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Just now w
ionally fine si
Goods, Under<
Household Lin
Etc., for Wor
These gooc
daily in great
very close pri(
Owing to t
of the wholesa
vise our custoi
while the oppe
The N
did I
Washington, Jan. 25.-Bituninous Parer
coal production during the week end- strik<
ing January 17 was 11,655,000 tons, short
the greatest January week production
in three years, the geological survey
announced today in its weekly report. Bo,
Up to January 17 the bituminous
mines of the country have produced n
it s
PP 1
t- Every
that prods
short of t
' Dry Good:
d tomers to
our close
t the supply
- phesy as
row in th
I. line.
a 0or
and that he would not enter a
st for the Massachusetts delep-a
to the Republican national con
on. He did not say that he would
,e the presentation of his name
Lion that he would not permit the
tation that he had used the of.
)f Governor to promote his own
?sts through the selection of
s-- - - - -
T some today!
ou're going to
sucky Strikes
ght. Becau!se
y Strike ciga
give you the
r of toasted
y tobacco.
4or -W
e have an excep
1owing of Dres
:lothing, Hosier:
ens, Fancy .Good:
nien, Misses an
Is are being sol
quantities and
be uncertainty C
le market, we at
ners to buy nov
rtunity is at hanc
ew Ide
,000 tons more of coal than they ident
RSt year despite SOme still ap. c. nt(
it effects of the nation-wide tioni
evidence in the form of car Venti
ages. (4)90
ton, Jan. 25.-Governor Coolidge fe I
red today that he was not and mter
had been a candidate for Pres- "'lo
call I
just ri
g ood
o ou rteec
one knows
iction falls far
1e demand in
and women's
dvise our cus
buy now, at
prices, before
is even still
>ne can pro
to the mor
e mercantile
1P' .O
A National Essay Contest
school chilcren of the Unied Sta
on the subjcct 'Vhat are the Be
fits of an Enlistment in the Uni
States Army" was anaugurated ui
War Department auspices. It is op
without any entrance fee, to pupils
all schools in America, except c
(lges and uil iversities. Students
Pubclie GradIed or IIigh Schools,
va te schools, sectarcian or n1 on-seet
innc schools, whcite or black, red
brownc, maicle or female, Amcericacn
fere ign horn, arce el igibhle to ec
The ruh-s of the Ccontest acre as1
cc ccccs on l'ridacy. l'ehrcary ::0th, I
icrom cnotes if' cdesiredc.
No(ssay to be cmorcc thancc 10)0 wo
ic h ngt hcl.
l'nc acid jink, cor piecjaj mayc~
ucsedc, hnct cccly coe idice of thIe lca
fcc Ibc writtenc uponci.
E~ssays wvill he judcgc'c str'ic'tly cc
bascis cc'fc oricnality, or Iccessiom
A\ board ccl cclhrcc tc'ecers inc e
school will pac~ss upon thIe essay's wc
ten icn thei r schccl andl scubm it,
lac ter t hanc Febr'uaryc 27, the best 's:
fcrocm that schoocl to th Ie U. S. Ar
D istrcict Ret'ccrit ing Ofieer fcur the<
crict icc wh ich the schlccc is locatc
appoicnt boarcds of juudges in each
their district. .Each Distr'ictL Reccrc
icng Omcecr will t hecc for'wardc the b
essay wcritten icn hiis cditic to Wa
Th'le 563 prize essays wcill thenc
passed ucpon by a Natiocnal no,
'ocmposecd of S'cr'ctacy of Warcc Ntv
I). a ker', Gecnecral .Johnc J1. Pershi
whvlo (commcuandedc thce A. I. 1'.,
Gecnercc al Ptocn C. Machc, (Chief
Staff, U1. S. Armay. Th'Iey will pi
the thcree besf, essays andI dcclar'e thc
thce Naticonal wincnecrs ocn Apcril
Onc May 5ithI these thr cee Nat io
wmvnecrs, accompacniedl by pacent
gucardiacn a nd thce D)istrict Recuuit
Om~ceer, wcill come to Washicngton
ceceive pcrizes fromc thce hand of
Seccretacry of War, as the guests
"ThI~e Come-Hacck,"' publishced icn
icnterest of the pa'tienits at Wal
Reed Army Genera'fl Hospital, D).
which will clso pcrovicde the prizes
the National wcincnrs. The best cs
Keep Well
Do not allow the
poisons of t idigested
food to accu1iuke in
your bowels, where they
are absorbed into your
system. Indigestion, con
VJpatiot, headache, bad
blood, and numerous
other troubles are bound
to follow. Keep your
system clean, as thous
ands of others do, by
taking an occasional dose
of the old, reliable, veg
etable, family liver medi
Pk Thedford's
Black- Draught
Mrs. W. F. Pickle, of
Rising Fawn, Ga., writes:
"We have used Tlied
ford's 3lack-Draught as
a family medicine. My
iother-in-Jaw could not
take calomel as it seemed
too stroig for her, so she
used 3lack-Draught as a
mild laxative and liver
regulator . . We use it
in the family and believe
.it is the best medicine for
the liver made." Try it.
Insist ott the genuitte
T'hedford's. 25c a pack
age. E-75
writer will receive a gold medal, em
bossed with the seal of the War De'
partment., while the school he rep
resents will receive a handsome silver
loving cup, stamling 18 inches. The
secondl best essay writcr will receive
a silver miiedal and his school a 1 1
inch silver loving. The third prize
winner will receive a bronze medal
and his school a 12 inch silver loving
cup. The Cups and medals will be of
the same design and a ppropriatelv en
graved. All cups are of sterling
Count y of ('l i on
By .1. It. Windham Probate .udge:
Whereas Jacob ,Johnson made suit
to ie to grant him L,'etersr of Ad
ministration of the hta te anl effects
of Dillwood .Johnson.
'l'hese are, theref re, to cite aml ad
nonish all and singular the Ehn red
and Creditor of the said l)illv.'ood
.John sloni deceased1. that they be and
appear before me. in the Court of
Probate, to be held at Manning on
ST the 29th day of January next. after
ipublication hereof, at. 1'I o'clock In the
forenoon, to show ('aure, if any they
for have. why the said l\iministration
(iven tinder my hand t'is 10th da'
ie- of Janulary .\nio 1)omini 1920.
ed .1. .1. Win'h:an,
lerl pd .Judge of Proba:te.
ol -
'I'lli S'' AT' 01" Str)'T1l ('.\ 1)(1 ;1 \
iy J . 41 it (m 'roti d o
a Whereas, .bos'ph Spr1tt mOale suit
iol to 1me to .grant hio ILetters otf A\dmin.
or (itrtion with the W\ill annoexed ot tlwe
unmuish .i II -ne si re I
ha41 lte14. to be41 hIH :4 Ilnn ' uth
tiient ion heiof, at I I o'i 'd in t
h'ave. wh:- t lhe sat h ' ra 4 b,'
he : Ivenili li.ller 21 iny ha hs ~'hd
I a ,. (iUi! u a
1(1 NOTl0[ Of" E[[I)N
niot WilEREA1i..s, a ' Peitioi sigiicd hiv
CIy the ma:joril it f ite free-hlderu:.: i'
mv~y thie Townia (t of .\Imig, hans been1 ille
vill I the1( sa i Ti of .\laningor, nolt ex' ed
(If ing; S'ixty Five TIhiloun (4$05,00t0.0)I
used ( soilely for the4 puroi4se (If ri r44t
heIf the 'aid Town~~a of .\l:annin-, wxil b'
'0( hObI4(( upon 11 (i q etio ofm 5 i i n W- 4i
.\lanningt oft t par valu bnot ex(ceed((l
'in~g Sixty F"ive Thiousand ( $15.00t&0)
(i1441ollars, hlearine: iteet 4 at t ''at
of of six peri 'enlt. per'I anmunil, pa1yab1le
o y(ear1s after dat(, forll the purpose( (if
19, streiet paxving, e'(t (hin u nit Ither str''4t
7lanning, wxib ho' h1oh1l on11he 2nd dayv
11a foresaidl, such ('eltion to blle co1ndu1ct -
01r ('d in acc(041orace' wit h thbe laws oif t he
og~j StaIte of S'outhi (Carotrna go4verning
to muici(ipal e'lec(t idons. Su h elecItioni xwib
the e heldohl at lie Tlowvn tiall ill the Tlowno
o (f Minning, polb:t witi Openi at 8
Lh tiuously un11iil 4I o'cloc'k P. M31.;(an
terlht 'It. such elect ioni the i'egistereid
(Ielect ors favoring the issue (If sa1id
bod stt shat viote ubnloand ithe het
Washington, Jan. 25.-Publishers,
largely through the introduction of
economies <leereased the amount of
newsprint paper used last month by
9.505 tons, as compared with the
amount used in November, the Federal
Trade Commission revealed today in
its monthly newsprint pape.r review
for December. Proluction during De
comber was 122,781 tons, as increase
of 21,74G tons over November.
Although publishers stocks decreas
ed '1,061 tons during the month, this
was imrtially offset by an increase of
3,572 tons in Iransit over that at the
close of November.
Total print. paper production in 1919
was 1,371.517 tons, con pired with
1,260.285 ton:s in 1918.
-o"---- -
1'irence, It aly, Jan. 20.---During a
neeting hcre today at 'which the an
aIrch11i.ts Enico M htsa, rcnl
'letd to the (hailber of lm)tties,
ri a r'\olution, a mob tried to
ovIer le a p larty of earibera<. Th
atter. ,eftendiug themselves, fired a
tIn dem.strators, wotuuldingit a store
of tileiml.
CitND.\N )1Ellic.N HlAND)ICAP
'tw' Y-oli. .Tani. 21i.- 'Te G-randl
Aumeric'an t1l::It lap tourimiUenIt of ti
American 'I':ip-shoonting Association
will be liei itl ( lvuunl August 28.
28, it. wa. :umounlceil here tonight. by
Stoney M1el.inn. sentary m1nanager of
the a;ssoi'iat ion. T'rai'1-sihooters from
all sect.ions of the UInitl States andt
four provinc's of (:anada will parti
eipat. in the colteste.
iImpro-vement '-Yes" print ed thn-re on;
an'd the electors opposit such i,
of honels shall vote hallots v-ith I t
words. "For the issue of bonds for
st reet pa ing. eIrhinig 'aW o thec
strent iinp ovements -- No" printed
Ihereon. 'T'hat; at such election only
those qualifiee undler the law shall lie
allowed to vote and the nc'-istration
hooks for said elet Lion shall he open
twenty (20) days before the election
and shall remain open for a period of
ten days.
'T'hat .Jos. V. 1igby, Jos. S. Dickson
andl 1. I. A ppeltI have noen lesii-inateil
as nmana ers of said election, and will
conduct the same aecording to law.
Bv ortlr of Town Council. .r
E. 1. Brown, T. F. Cotl'ey,
Sec. & 'TIras. Mavor.
Manning, S. C., Dec. 29, 11910-53-4t.
('larendon Coiutv
is. S. -. Briggs, Plaintifl,
IHerhert. l.aweri: , 'IThoan s I,-cwe'rv,
Andrew I.awery, IIarnion L atwerv,
1' "-- I .-.--. ('m"n ilen ~ .-twerv,1
\Wilije Iauetv, lizzie l)ickey,
aly leD)owell, I rncis Davis,
Ifattie' Goo~hna:n. IBenr, La1wery,
Wiary Davis. C hr!(tte . aes,
S tui l I)ni tant. ( onyers l;. Di.
llaIt , \ rt hur" A. l)ul ant, llet'rv I.
1:. Du1 antl. S:Nana'l ' . DuliR:alt,
Ihert 'ftuker, Albti is 1)uRant,
\'illi:tan I )n I nt. .tiseth I)uliant,
l'nyI ho pon, W\ili j a mllTomp
son. Cha l - tO, .Jilih'
( Ih- othe'l \lil iir t n n leais,
I! I~: tll, tto I' .
t , hI.anuary.
t I'. in I ble i on,
.\it i n
n bi'l-, tl Sh trity,

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