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MANN IN'.'L. S SEM - .. :).
Publishes All County and Town Of.
ficial Advertsements.
Advertisers will please re
member that copy for a
change of ad. M'ST be in
this o:t Ce bv Satrdav Noen in order to
insure nublicat"'n the following week.
A. F. M1.
Wednesday Night. Sept. 22
Master's Degree.
At Weinberg's 6rocery:
Finest domestio Macaroni and Spa
ghetti. per pkg.. ............ 10e.
Finest imported Macaroniand Spa
ghetti. 15c. per pkg. or 2 for.. 25c.
New Dill Pickles, per dozen...... 20c.
Potato Chins, best quality, per lb. 30c.
Shredded Cocoanut, best quality,
per lb...... ................. 25c.
Marbot Walnuts, best quality, per
lb ................... 25.
Tarragona Almonds, best quality,
per -lb........................ 25c.
Pens, bes uality. per lb....... 20e.
rge W d Brazils, best qualitv
per lb...... -................. 20c
Special for a' Short Time Only:
Old VirginiaBreakfast Roe per can 10c.
Vienna Sannage, 10c. per can, or
3 eans for ..............25c.
Corned Bee, 15c. per can. or 2 for 25c.
Beet,15c.per can, or 2for 25c.
Tongue, large size can, per
cam ....... ..........25c.
Weinberg's Grocery.
"Where quality reigns.
The egg crop in Manning is scaree.
Do not get disheartened my boy, be
Moore game.
There is narhing special this wek
from Joy HilL
Te cat am back, she just would
notsay away.
Te or f mhs returned from
tdir anma trip.
he'nfarmers unin had a barbecue
stWednesday at Triniy.
Trees should be set out toreplace the
ne that are being cut down.
Niss corinne Nathan of'Charleston,
Is visaig Mrs. S. M. Barfeld.
Mrs. .D. Say f orangeburg, is
In Manning viscing her parents.
Mr. Dunwoodv Bgeway of Florida
*Is visiing his relatives in Manning.
S choolashave begun and the chil
dren aehappy but do not know it.
The man who would not y 500 to
save his. wife from going tola knew a
thing or two.
Dont~ fail to read pages 4 and 5 of
thi isueasthey contain somec good
- lr. and Mrs. W. H. Bosweli of Geor
ihere visiting the. family of Mr.
2Breedin. .
S.-Oliver E'rsqFc., itnstk
Ing a csgzdaecourse as soon as
The newly appointed pest master of
Flah wllhave to go as the
lb be maried thisaenoon at New
ZionMiss Lavedarand Mr.
Meyer, Bak ofScranton.
The awnre of the Jewish merchants
* tistown will be closed next Satur
day, an accounstof the day of Atone
. gTheteecpeSensed aively and
The yugsociety felks had a very
mmjo~bl~dnoet Monday night with
Plsknrys ora of Columbia to
heashapes thes-days boor more like
an image whitsled out of a white e
stick, eellywhen they are shape
les to startwi.
- -Magtat nfcsnn nd Mr. Forrest
Tayler,~ og Kntr, U5Mesterday for
running an ena ha-.withot having
.asign as reguired by law.
T~hose merchants who do- not adver
. tiss havo. only temselves to 1lame
.WenOa readers do not give-them the
grefsrec when they want to make
Everybody that can do so should at
tend the concert a.xt Friday night in
the school anditorium. These things
should'be enoouraged so that Manning
will be placed on the good astraction
Fuel and lights are beconing an
Isem, and It is snggested that the boys
make special consact with the electric
light company and send a load of wood
to houses they contemplat sitting up
at the coming winter evenings.
The PaxtvIle -Loyal Temperance
Laglon wft give a box aryat the
Wonamen hall on raexrida even
teh to which the public Is
ty n td.Proceeds for the
benefit of same. Befreshments will also
be served.
Died at his home in the city of Green
ville, lastSasurday, Mr. G. A. Norwood,
aged 78 years. The deceased was for
many years a cotton factor in Charles.
ton, and did business with many In this
cony. He was a brother-in-law of
Mr. E. L. Wilkins of this town.
It is sad to think of the destructioc
wrought to the middle row of trees ou
Brooks street, but now that they were
ruthlesly killed, and must be remove4
the only reparantlio ouncil can mako Ib
to set out new trees for a future genera
tien toeny.
The Bankof Manning in itsstatemen
of Stebr8th, showed a deposit o
1.2 .6, and since then there has
been a. most remarkable increase o
business. .On yesterday the books
showed the deosts to be 2236,640.O9
an increase in twelve days of S97,432.45
The trade of Manning was a recort
.breaker last Satnrday, but where dic
sd.mnany get booze from? Whether t~ha
-stff is being sold . eg,~ris brough
bere from $umter werdo not know, bu
there was an unusuiT amournt of drinkc
ing here Saturday.
. .They are coing in right along pay
Ing up their enheriptions .and rLkn
advantage of our proposition to giv
away a town lot. The lot we are goin
to give away is but a short distane
from the court house square. Oni,
those who have paid up and a year
substription in advance will be cor
W~~e.a live wi~-aw.akez co'v
pondent at Pit'Wqd. w. had ort.'1.
once but for ome reaAso h- -ri
more uuleo. be:4. 4 a-'m
show or entert.: : r .* -
Mir. .\. C'. 1;radh.4 : ;!- %''1 :i r d
31. iiradhaun x .S n- e
Louis stock im ar. .. :
of the week th. re viil a:Tivea
Bradham ta.e' a hlUe i' r hor
mules. The Bradhainx :i * h
IStock deale rNs a:111 :h'eYn :
petit2 ionmans t0 i -i'v ,cK
close prices.
We direct :ttentio o th0 L.:n
;n this iv'ue- of the bank at.1:"
show what can be done by hsneC in
even in the most out of the way pLet
Olanta is twenty-eight niies froti
county seat, but it i' nestled ritnt
the center of one of the best farmi:
sections in the State. and it is bound
become a commercial point of great ii
George W. Murray. the last ne
eongressmn from South Carolina is
fugitive from justice, and was arreste
in Chicago recently to be brought ta
to this State. Mlurray had accumu!at<
quite an extensive property in Sunt<
county. and this, in the opinion of ia:
is attributed to his prosecution. Depu
Sheriff of Sumter was here yesterday
confer with Solicitor Stoll about -ettit
requisition papers.
There are several in Manning th
claim to have plantea trees her
and from the number claimin
have planted, there were not.
many ianted after all by the late D
G. Allen Huigins. whom we have a
ways thought was credited with havit
set out, at his own expense, the beaut
ful trees on Brooks street, and whic
were killed unnecessarily by a form<
council, or its employees.
Paxville, Sept. :.-Elerbe Davi.
the 16-year-old son of Mr. J. D. Davi
had both of his hands badly cut at ti
gin here Thursday afternoon He w:
taken to the office of Dr. T. W. Gunte
who rendered medical assistazce. D
Stukes of Summerton was later callt
into consultation. Some of the finge
of both hands had to be amputated. T1
wounds were dressed and the boy wi
taken home last night. The latest r
port is that he is doing as well as coul
be expected.
The Grand Lodge Good Samaritan
a temperance and-.benevolent organiz
tion of colored peopie. convened 1
Manning last week, the number of de
egates was something over 500. It w:
a representative gathering of negro
from all over the State and they co
ducted themselves in a manner con
porting with the principles of the o
ganization they represented. Thei
was to be a parade on Thursday afte
noon but a heay rain prevented'Whic
was a disappointment.
Mr. S. G. Stakes, of Manning, S. C
a Princeton student who has suppie
the Accomac and Onancock church4
during the summer has returned to ti
Seminary. Under his ministratioi
there were fifteen professions. ton uni
ice with the Accomac church. He is
young man of marked ability and in h
quiet unassuming manner has won ti
love and respect of the entire commui
ity regardless of denominations. 0
people shall watch his career with i
terest.-Wy. L. R., in Christian Obser
A ver unfortunate accident occure
last Wenesday near Jordan, two sons i
Mr. Hrrvey Mitchum aged six and eigl
respectively. They were out huntin;
and while sitting on a log Seabrook ti
younger, caught hold of the barrel
the gun while his brother Shepperd wi
ubreeching it. The gun fired and i
cctents entered the body of Seabrool
killing him. The funeral took pla<
Thursday. Rev. T, W. Godbold of Jo
dan, assistedby2Rev. M~r. Porter of Sur
merton conducted the seryice.
- he we are hit in the face with
cheap corn whiskey breath in these got
old prohibition days, as we were la
Saturday from a citizen of Clarendol
we are almost persuaded that the tin
has come when The South Caroliz
Voice, a paper edited by Rev. J.I
Harley can get in some good work ft
'the cause of temperance by being <li
tributed in this county. And now thi
Mr. Barley has a paper to voice b
views, perhaps he will got regard thol
who differ with him scrbad in the !f
ture, should they decide not to grive hij
any more free advertising, to receive
return therefor nothing but abuse am
The fall term opened Monday wil
His Honor Judge Thos. S. Sease presi
ig. Solicitor P. H. Stoll and Steno;
rapher Wood were at their respecti'
posts. This is Judge Sease's first vis
to Manning, and he has already made
favorable imprsson by-the manner:
which he dischages business. H
charge to the Grand Jury was clear am
earnest, without any attempt to play
poular sentiment so frequent the
dybut instead he endeavored to ii
pres upon the minds of the jurors th
they as well as himself had a duty
He referred to the reports over tf
State that the criminal law was rnot b
ing strictly enforced, and asked wi
such a report. He stated that it was n
the Solicitor's fault, nor the Judge
fault, nor the petit jury's in every cas
but that of witness who go upon ti
stand and willfully prejure themselv
in order to save a friend from punis
met, or convict an enemy whom th
wished to see punished. He related:
instance in another county-of this Sta
where a white man was charged wi
the murder of a gegro, and the _Soli<
tr had all the jurors put on their vc
dire and asked the direct questi<
whether they would go by the law a:
the evidence and convict a white ma
for the killing of a negro if the law at
evidence so pointed and convinced. b
that the entire panel answered that, th
would not. He stated that this was
terrible state of affairs in our State.
referring to the negroes, he stated th
the negro is a burden to the white ma
-that it is a burden on the white m:
o keep the negro straight That tl
white men should convict him whenI
has committed crime, but should a)
ive hird is rights in court when he h
bee w.aged, and he stated in terr
most emphatic that when the white i
failed to do this, they became oppre:
ors of the race over which they we
superiors. He stated that the negro
here to stay. and that the white i
should keep him straight.
The Judge also congratulated Clare
don county upon the fact that at ti
term of court there was not a sins
mrder case on the docket for trial. i
stated that in oar State last year the
were about 350 or 360 killings in Sou
Carolina, nearly one for every day in s
year, and said that the only .way to p.
vent the killing of people is for the g
jes to convict those guilty. He said tb
the certainty of punishment was as inu
a dererence' to crime as anything el
and that if the juries would convict.t
commissions of crime wouldd be lesse
ed, not abolished, :'Mugh in his opini
if every criminal were convicted, the
would still, no doubt, be some cru
There was but one case called
trial, several were continued. The ca
tried was that against John Har<
charged with housebreaking and h:
eny, pleaded guilty. and was sentene
to one year on the gang. The crimi:
side of the court was practically o'
before dinner, and it demionstratest
Struth of the saying that an "idle br:
is the devirs workshop." The peos
were busy all the summer and had
Stime for hot suppers and other do'
m aking frolics, hence th.e court was
burdeneds. with thefts, fights etc..
CO.\lIN( . Fiday~t nigtht. Septc
Seitool Auditorium. Reserved
Wilson Insurance Azency.
I -i:E \'rx*k' -r oii 0 i:.\A' JUR Y FO
")I W rewpec:u:v re;--rt :hat we have act-d uI
tn a.:1 nillis o" indictitt harided. u.,i
a The comnattee: 4-n puNic reco.Crds repoert th:
the% .%ere pre-ent at the checking of vouche:
1y the Courtv T-asurer the Supe-rintendentC
1-:ducation anit the' Super% i-e'r. That the-. hav
inpectAn the ts.oks of all other o~cer,. exce
tho-.e of .,omc of the Mari-rate's- and tind th-.:
a!.n very ftory conditi.
The committce un chain can: ha not vid t(
the caump %ince the :at court. but did -.o %hort
.I- tmeftre :b.- I;s: ter=r and rep:.rted fully at th:
1C tithe-.
" A connmmitt.N ap;xnt);--d to visit the jai; r
parts that the wa'.. o' the prison rooms and th
1-ar- -- the :re in a :tby cornition an
reciomi-nd th:t the wll- and the ce!!. then
e. j-e-lve% be whitewa..shesl lwliCvin;: thi% wtil in
LoIpro-ve th-- ;air*- sarnitary condlition.
.n 4eo- !a-.t prete:.thnt we presented as fo
O :4.%s: .-Two vears- )r motre :wi an approprianti
r. wa made for the re-inJexius: of the putplic rn
ord., of real property c..vetrin: a per7io.d of LW'.'
v-nve year'. -re. wkrrk wa awarded. the it
dcX.s were made. accepted and paid f'r. it 1
i- ovund that in these: intidexe. initia!. only hav
bee1n ued when in the instrument-.s of writin
name' are eliven and in many intance= thi% net
in :OCkinU up recor'd. 0mi-ioion and othe
error- have behen round. rensir1n:: them un-iaf
to public inter-rrits and a.mot valur:e%% as ir
dcxe-; except fOr the tilndin of direct title. W
S therefore: recommend that these indexe" b
me made reliable which unti: done. the county ha
paid for work which is practical:y valueless.
si'. Honor Judge Gage. Instructed us to fo::o
- this matter up until our recommendatlon wa
r. complied with. We are %orry to report that al
,- ltey no attentlon has been given to this pr
r5 We thank his Honor *or hi-. able charge an
e all courtesie' shown us- A:! of which is respec
L fully submitted. A. S. itRIGGS.
L $ Foreman.
d Scool Opens.
Vacation is ended, and the childre
S are down to it, with every premise o
L- making the coming session a recor
in breaker in fact as well as in name. La.
1- Monday morning the school auditoriur
s was indeed a scene worth witnessing
s The children with bright and happ
- faces and tidily dressed were there i
2- full force, and to give them a goo
r- send off were many of the parents, an
e some who were not parents but wh
r- are well wishers to the cause of educ
h tion.
On the ulatform was seated Rev. A
R. Wooason. of the Presbyteria
church; Rev. C. W. Bianchard. of th
d Clarendon Baptist church. and Rev. F
s H. Shuler, of the Methodist church
e Capt. W. C. Davis, a trustee; Count
I Superintendent of Education E J
t Browne: Charlton DuRant, Esq.: J. B
.a Lesesne, TEsq., and Senatcr Louis AT
s - t, and Superintendent of School
e 13. C Daniel. The exercises were opene<
2- with Scriptural reading by Rev
i Woodson, followed with prayer by Rev
Then followed speches by all of th<
gentlemen who occupied the stage. I
d was indeed a grand opening. the bes
and largest in the history of the school
Tha attendance of patrons and other
was very gratifying, and its etfect hr
Spressed itself upon many ci the scholari
e thev sopreciated the interest manifest
ed and its results will be told in th
school work. The teachers too highl,
eappreciate the excellent turn out of th
~patrons, it makes them feel they hav
the hearts of the people with them
~their arduous labors, which is a sourc
of gratidecation.
The enrollment was the largest th
school has ever had on the opeining
a day. 2-:5 was enrolled. and quite
number are boarding pupis and chil
dren living in the county but outsid<
'the district. Superintendent Dante
anncunced that the contingent fe
awould be 25 cents per month as herett
fore. This announcement was deemed
necessary because of a report that ths
fee wouldl be considerably more. Tb
faculty is as follows:
1st grade, Miss Francis Davis; 2n
grade, Miss uise Bonneau: 3rd grade
Miss Celeste Hughson: 4th grade, Mis
n Minnie McFaddin; 5thi grade, Mis
dargic Scarborough: 6th grade, Mis
Katharine Susongs7th grade,Miss Jess
McLean: 8th grade, Miss Helen C
Hawley: 9th grade, Mr. Alexande
Brunson, and 10 grade. Prof. J. C
-Secure your tickets for the Manning
- City Lvceum Course. course opens Sej
e tembe~ 24th. with "The College Sins
ing Girls." There are ten (10) artists i
a this company.
SWhat are the People's Rights?
o Magistrate Dickson tried a casei
e his court which is of unusual interest
Mr. H. D. Plowden was recently ai
ne ointed a Game Warden, and in th
Oexercise of his duties, acting uinde
specific instructions from the Audubo
ie society, he went to Brewington laki
-found a trap in the waters on p:-ivat
land. but in one of the tributariesc
t Iof the lake. The trap belonged to Mr
' Frank Harrington, but Mr. Plowdel
3cut it open and turned the fish out Mr
e Harrington believing the warden e.,
ceeded the law bad a warrant issue
~Iagainst Mr. Plowden. charging hi:
with trespass, etc.. and the jury brought
S in averdict of guilty. S Oliver O'Bryaz
e Es.. attorney for \Mr. Plowden, ga~
h notice of a motion for a new trial, whic
i-in all probability will be refused, an
r then an appeal will be taken to th
Z circuit court, and from there to th
xd State Supreme Court. There is n
Sfeeling of ammnus in the case, but
X large number of people are anxious
t know their rights and bow muchC
their life-long privileges have bee
a taken away at the instance of thi
n socet.
SCircular tChimnf otyPensic
eGentlemien:-.This is to give notic
othat at a meeting of the board of con
s! missioners, held on the 10th ii.st., it. wi
iresolved (in compliance with the law
n to throw open the Confederate indira
s~ ary, regardless of the minimum of twi
-e() oech :-ounty.
sThere are now about fifty men in tt
nhome and there is room for thirty-fot.
more, so until furtner notice, any ye
eran, from any county, who comes to
iI with his apph~cation properly filled ui
e wil! be admitted to the home.
e Aliplication blanks may be had on ai
re plistion to the chairman. Mir. Davi
h Cardwell. Columbia, S. C.
e Very Respiectfully,
e-: M. L. Boxu.uM.
ra F. U. C.\N TEY,
t J1. W. ILEED,
e, D.\vi D C.\RWvEtL.
2e Commissioners.
cei so-ric-: -ro '.TERIANS.
:eTo tall Confederate Veterr.ns: Plcas
rconfer with me at once if there is at
Veteran who wishes to accept.the in'
ation of the commiissioners of the Co
rederate Infirmary as above, and I w:
ladly take the matter up with the cot
atssoners without delay, as all the v
rcacie-, may be tiled. 1l~sbli;
Cairman County Pension Bo(ardI
le C arendon. Sumnmerton, S.
ro ---- -
Dr.King's New ULe Pill:
mber '4, 109, Manning Grsded
scat.s now 0on saC at the F. N.
A "Wireless" From The College Girls.
S. S. Mohawk at Sea.. Sept. l4. l' }
Alkabest Lyceum. Atlanta. Ga.
College gir- aboard steamer .lo- (
hawk. .\1 well and happy. T
WAUrER c-.a.
They wll aipear in Manning Friday .
r nizht Septen r 24th. at school audi- f
Teacher's Examination.
The next county teacher's examina- t
d tion will be held at the court house :n 1
- Mlanning. Friday. October st.. bszin
-nig promiiptly at 9 o'clock. .\il who
contemplate qualifying as te.thers are
hereby rtquested to note the elate, and
-e on hand promptly at the appoiLted
.time. F 1 nnN
County Superintendent Education.
Sebcol Supplies at The Manning Gro- I
cery Co.
Come early and pick a horse or mule.
Coffey & Rigby.
Saratoga Chips. 15c pkg. The Man
ning Grocery Co.
Fine large Apples. 49c peck. The
Manning Grocery Co.
Coffev & Rigby have just received a
car loaa of fine horses and mules.
a Season tickets for Manning City Ly
f ceum for sale by E. C. Horton.
t Coffey & Rigby had a beautiful lot of
2 horses and mules to arrive Saturday.
First number of Lyceum Course, Sep
tember 24th "The College Singing
G irls.
Don't fail to see Coffey & Rigzby's
J horse-, mules, buggies, wagons and har
ness, before buying.
All are cordially invited to attend the
a fall millinery openingof D.Hirschmann,
September 30 and October 1st.
Millinery Opening, Thursday and
Friday, September 30th, October 1st. at
Rigby Dry Goods Co.
- Don't fail to attend D. Hirschman's
Fall Millinery opening on September 30
I and October ist, Thursday and Friday.
Fancy large Mackerel, 12ic lb., Extra
fancy fat Mackerel 20c lb.. Codfish
Balls, 25c can, Shredded Codfish, 12c
can. The Manning Grocery Co.
t W. E. Jenkinson Co.'s opening of pat
tern hats and fall millinery Thursday
s and Friday. September 30 and October
1st. All ladies are invited to attend.
WV. EI 'Jenkinson Co.'s opening of pat
a hats and fall millinery Thursday
AFriday September 30 and October
Ist. All ladies are invited to attend.
Coming on September 24th, at Man
jning School Auditorium, "The College
Singing Girls.'' ten artists including -
Walter Eccles, don: tii to see them.
Dont fail to see the greatest attrac-l
'tion ever booked for this town on Sep
ember 24th, at Manning School Audi
torium, "The College Singing Girls."
eFor Sale--Great bargain rather than
- pay freight. will sell my high grade
lt piano at much reduced price. A pply to I
Dr. H. L. Wilson, Jordan, S. C. Prof.
eAlbert New
At Hirschmann's millinery orenn
September 30 and October 1st, he will'
Shave on display a big line of Ladies
SSnits and fine Dress Goods and Silks.
s Don't fail to attend this opening.
New arrivals of finest domestic and
imported Maccaroni and Spaghetti. Dill
Pickles, Saratoga Chips, Shredded Co
'coanut, English Walnuts. Tarragona
Almonds, Pecans and Washed Brazil
,Nuts, at Weinberg's Grocery.
- For Sale.-The Canaan Plantation,
-comprising 1,400 acres. Is divided into
10 farms and is for sale to white farm-1
ers. Lands lie in centre of Fairfield
county, from four to six miles from
Winnsboro. Springs of cold free water:
pine and other timber for building and
fencing, and cabins on every farm. Ad
-dress B, care The News and Herald i
~Winnsboro, S. C.
rTo Rent-One five-room dwelling on
West Boundary Street, new house, in
good neighborh:,od. Also 2 five-room t
comparatively new dwellings on the c
same street for sale. This is an excel
lent opportunity to either rent or pur
chase property in a desirable section of
the town. Apply to J. M. Bradham,
IManning, S. C. t
SThanking the people for their former ~
patronage and hoping they .vi con- a
tinue, I now offer a nice line of ma- .
chines cheap. Box top rotary Stand- I
ard, $20: drop head at 225. New Homes~
i from 830 to $45. Also a nice lot of
other makes cheap. I also carry a line -
of Machine Fixtures. Needles, 3 for t
>) Zc or 20c per dozen. Also repair and
a clean machines promptly. See me be
> fore buying elsewhere. W. W. Brails- t
i ford.
M Nakes Everybody Happy!
There's a subtle elegance' in every!
package of Whitman's that makes the
giver feel good. We have just received
a fine assortment of this matchless Can
dv, and are still keeping it on ice. Pric- I.
es 3c.35c,5c 60 . 8I.0and 31.25.
Sole agency, The Manning Grocery Co. E
-Cotton Seed Wanted.
I wish my friends to know that I am
in the market to buy cotton seed, and
am prepared to meet legitimate comn
petition. I represent the Southern
Cotton Oi! Co. of Columbia. S. C.. and a
can furnish their meal, which is recog- t
nized as the best.
T. L. B~iGN.L.
Summerton Mercantile Co.'s Fall smilwry
Wednesday and Thursday. September1
ttie 29'th and 30th. We cordially in- .I
vite y'ou to be nresent. We have all
the latest stvles' and. newest creations
in Ladies',' Misses' and Child ren's I
Headgear at pries that defy comipeti
tion: also the largest display and most
up- to-date Line of iteady-to-wear Goods
ever shown in Summnerton. Summer
eton Mercantile Co., Summnerton. S. C.
The Licensed Druggist.
Sells Everything in
fo Our Friends and Customers
TilE .\.\NNINt(; (lb1 N1. s i.iI-. rctitly boug
romn the' Southt Aait ie (n ) >.. t the begin nimii of c
:artr und-er the pirosnt (wn.-rihm w.- ext4enial our thanks to
1f oUr f i-ie1nds for their supxort and proT1age.
We have tried in the past to deserve your support by bei
,bsolutelv fair ani honest with ali of our customers. and we :
or a continuance of vour support for the following additio
FIRST : Ours is a local company-not a dollar of
tock is owned outside of South Carolina.
SECOND: We pay ar.nually to the Town and Coul
reasurers over $600 taxes which helps that much towards pa
ng the expenses of our local government.
THIRD: It costs us about $3000X0 per year to manufact
he seed we purchase. and of this amount. $20,000 is spent ri;
tere at Manning. In other words. when you sell us a ton of s<
i6 2-.3 bushels) you get market price for the seed and the cc
aunity gets $4 of the amount it costs to manufacture them. WI
ou sell a ton of seed to the other fellow, you get the ma ket pr
r the seed, and SOME OTHER COMMIUNITY gets the ben(
f the money paid out to manufacture them.
We could mention a number of other reasons, but we thi
he above is sufficient to convince you that it pays to patron
omne industries.
Yours very truly,
Manning Oil Mill,
C. R. SPROTT. President and Treasur<
to meet the requirements of fall shoppers, and we de
fy our competitors to name lower prices on the same
class of goods.
Our Furniture Department
is running over with choice bargains. Dining Chairs
at 50c., 75c. $1 and $1.25. The best high-back cain
bottom Oak Dining Chair on the market for only $1.
All kinds of Bed-room Suits. Lounges, Couches,
Sideboards and Dining Tables to be had at our store
very cheap for the cash. We also are offering-a large
and complete line of Mattings, Carpets, Rugs and Art
Squares very cbeap. In our
Dry Goods Department
we have bargains that must and will interest you if
you will come and inspect our great bargains. White
Dimity Checks, 1-yard wide, only 10c.. worth l5c.
White Striped Madras, 1-yard wide, only 10c., value
15c. Best Percales, one-yard wide, only 10c. Sea
Island Homespun, 36 inches wide, only 5c. Indigo
Blue Calico, 5c. Dress Ginghams, 10c. and 12 1-2c.
yard. Cheviots for Boys' Waist, only 10c. yard.
Our Milliner
is now in the Northern markets and will return in a
few daysiwith a splendid line of Millinery and Pattern
Hats, and will be pleased to have our many friends
and patrons call and see our goods.
is here with the (Goods
From the very outset of this fall we are doing a record-bres
ag business. Nobody is more thankful than we are, and to sh,
,ur appreciation, not in words but in deeds, to all our frien<
ttrons and the public in general. for the liberal trade extend
s. We oiler to all who are interested in Churches, Schools, Societ
r any Charitable Institution, as follows:
Beginning Septermter 1st, any day during this month we of
0 per cent- off of all sales made at our store to any of the abc
entioned institutions, namely: Each institution will select
apable man who shall act as salesman in "our store for one d
nd for all sales he may make we will allow 10 per cent. off to t
2stitution he will represent.
Any of these institutions desiring to avail themselves of ti
beral offer must send notice to us at least two days in advance
be day wanted by the party chosen to act as their salesman.
Privilege of the day selected by each institution will be<
ended in order as the applications are received.
Our Store
full of Bargains from one Department to the other, havi
pecials in each Department every day. A call at our store
ee and price our goods is enough to convince any one that c
oods and prices defy any competition.
Our guarantee goes with every sale. Goods not satisfact<
a every respect. bring back and money is refunded-no questic
sked. Our customers must be satisfied or we don't care fort
We are Agents for the "Selz Shoes, the best Shoe made
en." the "May Manton Shoes, the best made for Ladies," for t
merican Ladies' Tailoring Co.. the best ladies' tailors in t
nited States: the Standard Fashion Co.. the standard patterns
he United States. Patterns always on hand.
Anything in Dry Goods, Clothing. Shoes, Hats, Furnishing
'urnitre, Etc., you wiil tind at the lowest prices wvith a satisf:
ory guarantee only at
Corner Store.
In the Fight.
The decks are cleared for action. I am now in the race
"C for cash trade, and I have a splendid stock of everything
..3k neded on the farm or in the household.
l I - cordially invite an inspection of my stock of
i Dry Goods, Fancy Goods,
Notions, Shoes, Hats,
Clothing, Crockery, Tin,
d Wooden and Hardware.
tit of all kinds and in large quantities.
Come to my store, price my goods, examine the quality,
nk and if not as cheap as the cheapest, then don't buy from me.
ize I have made special arrangements to do a large cash trade
this season, and I fully realize that I must, to do business,
meet sharp competition. This I have prepared for.
I want your trade.
Yours, etc.,
It pays to trade at Rigby Dry Goods Co.'s
School Days
e What about School
Dress for the Children? 2
We are showing some extra good values in different
Cloths for school wear.
Pretty durable Cotton Mohair Suitings, stripes
and checks, dark colors, for 10c. yard.
Manville Mercerized Chambrays, Utility Ging
hams, 36-inch Percales in best qualities, pretty
assortments of colors, at 10c. a yard.
Galetea, Motor Cloths and Linon Suiting. extra -
strong and serviceable, good assortment, fast
jicolors, the very best goods tobe had atthe price,
j 12 1-2c. yard, all the necessary Braids, Buttons, j
Trimmings, Etc.. in stock.
What about
Buster Brown Shoes for Boys and Girls are the
best on earth for the money. We can fit most any.
I iii foot at most any nrice. Come in and see our
gj hune of Shoes for ~Men, Womeni and Children. ji
Brown's 5 Star 5 Shoes are known wearers. All
-- styles and lea'thers. $1 to $5 per pair.
Boys' Knee Suits and Odd Pants, well-made,
hi strong and serviceable. Prices the lowest.
ld Come in and inspect our line before buying, you
are apt to find the very thing wanted, and at ~
S prices lower than you expected to pay. i
2 1-2 Per Cent'a
of ur ashsales for September, October, November and
I December will be given to the Hospital Association. He
Sa good cause by spending your money with ils where 2 1-2
* per cent. will be given to the hosp-tal. You will be giv-*
ing to a good cause and we guarantee our prices as low a
an dour mechanieas high in quality as you can buy a
k- anywhere. -
SRigby Dry Goods-Co.U
er The tore ofGood Merchandise and Lws rcs
he It pays to trade at Rigby Dry 600ds Co.'s
-- --I---- Im

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