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.G S. MARCH 31. 1915.
- In this issue there appears a 2
etteir from W. C. Davis, Presi- t
6entof the Peoples Bank. in a
he refers to our comments
.bdutdefyiRg and violating law, n
oa slur at his Bank, and then n
d togive his opinion as C
is, and-is not law. b
4 nposition.is simply" this: A b
passed at the last ses- 9
of the Legislaturerequiring v
dbc L -legal notices, including it
statements -required by s
~4Wta-be published, to be pub t
a hi~ed itthe two newspapers in i
eliatyat rae a ifthe t
nsacaa publishedKin onr.; in a
'Sotel~ *ds, a one hair rate to r
~ ah. The i-eason.being, were. c
~~archareredBanks to be pub- a
4~t~~DsItitons'and the public is C
~pi~dtoknow just what is be- e
~~gone by the officers of such e
stiutins. The question of I
Ciether the Seniator- from this o
nUUftyWas instrumental in hav- d
elig uc a law passed is puerile. 1a
~can only be for the purpose t.
>fitracting from the main is b
&e The law referred, to was
~Cnaglid by the Legislature the e
Aame as are all of the laws on C
h-teptatute books. and, our con- t
etidaus, that -until it is de- (
ried by aproper tripuna to be d
{.-aeonstitutional, it is the law f
ndashould be respected; when S
~- ti efied it has been violated. C
Wedo not propose to permit s
Ba~Optairr Davis to ensnare us into s
aontention with the gentlemen J
sWenames as being "hardly re f
~-r&ed in this County as law vi- t
51ostors," very shrewd of him, a
but.it will not go, they are offi
Seals of his Bank,and very natna I
-'~Rd not want to be out harmony a
Swith biui--their money is invest a
4ba~-~ t we doubt seriousiy if allt
otthese gentlemen agree with 1
~'i contention in this matter. I
~ aptain Davig is not only. res-1
-idelnt-of the' Peoples Bank, but J
b isaso financially interested I
in another newspaper, when he i
boycotts one, and his bank's]I
patroniage was w i thdr a w n
freon The Times be f or e
jhe~legislature met, and throws S
?b'eytroaage ot a public insti
tution of which he is the execu
tive head to the one heis person- h
ally and financially iterested in, j
then in that case he uses his t
eftcial position for his privatee
gain, and to, when be should S
know that some of the stockaI i
holders of bis bank desire oth
erwise. Therefore, when he t
undertakes t'o bolster up his con
tention by charging us with us-t
in oure" official position for pri- i
vaegain, it seems rather incon- r
sistent, at least to our way of f
We have no hesitency in ac- t
cepting responsibility for the 'j
-Act that was passed by the Leg
-islature, although it was thet
work of the entire delegation,
and introduced in the Housei
first at our request, the purpose
of the request being to give the
House members an opportunity
to look into the proposition, and
to investigate the conditions as
to whether such legislation was
justified under the circumstan
ce- this we presume the Housei
Viss Annie 'I
:rn Markets
r store and i
NESS, Mana
iembers did, because the orig
al bill was amended by Ctem,
ster amended by myself, and
nanally agreed to in free confer
,ne; this is mentioned merely
D show there was no secrecy,
7hat was done was with the full
:nowledge of the public and of
he three House members-it be
ag ne-essary to have their con
ent for the .bill to beedme an
Let. Had they been ofposed 'o
be Bill it could not have beco-ne
n Act.
It is the law, but the- amend
ient relating t) bank state
ients may be techincally, as
,apt. Davis contends ineffective,
ecause the section relating to
anks was not amsnded. but the
eneral law relating to legal ad
ertisements and notices was,
nid, having been amended sub
equent to the original law,
bough not the particular sec
ion relatigg to banks; the fact
hat bank statements are re
:arded legal notices, an amend
ent relating to legal notices
arries with it the amending of
11 law requiring the publication
f legal advertisements or notic
s. however, this may be erron
ous, and technjically Captain
avis may be correct. but his
pinion, although he is a iawyer
es not alter our position that
iw is law and should be respec
el until it is otherwise decreed
y the proper tribunal.
We heard in the Cla rendon
ourt house at the trial of the
ase of Madison Cantey adminis
rator ot the estate of Marion
~antey, in a suit-against Claren
on County for $2000 damages
or the allege,1 lynchin aof the
aid Marion Cantey, the speech
F Captain Davis 13 which he
tressed this very position. He~
aid int effect: Gentlemen ofthie
uas' good citizens you must
ld a verdict, it is not for you
o judge whether the law is a
ood one or a bad one, IT IS
~HE LAW, and until the su
~reme court sets it aside, as con
cientious men you must render
,verdict against the-county, dis
asteful to you though it may
>e--it is your conscientious duty.
n that case Captain Davis in
he -name of LAW urged the
ury to force the innocent tax
>ayers of Clarendon to pay S2000
or the acts of parties un knowvn.
is appeal to duty, good citazen -
hip, and respect for the slat
te law of thge State was strong,
o strong in fact, that he con
inced such conscientious g en
lemen as his uncle and a cousin
md the other members of thie
ury,it was their conscientious du
y to force the taxpaye rs of Clar
ndon County to pay this
2000 he was suing for, because
Swas law.
Captain Davis did not then
hink, as he seems to think now,
hat citizens should disregard
be law, as it is written. A negro
ras lynched. the law gave his
epresentatives the right to sue
or $2,000. and, notwi thstandinug
he fact that this law is unjust,
>urdensome and obnoxious, IT Is
'HE LAW, and the jury rendered
heir verdict accordingly. True,
he case w-as appealed, but we
ave but little hope of the coanty
eing saved from this unjust
rrden. It IS THE LAW.
This whole business is making
Smountain out of a mole hill. It
s not worth contending for. The
>ublication of the Bank State
nents is interesting to the gen
~ral public, and some of our' pat
'hames, in ch
studying the
nspect our st
banks would like to have then
published in this newspaper, hu
if those banks which are officer
ed by men who have piivate in
terests that the stockholders o
their banks are not interested in
which they wish to foster, oi
who for personal or politica
reasons desire to withhold th
publication of the statements ii
The Times. we are perfectl3
wiling they sh iuld do so, but
when they do. they violate the
It is not our duty to enforc
the law relatinig to this matter
the Bank Examiner has this mat
ter to look after, if le agree
with Captain Davis that a lay
enacted by the legislature car
be brushed aside whenever z
citizen takes up the notion foi
his personal gratification to dt
so, then it does seem to us all
law can be set aside by whim oi
caprice. According to Captair
Davis when arguing in. a court,
ii is the duty-of citizens to up
bold the law as it is written it
the statute books, when they fail
to do so they encourage the vio
lation of law which is dangerou:
to society. But then when he
thus argues he is the recipient
of a fee; either contingent pi
actual in advance, and this, oj
curse, may alter -the situation,
and relieve the moral respon
sibility, or consistency.
What Captain Davis says aboni
special legislation being uncon
stitutional, we do not place any
faith in whatever. If lhe is right,
then the greater pait of the leg
islative work of this State is
.null an'd void, but the constitu
tion expressly provides thal
special provisions can be mnade
to generallaws, and .this Act is
a special provision izu'a genera
law; this provision in the consti
tution was wade for the ver)
purpose of permitting local leg
islation necessary to cornmuni
ties, and it also tits into a case
whiere men organize a ne wspapel
with personal or political pur
poses in view. or where they
have such an organization w bicli
permits thew -to use their otficia
poitions in public insitutions t<
perso nally protit in the earnings
There appeared in Monday'
News and Courier a letter fron
Senator E. C. Epps of Williams
burg on the warehouse system
and we will later print it in ou
columns. Senator 'Epps is
business man, and is in clos
contact with the farming inter
ests, being a banker with
clientale mainly among farmers
therefore he knows the obsta
cles in the way of their progres:
and what they need to put then
on an equal footing with thi
other vocations. Senator Epp:
endorses the State Warehous'
system, and he gives full credi
to Iion. John L. McLaurin fo
its conception. and he urges the
people to stand by the ware
house commissioner against thal
opposition who would disparag
his ciforts because of mercenary
and political motives. oet
It is refreshingtoneth
rapid growth of the wvarehouse
system smnce the adjournment oj
the legislature. business met
who~ are not wrapped up in pol
itical ambition, and who have nc
minestmenlts in private ware
houses are dailying applying tc
get the benefits that Commis
sioner McLaurin has been able
to secure, and only recently such
i.- .S L. Dn Jennings anr
arge of the NV
styles, and il
i Thomas Wils.n, and 0. G. RT
b land of Spmter, amiong t!
- strongest business men in th
- county have turned theIr lar,
f cotton holdings over to L1
State controlled warehous
Why? Because they are busine
I men and 'pay no heed to t
petty politi::al claptrap of t
opposition to the system. Wh
men.ofthisstamp look into
proposition and become convit
ed of its efficacy and wisdom,
is high time for the oppositi
Co withdraw into a hole and pt
the whole in after tbem.
Not only are the business mi
of Suinter County taking to .t
w.<reliouse system. but all ov
the StaIte they are waking up
u:derstand the fallacy of t
atrguments of those who wOU
liare killed the system, and fa
log in that they prevented tI
L'gislature from giving it sul
cient support to carry out ti
plans of the Commnissioner, al
thbey are .urging their represe
tatives to support the insti-tutic
It is because of this need tb
the Senator from Williamsbu
has had his very excellent lett
published in a statewide netw
paper to let the people- f , t
State know that he takes.
stock, in fact repudiates t:
efforts of petty politicians, In
the shortsighitness of priva
owned wareliouses in opposi:
a system conceived, in the bi-a
of aLstate~stnlan.
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A shadw ofu .1i . v.ts cas . over i
entire commnuiity ou M\arch 2aid, by t
death of our belovel. and snost hig b
esteemed friend. Mrs. ~S. P. Harrit
She hali been ill with pneuno Aia f
two weeks anud the eod was expect
at any time. yet whben it catme' it was
Isad sbock to all.
She will not~ oniy be misse I in ti
surrunding comn n'ui y, oat eve
where that she wa. k'nown, for she w
a faithful fiend to everyb dy.
Ever since our ewly age she h
been a faithful member of Midw
church, in her death the chuirch h
Slost one of its strongest arnd mo'st fiit
ful members.
Even in the hours of death she t
- not forge t her church forl she said,
commwn my soul to Gm'i and my body
dear old Midway cemetery."
1She is survived by nine childre
Margaret Evans New Zion, Elizabe
Harrington New Zion. Julia Eva
New Zion, Mollie Harrinizton Mannin
Kinder Harrington New Zion. Bert<
Harrington New Zion, Olga Ep
Kingstree, Epps and Jake Harringt:
New Zion, and twenty seven grar
children, and two brothers and two s
ter-s, Messrs S. M. Reardon and J.
Reardon of Manning, and Mrs Ma
Harrington and Mrs. B. W. Evans
lNew Zion. Her husband was buri
SSeptember 24th, 1914.
'Mrs. Hairrington died in her 59
SWe a'l know in death it was her gi
and our loss yet we feel that,
* . A place is vacant that cannot
.1 filled,
A loved ones voice is hushed a:
I wish to extend to each and eve
one of the bereaved family my deept
sympathy and may Gcd give the
strength and faith to say, "Thy W
Oh Lord, and not ours be done."
A Friend.
Daily Thought.
In God's world, for those who are
earnest, there is no failure. No WOI
truly done, no word earnestly spoke
no sacrifice, freely made, was evi
made in vain.-F. W. Robertson.
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