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Publishes All County and Town Of
ficial Advertisements.
MANNING, S. C.. NOV. 1.1, 1900.
There Is Nothing Like it.
There is nothing like doing your
trading with a reliable house where
they handle nothing but first class
goods in ever department.
The Jenkinson Dry Goods Store is noted
for the high class of goods they carry,
and a comparison of goods and prices
will convince you that there is no house
in the State that will sell first class.
high grade goods cheaper than we will.
Do you need Carpets. Rugs. Mattings
or Floor Oil Cloth? The Jenkinson
Dry Goods Store is the place to get it.
Do you need a nice Dress, a nice Hat.
a nice Suit of Clothes or a good pair of
Shoes? If you do, The Jenkinson Dry
Goods Store is the place to find them.
If you are needing Shoes you will do
well to see our line, as we are offering
some great values in Shoes.
We are closing out a large lot of Boys'
Knee Suits, the $1.25 kind at $1 per
=uit. A lot of Boys' All-Wool, Double
.-eat Knee Pants at 50 and 60e per pair.
A large lot of Mackintosh Overcoats
at 41.25 each. A large lot of Gent's
Fine Overcoats very CHEAP.
Go to the Jenkinson Dry Goods Store
when you need first class goods: they
keep no other kind.
Notice is hereby given that no advertise
ments will be changed in this paper where
the copy is brought in later than Saturday
Died last Friday at Clarendon Mr.
Nelson Griffin aged about 74 years.
You get be-, Shoes made, at S. I.
How about a Lemon Phosphate now
at Brockinton's Fount.
The editor of THE TIMES is anxious
to risk his digestive organs on a mess
of collards. Who will be the first to
Everything at cut prices at Till's
Fresh Prunes and Raisins at The
Manning Grocery Co.
Grape Juice deliciously refreshing at
Brockinton's Soda Fount.
Mr. S. L. Krassnoff of this place has
taken a contract to build a fine house
for Clerk of Court Shepard Nash in
Rubber Heels for your shoes at S. I.
Brockinton's Soda Water, Bright,
sparkling, cold and refreshing.
Married last evening at the residence
of Mr. J. P. Strange by Rev. P. B.
Wells, Mr. B. Reese Gibson and Mrs.
Josephine R. Gardner.
Blankets, Comforts and Spreads at
Soda Water, cold as it ought to be,
and sweet as you like it at Brockinton's.
Evaporated Apples, in 1-tb. cartoons,
and Dried Peaches, at The Manning
Grocery Cc.
Sheriff Green of Marlboro was in
Manning yesterday to look at a man in
'ail, who was arrested on suspicion of
bing wanted in Marlboro county.
For sale-A fine lot of Lumber at my
mills near Calvary church. [it
Mr. J.W.Cole and family leave tomor
row for Lake Park, Ga., where they will
make their future home. Mr. Cole has
bought a hotel and other property
It is conceded to be the best Cigar on
the market-the Air Ship. The R. B.
Loryea Drug Store.
How about that Hat lady. Have you
got it yet? If not, S. I. Till's is the
place to get it cheap.
On account of the enlarged enroll
ment of scholars at the Moses Levi
Memorial Institute, Miss Lucie Barron
has kindly consented to assist the
teachers until January.
If you visit the Bargain Tables at the
Jenkinson Dry Goods Store this week
you will gather some great bargains.
New lot of Shore Mackerel, in kits,
just arrived at The Manning Grocery
Rev. F. W. Gregg was installed as
pastor -of the Manning Presbyterian
church on last Saturday. Rev's James
McDowell, Mills and Wardlaw assisted
in the installation ceremonies.
Via Suez Canal, Green and Black
Tea. Tea drinkers appreciate our
blend. The R. B. Loryea Drug Store.
Legg & Hutchinson sold three car
loads of Brick last Monday. making
about seventy five cars this season.
Send them your orders.
Hon. W. H. Stewart of Rock Hill, the
popular reading clerk of the State Sen
ate, spent Sunday in Manning. Mr.
Stewart is representing Ginn & Co.,
school book publishers.
The Sunflower Smoking Tobacco is a
solace and a joy forever to the smoker.
The R. B. Loryea Drug Store.
Fresh Pork Sausage, Mince Meat and
best Bakers' Bread always on sale at
The Manning Grocery Co.
In the last issue of THE TIES, in
announcing the sale of D. R. Reaves'
plantation to M. L. Sauls, the types
made us say $500 when we should have
said $5,000: one figure dropped off ac
Plant seed that will germinate. Just
received a full supply of Seed, all vari
eties. Tne R. B. Loryea Drug Store.
If you need Shoes, the Jenkinson Dry
Goods Store is the place to go, as they
are closing out several hundred pairs
in odd lots at cost.
We are glad to learn that Mr. D. R.
Reaves expects to live in Manning.
He purchased one of the "McDowell'
lots, where he proposes to build a home.
We are always glad to welcome good
Grape Nuts-a predigested food adap
ted to the delicate and convalescent.
The R. B. Loryea Drug Store.
At the Jenkinson Dry Goods Store
you will find several hundred pairs of
'hoes piled on a table-odd lots which
they are selling at cost.
The result of the vote in Clarendon
last week was, for State and County
ticket, 997: Congress, R. B. Scarboro.
L132; Congress, R. A. Stewart. 78;
Democratic Electors, 1,130; Republican
Electors, 83.
To arrive. Elastic Starch. Every~
purchaser will receive a beautiful sou
venir. The R. B. Loryea Drug Store.
If you have ever seen a child in the
agony of croup you can realize how~
gratful mothers are for One Minute
Cough Cure which gives relief as soon
as it is administered. It. quickly cures
coughs. colds and all throat and lung
troubles. The R. B. Loryea Drug
e offer for sale two tracts of laud
in Midway township. one containing !3
acres. 1 house: the other. - acres. good
dwelling, barns and st ables
Another car of the famous Anchor
brand Lime now on the way, fresh from
the kiln. mail orders given special at
tention. Legg & iutchinson.
For Sale-Two hundred acres of hnd
in Sammy Swamp township. six miles
west of Manning. 110 acres, cleared,
dwelling and outhouses and three ten
ant houses. Apply at THE TIMES of
Invitations are out announcing the
coming marriage of Rev. F. W. Gregg
pastor of the 'Manning Presbyterian
church, and Miss Elizabeth Cole Guy
of Lowryville. S. C.. to take place in the
Zion Presbyterian church at Lowryville
Wednesday evening November21st.
Don't take something just as good
when you want L. & M. Paint, but in
sist upon having L. & M. The R. B.
Loryea Drug Store.
Legg & Hutchinson have secured
The People's Tobacco Warehouse and
will place 100 Buggies. Carriages and
Wagons on the floor. Everybody in
vited to call and see them.
Married this evening at the Metho
dist church in Summerton by Rev. A.
T. Dunlap pastor. assisted by Rev. .1.
G. Beckwith. Mr. S. 0. Cantey and
Miss Annie Richbourg: Rev. J. C. Bai
ley, pastor Summerton Presbyterian
church, and 'Mabel Cantey a daughter
of Hon. M. S. Cantey.
'Linked sweetness long drawn out."
Sausage seasoning and everything per
taining to the sausage. The ". B. Lor
yea Drug Store.
Invitations are out, announcing the
marriage of Mr. W. Scott Harvin of
this place and Miss Mary Amanda
Thomas of Charleston, to take place at
the residence of the fianced bride's
parents Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Thomas
120 Wentworth stre et Charleston. Wed
nesday afternoon November 28th.
At the Jenkinson Dry Goods Store
you will find several thousand yards of
Calicos and other Remnants piled on
the Bargain Tables. You will be sur
prised at the low prices at which they
are selling.
Died last Monday night, near Alcolu,
Mr. Walter I. McLeod, aged about 45
years. The deceased had been sick for
quite a while, and had sought the aid
of physicians at home and CLarl'ston.
He leaves a widow and severn chil
dren. Before incapacitated by sickness,
he was an industrious farmer, and
always esteemed as a good citizen.
A "candied" compliment to a lady
a box of Tenney's famous Confections,
in pound and half pound boxes. The
R. B. Loryea Drug Store.
There is some miscLievious scamp
going around this town, where he
knows that ladies are the only occu
pants of the house, atd frightens them
by tapping upon the doors and windows.
This scoundrel went to a house, knock
ed at the door, and when asked who it
was. replied "if you will open the door
I will tell you my name." If this fel
low can be caught: there is a nice
round log down in the swamp and some
mighty strong buggy traces in town,
where he can be accommodated with
enough "tapping" to last him a life
time. That fellow needs catching, even
if he has to be chased by some leaden
pellets from a shot gun.
There is no friend like a good book.
Just received, a line of popular Books,
n Cloth and Paper Editions-all prices.
The R. B. Loryea Drug Store.
The bicycle carniva1 given by the
oung folks on last Thursday evening
t the People's Tobacco Warehouse was
decided success. The costumes and
heel decorations were very pretty and
he riding was good. Miss Maggie
uggins received the prize of a pair of
-eautiful vases contributed by Mr. I.
M. Loryea proprietor of the R. B. Lor
ea drug store, for the handsomest dec
rated wheel, and Mr. Isaac Appelt
ame out winner in the tourament,
taking five out of 6 rings, he crowned
s "queen of love and beauty" Miss
Mayme Harvin. This novel entertain
ment was given to help raise money for
the purchase of a piano for the Institute,
and $37.55 was realized.
Elsewhere will be found the hotel ad
vertisemnt of Mr. H. A. Tisdale of
Summerton. This hotel is delightfully
situated in one of the finest sections of
this county, healthy, good water and a
society unexcelled in the State. Mr.
Tisdale has had several years exper
ience in the hotel business,. and with
the large house that he has, with the
ine airy rooms he is prepared to give
the traveling public all the comforts
they desire. Summerton is surrounded
by an agricultural community and this
insures the hotel table to be first class
in every particular. We know of no
place better suited for people who are
seeking a winter resort, nor do we
know of a hotel where the guests are
more likely to be pleased.
IBabies and children need!
proper food, rarely ever medi-f
cine. If they do not thrive
on their food something is 5
Iwrong. They need a little!|
jhelp to get their digestive1
machinery working properly.
will generally correct this
iIf you will put from one-i
fourth to half a teaspoonful
2in baby's bottle three or four
times a day you will soon see I
a marked improvement. For
larger children, from half to
a teaspoonful, according to
age, dissolved in their milk, I
if you so desire, will very
soon show its great nourish
ing power. If the mother's
milk does not nourish the!,
baby, she needs the emul- i
sion. It will show an effect j
*at once both upon mother
aand child.
50sc. and e.oo,.ati dreggists. _
scoTT & BOWE, Cheists, New York.
The R. B. Loryea Drug Store beg to
inform their many kind patrons that we
observe the following hours: During
the week our drug store is open from 6
a. in. to 9 p. m.: Saturday nights to
11:30. Sunday hours, 9 a. m. to 12:30 p.
n.: 3:30 to 6:30 p. m. Night calls re
sponded to promptly and cheerfully by
our Pharmacist. Mr. J. E. Arant. Ph.
G., who resides at Mrs. S. A. Wells'.
Yesterday's Columbia correspondence
of the News and Courier, says that on
last Monday morning. Mr. Houston
Joyner of Eastover shot and killed his
brother-in-law Mr. Wash Hodge, as a
result of bad feeling which has existed
between the men for sometime. Mr.
Hodge is a Clarendon man originally. a
son of Dr. J. J. Hodge of Packsville,
and his meeting witlh death as a result
of a quarrel is indeed surprising to
those who knew him all of his life. He
was always quiet and inoffensive, polite
and of an obliging disposition. The
particulars of the trouble are not given,
and the correspondent says that Mr.
.Jovner came to Columbia on the morn
ing train surrendered to the sheriff,
employed counsel and by their advice
declines to speak about the difficulty
which caused him to kill his brother
A Night of Terror.
--Awful anxiety was felt for the widow of the
brave General Burnham of Machias. Me.. when
the doctors said she could not live till morning."
writes Mrs. S. H. Lincoln. who attended her
that fearful night. "All thought she must soon
die from pneumonia, but she begged for Dr.
King's New Discovery, saying it had more than
once saved her life. and had cured her of con
sumption. After three small doses she slept
easily all night. anu !^-her use completely
cured her." This marvelous medicine is guar
anteed to cur, all throat. e."est and lung dis
eases. Only .0c and ?l. Trial bottles free at the
R. B. Lorvea drug store.
It will be remembered that two
negroes were arrested and lodged in
jail sometimes ago, suspected of being
the murderers of a deputy sheriff in
Bulloc<c county. Georgia. There was
considerable delay in getting the Geor
gia authorities to act, finally when
Georgia did send a man here to see the
suspects, and he finding they were not
the men wanted, as soon as Governor
McSweeney was notified of the result
of the Georgia agent's visit, he ordered
the release of the prisoners from the
Clarendon jail. These two negroes
were arrested and held through a ne
gro detective who cane and identified
the men as being the right parties. It
does seem to us to be a hardship for
men to be jerked up and lodged in jail
upon the suspicions of a darkey claim
ing to be a detective, who, for aught
we know, may be a criminal himself.
A Frightful Blander
Will often cause a horrible burn. scald. cut or
bruise. Bucklen's Arnica Salve, the best in the
world, will kill the pain and promptly heal it.
Cures old sores, fever sores, ulcers, boils, felons.
corns, all skin eruptions. Best pile cure on
earth. Only :5 ets. a box. Cure guaranteed.
Sold by the It. B. Loryea drug store. 1-5
We want our readers to visit S. R.
Venning's jewelry store, where they
will see as nice a line of jewelry,
watches, clocks, silverware and novel
ties as can be seen in any jewelry store
ir the cities. Venning doesn't attempt
to work off on the public candle-stick
gold for a guaranteed article as some of
the lien commissaries do, but he gives
each article bought from him the rep
resentation it merits, and sustains his
reputation by standing square by his
guarantees. It is really amusing to see
how some concerns wnose main reliance
is the lien trade, try to bamboozle the
public just before the holidays by put
ting forward a lot of fake jewelry, ex
pecting to dazzle the eyes of the people
with glittering brass. If you want a
piece of jewelry that you can rely upon
o to Venning. He not only has a beau
iful line, but present hunters can be
easily satisfied at his store in THE MAN
ING TIES block.
Spain's Greatest Need.
Mr. Rt. P. Olivia of Barcelonia. Spain. spends
is winters at Aiken, S. C. Weak nerves had
aused severe pains in the back of his head. On
sing Electric Bitters. Americas greatest blood
and nerve remedy. all pain soon lef t him. HeI
says this grand medicine is what his country
needs. All. America knows that it cures liver
and kidney trouble, purifies the blood, tones up
the stomach. strengthens the nerves. puts vim.
vigor and new life into every muscle, nerve and
organ of the body. if weak. tired or ailing you
need it. Every bottle guaranteed, only 50 cents.
Sold by the Rt. B. Loryea drug store.
Pleasant Entertainment at Packsville.
Editor The Manning Times:
Packsville is a little place of which
your correspondent is very fond, and
last night our fondness was considera
bly increased, for we attended a de
lightful entertainment there. The ex
ercises took place in the Academy and
the program was as follows:
Overture on the Organ-Miss Eva
Professor Smith then made an an
nouncement in regard to the proceeds
being for the school organ.
Song-"'Dreamland Faces," by sev
eral girls.
Recitation-"Our House Cat." by
Master Theo. Mathis.
Dialogue-"Playing School", by sev
en girls.
Music on the Zither-Prof. C. M.I
Van Orsdell of Orangeburg.
Song-"Learn a Little Every Day,"
by the girls.
'Recitation-"If We Knew,"~ by Miss
Essie McKnight.
Recitation--The Faithful Lover,"
by Miss Viola Corbet.
'Plav-"Train to Mauro,"' by Miss
Bessie Corbet and Masters Johnnie
Barwick and Otto Mathis.
Speech-McDonald Furman.
Professor Smith then spoke of his ed
ucational work at Packsville-how it
had been a pleasure to him, and he
knew the people appreciated his efforts.
Among the improvements of the school
was the new organ, which would soon
be paid for. He urged upon his hear
ers the importance of getting good
desks and making other improvements.
His remarks were timely and appropri
The exercises closed with the song,
"Good Time Coming."
There is one feature of the program
that we can't help alluding to specially
and that was the amusing play "Train
to Mauro." The acting was extremely
realistic, especially that of Miss Bessie
Corbet, who represented an old lady.
At the conclusion of the program ice
cream, cake, oysters and fruit were
sold. Professor Smith auctioneered off
some of the cakes. We have heard
him highly spoken of as a teacher, and
we feel sure that if he is as good a
teacher as he is an auctioneer', then he
is certainly an excellent one.
The occasion was a peculiarly pleas
ant one, the exercises were interesting.
te deportment of the crowd was ad
mirable, and the girls-what shall this
bachelor scribe say about them? Well,
their bright, sweet faces and genial
presence added greatly to the occasion.
The educational outlook in Packsville
is bright. The attendance at the school
now is 101, with the prospect of a con
siderable increase, and matters are pro
gressing smoothly. Prof. S. E. Smith.
who is principal, is earnestly alive to
the needs and importance of his work,
and he is assisted by Misses Eva Curtis
and Maggie.C'orbet.
Privateer, Sumter Co.. Nov. 10. 1900.
That Throbbing Headache
Would quickly leave you if you used Dr
Kings New Life Pills. 'Thousands of sufTere-rs
have proved their matchless merit for sick and
nervous headaches. They make pure blood and
strong nerves and build up your health. Easy
to take. Try them. Only 3 cents. Money
back if not cured. Sold by the R. II. Loryea
drug store. 15
,_ m TheKindYou Hate Always Bought
You know What You Are Taking
When you take Grove's Tasteless
Chill Tonic because the formula is
plainly printed on every bottle showing
that it is simp.y iron and Quinine in a
tasteless form. No Cure. No pay. 50c.
It isn't aiwl.ys the brightest girl that
casts the mos., reflections.
Scrofula in the blood shows itself
sooner or later in swellings, sores, erup
tions. But Hood's Sarsaparilla comi
pletely cures it.
It isn't always the deaf woman that
wears the loudest dress.
rbis signature is on every box of tho gonuinc
Laxative Bromo=Quiine Tablets
the remedy that cures a cold in one day
Trust not a woman's tears; it is her
nature to weep when she wants her way.
DeWitt's Little Early Risers are the
best liver pills ever made. Easy to
take and never gripe. The R. B. Lor
y" Drug Store. Isaac M. Loryea, Prop.
Some handsome women are in reality
not as handsome as they are painted.
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets
cure biliousness. constipation and headache.
They are easy to take and pleasant in effect.
For sale at The R. B. Loryca Dru.r Store.
Blare of Trumpets
Did the present proprietor of THE R. B. LOR
YEA DRUG STORE assume the management
of this sterling business: it descended to him
from a line of predecessors whose earnest de
sire was to build up a business that would be
known far and wide for its integrity rather than
its wealth. and after
A Quarter of a Century
That business, commenced on a pure. honorable
and trustworthy basis, has become as household
words for its absolute honesty of dealings.
The present proprietor, with his usual mod
esty which has always characterized his career,
did not prate of
Large professions
And with little deeds,
But by thoroughly conscientious, strict busi
ness methods. not disparaging the efforts of oth
ers. has maintained the confidence reposed in
his predecessors and his largely increased busi
ness indicates that merit will tell.
Promised that there would be
When he became its proprietor: he leaves to
the people of Manning, Clarendon and adjoining
counties whether he has redeemed that promise.
ISAAC M. LORYEA, Proprietor,
Sign of the
Golden Mortar,
Mr. J. E. Arant. Ph. G., is in charge of
our Prescription Department.
MisOlivia Ingram will be pleased to see
hrmany friends, extending her uni
form courtesy to all.
Supervisor's Notice.
In accordance with a motion which
was made and unanimously carried at
the November meeting of the County
ommissioners "that the 'County Poor
arm' be advertised for sale," notice is
ereby given that bids will be received
p to Dec. 1st, for purchase of said
"Poor Farm," situated about four miles
east of Manning and containing 169
cres more or less. The Board of Com
issioners reserve the right to reject
any or all bids. For further informa
tion concerning same apply to
Chairman Bd. Co. Commissioners.
The Tisdale Hotel,
Summerton, S. C.
Livery Stable Near at Hand.
New Building. New Furniture,
Here is the thing that Manning has
needed for a long time. A
First Class Restaurant
Has been added to James & Son's Beef
Market, in front of the white Baptist
church, where white gentlemen and la
dies can call and get a good meal at all
hours. We have an old experienced
cook and can please you.
In our Market we keep at all times a
full line of BEEF. PORK. SAUSAGE,
FISH, etc.
OYSTERS Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Phone No. 23.
j s. wnsos. w. c. DUuNT.
Attorneys and C'ounselors at Law,
still head the list anl are' acknowledged by
all to b~e tic' great coniquerors of pains,
aches anl dilseas-es for which they are
Ramon,'s nlot ic wilt positively cure
,ainis of all klinds. such a" li eadache, Sick
Icalache, 'To.othnche, Ne-uralgia, Cramp
ol'. P'ains it the $tomaciih and Bowels.
Diarrhwai .'~'., almiost instantly, and, as a
houseld~ reime'y for these sudden sick
nesset. it ha:s ns ;i.al it the. world. "'Once
tried. ahvayxs :ied'." Price 25 and 50 cents.
Smplie bottles lN cents
Ramion'3 lerve & Bonxe Ott is the
origial andi only geuine Nervet..rnd Bone
Oil mnade. ! t i-i j list w hat its name implies.
and penet'ranai~g cuickly' to the nerme and
ione, relien S p.anl (nves away disease
and e.1'-is a Thr..lnt ecure. A specific
for Rtheumiatbi.S tres, Bruises. Sprains.
Ct". Burns, iin: all iinjurie's to the lesh of
either oman or l'n-it. P'rie. 2i antd 50 cents.
sample bottles 10 cents.
The genuine has the name blown in the
bottl. The Relief is put tip in square red
artoonis and the Oi ini green cartoon".
The D R. B. Lnra Drug Store.
Clothing Buyers
fe..'p II . -.
TE Hav Exclusive Control
o in S Buter of the famous
4i These Suits and Overcoats are
l made by the best tailors in New
ll York city, an(' are entirely different 3
I from the ordinary ready-to-wear 3
iii We also carry a full line of
Medium and Low Priced Goods,
e So that if you want a cheap suit, a
medium -price suit, or a fine tailor- 2
made suit, you will have no trouble 2
in getting it here.
Our stock of all other goods, in
Boys' and Children's Clothing,
Is complete, and we will certainly
appreciate your patronage.
Italking cold weather goods, but it is getting time that you had
better get yourself ready for the winter weather, for it will surely
Come Right Along
SAnd gather some of Rigby's November "Plums."
Still another lot of those Men's Read-Made Suits, worth
$6.50, at...................................$--- 9
Lot No. 2.-$7.50 and $8 Suits piled together; special cut$64
$6 and. . . ............................
tions and some good Black Clay Worsteds. Beat us if you can;
our prices are drawing magnates.
Our Overcoats, Blue and Grey, are Plums. We have some Men's and
Boys' Mackintoshes to be sofd regardless of cost.
IBoys' Clothing at all prices and the best line in town.
Aiong the Dress Goods, Silks
and Trimmings. .A .
IWe can still supply you with the ideal things in Ladies' Fine Dress
Fine 50-inch Broadcloths, Brown and Grey, worth 99c; at other
places $1.25.
One piece Fine Shrunk Broadcloth, only in lovely shade of Tan,
worth $1.39: at other stores $2.
IFine Zibilines, 36 inches wide, at 49c; worth 75c.
Our line of cheap and medium priced Dress Goods, from 10c yard up
are stronger than anywhere else.
Silks fromn15e to $1.50 per yard.
GoodquaityTurkey Red Table Damask at 25c; worth 35c.
IHeavy Brown Drills at ic; worth 71 to Sc.
Fine Jap Silk Baby's Caps at 25c, with Lace Trimmings.
Better grades at 49c; worth 75c.
That if you want your Shoes to last you must wear Hamilton
Brown or Battle Axe Shoes. We have them for Ladies', ChildrenI
Ral god CmotQuilt, Top of fair Spread Calico and very
heavy, Comfort
Apair of 10-4 Grey Blankets at 89e; real value $1.25. -
New shipment of Crockeryware, Tinware, Lamps, Fine Canned1
SCoods, Dried Peaches, Mackerel and many other things for your
J Dinne anid Saddles. I
JS. A. R igbyi
DyGosSfos&6 n.
Calicoes, worth 5c, our price..............................4c
Calicoes, worth 6}c, our price..............................5c
Androscoggins 4-4 Bleached Homespun, worth 9c, at....7C
Fruit of the Loom 4-4 Bleached Homespun, worth 10c, at.. 8c
44-inch Dress Goods, worth 35c, our price...... ...... .25 c
29-inch Dress Goods, worth 15 and 20c, our IA R7 1/
price ........... .........
Colored Silks and Satins, worth 75c, our price........... Oc
China Silks, worth 50c, our price...... .............. c
Ladies' Battle Axe Button and Lace Shoes, worth $1.04
$1.50, our price.............................. .
Ladies' Battle Axe Button and Lace Shoes, worth $1.25,
our price.....................................98
Boys' Clothing from 98c to.. ..............................$6
Men's Suits from $3.98 to a fine $20 Clay Worsted Suit.
TRUNKS, VALISES and HAND BAGS at greatly reduced
SADDLES and HARNESS Cheaper than the cheapest.
Give us a call if you wish BARGAINS.
We are receiving NEW GOODS on every train and can suit
the most fastidious.
Our Millinery Department
Is complete and we will take great pleasure in showing you the
Thanking the trade for past favors, I remain
Yours respectfully,
T1 Sen ois Believin.
Ifyou will only come to the C. M. DAVIS & CO.
STORE and examine our goods and compare quality and -a
piewith any retail store in South Carolina, you will see
thtwe are a step ahead of all others. Our
Fechheimner Fishel & Co, Suits i
Haeno equal, and we control their goods in Clarendon
S Young men wanting a perfect fit in real nice goods,
Esuch as has never been carried in this town before. will
Sdo well to see our line before they purchase. Our
Vitals Brand Clothing
Inmedium price goods are the best for the money ever
seinManning. We also carry a full line of Cheap
Sutprice from $2.50 up. Our line of
SIs complete, prices rangmng from 50c to $6.50 per pair.
SSee our line of Mrs. Jane Hopkins' Boys' Knee Pants
SSuits, pants made with double knee and seats; they are
Sthe best for the money on the market. We control her
S Since the arrival of our line of
Walk=Over Shoes
SWe are selling on an average of six pair pers day. They
Sare the best and most comfortable Shoe ever offered to
Sthe trade in Manning or any other town in South Caro
Slina. Remember these Shoes have no equal. SEE ~
DREW LLDI Line of Ladies'
SAlways in stock. In fact we have the most complete -
Sstock of Men's, Ladies' and Children's Shoes ever offered
the trade.
Thanking you for your liberal patronage and await
Sing your further favors, we are,
Yours very respectfully,
I C. I. DAIS & CO.

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