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ftke Good Work Possie.
You cannot do good while %our b< w
el1 are sluggish or your liver topid,
Wm. O.E Bielkc, Mgr. Scott Hotel,
Hancock. Mich . says "I gave Foley
Cathartic Table:s a thoroug trial, and
find them a mild but safe carhartic.''
Foley Catbrtie Tablets never gripe or
caue neausea. They do away with
that drowsy, dull, tired feeling ani are
whole-ome, cleansiog and balhful.
Most satisfactory for stout persons.
Dickson Druz Store.-Adv.
Luminescence of Nitrogen.
It has been found that nitrogen,.vig
orously and spectroscopically pure, ac
qurs a continuous luminescence,
during the electric discharge, and
thorefore this phenbmenon can no
longer be attributed to the prescence
of traces 6 oxygen. In the. pres
ence of metallic vapors, such as those
of mercury, sodium or potassium, says
the Scientific American, the phenome
non -is not produced owing to the ni
trogen's being attacked by the metal
lic vapors, forming a combination of
the metal with nitrogen. The pres
ence of oxygen, which oxides the met
allic vapors, hinders their action on
.he active nitrogen and renders its
formation possible.
If you che-:k up th- number c-f hot
- les used y 'u will find1 Fo'ev's Hone.
tua Ta'- in gr-er den-man.1 ]h '- ant
W-.er ent~iuh mnedicin--- IP- is A.ide
-ronpt: n! efrectiv-i f.>r co'ds, . roup
ho.rsenase. hr -n:-hl coughe, th-oa
"r,>le anal la:r ip e It contains n<
opliates and is p ef rae I cough med.
- - cin.- f, r child en. Dickson Drua St.r.
Got- Three Back.
- Attorney - Thomas C. BrinsmadS
doesn't object to a good story, even
if It's on him He tells this one: "The
other day -an old colored man came
- sauntering up to me In my yard,
where there was a big pile of rubbish.
'Morning, John,' I said. 'Mornin
Marse Tom, don't you want that rub
bish hauled away9'What'll you take
I asked. 'DoDah a load, n' I think it'M
take Jes' about two loads' 'I'll si
oa 75 cents a load.' I told blm. 'You
remember me, do you, Marse Tom.
'Why, sure, John: 'Well, you rem
ber when I was up for shootin' crapa
and you pleaded me guilty in.polc
court?' 'Sure,' I said. 'And
,cbargedme $10 an' I never said a
gone word!" John hauled the rubbish
at $1 a load, and he made three I
af it"--Ceveland News.
StraIghtened Him Out
. P. Jon-s: Boothe. Ark. writsb
Shu ase-ver-e csc of kidu-y t.ou '.ble
and cool do no jvork at al'; F*41qe
Mdney Pills s:raightt-npd mo our.
on.:e.". The a:im'- story is to I
ntM,14M kida. Y and bladlder t-0Q1
yiel I quickly. Site and-if -etive. Dic
so0 Drug Store. -Adv.
Tie Sokder's ignorance.
Thag I'slgnortnMe is-not
.xinaticse to the place fi whichZs
. htng The prospect of ha -
gidte- khedlve as an ene
sulbf .$ ann ate of the m Of
- smpag It was after the fall-oI
darmeuthis khalf was being:
sueod, anithere was afalsee
be had been captured. "Hoorayi
one RBi~sh son1cm was heard t
Sanct1Er; "weve got the bleob
kasydfrTo*nmy was in
- norance of the .fact that he h&
merehlag under the khed e'
ever since he had. started onth
paign-London Chronicle. .
- ~TakeCareof The hildren.
A llngerinz eoid, distre-sing chl,
sepless-nighta, a raw. irefamedt,&dat
kad to a run-dow n~emitioni iniihich
hbe child is not able, t-> ro'-i... 4gia
loss d'seases. Folev'.< H -n-'y a
t' ruvyheineu and pr.-mny' in .N
4: I relieves coghs- ca e'rna
whoopire- congh. '.-or zais non K ti':tr9
SD'ekso Drug Store.-A Gv.
Tolstioy; wtac ltze-. .tii ,.'ossaCddes
scribes -him in ais aves -Tdi[Cs
sack," as follcws: "Bc :ooks aiion a
woman -as the instrument 31 bIngweR
being. As long as she is mnrIed
she Is- allowed to make mei1y Dut
once a wife she must Dut aside the
pleasures or youth and wocrk even till
the end of her days to rsad to hls'.-om
* ort. He is thoroughly orientalen hi,
deand upon heu obedience istol.
Aar result of this state of thbs the
women, -though to all appeances In
subjection, become powerfull devel
oped, both physically and morally, and,
as is commonly the ease in thie LEast,
- posaes Incomparably more lfiuence
-and consequence in domesticdsffrs
than In the West. The Cosack;lipho
In the presence of strangers-;rgards
it unbecoming to talk affetlenastely
or gossip with his wife, cannhtelp
foaling her superiority wheine- is
left alone with her"
Our "Jituey" Offer-This ndk
Dont.Miss Thi', Cut out t bis slip, en
close with.Sve cents to Folev~ -& Co.,
*Chicaga, Ill., writin-' your uanie and
ad-Iresselearly. You will 'aeceive in
':eturn a trial. package containier Fo
. ey's Honey and Tar C'ompoaiiid. for
cousas, colds and croup. Filney Eisiuey
- Pills, and Foley Cathartie Ta%e-s
Dickson Drrg Store.-Adv.
Good Excuses.
-wo men were drInkIng tgher
when the conversation inarneeano
to feed and train canaries, 'whi p~
pened to be their professM i.hey
were telling each other the of
their birds, which were t , a
show, and both were sure ify n mg
the prise. At last one of t d,
in a sorrowful tone: "Ah, ~ if I
bhpd only got the one I had ld k I
should not have much trul~ In
- ning, but .I had taught h~njng,
'Home, Sweet Home.' so rn per
fection that the tears rolled- his
-'breast till he got exhaustede off
his perch and wals drowned inbi~s own
tears." "Oh," said Tom, "that's oth
ing. One night my bird was -si g
"'he Village Blacksmith' go true that
the sparks-flew out of isey set
fire to the cage, and befbre we; had
-time to put the fiames ojit the poor
little wretch got roasted to deatl "
Your Child's Congh is a Ca~for Help.
Dont put off treating ~oif' Child's
Cough. It not only saps ter strencth
but often leads to more ser'bus ailmenzts
Why risk? You have to lDr. King's
Now Discovery is just the emedy your
Child needs. It is made with soothing
- healing and antiseptic ba~ss. Will
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the Cough or how long sI oding4 Dxr
*King's New Discovery wi top in Is
guaranteed. Just get a -ttle 'fromu
your Druggist and try it. 4dv.
tlke ivory.
pcrted intaL: .a d : sed.
the-'filling, f ha; bzeen casc. by a
new mar hvin ben ei-ted by
the openin p cf *he Congo frce state.
The ivorys 'ming from that region is
now sold utwerp, so whn the
quantities sent to both markets are To
put together the total imports actually
#how an increase.
In- Solon's Time.
Darigthe time of Solon, the fa
inous laWmaker. he secured the pas
sage of[ a statute compelling every
able-bcdled adult man in the nation thn
to give phof once a year that he was
,arning 'a decent living and was self
supporting. Somebody has written to
us suggesting that this would not be
a bad'example for Uncle Sam to fol
low, since the class of those who have
learned tq'live "gracefully in idleness"
is constantly on the increase.-Chris
To the :anor Born. TI'
,-3ady accosted a little girl who was IV
teing one of the fashionable New Lif
york flats where she knew the rulep and
were exceedingly strict, and after had
some little conversation, said: "How wol
Isit yon live in these flats? I thought but
they would not take children. How did tle
jou get In?" "Why," replied the child, Cor
L was born in." con
1nw To Wive Quinine To Chldren. pai
smr.TNsE isthe trade-mark name given to an
hagovedQinine. itisaTastelessSyrup.Pleas- a d
WTai take and does not disturb the stomach,.
~Mdre ta-e it and never know it is Quinine.
'A* especiany adapted to adults who ceonot eve
1iyfordiary Quinine. Does not nauseate nor
auenervousness norringing in the head. Try
;thenxt time you reed Quinine for any pur- '
. Ask in 2 wiee original package. The
aseFBRIIJNE is N.wn inbottle. 25 cents. Vel
Kept at the Office. Ly4
Mis brown always looks very dub; dei
as ahen.her husb:-nd comes home a be
littlejlater than usual and says he has we
been "kept at the office." She :evei _
:ks as if she believed the c:cuse,
bch. as a matter of fact, is quite
gen.:e. But some wives seem in- A
spble. of realizing that their hus- $1t(
lands really are kept late at the office ml,
nenetimes, and nowaday- competition
a so keen that a man can't afford to
e off at the tick of the clock if he plIc
w Ises to eep his position. The sen
sibis wife doesn't make a fuss when
he is "kept late." She just notices .+a
that he looks' more tired than usual, sn
aud lets him have his dinner and a
,s.irke after in peace and quiet. And re1
ya usually tfhd that the husband who (
eeivet this sort of treatment is tate
ier lafe home if he can possibly loar
' laIt. . - ve
nstipation ;t
tab* dreaed. It lead*-to serious a''
einstse. !FCver. Indigestfio. 'ileI. Nat.
Sisk Heqdche. Poisoned Sytem and
a ?oae 01 cher troubles folow.
Doane let Ccsadvation lastB
]rLwer oad Rowels
sse &yfoods. OR
Al Druggists 2S- cents anI
Thie time
will come
when your
wish will be .
a new home,
Save money nov
Small savings% hav be 3jn fl I
iaking the first pay Ient en a hu
Thei fact that you~ have a Bana
tdece which re~sults in betiter t:-ros;
rhake if vou did niot'save. DI. fl n4 so
'stnding a Bank a.,count s-i'.es .t
you. Begin with one olar
The Bank of
Our Mule Pen, Bu
-Harness and Wagon I
We are today doin
a thousand satisfied
were directed to us
and grandfathers.
Fourth Ca
to arrive next
A look, and our price,
you a customer-G-nes
D. M. Bradh
15 to55 TESTIFY
theMerit of Lydia LPink'
ham's Vegetable Com
pound during Change
of Life.
testbrook, Me. - " I was passing
)ugh the Change of Life and had
pains in my back
.N and side and was so
weak I could hardly
do my housework.
. I have taken Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound, -!d
it has done me a lot
of good. I will re
commend yotir med
/ icine to my friends
sion to publish my
imonial." -Mrs. LAWRENCE MAR
, 1% King St., Westbrook, Maine.
[anston, Wis. - "At the Change of
! I suffered with pains in my back
loins until I could not stand. I also
night-sweats so that the sheets
ild be wet. I tried other medicine
got no relief. After taking one bot
of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
apound I began to improve and I
tinued its use for six months. The
is left me, the night-sweats and hot
hes grew less, and in one year I was
ifferent woman. I know f have to
nk you for my continued good health
r since." - Mrs. M. J. BROWNELL,
ston, WVis.
'he success of Lydia E. Pinkham's
metable Compound, made from roots
herbs, is unparalleled in such cases.
r you want special advice write to
Ha E.PlnkhaM Medicine Co. (co
itial)Lynn, Mass. Your letter wil
opened, read and answered by a
man, and held in strict conAdenceI
Money to Loan.
ppie~tih n- rreived for loans from
ti. e1o (OO. o; improvted and un
uved own ptoperty aa.d fa II
~. In: -s: 8 pr v--n- Lrt.
r~ pm ,~h- nenut1. or s 1i
ally. Time:- .ne ti ten %e '.A: -
ants' for loam p l .;-~ giv.. d -
p i . l -a on. a d %ala:1ti1: ' f
.. e uti i i r li n.
Si.'p:o.n .- a.d vau.:tA-n of
rti. Co . r s r ev-s (ve
S.IP ' f 413 aS allw;~
. . eV *t.U ' U1 -X%* uirt'
r-en a !tv- Aut r: f% r real +-s
man preferred. A ppl c .n-. 'u?
s, aid at'icat- for a nt-- p...
ly t qu -- t 1 t f iruis at I asL -
racter referr ces un-1 f6r w. r i leiv
. tive 2c stamipz, !o-- appilirat -n
:k ;, fu'!l ; .1 W.;; A.11- as t *romT'
.N. kvii . -cu he.. OfCil-e. Som
1: o. ;q-- Lo -n A-s ,t, Fo! l h
1 Bank 1a. g At'nLa Ga .
Men With Conceit.
ixperence is a great teacher, out
r are some conceited men who im
ne they can give experience cards
spades and beat it at the teaching
ny instanceis thie 'means o'f
: accounl breniis ab~out aL COn
of putchase thani you could
much the mroney as it is tlhe
-Tats wht-re we eon help
ggy Repository,
louses are Full.
g business with
customers who
b their fathers
.r ules
and goods make
s the Reason.
am & Son
Ifyou want to get rid of that COLD or LAGRIPPE &
just purcifase twelve of our Capsules, compounded by
us. If taken as directed and they fail to cure, we will
gladly refund your money.
(..V .q
-There's a great variety of useful articles required
in the kitchen for cooking purposes, and we have
lhem alI in su perior qualit.v. K'ttles: Te:t and Cffee .
P. is. Broers. .Sanctparns. Fry Pans, Cake l'ins,
we 11.. evo i- the most e dxeilIcnt makee. They are
of the liet biock til, aid formel it- a wa. that
iu.a'i-.es I ! in iiost durable. Wh.i her you n. ed a
wl:ole kitclen outit, or au od I thi g, it is here.
M, aE -
Carolina Special
To 'Ch ic ag o.
!outhern Railway
QuNeen & Crescent Route- Big Route.
Lv. Charleston. ........................ 8:00 A. M.
- Lv. Summerville ............ ............ 8:43 A. M.
.Lv. Branchville.............. ..........10.20 A. M.
Li' Orangeburg.......... . .........10:55 A. M.
Lv. St. Matthews .............11:24 A. M.
Lv. Columbia ..... ... .......... .......12;55 P. M.
Ar. Cincinnau................ ..........10:55 K M.
Ar. CIhigo.... . ................ 9:00 P. M.
-Lv. Chicage..... .... .... ........ ......8:55 A. M.
Lv. Cancinnati ....... .................-. 6:35 P. MJ.
Ar. Coluinbt 5.. .......... ,...... 4:45 P. M.
Ar. St Matthzews... ..... ..... ..........6:05 P. M.
Ar. Onigeburg........ ... ....... ... ...6:35 P. M.
Ar. B rnchrille ... ..... ... ...7-15 P. M.
Ar. BurnmerviIc............ .. ....... ... 8:48 P M
Ar. CTharlestt~n .... ............. ... ....9:40 P. .M.
Excellent consremai~ns a.t Chrie40 .o n lthrocal i t.ai;s
for, Sani Fra nei:,.co,: I s An.g.-I s, ()mah ., Dena ?. Pt
hl~I S--at t:i.-, Mi I ' auk..e. St. Paul rna .I:e,- p- in -s We'.t
Fid ~orihpasene i-res.. jic -h~uies, tiekos, .h~e , m* ii 0on
So;uthern Retra w' T1rek--t Agr.ot.
W. li. G3AFFEY..
. W. E McGEE. Charlecston. a. C.
Assistant GenornI Paxs.rng.'r Agt.
~What Will The Harvest Be? $
Hi .vt* ' oi a v.- (3 .pd tU r:.i.;k of ah..t -he ha vi t f. - -
j3ur 1.le's wo k -: I b-? A --- 30 i stor.nr: an ) p 1i . I u
- mor.rp fo,- ti- win ' re , f c.:a I g :or! m n.for,un- 7.
An 5-v .1:na.:on di ouU tha:. ..ur :'anrk woi.l b
i~ -e 'o-- k e:' g . t; tu r i . - ri v j 's ' ::us-d y a
for er. ri farn- r t - a' e a gr..: bi.:.a in von .. e i .nn. Ye u
i.a Uo . --n .0 cui y.~ at rir.:h rat-. anii withea u,
an' r c d~ eiie op b t e rot Uex, -i:e cu':e in rei.
Mai ,- c ,h er :i --.no: dorn' h v.- to d" bus.es ev. rv
Lime you corne0 in to~ sa'. "h n
SRememaer Us When You Have Money and We'll Remember &"
You When You Need Money.
Alcolu Railroad Co.
Effe ctit e Se-pt 1, 1914. Spret~Tm. al e.1
S:ation Ti a'n No. 1 TrmN.2 TinN.3 -imNo4
Rte t id p. oai e~1U ed ~.
Alcolu A r. 8:30 a.m. L.1:5an.A.50 ~ v :5: n
McL'ad Lv. 8:20 '" 1:0. v 45 ~ 82
Iarby - 8:15 " 1:. :0 ' :5 '
Durant. " 8:05 - 03 :2 *83
Sardinzia "7:50 " 100 ' 41 I .845i .2
Niw Zion " 7:40 " 13 :0 ~0" 1
Beards '" 7:35 "l1 . * :5 :5 -1
seloc "~ 7:30 "1' :5 ' 90
Paroda Jt - 7:15 - 1:0 ~ :091
'rr~Iri N. 1 aSupNrs4edre Tshne Table No. 132
TTrain No. 2 TrainNN..33aTraiixNo 4i- ins.
Lv. 10R ~. A r. 5:00 y m. v.8:5 m 0
" A10:20 , L. 4:0" -82
rhoQunie haDes4o 10:25t Th "ea 4:40ran to th Pale an 5ikl
Because o"its:tonc"a"d4:aati-e"e8ect. "AX
TIV BRMO UDU ~ " 10:50tha oinr Th 4:l 0 S "nd geea str:45ein to'ic
lafnthegatur of0 ". WArE.25c term. " 3:00 "on r. :30t ad chlde.5
Copyright, 11:5. :;y ti.e McCiL-re Newspa
per Syncleate.)
They had been married six months
-George Curtiss and Kitty Cline. All
had on. well, v:en one afternoon
Kitty's Aunt Prue came visiting. She
hadn't seen the young wife since her
marriage and, ftcr drawing a long
breath and gett.nt; a good toe hold.
she said: "And rsw I wani to ask
about George:
"Is he akind and icving husband?"
"Why, Aunt Prue, George is just
the be:-t rn in thi: world!" was the
enthusiastic reply.
"How much salary does he get?"
"Twenty-five per week."
"And how much do you- save per
"Save? Why, we haven't saved
anything as yet." -
"Then it's wuss Ihan I thought far
-'r wuss. Who handles the money?"
"Why, Gsorge does, of course."
"That's it-that's it! He nandles
the money and does what he please'
with it. It is no ronder." .- -
'"Put docvr't the husband alwayt
save the money?"
''e dc-cs where the- vife -is an
idioL. Lci-d alive, child, any wife -is
flive- times as capable of handling the
house money as the husband. We
never should have been worth a hun
dred dollars if I hadn't taken the
money matter into my own hands."
When the subject vas changed the
wi!n found herself thinking it would
be very nice to handle the money,
but was almost sure the husband
iFould not consent; but he came home
with a surprise for her. - It -happened
he had heard that Aunt Prue was at
the house that Otternoon, and know
in-l hrr ideas on finance he suspected
"K.!tty, rve been thinking thinge
over today."
"What things?"
"Don't you think you could make my
ra'ary go further than I do?"
'-Yes, I do; but-"
"Then I'll turn it over to you for
the next three months."
"You are so good, George."
"You can run the house and every
"T-hy, I surely thought you would
"P :t you see*I don't. I have saved
O in the last six months, though I
va .ceping it secret. I guess, how
.rve', 'reu can beat my record and not
try v- ry hard."
"I shall surprise you, dearest."
She surprised him all right. As
there were only two of them, he had
b-en buying porterhouse teak. For
'inner they now had a round, and..
<eing that she was. a tenderfoot the
'etcher !,ad charged her the same
-'. The grocer weighed her sugar
'! butter short, and there was a
-kr..:Eng of pctatoes. In two weeks,
c-!,. the wife had managed to
Z~tVe $14, and then Aunt Prue came
"Y-u don't want to put your money
'n '',: bank," said the old lady. "You
Mnd for one of those second-hand
sawing machines that are advertised
asgocd as new. You can surely save
thirty-five dollars."
"I v-ill."
"A man called at the house yes
terday with stock- In a silver mine fo
'eil. It is a stock to be sold only to,
ninisters and widows, but after some
eo:.ing, and after promising never to
tell, he let me .have .fifty dollars'
wortk of stock for $15. It will pay
fividends of 50 per cent.
"Eut I'll buy the stock for you now,
ahd in two weeks you can pay me for
ft. Never miss a' good thing if you.
can help it. I would not sayv any%
thing to George about it if I were,
.DuiriP- the last month of the thrlee
the br"-e'nd looked so starred and
anric-rs that the wife expected to
hc:' !:m say any-day that he must
trr-1 ie b::rks and roots to get enough
to 111 un en. but he carried the thing
through like a patriot.
"Well, the twelve- weeks arc -up,"
raid fle hu'band one evening:
-ind I .think' I -can shciw you ,that
I anr-.a bit of a fingncler,"- was the
proud reply.
The sewing machine had been
broughit over that afternoon, and the
husband was led into its presence.
"How much ?"
"Only fifteen dollars."
"I know of three second-hanid nia
chines here In town that you dan buy
at five dollars eac'h, but nev;a mind
'Here Is some silver stock tha Aunt
Prue bought for me." - -
"Then she ought to give you your
mocney tack, for that swindle was ex
rcsed years ago."
-"Oh, Gecrge. hard I been swindled?"
"Mdst surely, but what else?"
"I bought r.'o seashore lots."
"I heard yen had! and looked them
up. They c-io the edge of a big
New Jersey:;an.
'Did you buy' hf of Lake Erie for
a melon patch ?"
"Not quite. I only bought some
stock In a Peruvien gold mine."
"I see. New we will figure up
what you have saved- :n your twelve
"Don't, George-- don't!" she sobbed.
"Put. you sc-c
"If you won't, you may call Aunt
Prue an idiot "
"As I vas going to say-"
".-nd you may hand!6 the nlouse
mroney to the last day of your life!"
And' G-.orge grinued and kirsed her,
and Aunt Pro. i:m:'t been in the
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Miss Tong, one of the most einereneek#:2i -
- ners that has ever beeni in Sumter-is:-e ywxijhos f.
and her reputation alone is - suffiienkt gan-ce
to the most exacting. .- *
Call and look at our Barnyard. Saiorsen~
Tippenn-y Turbans and.veils the very aresbaca
tionis -and -Wbich are so popular on -the fa~hion:e
boalvards of the.large citie~s. --
We have gone to enrta en pense andicne this
season to give our patronls the Nt.*dstand C
.n' Sina rces1 -' Millinery. and our:'prices ~J.
mt e reach o all w bo desire tirst vlass
Ouc 'ore i. at 33 W. Libvrty Stre -
-hear' ey e e sue. awaitS those -who honot'
t. --
Su t r - - - &.- .
* or' Sa1
Fo Casti or on Time with Aprovde
Collateral .
Nitrate of~odJ
Acid Phosphate
and Ammnoniated Fertiffzers with or wit:
out Potash. Better see -u before- p aci:'
your order.
Manning, S C.

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