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Trio of Alen Slain While Two Women
Suffer Painful Wounds in Whole
sale Shooting-No Arrest for All
Participants in 'Tragedy Are Dead
Prominent Parties,
Kingstree, Dec. l15. -A triple trage.
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with h otring-Naw Arrst CAlln
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-Kmnust-ree . ihn- tripl, raer-o
d uv w<I an St. tein at ln
r: . tear me nnt pyian parlir
CotrLow ownh rst r. pon e em ne
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The bac; enteing the naesr and reilb-e
heima in the oorway h D. Prat t e r
turne toi the1 siceneir of mt hoti imi
iai'?y ! iin d a Ceton m a ly wound-hi
ing hearm, buti' before iotn de he nr
in. th halwa. The young liisd it'
has whund (in'ti the arm. and! hu mo
[Dnr.i Prtt iwa. nato this tt
rn i'i cam to ill 'f iashurg county
so n atr bin grdaed,:t(( ii mm l locatn
ing thie Nsmith nfighborottuid whe
tiout foiv' idiots ao heatI, marill Misl
athine : elland'Ii foun sever~lyar
threate mr' vla thighr homi it hisob
to)S. S'mtephens an aived of th htisi
brothcaer-nw .toh Hell, andrm1 hisOm mo
thrandfter. t ieems hate there i
hiwai ill) in beteuenr. Pratice.d
yon ottvene, who as Ina sonie of con
duahoriCtn fte l''lrlfi t'lai Coarst
tLinefr ia. I hor ome rats o rtt
had aked hoim o to y awaylre theuei
Bell ho. .tephnu ellad witton,
howevhernarew sanid to l haed bein goo
frie'nd sie.I emsIi hr
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inently connected, most highly es
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Dptable only in propo
at are useful and effi
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sure to find
only come in
Leather Gc
teemed and a pall has been thrown
over the entire St. Stephens commu
nity by the shocking tragedy.
The body of Mr. Cotton was sent to
Charleston this morning for interment
and those of Dr. Pratt and Mr. Bell
will be taken tomorrow to Ninety-Six
and Darlington, respectively.
Perkin, Dec. 15 (By the Associated
Press.)--The Pacific Development cor
poration of New York, which recent
ly concluded a loan with the Chinese
government for $5,00,000 against
treasutryv notes secured by surplus
revenbue of the wine and tobacco adl
miist rat ion, c reated a precedltn with
respject to A merica and l ike the crisp)
loan in 1912, it is non-political.
Ild ward IH. [Bruce, presidlen t of the
torp)ora t.ion), in a statement. regarding
the loan, sa idl that the Pac ifie Dievelop
ment eorilrttion has no connlect ion
with mtty A. mereican group or interna-.
t ina gr'oupi and has umbertaken thi;
bus5i ness as a purely priv'ate t rans~ac
ion betwoe'n itself and the Chinese
New Yorki. IDec. 1 5. Gov. AlIfred E.
Sm ithI a'nnounced tontiglit that he re-.
quoestedl Iistrict A ttorney Swan to alp
;'oint .10-eph M. Proskauer, former
partner of dudglt.e Abrahamn 1. Elkus of
th(i court of aIpealIs as a special as
sistiant district attorney and assign
myg him to the (xtraordinary grand
juary which is investigating the "'over
shadlow ing (crme."' Mr. Proskauer is
namied(( in the p lace of Geiorge Goirdon
8aIttle who wvithdr ew on thle grounid
that the grand juriors were unwilling
to coper:tte. wit h himt.
The governort rittratedl his refusal
of the r~aeuet of the grand jury to
roe the acttorney general of the state
he ir legal adlviseri, mid ing that ''no
Ielea enon Ihas been shown"' why the
r('quinest should bIe giranted.
Shortl y before Governor Sm ith had
annclouncted his a ppointmnent of an
ct'her griandl juri y adlvise r, District At
cirney Swan i senit a letter to thle
grn ju l iiry stating that as far asq his
office wasm c-oncernied the jutry ''had
No Worms In a Heaithty Child
All children; troubled with worms have an un
healthy color, whickh indicte poor blood, andi asr n
rule, there is more or less tatomatch disturbcr.:ce.
GROVE'S TASTELESS chill TONIC given reguinrly
for two or three weeks will enrich the blood, Im
Prove the dlgestlon, and act as a General Strength
ening Tonic to the whole system. Nature will then
throw off or dIspel the warms, and the Chiid wl bi
in Derfect aith. Plemanne to take. 8no porbotl
hr i str
rtion to its sensiblen(
cient, and we have p
>ur minds. You'll fi
favor for every m<
and see us.
Sterling Sib
ods Etc.
)N'S. D
Spent Six Months in Hot.
Springs and Seventeen
Weeks in Hospital With
out Getting Results.
"I spent sevente mn weeks in hospital
and six months i- Hot Springs, try
mog tc get rid of Rhenroatism , but in
.Wad of gentting well I finably go;,
b~ad I couldl not dress myself, I can
truthfully say that El Vigor is the
only medicine that helped me, and I
am ino1w able to kick as hiigh as most
men of my age,'' saidl J. C. Wood,
2'l30 I -2 Fourth A venue, Birm ingham,
"vl t roubles started from being ae
eidlentally shot, through the kidney.
TPhis I ami tol 01produCed uric acid poi
son ing anad br'ought on1 one0 of the
St ubbornest cases of rheumia tism that
I have ever heard of.''
"I was finally persuaded to try El
Vigor for my rh cum'atisnm and it has
done so imuch good that I want every
one' to know a bout it, I finally bel1ieve
that I will be a wvell man again.''
El Vigor is sol in Alan-ing by the
Cldarendon01 Drug Store.
u in 5.idMSsuu asarg l 2pnfil~ Jo
finishedl its labors'' as there are no
more aniarch y cases to be pr'esenited
to it. The jury was originally im
panlled to in vestigate rad icalIism but
extended its activities to an investi
gatioun of the (list rict attorney's office
and the "overshadowing crime." 'The
latter still r'emaining a mystery as far
as the public is concerned.
--- ----
H EF'(lm SA I.)ONS
Wash1inlgton, De~c. 1 5.-- National and
state omeiers of the American Legion
decide. today at the initial sessioni
of their three (lay conference here to
carry dlirect to congress tomorrow
their fight for legislation benefitting
veterans of the world war.
nas C
ss and durability. IV
urchased our big stoc
nd something accepi
amber of the family i1
rer Cut G
:L Store
The drive on congress-the first to
be undertaken by the new organiza
tion-will devolve about the Sweet
bill to extend the benefits of the war
risks insurance act, it was indicated.
The measure has been passed by the
house and the legion officers, it was
said, would go to the capital with the
intention of making dircet inquiry of I
a~f~.,il si~tr..f~l7~.,A" KIII
f fe r i
ten and women, too
k of holiday things
:ible and
I you will
ire Sets
senators why no action on the bill has
been tiken by the senate.
In opening their conference the le
gio nofficers heard addresses by Direc
tor Chomeley Jones of the war rist
bureau and Secretary Glass, both of
whom expressed sympathy with the
purpose of the meeting and emphasi?
ed that the recommendations made by
YA v
~% mokespo
patr 'r . A. strg
thtP .did not~ bte yor
Ani jee ill orBo
yus out sobite and u.r i
pundpe andcigrettne ma
hspneose t thas theq
Rht A. dd n ot btek , your.
are giving and
vith this thought
the legion representatives would be
gratefully received.
At a meeting tonight participated
in only by the legion delegates, it was
tentatively decided to urge congress
to combine the war risk insurance
bureau, the public health service and
the federal board for vocational edu
cation under one directing head.
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eray Wnton-gaive you mor

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