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iEhc Emning Eimwe. K
Publishes All County and Town Of- E
ficial Advertisements. o
MANNING, S. C., AUG. 26, 1903.
Advertisers will please re- ti
member that copy for a si
change of ad. MUST be in tI
this office by Saturday Noon in order to b
insure publication the following week. aI
Manning Street Car Schedule.
Leave Central Hotel corner 9:00 a. m. and 6:45 e
p. m. for the passenger trains. and the car will
also meet the freight trains. Arrangements el
have been made with the agent at depot to tele- u
phone when freight trains are approaching to
Fare. 10 cents each war.
Mr. F. C. Thomas left last Monday
for Glenn Springs.
Mr. J. H. Rigby has returned from F,
the northern markets. d
Col. R. C. Richardson of Fulton spent L
yesterday in Manning. al
Mr. J. W. Rigby and wife are back Ii
home from the mountains. P,
Miss Athena Mellette of Davis won TJ
the Winthrop scholarship. Bi
The naval stores factory is buying 1.
quantities of fat lightwood. 26
There is a house and lot in this town
for sale. See notice in another column. i
Died vesterday, Bessie, the two year 60
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. White. le
Miss Ethel Carson of Sumter is the
guest of Misses Mayme and Lulie Har
Mrs. 0. E. Bostick, son and daughter s
of Sumter are visiting Mrs. C. R. Har
vin. ec
Mr. J. H. Mahoney of Silver had the no
misfortune to lose by death his valuable fo
horse. St
Died on last Monday Maj. Charles H.
Smith, known to the reading public as
"Bill Arp."
Mr. J. W. Lesesne is now filling the Pt
position of cashier of the Sumter Sav- ha
ings Bank temporarily. ti(
Mrs. D. R. Reaves of Manning and ou
Mrs. D. A. Autry of Georgia are visit- de
ing in Lancaster county. w<
Mr. Julius A. Schwerin of Sumter is at
in Manning hanging wall paper in the in
residence of Mr. Louis Levi. UT
The correspondence between "Pine
wood Prophet" and "J. H. L." seems to A
have created considerable talk. er
Mr. C. S. Lowder is now a salesman in re
the store of Mr. D. Hirschmann, where T
he will be pleased to see his friends. pa
Mrs. Pearle Breedin Robson of Mc
Coll is in Manning on a visit to her
parents Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Breedin.
Mr. J. M. Chandler of the clothing sa
firm of Cuttino & Chandler of Sumter er
spent yesterday in Manning hunting H
Mr. H. Bolin Tindal formerly of c~
Clarendon has recently been elected P
one of the alderman of t~ie city of
We see it stated that Mr. S. W. Mc- T)
Intosh of Workman contemplates open- D<
ing a mercantile business in the town R.
of Kingstree. We hope he will change
his mind and come here.
When you want a physic that is mild to
and gentle, easy to take and certain to wl
act, always use Chambeazlain's Stomach in
and Liver Tablets. For sale by The R. va
B. Loryea Drug Store, Isaac M. Loryea, di
Prop. re
Every farmersshould try attend the M
mass meeting here next Saturday, and bt
see to it that business is transacted. es
There is no necessity for a lot of va
speeches, it is the making of a lot of uf
speeches that tire the pople out and ca
throw a damper on the obect. pe
Mr. J. H. Lesesne requests us to state at
that he is not the "J. H. L." whose i
z-rticles appear in the controversy with tir
"Fronher.," that he does not know who c
J. U.~L. ot Prophet are, and that he s
knows nothing about the subject oft'he a
controversy except what he has read. sh
The tobacco warehouses are not to w
blame for the low price of tobacco. We
know it to be a fact that a large quan- f
tity of tobacco has been bought by the a
management of the People's warehouse. l
which it can find no market for and is l
compelled to hold with a probable loss. ~
Mr. Ralph D. Epps recently returned st
from the Philippines where he was em- tu
ployed by the United States govern- pc
ment as a teacher, was in Manning last ar
Thursday, accompanied by his father in
Mr. Isaac Epps of Williamsburg, on a
visit to Mr. E. E. Dickson and Mrs.
M'., M. David.
On the evening of September 9th, at
the Institute hall Col. John J. Dargan si
and his accomplished daughters will m
give one of their delightful entertain
ments. Col. Dargan'sl~ectures on South D
Carolina history -are very imstructive t
and everybody should go out. This is
not a traveling show, .but a family of t
refined people who are on an educa- lv
tional mission.
Mr. W. E. James Jr., who was sent e
here from Darlington by the Inde
-pendent Oil Company, has been ordered
to Hamers in Marion county to superim
tend the company's ginnery, and Mr.
R~. L. Blackman of Darlington has been
sent to this mill to succeed Mr. James. tt
Both of these gentlemen are active n
young business men and stand high in re
tecompany's estimation. o1
The low record made by the~ appli- ci
cantsfor the citadel scholarships is a sad al
commentary on the work of our public oj
school teachers. It is evident that s
teachers regardl hearing recitations o1
teaching. We hope the record made ,
at this examination will be a pointer to n
our Superintendent of Education. The el
people pay taxes to have their children T
taught, not merely to have some one to it
recite lessons to.
John Peter Richardson Duncan,a sonr
of Col. D'Arcv P. Duncan of Sumter,was t
killed last Tursday: about eight miles
west of Columbia. The deceased would
have been 21 years next month. Hec
was a student at Wofford, but was am- e
bitious to be a railroad engineer, and 1'
commenced as an apprentice, had been
promoted to the position of fireman n
and was marked for further promotion
when his brilliant career was cut short.
Died last Sunday afternoon at his I
home in the Fork, near DuRant, Mr. f
Samuel M. Graham aged about 65 a
years. - The interment took place in DJ
the DuRant burying' ground. The de- ~
ceased well was known in this county C
although having lived in it but a short s
time. He formerly lived near Mayes
ville, and many a Clarendon as well as Y
Sumter man was the recipient of his t
.generosity, a spirit they did not recip- I
rocate when he met with reverses. e
Sam Graham was a big-hearted. noble 5
Mrs. Mollie Allen of South Fork, Ky., 'I
says she has prevented attacks of chole- i
ra~ morbus by taking Chamderlaiu's t<
Stomach and Liver Tablets when she n
felt an attack coming on. Such attacks h
are usually caused by indigestion andy
these Tablets are just what is needed
to cleanse the stomach and ward off the
approacning attack. Attacks of billious
colic may be prevented in the same way.
For sale by The H. B. Loryea Drug
Stre aaco M. Loryea. Prop.
A very pleasant gathering took plac<
Lst Wednesday at the home of 'Mr. J
. Evans near Workman. at whic1
[rs. M. V. Evans the mother of Mr
vans was given a reception in hono
her 78th birthday. It was a famil,
union, and there were present fou
iughters, one son, twenty six grant
iildren and seven great g-rand chil
een, besides a large number of rela
yes and friends. The occasion was
trprise to the honored one, and al
iose that attended went prepared witi
iskets to make the day a joyous one
id they succeeded.
Misterions Circumstance.
One was pale and sallow and t he oth
fresh and rosy. Whence the differ
ice? She who is blushing with healtl
;es Dr. King's New Life Pills to main
in it. By gently arousing the lazy or
ns they compel good digestion an<
mad off coustipation. Try them. On
25c, at The R. B. Loryea. Drug Store
The contest for the citadel scholar
ips came off at the Institute hall las1
iday before Superintendent Holla.
;. M essrs. E. J. Browne and J. H
,sesne,as the board of examiners. The
plicants were Dantzler Bradham. J.
>ert Plowden, Herman Huggins. Ju
isCl-hrk of Manning: Miller Felder,
mnoli: J. W. Mathis, St. Paul; Robert
tdill, Davis: C. F. Griflin, Pinewood,
e successful applicants were Dantzlei
-adham and J. Covert Plowden.
The averages made were as follows:
-adham 69, Plowden 4.3.8, Hugginc
.8, Clark 35.8 Felder 34.8. Mathis
.4, Ridgill 14.4, Griffin 21.2. We are
formed that to enter, an applicant
st make an average of not less that
at the entrance examination in Char
Nearly Forfeits His Life.
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Lrted a horrible ulcer on the leg of J.
Orner, Franklin Grove, Ill.. For four
ars it defied all doctors and all rem
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te genuine bears the name of E. C.
iWitt & Co., Chicago. Sold by The
B. Loryea Drug Store.
The attention of our readers is called
the advertisement of M. M. Krasnoff,
1 has recently spent s~everal wveeks
the markets of the North taking ad
ntage of forced sales and other con
iions to buy goods at a less figure
an the same can be bought at the
gular jobbing houses. In this way
r. Krasnoff, being an experienced
yer and buying for several stores,nec
sarily in large quantities, had the ad
ntage of being sought after by man
acturers and those who needed the
sh to weather them over a disastrous
,riod.an thereby his stock was bought
eap. He carries an enormous stock,
.d a visit to his store and an examina
of his stock will show that. the in
eased space has been filled to a packed
dition with as good goods as any
re in the country. Krasnoff carries
tremendous stock of clothing and
oes and his is the only store in town
aere the celebrated Douglas shoe ca~n
found. Mr. Krasnoff came here a
v years ago with a small bezinning
.d the fact that he is now among our
gest dealers, speaks highly for his
thods of doing business. He believes
giving the people .their money's
yrth anad proper attention. Go to his
-re when you will, and he and his en
-e force are always ready to give you
slite service. Read his advertisement
d wa'th the columns of THE TIES
future, he will interest you.
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We are Forced to This Step.
On the 1st day of September we will
ke off from our subscription list all
imes which are over one year in ar.
iars. We have a number of good met
a our lists who are in arrears, not be,
tuse they do not care to pay but be
use the amount is so small they thinli
.most any time will do and they put il
until it becomes burdensome to us
metime back we were forced to cu
I a lot of names, among them me!
ho are perfectly good, but we couk
:t continue paying cash out of our pock
:s to accommodate their indifference
HE TIES is a good county paper mak
ig every effort to give the people
ood readable newspaper, and at th<
Lne time it is independent in its edito
al views. We express our owi
oughts, and give to the people _th
est counsel we can. We are not hire<
>express the views of those who wouki
ntrol everything on the face of thi
irth that can be converted into a dol
tr, nor are we the pliant tool of an;
tan or set of men. WVe use our edito
Lal thought in the interest of the pee
le, approve that which we believe i:
ight, and condemn that which we be
eve is wrong. A county newspape:
ot controlled or influenced by corpor
te-combines and whose editor is inde
endent in his views and has the man
ood to speak the truth, should be en
u: Med, by the people keeping thel
bscriptions paid up promptly.
Remember, those who are over one
ear in arrears on the 1st day of Sep
amber will have their names stricket
om our subscription lists whether wi
ver collect the back indebtedness oi
ot. We would rather have a smalle:
bscription list and it paid up, than
trge list from which we get no pay
'he force we employ demand their pal
icash every week, and it takes cast
>buy material, hence it is absolutel;
eces'sary for us to collect. Look at th<
tbelson your paper and it will shiov
au the date you owe us from.
3ears the The Kind You Hare Always Boug
g-n //e
Rally. Farmers.
The conunittee appointed to arrange
for a mas meeting of the farmers met
in Manning last F'riday and outlined a
nian of olranization to be submitted to
he ias meeting to be held in Man
ning Saturday 29th inst., at 11 o'clock
Im. It is the desire of the committee
that every tow-aship be fully repre
sented, and we are requested to urge
the attendance of as many farmers as
can possibly attend.
In order for the'farmers to get in a
position to seek relief from the oppres
sions of the trusts, they must organizn.
not for the purpose of making unreason
able demands, but for the sole purpose
of making a legitimate effort to receive
justice at the hands of those who handle
the products of the farm.
Nearly all other avocations are organ
ized. and the consequence is that they
are not confronted with the dificulties
the farmers labcr under, if the farming
class can also be organized they can,
and will have their reasonable demands
resnected. Therefore the purpose of
of this attempt to organize should re
ceive universal encouragment, and
every farmer who is alive to his welfare
should spare the time on next Saturday
and come to the county seat and give
his aid to the cause.
We have seen the draft of the paper
as outlined by the committee, and we
can state that the purpose is to have an
organization of those who are engaged
in agricultural pursuits for a livlihood,
none others will be admitted to mem
bership. There is no disposition to in
jure any other calling. and no drastic
or unreasonable demands will be made.
When this organization is completed,
there will come before it only such mat
ters as effect the material welfare of
the farmer without exacting any sacri
fice of his independence or manhood.
Every farmer can, and should join, .;d
in time there w-.ll be a general benefit
derived therefrom. Remember next
Saturday is the day for the mass meet
ing and every farmer is entitled to a
voice in the meeting.
Eat All You Want.
Persons troubled with indigestion or
dyspepsia can eat all they want if they
will take Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. This
remedy prepares the stomach for the
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simulation of :ll the wholesome food
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gestive organs to transform the same
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yea Drug Store.
The residence of Mrs. Mary C. Clark
of Sumter presented a scene of beauty
and attractiveness on the evening of the
23rd inst., when her daughter, Margaret
was united in marriage to Mr. Walter
V. Wilson of Lancaster. The house was
beautifully decorated with luxuriant
palms, ferns and hot-house plants. The
bride was gowned in lovely whIte or
gandy, en train, chiffon and ribbon
trimming, veil and orange blossoms,,'
carrying an exquisite bouquet of lilies,
bride roses and maiden-hair ferns. The
groom wore the conventional suit of
black. They were attended by Miss
Katie Clark, s .ster of the bride, with
Mr. Welch of Kershaw, a friend of the
groom. The ring ceremony was very
imoressively performed by their pastor,
Rev. Rt. H. Jones. Ref re hments were
then served, imnmediately after which
they left on the 9:30 train to visit rela
tives of the groom. M~any handsome
and useful presents were received.
Potent Pill Pleasure.
The pills that are potent in their ac
tion and pleasant in effect are DeWitt's
Little Early Risers. W. S. Philpot of
Albanv.Ga., says "During a billious at
tack 1~t'ook one. Small as it was it did
me more good than calomel, blue-mass
or any other pills I ever took and at the
same time it effected me pleasantly.
Little Ear-lv Risers are certainly an
ideal pill." "Sold by Tne Rt. B. Lorvea
Drug Store
Pinewood Pickups.
Editor The Manning Times:
No doubt this will be my last p ieee to
your paper from here. In your last is
sue "Prophet" said he would put me
out the business if I compared him with
Booker T. Washington.
I have been in railroad wrecks and
still I live. "Prophet" lingers in the
back-ground but can't be seen on the
reen. He has hung himself out to be
shot at so he must take all the loads that
are shot at him until his name comes
out in print. Mr. Editor. if you will en
close the "Prophet's" name to me by
register letter I will give him the ar
dent pleasure of so tixing me that I will
be unable to ride in the next goat race;
but if "Prophet's" strength and man
hood will be the cause of me not being
there the boys can bet Ill be on time
for the first spirit. I think "Prophet"
in refering to our honored and high es
teemed hero, Wade Hampton was un
called for on this occasion he is no
longer here on earth and I think it
would be much more pleasent for "Pro
phet" to cut that much out of his writ
ings and cut it out quick.
Judging fi om "Prophet's" writing
he would lead the -public to believe
that he was an old war horse and must
have been present when Hampton cap
tured the two thousand head of cattle,
it is most likely that he was then where
he is now-in the background. 'Pro
phet" should write about the present
and not go way back and talk about our
deceased leaders. "Prophet" says he
can find Hampton's superior under
Southern skies I would be glad if he
would tender us with such good infor
mation as it will be news to myself
I think "Prophet" in signing his
name should add, "& Co."
Mr. Editor, it would be a chance for
you to enlarg-e your subscription now
by offering $23.00 to the one who can
guess who "Prophet' is and make each
guesser pay you $1.30 for your paper
and allow each new subscriber one
I uess.
* 3r. Editor.Mr. L. A. Graham author
ized mec to use the following language,
When "Prophet" referred to patting
the Graham boys on the back and vot
ing them as they say vote that it is a
lie and that he will put "Prophet". up
as the biggest liar in Clarendon county
and he (Mr. Graham) is willing to back
this up.
The Pinewood Mercantile Co. has
opened up and arc now ready for busi
Mr. IR. L. Felder has moved into his
new store and will be ready for bnsiness
in a few days.
-Relief agent Tonm Smith is now in
Columbia, S. C.
Mr. Tom C. Cuttino was in town last
Saturday for a short time.
-Miss Inez Lide is now clerking for
-the Pinewood MIercantile Co.
Wonder when Dr. George will visit
-the south-eastern part of the State.
The many friends and relatives of
Mrs. Henry B. Richardson are glad to
E SOT'S EMULSION serves as a
Ebridle to carry the weakened and
starved system along until it can find
fir support in ordinary food.
Send for free sample.
scOTT & BOwNE, Chemists,
<og-415 Pearl Street, New York.
soce and Szaoo all drnegists.
hear at this writing that she is able to
sit up once more.
Messrs. Henry F. Stack and E. P.
Geddings are now running a general
meat market next to R. L. Felder's liv
ery stable.
Mr. S. G. Griffin has had some in
provements made on the inside of his
Mr. Alfred Owens received a crate of
fine bird dogs one day last week from
Nashville, Tenn.
Capt. P. P. Gaillard was down last
week looking after the interest of the
Southern Cotton Oil Company.
While the farmers are fighting the
tobacco trusts, we are bucking "Pro
phet & Co.,"composed of men unknown
to the puble. It looks as if they are
scared to come to the front, there surely
must be some good men in the trust to
threaten to disable pickup, "Buster."
I would consider it more of an honor to
be called "Buster" than to be compared
with "Prophet,"for it looks as if he
wants to slander every class and
then sign "Prophet." Why don't he
sign in full? There are no man-eaters
around Pinewood. I think it is a very
weak-minded man that will slander our
deceased hero and then will not let his
name be signed to his writings. Mr.
"Prophet,"I am no man E ater nor bully
and do not weigh ten thousand pounds
but I'll bet you you have not got the
rit and nerve to come to me and say
you'll disable me and that you are the
man who is writing articles and having
them published in THE TLmES signed
The sensation of the 20th century
who is "Prophet?"
S. I. Till's, LevLblock.
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ach. S. A. Rigby.
Mason's Ball Top Fruit Jars at 75c.
per dozen. J. F. Dickson.
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>rice Fan now at Rigby's. -
Just received new lot tp to date
Belts for ladies. S. A. Rigby.
Wood's Wheat Seed is the best.
rhe R. B. Loryea Drug Store.
The smoothest line of Saddles ever
hown in Manning. S. A. Rigby.
Half car load Trunks and Dressing
.ases just received. S. A. Rigby.
Some new patterns in Hamburg Em
>roidery and Insertions. S. A. Rigby.
Plant Wood's tested and true Wheat
Deed. The R. B. Loryea Drug Store.
Threeundred Palm Leaf ansone
ent each, 6 for 5 cents. S. A. Rigby.
Go-Car'ts and Baby Carriages, at costW
t the furniture store, see S. L. Kras
The hottest lines of Collars and Gent'
ies ever brought to Manning. S. Ain
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owder and Petroleum Jelly. S. A.
We are showing the nobbiest thing
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. A. Rigby
We will make some interesting
rices on Carpets, Rugs and Matting, E
4ire us a call. S. A. Rigby.
Patent Pumps, White Bows and full
ress Shirts, just the articles the
lancing boys like to find. S. A. Rigby.
For Sale. 98 acr es of land adjoining
. L. Wells in Santee township, also
00 acres of land adjoining Jeff D
:olladay in Mt. Zion township apply
t this office.
For Sale-One lot in the town of ~
Vanning, containing one acre, upon
which is a residence containing five
ooms, barn and stables. Convenient -
o the graded school. For terms apply
o this office.
Our little city is advancing so rapidly
~hat we will soon have a strictly one
rice store. Who don't know the an
oyance, the unpleasant way to have to
uy goods at a half dozen different
rices and never having the satisfac- E
ion to buy right, flow welcome such
store is to our people! This store will
e opened at the old Chandler furniture
tore by Mr. Hlyman KrasnofI, who
romises to carry a first class stock of
eneral merchandise and novelties.
Eou will be sure to get the right goods
t the lowest price.
Notice. S
To the People of the Cross Roads, St. -
aul, Summerton, Panola, Cobia and
ak Grove Schools: Messrs. Capers &
o., druggists, Summerton, S. C., offer
Deer to any pupil of the above schools
guessing nearest the weight of their pet
Guesses will be received during the
onth of September and the Deer will~
e weighed on the morning of October .~
1~st by a committee of gentlemen from e
he community."
Any pupil inay have his or her guess
recorded by applying to the new drug -
store, near the depot, Summerton, S. C
Remember it costs you nothing to
uess. [49-3t
Bears the You Kn 71 Have Always Bought
Geo. W. Slater,
nstruction of the most advanced and
artistic method.
Lists Method Taught.
Pianist with Innes Concert Band season
of 1901-1902.
Studio, residence Hon. Louis Appelt.
Our herd of Sho~thorn Cattle con
tains about fifty head. These cattle0
were selected from the very best herds
in Kentucky and are without doubt the
finest in the State. All of them are0
thoroughly acclimated.
Our Berkshires were bred at Bilt
more Farms and are second to none
Can furnish pigs not akin in either
English or American bred stock.
All inquiries will receive prompt at
Acl.S. C.
Kodol Dyspiepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.L
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.4 per as in your wearing apparel.
Toilet Soaps.
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Sa special sale.
Tooth Brushes.
A good line, 10c to 25c.
Syringes, 110t Water Bags, Ice Bags.
Made of the best rubber.
These household necessities at
Summerton, S. C.
Warm weather makes the feeding of the baby
a serious problem. This is a trying season for the
little folks. Everything depends on their diges
4 tion. If the food you now give the baby does not
agree with it, find one that will. We have the
best Baby Foods and supply them fresh. We
MILK FOOD (Wampole's).
Rhane's Drug Store,
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togiaea aio.Wl r ffrhsbing aacpry c Cohat
wil moe t, HEis ult isCniEeS
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Vales LurCarndcON OUakNReYndWht
Lead Gi Sa FiesBritle, Npple an Stam ittngs-Mahin
BelsPachBols orreair. rig easreens nd e ancu
and hrea you pip at mallcost
. F~A ME-R.
Befreth hy sasn omenes dm ad etus ho ad el
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thekid o wthtad he ouh setowhchmoingmahiesa
subeced.As an oe wo asuse aDeein Mahie ad he
Wee having seantepeisu stock of Betiook Ml Supples. W
Merich else ard y ts makter slas wis nthe Oul Klindibelongs
cato ith suhapol as atheknt ear doffering newistkwl betnatapie thtn
shotl also hae wil beo peseto o Lethem. Betnour ices andth
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Mandndy ipega smallwarest.
is not new, for it is well known to all and everybody, but it has al
ways something new for its patrons, and now more than ever be
fore. We have just returned from the Northern market and have
now to 6ffer, goods of all kinds at such astonishing low prices that
never was heard before. Bargains is no word for the way we sell
ur goods.
The fact that we stayed eight solid weeks at the Northeri
markets hustling, hunting and scouring for bargains of all kinds
is enough to convince any one that we can offer you greater thns
than others, as none had the opportunities we have.
Our strongest and most complete line i's
Clothing and Gent's Furnishings
We have one of the swellest lines ever put in this town.. u
goods cannot be judged by the prices we are selling, as the S
you buy of us for $10 will cost you.elsewhere no less than $1.
The Pants we sell at $3 cannot be bought for double the price e
We can afford to sell cheap because we buy cheap.
We can fit and suit anybody, long or short, stouts or slim s
Prices to match any pocket.
Suits from $3 up; Pants from 50c up.
We have over $1,200 worth of Chidren's Suits. Can any other
tore boast of such a quantity? The styles, variety and sizes are,
ere. You can bring your 3-year-old baby or 16-year-old school
boy and have no trouble to get suited. Prices from 50c tol16
per Suit.
Pants from 15c to $1.50.
The satisfaction of getting what you want and at the lowe
prices, this in itself 'brings us!:customers. . . .
Our next strongest line is
Dress Goods, Silks, Trimmings, Embroiderie
md other things belonging to this department. It is not orly
Worth buying of us, but it will benefit you to look at our line. Get
ur prices and it will benefit you in the future to know how che
oods can be bought.
Just a glance at our Sh6gside is enough to tell any one t
we have been the leaders in Shoe's-for years-past, and our tradd C
ncreasing. The satisfaction our Shoe-sgive to the wearer spe
or this line.
Goods are coming in in such quantities that. oiir storee
fter enlarging it 35 feet, will not hold all. We st
tuff for room, so the goods must move.
Here is a chance for the early fall buyers and la -..Er
;hoppers. Spring and summer goods go at any price. Fall 6
t the least price. Come early, while the stock is full..goodseSi
ean and fresh and get the cream of the bargains. An exam
on-of goods, pricing before you buy elsewhere, will benefit J
nore than us.
We never boast or offer more. than we have or more than
mn do. Knowing is believing, and to know the truth you wilfn
t by coming to
We Are l~oiig Buimes
I - And are going to give our'
.customers a chance atsome, ,
of the rarest bargains ever ,
offered~ in Manning for the.
remaider of this month,_
I August.
'The first attraction is our'
Half-Price Remnant Coun~
ter, which consists -of short
lengths in Percales, Cali
coes, - Chambrays, Muslins, -
Sheeting, Lawns, Dimities,
Ginghams,Shirting, Bleach- -'
inmgs and Wool Goods of e'v
ery kind AT JUST HALF
We Also Offer
200 yards Laurel Batis~e e
S22c quality, at 161e a yard.
100 yards Dotted Swiss,
assorted colors, worth 20,
25 and 30c. Our clearanceI
DESIG/Sric 7c
MAKRrs 200 yards Lawns and Dim
or ities 10, 12j and 15c. Spe- -
INE QCH cial price Syc.I
must be closed out at 5c.
Afew pieces White Orerpiec hasgs ouninor
i P. K. and Striped Lawns, etc., that we will make inter
-esting prices on.
IOne case Light Calico Sheetings, the kind they all
sell now at 6tc. Our price only 5c a yard while they last.
Oecase extra heavy colored checked Homespuns at
Iour Dress Goods Department we have everything
that one could wish in this line.'
Our new shades in Dress Patterns are a creation of
Sloveliness and we have everything new in Trimmings,
Ietc., to match.
I All Oxfords, Strapped Sandals and Opera Slippers
I must go regardless of price during the clearance sale.
SAsk to see our American Lady and Own Make .$3
IShoes, they are the swellest things there are for women's
Scorrect footwear, while the American Gentleman and oufr
IIdeal Kid Button Calf are right on the spot when it comes
=to the correct thing for Men.
I We are headquarters for Children's School Shoes.
SBe sure and look through our stock before. you purchase
I The Old Reliable,
I J. H. RIGBY, Manager. T

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