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To the calia and retiective
mind there is cause for great
satisfaction at the material
growth of our State and county
during the past few years. The
progressive strides which South
Carolna has made in the last
tir'O or four years are phenom
en:l. and it is a fact heralded far
and wide that she leads the
South in manufactures and is
second only to Massachusetts in
the manufacture of textile goods.
But it is not our purpose so
much to tell of the State's prog
ress as it is to call attention to
the wonderful improvement in
our own county of Clarendon.
To those of us who have lived
here and watched our county's
progress. who have hoped for
her improvement and worked for
her general upbuilding, we have
cause to be thankful, and as to
her future, to entertain views of
the veriest optimism. In the
past ten years we have seen her
achieve a most substantial in
crease in population. We now
see her with first class schools
in almost every section. Those
who do not move in different
sections of the county can form
no adequate conception of the
rapid advancement in education,
and how the youth of the county
are receiving educational oppor
tunities which their fathers did
not enjoy.
In agriculture we have seen
the nrod:uction of cotton. our
great staple crop, reduced al
most to a science, and the good
price which this product has
maintained throughout the past
season has place'd the condition
of our people better than it has
been euring the past decade, so
that the cry of hard times is sel
domi more to be heard. In the
past seven years we have also
seen a new money crop, tobacco,
introduced, which pours a flood
of money into the hands of our
farmers, and has increased itself
from one-fourth to one and a
half million pounds per year.
Our merchants maintain good
credit, and are able to tr-ade in
all the great marts of the coun
try, thereby enabling them to
-ulace before the consumer the
articles which we ourselves do
not make at the lowest marginal
profit. By the help of the elec
tr-ic telephone all parts of the
county are in close communica
tion with each other, and in the
past twelve months the records
show that about gi5,000 have
been invested in corporate in
The property valuation of the
county is much higher than it
used to be, and could yet stand a
considerable raise, while upon
careful comparison our taxes are
found to be reasonable and much
lighter than are those of some of
our friends in neighboring coun
ties. The last year's harvest of
provisional products, while not
superfluous, has been ample, and
the average far-mer can, in ad
verse weather, sit beside is1
hearthstone and contemplate
with serene satisfaction his mak
ing the next crop, because he is
not cramped, and has a plenty of
wherewith to supply himself and
those depentdent upon him.
As a rule our people are at
peace, and the broad and liberal
minded citizen, when he com
pares our present condition with
that of some years previous, can
note with happy satisfaction the
wonderful impr-ovement.
We could dwell at length in
this happy strain, but will re
fr-ain fr-om more just now. Taken
all in all our peole hav-e many
things they did not have in by
gone dlays, and many causes to
be thankful if they only knew it.
There is a gzood deal of buni
-omnbe in the assertion that the
armm bill gives the President
power to control the size of the
army by increasing it 5,0
when lie wisha. As a matter- of
fact, the bill created an army of
100, 1and melreiy gives 'the
Pr-esident pxower- to reduce it if
he sees fit. This is a very- dif
The death of Queen Victoria
ca:sts a heavy gloom over the
hearts of more ople perhaps
than would be caused by the
death of any other person on
earth. She was universally be
loved, and her subjects live On1
all sides of the globe. so that the
sun never sets on1 thelu all at a
time. She was ye trly eighty
two years of aie. and for over
sixi 't 'rs shle grtaced-the throne
l ralmal~ with the noblest,
purst- and most beautiful chris
tian Virtues. She wielded the
st~- re as a magic wand of love
and peace, and gave to her coun
try }.rhaps the longest record
in the history of any one ruler
upen the throne, as well as the
most beautiful and productive of
While her rule, so far as pow
er is concerned, was almost a
nominal one, yet her personal
iniuelce was great, and had a
beautiful effect upon her sub
ijects in spreading the cement of
peace, brotherly love and affec
tion. She was connected by
blood and marriage with nearly
half the royal families of Europe,
being the grandmother of the
lEmperor of Germany, and when
the clouds of war seemed to
hover heavily over any of the
European family of nations she
always used her wise and gentle
influence for peace.
She was the mother of nine
children, and the oldest son, Al
bert Edward, Prince of Wales,
now a man of sixty years, suc
ceeds her upon the throne.
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It isn't a very good augury for
the new century to learn that the
number of Congressmen is to be
increased from its very begin
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knmvn snake bite reniedv out
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~the students of West Point has
been the subject of investigation
by a special committee of Con
gress recently, and has revealed
some shameful treatment on the
part of students. Hazing can at
best have no good influence, and
only gives license for the exer
cise of brutal enjoyment on the
part of reckless young men. If
the authorities in charge of West
Point cannot stop hazing then
the school had better be abolish
ed and get out of the business.
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exist for the training of gentle
man soldiers, and not for the
purpose of manufacturing toughs
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Columbia, S. C.. Jan. 21, 1901.
The General Assemibly has gotten
down to work in dead earnest, and the
disposition appears to be to hold down
anything like unnecessary legislation.
The inauguration of the Governor and
Lieutenant Governor took place last
Thursdav: the ceremonies are said to
have been very impressive, and the
committee under whose management
the function took place were the recip
ients of many compliments. The gov
ernor's a'dre: s was highly commended
by a vast audience. Among the col
lege girls I saw at the inauguration,
were the Misses Davis of Davis Station,
who are students at the Columbia Fe
male College. Leon Weinberg of Man
ning and .1. R. Grittin of Clarendon.
students of the South Carolina College
were also in the audience.
I thought from the indications of last
week that we would have a very short
session, but owing to the decision of
the sunreme court, of which I hae
heretofore written, there have been
many new bills introduced, and I fear
very much it will cause us to remain in
Columbia the full limit of 40 days. The
election which was to have conme oli
Thursday. on account of the inaugura
tion had to be postponed until Tuesday,
and as there was a mistake made in the
date for the election of the United
States Senator that election, although
a formal affair will have to be done over.
In the lower house Hon. H. B. Rich
ardson has a bill looking to the further
protection of game, and to relieve land
owners from the expense of posting. He
is also having a bill prepared looking to
the exemption of certain townships in
Clarendon county from the provisions
of the stock law. This matter has been
urged upon us by persons interested, I
have not seen the petition which the
law requires, nor have I had an oppor
tunity to see Mr. Richardson's bill, but
before the same reaches the Senate I
should feel grateful if some of the sign
ers to the petition would write me
whether or not they understand that if
the townships asked to be exempted are
cut off, the people living in the exempt
ed district will have to build a fence at
their expense and keep it up. The
fence must be built and only that por
tion exempted will have to pay for it.
It is not my purpose to thwart the
wishes of my constituents, but I feel it
my duty to call their attention to any
matter which I am satisfied they have
not looked into. I do not believe the
people asking for this exemption are
willing to build a fence simply to aid a
dealer in cattle, say at Foreston or
Manning to procure cheaper pasturage.
There are men who are buying up cat
tle for a song to ship out of the coun
try, and of course, they are specially in
terested to secure an open range, and
they of course would be willing to pay a
tax for a fence; but the question in my
mind is, are the people in that commu
nity willing to contribute to such an
enterprise? If they are, I as their ser
vant am willing to give them my best
efforts to secure what they want.
In speaking of a bill with reference to
the sale of State farms Mr. Richardson
made an impression in the House, which
caused that body to defer action until a
more c.reful, investigation could be
had. Mr. Richardson urged his col
leagues to make themselves intimately
acquainted with the penitentiary affairs
before casting a vote on such an im
portant measure.
Major Richardson was right; there
are a class of politicians who are con
stantly seeking some new scheme to go
before the people with, and for the past
two years this element has been ham
mering athe State farms, wanting
them sold and wanting the convicts put
on the public roads. It is easy for a
sap)-headed-statesman-out-of-a-j o b, to
make a lot of noise to attract attention
to him, but when it comes dowvn to bus
iness, as a rule, these fellows who are
wanting to tear things up are not to be
fcund at the tearing, in other words
talking and acting have two different
and distinct meanings. The State
farms are institutions which belong to
the State and ar'e doing well, and before
the legislature tears them up, it should
look well into the matter and provide
something better.
Hen. M. C. Galluc:at introduced a
bill limiting the existence of labor con
tracts to the end of Calendar year in
which they are executed. The com
mittee to whom this bill was referred
reported unfavorable. This bill was
introuced at the instance of citizens liv
ing in the Panola section, they seeking
relief from a system which is permitted
under the present labor contract law.
The purpose is to prevent a contract
being made say in June of one year to
the June of the following year: those
asking for this change complain that
merchants advance goods to a laborer,
and as security take a labor contract,
which often results in forcing farmers
who want hands, to pay the laborer out
of debt. The bill was placed on the
Calendar and will probably come up
this week for discussion. but we think
Mr. Galluchat will meet with much op
position. Mr. Galluchat also introduc
ed a bill to extend the law of agricul
tural labor contracts to all labor con
t-acts. Here is another measure which
will meet with strong opposition and
when it comes up I shall try to get over
into the house to hear the debate, as I
want to know why such a measure
should become a law, for I confess I do
not see what good will result from it.
Bill from Marlboro recommended by
committee, applying to Marlboro's road
tax, laying out and working the public
roads of that county, brought out much
discussion, and it was pointed out by
Mr. Galluchiat that such a bill was in
controvention of the decision of the
supreme court and virtually killed it.
A special committee of which Mr.
Galluchat is a member has before it the
measure to provide a general county
gover-nmnent law for the laying out andi
maintaining public roads and prescrib
ing method of providing for comimuta
tion and other road taxes, and their
collection, and a sub-committee, five
lawyers, one of whom is Mr. Galluchat,
were appointed to frame the law in
conformity with the constitution. This
is one of the most important matters
before the legislature.
Hion. I. M. Woods introduced a bill to
amend the emigration law, providing a
more effectual remedy in collecting the
license fees from emigrant agents. The
doctor's idea is to empower the county'
commissioners to employ detectives to
run down a class of men who comes into
this State and carry away laborers, giv
ing one half of the .ines collected to the
The Clarendon delegation in the
house voted for the extension of taxes.
They also opposed limiting the time of
the session to Feb. Ist. About the ex
tension I differ with the delegation,
and hope the governor will veto it, be
cause the governor and Comptrollor
general had already extended the time
to Feb. 1st, and then for the legislature
to further extend it to March 1st,
strikes me as unnecessary, and calculat
ed to hinder the work in the tax de
partment. Therefore it is of the most
importance and I fully concur with them
in voting against Feb. 1st, as the limit
for holding this session, because the sup
reme court has recently rendered a
decision which makes it important that
many laws be made to conform to that'
decision, and the repealing of those
now repugnant to it and to the people's
interest that there shall be no hurried
legislation. I would rather have things
done right, even if we have to legislate
beyond the 40 day limit, and servewih
out pay after 40 days has expired. The
aheapest legislation that can possibly
be given to the people is that kind
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In the Senate I have introduced sev
eral it'asures looking to bringing the
laiws relating to the county affairs to
conform with the constitution viz: the
repealing of the clerk of court hifl, and
itoidtlucing a general fee bill which
iay be withdrawn if the general coi
iuitee get up a salary bill as now ,1n
course of preparation. I have intro
duced an amendment to a bill putting
Clarendon in the same category with
Sumter and other couuttes with regard
to school claims in the hands of iano
cent. bolders. The past week my time
was well filled with committee work
and from now on, I will eat no idle
bread. the work of eight committees
gives a man all he can handie with
care, and to do so he has ao time to
The most interesting, if not the most
important matter of local interest is to
know something of the county's finan
cial condition and I will give it to the
readers of THE TIMES as furnished from
the county commissioners:
1900. )0.
Appropri- Ci i: Necded
ated. Appred. for 1901
Auditor's salary.... $300 $FS0 L 300
Supervisor's salary. 60 600 0) 600
Clerk salary......... 150 1:e) 4) 150
Guards chaingang.. 500 59 50 550
Commissioners, per
diem and mileage. 20 140 200
Treas. commissions. 250 - '_50 250
Board Equalizat'n.. 150 144 ;0 - 150
Jurors. witnesses.
etc.. (2 terms)..... 1.400 l.Ik)dO0 1.600
Clerk of Court....... 150 150 00
Sheriff's salary..... 70 70 0 00
Magistrates & Con
stables............ 1.375 1.375 00 1,375
Coroner atd post
mortems .......... 100 314 50 300
Poor house and poor 500 509 82 0
Roads. bridges and
chaingang ........ 1.000 2.370 33 2.00
Printing. books and
stationery ........ : 00
Examining and con
veying lunatics... 5 347 25 300
Insurance ad attor
torney fee ....... 130 12:370 130
Physician t,, poor
house and jail..... 75 4 5
Supt. Ed.. salary &
traveling expenses 550 550 0 330
Dieting prisoners in
jail . ............... S o 431 C
Contingent expens's l0) _26 + 0= 9
Total ......... $J055 X10.750 52 "110.93o
It will be noted that several classes
of claims exceed the appropriations,
and we are asked to give snore money'
to the claims, because there is no v.ay
of ascertaining how much will be need
ed to pay the coroner, conveying luna
tics and how much it will take for the
roads and bridges. Then our super
visor was forced to buy two mules,
which were paid for out of appropria
tion for roads and bridges, and the
amount of bridge building done by him
made it necessary to spend a lot of
money for lumber.
Now here is our income if all the
taxes are collected:
Pr$perty valuation far 190. (585.665.
at 4 mills......................... $10342 664
Dispensary profits for 19OO-----------.3.115 76
Fines and licenses sor 19000----------1.612 63
Total..0...................... .071 15
We rcaskedby5th commssiner
to gve hem$10930 1Ca thi be 0on
756.9: a~d t thi thedi7pnsar prof
its $,15.7;.itwou 314v 50 300.75
whih i abut th amun we ar 00ke
to povie, eavngff .70 inom f.000
Clninen aspens'sp00 t 69 mak upan
Iwe l be, u'noted tat mierllssestw
ofecams eced the aykppoprtonst
This is arecorkd to amv prore ondey
ko the pcims becausectee i.o a
ospertinengn hof Eucawion eleed
tiand Mr. 0.c it willorg waelfor the
ras n sesiSadgs.Thnorsp
Theo elcts oe tofbu trwo munes
Iwhicere hpei fo cun ofm appropriat
iss fori roaso a brid off the
prize. ofbigebidigdn A.hi
Paepsin pnsarytio spend fa tot re
getony orluber. fod. rei
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Your Head Aches To=day.
aoIt is a small matter; but it ached two days
ago and again a week ago. You are acquiring
- a habit of headache. That must be stopped. The
trouble is with your liver. You want a mild lax
ative, and then a tonic to stimulate the appetite
and make the blood rich and pure.
'ruggistrfo: ' i U pig dNDTNIC PELLE b.
For sale by THE R.. I3. LORYEA DRUG STORE.
Some Special Bargains.
40-b boxe"s Starch. Lest grad e.: ..... ...... ............ ......................3*%c per 1b
Smonetd l)rlvd 1Ierrin~s........................................................20Oc per box
N't :. ackecrel. 1.1 good fishi to kits..........................90c
Ftc " Fu!l Cream Chese.:22 to :4 Is each .....................................13c per b
t n Creamery Butter. 0-1L tubs. at ..............................24c per I
AmrcnSardines-new pack ............................. ...... ......%M.S5 per case 100 cans
10.0z Tumnbler Fruit .Jelly. 3 doz to case"...........................................c per doz
3-1D stand T omatoes. 2 doz in case.....................................................90c doz
2-lb stan-1 Tomatoes. 2 doz in case..... .................................................7 c doz
Half-pint bottles Assorted Pickles. doz in cas e.................................:, doz
1-lb cans Cove Oysters. full weigrht. 2 and .4 doz in eause..................................9c doz
2-bens Fancy Maine packed Sugar Corn ........................................ 91.20 doz
2-1b cans Fancy New York State packed Sugar Corn....................... .............$1 doz
Lemons. 5?-3c: Nie Nack%. .....5 c per 1b Best Fancy Patent............ ;.43 bbl
iter Snaps. Sc: Soda Crackers.5 per I Best Half Patent .................. 4.1 bbl
Sugar Crackers 6c: Fancy Mixed.....6%c per lb Best Straicht............................ 3.90 bbl
Cream Lunch Biscuits ...............7c per lb Best Family............... .......... 3.25 bbl
Ontdakes.:'-lb packages... ...........90c dz Salt. l(r) lbs ......................."c bai
Cigars, Cheroots, Cigarettes and Tobacco.
Diamond T Cigar. best Sc el.. ............... . 33 per 1.000
Success, none better ...........................................................3 per100
Loyal Cigar good mk ............................................ ....5 per 1.000
Try our L~eader... ..................................... ... .......... ..$10.50 1.000: 60c box
Old Virginia Cheroots....... .......................3.15 per box of 250 Cheroots: 3 for 5c
Old Glory Cheroots ..............................................52.90 per box of 200 Cheroots
Wc ,rld's Best Cheroots ....................................3."5 per box of; 50 Cheroo ts: 3 for 50
Duke's Cigarettes........................................................................$3-90 per 1.00
Cicycle Cigarettes....................................................$2.65 per 1.000
A Big Supply of Tobacco, Namely. Schnapps. Early Bird. R. J. R..
g Yable. Lally Roohk. Little Fancy. Red
Eve and various other kinds-prices ranging from 2c. 35c and 15c per lb.
Big Drives in Soap.
See us. or get our prices before you buy.
S ~ V.I'D ., - - -' 9. c~.
Hrd Ware-mleliets- Stoves.
Being in close touch with the very best markets, I am better prepared
to handle the trade than ever before, and I therefore invite an inspection
of my stock.
Remember I am in the Ducker-Bultman Company building, opposite
the Court House. Come to see me when yon want
Hardware, Stoves, House
Furnishing Goods, Harness,
Saddles, Leather, &c., &c.
My store is headquarters for Guns, Pistols, Powder, Shot.2Shells and
the very latest in Sporting Goods.
I also handle large quantities of Paints, Oils, and Window Glass.
For Engine and Mill Supplies there is no better place to buy.
Come and examine my large line of Cooking and Heating Stoves.
Every Stova bought from me is warranted.
SUMJTER, _- - 8. 0.
THOb1AS WILSON, Pre'1sident.
-A2srW -
159 East Bay - - Charleston, S. C.
* We We~d 3e Old t avE You Writk gi hices. *
Is now in the WVest und will return with 60
head of HORSES AND MULES. There
Competition is the Life of Trade._
There are six stables in the city selli ng horses
and mules, so we HfAVE to sell them close.
ESumter. S. C., January, 14. 1901.
Manning.;S. C., Dee. 26. 1900.
The Auditor's office will be (pen from
he first day of January. 1901. to the
wentieth day of February. 1901, to re
eve returns of real estate and per
onal property in Clarendon County for
he year 1901.
The Auditor will be at the following
Laces in person on the dates mentioned
:o receive returns:
J. F. McFaddin's Store, Thursday,
anuary 24th. 1901.
McIntosh's Store, Midway township.
7riday, January 2.5th, 1901.
Taxpayers return what they own on
he first day of January, 1901.
All real estate and personal property
-lust be returned this year.
Assessors and taxpayers will enter
:he first given name of the taxpayer in
ull, also make a separate return for
each party for the township the prop
rty is in. and where the taxpayers
)wns realty, to insert the postoffice as
:heir place of residence, and those who
)nly own personal property, to give the
arty's name who owns the land they
ive on as their residence, which aids
:he taxpayer as well as the County
treasurer in making the collections
md preventing errors.
Every male citizen between the ages
)f twenty-one and sixty years on the
irst day of January, 1901, except those
ncapable of earning a support from
)eing maimed, or from other causes,
shall be deemed taxable polls. This
loes not apply to Confederate soldiers
ver fifty years of age.
All the returns that are made after
the twentieth day of February will have
t penailty of 5U pr cent. added thereto,
2nless out of the county during the
time of listing. Not knowing the time
)f listing is no excuse.
The assessing and collecting of taxes
Ls all done now in the same year, and
xe have to aggregate the number and
ralue of all the horses, cattle, mules,
etc., and their value that there is in
:he colnty. and have same on file in the
comptroller Genieral's office by the
hirtieth day of June each year. And
rom that time to the first day of Octo
er each year the Auditor and Treas
irer's duplicate has to be completed
Lnd an abstract 6f the work in the
3omptroller's office by that time, which
vill show at a glance that the Auditor
ias no time to take in returns or do
Lnything else much, between the first
lay of March and the first day of Octo
>er each year but work on the books
Lnd blanks. Therefore I hope that all
axpayers will do me the favor of mak
ng their returns in time.
Auditor Clarendon County.
SUMTER, - - S. C.
Direct from the factories
I have now on hand the
most complete stock of Fur
niture I have ever carried.
Bed Room and*
Parlor Suits
Attractive and cheap.
I a asohandling at
batfllot of
When in Sumter it will
Spay you to visit my Furni
ture Parlors.
Arthur Belitzer, e
G ood
Is where you get the right
sort of Clothes without datn
ger of mistake. Our Clothes
are of the right sort, and you
will appreciate their excel
lence and smallness of cost.
W~e Make Clothes to Order
for those who prefer them.
Lasting Materials, proper fit
and make and moderate pri
ces. Your orders wvill have
our best attention.
S. W. Cor. King and Wentworth Sts.,
Ianl( of Manning,
MANNiNG, S. 0,.
Transacts a general banking busi
Prompt and special attention given
depositors residing out of town.
Deposits solicited.
All collections have prompt atten
Business hours from 9 a. m. to 3
LEV1, Cashier.
W. MCLEOD, W. E. BRowN,/

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