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Publishes All County and Town Of
ficial Advertisements.
M1ANN1ING. S. C.. .l.\N. ' . 1901.
Notice is hereby given that no advertise
ments will be changed in this paper where
the copy is brought in later than Saturday
Closing Out All Winter Goods at Prices That
Must Attract the Attention of
Cash Buyers.
Our line of Dress Goods. Gents. La
dies' and Children's Knit Undervests
must be sold out at once aani those who
coit with the cash will secure some
start Ia larcains.
Our lint of Gent's. Ladies' and Chil
dren's Shoes is the largest to be found
in this town and the stock must be re
duce d. Come with the cash nad you
will ;et unheard of low nrice:
Our line of Gent's heavy PU w Shotes
is complete: anything you wish in first
class stock from :1 per pair up.
Larget line of Gent's late(st style Hats.
also for boys and Children. very cheap.
Our line' of (;nts famous Maylield
Wo'n Mills Work and Dress Pants
outwear anything ever put on the mar
ket for the same mconey. Just think of
it. a nice guaranteed All-Wool Pants
for only $1.50 and 1.I5 per pair. that
is just what we will do, and those who
have worn the Mayfield Pants will bear
us out in this statement that they are
the best and cheapest goods ever put
on the market for the money.
Yours truly.
The Oil Mill is now running day and
Last Friday morning a colored man
while waiting for a train at Pinewood
dropped dead in the depot.
Mr. J. F. Bradhanm is making things
look new at the Manning Hotel, where
he has moved, and will conduct a hotel
that will merit the popularity which it
is sure to enjoy.
Mr. H. F. Stack. of Clarendon has
resigned the office of :Magistrate to
which he had been recently elected in
the primary. A new appointment will
be made in a few days.
Senator Appelt and Mr. Galluchat
left Monday to be on he field early
and look out for quarters. and Dr.
Woods was already in the city. Maj.
Richardson left from Clarendon.
Mrs. Maggie Anderson and her
daughter. Miss Mayme of California.are
visiting the family of Mrs. Anderson's
brother Mr. F. N. Wilson. Mrs. An
derson has been away from this State
for 23 years.
A shooting affray occured on Tuesday
of last week near Silver. resulting in a
colored wan by the name of Belser
being shot by Mr. J. A. Way: the
cause of the trouble. we are told was a
dispute over a land line. -
Solicitor .Tohn S. Wilson left yester
day for Columbia to assist. in the draw
ing ofbills for the legislators. MIiss
Lucie Barron, who has been in the
engrossing department. has been re
appointed for this session as a reward
for her competency and left yesterday
morning also.
M~r. E. H. Hall. in charge of the
Academy at Jordan, surprised, his
fe'iends 'this week when he returned
f.'om spending the holidays at his home
in Fairfield county and brought his
bride with him. He was married on
Saturday last in the governor's oftice by
Governor M~cSweeney, in the presence
of eight or ten witnesses. to MIiss Flor
ence Shockley of Spartan burg. where
M~r. Hall last year graduated from Wof
ford College.
The Governor's messige is plain,
tractical and business like, showing
the marked improvement that ha~s been
made in the State during the past year,
and the harmony and good feeling that
prevails among the people. The taxa
ble property of the State has increased
about two and a half million dollars in
twelve months. and all her institutions
are in a prosperous condition. The
Governor makes many sensible recom
In the reorganization of the Senate
on Tuesday Senator Appelt was ap
pointed chairman of the Committee on
Printing, one of the most important
commitsees of the whole body, and a
member of the following committees.
several of which are very important:
Education. Engrossed Bills. 31edi'cal
Committee. Roads, Bridges and Fer
ries. M1ilitary and Railroads, all of
which constitute an exceedingly com
plimentary recognition of work and
Dispenser Frank M1. Player of Kings
tree has been arrested upon the charge
of malfeasance and general misconduct
in office, and waiving a preliminary was
placed in jail to await trial. The ease
was worked up by special officers de
tailed by the governor for that pur
po~se, an'd their report shows that Mr.
Pilaver had lent the State's money to
his'friends and was guilty of-general
incompetency and misconduct. His
shortage will aggregate something like
S. I. Till has something to say to the
nurchasing public this week that will
interest them. His page advertisment
is worth reading, and pr'oves that he
is doing a thri ring business as the re
sult of push and energy, being satis:
tied with small profits, anid a generous
use of printers' ink, used in the right
wav. It will be hard to find a better
sto'ek of dry goods and millinery than
will be see'n in the store of S. I. Till.
and his polite assistants are ready and
eager to serve the trade with despatch
and decoru m.'
The dastardly conduct of some mis
creant, at the Baptist church in this
toyn on the night of December 31st.
should be ferritted out if possible, and
the culprits punished to the full ex
tent of the haw. It is a shamieful out
rage that these mischievous impos can
go to a liace whe-re decent p~eop~le con
gregzate and ply their devilish schemes.
)n the nigoht alluded toX pakge wer
stolen frocm vehicle. and one oif the
scoundrels was eaught, but tinat is not
:dl the damage done. the baggy and
harness of Mri. IRober J. .\lderr1an
was badly damaged, and in another
colum i reward is offered wmenc
should bring the guilty to justicec.Se
:the ward ot ice ceeherec published.
- heerful e-.terdiys and confident
tomo rrows." Tihe ne w century tmnus
our house moving contideutly on in tin
disturbed proseultionl of the p)ians and
lurposes of its founders. secture in the
satisfaction of over a quarter of a cen
turv's good record, cheerfully rettcet
ing' on the past and confident of the
future. We congratulate our patrors
and wish them one and all a happy and
prosperous New Year. and while we
tire wishin, it would be as wvell to wish
that thev would take our advice and
,,!ant W\ >od' tested dind tried Garden
ne. WXood's Siver Skin and Yellow
Danver Onon~ sets. We wvill receive
in amitle timeo Wo od's celebrated Bliss
Triuhniphl -ind Early Rose Planting Po
itoes. Of courtse we carry a line of
ID. N1. F-erry. s Co.-'snd Crossman Bros.'
Gairdln soed, as well as Mlandeville &
King's suiperb) assortment of Flower
Seed. Thie 11 . Loye Drug Store,
County Commissioners Meet.
The county of C'onmissioners 11e'
last Saturday. Tlhe newly appoitt(
ineibers presentci their cotision
and were duly in-talled. The boar(
is now composed of T. C. Owens. W. .1
Turheville and L. T. Fischer. By in
vitation the legislative tlelegation coin
posed of Senator Louis :Appel(- It-pre
sceltati\e H. B. llichardson, )r. I. M
Woods and M. C'. (aliuchat attende't
the nieetiug. The early part of the
morning, the hoard was engaged in apl
proving claims, and listening at apph
cations for aid. Mr. C. 1Z. Felder o1
the former board was present during a
portion of the meeting. and on retiring
stated that he ha- not been informed O'
a change on the board. but wished the
iiew board a successful administration.
Representatives Richardson and Woodi
disclaimed having been consulted wit'
regard to any change. but they had nc
objection and approved the appoint.
nent of the board.
Owing to the fact that the Treasur
er's report was not due until the 15th.
inst.. the board could not give the dele
"ition accurate information with re
.ard to the receipts and disbursement
for the year 1900. but as soon as the re
port is made. the delegation will he
supplied with the necessary informa
tion. It was estimated that the ex
penses for the past year was about
13.500 and the receipts about $15.000.
Supervisor Owens was requested to
send with his statement -uch sugges
tions as the board thought proper to
make that the delegation may consider
them at a delegation meeting. Super
intendent of Education Wells came be
fore the delegation and made a very in
teresting talk about the selling of
school books. He made it clear that it
would, in order to supply the demand,
be necssarv for his otice to have cleri
cal aid, because at the very time the
books are being sold he is required by
law to visit the schools. and unless he
could have some one to keel) his office
open. it would be a great inconvenience
to the people. Mr. Wells is very much
interested in the schools and he says
the selling of books is a much greater
addition to his office than he had any
idea of. that the business will amount
to about $3000. and that it would be a
saving to the people of about. $1300. He
was also requested to send his sugges
tion in writing.
The hoard then considered applica
tions for the clerkship, which resulted
in the election of Mr. J. H. Lesesne,
the former clerk being otherwise em
ployed was not an applicant.
The matter of county printing was
then taken up. and the board awarded
the contract to THE IANNING TIMES
for $225. the price paid for several
years. although the work will be con
siderably more. There was another
bid presented for $150. The board is
not required to ask for bids. and they
did not, as this is a matter for them to
exercise their best business judg
ment, and in the exercise of that judg
ment they took into consideration the
amount of work to be done, its charac
ter, and the etliciency of those asking
for it. THE M1ANNING TIMES having
done this work very satisfactorily for
many years, at a very reasonable
charge, they concluded to continue the
contract with that paper.
We know that capital will be made
out of this transaction, but we are satis
tied the people will sustain the action
of the board when we tell them, that
after years of experience we know the
price to be paid is much less than the
regular charge. and an offer to do the
work for less could only result in a loss,
which business men do not make un
less there is some purpose.
THE TIMES has always hadthis work.
and did it faithfully, the board know
ing this. and recognizing its importance
were unwilling to make any experi
ments which might result in a greater
cost in the end.
Millions Given Away.
It is certainly gratifying to the public to know
of one concern in the land who are not afraid to
be generous to the needy and suffering. The
proprietors of Dr. Kint's New Discovery for
Consumption. Coughs and Colds, have riven
away ov-er ten million trial bottles of this great
medicine: and have the satisfaction of knowing
it has absolutely cured thousands or hopeless
ases. Asthma. bronchitis. hoarseness and all
diseases of the throat. chest and lunes are
surely ecured by it. Call at the Rt. B. Loryea
Drug Store and ret a free trial bottle. Regular
size So'c. and $1. Every bottle guaranteed, or
price refunded. 3
The nuptial rites of M1r. John R.
Havnsworth, of this city, and Mi1ss
Bertha Strange, of Clarendon, were
celebrated last Wednesday afternoon at
4 o'clock at Calvary Baptist church in
Clarendon county. The church had
been prettily and appropriately decor
ated for the occasion, and was darken
ed -nd the lamps lighted. producing a
very festive appearance, despite the
cold and rain outside. The groom en
tered with-his brother. Prof. Hugh C.
Havnsworth, of Furman University,
who> acted as best man, and the bride
on the arm of her father, Mr. C. E.
Strange. The following were the at
Hon. John J1. M~c3ahan, of Columbia
with M1iss M1arguerite Tindal, of Clar
MIr. Riley Strange, of Manning, with
MIiss Kate M1eCutchen, of Sumter.
MIr. C. L. Cuttino, of Sumter, with
iss Eunice M1cElveen, of Shiloh.
Mr. A. J. Tindal, of Clarendon. with
iss Vernon Mloore, of Virginia.
M1essrs. Herbert and G. Edward
Haynsworth acted as ushers.
The marriage ceremony was per
formed in a very impressive manner by
Rev. WVm. Haynsworth, of Pacolet.
brother of the grootr, assisted by Rev.
1. A. Connors, of Summerton. pastor
of Calvary church. The wedding march
was artistically rendered by Miss Alice
Hodge, of Clarendon.
The bride wore a very stylish and
becoming suit of gray, and carried a
botquet of japo~nicas. The brides
maids carried mistletoe boughs. They
were all tastily dressed.
After the ceremony the- bridal party
drove across the country to Rimini,
where they took the train for Sumter.
arriving h'ere at 6 o'clock. A reception
was given the newly-married couple at
the residence of the groom's father.
Iaj. W. F. B. Haynsworth, on Cal
houn street. which was attended by a
number of friends. M1r. and MIrs.
Hansworth left on the 9:12 train for
olumbia, and wvent from there to
Spartanurg, wvhere they will spend a
hor t whnile before returning to this
ciy where they will reside in ftuture.
before the marriage was performed
the bridal party were given a dining at
the home of Mt'. C. E. Strange the
bride' father. The occosion was a
most pleasaint one to all participating.
[he g'room is a young man of the
hihest char'acter, and ha; a legion of
finds whro wish for him every happi.
ness. He is to be congratulated on
winning so charming a bride.--Sumter
Red Hot from the Gun
Was the bllI that hit G. B. Steadmant of New
ark. Ndich.. in the C'ivil War. it c'au'ed ho'rrible
ulee'rk that no treatment helped for 3' year'.
Tihent Bucklen's Arnilca SaLlve cure'dhimn. Cures
cuts. bruise', burns. bois. felons. cortis. skir
e'ruptions. Best pile cure on earth. 25 cents
ox. ('tre a'uaranteed. Sold by' the Rt. B3. Lor
va Drug Store.3
A narried man can live oni half the in.
Icome of a bachelor- hut it's because he
ha; to.
The Mother's Favorite.
taeadaways eure'. it i. initetnded e'-.
cav fo cou::h'is. colds. erc-up and whoopmt
ou h. andi .i the be'.t mtedlicine made for them
isee. Thnere i. not the least danger in niv
into it to children: for it contains no opium 01
other injlurious drug and may he given as conti
Iently to P babe 's to an a'dult. For sale b'
Thec . B. Loryea Dru.; Store. Isaae M. Loryea
All is fair in love except flirtation
Ie tht only half fair.
| iims tosto achlivr and kidney trouble
as i:s women. and all feel the results in los:
of appetit. pti-'nts in the blood. backache
nervousness. headache and tired, listless. run
down f, eeling. lint there's no need to feel ie
that. Listen to J. W. Gardner. Idaville. Ind
lie says: "Electric Bittors are just the thing fo
a mia when he is all run down, and don't car
whether he lives or dies. It did more to iv
me new strength and good appetite than any
thing I could take. I can now eat anything an
have a new lease on life." Only .t) cents. at th
R. B. Loryea Drug Store. Every bottle guar
Death of Dr. Baer.
Dr. H. Baer, of Charleston, died sud.
denly last Wednesday night anti as tihe
executor of his will is a young man for
merly a resident of Mlanning, bult. fon
many vears the contidential clerk of
the deceased, thbe following will he u:
The will of Dr. Herman Baer, signed
April 4, 193. was filed for probate ir
tt.e otliee of .udge of Probate H. L. P'.
U(lgier yesterday morninr. Mr. Louis
Levine was ntmed as stile executor ol
the ('state, with a provision that Capt.
W. A. Co'urtenay should be made exe
etutor in the event of Mr. Levine's death
before the death of )r. Baer. lr,
Levine was duly qualified. The drug
establishnient, over which Dr. Baer
presided with such great success. will
according to his own instructions, he
continued for two years. and matters of
detail regarding the conduct of the
business were mentioned in the will.
The property of the deceased was left
to his family, one-fifth being bequeath
ed to his wife and the remaining four
lifths to his children. He bequeathed
all of his French and German books and
bound volumes of magazines to the
trustees of \Vofford College for use in
the Wotford College library. The
magazines consisted of bound v9lumes
of Harper's, Atlantic Monthly, the Ec
lectic Magazine, Scribner's and the
Century Magazine. Some of these
magezines extend back over a long
period and will be valuable in the Col
lege library, and the French and Ger
man books collected during Dr. Baer's
lifetime will be of inestimable value to
the College.
Working Night and Day.
The busiest and mightiest little thing that
ever was made is Dr. King's New Life Pills.
Every pill is a sugar-coated globule of health.
that changes weakness into strength. listless
ness into energy. brain-fag into mental power.
They're wonderful in building up the health.
Only :'"c. per box. Sold by the R. B. Loryea
Drug Store. 3
Meeting of the Pension Board.
The Pension Board, to-wit, John H.
Mahoney, A. J. Richbourg. I. N. To
bias, D. J. Bradham and Dr. C. B. Gei
ger. will meet in the court house at
Manning Monday, the 14th inst.. at 11
o'clock, for the purpose of organizing
for work and for the distribution of
blanks giving information, etc. There
are five classes of pensioners and it is
important that the blanks be carefully
distributed. Claims can only be made
on the new blanks and the board would
be glad for as many as can of those who
intend to apply. to be present on that
occasion so that we may assist them in
filling up their applications.
There is a large amount of work to
be done: many of the men and women
who are entitled, are not able to look
after their interest and the Board calls
upon everybody to assist these people
in making up their claims. Let it be
considered a labor of love: our friends
will soon pass away and will not need
our help. Help now.
Beat Out of an Increase of His Pension.
A Mexican war veteran and prominent editor
writes: '-Seeing the advertisement of Cham
berlain's Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.
I am reminded that as a soldier in Mexico in '47
and '48. I contracted Mexican diarrhoea and this
remedy has kept me from getting an increase in
my pension for cn every renewal a dose of it re
stores me." It is unequalled as a qmeik cure for
diarrhoea and is pleasant and safe to take. For
sale by The R. Bi. Loryea Drug Store. Isaac M.
Loryea. Prop.
This is a day of expansich of thought
as well as trade, and in order to put our
self in position to be of service to our
patr'ons who desire to keel) pace with
the progress of the day, we have effect
ed an arrangement by which we can
supply our patrons wvith McClures Mag
azine and THmE MANNING TIMES com
bined for s22 per year in advance.
Mc(lures Magazine is one of the finest
liter'arv journals published. its standard
is highand its corps of contributors are
among the most able in the world. A
reader of this Magazine is a searcher
after knowledge. and we know of no
better or more profitable reading than
can be found1 in the pages of this cele
bi'ated Magazine. No library is com
plete without it. We offer McClures
for$s225pe r year.
bis signature is on every box of thci genuino
Laxative Bromo=Quinle Tableta
he remedy that cures a cold in one day
I Babies and children needj
proper food, rarely ever medi-|~
cine. If they do not thrive:
onterfood somnething is
wong thi'They need a little I
Shelp to get their digestivej
Smachinery working properly.:*
will generally correct this
I f you will put from one-I
fourth to half a teaspoonful:
I in baby's bottle three or four!a
Itimes a day you will soon see I
a marked improvement. For
larger children, from half to
a teaspoonful, according to:a
age, dissolved in their milkI
I you so desire, will very
soon show its great nourish
inmg power. If the mother's:
~milk does not nourish the:,
~baby, she needs the emul-|I
s son. It will show an effect
=at once both upon mother
and child.'
2 SCOTT & BOW ('hemists, New York.
lead in another page tilt Conl)ima
Lion offer we are making. Through a
misunderstanding several who took ad
vantage of this offer last year did not
get their papers promptly. but out
arrangements ,ne such now. that every
person who pays up. and one year in
advance, and all new subscribers. will
get this valuable farm journal promptly.
Remember yon get THE TiM-s and
Farm and Home for $1.50.
What We Eat
Is intended to nourish and sustain us. but it
must be dirested and assimilatedi before it can
ti1 this. In other words. the nourishment con
tainedl in food nust he separated by the diges
tive organs from the waiste niaterials and must
be carrietd by the blood to all piart. of the body.
We believe' the reason for the great benetit
which so many people derive from Hood's sar
saparilla lies in the fact that this met'icine gives
good digestion and makes pure. rich blood. It
restores the functions of those Organs wnich
convert food into nourishmett that gives
strength to nerves aitnd rmuscies. It also cures
dvspepsia. scrofula. salt rheutn. bois. sores.
pimples and eruptions. catarrh. rheumatism
and all diseases that have their origin in impure
h]i d.
Debt is disgraceful, but not being
able to get into it is often more so.
Bears the The Kind You Have Always Bought
The is no insurance against the
flames kindled by a woman's eyes.
This Will Interest Many.
To quickly introduce B. B. B. (Bo
tanic Blood Balm). the famous blood
purifier, into new homes. we will send
absolutely free 10.00) treatments. B.
B. B. quickly cures old ulcers. scrofula,
painful swellings. aches and pains in
bones or joints. rheumatism. catarrh,
pimples, festering eruptions, boils, ec
zema. itching skin or blood humors,
eating. bleeding, festering sores and
even deadly cancer. B. B. B. at drug
stores $1. For free treatment address
Blood Balm Co.. Atlanta, Ga. Medi
cine sent at once. prepaid. Describe
trouble and free medical advice given
until cured. B. B. B. cures the most
deep-seated cases, after all else fails.
B. B. B. heals every sore and makes
the blood pure and rich. Sold by the
R. B. Loryea Drug Store.
$200 Reward.
I offer a reward of $100 for the arrest
and proof resulting in the conviction of
the person or persons who, between the
hours of 9 p. m. and midnight on the
night of December 31st, 1900, wilfully
and maliciously damaged, seriously, my
buggy and harness at the Manning
Baptist church, Mannig, S. C.
The spoke in front wheel badly bro
ken up. the shaft broken, the front axle
badly bent and the trace cut almost in
two. R. J. ALDERMAN.
I hereby supplement the above offer
of reward with an additional offer of
$100. D. W. ALDERMAN.
A Modern Ginnery.
We have at Rimini, S. C.. on an ex
cellent location, a complete 3-70 Saw
Murray Gipning System. with Cleaning
Feeders: 50 H. P. boiler and 40 H. P.
engine. Struther: & Wells make.
This is a new plant. It is for sale.
Write us if interested.
Columbia. S. C.,
a chinery and M1il1 Supplies.
What We
WE LIEV EEtThe public can judge
to its merit and that
makes us careful buy
WE EIEVE That under no cir
cumstances s h oul1d
there be any substi
W VE BEl IEVEThat only first grade
___________Drugs and MIedicines
should be dispensed.
E EEQThat youtr child or
WE OEi~vtshould receive the
same attention as if
you made your pur
chases in person.
EVE i| That night c alls
WELLE should be carefully
----"--and promptly respon
ded to.
VW E BELIEVE h a rsrpin
-'- "-"""""a cc u r at ely and
promptiy filled by a
. skilled Pharmacist.
EIEBEWThat The R. B. Lor
____________ ea Drug Store has
conscientiously 6b -
served all the above
requirements and that
the public realize it.
ISA AC M, LORYEA, Proprietor,
Sigrrn of the
Golderi Mortar,
~- ~MANNINC, S. C.
Pi-ONE NO. 2.
Life Insurance.
I have been appointed a regular
agent for
The Equitable Life Assurarce Society
and wvill be pleased to talk or cor'res
pond with any one wiskhing Life Inisur
ance in the strongest company finan
cially in the world.
The Equitable wvorks to maintain
what its name imp~lies, andI is writing
all the latest and most popular policies
for protection, savings otr investment.
We offer some policies especially ad
vantageous to young men.
Mlanning. S. C.
Money to Loan.
any -rerms.
j. s. wa .. .w. I. rinriN.
Alllorneys amd Counse~flors ol La ir,
And you will find some interesting matter I
here next week.
Wagon and Buggy Material, a
Mill Supplies, Steam Fittings,
Cane Mills. Evaporators and
Guns, Pistols, Ammunition,
Guaranteed Pocket Cut
Paint, 1ery,
Guaranteed Razors,
Varnish, Guaranteed Shears,
o Brushes, Stoves,
Hardware, Ranges,
Hetes _9
Enamel Ware, Hars,
Wooden Ware, Saddes,
~~ Saddles, _
Sporting L Goods, Leather,
Bicycles and Bicycle Etc.,
Repairs, Etc.,
Farm Implements, Etc.
Sheet Tin, Sheet Iron,
Nails, Wire, Horse Shoes,
Punches, Chisels, Files and Saws
SEverything Pertaining to Our Line3 i
IChristmas has come and gone, and as 1900 is num
bered as among the things that were, it is indeed oppor
Itune that we should thank the thousands of our friends
Sand customers for the most liberal patronage theyj have
Sgiven us during the past year and in return we promise =
Greater Things for 1901.
Our efforts to please everybody in the past have been
Srewarded by the liberal buying by cash customers who
appreciate honest values, and the benefits have been mu
tua We have about completed our annual stock-taking
Z and find lots of goods to be turned into cash in a little
while. so now is your opportunity to get goods without
Iour profits on them.
We hope that the blessings of prosperity which have
come to you in the past will increase with the opening of
the new century and that you all will give us the same
liberal share of your trade this spring as usual. l=
SHappy New Year to All!
IWe w ant to say to those that competed for the Doll
that it w~as won by Charley Meda Cobia, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. A. C. Cobia of Saint Paul, S. C., and has al
r eady been awarded her, the winning number being 175,
Ias w as adv ertised in THE TIMEs last week.
~S. A. Rtgby1'
Til Jeliusl Dr goods Storef
We desire to extend our sincere thanks to our many friends and patrons
or the splendid support they have given us during the past year. Yes, friends, '
re thank you for your encouragement and endorsement, and as the years go by
re trust that we will always couduct our business in such a manner as to ever
erit your confidence and support.
A .Known Quantity.
In trading with the Jenkinson Dry Goods Store the public are assured of
ne thing-that they are not dealing in UNKNOWN QUANTITIES, for in the
rst place they know that we purchase nothing but straightforward, honest
iethods. and in the second place they know (many of them) by experience that
e handle nothing but first class goods in any department. Shoddy. riff-raff
-oods have no place in our store.
Dress Goods and Millinery
At a Great Sacrifice.
We would much prefer to close out our remaining immense s:ock of Fine
)ress Goods and Millinery at sacrifice prices than to carry them over for an
ther season, so if you need a nice Dress or a nice Hat you can get them here
t astonishingly low prices.
Ladies' Hats that sold for $1.50 will now be closed out for $1 and so on.
Dress Goods that sold for 75c will be sold for 50c. Dress Goods that sold
or 33c will now be sold for 25c and so on.
If you want cheap goods come to the Jenkinson Dry Goods Store.
Clothing! Clothing!
Gent's, did you know that we have one of the most up-to-date Clothing
)epartments to be found in this part of the State, and we sell goods very low
-hen you take into consideration the quality.
We offer for the next thirty days a new arrival of 300 pairs of the famous
,ayfield Pant; at $1.50, $1.75 and $2.~ Each pair of these Pants has a printed
icket guaranteeing them to be all wool. This famous line of Pants needs no
recommendation to those who have worn them, and to those who ~have not yet
corn the famous Mayfield Pants we will say unhesitatingly that they are the
est goods we have ever handed over our counters for the money we ask for
Come to us when you want nice Clothing, Shirts, Collars and Cuffs or any
:ind of Gent's Furnishing Gooods.
Reinants! Remnants!
We have just finished taking stock and in doing this we have thrown out
very remnant of every class of goods, and we will sell these remnants at and
ometimes below cost. Call early if you wish to get the pick of this nice lot of
SThe Best inte World.
ASK FR TH~This is a-pretty strong asser
tion to make about anything
but it is the users of Walk-Over -
~~ ~Shoes who are making such ~ -
statements, simply bccause
SHOE they consider that the leather
deserves it. Give them a trial ..
FOR MEN and if you are not satisfied -
The pcculiar softness, richb
beauty and tensile strength
and stylish shapes of our
Ladies' Shoe
Has already won for it a large
place in the estimation of the
C ladies of Clarendon county. -
I' One sight will convince you of
its beauty, and one test will
C demonstrate its merits. -
We carry the best line of Mis
ses' and Children's Shoes ever
seen in Manning, We don't
Coyihd ask you to take our word for
it, but come and see for your
S Men's, Boys,' Women's and Children's Shoes, fronm Brogans
Sto a Fine Patent Leather, and we are not going to be undersold,
Snot even by those who claim to be selling at cost.
SOur Entire Line of,
Etc., in fact everything in our
line was bought right and0
S We don't mean to do any idle boasting, but we are the only -
Ssp~ecial line merchants in the county and will save you from
onal10 to 25 Per Cent
C nalgoods in1 our line. Come to see us.
S Thanking you for your liberal patronage and hoping to serve
_you in the future, we are
Respectfully yours,
ICt I. DAIS &. 00.1

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