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MANNING. S. C., JAN. 28, 1903.
r months......--- --- .------ .---- .
One square, one time. 51: each subsequent in
Jsertion, 50 cents. Obituaries and Tributes of
Respect charged for as regular advertisements.
Liberal contracts made for three, six and twelve
Communieations must be accornpanied by the
real -name and address of the writer in order to
receive - tention.
No coimunication of a personal character
will be published except as an advertisement.
Entered at the Postofflee at Manning as See
ond Class matter.
It is no wonder that biennial
sessions are growing in demand,
when it is considered how some
legislators employ their time.
Instead of studying out legisa
tion which is for the pie's in
ter a a som lawmakers
ly have in view something
which may suit their individual
callings, or something which
might prevent or aid some par
ticular scheme in which the leg
islator, or a personal friend is
interested in, and which is abso
lutely of no benefit to the public
We find a bill introduced to
require railroads to give free
transportation to State and
county officers, and this measure
will have support we have no
doubt. The sitting of the legis
lature costs about $1000 per day
and this money comes out of the
pkets of the taxpayers gener
ally, how is a bill to give a spe
cial class of individuals the lux
ury of free transportation to ben
efit the taxpayers? Our view of
this, is that should the bill be
come a law, it will be unconsti
tutional, as much so as would an
Act confiscating the receipts from
passenger traffic, and aside from
that, it is an unjust and an un
reasonable requirement; had the
bill provided for free transporta
tion for the' public, we might
have attributed it to zeal, but as
it only undertakes to save money
for office holding politicians we
must think it is an effort to
"stand in" with the vote getters,
uild for the future at the ex
pense railroads. It is
just as reasonable to require the
railroads to provide food and
clothing for State and county
officials, as it is to require them
to furnish free transportation.
Suppose the railroads did give
free transpor'tation, as they did
before the free pass act was
passed, how, many State and
county officials would refuse to
collect and pocket mileage when
traveling on official business?
Before the free pass act, the
railroads made it a practice to
send passes to -members of the
legislature, and to sheriff's, and
these officers used them, but
when tif~y traveled on official
- -isines, and made out their ac
counts, mileage was one of the
miain features-not railroad mile
age at three cents per mile, but
statutory mileage at ten cents
per mile, when the fact is they
did not pay out one cent. Was
anything saved to the taxpayers,
by these officers having free
transportation? Then if there is
nothing to be saved to the tax
payers, why take up the time of
the legislature, especially when
there is a cry for an increase of
taxation. The State and county
officers solicit the positions and
very frequently spend money to
get them, there must be some
thing in them worth the seeking,
they know the salaries attached,
and there is no law compelling
the acceptance, therefore we see
no reason for the legislature to
oppress railroads for the bene
fit of a number of stall-fed offi
cers. ~ Instead of a bill to give
transportation to officers, a bill
to compel the roads to provide
better schedules, and indiscrimi
nate freight rates would have
some good in it for the general
public. We hope the Florence
Senatcr's bill will be defeated,
because we are opposed to our
* legislature resorting to a "hold
up" policy.
There should be a law enacted
and enforced which will protect
the public from being cheated in
weights. If the penalty for
cheating in weights and meas
ures were to be confiscation of
property, we would not hear so
many complaints as we do these
days, we certainly would not
hear of any incidents which
would result in a man getting
2100 pounds for 1700 pounds be
cause he required the parties to
weigh what he purchased on the
same scales that he sold his
*product on. Whether there is
any just ground for the many
complaints of short weights or
not, the complaints are current,
and it is proper that steps be
taken to give the people protec
tion; we sincerely hope that our
legislators will at this very ses
sion, have enacted a law, with a
confiscation penalty to teach
those who will not know, that it
takes 2000 ~pounds to make a
short ton, and 2240 pounds to
make a long ton. We have been
told by a party who stands high
in the county, that should it be
come necessary, he will make
affidavit to the effect, that he is
out of pocket about $90 on short
weights this season; if the law
confiscated the property of an
other who is caught giving short
weights, such a complaint would
hardly be, unless by some acci
dent scales get out of fix, but
~when found out, those who were
sufferers, restitution ivould be
made to them voluntarily and
We hope the newspapers of
the State will not continue their
discussions of the Gonzales trag
edy, and let the law take its
course without creating senti- I
ment for or against the unfortu
nate man who must anvswer for
his deed in the courts.
How's This?
We offer One HiuntIred Dollars Reward for
any Case of Catarrh that cainnot be cured by
Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY & Co.. Prop,,.. Toledo, 0.
We. the undersrind. have knowr. F. J. Chenev
for the last 15 ye. a nd believe him perfectl.v
nonorable in all business transactionsand linan
cilly able to carry out any obli::ations made by
their firm.
WEST & TRuA,. wholesale drugirists. Tolet lo..
WALDNG, KDNNAN & MAav:x. wholesale (h'::
gists. Toledo. 0.
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directly upon the blood and mucous surraces of
the system. Price 75c. per bottle. Sold by ail
druggists. Testimonials free.
Hall's Family Pills arc the best.
Henry M. Teller has been re
elected United States Senator
from Colorado after a hotly con
tested race. in which he received
the support of the Democrats.
The Republicans refuse to accept
his.election and there is likely to
be a.contest on the floor of the
Senate. Teller has been a Re
publican all of his life, but on
account of his silver views broke
with his party and acted with
the Democrats on the money
question and the policy of the
government in the Philippines.
A Liberal Offer.
The undersigned will give a free
sample of Chamberlain's Stomach
and Li'ver Tablets to any one want
ing a reliable remedy for disorders of
the stomach, biliousness or constipa
tion. Ttiis is a new remedy and a
good one. The R. B. Loryca Drug
Store, Isaac M. Loryea, Prop.
Governor McSweeney has now
retired to private life, and after
two terms as Governor of South
Carolina he left that exalted po
sition with honor to himself, and
glory to the State. His admin
istration was a success from
every standpoint, and we sin
cerely believe he was one of the
best governors the State has
had, and in our opinion, the best
since 1880. We hope the gov
ernor will not remain in private
life, because the State needs the
services of just such men as
Miles B. McSweeney.
Finds Way to Live Long.
The startling aanouncement of a
Discovery that will surely lengthen
life is made by editor 0. H. Downey
of Cburobusco, Ind. "I wish to
state," he writes, "that Dr. King's
Yew Discovery for Consumption is
the most infallible remedy that I
have ever known for coughs, colds
atd grip. It's invaluable to people
with weak lungs. Having this won
derful medicine no one need dread
pneumonia or consumption. Its re
lief is instant and cure certain." The
R. B. Loryea Drug Store guarantees
every 50e and .$1 bottle, and give
trial bottles free.
We salute our new governor
D. C. Heyward, and from the
tone of his inaugural address we
believe his administration will
be thoroughly business, and not
sensational. Governor Heyward
enters upon the discharge of his
duties at a time when the whole
State is at peace, there are no
warring factions, and the old
Ship of State is sailing upon a
calr1 sea, we have every confi
dence in the helmsman, that he
will keep her pointing forward
and onward we have not the
slightest doubt; the more we see:
of the man the better are we
pleased with him. His address*
when he took oath of office, con
vinced us that he is a man who
stands for something. He is not
a figure on dress parade, but a
man of practical ideas, just, and
Dislocated Her Shoulder.
Mrs. Johanna Soderholm of Fergus
Falls, Minn., feil and dislocated her
shoulder. She had a surgeon get it
back in place as soon as possible, but
it was quite sore and pained her very
much. Her son mentioned that he
had seen Chamberlain's Pain Balm
advertised for sprains and soreness,
and she asked him to buy her a bot
tle of it, which he did. It quickly
relieved her and enabled her to sleep
wich she had not done for several
days. The son was so much pleased
with the relief it gave his mother
that he has since recommended it to
many others. For sale by The R. B.
Loryea Drug Store, Isaae M. Loryea,
We agree with Mr. Lesesne in
his opposition to a bill providing
for ten year convicts to serve
sentences on public works. The
limit for chaingang now is five
vears. Mr. Lesesne thinks five
years is enough for a man to
serve on the chaingang, and so
do we. Whether five years are
enough or not, our opposition is
based upon the ground, that it
opens up soft places for convicts
of manslaughter-gentlemen con
victs, who if they are white men,
instead of picking rock in the
penitentiary, they would go on
their home chaingang's and vir
tually be employees instead of
convicts. We also agree with
Mr. Lesesne in the suggestion
that the chaingangs should come
under legislative regulations,
which will afford some protection
from cruelty for the helpless un
fortunates who are serving sen
tence, for possibly, some mis
demeanor, or breach of contract
with a man who would not pay
him for his labor, or forced him
by bad treatment to break the
contract when the time was near
ly out, to avoid payment.
Unconscious From Croup.
During a sudden and terrible at
ack of croup our little girl was un
cnscious from strangulation, says
A. L. Spafford, postmaster, Chester,
Mib., and a dose of One Minute
Cough Cure was administered and
repeated often. It reduced the swel
lng and inflammation, cut the mu
us and shortly the child was resting
easy and speedily recovered. It
ures coughs, colds, ha grippe, and
all throat and lung troubles. One
Minute Cough Cure lingers in the
throat and chest and enables the
lungs to contribute pure, health-gi v
ing oxygen to the biood. The R. B.
Somc of the newspapers are
going into hysterics because, at a
recent State reception given by
President Roosecvelt, negroes at
tended. Negroes have been at
tending the president's pubEc r,
receptions ever since the days
when Grant was president. We
remember during Cleveland's
administration Fred Douglas
with his white wife were con- F
suicuous attendants at these
functions, and we see no reason.
at this late day to make so
much ado over such things.
The negroes at the prsi
dent's recent reception wer. ,
ofticials of thc government, and
their wives, a custom that his
been in vogue. A public recep- a
ton is in no wise a social affair- s
merely a prefunctory custom Y'
which all of the president's have j,
given at the IVhitc House. Those ti
who do not wish to attend them o
need not do so, and those that sl
do, are not compelled to recog- a
nize on a social plane the people n
they see there. At a public re
(eption given by the president 1
all manner and conditions of peo- a
le go, to hear the music and to oi
see the elaborate display of gor- P
gous costumes, the same as if d
they went to attend the "grand
opening" of a large department
store in a fashionable city, or the
launching of a battle ship.
The peculiar cough which indi
cates croup, is usually well known to
the mothers of croupy children. No
time should be lost in the treatment U
of it, and for this purpose no medi- I
cine has received moi-e universal ap- o:
proval than Chamberlain's Cough a:
Remedy. Do not waste valuable ci
time in experimentlng with untried
remedies, no matter how highy they n
may be recommended, but give this a
medicine as directed and all symp- 1N
toms of croup will quickly disappear. a
For sale by The R. B. Loryea Drug P
Store, Isaac M. Loryea, Prop. t
Senator Stanland of Dorches- ti
ter has introduced a bill which
should become a law by all d
means. and it would be com
mendable indeed if the bill could
go through both houses without
a dissenting vote. The bill seeks
to amend the law relating to pri
mary elections, so as to permit
watchers at the primaries. and
to prohibit men from having E
their names on more than one
poll list, and also to require y
every voter to vote in the district I
in which he resides. The last g
primary election brought about
a condition which makes it nec
essarv to demand such legisla- n
tion. It is an outrage for men ~
to have their names on several
clubs, and as the result of the pri- t<
mary it has been proven beyond d
a question of doubt that in some,t
at least in one county, more votest
were polled than there are qual- b
ified white voters, notwithstand
ing the known fact that not less d
than 250 voters remained away
from the polls in the second pri
mary. We account for the fraud -
in the loose manner of having
the names of voters on a number1
of clubs, the initials of the voter
being different at each club for
the purpose of repeating, and
which was done to the extent, that v
by such fraud a majority of the
legally qualified voters who did
participate in the election were
:efeated of their choice. A law L
: the statute books making it a
iisdemeanor for the name of a A
voter to be on more than one poll
ist, with the further require
nent that no man can vote out- L
side of the township in which heL
Lesides, will put a stop to a prac-A
ice which is calculated to smash
ny party, and to invite into high
places the venal and corrupt.
We heartily approve of the Stan
Land bill, and we believe it wille
ippeal to the good sense and
donesty of the General Assem-di
R U TS___________________________________.
_________ _________ - . ce
weak but not sick enough 3.
to go to bed.
"Chronic cases" that's
what the doctors call them,
which in common English
means-iong sickness.
To stop the continued
oss of flesh they need a
Scott's Emulsion. For the L
eeling of weakness they A
need Scott's Emulsion. c.
It makes new flesh and
ives new life to the weak
Scott's Emulsion gets '
:hin and weak persons out L
>f the rut. It makes new,
-ich blood, strengthens the
erves and gives appetite
or ordinary food.
Scott's Emulsion can be
aken as long as sickness
asts and do good all the r
:Ime. 5
There's new strength g
mnd flesh in every dose. A
n. . We wili be glad i
to send you a few .
doses free.
eth othat thi pictureti
409 Pearl St., N. Y.
County of Clarmndon,
eadus June, Henry Butler, Mary
Eliza Tindal and Alec Tindal, in his
own right, and as guardian ad litem
for Alice Tindal, Pozie Tindal and
Joel June, infants, Plaintiffs,
urman June, Charles Lee June, Har
vey Miller, James M1iller, Eulalee
Miller and J. W. NeLeod, Defend
(Complaint Served.)
o the defendants above named:
You are hereby summoned and re
aired to answer the complaint in this
tion of which a copy is herewith
,rved upon you, and to serve a copy of
>ur answer to the said complaint on
ie subscriber at his offce at Manning,
said county within twenty days after
ie service hereof; exclusive of the day
such service; and if you fail to an
-er the comnlaint within the time
cresaid, the -plaintiff in this action
ill apply to the court for the relief de
anded in the complaint.
The defendants, Charles Lee June and
arvey Miller, will take notice, that
ie Summons and Complaint in the
Dore entitled action was filed in the
lice of the Clerk of Court of Common
leas for Clarendon ccunty on the 23d
iy of January, A. D. 190k.
Dated January 23d, 1903.
26-6t] Plaintiffs Attorney.
County of Clarenden.
y James M. Windhain, Esq., Judge
of Probate.
[HEREAS, John S. Wilson made
suit to me, to grant him Letters
C Administration of the Estate of
ad effects of Samuel M . Nexsen, de
These are therefore to cite and ad
konish all and singular the kindred
nd creditors of the said Samuel M.
'exsen, deceased, that they be and
ppear before me, in the Court of
robate, to be held at Manning on
,e 12th day of February next after
ublication thereof, at 11 o'clock in
ae forenoon, to show cause, if any
:ey have, why the said administra
on should not be granted.
Given under my hand, this 26th
ay of January, A. D. 1903.
rsEAL.] Judge of Probate.
County of Clarendon,
:y James M. Windham, Esq., Judge
of Probate.
V HEREAS, J. H. Timmons, Clerk
of Court, made suit to me, to
rant him Letters of Administration
f the estate and efreets of M. A.
oker, deceased.
These are therefore to cite and ad
ionish all and singular the kindred
nd creditors of the said 1. A. Coker,
eceased, that they be and appear
efore me, in the Court of Probate,
ybe held at Manning on the seventh
ay of March next after publication
2ereof, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon,
ys 'w cause, if any they have, why
2e adid administrat~ion should not
e granted.
Given under my hand, this 24th
ay of January, A. D. 1903.
[sEAL.] Judge of Probate.
(OALzs-ros, S. C., A pri 13, 1902.
OIn and after this date :he following4
issen:,er sebedule will be trs effeet:
*35. '23. *53.
vFiorence, 3.00 A 7.55 P. 4
v Kingstree, 3.56 9.07
r L:%nes, 4 11 9.27 7.32P?.4
rCharleston, 5.40 -11.15 9.10 4
*78. *32. '52.
r Charleston, 6.45 A. 4.45 P. 7.00 A4
r Lanes. 8.16 6.10 8.35
v Kingstree, 8.32 6.25
eFlorence, 9.30 7.204
'Daily. t Daily except Sunday.4
No. 52 runs throngh to Columbia via
niral R. r. f 8. C.
Trains Nos. 78 and 32 run via Wilson
iii Fayvettevillec-Short Line-and ma~ke
o.ecinnection for all points North. 4
Trains on C. & D. I. R. leave Florence4
ily except Sunday 9.55 a mn, arive Der.
igton 10.28 a mn, Che~raw, 11.40 a ni,4
'adesbioro 12.35 y mn. Leave Fborence
iy except Sunday, 8.00 p mn, arrive Dar
rigton, 6.25 p mn, [Iartsville 9.2C p mn
ennetsville 9.21 p mn, Gibson 9.45 p mu.
eave Fiorn ce Sunday only 9.55 a in, ar
ye Dail .niton 10.27. Hlartsville 11.10 4
Leave Gibson daily except Sundlay 6.35
mu, Benunettville 0.59 a um, arrive Darling.4
ni 7.50 a mn. Leave Ilartsville daily ex-4
pt Sunday 7.00 a in, arrive Darlington
5S a in, leave Darlington 8.55 a in, arrive4
orence 9.20 a mu. Leave Wadesboro daily
cept Sunday 4 25 p im, Cheraw 5.15 p mu,
zriington 6.29 p mu, arrive Florence 7 p4
.Lea~ve Uartsville Sunday only 8.15 a in
arlin'gton 9.00 a to, arrive Florence 9.2
Gen'l Manager. Gen'l Sup't.
T. M. EMER~SON, Truffic Manaiger.4
IU. M. E.IERSOUN, Grn'I Passi. Agint.
55. 35 51.
i Wiinmington,'t3.45 P. tO 00 A.
v Marion, 6.40 8 45
:Florence, 7:25 9 25
r Florence. *800 -3.30 A.
v Snmter, 9.15 *9 25
SColumbia, 10.40 11 05 -
No 52 ruus throtgh. fro:u Charle.,n via.
-nira! I. R., leaving Charlestenm U 40 a mu
mnes 8 15 a mu, Manting 8 57 a mu.
54. 53. 50
:C .:, *55A. '440P.
- aster, 8.20 (.13
.+ te, 820 *6.19
Florence, 9 30 7.35 17 40P.
F1orett, 10.10 8 .15
Li Mr.on, 10.53 8 51
Wiingtonr, 1 4'0 11 :3t
'Daily. ?Dai: i xeept Sunday
No. 5,3 rns throug'h to Charleston, S. C.
(Centaa R. It, arriving .Manning 6.53
am, Lanes, 7.35 p im, Chaleston-9.20 y mn.
Train No. 53 makes close connection, at
;~;er v.0.h:rin No. 59, arriving Lanes
L5 a e, Chailes.ton 11 3.3 a m, Te~ns
iorsdaa s an.: Satumrdays.
Trains on Conway franch leave Chad
are 12. '1 a m2, a?rrive Coniwaiy 2 20 p ii.
urnminzg leave Couway 2.55 p mi, arrive
adbona 5 20 p it, leave Chadboomn,
5 p im, arrive ait Elrod 8.10 p m,.
ura1 ..- invau Elrodl 8.40 a in, arrive
udlm-o 1 i*5 ai.Dilyv e-Xcept sun
H. LI. EMERSON, Gen'l Pa.-.s. Atw-n t
RI. KENLY, Gen'l M1anager.
M. EMERtSON, Traffic Manager
TPhone No. 25.
Rri ignnor Job Work to The Times offins.
TBt F ari
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ar store, made of the best material and at
cating O i onhebest quality and at low .
olicit the trade of the people of Clarendon
n we have had business for so many years. .
3. DuRant, Sn'r, N
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