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Publishes All County and Town Of
ficial Advertisements.
MIANNING. S. '., .]AN. 2: 1901.
You Can't :lake a 7istake
in ing at T'he Jeukinson y)'v
Goods Store, for in the 'irst place
we invariably :ake back and refund
the money fcr any article bought
at our store that does not give sat
ikfac:ion. and in the second place
we handle nothing but first quality
goods in everything, and in the
third place we defy all competition.
We will allow no one to name
lower tu'iees on the same class of
goods than we do.
It will pay those who have cash to
spend to call and see some of the
splendid bargains we have to close
out in all classes of Winter Goods.
Gent's and Children's Clothing at
cost. Elankets at cost. A beauti
ful line of Outings to close out at
cost. A large lot of Capes and
.Jackets to close out at cost: from
40e for a Cape up t- 3-all at cost.
Ladies' nice .a(i ..s to close out at
cost-from $2.25 up. Some of the
greatest values in Shoes known to
the trade of this section.
Notice is hereby given that no advertise
ments will be changed in this paper where
the copy is brought in later than Saturday
There are fifteen or more prisoners
in jail awaiting trial.
Miss Hattie Harvin is visiting friends
in Sumter county.
The jury box has been filled from
which toa draw jurors for the present
The County Supervisor is disbursing
funds and paying 100 cents on the dol
lar of the county's indebtedness.
Died at Jordan on Tuesday last, after
an illness of some weeks, Mrs. Blanche
Graham. wife of Mr. John C. Graham.
Dr. and Mrs. Abe Weinberg of Cam
len spent Sunday with Dr. Weinberg's
parents. Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Wein
This is examination week at the
graded school and all the pupils think
they are having the hardest tine on
Perfectly healthy people have pure,
rich blood. Hood's Sarsaparilla puri
fies and enriches the blood and makes
people healthy.
The Methodist and Presbyterian min
isters have instituted union services,
alternating, on the fourth Sunday eve
ning in each month.
Many of the roads in the county are
in very bad condition. due to recent
heavy rains and a great deal of hauling
and travel in January.
Pirt Seed that will germinate by
r'eading advertisement in another col
umn of THE TIMs. The R. B. Loir
yea Drug Stoi'e. Isaae M1. Lor-yea. Prop.
M1r. W. F. Rhame. Jr.. teller in the
Bank of Sumter. and M1iss Julia Cut
tino, also of Sumter. have spent a few
days with the family of Capt. A. L.
The str'eets are receiving some? at
tention byx a squad of hands. and the
town council have purc:'hased terra
cotta drainage piping for the p)rincipal
bridge crossingrs.
There will be preaching at the M1eth
odist church next Sabbath, morning
and night, by fler. C. H. Waddell of
the Epworth Orphanagre. The public
is cordially invited.
MIr. J. H. Williams. Rlail Road agent.
to the regret of his many friends, will
leave Mlanning to take charge of the
depot at Warsaw. N. C. He will be
succeeded by M1r. E. Boney of N. C.
T. WV. Wood ae Son's Seeds are the
best for this section: farmers and gar
deners realize this: best by test, all
varieties. Plant Wood's and they will
germinate. Early Rose and Bliss'
Triumph Seed Potatoes: twenty barrels
just received. They have already been
endorsed by Clarendon County. We
are agents for T. W.Wood1 & Son's Cel
ebrated Seed. The R. B. Lor'yea Drug
Store. Isaac 31. Lor-yea. Prop).
If there arc any peopie in Clarendon
county who. are 'elated to a man by the
name'of Campbell. a soldier in the late
war. supposedl to be in the Hampton
Legion from this county, it may be well
for them to make themselves known.
It seems that this man Campbell after
the war l&<ft home and finally wound up
in Alaska. where he amassed a consid
erable estate. He died lately, leaving
some proper'ty. and having no heirs
there. his executor wishes to locate his
When threatened by pneumonia or
any other lung trouble, pr'ompt relhef is
ne'eessary. as it is dangerous to delay.
We would suggest that One M1inute
Cough C'ure be taken as soon as indica
tions of having taken cold are noticed.
It cures quickly and its early use pre
vents consumption. The R. B. Lor-yea
Drug Store. Isaac MI. Lor-yea, Prop.
31agistr'at~e Younmans, was at first
somewhat "a green hand at the pump."
but he is grasping the duties of his of
fice admirably. and before long :here
will be no phase of the magisterial
power with- which he wrill be morE fa
miliar than that of tying the nuptial
knot. A few days ago, before the
voting, bashful judge had quite learned
to concentraite his~ dignity while en
gagedi in a triaL. and. sit with reveren
tial rigor' while rea'ding' to miscreants
the terribie cha:rges ''agamnst the peace
and dignity of to e -amne Stat a foresaid.
and cont rary to tre statutes iu such case
made and 'pr~oviued." he was called
upon to perform a newt duty. He had
alrecady v earned how to imp~ose the ter
rible "twenty doitars or thi rty days on
the gang~" but the n~mnisterial func-.
tin ofhi ome e he was not yet quite
c onveran with when an ebony-hued
cotule ,rceented themiselves at the bar
of jsi-ee ancd informed ite magistrate
the iwate to be legally welded into
oune ' itin He wvas slightly abashed.
hat not altoether knocked out. The
voungr judge being taken by surprise.
-ould no: exactly rememlter- where to
tinid the cer'"mony. whethe- it ought to
be in th Bbe. th e cons.tittin or the
statute', but tha preservedi his dignity
througit 'll and.~ making? a dive io
a pil of old paper, books. hand-cuffs,
Colt'rpeatters and the suntlar aceu
t ilatio"s of a1 min'"ti"t's omeie, he
"athered a book. It was v'obably an
'iriultural report but by th' time he
ha d colectd him'self and with solemn
dignity went trough a ceremaon . The
courle' seemed delighted, and at the
elvsk of the ceremony wh en the judge
sternly inurd, "Do you love the
Ua-''on yas ir," rephied the
you no ebon--hue gi 0croo'n "I, pro'
'nounk e'u'man an wife: the. ine of
th,- c'- is8."si tne magistrate.
Know'i' that it is always better to pay~
the ilu'tan 'ake~ the~ alternative, the
happy wiunner of the dusky maiden'i
hand paid the 32 and went rejoicing.
Mlagistrate Youmtans will marry for S2,
crrub e th rie where they come it:
Legislative Elections.
The Legislature devoted all of Tues
day to the elections which came before
it. Senator Tilln~iti was formally "
elected, and so were . udges 1) A.
Townsend and Ernest Gary. and Col.
Gritlith. Supt. of the Peniteltiary. Mr'.
W?. H. Townsend was elected Code
C(ommnissioner ande t1 30bley,
Sander ani 1lowlaand a: (irector of
the Penitentiary. Mr. Au1gtst Kohn
was complimented to a re-election with
it toposi tion aStruistee. of the South
ar olina ollege. but the election which
interestei lperlaps mnore peopIC in our
c(Olntv than any other was that if State
ibra'rian. in which Mliss Lucie Barron
of aingiu was a candidate. There
were ten ladies placed in nomination.
ans!Y iss Blarron easily led on the first
ballot with .-1I Votes. Eighty three
were necessary to a choice. and this
number she received on the second bal
lot. The selection of Miss Barron is a
great compliment to one of Clarendon's
fair daughters, and she will till the
position not only with credit to herself,
aut to her county and the important
office itself.
A Thousand Tongues
Could not express the rapture of Annie E.
Sprinter of 1125 Howard st.. Phiiadelphia. Pa..
when she found that Dr. King's New Discovery
for Consumption had conipletely cured her of a
hacking cough that for many years had made
life a burden. Al' other remeiies and doctors
could ive her no help. but she says of th- royal
cure. -it soon removed the pain in my chest and
I can now sleep soundly. something I can s..ree
l remember doing before. I feel like sounding
its praises throughout the universe." So will
every one who tries ni. King's New Discovery
for any trouble of the throat. chest or lungs.
Price .Ue. and 51. Trial be ttis free at the R. B.
Let .ea drug st're: every httle guaranteed. 5
Another combination offer we are
making which we hope will prove an
inducement to make the people take an
increased interest in keeping up with
the trend of events. Listen! We will
Thrice-a-Week Edition of The New
York World and The Farm and Home
for $2.25 a year. Remember that for
$2.25 we will send you all three of these
papers. THE TIMES management
means to let the rest of the State see
that Clarendon county supports a fear
less and up-to-date county paper. a pa
per that voices the views of its editor,
that has no bus and that has ever stood
by the people. The New York World
three times each week is one of the
finest newspapers published in Amer
ica. The Farm at?A Home is devoted
to agricultural, mechanical and house
hold interests and no farmer's family
should be without it.
We want subscribers to take advan
tage of this magnificent offer we are
That Throbbing Headache
Would quickly leave you if you used Dr
King's New Life Pills. Thousands of sufferers
have proved their matchless merit for sick and
nervous headaches. They make pure blood and
strong nerves and build up your health. Easy
to take. Try them. Only :5 cents. Money
back if not cured. Sold by the R. B. Loryea
drug store. 1-5
Manning Academy.
Forty-first session began January 7,
1901. Thorough preparation for any
college. Individual teaching. Tuition,
$1 to 54 per month.
45-tf] Principal.
This season there is a large death rate
among children from croup and lung
troubles. Prompt action will save the
ittle ones from these terrible diseases.
We know of nothing so certain to give
instant relief as One M1inute Cough
Cure. It can also be relied upon in
rippe and all throat and lung troubles
.-. ults. Pleasant to take. The R.
L. Loryea Drug Store. Isaae 31. Loryea,
Prop. ___ ___
The Right Word.
"Why do you specak off him as a fin
ished artist?"
"P~eeause he told me he was utterly
discouraged and was going to quit the
profession. If that doesn't show that
he's finished, I don't know what does."
-Chicago Post.
his signature is on every box of the ge3uino~
Laxative Bromo-QuiiiieT et
-ne remedy that cures a cold in one day
A book published In Japan 1,000
years ago notes that at thant time good
silk was already produced in 25 prov
Inces of that country.
For Tnfants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
signature of
Nobody knows all about it;
and nothing, now known, will
always cure it.
Doctors try Scgs Emul
Isin of Cod Liver Oil, when
they, think it is caused by im
perfect digestion of food.
You can do0 the same.
It mar or mar not be caused
by the failure of stomach and
bowels to do their work. If
it is, vou will cure it; if not,
you will do no harm.
The war, to cure a disease
is to stop its cause, and help
the body get back to its habit
of health.
WVhen Scott's Emulsion of
Cod Liver Oil does that, it
cures; when it don't, it don't
cure. It never does harm.
The genuine has
this picture on it, take
no other.
If you have not
tried it, send for free
sample, its agreeable
A~S~ 49PeChemists,
49PalSt., N. Y.
soc. andi $1.0o; all druggists.
"He ThJ L?'(k
csuse , -y goe inlie o :
pa-2'. '$ J 'v'.-' - .
Read in anothe.r lare tu combina
tion otTer we are making. Through a
misunderstanding several who took ad
vantage of this offer last year did not
get their papers promptly. but our
arrangements are such now. that every
person who pays up, and one year in
advance. and all new subscribers, will
get this valuable farm journal promptly.
Remember yon get THE TIMES and
Farm and Home for ?1.50.
Too High For Inspection.
Count de Koronet (who is an ardent
admirer of Willie's sister)-What are
you after, my little fellow? Come
round here where I can see you.
Willie (who Is climbing on the back
of the count's chair)-Tom said you had
a skating rink on top of your head, and
I want to see it!-Brooklyn Life.
The most soothing, healing and anti
septic application ever devised is De
Witt's Witch Hazel Salve. It relieves
at once and cures piles. sores. eczema
and skin diseases. Beware of imita
tions. The R. B. Loryea Drug Store,
Isaac M. Loryea, Prop.
The Bishop Knew Him.
A story current about the bishop of
London represents him as a bored lis
tener to a windy speech. Turning to a
fellow sufferer, he said, "Do you know
that speaker?"
"No," was the answer.
"I do," said the bishop. "He speaks
under many aliases, but his name is
Thomas Rot."-London News.
To Cure A Cold In One Day
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab
lets. All druggists refund the money
if it fails to cure. E. W. Grove's sig
nature is on each box. 25c.
A physician says one should never do
any work before breakfast. Some day
science will recognize the great truth
that working between meals Is what
is killing off the race.-Minneapolis
...FOR THE...
Garden ankd Farm.
T, W, Wood & Son's SiESE
While it was extremely gratifying to
know that
The Paris Exposition of 19oo
awarded the Gold Medal for Excellence
to T. WV. Wood & Sons. still the p~eople
of this vicinity had realized by p~racti
cal means that Woods Seeds
invariably Germinated
and that is the secret of their great
poularily in
Clarendon County.
It is needless to say that we have a
full variety of their Celebrated Garden
Seed. Onion Sets. MIillet Seed. Sugar
Cane Seed. Excelsior Peas. M1arrowfat
Peas. etc. etc.
Of course our
Drug Department
is complete and full in all details.
IWJust arrived: WVood's Bliss Tri
umph and Early Rose Seed Potatoes.
ISAAC M, LORYEA, Proplrietor,
Sig~nof the
Golden Mortar,
I have opened up a Sewing M1achine
store next door to MIr. S. A. Rigby's
general merchandise store August 1st,
1900. I will carry the
The new ball-bearing "New Home."
the best machine made: also "'New
Ideal" and "Climax." from $18 to $40.
I sell on Instalment. Easy Payment
Plan. I clean and repair any kind of
machines for least money possible.
C'all and see me.
A. I. BARRON, Ag't.
biliousness I
Iand the hundred and one simi
lar ills caused by impure blood ~
or inactive liver, quickly yield
to the purifying and cleansing
properties contained in
$arsapardlI a
It cures permanently by acting
naturally on all organs of the
body. As a blood-cleanser, flesh
builder, and health-restorer, it
has no equal. Put us in Quart
Bottles, and sold at $i each.
IDetroit, Mich.
Tke Lverttesfor I~ver Ills. a5c.
W, M, BROCKINTON, Manning, S C
Life Insurance.
I have been ap~pointed a regular
agent for
The Equitable L.ife Assurance Society
and will be pleased to talk or corres
pond with any one wishing Life Insur'
ance in the strongest company tinan
cially in the world.
Thie Equitable works to maintain
what its name implies, and is writing
all the latest and most poputlar pol icies
for protection, savings or investment.
We offer some policies especially ad
vantageous to young men.
Opjp. Court 1 I1u'e. - Mann in p. '.
Give noe a trial and 1 will itve yet:
the best work for little money.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Notice of Discharge.
I will apply to the .Jndge of Probate
for (larendon County on the 8th day
of February, 1901. for letters of iis
clarge as Administrator of the ("tate
of L. D. Player, deceased.
.1. M. PL AY it.
Sardinia. S. C.. Jan. S. 1901. [44 4t
A Modern Ginnery.
We have at Rimini. S. C.. on an ex
cellent location, a complete . -0 Saw
Murray Ginning Systenfl. with (Teaning
Feeders: 50 H. P. boiler and 40 H1. P.
engine, Struthers & Wells make.
This is a new plant. It is for sale.
Write us if interested.
Columbia. S. C..
Machinery and Mill Supplies.
County of Clarendon.,
By James M. Windham, Esq., Pro
bate Judge.
TON made suit to me to
grant him letters of adminis
tration of the estate of and effects of
John Middleton, deceasod.
These are therefore to cite and
admonish all and singular the kin
dred and creditors of the said John
Middleton. deceased, that they
be and appear before me, in the
Court of Probate, to be held at Man
ning, on the Sth day of February,
next, after publication thereof, at 11
o'clock in the forenoon, to show
cause, if any they have, why the
said administration should not be
Given under my hand this 22d day
of January. A. 1). 1901.
45-3t] Judge of Probate.
The Tisdale Hotel,
Summertol, S. C.
Livery Stable Near at Hand.
New Building, New Furniture.
I am prepared to negotiate loans
on good real estate security, on rea
sonable terms.
R. 0. PURDY,
___________ Sumter,_S._C.
for Women
Are you nervous?
Are you completely exhausted?
Do you suffer every month?
If you answer "yes" to any of
these questions, you have ills which
Wine of Cardul cures. Do you
appreciate what pfect health would
be to you? Atrtaking Wine of
Cardui, thosalike you have real
ized it. Nervous strain, loss of sleep,
cold or Indigestion starts menstrual
disorders that are not noticeable at
first, but day by day steadily grow
into troublesome complications. Wine
of Cardul, -ssed just beore the men
strual period, will keep the female
system in perfect condition. This
medicine is taken quietly at home.
There is nothing inke" It to help
women enjoy god health. It costs
only $1 to tsthsrmdwhich is
endorsed by 5,000,000 cured women
Ar-s. Lena T. Frieburg, East St. Louls,
Ill., says: "I am physically a new
woman, by reason of my use of Wine of
Cardul and Thedford's Black Draught-"
In cases requiring special directions, ad
aress. giringe tomTh L.adies'dvs
Money to Loan.
maa -rerms.
i Extract of Lemoo I
Messino Lemons.
The Delight of Housekeepers.
1'E P A R D B Y
Summerton, S. C.
Attlor-iiy1l ail Con ar. at Lai-,
Calls pr-omptly answeired day or night
Manning Hardware Co.,
Keeping abreast with the rapid 1progress being made in our town and county
have enlarged their store room and purchased for spot cash the largest stock of
Hardware ever brought into Clarendon county.
Every business man knows the value of eash when buying goods: it means
that the goods are delivered at the lowest prices ol)tainable. and enables the
purchaser to sell at prices impossible when bought otherwise: combine this with
the knowledge of where to buy and when to buy you may be reasonably sure
tliat you are getting your goods at the right figures. We are pleased to say
hat our effort and study in this direction has not been without effect and ap
prieciation as is being demonstrated constantly by our increasing patronage.
Now is the time that houses are being repaired for the coming year. It will
he of interest to purchases to examine our stock of KNOB LOCKS. HTNGEiS.
Farmers who have stiff. heavy lands will find the Oliver Chilled Plow best:
those with light. sandy soil will find one of our several grades of Dixie Boy
Plows best. Also Shovel Plows and Twisters.
We have to arrive several kinds of Cotton Planters. all of the most popular
For Housekeepers.
Our line of O. K. Stoves are fine and the sales of them this season have been
the largest in the history of the stove trade in our town. We have a nice line
of Agate and Tinware to show and have recently bought the most complete line
of Crockery ever shown here. We expert to otler this at prices that cannot he
Parties who contemplate painting should try our high grade
Hammar Paint.
This Paint differs from the much advertised cheap paints, in being of uni
fori quality and every can is backed by an absolute guarantee as to purity by
the makers.
Which Will You Choose,
Goods at Cut Prices
. I. IT-2
Goods at High Prices at Other
tha wil son e omig i, w hve ppled heknife and
SWe don't think it good judgment to carry goods overi
Sfrom one season to another, therefore will offer all Cloth
Sing we hare on hand, and we have a nice line of it,
Panits and( Overcoats ~'
at prices that wvill surprise you. Now if you wxant a Suit,
an Ovccoat, pair of Pants, a Hat, a Cap, a Shirt or any -
thing in Underwear at your owvn price, come to see us and~~
Syou wxill be convinced that wve mean just what we say.
Our trade for the short time we have been in busmec s
I has far exceeded our expectations and we know no better1
way to show our appreciation than to give our friends and__
p)atrons a chance to buy wvhat they need in this line for
the balance of this winter without a profit. These good's
m emberxwe have
ItofNo Job Lots
tofer: all of our goods are fresh and nexx.
IWe also have anything in a Shoe you mnay xwant.
Thanking you one and all for your liberal patronage,
we are
Yours truly,
1 A large lot of Men's Heavy Knit Undershirts, the regular
35c kind, will be closed out at 20c each.
2 A large lot of very heavy Fleece-Lined Shirts for Men, the
e kind that sells for 60c each. will be sold out at 40c each.
The same quality in Boys' goods will be sold out at 30c
3 A large lot of Ladies' Heavy Jersey Ribbed Vests, the kind
" that sells for 30c each, will now be sold out at 20c each.
MTen dozen en's nice Negligee Percale Shirts, with two-de
-e tached collars, the regular 60c Shirt, will now be closed
out at 40c each. This is one, boys, you must not miss.
O5 A large lot of Men's nice Negligee Shirts, with two detached
e collars and one pair of cuffs, the kind that sells every
where at 75c; you may have them during this sale for 50c.
Boys, this is something you should come and look at.
6 We are sole agents for Clarendon County for Harvin's famous
e line of Factory Hose for Ladies, Men and Children. If
you are not using this line of Hose you had better see
these for they are the best values on earth for the money.
We only ask 10c per pair for them.
7 are sole agents for Clarendon County for the famous H.
* C. GODMAN Black Bottom Shoes. If you buy one pair
of them you will always come back for the sooona pair - -
Ten dozen Men's nice Drill Drawers, the 30c kind, that we
. are closing out during this sale at 20c per pair. They are
values that will please you.
9 There are no other Pants like the Mayfield All-Wool Pants.
* Each pair has a printed guarantee and the makers will
forfeit $100 in cash if they do not prove up as represented.
If you buy one pair of Mayfield Pants you will always
come back for the second pair. Price from $1.50 to $2.50
per pair.
O Our entire stock of Men's' Boys' and Children's Clothing
L . will be put on the market AT COST. Now we mean just
what we say, COST, but when we sell goods at cost this is
cash on delivery-no putting it on the books for five, ten
or thirty days; if they go on the book the profit will be
added. Now when we say COST we mean just what that
word says, and when we say CASH we mean money down
before you get the goods.
11 Two thousand yards good Sea Island Homespun only Sc per
* yard. This is a value that you should not- fail to take
advantage of.
1 A large lot of nice Laundry or Clothes Baskets, only 50
12e and 60c each.
18 Ten dozen Scriven's Elastic Seam Drawers, the regular $1
kind, will be sold at 75c during this sale.
1 The greatest line of Men's Plow and Work Shoes to be
.0 found in this town, only $1.25 per pair. Also a large
and full stock of all kinds of Fine Shoes for Gent's and
Children will be sold very cheap.
15 A new lot of Drummers' Sample Hats will be sold at just
1 . half what they are worth.
Knock-Out Prices for i
January on All Winter
SDress Goods....
Our winding up prices on Dress Goods and Silks
Sare trade-winners for shrewd cash buyers.
We have some Appliques and Trimming Braids we
Sare offering at sacrifice prices and if you need anything
C in this line it w ill pay y ou to see these goods.
Silks at y our own price.
SBlankets & Comforts
Sto be sold r egardless of profit during our January sale.
C We don't want to carry a single one over. Among the
Slot are many ripe bargains.
SA good 10-4 Grey Blanket, former price 81, re- 75c._
S ducedt1o.. ...... .. ...... .. ... . ...--.--.-..-._*
SAll our 90c and 81 wide and heavy Comforts 75
S now fo . . . . . . . . . . - . - - - - -*
Other qualities at the same reductions.
We are offering some matchless bargains mn Domes
Sties, Prints, Sheetings, Homespuns. etc.
We must crowd four whole weeks into two, when it
comes to our Shoe Department, for by the first of Febru
Sary our Spring Goods will begin to arrive and we must -
Shave the room: hence we are making prices tell.
SLadies' Fine Shoes for Sunday wear that sold99
S for 8125 now........-...-..--..--..--..-.--.
Hamilton-Brown Shoes for Men and Women are 2
Sthe best. Remember the Shoes they give away rro THE
5 Clothing and Hats._
We have been telling you a great delabout our
SClothing lately. and the result is we have sold them right
m ad k-ft. but we still have a good stock on hand yet and
Sif yo are in need of anything in this line a look through
Swill convinceC you of the values.
SIn Our Grocery Department..
Swe know weC can leaCse you.
Now in keeping with our promise, "Greater Things
for the New Century.," our mammoth store will begin
prett sooni to p~ut in Spring Clothing, for we have al
Sready placed our contracts for our supply and we k-now
Sthat our prices will. be as usual-WAY DOWN BELOW
our- neighbors, and that's why we claim your trade, so
Skeep comling our- way and reap some of the plums now
an[1d be in tlie swim later on when you begin to buy for -
ES. A. RigbyI

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