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MANNING, S. C., MAY 1, 190-.
One year.............-----..........
Six months-----........... ..........
Fou: months-.----- - ----.................. ...
One square. one time. 51: each subsequent in
sertion. 50 cents. Obituaries and Tributes of
Respect charged for as regular advertisements.
1,iberal contracts made for three, six and twelve
Communications must be accompanied by the
real name and address of the writer in order to
receive attention.
No communication of a personai character
wil be published except as an advertisement.
Entered at the Postoffmce at Manning as See
ond Class matter.
What will the admirers of
William Randolph Hearst say
now since he has declared that
he does not know whether he is
a Democrat or not. Hearst gave
promise at one time of being a
valuable asset to the Democratic
party, not so much because he
was endowed with any great
amount of statesmanship, but
he has a barrel. and if there is
anything the party does need to
hold a hand in the great politi
cal game, it is money. Hearst's
barrel was very encouraging,
and it came within a close shave
of winning the mayoralty of New
York city for him, but the throw
down the Empire State gave
him in his race for gubernatorial
honors, was enough to convince
him of the fact the bought prom
ises of politicians is not a safe
investment. His experience in
the gubernatorial campaign was
so costly that he has reached the
conclusion to not attempt a cam
paign for the Democratic presi
dential nomination, there are
too -many hungry hogs to get
their feet in the trough.
Hearst says that if he had
lived in the days of Jefferson,
he would have been "a Demo
crat," in the days of Lincoln a
"Republican," but since it so
happens that he lives in the
days of Cleveland, Bryan, Roose
velt, Foraker, Penrose, Tillman
and Harriman, he is satisfied he
is not a Democrat, neither is he
a Republican, Socialist nor is he
willing to pose as a "liar." We
agree with Hearst, that politi
cally he is at sea, neither a Dem
ocrat or Republican, but in all
probability a buncoed ambition.
and a chump.
Charleston is fast redeeming
herself in ball-dom Third on
the list is not jbyd, it has been
worse, btvtfen Manning won
---?game last season, and had
to stand foot when the season
ended. We would advise Char
lAeston to profit by Manning's
The killing of Tucker, the
negro cabman in Columbia by
Greene a white man, an ex
official of Richland county, was
according to the published re
ports a most unprovoked, delib
erate murder. This case will
put the Richland juries to the
test, it will be seen whether or
not they will let go unpunished
such an outrage upon humanity
and decency.
There was no intention on our
part to knock the News and
Courier speechless by our ans
wer to its inquiry with regard
to the Roosevelt-Crumn incident.
Since it put questions to us--a
few pertinent questions--on the
same subject, should bring forth
an answer- The question under
discussion was: Was W. D. Crum
recommended to the President
by prominent citizens of Char
leston? If he was, ought Char
leston put th~e entire blame on
President Roosevelt for appoint
ing Doctor Crum to the office of
collector of the port?
A recent decision of the United
States Supreme Court in a case
of the North Carolina Commis
sioners against the Atlantic
Coast Line, -decides it is the duty
of the railroad to make reason
able connections, and that the
commissioners can compel a rail
road operating in a State to so
adjust its schedules as to accom
modate passengers on other
lines from any particular part of
the State. This decision may
also force the smaller railroads
to run a regular daily schedule
instead of the present jerk-water
schedules for the convenience of
private lumber interests, with
out regard to the necessities of
the public.
The Columbia Record contin
ues to hammer the Richiand
county dispensary board because
that board will not purchase
beer from the bottlers who tried
to have them ousted from office.
The board should not allow pre
judice to guide them in the
awarding of contracts, - neither
should the Record allow preju
dice and disappointment to con
trol its criticism of the county
The county dispensary system
has only been in operation a few
weeks, and its advocates are
ready and willing to note criti
cisms, and wherever it is shown
there- are loose joints, at the
next session of the legislature
they will be tightened. Tphe
-most ardent advocate of the
county dispensary systemt will
not condone anything in the law
which gives grafters an oppor
tunity to brine discredit upon
the institution.' Their purpose
is to eliminate corruption from
the government control of liquor~
in those counties that do not be
The Germans of Charleston
will begin their great festival
next Monday, and it will be the
greatest feast ever held in the
South. It is a national shuetzen
fest, that will bring from all
over the United States promi
nent Germans. There are no
people on the face of the earth
who know better how to be hap
py and make others happy that
Germans, and we know that the
thousands of visitors to thai
city will have the time of theii
lives. We wish Clarendon woulc
send a large representation tc
the shuetzenfest,it is the biggest
jolliest, of events. The railroads
will have reduced rates, ant
this is the time of the year wher
Charleston looks her best. Lei
this county go down and help, by
its presence, to make thc
National Shutzenfest the success
it deserves to be, and our word
for it, you will enjoy your trip.
Go to Charleston next week and
see what genuine, big-hearted
hospitality is, and you will re
turn home profited by your ex
perience, and more anxious to
get in closer touch with your
Congressman J. E. Ellerbe
has been requested by the chair
man of the Dem ocratic Con
gressional.Committee to make a
number of speeches in Oklaho
ma in the congressional cam
paign in the new State. Friend
Ellerbe had better have a care
how he goes West, those voters
attend public meetings with 46
calibre pistols in their holsters,
and they are liable to take a
crack at a speaker who under
takes to spin musty yarns for
them. The South Carolina rep
resentative from the 6th district
had also better have a care
about the kind of speeches he
delivers, if he undertakes to ad
vaice ideas fit to be considered
by the voters of Oklahoma, he
is liable to have some aspiring
opponent at home to criticize
them, and, probably charge re
publicanism. It was Wester.r
speeches that was the beginning
of the end in politics, with one
who is indeed a statesman, 'and
who labored faithfully for the
best interests of his people. He
recognized the lack of honest
statesmanship in the then lead
ers of his party, and without
abandoning the principles of de
mocracy he had the manhood to
differ with and defy the pirates
who were in possession of. the
Democratic ship, with the result,
he was overpowered and thrown
overboard. but he was nol
drowned, and one by one these
political fakirs are losing oul
and the day will come when
brains and integrity will come
to its 'own. Until that happy
day arrives, however, every mar
in high public office with- good
salary attachments, must eithei
have their ideas and speeches
censored, or take the chances
of political assassination at the
hands of the crew of self -ap
pointed leaders.
$100 Reward, $100.
e redrs of this ae will be peae e
that science has been able to cure in all it
stages, and that is Catarrh. Halrs Catarrh Cur
is the only positive cure known to the medica
fraternity. catarrh being a constitutional dis
ease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hallr
Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting direct13
tem threby destroying the iounation of thi
iup h constitution and asiting natur bi
doing its work. The proprietors have so mued
faith in its curative powers, that they offer On4
Hundred Dollars for any case that it fails t<
cure. Send for list of testimonials.
Address, F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0
Sold by druggists. 75c.
Hairs Family Pills are the best.
Thoughts on Thithing.
At the present time there is
more wealth in the world that
ever before, and a goodly share
of it is in the hands of professed
Christians. It is said that if one
tenth of the wealth were conse
crated to the work of the church
or in other words, if the Chris
tian people tithed our missionary
appropriations could be -multi
plied fifteen times over, and al]
other work at home increased
in proportion. Think what this
means! No empty treasuries,
no begging, no worry how tc
meet apportionments. Fifteer
times as much good could be
done as we are doing now, fif
teen times as many people saved
for Christ.
Surely what is needed today,
says Bishop McDowell. is "the
religion of an open hand."
The religion proposed in the
3d chapter of Malachi will never
bring the promised blessing un
til the terms are complied with.
This of course, means self deni
al;but should we not be willing to
deny ourselves, to give our sub
stance, when Christ gave him
I once heard a returned mis
sionary give a lecture on his
work in the field. He illustrated
it with many stereoptican views.
One represented the cross of
Christ set upon rock-s washed by
storm-tossed w'ives. To the
cross a woman was clinging with
both hands. And I thought,
yes, lot us cling to the cross of
Christ. But the next picture
showed the woman holding fast
to the cross with one hand and
with t-he other reaching out to
rescue a drowning one. 'Then I
thought: "How much better!
Let us cling to Christ with one
hand and reach out the other to
save some perishing soul."
A Nairow Escape.
G. WV. Cloyd, a merchant, of Plunk,
Mo0., had a narrow escape four years
ago, when he i-an a jimuson bur- into his
thumb. lHe says: -The doctor- wanted
to amputate it but 1 would not consent.
I bought a box of Bucklen's Arnica
Slve and that eur-ed the dangerous
woud." 2~>e. at The Arant Co. Drug
CLASS 0. NO. 4.
Bochet E. Ann, Manning,.... 21 07
Ard, Leanora, Jordan,........ 21 07
Barwick, M. A., Jordan,.. 21 07
Bell, A. J., Manning......... 21 07
Barrineau, S. L., Alcol'... 21 07
Boyce, Sarah H., Seloc.... ... 21 07
Beard, Emily, Seloc,....... .. 21 07
Baker, E. N., New Zion,...... 21 07
Belk, Malissa. Manning,...... 21 07
Chewing, F. E., Felder.-...... 21 07
Coker; Margaret A., Seloc,.... 21 07
i Childers, E. N., Jordan,...... 21 07
Cobia, H. M. A., Manning... . 21 07
Clary, Mary J., Alcolu,.. .... 21 07
Corbett, M. R. F............ 21 07
Corbett, Margaret, St. Paul,.. 21 07
Drfggers, Trucy T., Alcola... 21 07
Du ose, Mary Ann, New Zion. 21 07
DuBose, Juliana, Seloc ..... 21 07
Emanuel K. T., Manning,..... 21 07
Evans, Dolly D., Manning,. 21 07
Evans, Martha E.. New Zion. 21 07
Faun, Arena, Alcolu,....... ..21 07
Grooms, G. W., Lake City,... 21 07
Geddings, T. A., Packsville,.. 21 07
Gibbous. Rebecca ....... .... 21 07
Gandy, Ellen J., Lake City,.. 21 07
Hardy, R. M., New Zilon,.... 21 07
Harley, Charity A., Jordan,.. 21 07
Hodge, Alice,....... ......... 21 07
Holladiy, Fannie, Manning,.. 21 07
Hudson, Sarah R., Manning,. 21 07
Huggins, Ellen.A., Manning,.. 21 07
Johnson, S. E.. Manning..... 21 07
Kolb, Cizziah, Packsville,.... 21 07
Kolb, Mary, Paeksv ille,..... 21 07
Kelly, Martha S.. Summerton. 21 07
Lowder, T. C., Wilson Mill,... 21 07
Lewis, Mary J., Manning,.... 21 07
Mallette, Mary F.... . ... 21 07
McLeod, Mary,................ 21 07
Morris, L. A., Turbeville,.... 21 07
Osbon, S. A., Seloc,.......... 21 07
Pack, S. E., Alcolu,.......... 21 07
Pack, W. L., Manning,.... ... 21 07
Rhodes, Mary L., Manning,.. 21 07
Richardson, M. A., Summerton 21 07
Richbourg, Ann, Plowden Mill 21 07
Richbourg, Carrie, Foreston,. 21 07
Robertson. Maria M.,......... 21 07
Timinons, H. T., Pa.eksville,. 21 07
Tindal, Caroline, Manning,... 21 07
Tucker, D. E., Foreston ...... 21 07
Weleh, Isabella, Seloc,........ 21 07
Wilder, Margaret, Bethlehem. 21 07
Bilious Jim.
Bilious Jim grew so thin
He barely made a shadow.
One day a friend presented him
With Rydale's Liver Tablets.
He took the hint, began their use.
And ihis is what befell him,
He grew so fat, neither shoes not hat
Could be found to fit him.
Moral-Don't make your wills
But cure your ills,
By using Rydale's Liver Pills.
50 chocolate coated tablets in a con
venient box. Price only 25 cents. Easy
to take. pleasant in effect. Safe and
sure. We guarantee them.
Dr. W. E. Brown & Co.
Jamestown Exposition.
Rates from Manning. S. C., as fol
Season tlkWet, 817.60. Sold daily
April 1Sh to November 30th.
60 -Day ticket, $14.70. Sold daily
April 19th to November 30th.
10 Day ticket, $13.05. Sold daily
April 19th to November 30th.
Coach Excursion $7.40. Sold each
Tuesday; limit seven days. Endorsed
"not good in parlor or sleeping cars."
Through Pullman sleeping cars from
Port Tampa and . Jacksonville, Fla.,
Atlanta and Augusta, Ga., Wilming
ton, N. C., via the Atlantic Coast Line
Write for a beautiful illustrated
folder containing mans, descriptive
matter, list of hotels, etc. For reser
vations or any information, address W,
J. Craig, .Passenger Traffic Manager,
or T. C. White, General Passenger
Agent, Wilmington, N. C.
"What is Inconsistency?" asked the
curious one.
"Well," responded the wvIse one, "it
is that spirit which moves a woman
whose sleeves 'stop at the elbow to
scold her husband because he hasn't
any cuffs on."-Chicago News.
Fortune gives many too much, but
no one enough.-Laberius.
Kidney complaint kills more people
than any other disease. This is due to
the disease being so insidious that it
gets a good hold on the system before
it is recognized. Foley's Kidney Cure
will prevent the development of fatal
disease if taken in time. The Arant
Co. Drug Store.
The Latest Straw.
"John," said the woman with nine
chapeaux. "I got another new hat to
"My dear," expostulated her hus
band, "that is the last straw."
"I know it," she said; "just from
Disturbed the Congregation.
The person who disturbed the con
gregation last Sunday by continually
coughing is requested to buy a bottle
of Folev's Honey and Trr. The Arant
Co. Drug Store.
His Gloomy Life.
"What," asked the sweet girl, "was
the happiest moment of your life?'
"The happiest moment of my life,"
answered the old bachelor, "Was when
the jeweler tool- back an engagement
ring and gave me sleeve liaks in ex
Elliott's Emulisfied Ol Liniment
is the best rubbing Liniment in the
world. Try it. One half pint bottle.
only 25 cents. Dr. W. E. Brown & Co.
A Question.
"My wife thinks she will never find
a better cook than the one we now
"Humph! Uh-er-say, what would
you call your wife, a pessimist or an
optimist?"--Cleveland Press.
Bea~r the The ~indYou Ha'a Always Bought
Diplomacy and the Brute.
"Listen!" said the girl as the woman
came in from the party at 3 o'clock
in the mnorning and stood at the head
of her bed. "Do you hear her sob, the
woman above? She has been sobbing
like that for an hour. Now, listen to
his big, gruff voice a rming at her."
"I'll put a stop to chat'" the woman
declared as she hurried out of the fiat
and on upstairs.
"Well," said the girl when she had
come down again, "what did you do?
Threaten him with the Society For the
Prevention of Cruelty to Wives?"
"Not at all," said the woman. "I sim
ply rang his bell and ask-ed him if
there was anything I could do for his
wife. Wasn't she ill? We could hear
her crying beneath In our bedroom, I
told him. He thanked me and said
there was nothing I could do. But you
don't hear any more sobbing, do you?'
-New York Press.
List of purchases made by County Dispensary Board April 10th, for quarter ending June 30th, 1907. Prices paid
and prices at which same will be sold. Summerton, S. C.
Richland Distilling Company............. 100-Prof Corn. -30 bbls........... $1 44 per gal. ... $2 50 per gal......SURPLUS------ 8000 00
.. ......... 100-Proof Rye... 10 bbls. ..... ... 1 45 per gal.... 2 50 per gal... ..
...... ..... 100-Proof Gin... 10 bbls...... ... 1 45 per gal..... 2 50 per gal, ...O..
Riverside Rye.... 250 qts............ 46 2-10c per qt... 75c per qt........
..... ..... Riverside Rye..500 pts. .......... 24 1-5c per pt. . . 40c per pt .........LIABILITIES --- '25,00 00
.Riverside Rye.... 1.000 1-2 pts...... 12 3-5c per 1-2 pt. 20c per 1-2 pt.......
........... Cordial Gin...... 250 qts ......... 46 2-10c per qt.... 75c per qt.......
.Cordial Gin...... 500 pts........... 24 1-5c per pt..... 40c per pt .......... 00
-. .. . Cordial Gin...... 1,000 1-2 pts...... 12 3-5c per 1-2 pt. 20c per 1-2 pt......
.... White Log. Corn. 500 qts ......... 46 2-10c per qt... 75c per qt ..........
.White Log Corn. 1,000 pts.......... 24 1-5c per pt... 40c per pt.......
.- White Log Corn 12.000 pts.......... 12 3-5e per 1-2 pt.20c per 1-2 pt. .....
. Mountain Corn - -5 bbls ........... $1 84 per gal..... $3 00 per gal......
..... 1XX Corn. .-2 bbls-..-......... 1 65 per gal. ..2 50 per gal....... Wepayinterest at the rate of
. Peach BrandS- - 1 bbl ........... 2 64 per gal. ... 3 50 per gal.... ..
. Ap Brandy-. --1 bbl ............ 64 per gal.. 3 .50 per gal ...
!Old Sherwood Rye 3 bbls. - 2 75 per gal. 4 50 per gal. per a.nu cmpoui same
...... .... BelRoy Rye-.. 3 bbls...... .... 2 37 1-2 per gal.. 4 00 per gal....... RICHARD B. SM
... ..........Hamilton Tom Gin 36 qts ......... 66 2-3c per qt.... 1 00 per qt .. .....
.. . . . . ..........Hamilton Tom Gin 120 pts ........ 36 1-2c per pt. .. 60c per pt... ...... Cashier
........ Hamilton Tom Gin 240 1-2 Pts..... 20c per 1-2 pt. 30c per 1-2 pt ....
.......... ... Duffy's PureMalt 60 qts............ 71c per qt. $100 per qt..
Duffy's Pure Malt ts........ 40 1-2c per pt. 60c per pt.....-....
..... ....... Du's Pure Malt. 480 1-2 pts.... . 3c per 1-2 pt--. -35c per 1-2 Pt.......
PAUL GELPIE & SONS. By Jame& XL Windham, 1s*o
-Holland Gin. 24 bottles.... ... 75c per bottle.. $1 25 per bottle...b..
-............ rv Gin........ 12 bottles.... ...73 per bottle. 125 per bottle.... .
........... .. Cognac Brandy ... 12 bottles.... ...$1 83 1-3c per bot. 3 00 per bottle. . .m
tte..Hof amin0tiorioftheest ate
Eliot Reserves
admonish al 'and- sigular. the kn- -
Rye......... 36 qts......... 1 33 1-2 per qt.- 2 00 per qt......dred and creditors of the said'
.Old Charter Bond 36 qts.. .........83 1-3c per qt. 1 25 per qt.......
............. Old Charter Bond 24 pts ...........46c per Pt. 75oper P. . egand appea ee e. t
. . . . ...... 1Old Charter Bond 96 1-2 pts........25c per 1-2 Pt.40c per1-2 pt. of Pr
.. ..............!Pride of Louisville 12 qts...... .....$1 00 perqt. $150 per qt.,
F. 0. Ky. Taylor 12 qts...... .....83 1-3 per qt. 1 25 per qt........ on the 3- day..of
F. 0. Ky. Taylor 24 pts ...........46e per Pt. .. per
............. IF. 0. Ky. Taylor 96 1-2 pts ......- cper1-2Pt o'clock in th n .wbo*t
it itc* ause, any
1t31-c per qt - -an th h 00 per qt. ..
.........Cause 24 .... administratio shourdr-q- p
Given under-y---handh 15pt.......
25c ~ ~~ a per 1- pt- -- - - 0cpr-2p....
... . .Diodora8Corn.... 6003tsc per qt........ 1 00 per qt.......
S........4Diadora Co6 1.200 pts... c per pt..... 60e per pt.....
,P-z~25c per 1-2 pt..... 30e per 1-2 pt.-.....
Ca..usey Mault.. 24 q . . d...
............ Schlitz Exp. Beer 75 casks qts ..... $1 70 per doz'bot. 20c per qt........ -
c............... Shlitz Exp. Beer 25 casks pts ... 1 60 per doz bot. 15c per pt.......... p
for,'Claxreno CLtyo he2&dy?
....... .. ... Premier P. Beer. 6 casks pts......."7c per doz bot.. 10c per pt..........Bradley, deeased.,
... ..... ..... Wine.............. 100 cases wine ... 36 1-36 per qt...,, 50c per qt....
............ .. Wine............ 21 1-6c per pt. . 30c per pt... --
Dispensary Board Clarendon County. On.. Coffey-&rR
SBeforeLU' -e -te --c 80 0
Turned-WorkorIAIITE - - -,00
ate linte 're sbtat he ra st
G aer anum showong sa m
tingyouriuao ey's~~'rli.1111 Iiiii~iII~iI~i I~iiiijli I I J~ ~IIiqsatrl '. I~
JOHW ESEodpSnsam
At may pino stres her& dBy pJames and ristic '.,pos
is n esablshe prce or ny i sitheo pmies-gand hi~ehri
instruent. Yu a~ askeda. - fO~ffilI~fflllhof andI epreetoffrgintiati.i i
Thes areltheefoefigurie.an
or ma notget satifactry idmo ngW ish-a yoan .nar hoie fro
strumnt atthe owestpric at dred co ndltei-edtr of thbe grad
but there is oicgrtainty.You dece-atedatisfaction
whichitcaconsstenlybesoldCort ofProteto rie aend uat n
ning, on - e i ah a
maypayon prce ndanoher 1, -- -t~~*-, es afte uricanthoMason
purchser ay gt aninstrmentr'o'clock- Ha-in . Che noforenopale,
of te sme rad forles moey.-~' - ~ ~ ~ ~ - - Kngure, n teygoan d he
At our areroos we hae sInd ayeinsratign gradepkan
ixed price for each grade of coanind.e dvc isd
Everythingr mnownnintMnsic.
C h arle stoinA. 5.19C.
3A -u
Conc7floted by PaxVille 1W. C. T. U.
National Motto-" For God. Home and Na
tive Land."
State Motto--"Be Strong and of Good Cour
Our watchword-Agitate. Educate. organize.
"God helping me. I promise not to imY
drink. scil or give
intoxicating liquors while I live:
From bad companions I'll refrain
And never take God's name in vain.
Dear Flower Mission Workers:
The flower time has come again,
and with it the open door of
opportunity to use God's beauti
ful mestslgers of love and sym
pathy. Will you not be more
faithful than ever in carrying
tiowers and fruit to the sick and
Then too. there are other
things than flowers to use in our
beautiful work, fruits, jellies
and other dainties help so much
in a sick room.
Ask your L. T. L. children to
make picture scrap books for
the childrens hospital, thereby
giving employment and teaching
them to help some one else.
Remember that cheery words
and smiles help much, so visit
the sick, take your songs to the
aged and infirm and cheer them
with music. Ask your friends
when they are making preserves
and jellies or canning fruit to
put up an extra cup or jar for
the Flower Mission work and
you will have a supply for use
in winter; if you get more than
can use send it to the hospital at
Florence or Charleston. or any
where there is need. If you
have a horse and carriage do not
forget to take some old feeble
friends to ride. Do anything in
your power to cheer and comfort
those who need It and the bles
sing that follows the "cup of
cold water" shall be yours.
Please observe June 9, Jennie
Carrady's birthday.
Mrs. Dietrich a W. C. T. U.
organizer visited Paxville on the
12th, of April. Her first work
work was with the Loyal Tem
perance Legion to whom she
talked on educational lines at
tvo o'clock in the afternoon. At
four o'clock she spoke to the
mothers concerning physical cul
ture necessary for the proper
development of the child. At
eight thirty she addressed a
large audience showigg hoW1e
W. C. T. U. is og about good
all over the land in a practical
way. Her visit to us we trust
will result in much good and in
spiration to the future welfare of
our work in trying~ to uplift
humanity, and in scattering
deeds of truth and righteousness
in the hearts of our children.
-The Judge Uses Forceful Language.
Judge W. B. Simmons of Fincastle
Va., told the reporter that L. & M.
Paint was used on his residenee in
1882, and held its 'color well for 21
years; he furthermore said that 3
years ago he was induced to use an
other paint and-is sorry he did, be
cause the other paint didn't make
good. The Judge will now use L. &
M. Paint, because he knows if any
defect exists in L. & M. Paint the
honse will be painted for nothing.
The L. & M. Zinc hardens the L. &
Ml. White Lead and makes L. & L.
Paint wear like iron for 10 to 15 years.
Actual cost of L. & M.-about $1.20
per gallon.
Donations of L. & M. made to
churches. Sold by Arant Co. Dr~ug
Store, Manning.
Pension Roll.
Clarendon County pension roll for
year 1907:
Chewing, James D........-..S 96 00
Hobbs. W. HI. H., New Zion..- 72 00
Jeffords, J. J., Alcolu,......-. 2 00
Robinson, H. E., Seloc,....... 72 00
Strange, John P., Manning,-. 72 00
CLASS C. NO. 1..
Barnes, John H., Foreston.... 48 00
Evans, H. D., New Zion-.. 48 00
Benbow, H. L., Davis Station. 48 00
Floyd, T. P., Turbeville.... 48 00
Hodge, J. C., Manni~'g.......48 00
Kirton, S. W., Foreston-... 48 00
Ridgeway, Reuben,Manning..- 43 00
Tobias, S. R., Foreston......48 00
Baggott, E. H............. .. 21 07
Barrineau Win. L., Lake City. 21 07
Bagnal, J. M., Manning,... 21 07
Brogdon, J. J1., Manning,..21 07
Brewer, James T., Manning,.. 21 07
Brown, John A., Manning,..21 07
Brunson, W. J., Manning,... 21 07
Browder, J. W., Manning,.. 21 07
Bryant, B. R., Davis Station.. 21 07
Billups, R. B., Summerton,... 21. 07
Coker, W. N., Bethlehem. 21 07
Chandler, A. H. D., Manning. 21 07
Driggers, P. B., Manning,.. 21 07
Dyson, D. C., Manning,.. 21 07
DuBose. C. C., Manning,... 21 07
Evans, S. H. D., New Zion,... 21 07
Floyd, J. T., Sardinia,-....-..21 07
Floyd Jeptha, Sandy Grove-.. 21 07
Griffin H. M., Manning,.. 21 07
Geddngs, W. W., Paxville, 21 07
Green- E. J., New Zion,....... 21 07
Green, J. T., Turbeville,... 21 07
Griffin, J. W., Packsville,.. 21 07
Geddings, R. J., Pinewood,... 21 07
Green, R. W., Taraeville, -... 21 07
Haley, Isaac A., Foreston ... 21 07
Hodge, J. W., Manning,... 21 07
Hickman, W. W., Turbeville,. 21 07
Hodge, J. E.,...........-..... 21 07
Jones, T. WV., Manning,.......21 07
June, T. G., Jordan,....... .. 21 07
Johnson Daniel, Foreston ,.... 21 07
Lowder, H. L., Man ning,.. 21 07
Lowder, J. J., Foreston,.... 21 07
McElveen, T A., Turbeville,. 21 07
Morris, J. E., Foreston,-....-.21 07
Nelson, R. M., Manning,... 21 07
Parker, Samuel, Jordan,...... 21 07
Reese, A. H.. Alcolu,.........21 07
Richbourg, R. N., Davis Sta... 21 07'
Robertson, Ellerson, Selo.... 21 07
Robinson, T. G., Lake City... 21 07
Rhodes, G. W., Foreston,... 21 07
Robertson, Thos. R., Seloc.. 21 07
Reardon, John J., Mouzon,. 21 07
Strange, Harvey, Manning,...- 21 07
Vick, WVm., Silver,........... 21 07
Tindall, ,,. B., Davis Station. 21 07
Welch, J. J., Turbeville,.... 21 07
Ward, John A. Manning,.--. 21 07
West, W. H., Manning,....... 21 07
Welch, John, Seloe,...... .... 21 07
Walker, James B........ .... 21 07
Browder, Annie, Foreston.. 48 00
Burgess, M. E. Manning,... 48 00
Burns, Nerline, Workman,. 48 00
Frierson, H arriett R.,Manning 48 00
Gowdey, Issabella, Seloe... 48 00
Gardner, S. J., Jordan,....48~ 00
Hudson, H. E. Remnini. ....4b 00
Nelson, S. A., Manning,... 48 00
Ridgeway, M. E., Forestou,.. 48 00
Stone, Dolly, Packsville,.. 48, 00
Stokes, Francis C. Jordan,... 4 00
Timons, Rehbecea, Manning. 4', 00
WVise Mary E., Manning,--. 48 00
wilms, S. C, Aannine.. 48 00

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