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Publishes All County and Town Of
ficial Advertisements.
MANNING, S. C., MA 7 14, 1902.
Jenkinson's Sledge Hammers.
Nice Lap Dusters at 20c each.
Nice Trimmed Hats at $1, $1.25 and
$1.50 each
Nice Figured Lawns, only 2ic per yd.
Great line Dimities, only 10c yard.
Large lot of White Organdies, Per
sian Lawns, for making commencement
Also a beautiful line of Embroideries
and Laces and White Saleni Ribbons
for trimming white dresses.
Great line of Ladies' Oxford Ties and
Sandals at all prices.
See our great line of Fine Embroid
eries and Insertings at such reasonable
Our great line of Summer Lap Robes
is the wonder of all who see the line.
Prices from 20c each up.
Our great Wash Goods sale is still a
great attraction to cash buyers.
Remember that we are the great dry
goods distributing centre for all kinds
of Dry Goods for Clarendon county.
Yours truly,
_ F Advertisers will please re
member that copy for a
change of ad. MUST be in
this office by Saturday Noon in order to
insure publication the following week.
Manning Street Car Schedule.
Leave Central Hotel corner 9:00 a. m. and 6:e5
p. m. for the passenger trains, and the car will
also meet the freight trains. Arrangements
have been made with the agent at depot to tele
phone when freight trains are approaching
Fare. 10 cents each way.
S. I. Till's, next door to Rigby's.
Miss Lillian Harvin has recovered
from her recent illdess.
S. I. Till's goods tell their own story.
If I haven't the best man's $3.50 Shoe
for $2.98 I'd like to know it.
The Pine Grove school children are
to go to the exposition next week.
Next to a pair of wings is a pair of
S. I. Till's fine Shoes for ladies.
For the man behind the pocket book.
S. I. Till's is the .place for relief.
Mr. W. F. Cobia who has been des
perately ill is now getting on nicely.
All say that our Embroideries are
the cheapest in town. D. Hirschmann.
You get all the satisfaction your
money can buy when you buy from S.
I. Till. -
When you drink Tea why not use
the best? We have it. The R. B. Lor
yea Drug Store.
Manning and Jordan juvenile teams
played ball here last Friday and Man
ning got licked.
Jenkinson is now selling the cheapest
line of Summer Lap Rob~es on earth;
nlice ones from 20c each up.
The Great National Game Base Ball.
Read advertisement in another column.
The R. B. Loryea Drug Store.
All Remnant Lawns from three to
ten yards, fast colors, which were sold
at 8c, now 5c. D. Hirschmann.
The State Convention meets next
Wednesday and every Democrat must
abide by its action.
Eliminate flies from your homes by
using Tanglefoot and Poison Fly Paper.
The R B. Loryea Drug Store.
Big Secret Sale going on at S. I.
Till's. Have you been there yet? If
not, go and see what he is doing.
jThe patrons of The Manning Grocery
Co., can get Fox River Butter and full
Cream Cheese on ice at all times.
All the ladies know that they can
get a finer Ladies' Hat for .less money
than other places. D. Hirschmann.
The signing of a petition asking a
man to become a candidate amounts to
a pledge in advance of the election.
Beginning May 15th, their will be a
great SECRET SALE at S. I. Till's
place. Read his ad and see about it.
Mrs. S. E. McFaddin was taken ill
very suddenly on the the 5th inst., and
she has been speechless ever since.
Mr. Clarence E. Wilkins, one of our
young business men, will wed Miss Min
nie Grant in Goldsboro, N. C., tomor
Everybody should go to Charleston
for "\Wagener Day" May 22'nd.. The
railroads will make a very low railroad
There will be preaching at Fellow
ship church next Sunday at 11:00 a. m.
and 4:30 o'clock p. m. Rev. J. J. Myers
will preach.
Before packing away your winter
garments, protect them by using Cam
phor Tar Balls. The R. B. Loryea
Drug Store.
Go to Jenkinson's for whatever you
eed in Dry Goods. He is the great
dry goods distributing centre for Clar
endon county.
Ladies Trimmed Hats, 50c. 75c. $1.00
and $1.50. These goods are worth
mnore, but we need the money and the
room. -S. I. Till.
We are agent for the Standard Pat
tern and Designer. Call and give us
your order in that line. D. Hirsch
mann, next door to postoftice.
Died yesterday in Manning at the
home of his sister Mrs. R. L. Bell, Mr.
Willie Weeks, aged about 22 years.
The deceased was interred at Paxville
Don't forget our Ribbon Bargains in
Remnants: they surprise our ladies
daily. D. Hirschmann, next door to
Paris Green, Chemically pure, from
one pould to 1,000 lbs. Tobacco Ther
mometers,320 degrees Fahrenheit. The
R. B. Loryea Drug Store.
Jenkinson's great Wash Goods Sales
continue to be one of the main attrac
tions to cash buyers. You can get so
many nice things so cheap.
George Burgess, colored, while hook
ing logs for the skidder in Alderman's
log farm near Douglas swamp) one day
last week, was accidentally killed by a
log that had bounded up from~ striking
another log.
Just think of this, Jenkinson is sell
ing nice Figured Lawns at 24c the yard.
Nice St. Gall Dimities at 9c that sell
everywhere at 124 and 15c. The great
est line of Fine Dimities you ever saw
at 10c the yard.
We are indebted to F. WV. Wagener
& Co. of Charleston for a handsomely
illustrated book containing the pict
ures of the exposition buildings and
places of interest. It is a beautiful
souvenir which we shall prize.
There ist a %vell attended pirotracted
service going on and will continue all
of this week at the Presbyterian
chuvch. Rev's M*cLe of Greenwood
I and Wardlaw of Wiliaiusburg2 aie as
sisting the pastor.
D. Hirschmann has just received a
nice line of White and Colored Shirt
Waists of the latest styles at very low
prices. Next door to postotlice.
A word to the wise. use the best.
Nott's Pure Apple and White wine
Vinegar is the best, it has no peer for
pickling and table use. The B. B.
Loryea Drug Store.
At the colored Baptist church at
Jordan last Sunday night two brothers
Sam and William Pringle got into a
fracus, in which William shot Sam just
above the heart. and William was cut
by Sam with a knife.
D. Hirschmann, is still in a position
to please you in the Millinery line, as
the energy of our milliner is growing
stronger every day for improvements
in this line and you know we are the
money savers. Next door to postoffice.
Senator Tillman made a speech in
the Senate last week which caused the
Democratic members to retire from the
chamber to show their disapproval of
his utterances. It was a rebuke never
before administered to a Senator in
that body. Notwithstanding this, what
he said was true, but it was very im
politic and injurious to the Democratic
Talk! It takes lots of talk to sell a
good Paint: what about a bad Paint?
With good Paint you talk but once to
each customer; the Paint talks to him
ever afterwards. Longman & Martinez
Justly popular prepared Paints meet
these requirements. The R. B. Loryea
Drug Store, Sole Agents for Manning
and vicinity.
The County Commissioners will be
ready after next Friday to furnish p3lans
and 'specifications for enlarging the
court house. We are told the cost for
the work will be about $1,500, and in
our opinion that amount of money
would be of more benefit to the people
if spent on the roads and bridges of the
county. The court house can wait, but
the roads and bridges demand immedi
ate attention.
Where are you going to buy your
commencement dress this season? Why,
from Jenkinson's, of course: he has the
largest and most elegant line of White
Organdies, Persian Lawns and French
Organdies you ever saw. Also the
most exquisite line of Fine Embroider
ies, Laces and Fine Saleni Ribbons you
ever saw for trimming commencement
The young men of Manning and vi
einity will meet Friday night at the
Court House at 8 o'clock to organize a
Military company. The law requires
60 men to be enrolled before the com
pany can be mustered into service. All
the young men who are able should re
spond to the- call to duty. As the State
furnishes the uniforms tnd accoutre
ments. Membership in the company
will not necesitate any outlay of money.
From Hot to Cold.
Dysentery is prevalent everywhere
in summer and is due to miasmatic poi
sons, and begins abruptly with inflam
mation of the mucqus lining of the
large bowel. In America the disease is
common, but properly treated does not
result as seriously as in the tropics.
Perry Davis' Painkiller is the best
known remedy and the most efficacious
in the treatment of dysentery.
The young people of Jordan will give
a theatrical performance next Monday
evening at the Jordan Academy. The
title of the play is "Among the Break
ers." Those who have read the novel
praise it very highly. It is among the
choicest of literature and dramatized,
the moral of the story is brought out in
dazzling brilliancy. After many re
hearsals the ladies and gentlemen of
the Jordan section have mastered the
parts, and we expect to see the rendi
tion of "Among the Breakers" so thor
ogh that the participants will be
asked to visit other parts of the county.
We hope the attendance will be large
and that Manning will be well repre
sented. The evenings are delightful
for a drive and, the fellow that cannot
get a girl to go to Jordan with him can'
find when he gets there, some of the
prettiest and most cultured girls in the
county, who will make him feel that he
ought to get "among the breakers" if
he does not enjoy himself. The enter
tainment will be given free and it is de
serving of a large attendance.
Wants Others to Know.
"I have used DeWitt's Little Early
Risers for constipation and torpid liver
and they are all right. I am glad to
indorse them for I think when we find
a good thing we ought to let others
know it," writes Alfred Heinze, Quin
cy, Ill. They never gripe or distress.
Sure, safe pills. The R. B. Loryea
Drug Store.
Mays DuBose, a Clarendon boy, a
grandson of the late B. A. Walker,
spent a few days in Manning and left
to join his ship at Brooklyn last Mon
day. Mayes enlisted in the navy as an
apprentice and has been promoted to
seaman. He belongs to the great bat
tleship Indiana and has just returned
from the Danish West Indian Islands,
where his ship went to raise the United
States flag over the possessions that
were to be bought from the Danes, but
on account of the failure of the nego
tiations the flag was not raised and the
ship ordered home. On the homeward
cruise they stopped off the Island of
Martinique and saw Mont Pelee at St.
Pierre, the place where now lies a
smoking pile~and rivers of burning lava
are flowing in its destructive course.
He says the mountain was about 5,000
feet high and ran up almost perpendic
ular from the water: all about the
mountain sides were thrifty towns and
cities. The city of St. Pierre, one of
We live by our blood, and on
it. We thrive or starve, as
our blood is rich or poor.
There is nothing else to live
on or by.
Whe'n strength is full and
spirits high, we are being re
freshed, bone muscle and brain,
in body and mind, with con
tinual flow of rich blood.
This is health.
When weak, in low spirits,
no cheer, no spring, when rest
is not rest and epi is not
lep, we~ are sr:. : our blood
is poor; there littie nutri
ment m1 lt.
Back of the blood, is~ food,
to keep the blood rich. When
it faistak Scot ' Emlso
ofCdIilr Soil Itses h
win body gong again-ma
the largest commercial towns on the
island. had a population of over 40,000
and from the reports very few persons
escaped death from the volcanic erup
tion. DuBose talks about his travels
interestingly, that he is pleased with
the officers of the Indiana. but that
naval life is not all tha; adventurous
bovs dream about. He has enlisted for
four years and will try to stick it out,
then he will return to "home, sweet,
sweet home," and settle down with his
own people. He says he reads THE
TIMES regularly and it is a great com
fort to him in his wanderings.
Whooping Cough.
A woman who has had experience
with this disease, tells how to prevent
any dangerous consequences from it.
She says: Our three children took
whooping cough last suirmer. our baby
boy being only three months old, and
owing to our givir.g to them Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy, they lost none of
their plumpness and came out in much
better health than other children whose
parents did not use this remedy. Our
oldest little girl would call lustily for
cough syrui) between whoops.-JESSIE
PINKEY HALL, Springville, Ala. This
Remedv is for sale by The R. B. Lor
yea Drug Store, Isaac M. Loryea, Prop.
Pyny-Balsam Stops the TickIng,
and quickly allays infammation in the throat.
Cannot Charter a Train for the School
The exposition has attracted a tre
mendous travel to the extent that the
railroads are taxed severely to get suf
ficient cars for the transportation of
passe .gers. We regret this very much
as it is a disappointment to many whose
hearts were to be made glad by a yisit
to Charleston. In response to an ap
plication to charter a train -to carry the
school children to the exposition the
following letter has been received by
Wilmington. N. C., May 7. 1902.
Mr. Louis Appelt. Manning. S. C.
DEAR Sia:-Replying to yours 5th. I regret.
under our rules, we cannot arrange to charter
you train to Charleston during Chr.rleston Ex
I enclose you copy of our supplement No. 8 to
S. P. Circular No. B-604 announcing cheap
three-day tickets to Charleston on Tuesday and
Thursday of each week during month of May.
and there wIll be slight reduction in these rates
to Charlestcen for Wagner Day. May ?2nd. Will
furnish you copy of circular announcing rates
for Wagner Day as soon as published.
Yours truly.
G. P. A.
We feel disappointed at this failure,
but feel satisfied had prompt action
been taken when the matter vas first
suggested the children would have been
enabled to see the great show and not a
dollar of the school funds would have
been touched. As it is, no definite ac
tion was taken until very late, and now
we cannot for any priee charter a train.
It will, however, afford us pleasure to
contribute to wards tae expenses of any
school in the county that will go down
and we will also arrange to get them
admtssion tickets free. The Panola
and Pine Grove schools will go we
think, and if the trustees will indicate
the day we will render them all the as
sistance we can, and we make the same
proposition to the other schools in the
Don't Start Wrong.
Don't start the suminer with a lin
gering cough or cold. We all know
what a "summer cold" is. It's the
hardest kind to cure. Often it "hangs
on " through the entire season. Take
it in hand right now. A few doses of
One Minute Cough Cure will set you
right. Sure cure for coughs, colds,
croup, grip, bronchitis, all throat and
lung tr'oubles. Absolutely safe. Acts
at once. Children like it. "One Min
ute Cough Cure is the best cough med
icine I ever used," says J. H. Bowles,
Grovetown, N. H. "I never found
anything else that acted so safely and
quickly." The R. B. Loryea Drug
Come Get Your Money.
Following is a list of the pensioners
of Clarendon county, giving the class
of each and amount r-eceived:
CLASS A-$96.
B3eatson, J D, Paxville: Hilton, T K,
Hobbs, W H H, New Zion: Jeffords,
J J, Alcolu; Robinson, H E, Seloc;
Strange, John P, Manning.
CL ASS C, NO. 1-$48.
Barnes, John H, Foreston; Bell, M
A, Davis Station; Benbow, H L, Davis
Station; Clowney, W J, Bethlehem:
Floyd, P T, Turbeville; Hodge, J C,
Manning: Kirton, S W, Foreston;
Ridgeway, Reuben, Manning'; Tobias,
S R, Foreston.
CLASS C. NO. 2-$19.65.
Andress, H M, Manning; Bagget, B
H, Wilson's; Bochett, Jas Henry, Man
ning; Boyce, Beronie E, Seloc; Brag
don, J J, Manning: Brewer, W A,
Manning; Brown, John A, Clarendon;
Brunson, W J, Manning: Bryant, B R,
Davis Station; Burke, W L, (transfer
red from Sumter): Cobia, WV F, Man
ning: Chewning, J D, Manning; Co
ker, W M, Bethlehem; Driggers, P B,
Manning: Driggers, S H, Alcolu; Du
Bose. C C, Manning: Fann, R A, Al
colu: Flood, Jerry H. Foreston: Ged
dings, 'V W, Paxville; Evans. S H D,
New Zion: Floyd, J F, Sardinia; Floyd,
Jeptha, Saldy Grove: Garrett, T H,
(transferred i.-'om Sumter): Green, E J,
New Zion; G een, WV L, Turbeville;
Griffin, H M, Manning; Hodge, J J,
Paxville: Har ey, Isaac A, Foreston;
Harrington, H E. New~ Zion; Hickman,
W W, Turbes ie; Johnson, Daniel,
Foreston: Kell, J W, Dav is Station:
Lowder, T N, D-avis Station; Lee, A C,
Manning: Lo .der, H L, Manning:
Lowder, J J, Foieston; \ 'ey,
James W, Manning; Mc'M
Manning: Morris, J E, Nel
son. R M, Manning: Pacs .t L solu:
Plowden, S M, Manning; Plowden, G
W, Santee: Reardon, J J, Mouzon:
Reese, A H, Alcolu; Richbour-g, R N,
Davis Station; Ridgill, R A, Claren
don; Roberson, Ellerson, Seloc: Rober
son. Thomas R, Seloc; Stukes, JT W,
Manninz; Scurry. John S. Seloc:
Smith. Samuel M, Turbeville; Strange.
Earvey A. Manning; Strange. J W,.
Manning: Vick, William. Silver: Wal
k-er. .James B, Summerton: Ward, John
A Paxvillc; Windham, -- Manning:
\elch, Jackson, Turbeville: Welch, J
J. Turbeville: White, J B, Manning:
W~itherspoon, R J, DuRants.
CLASS C, NO. 3-948.
Burgess, M E, Manning; Frierson,
Harriett RI, Manning; Gardner, S J,
Jordan: Gibbons, Susan R, Seloc; Fer
guson, (transferred from Spartanburg);
Cures Blood Poison, Cancer, Ulcers, Eczema,
Etc.-Treatment Free.
If you have offensive pimples or erup
tions. ulcers on any part of the body,
aching bones or joints, falling hair mu
cous patches, swollen glands, sore lips,
eatinir, festering sor-es, sharp, gnawing
pains, then --ou suffer from serious
blood poison or the beginnings of dead
l cancer. It is a dangerous condition,
but you may be permanently cured by
taking Botanic Blood Balm (B. B. B.)
made especially to cure the worst blood
diseases. It h'eals every sore or ulcer,
stops all aches and pains and reduces
all swellings. Botanic Blood Balm
cures all malignant blood troubles,such
as eczema, scabs and scales, pimples,
running sores. carbuncles, scrofula, etc.
Especially advised for all obstinate
cases that have reached the second or
third stage. Druggists, $1. Trial
treatment free by writing Dr. Gillam,
Atlanta,Ga. Describe trouble and free
medical advice given. Medicine sent
at once prepaid. For sale by The R. B.
Tyea Drnur Store.
Stone, Dolly, Packsville: Timmons, Re
becca. Manning.
CLASS C, NO. 4- 19.65
Ard, Leonora. Jordan: Barfield. A
-N, Seloc: Barfield, M A, Alcolu: Par
raneau, S L. Jordan: Barrow, S A.
New Zion: Beard, Emily. Seloc: Belk,
Malissa, Manning: Burns, Verline,
Workman: Childers, E V, Jordon: Cla
ry, Mary J, Alcolu: Corbette, Mary,
St. Paul's; Chewning, F E, Felder;
Coker, Margaret A, Seloc: Corbett,
Julia N, Paxville: Evans, Dolly D, New
Zicn: Geddings, T A, Packsville: Gib
bons, M C, New Zion; Gibbons, 'Re
becca, New Zion; Huggins, Ellen J,
M3nning: Hardy, R M, New Zion;
Harrington, Jane, Wilson: Hill, Hulda
H, Paxville: Jeffers, Adeline, Alcolu;
Hudson, Sarah R, New Zion: Johnson,
L E. Paxville: Johnson, Margaret N,
New Zion: Johnson, S E, Manning:
Johnson, Susan. Manning; Kolb, Kez
ziah. Paxville: Kolb, Mary, Paxville:
McLeod. Mary, Paxville: Osban, Q A,
Seloc: Pack. S E, Alcolu: Pack, W L.
Manning: Richardson, M A, Summer
ton: Richbourg, Ann, Plowden's Mill:
Richbourg, Annie, Foreston: Rich
bourg, Carrie, Foreston; Ridgeway,
Erama E. Manning: Ridgeway, Mary
E, Foreston: Ridgill, M S. Manning;
Roberson, Maria, Turbeville; Sports,
Ellen E. Davis Station: Roberson, Han
nah, Turbeville; Timmons, H T, Pax
vi'.le: Tindal. Caroline, Manning: To
bias. Jane W, Manning: Tobias, Sarah
C, Manning: Welch, Isabella, Seloc:
Wheeler, M E, Sardinia; Wilder, Mar
garet L, DuRants; Wilder, Margaret,,
Bethlehem; Wise, Mary E, Manning.
C.A. 0T 3 X A6.
Bean the The Kind You Have Always Bought
A Card.
I take this method of expressing to
the voters of our recent County Conven
tion, my sincere appreciation of the
handsome vote accorded me in the
election of delegates to our coming
State Convention. Man should not,
and seldom does, value anything more
than the kindly feelings of his fellow
man and in thanking you, I am
Sciatic Rheumatism Cured After Fourteen
Years of Suffering.
"1 have been afflicted with sciatic
rheumatism for fourteen years," says
Josh Elgar of Germantown, Cal. "I
was able to be around but constantly
suffered. I tried everything I could
hear of and at last was told to try Cham
beriain's Pain Balm, which I did and
was immediately relieved and in a short
time cured, and I am happy to say it
has not since returned." Why not use
this liniment and get well? It is for
sale by The R. B. Loryea Drug Store,
Isaac M. Loryea, Prop.
An echo is the only thing that can
flimflam a woman out of the last word
Beunhe Th Kind You Have Alwayp Bought
Flatter a woman and she will love
you. Pity her and she will hate you.
Reveals a Great Secret.
It is often asked how such startling
cures; that puzzle the best physicians,
are effected by Dr. King's New Discov
ery for Consumption. Here's the se
cret. It cuts out the phlegm and germ
infected mucus, and lets the life-giving
oxygen enrich and vitalize the blood.
It heals the inflamed, cough-worn
throat and lungs. Hard colds and stub
born coughs soon yield to Dr. King's
New Discovery, the most infallible rem
edy for all Throat and Lung diseases.
Garanteed bottles 50c and $1. Trial
bottles free at The Rl. B. Loryea Drug
.For Congress.
As a candidate for Congress from the
First Congressional District of .South
Carolina in the coming Democratic pri
mary election, I pledge myself to abide
the result thereof ; to support and vote
for the nominee of the party at the gen
eral election; not to become a candi
date if defeated in said primary, and if
elected to cast no vote in opposition to
the principles enunciated in the then
existing National Democratic platform,
always abiding the decision of the
Democratic caucus in the National
Congress during my term of office.
.April 28, 1902.
A town lot measuring about one
acre, high and well located. For par
ticulars apply to
National Game!
The H, Ba Loryea Drug Store
Take pleasure in announcing to the lovers of
the great American Giame that they will have
in stock within the next few days the largest
nd most complete line of
Baseball : Supplies
ever offered to the devotees of the game in Man
ning and Clarendon county,consisting in part of
BASEBALLS, from 5c to $1.50.
BASEBALL BATS. from 5c to $1.50.
BASEBALL MITTS. all prices and styles.
BASEBA LL MASKS. all priccs and styles.
BASEBALL BELTS. all prices and styles.
We take pleasure in purveying to the wants
of those who indulge in this truly magnificent
typical American Game. and shall offer to Man
nir.g Baseball Club and opposing team a superb
Baseball Bat to the nine making the largest
ISAAC M. LORYEA, Proprietor,
Sign of the
Golden Mortar,
- FHONE NO. 2.
Tootof tow n Baseball players wewill'
ldyfurnish information as to prices,
styles, ete. by mail.
1118 18 HOUSE[ 6FiNIN~ IM.
Our festive friend who travels by
night, and although having no wings at
all, never fails to arrive on schedule
time, will soon be abroad in the'land.
His attentions are very marked to those
who sleep.
Housekeepers should prepare a very
warm reception for Mr. Bug. Call at
your drug store for the proper bath for
him. Your druggist will advise you
how to "DO" him. Pack up your win
ter clothes with Tar Balls.
Ahme's 'Drug Store.
Will Repeat the Dose
Our great Wash Goods Sale met with such
a hearty respouse last week that we have
decided to REPEAT THE DOSE.
We have decided to add to our already
large list of attractive bargains a lot of
Pin Cord Dimities that cannot be bought
elsewhere for less than 10c, but we offer
them during this sale at 5c the yard while
they last.
You must not forget that we still have on
hand a large lot of Figured Lawns at 21c
the yard.
St. Gall Dimities at 9c.
Violet Lawns at 9c and lots of other things
equally good bargains.
Why do the people patronize our special
sales so liberally? Because they know we
have just what we advertise; we don't fool
Great Bargains in Millinery
As the wholesale season for Millinery
goods is near at hand we have been able to
close out some astonishing values in first ,
class goods at very low prices, and we now
offer our splendid values to the trade at
pro-portionate prices.
Just Listen at This
Over one hundred Trimmed Hats at $1,
$1.25 and $1.50 that would have cost double
this price in the first of the season.
Nice Sailor Hats from 25c up.
Ribbons of every description at the lowest
possible prices.
In conclusion we insist on you coming to
our Wash Goods and Millinery Sale, the
great event of the season.
'Don't Make aMistake a
...BUJT GO TO...
When needing anything in SPRING DRY GOODS. SHOES, SLIP
Millinery a Specialty I
And any goods found in an up-to-date store.
We are offering special values in
Having a large stock of these we mean to let them go at the
We extend to our friends and the public generally a cordial invi1
tation to call on-us before making their purchases.
Don't Forget Our Clothing.
Remember Our Shoes. 0
Yours for buasiness,
'1he!t DOcr to PcstOmcei.CO
There will be, commencing May 15th, a great Secret
Sale at S. I. Till's. The prices that goods will be sold at
are too low to be published.
Ilt Will Last 30 Days Only~
IWe want you to come and see. You must get every-[
thing you want while you are here, as we cannot ev en fill
'pnone orders at the price goods will be offered at.
It Will be a Profoiund 'ec'ret.
We buy our Goods for CASH. WE SELL FOR
SCASH. We buy direct from mills and manufacturers aud
we are in a position to do you good.
We want to make room in our little place.
ThsSale will commence May 15th and last 30 day s
Yours for prices,
5. I. TILL, Prop.
Go to The Maninog Hardware Companm
Plows, Plow Stocks, Steel Shapes. Hoes, Rakes, Shovels, Guano Horns,
Cotton Rope, Wire Fencing, Clevises, Repair Links, Curry Combs.
We have bargains in Trace Chains, Breast Chains, Hames, Hame
Strings, Back-Bands, Single-Trees, Bridles, Collars, Collar Pads, Grind
Stones, Flat Irons, Axes, Corn Sheilers, Cow Bells, Ox Balls.
We are agents for the Oliver Chilled Plow Company, and have their
Plows in stock; the Deering Harvester Company and the American Field
and Wire Fence Company.
.FPc>r M -Ul1 SupiP 3e.
Valves, Lubricators, Gauge Glasses, Injectors, Inspirators. Black and
Galvanized Pipe, Pumps, Steel Sinks, Compression Bibbs, Bath Tubs,
Steam Gauges, Bolts, Nuts and Washers, Round and Flat Iron, Packing,
Lubricating Oil.
Carpenters' Tools, Leeks, Hinges, Nails, Window Fasteners, Valley
Tin, Eave Troughs, Guttering, etc. Paints, Oils, Varnishes. A splendid
assortment of these: White Lead, Boiled and Raw Linseed Oil, Spirits Tur
pentine, Varnish, Japan Dryer, all colors Cold Water Paint, White and
Colors; Lamp Black.
"Ei'usefuirishi-n g GOOcl.
Everything in Tinware, Crockery, Cooking Stoves, Heaters, Country
Holloware, Spiders, Ovens, Skillets. A nice assortment of Lamps and
Glassware, Wood and Metal Buckets, Stove Repairs, Sad Irons.
3Buggy aLc1 Wagon "E4.epairs.
Axle Points, Bolts, Clips, Anti-Rattlers, Rims, Hubs, Spokes, Shafts,
Buggy Steps, Rubber Cloth.
Cutlery and Spcortng GroocL.
Pocket Cutlery that has stood the test for years. No risk in buying
our Guarauteed Pocket Knives. Shot, Powder, Caps, Fuse, Dynamite,
Canvas Hunting Coats and Legginsg, Rubber Boots.
Very truly,
Manning Hardware Co.
I Virginia=Carolina
Chemical Company,.
Largest Manufacturers of
Fertilizers in the South.
Importers of...
- Pure German Kainit,
Muriate of Potash,
Nitrate'of Soda,
Sulphate of Potash.
It is important in buying your fertilizers, not
only to buy goods of established reputation and high
grade, but to buy where your wants of every
character can be supplied.
We are in position to furnish all classes of
goods and in such quantities as buyers desire. It
will pay you to see us before purchasing.
.Address VirginiaCarolina Chemical .Co.,
Scud forCharleston, S. C. .
OSpigClothing, Hats
DI Sring and Furnishing Goods,
You will find here'the very newest
~ff and up-to-date Suits, Furnishing Goods
') 'and Hats.
We make a specialty of Extra Size,
'~ Stout anid Slim Suits.
On receipt of your letter we will send
you swatches, of Suits, if you are inter
ested in any.
jl ~ In our Tailor Department we have -
Over 500 -Samples
for you to select your Suit or extra
-i. Pants from.
Suits made to your measure from $15
to$850. Pants from $3to $12.
224 KING ST., Opp. Academy of Music, -
CH.K Tr.WST ON.~ - - S- 0
All mail orders promptly attended to by a special salesman.
BuenaVista Land Plaster
Hon. George Geddes, a well-known practical and scientific farmer of
Syracuse, N. Y.,. says: "During all my life gypsum has been in constant
use upon my farm, and I have seen most wonderful advantages."
Hon. Horace Capron, United States Commissioner of Agriculture, says:
"Plaster is one of those things most needed and with least expense pro
duces the heaviest crops of grass and most abundant crops. of corn and
other grain. Stable manure and plaster are the best fertilizers in use, the
result depending on the quantity applied."
Carload Lots, Bul~k, f, o, b, Charleston, S. C,, $5,25,
Sole Selling Agents,.
South Carolina Co-Educational Institute
(S. C. C. I.)
Over :300 Students enrolled last session, representing 1 0 States.
Young men under strict military discipline.
Faculty composed of 21 Colleg~e and University graduates-9 men.
Thorouigh Literary Courses leading to the degree of B. E., B. S. and A. B.
Superior Advantages offered in the Departments of Music, Art and Business.
Four Magnificent, well equipped buildings.
Thousands of dollars recently spent in improvements.
From $100 to s140 covers expenses in Literary Department for the entire
scou erin the past session 1 ("' Boarders were enrolled. A large number
of ap)plications were rejected for want of room. Additional room will be pro
ided Ifornh conempt eding our College, write for catalogue and applica
F. N. K. BAILEY, President,
Next Seion Begins Thursday, Sept. 26, 1901.

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