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The Manning times. [volume] (Manning, Clarendon County, S.C.) 1884-current, February 01, 1911, Image 3

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'Something Doing"
These Days at
We are sellinq
Ranges, Stoves. Heaters. Guns. Ammuni- E
e tion, Wire Fencing and many other things.
Come to See Us
and be convinced that our goods are best
and prices lowest.
Yours for business,
-_ lwiD Hare Co~pEyH
Best Laundry Starch.
t 5c.
Best Laundry Soap.
-ull Weight---Quality Unsurpassed.
SUMMERTON, S. C., January"2 19112
"-2:: to thank you and al.l of our friends for fine trade given us
* .- )ebiiay season just past. We believe the MANNING TIMES "A d."
h' . we se been rnning for several weeks, has been responsible in
-a "-: -e for the inquiries and trade which eatne to us from different
zi.:-.rg with the New Year it will be our intention to carefully
: a yra uits of our many patrons and endeavor to give them a good
selerdonat'he most reasonable price possible. .
w -4now- with us Mr. 1E. S. Robertson, an expert tinsmith. We are
:prdto furnish estimates and do guaranteed work in this line, espe.
v .o tin-'a; any point in the surrounding country.
Wli "a trade in the genuine Jas. (Oliver Chilled Steel Plows (there
es .n:adtartions) has been good we still have a supply of one. two and
tt-re "orse :lows and full line of repairs in stock. To those whd prefer
-*st.aco. Plows we can say that our line is complete. In fact, any kind
- aa pe-e G:sbe bought of us at a price much below the average. We are
.I~e onm' 'v'ents for the justly celebrated douthern Cook Stoves, and our
Etock is complete. We are also one of the county agents for The Great
Majestie Range. This range stands by itself as the par excellence of the
stove builders art. Any one calling at our store will be shown a list of our
p~urchasers duringr the past ten days, and we are still selling them. A study
of this list will effectively knock out the knocks of oar competitors, who
have hoisted themselves by their petard.
We still have a few miles of Pittsburg Perfect Fence which we are offer
ing at a special price. We are daily expecting a carload of American and
Eliwood Wire Fence. These are the superior lines of fencing. Our pr ices
on these are below th: surrounding markets.: We have a well appointe
stock of Hardware and its kindred lines. WVe expect to succeed by the
merit of our goods, the living price, the tair and just treatment of our cus
tomers. Wishing .gain to thank you and our many friends, we are,
YOurs truly,
Summerton Hardware Co.,
6xu.mnerton, S. C.
W'e carry the following Farm Implements and when
ever they are used they bring prosperity;
Chattanooga, No. 70, Light, One-horse Plow.
* Chattanooga, No. 72 1 -z, Light, Two-horse Plow.
Chattaneoga, No. 63, Heavy, Two-horse Plow.
Chattanooga, No. 17, Middle Breaker and Subsoiler,
Chattanooga, No. 18, Middle Breaker.
Syracuse, No. 4.59, Light, One-horse Plow.
Syracuse, No. 466, Light, Two-horse Plow.
A new Steel Beam Dixie Plow.
* The McKay Famous Sulky Stalk Cutter.
-The above Farm Implements being especially adopted
to. our soil, out-class al others ever ussed in Clarendon county.
The Incompao
0. K. and Ranges.
Th ' or Strength,
Amerie Tire Fence.
-A full stock of n our line at prices that defy
comnpetition. Whet e buy or not you will always
get a hearty welcor .ce of business.
"Two bot-F.
__ &I have bc,-.
ferer from r:
for about two
have used rl*!
ments and pa.e - -
cines which ga, n
relief. A lad3
mine told me
used your Lin
found relief a
.got two bottles and they cured me. I think it is the best Liniment
.;an have in the house. I shall always keep a bottle in my house as
can get it."-MRS. E. R. WALLACE, Morrisons, Va.
Another Letter.
MRs. JAMES McGRAw, of 1216 Mandeville St., New Orleans, La., -
t I take pleasure in writing to you that I had a pain in my arm for
and I used
for one week and was completely cured. I recommend your Lnir
Sloan's Liniment instantly relieves a
stiffness of the Joints, Sore Throat,
Hoarseness, Sprains, Neuralgia,
Sciatica -and Lumbago. Better
and cheaper than porous plasters. R
At AU Druggists. Price 25c., 50c. and $1.00
Sloan's Treatise on the Horse sent Free. Address --
At an evangelistic service at Glasgow
the preacher at the end of his address
cried, 'Nowv. nll you ;good people who
mean to go to heaven with me, stand
up!" With a surge of enthusiasm the
audience sprang to its feet, all but
an old Scotchman in the front row,
who sat still. The horrified evangelist
wrung his hands and, addressing him,
said, "My good man, my good man,
don't you want to go to heaven?"
Clear and deliberate came the an
swer, "Aye, Awm gangin, but no wi'
a pairsonally conducted pairty!"-St.
.ames Gazette.
Kindly Fruits.
The expression in the prayer book
"Kindly fruits of the earth" has for
most persons no definite meaning on
umn to take the bigger one, wouldn't
you? Tommy-No, mum. Teacher
Why? Tommy-Cos 'twouldn't be nec
essary.-Suburban Life.
Fairly Warned.
He-My dear. I can't afford to buy
you that hat. She-Still, you'd save
money if you did. He-Hoiv -so? She
-Because I'll just be ill if I don't have
it, and you know what doctors' bills
Hit Both Ways.
"It ain't no fun bein' a kid," observ
ed a boy bitterly. "You always hafter
go to bed when you ain't sleepy an'
git up when you are."-Toledo Blade.
It is worth a thousand pounds a
year to have the habit of looking at
the bright side of things.-Johnson.
. Attack Like Tigers.
In fighting to keep the blood pure the
white corpuscles attack disease germs
like tigers. -But often germs multiply
so fast the little fighters are overcome.
Theu see nimples, boils, eczema, salt
rheum and sores multiply and strength
and appetite fail. This condition de
mands Electric Bitters to regulate s.tm
ach, liver and kidneys and to expel pois
ons'from the blood. "They are the best
blood puriffer." writes C. T. Budahn.of
Tracy, Calif., "1 have ever found." They
make rich, red blood. strong nerves and
build up your health. Try them. 50c at
all druggists.
Call and see us wher
Horse or Mule right.
2 cars of fine Horses and M1
2 cars of Buggies.
1 car of Moline, 2 and 4-hor:
1 car of Moline, 1-horse Wai
1 car of the Celebrated Moli
ng of the following:
Stalk Choppers. Hari
lanters. Blue Bird One ar
Plows and Cultivators. Fi
ee us: The HUDSON. Cl
dll models.
0, 12 and 14 Sumter St.,
Tomal and Long Disd
Cliff of Natural G.is-.
A cliff of natural glass c;i.
in Yellowstone park.' It is imii a s
long and from 150 to 290 ft
the material of which It conskti- n:.
as good glass as that artific m
factured. The dense glc:s win :t
forms the base is from seventr-:ire.
a hundred feet thick, while te
portion, having suffered anC urved
may ages of wind and rain. ha:
rally worn. much thinner. . -- e
the color of the cliff is not t.a; nt
ural glass-transparent and v .
Is mostly black and In sor.- Place-s
mottled and streaked with o
red and shades of olive gazire
Sore Throat and C
-";C; LCc.fL th e
,.. . -L 4 ,4 .
colds, rubbing it on my thos r
chest as a counter irritant*
I won't say any more t
how enthusiastic I am.
Mrs. Ida B. Judd,
I West 87tt. :
New - - City.
50c and 25c Benii
Sold by
What They WMi D& for Yes
They will cure your bach che
strengthen your kidnes-s. c,:
rect urinaryirregulariie" uld
up the worn oliu tis- - d.
eliminate the excessi
that causes rheumat.
vent Bright's Disease -ztl
bates, and restore he:h
strength. Refuse s S
in need of a Fi
~e Wagons.
ne Farm Implement ,
ows. Corn and
d Two-horse St
>r the following
jA LMERS, and
ane 'Phne 5R.
d Lasting Through Saturday Feb.4
It will soon be time for our Spring Goods toar
rive, and in order to make room for them we have
decided to sell our Fall stock out at reduced prices
Now we do not expect to advertise that we areg
ing to have a big sale and sellgoods at cost, for no
_ business can afford to pay freight and iuan.c, on
i a stock of goods and then sell it out at cost uness
they are going out of business. We do not cae
carry the Fall'stock over until next Fall, so bea-. be
ing on January 30th and lasting. util February
8th, we will offer our Fall goods at a bairgain .
Of TAES& l
- Ao - 5 " "1 "- f1 t 00
..~~or~Si3 ilbesl for $3698 Ba~i ' ' ~a
forfo$ 98Ofc.2~5
fora$6.98s that?ssold ford fo.503.wilwlbebessld
;.. for $2.15 - .
Blnktstht ol fr 5.0 il bBsl anktsthtol for . wil be sold~
for 3.85fI r $2C.r 5 96
Sw d nt ar t crr oen wert what sofr th il bm
We a have a nice line ofht, as vealah.die'os. funiuroauks whi~ h
lises on which there will be a reduction in price. Our main object of this sale is to ijetcIeash
of all of our fall stock as we do not care to carry any of it over. These reduced prices wlf
Sbe for the cash only. Of course we will sell things on time, but not at these prices. -Be surF
and pay us a visit before you make your purchases..
Have You Made AC.e
On how many seeds are in the pumpkin which is in our show window? One guess is fre to
everybody, so if you have not made your guess, come around and do so. With eery casi
purchase of fifty cents you are entitled to a guess. and the one making the'nearest guess
Swill receive the handsome Rocker which you can see in the window. Won't you call around
and give us your quess whether you trade here or not. we want every one to take a part in
ths. so we will allow one free guess to every one,
We want to thank our customers for their pat-.j
~ronage duaing the past year and hope that they wil
contrnue to let us serve them. We will assure you I
~power to please you.

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