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MANN ING. . . iia '. 1"" 'pt.
one ea n
_\U\ N' RAVES:
one s..::tr "o: ir. 1:ach subsequent it
sertiofl- ~S cet tt'"rIe-s ,.^. Tributes0
Liberal- .Car: bad' r thre.e. six anl twelv.
y( ion u~c~d: ust be accompanied by th
real nan and address of the writer in trder
receive attentio n
No commu'nicatin of a rer-o.n, charCt
will be publ'shed' except as an advrt i1 t-:t t.
Entered at the PostothC at Mlanida ' r t
and Class matter.
Copies. fti r ," :>l :
R ashin'c lbn \: \t"r ,.
ponI-nt.!' : .
Notwithlstanding the "State's'
vehement denial, w e still believe
that the "voluntary and unsolic
ited interviewed" referred to it
its issue of 14th inst., was
manufactured for the pur
pose of discrediting Senator Mc
Laurin with the people of thi:
State, and until the "State" dis
closes the name of the author o:
that interview, we will continuE
to believe it emanated from somE
one connected with the State,
regardless of epithets which the
"States' editor may choose tc
hurl. The idea of a newspape
striking a public servant such a
blow as was done in that avolun
tary and unsolicited interview'
without disclosing the name o1
the author is so unfair, that it.
foulness must be apparent tc
every lover of justice. Thc
State knows full well that there
is a deep-seated prejudice against
the name "Republican" in this
State, and when it, even in the
guise of a "voluntary and unso
licited interview" seeks tc
place Senator McLaurin as a
probable leader of the Republi
can party, it must know that the
effect intended, is to prejudice
the people against the man.
The "State" "wonders how THE
TDIES would manage to be re
conciled with itself should its
darling Mac's be rival candidates
in 1902." In case these two gen
tiemen referred too, should set
fit to opose~ each othe:-. condi
tions may be such that we will
be forced to make a strong fight
against one or the other, and
perhaps both, but were the elec
tion to come up today, or in two
years the conditions remain as
they now exist, we have no hes
itancy in saying that our choice
between these two personal
friends, would be in favor of
McLaurin. We honestly believe
that John L. McLaurin is better
qualified to~ be of service to his
State than any man who could
be sent' there, and to displace
him because he had the manhood
to do what he thought was best,
would only be taking a step
The "State" has not been at
all friendly towards Senator Mc
Laurin, and for some time it has
displayed its unfriendliness to
wards him, we know not why.
Surely, it cannot be because
Senator McLaurin was convinc
ed that under the conditions then
existing, it was for the country's
best interest to vote for the con
firmation of the Paris treaty?
No it cannot be this, because,
the "State" was a strong adv-o
cate for the re-nomination o:
William Jennings, Bryan, and h(
and Senator McLaurin held the
same views on this subject. The
"State's" antipathy to the Sena
tor, cannot be on account of his
not voting with a majority of the
Democratic Senators, because,
this would be inconsistant with
that paper's record. We well
remember how the "State" en
deavored to tear the Democratic
party asunder by supporting
anything a'nd everything in op
position to the nominees of that
party; we have not forgotten
how it villified and abused any.
thing and everything the Demo
crats did, and the devihment it
did when Pope and his gang
were attempting to uproot our
registration laws, yes, we well
remember the sudden popularity
of the State among the negro's
when Pope and George Murray
were pumping hot wind all ov-er
the country soliciting contribu
tions to pay the expenses for
breaking up our franchise laws.
that the Republican party might
again come into powe-: in this
State. We remember these
things, and for- that reason we
are satistied that The State's pre
judice dos not camel from Sena
tor McLau rin's ditYering on one or
two issues with the majority oi
his Democratic colleagues.
There must be something which
has not been conlided to the pub
lic, bumt whateve-r it is. when
ever "y'he State" has any
more ":oluntary and unso
licited ' interviews" to foist
the fairness to make known the
y author: an interview and anony
nous ummmunications are differ
ent in etfect: an interview is sup
poseCd to emanate from some im
nortant source, a anonymous
communication may come fron:
a boot-black: therefore, wher
there appears an "interview- 01
a matter affecting the politica]
faith and loyalty of a public ser
vant. and that --interview" al
though -- V)iutar l Y l llad unsolie
ited" is Hot )er'omp)llafnlied witli
the sUrce (of its responsibility,
tlhen. hIllere is reasonable room
for the suspicion that it is the
stilletto work of prejudice which
has been making itself apparent
in tiie State for several months,
and all of its attempts to throw
off suspicion, such as wondering
what THE TIMES will do. should
Goveror McSweeney and Senatoi
MIcLaurin become rival candi
dates, are not so hidden. but that
the stabbing apparatus under its
cloak can be discovered.
How to Care Croup.
:.:r. 1:. Gray. who lives hear Amenia. Duchess
c' unty. N. Y.. says: "Chamherlain's Coug
r mei. thei th et medicine I have ever used
It is a ine children's remedy for croup an,
never fails to cure." When given as soon a'
the child becomes hoarse. or even after the
croupy cough has developed, it will prevent tht
attack. This should be borne in mind and
bottle ef the Cough Remedy kept at hand reads
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All things considered. we thini
it might be safe for the weather
bureau to make a few cold wave
predictions at present.
The Best Prescription for Malaria
Ch ils and Fever is a bottle of Grove':
Tasteless Chill Tonic. It is simply iror
and Quinine is a tasteless form.-Nc
curse. no pay. Price 50e.
Papa Zimmerman is still won
dering whether having a ducal
trade mark on his pork products
will be worth what it cost.
The Best Plaster.
A piece of flannel dampened with Chamber
lain's Pain Balm and bound to the affected
parts is. superior to any plaster. when trou
bled with lame back or pains in the side of
chest. give it a trial and you are certain to b(
more than pleased with the prompt relief which
it affords. Pain Balm also cures rheumatism.
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it. B. Loryea Drug Store. Isaac M. Loryea.Prop,
Minister Wu Ting Fang has
been severely criticised on ac
count of the lecture delivered
before the Ethical Culture So
cietv of New York recently. He
was in Philadelphia later, and
referring to the criticisms of his
lecture. he said that the reports
that were published did not give
full facts and. were therefore
misleadinge. He had no inten
tion of attacking the Christian
religion. His theme was Confu*
canism, and to make the cardi
nal points as clear as possible he
chose the best form of religion,
Christianity. for a comparison.
"it was not my intention," he
said. "to condemn the teachings
of Christ. Taking His philoso
phy as a standard should be con
sidered as a compliment. I de
sired to explain how Confucian
ism was like and how different
from Christianity. I did not con
demun the teachings of Christ. I
said they were very noble and
very difficult for men to attain
to, some of them. When I blamed
Christia'r:, I certainly did not
condemn their religion. I have
read part of thte Bible and ap
preciate and respect it, and I
never in my life have made an
attack on Christianity. I praise
the creed, but I repeat that somfe
of its doctrines are too high, toc
grand for the mere mortal to fol
No one can reaisonably hope for good health
unless his bowels motve once each day. When
this is nut attended to. disorders of the stomach
arise. biliousness, headache. dyspepsia and pile:
soon follow. If you wish to avoid these ail
ments keep your bowels regular by taking
Chamberiain's Stomach and Liver Tablets when
required. They are so easy to take and mild
and centie in effect. For sale by The R. B. Lor
yea Drug Store. Isaac M. Loryea. Prop.
4The lover who is fired with passion for
the daughter, is ofter put out by the
*Now is the time when croup and
lung troubles prove rapidly fatal. The
only harmless remedy that produces
imnediate results is One Minnte Cough
Cure. It is very pleasant to take and
can be relien ,po to quickly cure
coughs, colds and all lung diseases. It
will prevent consumption. The R. B.
Loryea Drug Store. Isaae M. Loryea.
Prop. __ _____
Love needs no definition. Men and
women loved long before dictionaries
were discovered..
You know What You Are Taking
When you take Grove's Tasteless
Chill Tonic because the formnula is
plainly printed on every bottle showing
that it is simply Iron and Quinine in a
tasteless form. No Cure. No pay. 50c.
Somehow the author of a love story
never sees the warts on the face of his
If you would have an appetite like a bear and
arelish for your mlis taike Chaimberlain's
stomach aud 'Liver Tablets. They correct dis
orders of the stomach and reguiate the liver
Iand bowels. Price. a5 cents, samples free at
The RI. B. Loryea Drug store. Isae M. Lorveai.
No giri is too( guood to be hugged. The
bible tell s to holi~d fast to a good
Stops the Coagh and Works off the Cold.
Laxative Bromio-Quiininle Tablts eurie
a od in onelt day. No CurIe. No Pay.
P'rice 2.~ eents.
.lait:i men~f (1o not live longer than
inglet one it onaly se ems lontzer.
B- at .Th Kinrd Ynn Have Always RBougnt
"Hit the Nall
On the Head."
If you have eruptions, pains in the
head or kidneys, stomach trouble and
feelings of weariness, "E t the nail on
the head." Hood's Sarsaparta is ti:e
hammer to use. it gvI purify your blood.
t e masses praise it for doing fhis arnd
making the whole body healthy.
Poets take in the beauties of nature.
Their wives usually take in washing.
Qrestion Answered.
Yes, August Flower still has the lar
gest sale of any medicine in the civil
ized world. Your mothers and grand
mothers never thought of using any
thing else for Inligestion or Bilious
ness. Dorctos were scarce and they
seldom heard of Appendicitis. Nervous
Prostration or I eart failure. etc. They
uied -..August Flower to clean out the
svStemt andi I stop f.-rmientation of undi
estedi food, regulate the action of the
liver. stimulate the nervous and organic
action of the system, and that is all they
took w.hen feeling dull and had with
headaches and other aches. You only
need a few doses of Green's August
Flower, in liquid form, to make you sat
isfied there is nothing serious the mat
ter with you. For sale by the R. B.
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The last word is said to be the most
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This Will Interest Many.
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B. B. quickly cures old ulcers. scrofula,
painful swellings, aches and pains in
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pimples, festering eruptions, boils, ec
zema. itching skin or blood humors.
eating. bleeding. festering sores and
even deadly cancer. B. 1. B. at drug
stores $1. For free treatment address
Blood Balm Co., Atlanta, Ga. Medi
cine sent at once, prepaid. Describe
trouble and free medical advice given
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Many persons have had the exper
ience of Mr. Reter Sherman, of North
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'epsia and every from of stomach trou
ble. It gives relief at once even in the
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A wedding ceremony is never a suc
cess unless there i; a hitch in it some
To Cure A Cold In One Day
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab
lets. All druggists refund .the money
if it fails to cure. E. W. Grove's sig
nature is ou each box. 25c.
Marriage isn't a failure as often a. it
is a sort of compromise on both sides.
Help is deeded at once when a per
son's life is in danger. A neglected
cough or cold may soon become serious
and should be stopped at once. One
Minute Cough Cure quickly cures
coughs and colds and the worst cases of
croup. bronchitis, grippe and other
throat and lung troubles. The Ri. B'
Loryea Drug Store. Isaac M. Loryea,
A man's best friand is -the one who
marries the girl that jilted him.
Stages of Water.
Camden. Dec. 14. 5 a. m.-Height af Wateree
river. 4.8 feet. being fail of '-10 of a foot during
past "-4 hours.
Dec. 17. s a. m.-Height of Wateree river.
5.0 feet, bc-ing a fatll of 2-10l of a foot during past
24 hours.
Columnbia, Dce. 14. 5 ai. m.-Height of Conga
rec river. 1.0 foot. being a rise cf 4-10 of a foot
during past 24 hours.
Dec. 17. 8 a. m.-H~ei;.ht of Congaree river.
9.10 of a foot. being a fall of 1-10 of a foot during
past 24 hours.
St. Stephen's. Dcc. 1-1, S a. mi.-Height of
Santee river. 8.0 feet. beingt a rise o~f 1-10 of a
foot during past -24 hours.
Barth ~ The Kind You Have Aways80agti
The bonds of matrimony would be
more popular if they paid cash divi
When the stomach is tired out it
must have a i'est, but we can't live
without food. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
"digests what you eat" so that you can
eat all the good food you want wvhile it
is restoring the digestive organs to
halth. It is the only pr'eparation that
digests all kinds of food. The R. B.
Loryea Drug Store, Isaac 31. Loryea.
The marriageable age of a woman is
anywhere between sixteen and death.
Scrofula the Cause.
.Eczema. catarrh. bii disease, white swelling.
and even consumption have their origin in
scrofulous conditions. With the slightest taint
of scrofula in the blood, there is no safety. The
remedy for this disease in all its forms is Hood's
Sarsaparilla. which goes to the root of the trou
ble and expels all impurities and disease germs
from the blood.
The best family eathartic is Hood's Pills.
The divorce court frequently enables
a man and wife to live happily ev'er
Among the teas of thousands who have used
Cnamberlain's Cough Remedy for colds and Ia
grippe during the past few years. to our knowl
edge, not a single case has resulted in pneu
moi. Thos. Whittield & Co.. 240 Wabash ave
nue. Chicago. one of the most prominent retail
druggists in that city, in speaking of this. says:
-We recommend Chatmberlain's Cough Remedy
for la grippe in many cases, as it not only gives
prompt and complete recovery, but also coun
teracts any tendency of ia grippe to result in
pneumoniau." For sale by The IR. 11. Loryea
Drug Store. Isaae M. Loryea. Prop.
Read in another page tne combina
tion offer we are making. Through a'
misunderstanding several w~ho took ad
vantage of this oil'er last y'ear' did not
get their paper's pr'omptly, but our
arrangements are such now, that every
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advance. anti :ll new subscr'ibers. will
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lemember yon get THE TD1E.R and
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Don't use any of the counterfeits of:
DeWitt's Witeh Hazel Salve. Most of
them are worthless or liable to cause:
iujury. The original DeWitt's WXitc~h
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eezema, cuts, sealds, bnrns, sores and
skin diseases. The RI. B. Loryea Drug
The most effective little liver pills
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)rug Store. Isaac M. Loryea, Prop.
Matches are made in heaven. The
ire never goes out in the other place.
DeWitt's iittle Early Risers ace
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:o cleanse the liver, remove obstruc
:ions and invigorate the system. The
!:. B. Loryea Drug Store, Isaac M.
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ie; for it.
\When you need a soothing and heal
n , antiseptic application for any pur
ose, use the original DeWitt's Witch
Eazel Salve, a well known cure for
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Tha Irl R. Hicks 1901 Almanac.
Whatevr may he said of the scien
:iiie causes upon which the Rev. Irl R.
Hicks bases his yearly forecasts of
;torm and weather, it is a remarkable
act that sueciile warnings of every
treat storm. flood. cold wave and
:routh, have been plainly printed in
,cis now famous Almanac for many
ears. The latest startling proof of
:his fact was the destruction of Galves
:on. Texas, on the very day named by
Prof. Hicks in his 1900 Almanac, as one
>f disaster by storm along the gulf
oasts. The 1901 Almanac, by far the
inest, most complete and beautiful yet
mblished. is now ready. This remark
ible book of near two hundred pages,:
plendidiy illustrated with charts and'
alf-tone engravings, goes as a pre
nium to every subscriber who pays one
collar a year for Prof. Hicks' journal,
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ler from WORD AND WORKS Publish
ng Company. 2201 Locust Street, St.
[Louis, Mo [40-2t
From Hartwell S. Gaylard,
A Deep Red Bay Mare, heavy mane
hat has been roached; heavy tail, trim
ned short: large but short, bony legs
tnd heavy body: star in face and a deep
;car on one ear with point protruding
)ut about three-fourths of an inch;
arge head and neck; a little white on
;ome of its feet. The mare was stolen
)y Saturday, 15th inst.
Any information regarding theabove
lescribed mare will be gratefully re
,eived and rewarded by the owner.
Sumter, S. C.
An I
imperfect skin
is always caused by
bad blood. Remove the
cause! Improve your
blood. How? By tak
ing the blood purifier
that has stood the test
for thirty years
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fad e~a ts perwncnt enre. A specific
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