opinion the other
"I knowv it, but, you see. I have given
you two opinions today."-London An
A Quarter Which a Beggar Wa Not
to Spend For Drink.
"For God's sake give a hungry man a
little money to buy something to eat,"
entreated a beggar of a woman in
West Third street. The beggar was
by no means absentminded, but the in
lividual to whom he spoke was. She
passe(( on several yards without notic
ing Lin. when it suddenly occurred
to her that to a man, perhaps starving,
who had asked bread she had given a
stone, or at least a stony stare. So
she took 25 cents from her purse and,
turning quickly, hurried after a man
passing down the street.
"Iere," she said, touching him on
the arm; "here is a quarter for you,
and I hope you will not buy liquor with
Before the astonished person to
whom she had given the money could
utter a word she had departed.
"I am sure I don't know why young
women should run after me on the
street to give inc money," ejaculated
the man, "but I will spend it for drink
since she particularly requested me
not to."
A few steps farther on he was met
by a seedy looking fellow who began,
"For God's sake, give," etc.
"Yes, my man, I think this was in
tended for you. A young woman sent
It to you, but you are not to spend it
for drink." And he passed on with a
light heart, while the beggar tested
the quarter suspiciously, casting an
eager glance ahead at the nearest sa
loon.-New York Press.
Victim of an Awful Calamity.
"It came out, as I journeyed on horse
back through Dakota. that almost ev
ery settler's land was under mortgage,"
said a westerner, "and,1 one day. when
I came upon a pioneer seated on the
grass by the roadside, with a troubled
look on his face, I asked him if it was
the mortgage he was worrying about.
"'Wuss than that, stranger,' he re
plied as he looked up wearily.
"'S'kness or death in the family?
"'Wuss than that.'
"'Then it must be a calamity indeed.
You didn't lose family and home by a
prairie fire?'
"'Nope, but you are right about its
bein a calamity. I've been tryin to
think of that word for two hours past.
Yes, sir, you can put it down as an aw
ful calamity.'
"'But won't you explain?' I persist
"'I will, sir. Thar was a mortgage
on the claim, and I was feelin as big
as any of my neighbors and takin
things easy when my wife was left
0OO. Stranger, dare I tell you what
she did with that money!'
"'She didn't lose it?'
"'No, sir.. She jest paid that mort
gage, bought two horses and a plow,
and this mornin I was bounced .out of
my own cabin bekase I wouldn't peel
off my coat and" go to work! Yes, sir.
ou are right. It's a calamity-a ca
lamity that's landed me on the outside
-and between my durned pride and
her blamed spunk somebody'll be eatin
grass afore Saturday night!' "-Wash
ington Post.
Burns and Tam Samson.
Tam Samson was a gray haired vet
ran sportsman. who on one occasion,
when out moorfowl shooting and feel
ing the weight of years begin to press
upon him, expressed the belief that the
expedition was to be his last and de
ired, in somewhat tragic style, that
he might die and be buried in the
Burns, hearing of this, immediately
::omposed his famous elegy, in which
he related at length the exploits and
skill of his hero, ending each v'erse
with the plaintive line, "Tam Samson's
Some one having told Samson that
Burns had written a poem-"a gey
ueer anc"-about him, he sent for the
poet and in something like wrath asked
him to read what he had wvritt~n. On
hearing the recital of his exploits he
imiled grimly and seemed by no means
lispleased. "But." he exclaimed. "I'm
:o' dead yet. Robin. Wherefore should
'e say that I'm (fend?" Burns retired
ror a few minutes: then he' returned
ad recited to Tam the following verse.
which he had composed in the inter
Go, Fame, an cante.r like a filly
Through a' the streets an neuks of Killie;
Tell ev'ry social. honest billie
To cease his grievin,
For yet. unskaith'd by Death's gleg gullie.
Tam Samson's livi!
Samson laughed gleefully and ex
:lained, "That's no' bad. Robin: that'll
o," a'nrd the poet was received once
more Into his goodI graces.-Chambers'
Hunting Baboont In South Africa.
The baboons which frequent this
*ocky country are so destructive to the
stock farms that organized raids have
to be made upon them. It is useless
rying to get a shot at the baboon dur
Lg the day; he is a wily creature and
knows the deadly effects of a rifle just
is well as the hunter.
Early In the morining the party leave
the farm and quietly surround the
ranz, or rock, where the unsuspecting
baboons are sleeping. At the first
break of dawn the head baboon Is on
the move, to see that everything is
eight. He no sooner makes an appear
ince than hea is greete'd with a shower
>f lead. In an instant the whole troop
is in an upr'oar. They rush hither and
thither, howling with rage and pain.
ooking for a place of escape. But few
f them succeed. Directly the hunters
have retired. the blacks, who have
been following up the party, make a
rush for the tails of the baboons.
Sometimes they are in so great a hurry
to secure these that they fail to oh
serve that the baboon is not dead and
in ugly bite or' tear is tile result. The
tails are taken to the magistrate's of
Ece, where a reward of 2s. Gd. each is
paid for them by gov'ernment.-London
She Didn't Step.
Conjurer (pointing to a large cabi
net)-Now, ladies and gentlemen, allow
me to exhibit my concluding trick. I
would ask any lady in the company to
step on the stage amnd stand in this
cupboard. I will then close the door.
When I opon It again. thbe laldy will
have 'anished without leaving a trace
Gentleman In Front Seat (aside to
his wife)-I say, old woman, do mec a
favor and step up.-Londo? Fun.
More Suitable.
"I object to the personification of
time in the guise of man," said Ten
"Why?"' asked Whiffett.
"So inappropriate. It should be a
"You know the old proverb says,
'Time will tell.' "-Detroit Free Press.
Very Different.
A man may stand on a sinking ship
at sea or plunge through the vortex of
estruction upon the field of battle and
still be self possessed, but it's different
with him when he finds that lie has
been sitting on fresh paint.-Chlcago
The Real Jan Ridd.
He Dodged. A writer, giving some personal mem
There is a young man in Brooklyn oies of Mr. Blackmore, says he could
who needs a tonic of some kind, else not bear with patience any praise of
he would not have failed to embrace as "Lorna Doone." All the world has been
attractive an opportunity as ever told that "Lorna Doone" is his greatest
comes to one. ie accompanied a work, the work in which his fame will
charming young woman to a church live "but," says the writer, "strange
wedding on the park slope and arrived ' .as far as his nature
at about the time the bride and groom
were due. The young woman with resented the mere mention of the book.
him was dressed somewhat as the Once I inquired of him was there a
bride was expected to be clad, and as real Jan Ridd.
she walked up the main aisle of the 'Oh. yes,' he said, filling his pipe
church with her escort the organist
began to play the wedding march. The
couple, however, instead of going on to Ad o at t e in lora o e'
the altar, stopped in one of the pews 'C t o aid L r. acoe;
not far from the front. One of the
hewsa coarse brue'"NwEg
ushers came forward and told them has rMe.
that the clergyman was waiting for
them, and their friends near, perceiv- The Trunk Paid.
ing the situation, urged them to re- Some years ago a man ran up a bill
spond to the summons. The young of $200 in the Tremont House, Chica
woman said she was ready and will- go, and then ran away without settling
ing, but the young man, to his ever- It The trunk which remained in his
lasting disgrace, refused to move, and room was unusually heavy and when
if he lives to his dying day the people opened after his departure was found
who know the girl say that Hugh will to contain specimens of ore, brought
not have another such chance for hap- from the gold and silver mines of Col
piness.-Brooklyn Eagle. orado, where presumably be had lost
all his money. After waiting out the
An Odorless Disinfectant. legal time Mr. Gage sent the contents
If one objects to the odor of carbolic of the trunk to an assayer, who return
acid, he may use for the plumbing an ed two bits of metal valued at more
odorless disinfectant prepared as fol- than $100 in excess of the bill after
lows: Dissolve half a pound of per- deducting his own fees.
manganate of potash in four gallons of
water and pour this carefully down the Not His Fault.
pipes. This solution, if allowed to "Why, Johnny, how much you look
stand in bowls or basins, will stain like your father!" remarked a visitor
them purple. The stains may be re- to a small 4-year-old.
moved with a weak solution of oxalic "Yes'm," answered Johnny, with an
acid. The acid must be rinsed off im- air of resignation, "that's what every
mediately after it has been used.- body says, but I can't help it."-New
Ladies' Home Journal. Orleans Picayune e
Look to Your Interest.
Here we are, still in the lead, and why suffer with your eyes when you
can be suited with a pair of Spectacles with so little trouble? We carry the
Celebrated HAWKES Spectacles and Glasses,
Which we are offering very cheap, from 25c to $2.50 and Gold Frames at $3
to $6. Call and be suitedh
Harris Lithia Wateri
Contains orewoithi thn ork ithich sping aer wiln
Amerca, hichis sown y th lno ed chemit," says Doemu ofite "strk.g
ReadwhatDr.A. N TaleySr sa Dr. J.s .ribas have getoe saytur
in th useof mierawater wfro W ater ble my iratieondh almost
many ource, boh forign nd do sligted wth itr entno thosa e oohic
itc is inuiedo I a the odi
mestc, am ull peruadd thtte "tos yes, whhte s ricn aid pie
by ay oter Wter f whch Ihavetorpd liv e tgorsiaion, c ha e
madetrialadefou te be reslt rom thisne?"'
ob 'Cetravataein n sin whcmore;
ati o it efectsupo mypatent fomua ay casges irte"-epEiall
for he ast hre yeasdringwhih owe Lithas agodacmanera Ip recoil
time hav precribd itfreey an mend int thepulc arm ndouelCieve
os unforly ithbenfitin hehero i ano spenora awyLithouWte tin
nie~hiealimaladis above wentiond.mthisdcountry
TeHtliN o pen after Gepruewstsun
italmodrnmprvemetsEleti Ligtand yope cn get he, brogt
Litia ats i th HtelCoe o m the ring and set elsl. ol
HarrissLionea.WAfter watCgo.th
Fo al h R.Loega eDruGge settecnet
On ccont f igdvaceson everthin ite Goc etay led tmr
WeCaSveYoaMn$1 in eYces Wil Se Uslafe
tht"eWhnsaeyou mony, ucoulo
200 ack Rie, 3-c t cperlb.ikBrel yoo fahrl"n rear lb.sto
SodaCrakers 4c Giner naps "YesRoudo answered Leonnye, itha
Laieas Home Jurnakes Sc olase aes Pcaunhc rie
suLc oo to hurnteest
heree are, tlw pines ead, oanoud whysfer avat our e.heo
carno t suitd Monk Baing foSpecls, $1.60 for caste tobe Weo cas. th
Rex akinPowelers.10tedcn tAoE Scae cans tolase,$36peca.
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CHARLESTON, S. C., Jan. 14. 1900.
On and atter th: date tui t .-lov.;rg
phssen-.er schedule will be in effect:
NOI.T HEA.<1ERN l.;IL1:( ia ).
*35. 23 -53:.
Lv Florets., 3.25 A. 7 55 '.
Lv Kiugtre. 8.5'
Ar Laos, 4.38 9.15
Lv Lanes, 4 38 9.15 7.40 P.
Ar Cbarleston, 6.03 10.50 9.15
*78. '32. *52.
Lv Charleston, 6.33 A. 5.17 P. 7.00 A.
Ar Lanes, 8.18 6.45 8.32'
Lv Lanes, 8.18 6.45
Lv Kingstree, 8.34
Ar Florence, 9.28 7.55
'Daily. tDaily except Sunday.
No. 52 runs through to Columbia via
Central R. R. of S. C.
Trains Nos. 78 and 32 run via Wilson _
and Fayetteville-Short Line-and make
close connection for all points North.
Trains on C. & D. R. B. leave Florence
daily except Sunday 9.55 a m, arrive Dar
lington 10.28 a m, Cheraw, 11.40 a m,
Wadesboro 12.35 p n. Leave Florence
daily except Sunday, 8.00 p m, arrive Dar
lington, 8.25 p m, Hartsville 9.20 p m,
Bennetsvilie 9.21 p in, Gibson 9.45 p m i
Leave Florence Sunday only 9.55 a m, ar
rive Darlington 10.27. Hartsville 11.10
Leave Gibson daily except Sunday 6.35
a mi, Bennettsville 6.59 a m, arrive Darling.
ton 7.50 a m. Leave Hartsville daily ex
cept Sunday 7.00 a m, arrive Darlington
7.45 a m, leave Darlington 8.55 a ni, arrive
Florence 9.20 a m. Leave Wadesboro daily
except Sunday 4.25 p m, Cheraw 5.15 p m,
Darlington 6.29 p m, arrive Florence 7 p
m. Leave Hartsville Sunday only 8.15 a m
Darlington 9.00 a in, arrive Florence 9.20
a m.
Gen'l Manager. Gen'l Sup't.
T. M. EMERSON, Traffic Manager.
H. M. EMERSON, Gen'l Pass. Agent.
55. 35. 52.
Lv Wilmington,'3.45 P.
Lv Marion, 6.34
Ar Florence, 7.15
Lv Florence, '7.45 '2.34 A.
Ar Sumter, 8.57 3.56
Lv Sumter, 8.57 "9.40 A.
Ar Columbia, 10.20 11.00
No. 52 runs through from Charleston via
Central R. R., leaving Charleston 7 a m,
Lanes 8.34 a m, Manning 9.09 a m.
54. - 53. 32.
Lv Columbia, '6.40 A. '4.15 P.
Ar Sumter, 8.05 5.35
Lv Sumter, 8.05 '6.06 P.
Ar Florence, 9 20 7.20
Lv Florence, 9.50
Lv Marion, 10.84
Ar Wilmingtop, 1.15
No. 53 runs through to Charleston, S. C.,
via Central R. &., arriving Manning 6.04
p mi, Lanes, 6.43 p m, Charleston 8.30 p m.
Trains on Conway Branch leave Chad
bourn 5.35 p m, arrive Conway 7.40 p m.
returning leave Conway 8.30 a m, arrive
Chadbourn 11.50 a m, leave Chadbourn
11.50 a m,arrive at Hub 12.25 pm,retnrning
leave Hub 3.00 p i, arrive at Chadbourn
3.35 p m. Daily except Sunday.
J. R. KENLY, Gen'l Manager.
T. M. EMERSON, Traffic Manager.
H. M. EMERSON, Gen'i Pass. Agent.
No. 52
Lv Charleston, 7.00 A. M.
Lv Lanes, 8.34 "
Lv Greeleyville, 8.46 "
Lv Foreston, 8.55 .
Lv Wilson's Mill, 9.01
.Lv Manning, 9.09 "
Lv Alcolu, 9.16 "
Lv Brogdon, 9.25
Lv W. & S. Junct., 9.38"
Lv Sumter, - 9.40 "
Ar Columbia, 11.00
- - No. 53
Lv Columbia, 4.00 P. Mf.
Lv Sumter, - 5.13"
Lv W. &S. Junct. 5.15 "
Lv Brogdon, 5.27 "
Lv Alcoln, 5.35 "
Lv Manning, 6.04
Lv Wilson's Mill, 5.50
Lv Foreston, 5.57
Lv Greeleyville, 6.05"
Ar Lanes, 6.17 -
Ar Charlesaton, 8.00"
No. 35.
Lv Sumter, 3.47 A. M.
Ar Creston, 4.43 "
Ar Orangeburg, 5.10
A r Denmark, 5 48
No. 32
Lv Denmark, 4.28 P. Mf.
Lv Orangeburg, 5.02
Lv Creston, 5.27 "
Ar Suinter, 6.18 -
rains 32 and 35- carry through Pullman
palace buffet sleeping cars between New
York and Macon via Augusta.
WViison aid Sum...ton R. R.
Tixz Tinrz.z No. 1,
In effect Monday, June 13th, 1898.
Between Wilson's Mill and Dalselt.
Southbound. Northbound.
No. 73. Daily except Sunday No. 72.
P M Stations. I, M
1 4.5 Le..Dazell...Ar 1 30
2 08 ...NW Junction... 102
303 ...NW Junction... 1227
315 .........Tindal........ 1155
333........Packville.......11 30
3 50 .........Silver......... 1110
4 45........Su merton --.. 10 10
5 15...... ...Davis.........40
5 40........Jordan ... .....925
(6 00 Ar.Wilon's Mills.Le 9 05
Between alillard and St. Paul.
&onthbound- Northbound.
No 73. No. 75. No. 72. No. 74.
P M A M Stations A M PMR
4 05 1015 Le Millard Ar 10 45 4 35
4 15 1025Ar St. PaulLe10 35 4 25
I' M A M A M P M
THOS. WILSON, President,
Bank of Manning,
MANNING, 8. 0.
Transacts a general banking busi
Prompt and special attention given
to depositors residing out of town.
Deposits solicited.
All collections have prompt atten
Business hours from 9 a. in. to 3
p. mn.
A. LEVI, Cashie:
3. W. McLE( -
S. M. NEXsEI -.o

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