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and very often a good chance to start
again under better circumstanees, ia
what is assured by a policy of
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Manning, S. C.
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up the worn out desass, me
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Life Saver
In a letter from Branch
laud, W. Va,, Mrs. Eliza
'belha~an says:
- eared m womanly
ae nearly five years.
A doctors inthe coun
ddme no good. I took
and now I am en-.
tirely well Ifeel like a
nei woman. Carduisaved
my lifel All who suffer
bom womanly trouble
should give Cardnia triaL"
The Woman's Tonic
5o years of proof have
convinced osewhotested
it, that Cardul quickly re
Jieves aches andpans due
to woaumly*eakness,and
felps aure to build up
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eafengLh Thousands of
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A Uom soared by a Mouse.
In the Berlin zoo a mouse was put in
the cage .of a lion to test whether. as
the,old stories assert, there was a nat
ral -affection between. them. The ex
periment was rather astonishing. The
lion saw the mouse before he was fair
ly throggh the bars and was after him
Instantly. Away went the little fel
low. squeakig in fright. When he had
gone a few yards the lion headed him
off, and this was repeated until the
mouse stood stil. The lion then stood
over him, studying him with interest,
and presently he brought his paw down
on the mouse, but so gently that it was
not injured in the least. Then the
lion played with the mouse, now let
ting bhim run a few inches and stop
ping him again. Suddenly be mouse
changed his tactics and insd of run
ning when the lion lifted his paw
sprang straight at the big animal's
bead. The lion. tetrifed. gave a great
leap backward and roared in extreme
fright, while the little mouse made his
escape. Of the two the lion was the
more frightened.
The Sasy Wilaa's Bay.
It begins early, ends late, and is full
of work. She often has kidney trouble
ithent :knowing it. Her back ach-s.
ah is tired-and worn out. Sleeps
poorly, is nervous, no appetite. Her
bladder gives her trouble too. Foley
Kidney Pills will cure all that and make
er strong~andarell. They are the best
noticne 'made for kidney and bladder
isorders The Dickson Drug Co., Man
ing and leon Fischer, Summerton.
There-is a prettylittle history In con
eein with the Marechal Niel rose,
which Is named after the famous gen
rom the scene of his victories in war."
rites an eminent florist,, "one of the
eaant women along the line of march
resented him with a beautiful bdsket
f yellow roses. One of these flowers
still had its roots clinging to It, and on
is arrival) In ParIs Niel planted the
ower in his garden. The rose thrived
mand fnally grew to a bush covered
with blossome The general then pre
eted the plant as a gift to Empress
ugeuie. She was delighted with the
beuty and fragrance of the flower
nd, on learning that the rose had no
ame, said significantly: 'Then I will
give it one. I christen It the Marechal
NI?' And at the same time she be
stwe upon the amazed general the
Jeweled emblem that betokened his
promotion to the exalted office of mar
sh) of France."
.Crospy coughs and Wheezy Colds.
- The quickest simplest way to rid the
hildren of dangerous croupy coughs
and wheezy stuffy colds is to give them
Foley's Honey and Tar Compound. Ih
ises them instant relief and stops a
ough promptly. It soothes and bea s.
Contains no opiates. The Dickson Drug
Co, Manning and Leon Fischer, Sum
D. McWhinnie, of Hearnleigh, Al
be~ta, writes as tollows: "i have a
flat of about 100 cres or so. About
half of thatjs covered with water in
the spring, which dries out about the
middle of May so that one can work
the land. I had thought that I could
grow hay on it if I could get the grass
started. Can you tell me the best
kind of hay, and the best way to get
-this land started in grass?"
If this land can be drained, the best
thing to do is to drain It either by
using open ditches or tile, otherwise
It Is a rather difficult propositIon to
ihe water standing on the soil will
kill out most of the tamIe grasses.
Canadian blue grass and Kentucky
blue gasare grown to some extent
in jrsof Canada for pasture pur
poses.. Very few of the tame grasses
will do so well on soils that are wet.
The wild grasses, as a rule, grow very
well-on wet land. The 'grasses that
do best on wet land are red top, fowl
meadow grass, combined with alsike
lover. Timothy will do fairly well.
and may be started by simply sowing
the seed without any cultivation. We
have had no experience, however, with
these grasses in your section, and this
s only a suggestion on our part.
The amount of seed to be sown de
pends on the kind of seed used. If
the red-top, re-cleaned seed Is used,
two or three pounds, per acre will be
sufficient, while If the ordinary seed
l grown, twelve to fifteen pounds
of alike clover seed per acre should
be mxed with this.
Dr. Win. Sadler, author of "The
Cuse and Cure of Colds," says that
ommon colds should be taken serious
ly, especially when they "bang on.'
Foley's Honey and Tar Compound is a
reliable household medicine for coughs
nd olds,equally effective for children
and for grbwn persons. Take it wheu
you feel a cold coming on. It will averi
danger of serious results and curo quick
ly. No harmful drugs. The Dickson
Drug Co., Manning and Leon Fisch'er,
The Philippine Coast Line.
Deep sea sailors used to laui
their brother mariners of the
wise trade and refer to them as
who "like to go to sea when they
get home to dinner." .is gibe
have little point in the Philippine
coast line of which has been foi
measure more than 11.001 miles
exact. 11.511 statute miles. I
Philippines there is one mile of
to every ten miles of area. the
area of the islands being 115.026
statute miles. ~These figures ar
esting when it is considered that the
ratio in the United States is 232 square
miles of area to one mile of coast line.
The figures for the United St -tes have
reference to the coast line of'be main
part of the country.. including islands
lying near the coast, but not including
noncontiguous territory, such as Alas
ka and Porto Rico. The coast line of
the United States so measured. with
what the - experts call "three mile
steps," is 13.026 statute miles. less than
2,000 miles in excess of the coast line
of our eastern possessions.-New York
An ingenious "Fire Box."
A very simple but nevertheless ef
fective method of making fire is used
in the Arfak mountains, in Dutch
North New Guinea. The natives cut
a section of bamboo, usually about
nine Inches long by two inches in di
ameter. and into this are put a supply of
tinder and a small fragment of any
thing hard. preferably a piece of china
if the natives can get hold of It. The
tinder is covered from the wet by a
piece of bark. and the "fire box" is then
ready for use whenever It Is wanted.
To get a light the native merely takes
the piece of china and a lump of tin
der between his thumb and first tin-.
ger; then, holding the bamboo in his
left hand, he strikes its surface sharp
ly with the china, causing a spark,
which soon ignites the tinder. Even
the white man soon acquires the knack
of doing this, and the process is mucil'
more effective and infinitely less labori
ous than the usual method of produc
ing fire by friction.-Wide World Mag
Famous Stage Beauties
look with horror on Skin Eruptions,
Blotches. Sores or Pimples. They doo't
%save them, nor will any one, who uses
Bucklen's Arnica Salve. It glorifies the
face. Eczema or Salt Rheum vanish be
fore it. It cures sore lips, chapped
hands, chilblains: heals burns. cuts and
bruises. Unequaled for piles. Only 25c
at all druggists.
' outiul'Authors.
Although it was not published until
a year or two later, it Is probable that
Keats wrote his famous "Ode to Au
tumn" in his sixteenth year, and. in
deed, s11 his five great odes, among the
greatest in any language, before he at
tained legal manhood. He died at
twenty-five, so that all .he great mas
terpieces which came from his pen
may be regarded as the production of
a boy. Robert Burns wrote that scath
lag satire, "Holy Willie's Prayer"
when he had barely passed his youth.
and indeed, the whole of the poems in
the famous Kilmarnock edition, a copy
of which sold some little'time since
for ?550, were written before he was
twenty-five. But even the precocity of
Burns was put In the shade by that of
Chatterton, who committed suicide in
a fit of despair in a Louldon garret
when he was seventeen. He wrote the
whole huge volume of the Rowley
poems when he was a schoolboy at
'The Secret Terror.
The hauting fear of sickness and
helplessness is the seeret terror of the
working man. Health is his capital.
Kidney disease sap a man's strength and
vitality. They lesson his earning ca
pacity. Foley Kidney Pills bring back
health and streneth by healing the dis
ease. They are the best me.dicine made
for kidney and bladder troubles. The <
genuine are In the yellow nackage. Re- I
tuse any substitute. The Dic'kson Drug
Co., Manning and Leon Fischer, Sum
Paying For a'Br~do In Africa, I
In most parts of Africa the nativei
bridegroom has to pay the father of
the bride in kind for his wife. In theI
case of a regular marriage the amontit
due to the father varies In accordance t
with the sex of the first child born, a
girl being of less value tha-. a boy
The payments consist of cattle, sheep. I
hoes.'spears, perhaps, and sometimes
other useful articles. The final pay I
meats are often not combleted until I
yezdrs after the marriage takes place. C
and the bridegroom Is considered fair I
prey by all the bride's relations This I
results in endless disputes Payments
made are often repudiated by the re I
cipent. The amount agreed upon is con-i
stantly matter for argument. and ar- I
gument ends in fighting, raids on one c
another and sometimes a long drawn I
out feud.
Kingsley's Love For IHis Wife.
Even a brief holiday at the seaside
was to Charles Kingsley too long an
absence from his wife. "This place.
's perfect." he wrote on one occasion.
"but It seems a dream and imperfect
without you. Blessed be God for the
rest, though I never before felt the
loneliness of being without th'e beloved
being whose every look and word and
motion Is the keynote of my life. Peo
ple talk of love ending at the altar
Foils a Foal Play. f
When a shameful plot exists between
liver and bowels to cause distress by re-t
fusing to act., take Dr. King's New Life
Pills, and end such abuse of your sys
tem. They gently compel right action,
of stomach, liver and bowels, and re
store your health and all good feelings.
25c at all druggists.
The Sacred Codfish.
The sacred codfish carved in wood isr
to be seen on the walls of the hall of
representatives in the statehouse at
Boston. It occupies a place of honor
between two classic pillars Immediate
ly opposite the desk of the speaker.
Bostonians aver that this is the orig
Inal sacred codfish of the old colony1
and that it has had a place in the halls
of the lawmakers of Massachusetts for
over 150 years. It Is a relic of the as
sembly hall that gave way to the pres
ent statehouse. The following is the
origin generally assigned to It:
One Captain John Welch of Boston
was the creator and carver of the fa
mous fish. In his time he was held
to be a wood carver of no mean abil
ity. He established himself in Dock
square in 1747. A member of the An
cIent and Honorable Artillery compa
ny, Welch rose in time to is captain
cy. He was called on to contribute to
the decoration of the colonial assem
bly ball, and as at that period codfish
was the colony's main article of export
Welch conceived the notion of Immor
Hardy as an Architect.
Est people know that Thomas Hai
first profession was that of al
ecture, but fewer are probabl
re of the nature of his earliest el
s as a scribe. It was a rathe
nge one. consisting in the writip
eve letters for the village girls e
native place to their soldier swee1
ts In india. Hae did not even, ilk
uel Richardson, compose the lel
, but was merely an amanuensi
,en Mr. Hardy began to write o
own account his first atrticle ar
peared in Chambers' .Journal. It wa
an article entitled "How I Built Ms
self a House." written when the en
bryo novelist was designing churche
with Sir Arthur Blomfield. Mr. Hard;
was fond of his first profession, any
for twelve years he enjoyed it, becom
lng a prize man of the Royal Institt
tion of British Architects in 1863. Bu
by the time he was thirty it had be
come clear to him that his work la;
among' books rather than houses any
churches.- and he relinquished arch;
tecture for literature after the appear
ance of his first volume. "Desperate
Remedies."-Westminster Gazette.
Coughing at Night.
One bad cough can keep the whin
family awake at night. Phil Disorneat
3chatfer, Mich , sacs: "I could not slee
>n-account of a bad couth. and I we
iery weak. I used Foley's Honey an
rar Compound, and soon the cought 1:
Lnd I slept soundly all night." Tb
)icgson Drug Co.. Manning and Leo
{ isch.-r, Summerton.
Mission Weddings.
Within two- minutes after the cal
stopped at the mission door the repor
spread up and down the street that a
wedding was taking place hiside
Within another two minutes the roof
was packed to the very doors. -Tha
sudden rush of the crowd to the sanc
tuary pleased the mission superintend
"If I had money to spare." he said
"I would pay a bonus to young coo
pies for getting married in a misslor
The moral effect of\ one wedding I
worth a dozen sermons. To get th
best effect the ceremony ought to b
performed in the middle of the sere
Ice. No innovation that I have eve
introduced has had such a sdberini
effect on the congregation. The es
ample of- a man once as far down 1
the social scale as thenmselves having
become sufficiently regenerated to as
sume the responsibilities of life stir
every bit of manhood there Is in thew
"The trouble is. I can persade ver:
few couples to be married In a missios
The bridegrooms do not mind. but th
brides want something more excls
sve."-New York Times.
They Always Help Elderly People.
Foley Kidney Pills give just the hel
1derly people need to tone an
trengthen their kidneys and biadde
Lad -regulate their action. john Mc
dasters, Streator, Ill., says: "I fee
getter and stronger than I have fo
nany years, and Foley Kidney Pills di
t " The Dickson Drue Co., Manning
nd Leon Fischer. Summerton.
Magnificent Kiieteur.
One of the greatest natural wonder,
jthe woarid is the falls of Kaleteur
n British Giuiana. The valley througl
irhich the river flows, below the falls
a quite Impassable, and probably ni
me has ever reached the bottomnof-th
'all. The fall is 741 feet high. more
:han four times the height of Niagara
more than three times the height o1
Bunker Hill monument. 200 feet high
er than the Washington monument ani
100 feet higher than St. Peter's dome
a smooth but rapid river, nearly 4O(
~eot wide, flows quIetly to the brinl
ind turns quietly downward. lIn it
'all It breaks Into soft white trrtranc
'eaches the bottom In a chaos Qf seeth
ng clouds. There Is a gentle roar
)nly now and then, from the hiddei
,averns at the bottom, a deep..thun
lerous growl arises that gives somi
tint of the forces contending there.
Cational Geographic Magazine.,
A Feathered Beauty.
The quezal of Guatemala Is consid
~red the most beautiful bird in ths
vorld. Its plumage vies with the rain.
>ow and shines with a metallic luster
Jatil within the last few years It wam
mknown to science, mainly owing tc
he fact that It is a hermitamong thes
eathered creatures, delighting In the
ilence of high altitudes. It dwells ot
nountain heights above 7.00C% feet i
~levation. The quezal was the royal
>ird of the Aztecs. and Its plumes were
ised to decorate the headdresses and
looks of the kings of that land. t
ireast is a brilliant scarlet, while its
reen tall attains a length of three feet
t is about the size of the commor
igeon. It nests In holes in rotten trees
vhich it enlarges with itsq bill, so as' tc
nake a roomy and comfortable resi.
ledc'e. The youn~g are hatched totally
levoid of feathers,
hsk YourNeighbol
fundreds ot Manning Citizen Car
Tell You all About It.
Home endorsement, the public ex
ression of Manning people, should be
vidence beyond dispute for every Man
ing reader. Surely the evidence o
riends and neighbors, cheerfully givei
~y them, will carry'miore weight thai
be utterances of strangers residing ii
araway places. Read tbe followina:
George June, Manning, S. C., says
-1 am pleased so make the fact knowr
hat I have been beneflsted by Duan'a
Cidney Pills. My kidneys'troubled mi
,nd the kidneg secretions were unnat
tral and were fiilled with sediment. M:
lack was lame and I did not get muel
est at night. Doan's Kidney Pils
which I obtained at Dr. W. E. Brown 4
o.'s drug store, (now the Dickson Drui
o..) removed the lameness and sorenes
ud after takina this remedy, I fel
nuch better in every way."
For sale by all dealers. Prie. o5
ents. Foster- liiilburn Co., Bufalo
fe w York, sole agents for the Unites
Remember the name-Doan's-ans
ake no other.
cOmm MONEYMRf0..
S .
Are Being Cured by Vinol.
Did you ever cow fare month?
Then just think how tdistrain it
. must be to have-a cough hang on for
e three months.
Mrs. Maria Primrose, of 87 Nemel
Street, Brooklyn, N. Y., says: "I had
n -a very heavy cold -which settled into
a chronic cough, which kept me
e awake nights for fully three months,
and felt tired all the time because my
rest was broken so-much. The effect
of taking your'cod liver and iron rem
edy, Vinol, is that my cough-s gone.
2 I can now get a good night's'est, and
I feel much stronger.ln everyway."
It is the combined action of the
t medicinal elements, cods' livers, aided
- by the blood-making and strength
v creating properties of tonic iron which
I makes Vinol so efcient in curing
chronic coughs, colds and bronchitia
-at the same time building up the
a weakened, run-down system.
Try a bottle of Vino1, -with the. -
derstanding .that you .money 'will
be returned if it does not help you.
e Dickson's Drug Store, Mauoing, S. C.
-Why-Metats Rust.
Gold does not tarnish like ot
U netal because it is not acted upon by
oxygen or water. It Is t.e moisture In
the atmosphere which causes other
metals to tarnish. owing to their oxi
dation. Water contins a large pro
portion of oxygen. and it is the oxygen,
t of course. In the moist air combining
with the surface of' the metals that
covers them with tarnish. Platinum.
t like .gold. resists the influence of oxy
gen and moisture and when pure nel
ther rusts nor tarnishes. Aluminium
also does not rust, neither hot nor cold
water having any action upon it. The
sulphureted, hydrogen of the atmos
phere, which so readily tarnishes sil
ver, has no effect upon aluminium.
which under ordinary circumstances
e preserves its appearance as perfectly
- as gold does. Silver tarnishes on ex
r posure to the air, the agent: producing
this effect being the suiginhr. Iron is
the metal which tarnishes and rusts
most easily, its oxidization proceiling.
until the metal Is completely eaten or
burnt away with the rust.
-Sir Philip 8idmey -(kutdone.
In the seventh Century wars between
Denmak -ania Sweden -a wounded
a Dane was about to raise a wooden bot
tie of water when a cry reached him
from a wounded Swede stretched on
the ground at -a Mte ismaae. The.
good Dane, uslnc the words -of Sr
Philip Sidney, stumbled to the side of
P his enemy and, saying, "Thy need Is
greater than mine," kneeled down and
r offered the water to his lips. But the=
, Swede, suddenly raising a pistol. fBreid
r and wounded the Dane In the 'shoul
Sder. ,
Z "Rascal!" cried the twice -Wounded
soldier of Denmark. 'I would have
befriended you, and .youmlaldiurdirs
me in return. Now I will punish you.
I would have given you the whole bot
tie, but now you.shall have only half."
He then raised the bottle to his lip.,
drank of It and afterward gave It into
the band that had attemrpted to kill
whim. _ _
From the best accounts It appears
that the first bicycle-meanIng by the
*term a two wheeled machine for ha
man locomotion-was made in France
about the year 1815. This pionber ma
chine was a very awkward affair, con
sisting of a couple of bervy wooden
1wheels of equal diameter, one behind
Ithe other and joined together by-a -Ion
gitudinal wooden bar on which the 4d.
er's seat was fixed, the mode of pro
pulsion being the pushing of the feet
against the ground. Not for flfty years
was any real progress nmd& In 1869
-the machine with the big driving wheel
with the little hind wheel was Invent
ed by Michaux of Paris anid a few
years later came the "safety," which.
with many Improvements, Is the ma
chine we have today.-New York
-Change In Portunes,
He was a regular sport anid an an
doubted gent. He entered the cafe
with an air, he seated timelf at a
table with a dlourish. The chiefest of
the waiters noted him and flew to his
"Glve metheblllof tre,"sghed the
"Yes, slrr' breathed the waiter.
"By the way, waiter, your face is
strangely familiar."
"Possibly. sir. Last year I was a
guest here, not a servant. But-If you
will pardon me for my presumption
I seem to know your face too."
"Probably. Last year I was a waiter
Isn't It pathetic, this renewing of
,old friendsfrips? - Cleveland Plain
Dealer. _ _ _
A Case of Poetfo Jastice.
The following Is a case of poetic jus
I tice as meted out in France: A Pari
alan architect was sitting in his offie
when he Leird a knock at the door.
As 'ue wished to be alone he took no
notice of the knock, but went on with
- his work. A few moments later he
Sheard akey movingin the lock. Not
- doubting that his visitor was a robber,
fthe architect armed himself with a re
volver and quietly hid behind some
curtains. Presently the thief entered
and proceeded to rifle the place. Then
suddenly he started and grew pale. In
a mirror be had seen a revolver leveled
at his head from behind the curtains.
"Open the window," ordered the ar
chitect, "and shout 'Police' "
The burglar bad ~no alternative but
to obey and so summoned the officer by
whom he was to be arrested.-Green
Bag. _ _ _
The Mighty Hrring.1
SFew of us realize the vastness of
the herring industry, yet It Is highly
Important in many places, including
New Brunswick. Nova Scotia, Quebec,
British Columbia, Newfoundland. Eng
land, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Nor
way, Sweden, Denmark. Russia. Ger
many, Holland, Belgium. France, Ja
pan and Siberia. So long agls 1720)
some 2,000 of "the principal gentlemen
of Scotland" formed a ciompany for
herring dishing, but were quickly dis
rupted, leaving a mournful lot of stock
holders. Thirty years later the Prince
of Wales became president or governor
of a herring fishery, with a capital of
500,000. Fforts were made to learn
the secrets of the Dutch methods of
cring herrings, but the company soon
cw"apsed. The spawning and feeding
grounds of herrings have determined
the location of cities, and in severalI
Instances the actual destiny of nations
and the fate of monarehs appear to
have been involved in the herring fish
ar-Tondon Answers.
Soily es/
"r eerv
Fe EiePG
E OE C . C. o
H1IS Imperial Japanese Majes
Pa1cInternational Expo
Presidio Beservatice on %
of more .than 10,000 peopI
pressive and were deeply appreciate<
nese Government Commissioners,
and Yashikatmsu Katayama. The i
President Chares C. oore to Co
accepted It In behalf of: the Japanel
SACH of the four cone of
adorned with groups of st
prig, Summer, Autumn a
net In niches screened by e
sestve of the seasons, will for
The Court of rour Seasons will be
the noted artist, has charge of the
court Is Mr. Henry Bacon of New 7
l'infanta and. Cildren,
Th KMa Yeu Dais Alwas Dsught
Bird's Nest of Steel.
n the Museum of Natural History at
Seure, in Switzerland, there is a
id's nest made entirely of steel. There
ir a number of clockmaking shops at
oleure, and in the yards of these
sps there are often found lyIng dis
sd or broken spuings of clocks. One
y a clockmaker noticed In a tree In
bl yard a bird's nest of peculiar ap
n'ance. Examining It he found that
mpir of wagtails had built a nest en
iely of dlocks springs. It was more
tha four inches across and perfectly
nofortable for the birds. After the
!ehered architects had reared their
brod the nest was taken to the mu
u, where It is preserved as a strik
ngIllustration of the skill of birds in'
sirng their surroundings to advant
ig in building their nests.'
Mozart and Bretzner. I
When Mozart was at the height of
-sfame he composed the music forj
rtner's "Belmont und Konstanze"
The Abduction From Seraglo") at
o request of the Emperor Joseph II.
Cb author of the drama was so angry
tthis that he Inserted the following
aee In the Leipziger Zeitung: "A
etain fellow of the name of Mozart
a dared to misuse my drama. 'Bel
nt und Konstanze.' for an opera
et. I hereby solemnly protest against
s Invasion of my rights, and I re
ve to myself further procedures.
gned). Christoph Friedrich Bretz
e, author of 'Rtauschechen.'"
Practica4 Results.
There may be something in this
ory of telepathy," said the mystical
You mean thought concentration
t enables you to Impress your ideas
oters" inquired Senator Sorghum.
Well, there may be something In it,,
: don't depend on it. For practical
slts in impress/ng people telepathy
I never compare with a brass band
Id a parnde."--Wshingtonl Star.
Drink i
Buy it for ECO
-one pound ec
two of the ordi
ary kinds. *
Nw Orlene.
__ I
y's Commissioners to the Panama
sition dedicated Japan's, site in the
ednesday. Sept. 18. in the presence
'. The ceremonies were highly tim
I by the representatives of the .apa
Haruki Yamawaki. Goichi Takeda
Teed to the site was presented by
missioner General Yamawakl who
e government
the Court o? Four Seasons will be
ituary symbolical of the seasons
d Winter. The sculpture will be
lonnades and mural paintings, also
n the background for the setting.
340 feet square. Mir. Jules Guerin,
olor plan, and the designer of the
Waiting at thb Plate.
No team ever won a pennant tha1
was not a "waiting team"-that is, one
that could compel. the opposing pitch
er to "put 'em over In the groove." I1
does not necessarily follow that to be
a "good waiting team" a team inus1
draw many free passes to first. Th<
object Is not so much to force tha
pitcher to serve four wide pitches af
to force him to use his full strengtl
and to get him "In the hole," whici
in baseball meains to force him Intoe
position where, to avoid giving a pass
he must pitch the ball over the plate
if the count is two balls and no strikes
the batter is morally certain the nex1
will be over the plate, whether it I
stre.1ht or a curve. and lhe also know:
that in his anxiety to make certali
of throwing the ball over the plate the
pitcher will not dare "put as much on'
the ball as he would do if there were
two strikes and one or ttro balls called
Therefore he is praictically certain that
the next baiwill be a good one to hit
and he will "set himself." "grab a toi
hold" and double his chances of a base
hit.-Hugh S. F'ullerton in Americas
How He Stopped.
"How did the doctor persuade you
to give up smoking?"
"Made his bill so big I couldn't af
ford to buy any more tobacco."-Mii
waukee SentineL.
We know books by reading them,
horses by handling them, houses by
living in them and men by trusting
Mrs. Pepys' Temper.
Being at supper my wife did say
something that caused me to olpos
her in. She used the word devil. which
vexed me, and, among other things.I
said I would not have her to use that
word, upon which she took, me up most
scornfully, whlch, before Ashwell and
the rest of the world. I know not now
adays how to check, as I would here
tofore, for less than that would have
made me strike her. So that I fear
without great discretion I shall go near
to lose. too, my command over her. and
nothing do it more than giving her this
occasion of dancing and other pleas
ores, whereby her mind 1s taken up
from her business and t$nds other
sweets besides pleasing of me. and so
makes her that she begins not at all
to take pleasure in me or study to
please me as ,heretofore. - Diary of
Samuel Pepys.
Caspian -Sea3 e
The Caspian sea : ne :
mysteries ofthe wF&
rivers that pour 1ft) 5t:fro
are suticlent to- %
and a aimaf feet a
one of the great'
But this vast tdeles
rise. Evaporation.s
keeping the water at its
but its banks funih.
that at a prehlstor e
covered a vast- d
physicians as theSarmati;
though its sarfaceis -im .
feet below that a t e
there was a time at iw
equaled the Elack se ., =
At that time the
than the, Ohio- rver-.w h
into the Aal: sea,
Caspin. The 61d .bed
is visible to thisa-,;;;
The =Aral is more
er than tie Caspia
agine what a
that incline were tie Ns
its ancient bed. ;."Tru
be drained-B yno u
Man Power Cnd .
Does any one Sze
coal as a work ?A' as
work to pump s
day. and at the &ef-tdiL
was found that he :ba
much work as a ee
ounces of coal coiid< .
the energy put %t a
lug :man diaring one- whole:
same amoimt of ftore
nished by thirty-six
coal, or say forty'poinds
coal. Of -course eveni our
gines the gzeaterpadtt>o
energy of coal 1 iZs
If only one-tenth. I .turn
one and a hl#f 'ha.
Is equal to a man -work*
of the year: A-horse~lea
work as ten' men,..bdtine
ter poundst ofa ga
lng force, asa a
day. So that.a~ezii NC&1
could ose nH Its'force. would
much work issix herses~
a whole year.
- Curiosities ofSoud
There are yseries nth
slon of sound that Iyve otye
fathomed. For- example the
the Orion are- said touhave
ninety-seven iniles away
audible to those much .gearerp
Is on record that the rev
the battle of Waterloo -res
places in Kent, though Gen
ville and his detachmientibetd
of It a--dozen iles away..Wsz.
hoots, sirens and noisles o tid
have been tested-by teT~~y~
In order to dind a noisesb(~ Wl
b-fallibly heard'for acea i 41St Dce.
in vain. They may allb bea~I -
dozen miles and be inaudible at.1ha1t.
mile. Many of the disastiesabont o,.
coasts are doubtless ue lttht'
terious "soundless zone"-In which -'
bmman ear cannot. catch the
But no one has yet discovered the
son of that-deaf spot or prophesied
varynglocaly.-rWemnt Gascd t
Wantod to Be Exclusiva
P. V. Daniel, "Virginias gentlemi -
was one of the general officers of
old Richmond, Frederlcksburg'and
tomac railroad.
Even In those days -before the'
the road was prospeo. and a
meeting of the board ofdirectr c
progressive introduced -a resolution
reduce the rate for passengers from -
17 to 1cents a mie /
Instantly Daniel, who was chad
man, declared the motign "olit of
"Why?' paotested its patron.
"Why!" thundered DanieL "If 70
do that you will have every ragtagdn
bobtallin the state of Vitrni Ifid
on our road. ...hat's 'why?"
The resolution was. nnimusly
Madrid's Throne Room.
The throne room of the royl Vl
at Madrid is onl of the mo~t magi -
cent in the world. Decorateatn
and gold. it contains -rock- cry:
chandeliers, colossal looking glasses
the finest quality, marble tables
priceless porphyry. The ,ceiling
painted by Tiepolo with the "Maje
Iof Spain," In Illustration of the vir
of the kings and the manlIness of
people, who are represented In the
ferent costumes of the provinces. H
Ithe sovereigns, of Spain receive -
grand occasions when alive and wI.
iend are laid out in state.-.
Instinct In Birds.
In the stormy part of the year
steamer encountered rough weatbh:.
and, as often happens at such tim
nmany sea gulls hovered near the sL.
and even came on board. One allow
itself to be caught,,and It was ton
that it had a fish bone stuck in the es
In such a position as not absolutely
destroy the sight, but penetrating 5
inch into the flesh of the bird and p
jecting an Inch and a half. It mig
have had a- fght w!th a fish or s
transfixed seeking its prey. The di'
t'or of the ship took the bird. extract
the bone, applied i soothing remedy
the wound and let it go. It flew awr
but returned the next day, allowing
self to be caught. The doctor esa
ied the wound, which was progressi
favorably, :applied more of the reme
and let the bird go a second time.
flew several times around the ship al
2- :M re and returned no more.

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