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Ehe finnning EImes.
Published Every Wednesday
Miss Elizabeth Creecy left Monday
l(o r 1.imestione College.
Ml sdames 1E. C. Horton and T. E.
)lowden spent last Friday in Sumter.
Miss Corinne Barfield spent the
week-end in Suniter.
Mr. W. E. Jenkinson of Kingstree,
-pent Sunday here with relitives.
Al r. S. Y. Ba rnes of Foreston, was
a Mamiing visitor last Thursday.
\ir. and Mlrs. B ..). McClaim of Lake
City, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Chas. Taylor on Sunday.
The EpwoIth ILeague Social which
) !td been plant-ed for Friday has been
.ir. :a1d .1-S. 1). Ilir...chmiianini and
daughter, Po .., imotored to Sumiter
or the dvy Suniday.
.\isses Corins Har8:lieid and Mae
Wilson of Suitcr*, '-pent Friday in
I)r. Brockinton left Alonday for
atimire, lMd.. where he went for
medical treatmenlv1t.
.ir. Horace 1). Grahai of Foreston,
was inl Maning on business last Wed
s\V. . .Davis will entertain at
Rook Party at her home on Friday
Mrs. 13. Al. Dinkins of Oaks, S. C.,
is visiting at the home of Judge arnd
Mrs. .John S. Wilson.
Rev. J. P. Innhnit of Walterboro,
was a guest of Capt. W. C. Davis a
toew days last we'ek.
Miss Pamela Bradham left Tuesday
for Georg'!towin, to resunme her duties
in the graded school.
Messrs. Harry Riff, Bertramn Wein
berg and Ben Ness spent Sunday in
Miss Fannie L.ou Sauls left Satur
day for Beatifort, where she will teach
school this year.
Mrs. Ruth Chandler of Suttons, will
be a guest f-r the Wilson-Floyd wed
ding Wednesday.
The Sunday School Class taught by
Miss Margaret Wilson entertained in
her honror at a Kitchen Shower at the
hone of Ms Legg on Monday after
r oon.
They look aihke but
one of then has seen
montiu of wear
was reb, the we A
our fatsory meth.3 But
wheou u, o them <
' I ri hi I -d
h.1nV VrIW". )
_ _ U
SQuality Tells
:Re Your ownj
* ~ Yomi
M "Klei ft" silk jer~Sev petti
S Wool HlImorals.. ..
a ( ottn 01 almirorals .
* MJanchelstedl Chamnbrav (
f H tavy Co t ton ~FlnneI, t
* ~ "iIAMO3
* TIhriee beauiifill p iece~
w hhi "D iamyond D~otS'', '3
* ''IealtiflI hevondi n
* 27-inch Gingham and 82-.
* in love with the Jpat terns
* J. H. R
* The Youn
M M~umuuuuuuuu.
Mr. M. S. Haynesworth of Florence
spent the week-end at the home oi
Capt. and Mrs. W. C. Davis.
Miss Dawson, a Red Cross Worker
of Atlanta, Ga., spent Monday here
in interest of Red.Cross work.
Mr. Bailey, Pub, Manager of the
"Clean Up Squad" of this district
spent last Saturday here. N
Messrs. Glenn larvin, Joe Bragdon,
and A. C. Bradham, Jr., have gone to
the Citadel College in Charleston.
Miss Lyda Sprott left Tuesday
evening to attend R. M. W. C. at
L.ynchburg, Va.
Mrs. W. E. Jenkinson and Billy Jen
kinson of Kingstree, are visiting Mrs.
R. R. Jenkinson.
The Prayer Band and Bible Study
Class will meet with Mrs. James
Dickson, Thursday afternooi at '1:30
o'clock. Lesson-- 2nd. Sam.
Died, at the home of his brother, B.
0. Cantey in Foreston, Mr. Morgan
Cantey of Ashville, N. C., Saturday,
Soptember 17th.
Miss Sue M. Sprott left Tuesday
morning for Carolina College in Max
ton, N. C., where she goes to teach
mat hema ics.
Mrs. M.l M. Thomas and little son,
who have heen guests of "Mrs. Leon
Weinberg for the past week have re
turned to their home in Georgetown.
Mr. Cuarles Bradham traveling
salesman for Colgate and Co., of New
York, left Mondzay morning for the
upper part of the State.
Misses Bernice Allsbrooks, Georgia
Sauls and Catherine Arant returned
to Winthrop College Tuesday of this
Mr. W. H1. McMurray of Black
Mountain, N. C., was a guest at the
home of Cvpt. and Mrs. W. C. Davis
last week.
Miss Clara Haynesworth has re
turned to her home in Florence, after
i visit with her aunt, Mrs. W. C.
Miss Belle Easley of Greenville,
who has been visiting Rev. and Mrs.
Easley left Monday for Charleston,
where she will spend a few days be
fore returning to her home.
Mr. L. L. Wells, County Treasurer,
left this morning to attend a call
meeting of the Count, Auditors and
Treasurers of South Carolina, to be
held in Columbia on the 21st and 22nd
days of September.
Mr. A. Abrams of Wilmington, N.
C., is spending sever'. days in town.
1r. Ahramis, who w 11' former mer
enant of this iflace, '- e-ecting a new
bnillding in that it- a: I will open a
general dry goods br iess.
Mr. C. R. Sprott b-its just retuined
from i week's trip throuigh the boll
weevil section of Ge, rsia. He has
jronised us a long a, tile for next
week's issue.
Miss Rhoda Nettles was carried to
Sumter one day las --rk where she
was on)rated oiln at 'r ey hospital
Saturday. She is s-,l to be getting
on asWell as could h' expected under
the tircumlttstances.
liss 1Lucy Wilson of Sumter spont
the weel-end with het 'arents, .ludge
and Mrs. John S. Wit-. :;. She was av
eem'l5panied to Sumt6 t , her sister
Miss 1oul:h, who will -i:it her for- a
ow dayr.
MIiss Pa uline Wi lwon has retuisrnedl
from a vis.it to her sis~ -, Mr's. Art-Ihur'
Lachtiict tte at Pawley's Island. She
wasi~ aspaied i home by Mrs Laci~hi'
Price SellS U
Iudge-See For
l-s at loW\ pric(es~-antd it *
('d $6.00
cots~ $ .--- 5.00
-$1.75 U
. - - d)
he yard( -- -- 1 9cU
mnpatre" iS our new line ofU
ne1(h Z1ephyr's. You'll fall U
I' N G1Y'S"'
g Reliable.
cotte and baby who will visit here for
a few weeks.
Mr. T. J. Newton of Hemmingway,
is visiting his sister, Mrs. C. W. Os
bourne of New Zion.
Married, Tuesday afternoon at 5
o'clock at the New Zion church Miss
Alice Baker and Mr. D. McFaddin.
The better the (lay the better the
deed, is the ol saying; so on last Sun
day afternoon while taking his (logs
out for exercise, Mr. Joe Wells dis
covered three coons in one tree. Mr.
Wells is a great coon hunter, but he
never makes a practice of hunting on
Sunday, at the same time he could not
resist the temptation of leaving three
big fat coons in the swamp. He carries
a pistol along while strolling about
in the woods to protect him from
snakes, and with this weapon he took
a crack at Mr. Coon. The varmints
jumped out, and then Mr. Wells and
the (logs and the coons all got in a
free for all fight. When the fray was
over there were three dead coons ly
ing on the ground. Mr. Wells was
the next worse off, as he had a badly
lacerated foot, and his Sunday suit
was full of mud. The next thing Mr.
Wells was up against was to get his
game home. Our good old coroner
came along in his buggy, and gave a
helping hand by taking the coons in
his buggy and safely landing them at
Mr. Well's house. Mr. Wells is guilty
of catching coons on Sunday, and,
Coroner Tobias is an accessory to the
crime, if there be a crime, as he wound
u) the job by taking the coons home.
Died at the home of her son, B. E.
Richbourg, near Jordan, Tuesday,
September 6th, Mrs. E. E. Richbourg,
wife of the late R. N. Richbourg. She
was aged 86 years and 3 months. She
leaves to survive her, one son, B. E.
Richbourg, and a number of gritn(
and great-grand children.
The deceased was laid to rest at
Bethlehem church on Wednesday,
September 7th.
In a lonely church-yard,
About a mile awvay,
Lies my dear Grand-mother
In the hard-cold clay.
She is gone, but not forgotten,
Sweetest memories linger yet,
Though some (lay we hope to meet her
In the Great Beyond.
Mr. Stukes has agreed to work with
Miss Moore in the interest of Home
Service Work.
Miss Moore will give a talk on Tu
berculo-is at the Coloredl Methodist
church tonigft at 8 o'clock.
Plans for the T. B. Clinic are pro
gressing :nd the date will be announ
(ed later.
--- 0
Washington, Sepl. 20.-Announce
mnnt from the White House today
that the new peace treaties with
Germ tuy, Austria .nd i Hungary
would be tranismitted tomorrow to
the senate was followed by infor
mrition that they would encount'r
opposition from several Republicans
as well as some Democrats.
Senator Bora. (Republican) of
Idaho, who began the battle against
the tre.aty of Versailles, is planning
t. wage a fight up*ninst ratification
o t'e nw treaties and is saild to
have assurances of support from a
ft w Repuhlhcans -Ind some Dem
ocrats who were foremost among
ti e critics of the Verst-illes treaty.
Despite the promise of opposition,
admniin i.tration leaderis in the sen
at....-.ight saidl they were confi
di nt of early ratification, and the
oppon1ents dIidt nott express mouch
hope oif overcomiag t.;e adlministral
tion suipport coiilined with the
De mocriats who atrdy h~ave declar
edl for ratifticatin.
President I larding is expected to
tr anIsmlit. t.i. t reaty without a ny
uetailed explanation, confining his
st atement to a brief note o~f trans
mait tal.
The plan of some Republican
I. ader~ s to have the' trea~ities dlebatt
ed beh indl closed doors alIso is threat
inedl with oIpposition. Anl efflort to
have the debate in the open is ex
poetedi to( price de the contr1 oversy
over' t he tre- sties themselves.
TPhe next exain ation for teachiers
will be held at the (court house on Fri
dtay anid Saturday, October 7th and
Xth., bueginning at nine o'clock. This
examinat ion will b~e held uinder the
new ru les anad regultat ions adopted
Ju ly I st, 192 I, andl will em brace thriee
groups of quelst ions.
Tlhe P'rimary division embriaces the
flow xinog subjects: IEnglish Gra m
I have a beautiful Chal
mers touring car in abso
lutely perfect condi tion
fully equipped, extra tire
on rear rack. This is an
un usual bargain for $695.
Half' (cash, balance in two
payments. Inqujlire at
Mnnninl Times Ofmi
New Coat Suits and Dresses!
We are pleased to announce our Showing of
Fall Ready-to-Wear. We have just received a
collection of beautiful Dresses and Coat Suits,
which show the finest of the new season's style,
which are offered at unheard of prices. This
will feature our entire selection of Garments.
These Garments are tailored to-the-minute, and
you could not do better than make selections
from them. Prices range from
$8.50 to $35.00
Let us show you these advance arrivals.
Agents for W - B CORSETS and BRASSIERS
/ \ "Sells It For Less"
mar and Language, Arithmetic, Play- the declarants are W. G. King and A. of the Directors.
ground and Community Activities, and L. Luce, both of Manning, S. C. 6. That the number of shares into
General History, Geography, Civics 2. That the name of the proposed which the capital stock i to be (ivid
and Current Events, Literature, Peda- corporation is Manning Curing House ed is ten (10) of the par value of One
gogy, Health, Nature Study, School (Inc.) Hundred Dollars ($100-00) each.
Law, Manual Training. li 3. That the place at which it pro- 7. That not less than fifty per
The General Elementary divisi poses to have its principal place of cent of the ropose Caital stock has
embraces the following subjects: business is Manning, South Carolina. been subscribed by bona fide subserib
English Grammar and Composition, 4 That the general nature of tbe OrS.
Arithmetic, History, U. S. and S. C., business which it proposes to (1 is to 8. That upon the filing of said dcc
Geography, Civics and Current Events, cure sveet potatoes and buy, sell, laration, declarants will apply for a
Spelling, Rending, Pedagogy, Physi- store and deal in farm products. charter for the above proposed cor
ology and Hygiene, Nature Study 5. That the amount of cavital poration.
1nd Agriculture, School Law, and Al- sto
gebra. ($1,000.00), the same to be payable A. L. LU(X
The High School Division embraces in cash, or its equivalent, upon the call Manning, S. C., Sept. 21, 191 1te
the followving: G rammatical Analysis
and Composition, Literature, Princi- ------- ---
pies of Teaching, Ame'rican History
and Civics, Scence ( General Science,
Physiology, Biology, Physics, Chem
is-try, Agriculture, H-ome Economics
seven offeredl, two required) Arith-D.Aatisd ng om vey aifcor
metic, Algehra, Geometry, Foreigney
Language (Latin, French, Spanish, ea iain nlgasftigtee(as r
Germana-four offl'ered, one reqired)
Ancient and Modern Ihistory, School yo on wh isej igtecmorth egase
It bechooves e:'ch and~ every teacher
to qualify under so~me division. Teach- aegin? If otsenc toc.
ers holding Permits must take the ex
aminat ion, or they may find thenmsel
ves dleblarred from teaching. K
Fuller information relative to re-I).. J A R A. J S
newa Is of certilcates anad credlentials
or which to secure certificates may be1'HE 0PT0M ETRIS'
h:ud by wvriting for the pamphlet is
suted by the State Bloard of Education
giv'ing the Laws and regulations
adoptd Ju . ly I1st.
W'hero..:. Gicl in fis all-wvise pro
'ic0 -..--0 6tuitt to take from ear th
theO suc young life of Aliss Lillie
Whras h lvdthe e phurchiand
the Sunday Sc hool and proved her (de
votion by a life full of faithful, efli
(ient, anad loving service, andl
Whereas, our hearts haive been sad
(dened by her going, and in token ofUU
our love and sympathy we offer these * C iorci ilRm v h as fIies
First, That we bow in humble sub-U
mission to Glod's will, knowing that
Ie doe0th all things well. "uA~iamn nTn ae ie
Second, That we extend our sym-U
pathy to the members of her bereaved*
family, praying that in their sorrow
they may find the peace of God that
passeth all understandin eou C . ~
tions be0 sent to the family, to theUU
Sout hern Christian Advocate, and toUU
The Manning Times.U
L. M. Galloway,U
Mrs. E. C. Coskrey, UC iorcoPle colGaut
Mrs. F". WV. Dickson, Sho
Committee for Union Sunday Scol
Notice is hereby given that, the nn
dersigned wvill file with the SecretaryU sincPhn18
oaf State of Sooth Carolina, at h1is of--U
lice in Columbia, Soutth Carol inna,onUU
Tunesdlay the 27th day of' Septemb~er
hemselves set ting forth the followv-UU
2.ha Tehat a~ rsieceo ~EheEE EnamE UEEeEoEh pooe wiht e .lsocUst eE divid

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