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The Manning times. (Manning, Clarendon County, S.C.) 1884-current, December 05, 1900, SUPPLEMENT TO THE MANNING TIMES, Image 5

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We will apply the Knife freely to prices from
now until the end of the lo1idays.
Our colossal display of Holiday Goods will be the admi
ration of all who will be fortunate enough to see the
display, and what will be still more attractive will
be the low prices at which we will sell all classes of
It is a well known fact with all those who are acquainted with the stores of Manning
that the Jenkinson Dry Goods Store carries the largest line of staple Dry Goods of any
house in the County.
A Holiday Surprise.
We propose to surprise the people of Clarendon by giving them a Holiday Sale that
will do their pocket-books good in the way of Low Prices, for we have the largest and best
stock and we are going to sell at prices that will make the people buy.
The first person guessing the number or nearest the number of Seed in a Pumpkin
that we will have in the store for that purpose, will be given a Fine $40 COLUMBIA
TALKING MACHINE with 24 select Records.
The second nearest guesser will be given a Fine $3 LADIES' or GENT'S HAT.
The third nearest guesser will be given a $2 PAIR of LADIES' or GENT'S SHOES.
The fourth nearest guesser will be given a $1.50 LADIES' or GENT'S UMBRELLA.
The fifth nearest guesser will be given a 50c. LADIES' or GENT'S SILK NECKTIE.
Each and every person will be entitled to ONE GUESS for every DOLLAR IN CASH they spend
in our store from now until the night of the 24th day of DECEMBER, 19oo, at which time the Pumpkin will
be cut, the seed counted and the pri-es awarded.
This is an opportunity that no one should fail to
take advantage of, as you will be able to buy Goods
cheaper during our Great Holiday Sale than ever before
and at the-same time stand the chance of getting that
$40 COLUM~BIA TALKING MACHINE or one of the other
Prizes. Come one, Come all!
Yours truly,
December 1, 1900.
Shcrock riorme^. Jr.
"Do you see that with the dark
mustache?" sail Shcr-k iolmes, Jr.
"Yes. Do yo:, k:nOW him?
"I never saw him lefur. IIe is mar
ried. He ought to 've in a flat. but
doesn't. His wife is afraid of the
hired girl, and he is left handed."
"Mr. Holmes, you are an everlasting
narvel. How can you tell that about a
man you don't know and whom you
never saw before y'
"Look at the second knuckle on his
left hand. You see, it is badly skinned.
Also there Is a black mark on his left
cuff. Now let us see what we must
make of this. Wlien a left handed man
pokes up the furnace fire, how does he
do it? By putting his left hand for
ward, of course. Thus it happened
that it was his left hand which scraped
against the furnace door. The black
ened cuff shows that it was a furnace
door. Having this foundation to work
upon, the rest Is easy. If he lived in a
flat, he would have no furnace to look
after, and If his -ife were not afraid
of the hired girl they would make the
latter do the poking up. It is all very
simple if one's perceptive faculties are
properly trained. He can't really af
ford to live in a house, because if he
could he would have a man to look aft
er the furnace. Therefore he ought to
live in a lat."
"But hold on. Ilow do you know the
man is married? Ile can't be over 30
at the most. Why may it nct be possi
ble that he lives at home with his wid
owed mother?"
"My dear sir," said Sherlock Holmes,
Jr., "I am surprised at your lack of
perspicacity. If he lived at home with
his widowed mother, he would permit
her to tend to the furnace herself."
Chicago Times-Herald.
A Round Robin Remedy.
When a doctor of 30 years' practice
encounters a new experience, it must
be worth relating. This is from a phy
sician on Lafayette avenue who has
fought disease for the period named.
"I saw him get gingerly out of a wag
on in front of the office. He then left
the team with his daughter, ignored
the bell and pounded lustily on the
door. I answered in person because I
thought he and my office girl might
get Into an argument, for he looked
just like a man who would insist upon
seeing the 'doe' at once.
"'Doe,' he began without other pre
liminary, 'I've been a-takin truck fur
six months, and blamed If I hain't
worse'n I was at the beginnin.'
"'What's the matter with you?'
"'Stomach's all cut o' whack. Regu
lar riot down there all the time and
me a-dosin in the remerdy after each
meal and at early bedtime.'
"'What are you taking?'
"'Here It is, doe, and I got a lot left
yet. My first wife uster buy it in the
bulk 'cause It came cheaper.'
"'But this is for the lungs.'
"'S'pose I don't know that? Course
it's fur the lungs. That's what was
the matter with her. I don't care If it
was fur the liver. It's got ter go to the
stomach first, hain't it? And the stom
ach and the lungs hain't so durned far
apart but what helps one helps the
other and what gits to one gits to the
other.' "-Detroit Free Press.
An Expelled M. P.'s Prayer.
During the first half of the eight
enth century one of the members for a
southern constituency was expelled
from the house of commons for forgery
and Indeed endured the purgatory of
standing in the pillory for a day. Hle
was a man of unctuous piety, and his
:areer In many respects resembled that
f Jabez Balfour in later days. After
is death the following prayer was
found in his own handwriting among
his papers:
"0 Lord, thou knowest that 1 have
ine houses in the city of London and
hat I have lately purchased an estate
n fee simple in the county of Essex. I
eseech thee to preserve the two coun
es of Middlesex and Essex from fire
ad earthquake, and as I have a mort
age In Herefordshire I beg of thee to
have an eye of compassion also on that
ounty, and for the rest of the counties
hou mayest deal with them as thou art
;leased. Give a prosperous voyage to
the Mermaid, because I have not in
sured her, and enable the bank to meet
heir bills."-St. James Gazette.
Steam and Battleship.
A whole fleet in the days of Nelson
ould be built and fitted out at little
more than the cost of a single ironclad.
The coal expended on a single cruiso
would pay for the refitting of his whole
attie line, while the immense shells re
uired to make any Impression on the
modern armor plate cost more than his
whole armament. But the modern line
f hattie ship could neither be built,
rmed nor fought without the use of
steam, and Its evolution may be said to
have commenced with the first applica
ton of the steam engine to navigation.
-London Standard.
Once when Mrs. Kendal was taking
the role of Galatea In Dublin she had
n amusing experience. Pygmalion, It
wIll be remembered, had a jealous
wife. During the temporary absence
f that lady Galatea was about to
throw herself into the arms of Pygma
ion when an old dame in the audience
cried warningly: "Don't do It, darlint!
His wife's just gone out, and shure It'll
be like her to be listenin at the key
The Other Way.
He-~tha, 1 am going to ask you a
question, a question which will have a
aisting effect upon my life as you sjp
swer It. Bertha, dear, will you be a
sister to me ?
She-Charley, 1 can't do that, but I
will be your wlfe.-Boston Transcript.
More Appropriate.
Barber (absentiy)-Shamnpoo, sir?
Customer (with shining bald pate)
No; shine.-Puck.
ivery, Sale and Feed Stables.
horses and Mules; also Stock Food
of All Kinds.
Agent for Russell, Fish, Webber and
)wesboro Wagons and the best vari
ety of Pleasure Vehicles in the city.
Rakes, Mowers, Reapers,
And all kinds of Farming Machinery
and Implements.
Come to see me.
.W.. B. BOYLE,
Libert St+ S UMTER. S. C.
Stories of John Sherman.
To hil aid in his political life John
Sherman brought a nature instinctively
methodical and an unflinching probity.
He saw to it that the public moneys
were not squandered or used for dis
honest purpcses. A claim for $1,000,
000 was once brought to him for his
signature. It had been regularly al
lowed, but it was illegal, and he re
fused to sign.
"It has been allowed," insisted the
claui:nt's attorney. "and you must
sign it."
"I will not." repeated Mr. Sherman,
and he did not. Ile would have resign
ed, he afterwnald confided to a friend,
had it been required of him sooner that
even seem to sanction a fraud. Neither
-would he permit irregularities. The
chief of a bureau one day came to him
for an order to pay for some machin
"Has it been advertised?" asked the
"No," said the chief, "but there are
only two places where it can be made,
and we are accustomed to get their
bids and contract with the lowest."
"But." said the secretary, "the law
says it must be advertised."
"At least this may pass, for It Is
made, and we need it."
"I cannot help that. Thu law says it
must be advertised, and alvertiscd it
must be." And advertised it was at a
very large saving to the government.
Saturday Evening Post.
A Lesson In Seamanship.
Captain Hans Miron, who lost his
life at his post of duty on the burning
Saale at Hoboken, was fond of telling
of his early introduction to the stern
realities of his chosen career. He had
but just come on board the schooner
where as cabin boy he was to serve his
apprenticeship to the sea and was still
staring about him with boyish Interest
and inquisitiveness when the skipper
approached and ordered him to assist
in washing down the deck.
He put down his bundle and started
awkwardly to do so, when a second
order, accompanied by emphatic ex
pletives, was given him to take off his
shoes and stockings. He was perfectly
willing to oblige, but at home he had
not been permitted to wet his feet.
"No," he answered Innocently, with an
engaging smile, "I should not mind.
but my mother does not allow it."
The skipper was a rough old sea dog
who did not appreciate obedience un
less it was rendered to himself, and his
reply was a stunning blow that flung
the boy across the deck. "But after
that," Captain Miron would say, with a
great laugh and not a shadow of re
sentment, "I knew who was captain of
that schooner, and It was not my
Four Kings and a Joker.
At the time of Colonel Cody's advent
into the capital of Germany the old
Emperor William was entertaining
there three kings of smaller Germanic
powers. The royal gentlemen were
very much interested In the Buffalo
Bill exhibitions, and Colonel Cody was
the recipient of many favors from the
emperor himself. One feature of the
performance was the exhibition of the
antiquated Deadwood coach containing
passengers who are attacked by In
dians and finally rescued by cowboys.
The kaiser asked to be allowed to
ride in this vehicle with his royal
guests and to participate in this inter
esting experience. The request was of
course granted, and when the coach
was furiously assailed by howling In
dians Its Inmates were as usual saved
by gallant cowboys.
After it was over and as the royal
party were descending from the coach
the emperor remarked:
"Colonel Cody, I do not suppose this
is the first time that you have ever held
four kings."
"No, your majesty," returned the
quick witted scout. "but this Is the first
time I ever held four kings and a royal
joker at the same timeI"-San Francis
co Evening Post.
Fresh Water Springs In Midocean.
Several fresh water fountains are
known to exist in the gulf of Mexico,
where vessels have frequently filled
their casks with ice cold sweet water
that comes up like a geyser in the
midst of the salt water. The fresh
water springs, as the sailors call them,
have been known In the gulf for 200
or 300 years. They were discovered by
early voyagers and were the salvation
of many a mariner whose supply of
fresh water ran short while he was
becalmed in the doldrums.' Some of
the fresh water springs are marked
upon the charts, but there is so little
need of them nowadays by the steam
ers on the gulf and the sailing fleet is
so small that no attention Is paid to
them, and they have passed out of the
knowledge of the younge? skipper.
Chicago Record.
Young Writer (to editor of newly es
tablished journal)-If you find this lit
tle story available for your columns,
I don't ask any pay for it beyond a life
subscription to your paper.
Editor-But, great goodness, young
man, you may live for 50 years!
Young Writer-Oh, I don't mean dur
ing my life; during the life of your pa
per, you knowil-London Tit-Bits.
The Anniversary.
"Harry, yesterday was our wedding
anniversary, and you never said a
word about it."
"Well, my dear, I felt it In my bones
that it was some sort of a big day, but
I couldn't remember what it was."
Indianapolis Journal.
When a fellow has money to burn,
the mother of marriageable daughters
Is ready to supply him with a match.
Philadelphia Record.
Every boy in Germany from the
crown prince to the meanest subject Is
obliged to learn some useful trade.
CeooS. Hacker&Sonl
Doors, ashR Blids
Dosrsht Sahd Blindsan
Builders' Hardware.
Window and Fancy Glass a Suecialtv.
ilealithy Mothers
Few mothers are healthy, because
their duties are so exacting. The anxiety
of pregnancy, the shock of childbirth,
and the care of young children. are
severe trials on any woman. But with
Wine of Cardal within her grasp, every
mother-every woman in the land-can
pay the debt of personal health she
owes her loved ones. Do you want
robust health with all its privileges and
pleasures? Wine of Cardul will give It
to you.
strengthens the female organs and Invig
orates weakened functions. For every
female ill or weakness it is the best
medicine made. Ask your druggist for
$1.00 bottle Wine of Cardul, and take no
substitute under any circumstances.
Mrs Edwin Cranh Godd, M: "b I
I cc dd gin wine fCar liwa hardy able
Dwaces h at o u TweebieIwated
Itl artfiillydgssefo and aiddsrweri Wmm
bous idbadto raise hi n anboe becas n b
ntru Act r ing t e Wine dig prercy
tgisime. I s irth lastiscoh ebabed ad
ws in Labor only two pourms with cu r Lid s
sad Ibare plenty of ol For thisre impaeoy.
D entin myIeadi tbmkGod nd nedCartr."
For advice is re s ach, as
addic, giv a symvtronTe Tai eACdr
all therresuts o aimefec ieon.
Prere by F. C.DWT OCIa
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
It artificially digests the food andaids
Nature in strengthening and recon
structing the exhausted digestive or
gans. It is the latest discovereddgest
ant and tonic. No other preparation
can, approach it in efficiency. It in*
staItly relievesand permanently cures
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
Sick Headache, Gastralgia,Crampsand
all other results of imperfect digestion.
Price 5oc. and n. Largerszecontains 2 time
smaysose ioosa laboutdyspepsaulsedfreI
Prepared byno C. DeWITT CO.. Chicgo.
TheR. B. Loryea Drug Store,
Buggies, Wagons, Road
Car ts and n ca iages
With Neatness and I esgatch
I MeAirNINe , 8.p anrnwae
Traouneed an soenerbing oni
Pm t a ndspcall.etingie
Mo heosis laeiin Whut Bofauswn.
dpots aveitehd b. A.Wie
thA thatectios onv sromp natthe
Bundaess hors trave wi9 so mutoh
WePreai ngt. pcalyo e
pantn old Bugges, Cari-. s o a d
Com andse mESN EP priceswil
Whichtan ispcitte t ion give
veto etohesdg coot of to.e
Busstoers fro a. . t
J dispatch.D . . . . - W
i.3 ~ sm extened. . por
A . L.W LS
Attorneys ntd uper ait Law,
CHARLESTON, S. C., Jan. 14, 1d.
On and after thi- date the
passenger schedule will be in effect:
*35. *23. "3.
Lv Florence, 3.25 A. 7.55 P.
Lv Kingstree. 8.57
Ar Laces, 4.38 9.15
Lv Lanes, 4 38 9.15 . P.
Ar Charleston, 6.03 10.50
North-Boun d.
'78. '32. -
Lv Charleston, 6.33 A. 5.17 P. ' .
Ar Lanes. 8.18 6.45 1' ".2
Lv Lanes, 8 18 6.45
Lv Kingstree, 8.34
Ar Florence, 9.28 7.55
'Daily. t Daily except Sunday.
No. 52 runs through to Columbi" - a
Central B. R. of S. C.
Trains Nos. 78 and 32 run via V. .oor;
and Fayetteville-Short Line-and :ake
close connection for all poiz.ts North.
Trains on C. & D. R. R. leave Flce?pce
daily except Sunday 9.55 a in, arrive Dar
lington 10.28 a in, Cheraw, 1L40 . m,
Wadesboro 12.35 p u,. Leave Flor-ace
daily except Sunday, 8.00 p i, arrive ='
lington, 8.25 p in, Hartsville 9.20 p r:,
Bennetsville 9.21 p in, Gibson 9.4E i n.
Leave Florence Sunday only 9.55 a m. ar
rive Darlington 10.27. Hartsville 11.10
Leave Gibson daily except Sunday r.35
a in, Bennettsville 6.59 a i, arrive Dar':ng
ton 7.50 a in. Leave Hartsville. daily ex
cept Sunday 7.00 a iu, arrive Darlington
7.45 a in, leave Darlington 8.55 a in,
Florence 9.20 a in. Leave Wadesbore daily
except Sunday 4 25 p in, Cheraw 5.15 r L,
Darlington 6.29 p in, arrive Florence 7 p
in. Leave Hartsville Sunday only 8.1r .
Darlington 9.00 a in, arrive Florence :'.2')
a m.
Gen'l Manager. Gen'l S . .
T. M. EMERSON, Traffic Manager
H. M. EMERSON, Gen'l Pass. Age:t.
55. 35. --2.
Lv Wiimington,'3.45 P.
Lv Mtarion, 6.34
Ar Florence, 7.15
Lv Florence, '7.45 '2.34 A.
Ar Sumter, 8.57 3.56
Lv Sumter, 8.57 '9.:v .
Ar Columbia, 10.20 11.i
No. 52 runs through from Charlesto via
Central B. R., leaving Charleston 7
Lanes 8.34 a in, Manning 9.09 a m.
54. 53.
Lv Columbia, '6.40 A. *4.15 P.
Ar Sumter, 8.05 5.35
Lv Sumter, 8.05 '8 ' P?.
Ar Florence, 920 7.9
Lv Florence, 9.50
Lv Marion, 10.34
Ar Wilmington, 1.15
No. 53 runs through to Charleston, z-. C.,
via Central R. R., arriving Manning .04
p in, Lanes, 6.43 p in, Charleston 8.30 p :L.
Trains on Conway Branch leave Chal
bourn 5.35 p in, arrive Conway 7.40 p i.
returning leave Conway 8.30 a m, arrive
Chadbourn 11.50 a n, leave Chadboura
11.50 a m,arrive at Hub 12.25 pm,returning
leave Hub 3.00 p in, arrive at Chadbcrn
3.35 p m. Daily except Sunday.
J. R. KENLY, Gen'l Manager.
T. M. EMERSON, Traffic Manager.
H. M. EMERSON, Gen'l Pass. Agent.
No. 52
Lv Charleston; 7.00 A. I.
Lv Lanes, 8.34
Lv Greeleyville, 8.46 "
Lv Foreston, 8.55
Lv Wilson's Mill, 9.01
Lv itanning, 9.09 "
Lv Alcolu, 9.16 "
Lv Brogdon, 9.25 "
Lv W. & S. Junet., 9.38"
Lv Sumter, 9.40
Ar Columbia, 11.00"
No. 53
Lv Columbia, 4.00 P. M.
Lv Sumter, , 5.13"
Lv W. & S. Junct. 5.15- "
Lv Brogdon, 5.27 "
Lv Alcola, 5.35 "
Lv Manning, 6.04 "
Lv Wilson's Mill, 5.50"
Lv Foreston, 5.57 "
Lv Greeleyville, 6.05"
Ar Lanes, 6.17 "
Ar Charleston, 8.00"
No. 35.
Lv Sumter, 3.47 A. I,
Ar Creston, 4.43 "
Ar Orangeburg, 5.10 "
Ar Denmark, 5.48 "
No. 32
Lv Denmark, 4.28 P. M.
Lv Orangeburg, 5.02"
Lv-Creston, 5.27 "
Ar Sumter, 6.18 "
Trains 32 and 35 carry through Pallen.
palace buffet sleeping cars between New
York and Macon via Augusta.
WJison and sllmmerton R. R
Tinm Ta&nzs No.1,
In ef fect Monday, June 13th, 1898.
Between Wilson's Mill and Dalzell.
Southbound. Northboanc.
No. 73. Daily except Sunday No. 72.
P MI Stations. r M
145 Le...Dazell...Ar 1
2 08 ... N WJunction...- 10
3 0 .......Sumter..... 2
3 03 -...NW Junction..
315 .........Tindal........-1
333........Packsville.....- 1
3 50 .........Silver.........a' 3
405 ...Mlld ....... . '
4 45-......-ummerton .......10 m
5 15..........Davis.......... 10
5 40 ........Jordan ... '
6 00 Ar..Wilson's Mills...Le .
P M A.:.
Between Millard and St. Paul.
Southbound. Northboca d.
No. 73. No. 75. No. 72. No.7.
P M A M Stations A M P
4 05 10 15 Le Millard Ar 10 45 4
4 15 10 25 ArSt. Paul Lel1035 -
THOS. WILSON, Presiden
Noti 01 to E ~ ~os, RthillSEl.?,
OrrICE or Junox or Pon&r:. -
Manning, S. C., August 1, 1900i
To Executors, Administrators, Guardians
I respectfully call your attention to anned
statute. You will please give this matter e:
Very rsetulA
Judge of Probar
Sec. 2064-(1942). Executors, Administrat -
Guardians and Committees, shall annu..
while any estate remains in their care or.-s
tody, at any tune before the first day of Jul '
each year, render to the Judge of Probate of-1
county from whom they obtain Letters Ta.
mentary or Letters of Administrators or 2
ters of Guardianship, etc., a just end true
count, upon oath. of the receipts and e..e
tures of such estate the preceding ear. .
year, which, when exmined and appro':s
shall be deposited with the Inventory sed
praisement or other papers belonging- to a
estate, in the office of said Judge of Prot .7
there to be kept for the inspection of such per -
sons as may be interested in the estate-(ur;
former penalties.)
Approved the 2d day of March, 1897.
For Sale.
Two Second-Hand Gins, Feeder's : -d
Condensers, complete, will be sad
cheap. They are in good condition.
.Manning, S. C.
'Phone No. 25.

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