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(' l: l B. ... .
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ever'I slt~ai b1) m v~ One, Cowt'V
ougit to X. pa her his addresses.
I t te: n vis lik t i r e o I gi t t o ) '
CeI .....i
. ln Marshiall Da, or I
( .t- nial of h a m :Itlle't of
. r:t \inian prob j .ably
tho e-reatest \ileriCin jurists
to t:e chief justiceship) of the
United States. was ciebrate&
throughout the country last Mon1
(LdI . Ju S' SimoltOfn making an
adstress before t he bar of the
State at Coun0iou.
i it slhall gi Ve to tile cOUiltrV
the most liberal interpretatjion of
th~ Constitat1On. as iltelde(i by
.Je:ierson to alypi to tile rights
of tihe masses, and Abraham Lin
coln said of him. "H' found the
CoflstitutiOn paper and he made
it power: Ie found it a skeleton
and he clotlw: it with iieshl and
C ou id .iohn ,iarshal awake
how disappointed he would be to
nd his interpvretations now de
pa cted from, and the country
gone oC)' into a polcly of grasp
g greed for the furtlherane; of
the i:onied interests of private
iivi "(d.uals and corporations.
'.Le great and good Victoria
hast at last been la id to rest. and
now peace to her ashes. that she
may claint her plai.e in cold and
mn'hristianl viruItVs will ehrys
Mire as 'd~iondUs and spai>le
the brighter as her memory re
eedes1Q inl the (distant past. At
the head of the grand cortce
whih bore her.cre remains
to theQ to111 last Saturday rode
her so. Edw:.rd KIng. of En
perora f an~u In Kinig
of Prusi5i, Leopold, .' in.r (of
gai an'. other' m:lnbers ofro:K
f~nilles. hundreds of lords a'nd
.n thousands1 of other subjects
o ore or less degree. The
world's oldest ruler has been
la.to Vest. andin cH(onsistent11
Espin wit theprincipules of
Enngland should. now cease 1her
warvs and try to spread the balmi
of neace over her' realm.i
While the Legislature will
probably be in session ten day;s
longer, yet it is an easy matter
now to forecast what it will do
as ateeting tile State in general.
Beyond the paissing oi b)ills of ai
routine nature it 1has dtOne no(
great deal this session. andi pos
sibly in a generalI summing up of
the State's interests. this is well.
We now have mfanyV laws that
are unn' cessa ry. The passage
of the bill Uniking an appropria
tion ,cthe ('narieston Exposi
t1or 1s a mieasuro of greneral in
terest and benetit, and one for
which the bodyv is to be comm~nend
ed. The qu~estion of placing re
strictions onl th' overwor'king of
chilidren in factoriOs camife up1 in
several bills, but the mneasure
was defeated as the result of
stron::Z 1obbyingi by factory ownI
ers. Ti's is a reform that is
bound to conie, and no power 1.
goingl~ to stop it. It. is rinrht. a ad
will eventually prevail.Th
wide tire men.sarIe came~ up apaI ii
but vWas givenl anm easy death,
and properlt s5. It is hoped it
will som v.'*ar itself to a frazzlie
and1 quit (0cmim7L. ; . The re-dis
tritmng m~es5u'e nreste5 ~ld a
strong tigrht. b.ut was~ defeated
this time als: . n. r the >~ur
wotya wia. M d o
reai)) 1al-c ~ . i is o -
abir eil hat o litle h ilb l
t., o n'i ''- ' Is few
1'he l' re(ord of King Edward,
it rmPri n t'iHcO of Wales, is that
he v:as for many years strictly
''one Of the boys," but his speech
1I-"0n asc'ending the throne was
pra'i -tically a renounc"ing of heis
1Ol'iller1 'Ways, :ll(1 hlis })rofil st('s
all ou a, .i1 l. "W.ilb
dae o'I coaninten sene- be 'z
t t' tui ) l i:i) l 5 e ' . fI "
with ils ar't respo nsi'ty
ought ti er iml l:) eltins
5i i ,:i_:"i,). ' 'iim~ and d
tuni~ty :uv::s burlied1
tiu hnear is hoie in Edge
hAi2euty. 111i'.' tuneal being
itt:.Itnid by the gove 'nos and
m( - listinguzishied pe.rsonages.
Tin~ p~sesone of the strongest
l~ir t in the Stat, and :I a
31:m1 w:io im:. figured conlspie
(iusly inl h;1wr'11 coni! antll polities
f r n many years.
woild rtepesentedi a strong and
tire1 type of South ofr u-o
ft jrin ll et'. imt a spossinio a
kpe1(1li hat and te deep
(eat i:: 'titismn, t~aing an1 a!(
tce interest in the State's af
Eirs, th1oughr upv:arils of eiglhty
yea: os ol. Ho spent many years
in Tress, anti so ind ws his
heart that it was said of him he
would rat wr help a widow from
thi oppressed county of Bau
fort in getting; a small position
tlan to assist an E:dgetield poli
ti-ian. One of the last great
speeches thiat he e adewas the
closinuxo address in toe constitu
tionial Convention, in which hie
saiti that his public career was
endet'd. and his only regret Was
tlat he ponli(l not two tore for
1"i-s people.
$100 Reward, $100.
The reaer- of this paper witll be pleased toI
larn that there is at least one dreaded disease
that science has been able to cure in all its
st! es. and tht i atarrh. H;irs Catarrh Cure
is tim onlv positive cure known to the medical
.:-ater::tiv. Catarrh bein;;, a constitutional dis
e: -. r"quirts iat'. t a tional treatmeny ht. Hall's
C;:.tarrh Cure is takes internally. actinig direct!}y
upn ".The blooda ;md: muceu, su~rfaces of the sys
tn. thera': des trovin-. th-: foundlat ion of t he
-: as.:mdl iiis the patie"nt strength by b'uild
it up the ni..ntut:on and ssit: nature in
,ie it s ::orii. -The prtpriet.is have )i m'uchi
f::~ in "u s r. ative pov ers. that they offer O::
H:tred Do!!ars for any case that it fails to
Cur. .'e:; for tist of testimonia!s.
.Address. F. J. eH1 NEY & Co.. Toledo. 0. I
S"ad by d~ru::eists. "c.
Hallr Famnily il are the best.
('olumbia. S. ('., Feb. 4. 1901.
T1. (itlnell .\s.emtibl hat tuIned
towards the iti !UtW stret'il. and iery'ct'
bod i. puam t:ih all ight to get
tnuhwitidu thiecostttional limit.
Appde~nl there has been l ittle Of
ubile mlomlent donet~ and yet whejn one!
look.1 over the journal of both houses.
it c.an 'oe r eadiy Vseenl that there has
b en coideUraible legislation. In order
tht we w'ould havec no constitutional
compfli'ntion-t I h are haid pas.sed through
thet Setnt a blill to r'estorei the fee s.s
tem-n our cei.rk of court's oaice as this
wa tee- 'r onl account. of the supt
rem cour(01.t decision in the case of Dean
aginstL.~~V spatanlhurg. I have also in
I trodUt*ed a bili wich is jow in thle
la ad of te omitt tee tou corporations.
''.t'viding' *ir a methlod by which a town~
'.uuer .>.) p i'iopulatilon c.an ive't* tup its
'tesenat cht 'er' and n t comne under the'
GeneralCO' cotoationattt. I will b
rememutbercd, that on account of the
ihne-i- of .Tudge Gary~ w'e had no term tof
coutrt last fall. andu under' the p'reent.
jutryt law there is a r'equtiremenwt to draw
at the fall ter'm 1.ix grand jurors who
are familaurly known as the "hold-overs:"
the six jurt rs were not drawn last f'
an there it no provision of law whe re
by th.er canr be. so I introduced a bill to
hith ec- re'ulate the drawing of grtand
juiets whiceh w~ill tremedy the defect
and suppitly the missing link. The bill
has passed thbe Senate aind is now before
the Hou.,e. The followingr is the text
of the bill:
1 Ci: nacte'b the Genteral Assembly of the
sa- fsutih e.arolina:
itS 1. T1hat wchenever for ary cause.
-iucl at- tie quanstnn of the' array. or tnere be
itg noct .t the fall termn. Lhere has hereto
foe 'en or shall he-reafter be. a ':ailure to
draw ttte "anes of six mtembers of any 'rand
ury for 'in' county to sc rve on the grand jury
or tha couty fo r the then ensuing year. as
reqire-d hx' ilaw. there' .ha!' he dirawn. a a the
pr~pertie f:-drawha the -'rand jury. er;h
:i'va~es. for the luryv box instte' d of twelve:
;lthe -aid ci :hteen persons. whose n~ames are
a h- getdjury for the erinusion.
:a;<ish.:: i th lawful grandi ju'ry for
. *eu r .. hat year. and utl their sue
s.t i.Tht wh--nt the dud;.:t. entitced toi pre
sid. Tbs o a:--::d andai o ho'lthei fa:: or last
t-mof the "C-urt of (cimni- ' Pcts anid G-en
erlsm sf-ir tany euty.t th'e cerk of the
ur''t -it! h.m ~te ri1ht and is reqired
h-ereby'. to taake th' drats in" from the out'oing
r d jury. that is. to say, from the grand jury
orth thenl curret year. if th'- names of the
is ixemiter-s ho 'hai serve as a part of the
::rand jury for tihe th--n ens'uing year. with the
liame force and- cffet asif the nanmes of said six
i-.:. irr lid iten d'ran in the pres'nee.' of
The. .ide tire bill co'nes tup this week.
and i thin''k 1 can safely say that we
will not have any leguiation on the
:,ubject furither than to paiss a bill pro
vidig rot the appointtment of a joint
commuitee. to make testsi and repot
teIi rsults at thle next .ssin If this
it)on I tihink it will be well in coun
t ie here' t tbe peole are opposed to ai
wi' tire lawn, to hold pu'blie meetings
aiii t.v expriession to the opixosition.
Ou int aturdtty just before the h'our
of adjounrment we had a memorial ser
vilce in honor of the late Se'nator WX. H.
'Iaulin. an itt Iwas done the hiontor to
be nvteud to dleliv'er a (-ulogy. whic'h II
i.mi!appr'eteile the privih-'ge at
fire me to naiv my tribute. of recspett
I(toitn of the best men on my long l:st
it a.'ua-intnces in the State.
la'he lIIouse Majto' itciadsont is
klivrybsy as. tchtttaia of tihe comi
mii te' enriiol d Ae(ts. whiose or
: 'io any 't can b e rat itled he with
his comitte mus oover' it. and it
* te nit -t '- iou-i kind of labor. ire.
.i at tis work h~ iis 'co'nstantly' beingr
h'e1a.a fr 1,n it other wornk. he
e a : i o~laely eesai'y for him
Cas i'tmt im or Catarrh i3a itDay.
D. B. I D te UL~od Baluti re
an d mo-i stub born ta-i-s by
Sit. oit- n out of the bloodt andt~
bu' ii"i''g up t'e''''ken
I:'*i. .ebe and 'pain.'-:
n fm-imi br tith e itea disaninear
pi.i.n : i permnt l n . Lit- iH. B.
to pass upon all measures before they
can he ratified and become laws.
Doctor Woods is after the emigtilt
agents with a sharp stick and he is
pirssitg his bill to require coutlty sup
errioors to prosecute otfendel's and di
Vi li the fst' with infoi'mte's.
i sl lea tSti l supported a hill which
- iO ' h Huse relating to the carry
in of colent'ied weapons. Mr. Gailu
enat took the position on the floor, that
wille the hill will stand the test of the
caustitut ion. in so far as its inhibition
o:" the fundamental right "to bear
a:m1s" is concerned, but in order for it
to become effective in confiscating prop
cr'y - pistols. dirks, knucks. atil other
deadly weapons-the article's tist be
lbrou oht within the police powe'' of
the State, :)y a declaration that they
are dang1"erouls to thet peace'(. hetahhl t:r
morals of the peple. The bill is now
before the Senate and I a gre e with Mr.
Galluchat's position, and when the bill
comes up a suitaile aiendient will be
llr. (alluehat watched his opportun
itv to do something for tie confederate
v-t lan, andr wl' a tie expositiofn ap
l:'*(pr;'iatin:: bill pa".el he had a con
sltaion with Scni"enter Barnwell of
ait'leston and 'Mr. I'aeot. r'presenta
-ive f:'om the satme city . They con
ferred w ith the hoard of directors and
the ralroad officials and the re
:ult was that. \Ir. Gailluchat on
the text day in:roduci-'e a resolution
providing for free passes anid accommo
dations for needy Confederate veterans
to the exposition next winte'. This
Vwias a happy thought and I know the
peL'opie wll a;>preciate his thoughtful'
ness. Vh'en Mr. Galluehat introduced
the resolution. Major I Richardson moved
inunediate consideration and it passed
the House and when it reached the
Senate it was concurred in without one
dissenting veoice. The re&solution was
christened with the name of its author.
" The tGalluchat ('onfeblerate Veteran
Doctor Woods made a good speech
last Friday on the appointment of a
commiftttee to investigate and report to
the next session. the condition of child
labor in factories. and rtromilend a
bill. The doctor rece:vei marked at
tuntion and he presented strong argu
ments carrying his px)int.
A bill to'increase the salary of the
clerk to the State superintendent of
education from $900 to $1500 was killed.
as will all other bills looking to the in
crease of salaries.
There is a general bill providing for
salaries for county ofileers no-. before
the Senate and a perusal of it convinces
ie that the special committee which
had the preparation of it, had all their
work for naught. They claim to fix the
alaries according to population and
in doing so, they have fixed the salaries
so unsatisfactory that I am sure the bill
will never pass. To give an idea, Clar
endon's sheriff is at present re
ceiving I0O. the bill gives him $1000.
Of course I cannot permit this, because
our people have not made any demands
to pay our sheriff $300 more than they
elected him to receive: the bill reduces
the treasurer's otlice to $750. which if
passed would indeed be a shame. be
ause our treasurer has to give a bond
of $*,00 tedO and the respousibility of hand
lina the large amount of money requir
ed of him. in a private business would
demand twice the salary he receives
from the public. I ami a believer in
economy, but in my opinion this would
be "penny wise ani pound foolish."
and would force' ' the offie'e into incom
petent hands. and then the people
would become the victims of worse than
extravagance. The salaries of our
county otlicers are reasonably low, and
I am (tpposcel to cuttiiir to the injury of
the public seirvit e. at the same time I
am equally oppeosed to raising.
[have been asked if I intend to make
reply to an anoniymous "'eitizen" who
is so solicitous fo:' the peop~le, that duir
ing mty absence from home he is squirt
ing his v'enomi at me over other shoul
ders. and t will say. that I have no
time to become involved with "citizen"
nor' any of his set, but at. the proper
timie I'shall give a full account of my
stewardship to the p)eople, and I shall
not be deterr'ed fronm my course simply
to gratify one, who piteously pleads
"peage, fellow citizens. remnembei'these
tingas in the ntext election.' I am not
giving the next election a thought: I
have sworn duties to perform and will
pt'errm themt. hut before the next
eect ion comes on. in my opinion, there
will be an expert investigation of affairs
in t'larendon county which will catise a
ratting of the di'y bones. I will state
in this connection also, that this expert
inestigation is not an original idea.
but it comes to me in the nature of a
demand that provision should be made,
to employ a disinterested, competent
pesonI. to make a thorough investiga
tion from 1890i to 1901 of every office,
that had the handling of county and
State funds. The matter is under con
sideration now, tile cost is being looked
into and when ascer'tainedJ, a mnan qual
ied for the woik will be fonnd, and lie
will not he a namby pamby either.
Mrs. Hi. B. Richardson and daughter
are hct'e on a visit.
M1iss Lucie Barron took chai'ge of
her office Friday. The bond required
was $:2000. which she gave in a few
Upon the recommendation of Solici
ar Wilson Jake Plowden, who was
convited at the Mlay term for violating
the dispensary law and sentenced to 9
months on chain gang wvas pardoned by
Coenor McSweeney last Saturday.
We will be here about two weeks
longer probably winding up about the
15th. inst. The governor will send to
the Senate for confirmation this week
the apepointmnents for' tireasurers, au
ditors, and niagistrates, and I have just
received fromu the auditor a list of
names foi' tow~nship) assessors, which I
will go over with the dlelegation before
sumitting themii to the gov'ernor'.
After adjourmnent other miembers of
the delegation will give to the people
through THE TIES theiir implressiis
of the present session. L. A.I
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Made [p For Lost Time.
When President Kruger sailed for
England some years ago, he was the
object of mi"eh concern to his fellow
passengers on hoard the liner from
Cape Town. many of whom were con
sumed with curiosity when they no
ticed his absence from the dinner table
for the first four days out.
On inquiry they fo'md that the care
ful Transvamler spent the dinner hour
on deck, where he ate biltong and bis
cults. When asked his reason, he tes
tily replied. "'I have no money to fool
away on expensive eating, like you
The correspondent wiho tells the story
and who w:s on board at the time
adds. "You should have seen the old
man trying to make up for lost time
when it was explained to him that his
passage money included his meals on
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They Chbg'i c..
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times as tiwiturn as \'on Moltke' I eT'
evening at a dinner he sat for an inur
next to the soubrette .Joseph!ne (;all
meyer without volunteering a word
Finally she lost patience and exclaIm
ed, "Well, dear master. suppose we
change the subject."
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aps tumors, cancers, erysipelas or puln
you neglect to heed the warning and co:
Many a lingering, painful disease am
simply because these notes of warning
pure by a right use of JOHNSTON'S Sa
Miss Abbie J. Rande, of Marshall. I
"I was cured of a bad humor after
doctors and my friends said it was salt r
and ears, and then on my whole body.
suffered during those five years, is no us
I did. I tried every medicine that was
enough to buy a 'house. I heard JC
praised. I tried a bottle of it. I began
finished the third bottle I was complete]
since. I never got any thing to do me ti
SARSAPARILLA. I would heartily ad'
or skin disease of any kind to try it at oi
trouble, and was run down and miserab]
made me all right."
The blood is your life ana if y keep
sist disease or face contagior feaa -
fails. It is for sale by aU. drn-ia, ilf
You know What You Are Taking
When you take Grove's Tasteless
Chill Tonic because the formula is
plainly printed on every bottle show. ing
that it is simply Iron and Quinine in a
tasteless form. No Cure, No pay. 50e.
Boarding House Humor.
Landlady (threateningly) - I'll give
you a piece of my mind one of these
days if you're not careful.
Boarder-1 guess I can stand it if it
isn't any bigger than the piece of pie
you gave me.-Detroit Free Press.
z th Te Kind You Have Always Bought
Lucidity of Slang.
"So you floored your opponent?"
"Yes. indeed; I knocked him sky
high."-Chicago Record.
Persons who can not take ordinary
pills find it a pleasure to take DeWitt's
Little Early Risers. They are the
best little liver pills ever made. The
R. B. Loryca Drug Store. Isaac M.
Loryea. Prip.
Denmark claims that there is not 3
single person in her domain who can
not read and write.
The Best Prescription for Malaria
Chills and Fever is a bottle of Grove's
Tasteless Chill Tonic. It is simply iron
and Quinine is a tasteless form.-No
cure, no pay. Price 50c.
The Abyssinian warriors always
honor their king by a band escort of
45 trumpets wherever he goes.
i weakness and prostration fol
S.in ; i there is nothing so
l ion- t : effective as One Minute
Cough (.: c. This preparation is high
ly endo:: ( d as an un1ailing remedy for
all throat and lung troubles and its
early use prevents consumption. It
was made to cure quiekly. The R. B.
Loryea Drug Store, Isaac M. Loryea,
I have opened up a Sewing Machine
store next door to NMr. S. A. Rigby's
general merchandise store August 1st,
1900. I will carry the
The new ball-bearing "New Home."
the best machine made: also "New
Ideal" and "Climax," from $18 to $40.
I sell on Instalment. Easy Payment
Plan. I clean and repair any kind of
machines for least money possible.
Call and see me.
A. I. BARRON, Ag't.
Life Insurance.
I have been appointed a regular
agent for
The Equitable Life Assurance Society
and will be pleased to talk or corres
pond with any one wishing Life Insur
ance in the strongest company finan
cially in the world.
The Equitable works to maintain
what its name implies, and is writing
all the latest and most popular policies
for protection, savings or investment.
We offer some policies especially ad
vantageous to young men.
Manning, S. C.
still heal tn'. !<t nudi ar" acknowledged by
anl to b.e ': gro..t co:nquerors of pains,~
nehes ,n 1 ie..e !.>r which they are
R am-1n's fe~rif will sitively cure
painims:;' i, uhu ~ndce ik
Heth. TuettabC, Neural.gia, Cramp
Cot' hin in the 2:ton',vch and Bowel's,
Di::rr *"..:3. a e th antly. and, as a
housen.dd '-:.d fr th".e sudde'in sick
n e, i"" h 's..p: ite w"orld. "Once
ma~na.-.-am~re a mono Ot1 is tho
oriin : u .1--- --:-:sim.Geve..nd Bone
ndpenci-: I '~~ l the nierte and
1,se r, ic..s ;~in. 'ri e t'a.y diceasec
itiRe~nm, 's, ]iruises. Spirnins,
Cus Br .an e i injuie to the flesh of
'Ti. ioir'' h"" t'v n".mec blowtn in the
''A~m No o-r'Ufl1
The R. B. Loryea Drug Store.
= -.~.Mteralr.
Sash Weights andl (ords and
Bunilder' Ilardware.
Window and Fancy Glass a Specialty.
r sN TIME.
of SomaethingMore Serious to Cocne,
Warning. Jo tones Sarsaparilla
Blood Purifier Known.
takes, which mistakes have come from
ors, shoots out pimples, blotches and
rning that more serious troubles (per
tonary diseases) are certain to follow if
ect the mistakes.
many an early death has been avoided
have been heeded and the blood kept
[ich., writes:
suffering with it for five years. The
heum. It came out on my head, neck
[ was perfectly raw with ft. What I
telling. Nobody would believe me if
advertised to cure it. I spent money
Lo improve right away, and when I had
cured. I have never had a touch of it
ie least good till I tried JOHNSTON'S
ise all who are suffering from humors
e. I bad also a oo deal of stomach
it p ure and strong you can positively re
ii quart bottles at only one dollar each.
KN Manning, S. C.
Your Head Aches To-day.
} It is a small matter; but it ached two days
i ,/ . ago, and again a week ago. You are acquiring
-l ' a habit of headache. That must be stopped. The
trouble is with your liver. You want a mild lax
\ ative, and then a tonic to stimulate the appetite
and make the blood rich and pure.
- druggist forFA E eAND"TNIC PELLEUT
Some Special Bargains.
40-lb boxes Starch. best grade. a.................-...........................3c per o
New Mackerel. 14 good fish to kit..........
Bt Fancy El Creamery Bu ter. 6-. tubs. ......................r........4c per b
American Sardines-new pack.... .. - - --......................... per case 100 cans
10-oz Tumbler Fruit Jelly. 3 dox to case ........................ 0 per doz
&1l stand Tomatoes.:.' doz in case........................................9do
2-lb stand Tomatoes. 2 doz in case.....................................................?O doz
Half-pint bottles Assorted Pickles. 2 doz in case .......... ........... .... c doz
1-1b cans Cove Oysters. full weight. 2 and 4 doz in case ............................... 90c (10?
2-bheans Fancy Maine packed Sugar Corn............................................... 1.20 doz
2.l, cans Fancy New York State packed Sugar Corn ......... ............. . . doz
Lemo~ns. 5',:c; Nic Nacks...........53c per lb Best Fancy Patent ...................4.45 bbl
Ginger Snaps. 5c: Soda Crackers... per lb Best Half Patent .................. 4.10 bbl
Sugar Crackers 6c: Fancy Mixed...6 c per lb Best Straight........................:3.90 bbl
Cream Lunch Biscuits ............... ic per lb Best Family............... .......... 3.25 bbl
Oatliakes, 2-b packages...................90c doz Salt. 100 s................................57c hag
Cigars, Cheroots, C garettes and Tobacco.
Diamond T Cigar. best Sc seller. at................................. ..................... 35 per 1.000
Success, none better ....................................................... 5 per 1.0(
E. L. Royal Cigar, good moke .........................................2.. . 5 per 1.000
Try our Leader................................................ ....... $510.50 1.000: 60c box
O1(1 Virginia C'heroots ...................................43.15 per box of 2.50 Cheroots: 3 for : c
Old Glory Cheroots ........................................ .. 42.90 per box of 2100 Cheroots
World's Best Cheroots.............................$3.25 per box of 250 Cheroo ts: 3 for 50
Duke's Cigarettes........................................................................83-90 per 1.00
Cicycle Cigarettes....................................................2.65 per 1.000
A Big Supply of Tobaccoamey. Schnapps. Early Bird. . J. ..
Big Toacco,,able. Lalla Roohk. Little Fancy. Red
Eve and various other kinds--prices ranting from ' 3-c and 45c per lb.
Big Drives in Soap.
.se u.. or cot our prices before yn buy.
S T1'IM TEL., - - - . CJ.
Harid wre-ImlpIeentiS-ItStoves.
L Be DuRANT, Ser
Being in close touch with the very best markets. I am better prepared
to handle the trade than ever before, and I therefore invite an inspection
of miy stock.
Remember I am in the Ducker-Bultman Company building, opposite
the Court House. Come to see me when you want
Hardware, Stoves, House
Furnishing Goods, Harness,
Saddles, Leather, &c., &c.
My store is headquarters for Guns, Pistols, Powder, Shot, Shells and
the very latest in Sporting Goods.
I also handle large quantities of Paints, Oils, and Window Glass.
Fo Engine and Mill Supplies there is no better place to buy.
Come and examine my large line of Cooking and Heating Stoves.
Every Stova bought from me is warranted.
STMlVTER, - - S. 0.
159 East Bay - - Charleston, S. C.
& We WO1 Re ila td Lye T8o 70 Wiite Uc fof fiCe. "M
Is now in the West and w ill return with 60
head of HORSES AND MULES. There
will be some fine Mules among them.
I Competition is the Life of Trade.I
Ther ar sixstalesin the city selling horses
3 and mules, so we HAVE to sell them close.
S Sumter, S. C., January. 14' 19U1.
SUMTER, - - S. C.
Direct from the factories
I have now on hand the t
most complete stock of Fur- 8
niture I have ever carried. 8
Bed Room and
Parlor Suits
2 Attractive and cheap.
2 I am also handling a
beautiful lot of
+ When in Sumter it will
Y pay you to visit my Fri
F ture Parlors.
Arthur Belitzer, i
QSIB MT X. - S. C.
0OO04040 eO0OOO
A canon of PURE NSEED OM mixed
with S. aln of
makes 2 gallons of the VERY BEST "
PAINT in tho WORLD for P.50,0
Of ourpait bllIS PAR }TORY DtABLE than
5010C3. HAMMAR PAINT is made of the BEST 01
PAINT MATERIALS-Ruch as al Coo04U ters us8,
and is ground THICK, VoY THI 05t
mix. any boy can do it. Iris the COMxIOR SENSE 01
Hors PAINT. No BETER paint can be made at
ANT O t, andis
F. AMWA R PAINT CO., St. Louis, ago*
Sold and guaranteed by
Maiiig Hardware Co.,
Is where yoa get the right
sort of Clothes without dan
ger of mistake. Our Clothes
are of the right sort, and you
will appreciate their excel
lence and smallness of cost.
We Make Clothes to Order
for those who prefer them.
Lasting Materials, proper fit
and make and moderate pri
ces. Your orders will have
our best attention.
S. W. Car. King and Wentworth Sis.,
Bank of Manning,
MANNING, 8. 0.
Triansaets a geneial banikin~g [usi
Ito depositors residizng ont *.f town1.
Deposits soliitedt.
All1 coilections ~;~~ l;um- ~ pr p:.ttenl
Busines~s hours froru 9 n. ii,. to 3
p. m.
A. LEVi, (ashier.
J. W. McLEoD, W. E. BnowN,
. s. wL.os. W. C. DTRass.
-i1orneys~ anid C'ounselors at Law-,
Call promptly answered day or night

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