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Publishes All County and Town Of.
ficial Advertisements.
MANNING, S. C., NOV. 12, 1902.
A Remimder.
QThese cool nignts is no doubt remind
ing many that at the Jenkinson stor<
will be found a large line of Blanket:
and Comforts at prices lower than yoi
can buy them elsewhere
Time is too precious to card cottoi
bats for making Comforts when voi
can buy cotton batting here at our stor<
at 10c per roll or 3 rolls for 25c.
Nice Calicos for making quilts at 4i<
per yard.
Nice 27 inch Sea Island Humpsput
for xuilt lindings at 3jc per yd.
The cool weather will also reminc
vou that here at our store will be founi
a splendid line os ladies, gent's ani
children's wool and cotton underwear
Ladies cotton undervest and drawers t<
match at 25 and 50c each or 50c ani
$1.00 per suit vest and drawers. Al
wool vest for men ladies at $1.00 eaci
or $2.00 per suit vest and pants. The
greatest line of gent's heavy fleecc
lined under shirts and drawers eve:
shown in Manning at 75c per suit vesi
and drawers.
25 doz gent's hervy bleached cantor
flannel elastic seam scrivens paten1
drawers at 50c per pair value 75c.
Advertisers will please re
member that copy for a
change of ad. MUST be in
this office by Saturday Noon in order tc
insure publication the following week.
Manning Street Car Schedule.
Leave Central Hotel corner 9:00 a. m. and 6:2
p. m. for the passenger trains, and the car will
also ineet the freight trains. Arrangement,
have been made with the agent at depot to tele
phone when freight trains are approaching
Fare. 10 cents each way.
Mr. L. M. Ragin of Columbia, was it
Manning last Wednesday
Mr. Frank Barron of Wvsacky spent
a few days here last week.
Miss Lula Smith of Mullens is in
Manning on a visit to her sister Mrs.
Be sure to read the big advertise
ment from Rhame's Drug Store in
every paper.
Mr. F. P. Cooper, traveling corre
spondent for the Columbia State, spent
last Thursday in Manning.
Representatives of fertilizer concerns
are in Manning almost every day
anxious to place their goods with our
There will be preaching at Fellow
ship church next Sunday at a 11:30 a. m.
and 4:00 o'clock p. m. Rev. J. J. Mye rs
will preach.
Mr. C. H. Pack, who formerly lived
in M.anning, now traveling for the Pel
zer Mattress Company. was in Manning
last Monday.
A contract has been given out for
the rebuilding of the water mill on the
Colclough place, now own by THE
TnMS editor.
We were mistaken last week in sav
ing the managers would be paid this
week, they will not get there money
until after Friday.
Under the new jury law .the jury
commissioners have drawn a jury for
the second week of court. Their
names appear elsewhere.
Read Jenkinson's big advertisement
this week, he is hammering p rices flat
and making some of these fellows who
do not advertise grin and look disap
Cotton continues to drop in price,
and in our opinion we need not look
for better prices until the speculators
are convinced they have it all in their
own hands.
W. P. Hawkins & Co. have a fine lot
of horses, and one day last week, they
sold a horse to a gentleman livig in
Williamsport, Pa., and shipped it to
his home, and they also shipped a horse
to a gentleman in Charlestion.
Big times at Panola academy Friday
evening Nov. 14. Dr. C. C. Brown of
Sumter will deliver an address com
mencing at 7 o'clock, after which ovs
ters fruit etc., will be served, proceeds
for the benefit of the school. The pub.
lic is invited.
We had a peculiar dream last night,
it was to the effect, that a party of bird
hunters would soon go out, and they
would have fine sport and good luck,
they would think of us who cannot take
to the fields, and send us a fine brace
of patridges. We told this dream be
fore breakfast, and now we shall wait
to see if Ithere is anything in a dream
coming truelif told before the morning
Our next serial story will be Donald
Donaldson, Jr., by Howard Fielding.
This story is said to be one of Fielding's
best, and the critics have given it much
raise. We want our readers to look
out for the opening chapter. Tell your
friends who do not take THE TIES it
they want to take advantage of the
rich, rare and racy story soon to begir
in this paper they had better send it
their subscriptions at once.
ILovett's Boston Stars were here last
Wednesday evening, and gave a large
audience a most refined and cultured
entertainment. Miss Harvey captured
the audience with her recitals, anc
Miss Bickford was a very charming
singer, Miss Mayo performed very
sweetly on the violin, and Mr. Loet1
kept thie audience in a ripple of mirth.
We hope the lyceum will have the
pleasure of hearing this company
It never pays to allow a business os
any kind to lag. Notice a merchan1
who does not take interest enough it
his business to advertise and you will
notice a man who is either on the roat
to barely exist, failure or compromise.
When you see a merchant who did ad
vertise and withdrew advertising be
cause he wanted to cut down expenses
watch his front door, and see how fre
quent lawyers visit him with claims foi
We want our readers to fail not ir
reading Dr. D). 0. Rhame's advertise
ment is this issue. Dr. Rhame the
Summertoa druggist has made a dead
set to build up a large mailing business
or make the other druggist in the
county get a move on themselves He
i doing a large business and he keep:
any and everything that a first clasn
drug slore will handle. Dr. Rhame is
also a pharmacist of reputation, and his
precription department is already wel
known away from Summerton.
Have you read Marks & Son's adver
tisement in this paper, if you have not
then turn to it at once, and see the
prices they are offering to send you b2
mail or express. Do you know thi
concern, well, they keep at the corne
of King and Calhoun st~reets opposite
the Citadel square, and they certain13
have the Maceys of the State. If yot
wish to make a trial order write foi
samples and they will gladly send them
to you. When writing, please say yot
News reached here last Monday of th<
death of Mr. W. W. Legg at his hom(
at Aunt, Tennessee on last Saturday
The deceased was about 65 years of age
left a widow and nine children, th(
youngest an infant three weeks old
Mr. Legg was a member of the firm o
Legg & Hutchinson of this town, and he
was well and favorably known through
out this section of the State. He mad(
many friends by his strict integrity
and straighforward business methods.
The news of his death is deeply de
plored here.
Last Sunday was a field day of com
pliments for Rev. P. B. Wells, in thE
morning he was given a handsomE
present, and in the afternoon, in re
sponse to an invitation, he preached -
missionary sermon to the colored con
L gregation at Providence a few miles
from Manning. Rev. G. W. Martir
the pastor iu introducing Mr. Wells tc
the congregation did so in the follow
ing eloquent words "I succeeded in get
ting this great and distinguished divine
from Manning, reverend brother P. B.
Wells who is a power behind the throne,
and a son of thunder."
We want our*readers to take special
note of O'Donnell & Co's., advertise
ment, and when they go to Sumter we
hope they will give him a call. The
business men of Sumter, with Mr. Neil
O'Donnell, as one of the leading spirits
have gone to an immense expense tc
attract people their city by employing
Laytons Carnival Company with its
midway shows and its dervishes, and all
manner of attractions to amuse. We
hope there will be big crowds from this
county. The carnival of fan will last
until next Saturday and there will be
fun in high waves. But what we want
to especially impress upon our readers
is. not to let the immense fun they are
bound to have, make them forget that
O'Donnell & Co's., store is the largest
department store outside of Charleston,
in the State, and you can get every
thing you want there at tempting
C. AL T3 W CL IA..
mh The Kind You Have Always Bought
"Because They Love Him."
A very pleasing incident occured last
Sunday morning in the Methodist
churci. Immediately after Rev. P. B.
Wells, the pastor closed his sermon,
Mr. Louis Appelt rose in the co'ngre
gation and asked permission to inter
rupt the service to say a few words,
and having obtained the pastor's per.
mission, Mr. Appelt proceeded to state
the object of his mission, that as the
representative of a large number of
admirers who do not belong to the
Methodist church, and who wished to
demonstrate their love and affection
for Mr. Wells, some of these are mem
bers of the Presbyterian church, some
are Baptists, and others, not members
of any church, but regardless of denomi
nation, faith or creed, all join in testi
fying their love, and he as their spokes.
man presented to Mr. Wells a beauti
ful silver tilter. handsomely chased,
with satin finish, with a gold lined
goblet to match, and on the frontis
piece engraved "Presented to Rev.
Preston Bookter Wells,as a token of es
teem from friends in Manning S.C. 1902"
Fastened to the handle with white
satin ribbons was a roll of parchment
containing the names of the contribu
tors. Mr. Wells in accepting this testi
monial of confidence from his friends,not
members of his church, was naturally
rateful and much affected. He made a
beautiful speech, paid a glowing trib
ute to the people of this community,
referred feelingly to his four years stay
in Manning, and the treatment he re
ceived, and now on the eve of his de
parture for another field this expres
sion from his friends, would always
linger in his memory. He begged Mr.
Appelt to express his thanks to the
kind friends for the beautiful token.
Mr. Wells' talk was touching, many
in the audience were deeply effected,
and the tribute paid to their beloved
pastor, was very gratifying to the mem
bers of the congregation. Mr. Wells
has been living in Manning four years
and under the rules of his church he
can remain no longer, his friends, who
are legion in this community, _desiring
to manifest their esteem for him, con
ceived the idea, to present him with
something which would be useful, and
which could be handed down to his
children as an heir-loom-they ordered
through Mr. S. R. Venning, the jew
eler of this town, the handsome pitcher
presented, and by getting Mr. Ven
ing to order it from one of the lare
concerns he deals with, they had the
advantage of a special selection; Mr.
Venning when ordering wrote to the
concern, stating what the pitcher was
wanted for, and requested a special se
lection to be made, and the article is
one of the handsomest we have ever
seen. The matter was kept quiet un
til the present arrived, and when the
contributions were asked for, the re
sponses came so quick, that within a
few hours the necessary amount was
raised and not one Methodisr was per
mitted to contribute; when the con
tributions were paid in, they were ac
companied by such pleasing remarks
as "I cheerfully give to this, Preacher
Wells is a good man.' 'Why give yes,
with pleasure, I am glad this has been
done.' 'It is a happy thought and shows
our people appreciate faithfullness.' 'I
do wish he did not have to leave us I
feel proud to contribute." Others who
had not been called upon, on learn
ing of what had been done came
voluntarily and asked to be allow
ed to contribute. We mention this
because, it all tends to show with what
regard this servant of God is held in
this community, where for the past
four years he has been in daily contact
with this people.
The presentation was made on Sun
day in his church, because the donors
wished it to be made in the presence
of his fiock, and because it was appro
priate to make the presentation to the
man while he was standing at his post
of duty.
A Startling Surprise.
Very ifewv could believe in looking
atA .Hoadley, a healthy, robust
biaksmith of Tilden, Ind., that for
ten years he suffered such tortures
from rheumatism a few could endure
and live. But a wonderful change
followed his taking Electric Bitters.
" Two bottles wholly cured me," he
writes, "and I have not felt a twinge
in over a year." They regulate the
kidneys, purify the blood and cure
rheumatism, neuralgia, nervousness,
improve digestion and give perfect
health. Try them. Only 50 cts. at
The R. B. Loryea Drug Store.
' Resolution.
At a meeting of the Stewards and
Trustees of the Methodist church held
this week, the following resolution was
Whereas the people of Manning and
this vicinity have given most sincere
expression of the esteem with whicla
tour beloved pastor, Rev. P. B. Wells,
is held, even outside of the Methodist
church, by presenting him with a hand
some gift as a token of their esteem.
Therefore be it resolved:
That we the official Board of the
church desire not only to add our ex
pressions of - love and affection to our
pastor, but also to express our gratitude
to the many friends outside of our
church who have exhibited such ai
manifestation of kindness to him.
Bs he he Kid You Have Always Boughi
Silver Wedding.
Special to The Mannin:g Times.
Perinit, me space in your valuable
paper to report the proceedings of a
beautiful silver wedding which took
place at the home of Mr. C. R. Felder,
on the evening of the 7th, inst., Mr.
and Mrs. C. U. Felder celebrated then
silver wedding.
The hallway and two front rooms of
their residence used as reception rooms
was beautifully decorated with flowers
and ferns. At half past 8 o'clock, not
withstanding the continuous down pour
of rain the iguests began to arrive from
the town of Summerton and surround
ing neighborhood. and by half past
nine the house was well filled with
many friends and relatives. In one
corner of the drawing room was ar
ranged a divan and over this divan was
built a beautiful arch and on opposite
sides of the arch on the walls was tasti
lv arranged these dates 1877-1902. At
ten o'clock the groom appeared with
the bride leaning ou his arm, they took
their position under the arch arranged I
for the ceremony. but. on account of the
inclement weather or other unavoida
ble cause the preacher invited to offi
program was dispensed with, after this t
they took their seats receiving many
congratulations upon their long and
happy life. Notwithstanding the
rapid fleet of year's the bride and
groom seems to be in the vigor of
health and looked the picture of man
and womanhood showing that time had
dealt gently with them. After this
the guests were required to sign their
names in an outograph album specially
arranged for this purpose. The guests
were then escorted to the dining room
where delicious refreshments were
served. The bride and groom were
the recipients of many handsome valua- f
ble and practical presents, aggregating
about two hundred dollars. W.
A Thanksgiving Dinner.
Heavy eating is usually the first h
cause of indigestion. Repeated at- j
tacks inflame the mucous membranes e
lining the stomach, exposes the
nerves of the stomach, producing a
swelling after eating, heartburn, 2
headache, sour risings and finally ca- %
tarrh of the stomach. Kodol relieves C
the inflammation protects the nerves
and cures the catarrh. Kodol cures
indigestion, dyspepsia, all stomach C
troubles by cleansing and sweetening N
the glands of the stomach. The R. n
B. Loryea Drug Store.
Petit Jury. d
Court convenes Nov. 17th. Judge h
Townsend presides.
F. P. Herrington, Workman.
W. L. Brunson, Summerton.
Harmon H. Windham, Manning.
R. T. Geddings, Paxville.
E. J. Brown, Manning.
J. E. Beard, Turbeville.
C. H. Castine, Turbeville.
T. P. Brown, Paxville.
J. P. Tucker, Jordan.
A. XW. Billups, Summerton.
J. G. H. Setzer, Manning.
A. P. Burgess, Manning.
D. S. Wheeler, New Zion.
J. F. McFadden, Bethlehem.
C. F. Rawlinson, Jordan.
H A. Plowden, Wilson.
J. Q. Mathis, St. Paul.
H. F. Stack, Pinewood.
A. P. Hill, Paxville.
G. G. Thames, Foreston.
A. M. White, Manning.
L. P. Hardy, New Zion.
XW. E. Davis, Jordan.
J. A. Brown. Paxville.
C. H. Bradley, Jordan,
T. A. Bradhan, Jr.~ Manning.
XV. D. Gamble. Ne v Zion.1
A. S. Briggs, Summerton. 1
Clarence R. Breedin, Manning.
C. R. F. Baker, Manning.
B. P. Fulton. Foreston.
R. R. Billups, Jr. Sumnmerton.
E. S. McIntosh, Manning. -
Jas. F. Dickson, Manning.J
S. B. Gibson, Manning.
XW. N. Stukes, Paxville.
I A Felder. Felders.
H D Barrineau, Manning.
Jake Harvin, Oakland.
Jno. E. Cousar, Sardinia.
XW E Tisdale, Paxville.
N B Davis, Manning.
C J Haley, Jordan.
J XW Childers, Davis Station.
W A Kilgore, Panola.
J J Carraway. Seloc.r
R F Horton, Davis Station.
J D Gowdy, Seloc.
R J Cuskrey, Summerton.
J R Jones, Manning.
XW M Lewis, Manning.
C C Chewning, St. Paul.
J E Morris, Seloc.
J C Rilgeway, Manning.(
F L Morris, Turbeville.
S A Hunter, St. Paul.
T S Rogan. Summerton.
J M Bradham, Manning.]
R D Clark, Manning.
A J White, Jr., Manning.
T L Bagnal, Foreston.
Jos L XWells, Manning.
JT E Hodge, Manning.r
Fred Lesesne. St. Paul.u
A J Walters, Summerton.1
C R Felder, Felders.
T H Gentry, Summerton.
L T Seymore, Manning.1
C W Brown, Panola.
W P Gardner. Manning.
J1 C Johnson, Manning.
J A Burgess, Foreston.
Luck in Thirteen.
By sending 13 miles Win. Spirey of
Walton Furnace, Vt., got a box of
Bucklen's Arnica Salve, that wholly
cured a horrible fever sore on his leg.
Nothing else could. Positively cures
bruises, felons, ulcers, eruptions,
boils, burns, corns and piles. Only -
2c. Guaranteed by The R. B. Lor
yea Drug Store.I
Charlie Epps Takes Unto Himself A Wife.
Walterboro, Nov. 7.-One of the pret
tiest home weddings ever seen in this1
town was celebrated at the home of
Mr. John M. Klein yesterday at high ~
noon. The contracting parties were
Dr. Chas. J. Epps of Columbia and Miss
Agnes Klein, sister of Mr. J. M. Klein
of this place. Rev. XV. C. Kirk-land of
the Methodist church performed the
The parlors were beautifully deco
rated with-rons, chrysanthemums and
evergreens and presented a scene of
loveliness. f
There were only a few intimate
friends of the parties at the .ceremony, ~
but hosts of them enjoyed the delight- ~
ful reception which was given after
ward. and vied with each other in the
crdiality of their well wishes for the
happiness and prosperity of the happy
uple. They received quite a number I
of presents, a great many of which
w re very handsome.
Dr. Ep'ps is now connected with The
Murray Drug Co. of Columbia, but was
ix the drug business here for a number
'f years. He is a young man of ability
and character and makes friends wher
ever he goes. He is consid.ered as one
of the best pharmacists in the State. _
Miss Klein is one of Walterboro's
fairest and sweetest maidens. She is a E
young lady of culture and is highly ac
complished, especially in music. She
has a list of friends who i-egret to see
her leave.
The happy pair left on the afternoon
train for Savannah. A fter spending a
fewv days there they will return to
Columbia where they'will make theirj
future home. They were accompanied C
as far as Green Pond by a large number
of admiring friends who showered ong
them much rich and many blessings.I C
May they be happy and prosperous I
as they so richly deserve.-State.
Bring -ur Job Work to The Timies office. I
S. I. Till's, next door to Rigby's.
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Rice Flour at The Manning Grocery
Underwear at any price, at S. I.
Sample Gloves and Hats at S. I.
"P. P. P." and Obelisk Flour at The
Ianning Grocery Co.
Buy your goods frcm the man that
;ells cheap, S. I. Till.
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rhe R. B. Loryea Drug Store.
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tud low price maker, S. I. Till.
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eed. The R. B. Loryea Drug Store.
Four Dozen men's heavy Canton
lannel Elastic Seam Draws 50c at S.
For Sale-500 acres of first class to
acco land. For information apply at
his office.
Wanted-Standard Yellow Pine Ties
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eston, S. C. [11-t
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M furniture. Bright colors, 50c per
ard, at S. I. Till's.
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son-Bons for your sweetheart always
resh at Rhame's Drug Store.
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ad, in the latest styles, at Venning's
ewelry Store. Also Tablets very ___
For Rent-Residence of Mrs. E. C.
Lisbrook, $15 per month. Address
Irs. E. C. Alsbrook, 1408 Bull St.,
'olumbia, S. C.
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>ats, also a few hundred bushels of
Vood's Rust Proof Oats at The Man
ing Grocery Co.
Orange Blossoms are blooming. Go
S. R. Venning's and buy your Wed
ing Presents. He has a large and
andsome line. Levi block.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
signatre of r, ,
L BECAUSE Uniform courtesy is ex
S~ , tended to all patrons, whether rich or
poor, white or colored
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USE. Our Pscr2 *iptinDpr
ceutical principles.
kt Es2th and Skii are exhiied fist,
last and nil the time.
* BECAUSE Night calls are cheerfully.
)LJL. courtouly and promptly responded
P.-1 BECAUSE ey aloyand mal
th "wECA USE Waresaet s frT. W
Garden Seed, Seed that will germi
nate, and which secured the meda
for general excellence from the Paris~
Exposition of 1900.
)t .EC^A T1 *STeOC*"FOODs
COMPANY'S Products. We have
many unsolicited testimonials regard
ing their efficacy.
.Oth. ledyko?" And'teae f lly
aware that THE R. B. LORYEA
DRUG STORE is cornceded to be
the Ideal Drug Store of Clarendon
For Twenty-eight years THE R. B. LORYEA
RUG STORE has met every demand made
n them and while --en may come ad men -
ke a beacon and shines for all.
ll[ R. B. [ORYE DRuG 8IORE
ISAAC M, LORYEA, Proprietor,
Sign of the
Golden Mortar,
'=>H ON E NO. 2.
g/~Mail Orders receive immediate attention.
f You are Down
With the Blues
Read the 27th Psalm; if you feel
>nesome and unprotected, read the
1st Psalm; if you are out of sorts. read
be 12th Chapter of Hebrews; if people
elt you with hard words read the 15th
~hapter -of John; if you don't know
there to look for a month's rent, read
be 37th Psalm: if there is a chilly sen
ation about the heart, read the 6th__
:hapter of Revelations, 7th and 9th
erses; if you find yourself losing con
dence in men, read the first Chapter
f 1st Corinthians: if the stovepipe has
llen down and the cook has gone off
2 a fret, put up the pipe, wash your
ands, read the 3rd Chapter of James,
d then regain your good humor by__
alling at my optical parlor andI be fit
d to a comfortable pair of perfectly
ade glasses.
E. A.Bult man,
suratei-, - s. c.
Dr. Hlighsmith in permanent charge
f Optical Department.
Furniture Paint
Sumnmerton, S. C.I
Every Day at
Rhame's Drug Store,
Sunnerton, S. C.
Mail Orders
Filled the day received at
Ordered for you to look at, subject to
return if not satisfactory; by
Our Specialties:
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Sure relief.
R. F. Teething Powders, 25c.
Quiet the baby.
R. F. Cough Syrup, 25c..
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Summerton, S. C.
Instantaneous Tapioca, 10c.
Baker's Chocolate, 1-2 lb., 20c.
Huyler's Bon-Bons and Candies, Reg
ula'r Prices.
Pink and White Gelatin, 10c. and 15c.
dayare ettin ready to supply your wants for the eoli
dasad Chtristmas. Don't forg-et our goods and prices are
here for YOU to see FREE of cost.
We expect to please you.
Summerton, S. C.
And Hung the Latch Strings
on the Outside of the Gate.
We desire to express to the trade of Manning and
Clarendon county our sincere thanks for their liberal pat
ronage during the first half of this the fall season of 1902.
It has solved to our satisfaction many premeditated prob
lems, and points us on to higher aims in the next six
weeks to come.
We are keeping our magnificent stock right up to the
standard with crisp, new arrivals of the best goods from
the best markets and at thc best, lowest prices.
We must sell thousands of dollars worth of all kinds
of goods in the next few weeks to make room for our
Xmas Goods that we aim to outstrip all our former show -
ings. So now in order to make this necessary room,
hence the matchless bargains.
Several hundred pairs of Ladies' Shoes, 3 to 5, at
yur own price to move them quick. This lot of Shoes is
the greatest bargain ever offered you, and if your size is
among the lot you will save money by buying these Shoes
now, and don't forget, if we can't fit you from this JOB
LOT we certainly can size you up from our great HAM
ILTON-BROWN Shoes and then you will be a pleased
New Percales. cI
ONE LOT, NE JT, Dark Percales, regular10
values, for 7Mc.
ONE LOT, NE W1/, 1902 Cloth for Skirts, 54 inches
wide, at 50c
ONvE L OT, NE W, Full 10-4 Brown Sheeting at
1 9c.
Just received, large shipment of the renowned Vigi -
lant Corsets, in both long and short styles, at 50c.
Also the great Straight Front Corsets at 50c.I
One case of that famous Ribbed Misses' Hose at $1
per dozen pairs.
We are also offering bargains in
Dress Goods, Silks,
VELVETS, CLOTHING, and in fact everything in our
Join the crowd and come to our' big store.E
Something new to show you ev ery day in the week.
O ld 38.A. RuGBY.
If It's
Fine Clothes
You Want
Just step right in here and we
can show you Suits that are
made by the very best tailors,
and that have the right hang
to them as long as they are
worn. We have all the Styl
ish Cuts as high as $20 and as
low as 85.
No other house can show ONE OTNE ATEST
such values. Come and
A pleasure to show you D NE
through each department. NE CLPTH KG
Shoes -
$3.50 and $4.
Our Shoe Stock is complete, embracing all
Why pay more than $3.50 or $4 for a shoe?
In the
you.get style and wear.
You are always welcome whether you buy
~4 or not
6 S. Main St., - SUMTER, S. C.
'Phone 1"70.
yoF oetithtwll p ilesro eaty
Ther e aire lots of. new ideas in Suits this season
and we w ould like for our Clarendon friends to
drop in and make their selections while the- as
sortment is full.
We have good, Serviceable Suits formn$ . 0
alo.a.. ........ ....
Medium grades at $6.50, $7.50 and. .... ... .5 0*
And much finer grades at $10, $12, $13 and 20.00.
Boys' Suits from 81 up to... .... .... ......8.50.*
A call from you will be very much appreciated.

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