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The Manning times. (Manning, Clarendon County, S.C.) 1884-current, February 19, 1919, Image 16

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Ebe fil nning times.
Published Every Wednesday
"Fatty" at the Pastime Friday.
:s Esther Burger spent Sunday
in Simtir a .nuest of relatives.
Private Boarding House at the Me.
Coll liotel, A. C. DuBose.---2t-p.
Mrs. Dr. C. H. Geiger was .t visitor
to Sumter on Monday.
Mrs. B. A. .lohnson is visiting her
sister, Mrs. Iowle in Darlington.
Mrs. 'f. M. Mouzon left this morn
ing for a visit to friends in Sumnt"'r.I
Mr. H1. R. Love of Sumter spent
Sun(:y here as a guest of friends.
"Fatty" in "The Sheriff" at the
Pastime F"ridlay.
We understand Sumneirton will
have a tobacco warehouse this season.
Born to Mr. andl Mrs. S. Oliver
O'Bryan a baby girl on last Thursday.
Mr. Louis Levi of Abbeville is visit
ing relatives in Manning.
Mrs. W. E. Jenkinson of Kingstree
is \islitin r'elatives in town.
Wood's Onion Sets-All varieties
25c quart. The 5-10-25e Store.
Born to Mr. and Mdxs. Sam Rich
mond on Wednesday last--a boy.
Mr. Julius Dua of the New Idea
Co., spent several days of the past
week in Charleston.
F're'nch ('lass. Spechil lessons for
beginners from 4 p. rLI. to 5 p. mn.
Mrs. E. C. Alsbrook.
WVe r'aw have at good line ot all the
h'te Ma-zazines, Di'k'son's Drug
D.:in~l Mrs. L. W. Nettles of Jor
O:'n srpent Tuesday here guest-; of
Mr. and Mrs. J1. Ii. Alsbrook.
Gariden S(ehd. We handle a full
line of T. W. W\eeds & Sons' famous
Seeds for garden anud the farm. Get
ourI '"itece before you buy. The
5-10O-25e Store.
Hlow About This?
1 5 pa'iri'f me's dr Iess andi wor'k
shoes. $3.00 andi $3.50 at $1.98. JTos
('ph M. (Chandler', Sumter, S. C..-- adv.
Eyes Examined Glasses Fitted
J. E. ARANT, PH. (1.
I hi
In Ho D. DuBi
i and You
"Fatty" at the Pastime Friday.
Mrs. Stobo Wright of Alabama is
in Manning visiting her sister-in-law,
Mris. A. C. Bradham.
For Sale-Several tons of good coal.
A pply to J. A. Surles at B. B. Breed
in's Grocery.
For Sale--O(ne 1911 Ford Tourin'r
('ar in good condition. A pply at The
Mn:oning I)ry Goods Co.,--It-p.
.ir. ant Mrs. L. K. Hlowi( leave to
orrow for Charleston where they will
make their future home.
M .W. D). Epperson, one of Pine
w(o's live-wire business men, was
in Manning Monday.
Wanted-Two good wheelwrights
and blacksmiths. Apply to A. C.
Hiarvin. Manning.--1t-e.
l r. K a n:orow has 'et Jl n:I from.
New York, where he went to purchac'.
his stock of spring goods.
Milk Cows for Sale-Fresh and for
ward springers. E. M. McElveen,
Durant, S. ('.---2t-p.
M1liss Charlotte Mc(lockley went up
to Columbia to see the performance
of Chin-Chin last week.
For Sale-One fine sow and seven
pigs. Apply to 11. T. Hlolge, Fores
t on, S. C.--2t-p.
For Sale--ilouse and lot occupied
by J. L. Wells, Apply
Charlton DuRant,
--6t-e. Attorney.
Miss Weaver has returned from the
Northern markets where she purchas
e(d a complete line of quality goods
in millinery and ladies ready-to-w ar.
For Sale--Several nice, young cows
rehin milk. Come and see them.
R. C. Rtichardson, d r., Su mmert on,
lProst-pr'oof (Cabbage plants. Ship)
menl ' re('eivedl two o' three tim'es
e'ach week. All varieties. 30e the
hundmlred. The 5- 10-25ec Store.
viiig e arenits, Mr. adMs
F. A. Lorick, at 9:23 Oak Street, C'o
Mrs. Aaron A bramis and children
eft Thursday for Wilnington, N. C.,
for an extendedl visit to her parents,
Mr. and Mr's. J1. Goldstein.
Tlake'n 1'p-One iron grey horse 1
miule. 4 or 51 years old, we ma1ing 800 1
>r' 900 pio''''l. Hal~s smaull w irt in
left ear'. Owner can get same by
olplying to Hlenr'y Manning or IT. A.
Ri(chbourg axnd paying expenses of
Big Reduction Sale1
Of boys' w..inter knee school suits,
men's and( boys' overc'oats. See us
S. C . a .
wve selected this
be unsurpassed
3 and the most
a has taught us
the best and we
'ow's Store.
in Ever
ng Mens'
"Fatty" at the Pastime Friday.
Frost-proof Cabbage plants. Sh:p
nents received two or three times
each week. All varieties. 30c the
iundred. The 5-10-25c Store.
Mr. Sol KrasnofT of Sumter has
purchased the business in Manning
nown as the Peoples store.
Work will begin on the new tobacco
va rehoe.is of Satterfield and Terr '
hortly. This will give Manning four
Hoiw about taking her home one of
hose $1.50 boxes of Liggett's Candies
hat we ace selling at 89c. It's the
cry best. Dickson's Drug Store.
H1arry Steinhardt, better known as
Four Jacks," is seeing the sights of
'ew York this week.
.1 ust as long as they last-those
1.50 boxes of the fa mous Liggett
andies for 89c. Dickson's Drug
Mr. H1. 1). DaBrow left last Sunday
or New York where he went to buy
is spring stock.
Mr. Morris Ness left Sunday for
\'ew York where he went in the in
crest of The New Idea Co.
Sailor Welborn Brailsford came
come last Thursday with his tinal dis
'harge from the navy.
Seed Potatoes-We the peck. We
vill receive large shipments nextFri
lay. Best Maine-grown Seed Pota
oes. Early Bliss and Irish Cobblers.
M9e peck. The .5-;0-25e Store.
Seed Potatoes-69c the peck. We
vill receive large shipments next Fri
lay. Best Maine-grown Seed Pota
oes. Early Bliss and Irish Cobblers.
;9c peck. The 5-10-25e Store.
I have in operation the latest im-.
iroved Acetelyne welding plant. All
ohs given priom1pt attention. Sendi
ne' your work when in urgent n(eed.
I. L. Montague, Sumter, S. C.-2t-c.
Miss A tnnit Thanmes has ret urned
ronm the' northern markets. where she
>urchased a full line of the latest
,pring miiill inery,
in renorting the Kelcily- RidgillI mar
-iapee last week we m'ade a m1ista k"
ni the name of the bride. We' should
ove saidi Miss Mary Ridgill and not
diiss .Janie.
Strayed-Some days agto, a dark
rown JIersey hull yearling, weight
Liout 500 poundls. Reward for return
fsame. J1. P. ('reecy, Manning,
"Fat ty"' at the Pastime Friday.
Tlhere are thirteen mNillion acres o'
'ertile 1,andl (or two-thirds of South
'P.arund total a crea ge ) not cultivat
d. let Pegram Bros. Co., Inc., Box
7f. Winston-Salem. N. C., A uction
Wiels Peorle, sub-dliv'ideO 1.nd sell those
arms. Wire or wvrite them.-4t-e.
Season a Line <
anywhere. Ev4
critical taste car
just what the
have bought u
sts, Skirt
Suits, Sb
Mrs. Sue Harvin who has been at
her home at Salters recuperating
from pneumonia has returned t<
Mr. and Mrs. L. 11. Harvin an
children have returned home after
visiting .lMrs. Harvin's family in Ten
We don't want to be forced to cut
anyboly off our list, but you know
the government ruling as well as we
do. So keep your paper paid up. I1
must be in advance.
Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Breedin anc
Mrs. Samuel Patrick motored t<
Blackstock on Monday for a short
visit to Mrs. Breedin's and Mrs. Pat
rick's parents. Mr. and Mrs. William
Mr. A. .1. White has been appointed
registrar of births and deaths for
Manning, Manning township and
Sammy Swamp. His appointment
has been made on account of the res
ignation of Dr. J. E. Arant.
Miss Augusta Appelt has beer
notified that she will be placed at
Fort McPherson, Atlanta, as soon as
the government orders her into ser
vice. She will be engaged in recon
struction work.
Dd last Saturday at his home in
Charleston, Mr. F. W. Munnerlyn, a
well known traveling salesman. The
deceased was a brother-in-law of
Judge John S. Wilson, his first wife
being Miss Pet Wilson. The funeral
serve-er wer. in Magnolia cemeterv
Charleston, Sunday afternoon.
Read the big page ad. of I). Hirsch
mann in thi.s issue. His sale starts
I'riday, the 21st. This is the first
sale Mr. Iirschmann has had in about
two years, and we feel sure you can
pick many good bargains. This stock
is all new and up-to-date merchandist
and everything sold has the Hirsch.
mann guarantee.
Mr. Stewart H1a rv in ret urned Mon
day night from a buasmess trip to
Clinton, S. C. While away Mr. Hiar
via closel a contract by which he se -
cures control of three coanties for
the Dixie Wood Saw. lHe has a big
number of these useful machines or~
the road now and will be able in
day or so to fill your needs alonx
this line.
I have bought out the Farmerx
Supply C'o., of Pinewood, S. C., and
am the sole owner o( same andl then
chiarter has been revokted.
E. C. Geddings.
(Cost Sale
(Of men's and boys' sweaters, men'a
an-I boys' undterwea r. Jloseph M
('handler, Sumter. S. C.- ady.
Liberty Bonds Bought and Sold.
If you have bonds that you car
not pay for or have to sell, see us
Will pay cash for them or sell thenr
in New York for you.
Guthrie and Company,
Office Over Delormes Drug Store,
Sumter, S. C
)f Shapes and ']
ery Hat has an
be suited. Mai
ladies of Manni
ith that end in
s, )xfords
oes, Hats,
4T ST(
To the
of Clarend
I have just come 1
markets where I purchr
For Ladies
These goods are begi
it will be several days bE
opening, still we have or
the new things and will
along these lines. Your
The Lad
Former Red Cross Rooni
.Mrs. E. C. Alsbrook, Teacher
Manning, S. C.
For Boys and Girls
Fourteen units, Bnglish, French,
Latin, algebra, geometry, history
ansince. IPrepare for any collegt
writne c ar(.u t aoe
scholarships to he won by competitive
examinations. Each scholarship al
lows free tuition and $100 cash.
Winthrop has no scholarship available
for 1919.
peeial hour-clasu from l4p. m. to
"Fatty" in "The Sheriff" at the
Pastine Friday.
~rimmed Hats ti
ndividuality all'
y years of exp
ng and Clarenc
rzraar Amur
;, Hats,
on County
)ack from the Northern
tsed a select line of
to- Wear
and Children
nning to arrive and while
afore we have our formal
display a great many of
be glad to fill your wants
inspection is invited.
ies Shop,
Next Pastime Theatre
A meeting of the stockholders of'
'he Manning~ Grocery Conmpany of
Manning, s. C., will be held in the
oficee of the Company Saturday.
March 15th, 1919, at noon to vote on
the recommendation of the board of
directors to increase the capital stock
<.f the said Company to $25,000.
C. R. Breedin,
.1. K. Breedin,
Let Us Show Yen.
Our new nifty spring suits for men
andi young men in styleplus. $30.0.)
to $40.00. Every suit guaranteed.
.Joseph M. (Chandler, sumter.--adv.
ranning, S. C.

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