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About 4 o'clock last Thursday 111111
ing the reair and machine shop of MIr.
R. L. Bell was burned down. destroyiU
the entire contents containing materiai,
machinery and implements to the value
of about '1100, with only about $45) im
surance. Mr. BlSl thiuks the fire wwa
of incendiary o rigin. after the shop had
been robbed of tools.
Don't fail to see those tine .ackets
for ladies in Tan. Castor. Blue and
Black at Louis Levi's. JIe is selling
them at cost.
A handsome line of Black Ebony
Goods. Sterling Silver Mounted, in
Brush and Comb Sets. Gent's Traveling
Sets. Military Brushes. Shaving Sets
and numerous other articles, suitable
for Christmas gifts at. S. R. Venning's.
Remember that the tax books close
on the 31st inst., and in all probability
there will be no extension. Comptroller
General Derham was in Manning re
cently and gave it as his opininion that
there would be no tax extension this
vear. We advise people to come on
'now and pay up to avoid the rush inci
dent to the closing days.
Legg & Hutchinson will sell Brick by
the car load of 6,000 delivered at Brog
don, Alcolu and Manning for $6.50, per
1000; Wilson, Foreston and Greelyville
for $6.75 per 1000: Pinewood and Rim
ini. $6.50 per 1000. and any station on
the W & S. R. R. between Wilson and
Sumter for $7.50 per 1000. Prompt
shipments made at all times.
The most effective little liver pills
made are DeWitt's Little Early Risers.
They never gripe. The R. B. Loryea
Drug Store, Isaac M. Loryea, Prop.
At the regular communication of Si.
Peter's lodge, A. F. M., the following
officers were elected: J. H. Lesesne,
W. M.: F. P. Ervin, S. W.: B. A. John
son, J. W.: W. C. Davis, secretary, and
Dr. C. B. Geiger, treasurer. Installa
tion takes place St. John's day. evening
of the 27th inst., when it is desired that
a full attendance be present. Refresh
A great Christmas opportunity: Pres
ents for everybody: My large and
choice selection of Novelties for the
Christmas trade is now ready for the
inspection and approval of all who ap
preciate handsome and appropriate
gifts. Call and see how easy it is to
select one for your wife, mother, sister
or sweetheart. S. R. VENNING.
Among the busy establishments in
this town is the store of S. A. Rigby.
His counters are ladened with all kinds
of holiday goods, and his dry goods de
partment is attracting a trade for fine
goods heretofore unknown. Merit will
tell. If a man has the stock and the
prices, people will buy. Rigby having
both and experienced people to handle
them is the secret of his large sales.
The R. B. Loryea Drug Store beg to
inform their many kind patrons that we
observe the following hours: During
the week our drug store is open from 6
a. m. to 9 p. m.: Saturday nights to
11:3c Sunday hours, 9 a. m. to 12:30 p.
in.: 3:30 to 6:30 p. m. Night calls re
sponded to promptly and cheerfully by
our Pharmacist, Mr. J. E. Arant, Ph.
G., who resides at Mrs. S. A. Wells'.
Rev. J. C. Williams, pastor of the
Manning A. M. E. church, has been
transferred by his conference to the
pastorate of the Sumter church. Rev.
Williams won the respect of the people
of this community by his gentlemanly
bearing, and while they are pleased
with his promotion for his sake, they
r egret losing from their midst one who
was such a promoter of good with his
DeWitt's Little Early Risers are
dainty little pills, but they never fall
Ito cleanse the liver, remove obstruc
tions and inv'igorate the system. The
R. B. Loryea Drug Store. Isaac M.
Loryea, Prop.
Read in another page tne combina
tion offer we are making. Through a
misunderstanding several who took ad
vantage of this offer last year did not
get their papers promptly. but our
arrangements are such now, that every
person who pays up, and one year in
advance, and all new subscribers, will
get this valuable farm journal promptly.
Remember yon get THE TIMES and
Farm ana Bome for $1.50.
When you need a soothing and heal
ing antiseptic application for any pur
pose, use the original DeWitt's Witch
Hazel Salve, a well known cure for
piles and skin diseases. It heals sores
without leaving a scar. Beware of
counterfeits. The R. B. Loryea Drug
Store, Isaac M. Loryea, Prop.
Magistrate E.C.Dickson had the novel
experience last Thursday morning
about 2 o'clock, of being aroused from
his innocent slumbers, by the tapping
on his window of a man with a woman
clinging to him: when the magistrate
had succeeded in uncorking the sleep
from his eyes, and convinced himself
that he was not the victim of nightmare
he inquired into the cause of this visi
is destruction of lung by a
growing germ, precisely as
-ouldy cheese is destruction
cheese by a growing germ.
If you kill the germ, you
op the consumption. You
a nor can't, according to
ben you begin.
Take Scott's Emulsion of
Ud Liver Oil: take a little
-~-'~It acts as a
food; it is the
A easiest food.
- Seems not to be
-'food ; makes you
2 hungry ; eating
* is comfortable.
You grow strong
tueon it, er. Take more;
ot too mnuch ; enough is as
mch as you like and agrees
wah yo. Satisfy hunger
".2 food ; whatever
S... agrees with you.
"ou are strong
.c recovered your
--the germs are
have killed them.
h v3 not tried it, send
for rce ple, its agreeable
tat 2nsrprise you.
409 Pearl St., New York.
Publishes All County and Town Ofr
ficial Advertisements.
MANNING. S. C.. DEC. 12. 1900.
Don't fail to visit Jen
kinson's store during his
Besides getting goods at
greatly reduced prices,
you stand a chance of
getting a
and several other prizes
absolutely free.
Notice is hereby given that no advertise
ments will be changed in this paper where
the copy is brought in later than Saturday
.Q J. D. Gerald went to Charleston
on business Monday evening.
Till's' Till's! All the talk of the peo
Mr. W. E. Jenkinson went to Char
leston Monday evening on business.
oCall for tickets-chance at the Doll.
S. A. Rigby.
Mr. Moultrie Oliver of Santee has
been experimenting recently with salt
water and is now considered an expert.
af you need goods call at Louis Levi's
and he will save you money.
Died suddenly last Thursday morn
ing on Mr. W. P. Emanuel's place at
Trinity Mrs. Waters, aged about
20 years.
Till has the best prices on Fireworks.
See him.
For Sale-Meat Hogs. Apply to J.
L. Eadon, Davis, S. C. [37-4t
The Manning oil mill expects to be
gin crushing seed next week. They
have a large lot of seed on hand to be
gin operations.
Every day a special sale at Till's
Racket Store.
The ladies of the Presbyterian church
will have an oyster supper in the-court
house tomorrow evening for the benefit
of the parsonage.
Most astonishing values in every de
partment at Till's Racket.
Left in clothing department of my
store, a large bunch of keys. Owner
can get same by paying for this notice.
W. E. Jenkinson.
Remarkable attractions in the Holi
day Department at S. L. Till's.
Louis Levi's slaughter sale continues
to draw trade, and people from every
section can be seen in his store every
day hunting bargains.
Louis Levi offers his goods at a great
sacrifice until the first of January, 1901.
-There will be a special meeting of the
Board of County Commissioners next
Saturday to approve the bonds of the
newly elected officials.
Santa Claus has swooped down upon
us and left his goods for the children.
S. A. Rigby.
Mr. J J. Brunson brought fourteen
fine, fat partridges yesterday and pre
sented them to the editor. We need
not say they were delicious.
Where did you get that handsome
Lamp? At Venning's Jewelry Store;
he has a be.utiful line.
Everybody patronize the oyster sup
per tomorrow evening to be given by
the Presbyterian ladies in the court
house. Real oysters are promised and
a pleasant evening is assured.
You can buy a Ladies' Cape or Jacket
almost at your own price at Louis
To arrive soon,another car of Moore's
Anchor Brand Lime. It has no equal.
Legg & Hutchinson.
Dr. W. E. Mood of Summerton, J. H.
Lesesne of St. Peters and C. M. Mason
of Foreston Masonic lodges, left last
Monday night to attend the grand
lodge which is in session in Charleston.
Just arrived a car of Corn and Feed
Oats, and two cars of Timmothy Hay.
Legg & Hutchinson.
You should see those fine Silk-Lined
Fur Collarettes at Louis Levi's. They
are selling dirt cheap.
The editor is profoundly grateful tc
Mr. W. A. Warr for a mess of Georgia
"pate foi gr," which he will enjoy
next Saturday in the celebration of the
twentieth anniversary of his connubia]
bliss. (?)
A lot of second hand Buggies, Surries
and Harness, going at less than hal1
cost. Legg & Hutchinson.
Wanted--Persimmon and Dogwooc
Logs in car load lots. For prices, etc.
address Thos. Childs, Suriter, S. C.
The Southern Bell Telephone Comn
pny is buying up the independen1
lines throughout the State and inqui
ries regarding the one here, have beer
made also. We hope they will gel
Manning on their list.
Louis Levi has put the knife in all
lines of goods and you can buy a bill o:
goods cheaper than any place in town.
If you want Sterling Silver Novelties
go to S. R. Yenning. He has them t<
suit everybody and everybody's pocket
A Woman's Christian Temperancf
Union has been organized here. WE
had no idea that such an organizatior
was needed for the ladies of this town
We reckon fashion magazines will bf
their principal literature.
A large and beautiful line of Christ
mas and New Year Cards at prices fron
1c to '*1.50 at S. Rl. Yenning's Jewelr2
The hunting party that left here las
Monday a week ago for Hell Hol
Swamp returned home with reports o
having bagged seven deer and jumpin
about seventy-five. This may be all so
but we have not seen any evidence go
ing to corroborate their reports.
Louis Levi has some very fine La
dies' Jackets in Tan, Castor. Blue ani
Black and he is selling them ver:
Dspepsia is difficult digestion, due t<
theabsence of natural digestive fluids
Hood's Sarsaparilla restores the diges
"He ?Tha Any Gooci
Wodd WTn"
Snould ha-ve p-o' heaith. %Zure. ri:t
bioci "s the fi.'?sf r^^:m: : 1-o!s Seks -
pr.!: y go:g g:;. Li^.7a good
heali:, has Zc::.::.: ::: fo success,
Le. cs gvi:ig stre::gi sni co.ura g to
women who, icfory ng it, coald rct
eo'en see ary goed in lie to <ctan.
tation at such an unseendy hour when
Jack Frost was abroad and running at
large biting everything he came in
contact wit:. and found that it was a
Romeo with his Juliet seeking to be
joined in holy wedlock that they might
go hence and barricade themselves
against Jack Frost or anything else
cold. and bid defiance to parental or
other objections. The magistrate being
a single man and anxious to sacrifice
himself to the apron strings of soeie
creatures whose Papa won't make a
fellow work, had his sympathies a:o.ls
ed by the appeal of the shivering ,air
of doves on the outside, so he got up,
yanked the sleepers out of the corner
of his eyes, went with them to the
house of Mr. Charlie Thames, and in
a few moments there stood before him
Mr. Bolin Thames of Davis and Miss
Galloway of Packsville. and
in all the solemnity of divine and human
law this couple were made man and
wife. After receiving the blessings
of the dignified and sleep-broken Judge,
Magistrate Dickson glided back into
outer darkness and permitted the
ne.wly hitched couple to have their way
A Thousand Tongues
Could not express the rapture of Annie E.
Springer of 11:5 Howard st.. Philadelphia. Pa..
when she found that Dr. Kings New Discovery
for Consumption had completely cured her of a
hacking cough that for many years had made
life a burden. All other remedies and doctors
could give her no help. but she says of this royal
cure. "it soon removed the pain in my chest and
I can now sleep soundly. something I can scarce
ly remember doing before. I feel like sounding
its praises throughout the universe." So will
every one who tries Dr. King's New Discovery
for any trouble of the throat, chest or lungs.
Price 50c. and $1. Trial bottles free at the R. B.
Loryca drug store: every bottle guaranteed. 5
Veterans Next Monday.
Inasmuch as the State pension board
has adopted a new form of blank ap
plications for pensions, it is absolutely
necessary for a good county board to
be selected and in accordance with a
previous notice the confederate veter
ans will meet in the court house Mon
day 17th, inst. The lacmented Major
C. S. Land was the count, chairman,
and by his death Judge J. H. Mahoney
who is vice chairman becomes chair
man. Judge Mahoney is deeply inter
ested in this work and he especially
urges a large attendance. The pen
sion business is very much abused,
there are people on the pension list
who do not properly belong there, and
there are others who should be, that
can not get on the list. This is largely
due to the manner of selecting the
county boards; as a rule county boards
are made up of men who have political
amhitions, and they will use the pen
sion lists to further their political in
terests, the result is, that many a
deserving man and woman who have
no political influence is deprived of what
the State intended they should have;
watch it, a fellow who has a large fam
ily connection, becomes a favorite with
cunty boards, and it does not matter if
that fellow has property and position
he secures the very highest class of:
pension: that man is able to earn a
livelihood from his property and posi
tion, yet he gets a larger pension than
the man who is maimed or decrepid
from diseased. and without the means
of earning a support. This is a condi
tion which ought not exist, and when
the county board is selected next Mon
day, great care should be taken to keel)
men off of that board who have politi
cal axes to grind. It is all very nice to
to get up and with tear-s rolling down
the cheeks, tell of the suffering endured
upon this and that field of action,and to
remind those present of the suffering
now being endured by the aged and
infirm old heroes, but the thing to do,
is to cull out from the pension list those
whom the law did not intend to receive
pensions, and thereby give more to the
needy. It is a solemn fact that there
are mnen and women on the pension
lists today who are the beneficiaries of
the incomnes of thousands of dollars
worth of property, while there are
soldiers, and widows of soldiers who
cannot get a pension scarcely able to
subsist. Those who get on, that are
beneficiaries of property incomes make
no showing on the tax books, the prop
erty they get benefits from, is in the
name of relatives whom they are livig
with and who have been and are still
supporting them.
When the veterans meet here next
Monday some of their number should
bring this matter up and discuss it,
and when they select a board let them
select men wvho will follow the law to
the letter, and men who will not have
favorites. Remember next Monday
is the day and a large turn out should
be had._ _
Among the tens of thousands who have used
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy for colds and ia
grippe during the past few years. to our knowl
edge. not a single case has resulted in pneu
monia. Thos. Whittld & Co.. :MO Wabash ave
nue. Chicago. one of the most prominent retail
druggists in that city, in speaking of this, says:
We recommend Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
for la grippe in many cases. .as it not only gives
prompt and complete recovery, but also coun
teracts any tendency of ia grippe to result in
pneumonia." For sale by The H. B. Loryea
Drug Store. Isaac M. Loryea, Prop.
Mr. S. R. Tobias Retur'ns from Colorado.
A happy family reunion took, place
last Saturday evening at the residence
of Clerk of Court J. H. Timmons; the
cause of the rejoicing was the return
from Colorado of Mr. R. S. Tobias, his
wife and four children.
It will be remembered that Mr. To
bias gave a listening ear to the stories
told by a band of Mormon elders who
frequented the Santee secticn of this
county, and as a consequence Mr. To
bias' daughter became engaged to
marry one of the elders. According to
their~ custom the marr-iage had to take
place in the Mor-mon church, and they
went to Colorado to get married, fol
lowed by Mr. Tobias and his whole
family, including his son-in-law. Mr.
James Haley and his family.
Instead of finding a land tiowing with
milk and honey as was so vividly pic
tured to these tr-usting people, they
found themselves friendless and alone,
among p~eople who cared for them not.
The climate wvas severe and bleak and
the prospects for the future grew more
and more dismal. Mr. Tobias' daugh
ter that married the Mormon elder led
an unhappy existence and died about a
ear after- going there. Mr. Haley. as
soon as he could secure the funds, gath
ered up his family and came home.
This left the old gentleman friendless
indeed, and his relatives here became
the more anxious to get him back.
Several efforts were made to raise the
necessary money, and times were hard
and money scaree, but after persistent
efforts the funds were raised a few
weeks ago, and a telegraphic check was
sent which br-ought them back to their
native home, never more to be tempted
away by the smooth tongued stranger
in the guise of a mninister of the gospel.
They left Sanford, Colorado. Tuesday
of last week and steady travel,night and
da,brought them here Saturday night,
wen they were met at the depot by
Mr. I. N. Tobias and other members of
the family and friends. They were
taken to the residence of Clerk of Court
Timmons, where a reception was given
them which no doubt made the return
ing wanderers feel themselves once
mor surromded by friends.
The Circus.
Rhoda Royal show was here last
Thursday and gave a day and night
performance. The crowd was fairly
large, but not so large as crowds that
attended circuses heretofore.
The merchants did a thriving busi
ness and there was no drunkenness. a
thing so conspicuous heretofore. The
crowd was orderly and merry and when
the street parade wound its way back
to the grounds, the bulk of the crowd
followed to see "the lady make the
high dive." The side shows accompa
nied the "big show" as usual and all
the curios of ancient and modern genius
were inside, or rather on the large
painted illustrations which adorned the
outside. The hawkers for these side
shows displayed good lung power in en
tertaining gaping listeners, "and the
band played on."
When the "big show" opened the
usual rush for entrance was made, and
the sight within was the same which
greeted our forefathers in the long ago:
it was the same old ring. aerohatic ap
pliances, tight wire, red lemonade.
honey-coated popcorn and stinkadoro
cigars. The show reminded the writer
of that sound which emanates from a
bass drum, and yet for the admission
fee it was good enough. The concert
after the show was very much decayed
and should be quarantined.
It was indeed one of the sights of the
show to see some of our city belles
munching the honey-coated popcorn
an sipping the red lemonade. The
clown became infatuated with one of
our prettiest girls because she chawed
popcorn gracefully. Every time he
passed around the ring he gave her a
wink which set her heart a pattering
so that those sitting near her could
hear it striking against the steels in
her R. & G. corset, bought at Rigby's,
and the ringing sound was more musi
cal than the strings on the violin played
by the leader in the concert orchestra.
But it was all right: Ilirting with cir
cus clowns goes when girls that eat
popcorn and drink red lemonade are at
the circus.
Robbed the Grave.
A startling incident, of which Mr. John Oliver
of Philadelphia was the subject. is narrated by
him as fonows: "I was in a most dreadful condi
ton. My skin was almost yellow, eyes sunken.
ongue coated. pain continually in back and
sides. no appetite-gradually growing weaker
day by day. Three physicians had given me up.
Fortunately. a fiend advised trying Electric
Bitters: and to my great joy and surprise. the
first bottle made a decided improvement. I con
tinued their use for three weeks, and am now a
well man. I know they saved my life, and rob
bed the grave of another victim ' No one
should fail to try them. Only 50 ets., guaran
teed. at the R. B. Loryea drug store. 5
Stages of Water.
Camden. Dec. 7. 8 a. m.-Height of Wateree
river. 13.8 feet. being a fail of 4.2 feet during
past 24 hours.
Dec. 10. 8 a. m.-Height of Wateree river.
5.5 feet, being a fall of 6-10 of a foot during past
24 hours.
Columbia. Dcc. 7. 8 a. m.-Height of Conga
ree river. 2.1 feet. being a fall of e.6 feet during
past 24 hours.
Dec. 10. 8 a. m.-Height of Congaree river,
9-10 of a foot. being stationary during past 24
St. Stephen's. Dec. 7. S a. m.-Height of
Santee river. 7.4 feet. being a rise of 1-10 of a
foot during past 24 hours.
Dec. 10. 8 a. m.-Height of Santee river. 7.8
feet. being a rise of 2-10 of a foot during past 24
this signature is on every box of the gonuiae
Laxative Bromno=Quininle Tablets
he remedy that enres a cold in one day
Never let your wife wear the trous
rs-buy her bloomers.
Bersth he Kind You Have Always BOUght
Ca Lart Line inB Lrendo Drutr.
Ca Lart Line inB Lrendo Drutre
The Largest Line in Clarendon County.
We Can Please the MIost Fastidious,
We Can Please the Mo0st Fastidious.
We Can Please the Most Fastidious.
Only a word to reiterate that we have
the most thoroughly equipped
Moder'n Druig Store
In Clarendon County.
g-Mr. J. E. Arant, Ph. G., is in
charge of our Prescripsion Department.
g-Miss Olivia Ingram will accord
to all customers that courteous and
thoughtful attention that has always
characterized her.
ISAAC M, LORYEA, Proprietor,
- Si, n of the
Golden Mortar,
Our Low-Priced Goods
Within the Reach of All Purses.
We purchased our goods months ago and our forehandedness is
reflected in every price we name you. If you only knew the factory
- and mill prices on goods now you would know how to appreciate the
prices we are offering goods at now. We are selling goods now at
really less than what they can be put in our house today.
We have a few more bales of yard-wide Sea Island Homespun
at 5c.
Best Calicos made at 5c. We have the cheaper grade goods also.
5-lb. Quilt Rolls for 75c. our neighbors are selling at $1.
We are right up to you on anything.
L ADIES -:. -:. -:. -:.
If you nced a second Hat we can make one for you at pnly a
"TRIFLE. for we don't like to carry over any goods in that
line. Come in and see our Milliner and see what she can do
for you.
See Our emnant Counters,...
They have some goods on them that will put you to thinking.
Remember our great values in
If you have seen them then you know what they are. and if
not you have missed something.
If you don't see what you want then ask for it.
Yours for true values.
,. |. T I L| L.., Proprietor
Wagon and Buggy Material, -
Mill Supplies, Steam Fittings,
Cane Mills. Evaporators and
Guns, Pistols, Ammunition,
Guaranteed Pocket Cut
0 Oils,-.,
Paint, o
Guaranteed Razors,
Varnish, Guaranteed Shears, 3
9 Brushes, Stoves,
C Hardware, Ranges,
Tinware. Heaters,
Enamel Ware, Harness,
Wooden Ware, Saddles,
Sporting Goods, Leather,
Bicycles and Bicycle Etc.,
Repairs, Etc.,
Farm Implements, Etc.
Sheet Tin, Sheet Iron,
Nails, Wire, Horse Shoes, A
SNuts Bolts, H a-mers,
C2 Punches, Chisels, Files and Saws
B Eerything Pertaining to Our LUne.
__ To every child born in Clarendon County during 1901 _
the Hamilton-Brown Shoe Company will give it its first
pair of Shoes throuigh S. A. Rigby.
S These shoes are made of the finest Vici Kid and are
hand turned. This is not all, if you will buy Hamilton
Brown Shoes you will be given the very best values, for
~Ve have on hand a full line ofI
For Ladies &
Hamlton-BroWn Shoes Gentlemen...
which we wish to sell, and the prices are right.
Wecarry also many other brands of Shoes. Some of
Sthe best brands are
They are winners. So when you want Shoes don't forget
to see RIGBY'S SHOES, for they are the kind that give
y ou honest wear.
- Our store is fast putting on Holiday attire and our
Spast record as dealer of SANTA CLAUS' GOODS will
not allow us to be outdone by any one. We will have
Sfor the little child, for the large child for the sweetheart,
for the mother, for the father-something for the whole
family and something for your friends. We can please
you all if you will let us.
S We are going to
Give the Doll Away
on the same conditions that we have previous years and
we will tell you later on.
Now, in conclusion, we want to heartily thank our
patrons for the prosperous fail business given us by them
Sand can assure those who have goods of any kind yet to
_purchase that they can get what they want at CHEAP
SPRICES by v isiting our store during the next month or
so. We hav e still a big lot of
SMen's & Boys' Clothing
]that w e ar e cutting the prices on. Overcoats and Mack
Sintosh Coats cheap.
you fimaGrocery DepartmientI
you ind anygood things for the next few weeks.
Canned Gosof all kidTeas, Coffees adSgr
Currants and Raisins,'Citron, Mince Meat, etc.
A gain extending a cordial invitation to everybody to
come to our place for your Christmas goods, we are
Im Ne 1
The largest stock of Holi
day Goods in town, at the
lowest prices.
of Dry Goods, Fine Dress Goods, Fine Milli
nery Goods, Shoes, Clothing and Hats.
Everything will be sold at reduced prices du
ring our great Holiday Sale.
Our entire stock of Gent's and Children's Clothing must be
sold by Christmas.
A great Slaughter Sale of Fine Dress Goods and Fine Milli
nery Goods. They must be sold, so just come with the cash and
get the goods at your own prices.
You can buy goods cheaper at our store than anywhere else,
and at the same time stand the chance of getting one of our four
prizes offered to CASH BUYERS.
Our line of
Fine loliday Goods
is the largest ever shown in Manning, consisting of Fine Deco
iated Chinaware, Vases, Cups and Saucers, Salad Dishes, Cracker
Jars and the like.
Also Fine Dressing Cases, Cuff and Collar Boxes, Glove Cases
and the like, suitable for presents for young men and young ladies.
Two hundred dozen nice Handkerchiefs of every kind for
Holiday Gifts.
You must come and see us, as we will stand in the front ranks
when it comes to Holiday selling.
~The Best in 'th Worid. N
.ASKFO RT H E This ,is a'pretty strong asser- -
~ '41 ~ ~ .q Shoes who are making such
'SHOE beyconsiertmpltheleaher
SHOEdeserves-it. Give them a tria1 .
FOR MEInd yur aOEre nt satisfe e
beauty and tensile strengt
and stylish shapes of our
- Ladies' Shoe
d/~,/~. ~,.Has already won for it a large
- place in the estimation of the
ladies of Clarendon county.
Oe sight wil cedonincesyou o
demonstrate its merits.
e arry the best line of Ms
seen in Manning, We don't
Coppighted- sk you to take our word for
it, but come and see for your
S Men's, Boys,' Women's and Children's Shoes, from Brogans
Sto a Fine Patent Leather, and we are not going to be undersold,
Snot even by those who claim to be selling at cost.
5 Our Entire Line of
Etc., in fact everything in our
~ne was bought right and0
Wedntmean to do any idle boasting, but we are the only
s 'pecial line merchants in the county and will save you from
10 to 25 Per Cent
oTa hanking you for your lieral patronage and hoping to serve
you in the future, we are
Respectfully yours,

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