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Friendly BURLEY
Gentlemen TURKYSH
The perfect blend of the three
perfect cigarette tobaccos
in one perfect ciarette
Second Month.
Primary grade-Matthew Billups,
Nettie Ward.
Ffth grade-Hattie Billups.
Sixth grade-William Brunson,
Mary Esther McKnight.
Other grades not represented.
A very interesting program was
rendered by the children of the Davis
Cross Roads School, on the afternoon
q f October 29th.
\The program consisted of recita
tions, debates, etc. The subject of the
debate being; Resolved, "That a Man
is Greater than a Woman."
Affirmative-Clifton Brunson, Wil
liam Brunson. Negative: Hattie Bil
lups and Mary Esther McKnight.
The judges after much consideration
decided in favor the negative.
The following is a copy of the de
Miss Valena 'McKnight,
First Affirmative by Clifton Brunson
I think that man is greater than
woman for a good many reasons:
First, history is composed, almost
entirely of the achievements of man,
sensAmasva/sammatoinlssiemn sonW om,J
An Edullcationlal an)
Demnonstr'ation, Girls'
Community and School
MV~any other D~emonstr;
Horse, Cattle, Mul
try November' 17th an
A h)ig time in Legi
Miller Shows and MidlV
mn. H-ave yourl babies
prtiz(es of per'lfect p)hysi
rom the dawn of life down to the pro
ient day, the pages of histoiy are fill
-d with the lives of men who lead in
dil ages. He has dated to exploie-the
vilds of hitherto untrodden lands, h'
'as invaded the regions of unknown
eas; ponertated the crust of the earth
md found there in valuable mines -of
,old, silver and other minerals, which
lave added unestimatable help to the
irogress of the world.
Man has gone far into the universe
tbove and planted everywhere im
>ererishable monuments, as the con
itant result of his daring and glorious
Taking the power and speed of
iteam, he moves, the commerce of the
vorld, seizing the lightening he has
liscovered electricity which conveys
nessages from land to land, and (oes
>ther unheard of things.
Man has discovered mystic inven
ions which enables him to fly through
:he air, with the speed of the birds.
-is wonderful inventions and noble
leeds have kindled the fire of advance
nent, which mounting higher and'
iigher, now burns with a brightness
liat will illume ages.
The spirit of man, at the beginning
>f every progressive movement, and
s emblazoned on every land mark of
Had it not been for man the coun
ry we live in would not have been dis
!overed, and but for his bravery and
laring we would have been today, but
the vassals of England. Such names
as Washington, Jackson, Lincoln and
Robert E. Lee, coupled with tlic of
more recent (late such as Pershing,
Foch, Diaz etc., will ever be rememb
cred in our hearts with a feeling of
pride, as irresistible 'as the onward
flow of the tidal waves.
When we think of all these wonder
ful men and their noble deeds-I know
we will all agree that man is indeed
the greater.
Clifton Brunson.
First Negative by Hattie Billups
Woman's life has mostly been kept
in the shadow, as a maker of -the
home and the keeper of the fireside.
11er greatest fame has hitherto been
mightest as the instructor and encour
ager, and patient help m.te of those
whom she has struggled to plant with
in their heart the principles and
qualities, that are essential to achieve
ment. 11cr life has been filled with
raising and instructing the children
of mankind and striving to plant
within them, the seed that produce
the genius, who accomplish the things
that conduce to the world's advance
ment; and that is surely the greater
The world cannot forget the mother
of a famous mai, because it knows
that she, is the reason of his being
great. No one can so inspire a man
to noble purposes as a noble woman.
Andrew Jackson the warrior and pre
sident, had his mightest reinforce
ments in his plain wife, whose inar
tistic attire, was the amusement of
the elegant circles, in which she was
invited. Washington, who broke the
chain that held America in foreign
vassalage; wore for forty years a
chain around his neck, holding the
miniature likeness of her, who had
been his greatest inspiration, whether
among the snoks of Valley Forge, or
d1 Cooperati ve Exp)ositionl of
, Household, Fancy~ WNork,
Canning and Tfomato Clubs,
District Booth exhibits, Me
aitionls of Eastern Caroline P:
.e and Poultry S hows. Big
dI 18th.
tinmate Amusements for Your'
'ay andl~ Free Attractions, Go
ed for cooperation1 and1 Entei
t and health clinic Nov. 15 to
examined free of cost and e
bits of all kinds for e'
xid the 'hones of the ti
The obportunity has not come to:
woman as often as it has to man; stilP
n- every field of endeavor in which she
daas particippted, she has -been as
aui'siis as man.
Betsy Ross made the first flag of
America, General Washington and his
men cut six points to the stars, Betsy
Ross had to show them their mistake,
ihe cut five points instead of six for
the stars. Poccahontas warned the
early settlers that the Indians were
,oing to raid on them, preventing, per
laps, the complete extinguishation of
the first permanent English colony in
America. She also saved their lead
Dr's life, Captain John Smith.
It seems to me that woman has done
more for God and humanity in every
way, than has man. Compare man's
dlemise with that of women, such as
Harriet -Newell rendering a life time
sacrifice for the redemption of her
country. Joan of Arc leading her
country to victory. Florence Night
ingale the first war nurse and Queen
Elizabeth who ranked among the
shrewdest and important rulers in
English history. The growth of Great
Britain into a world power is due
largely to the wisdom she exercised
during her reign.
Hattie Billups.
I think a man is greater than a wo
man in every respect. From the be
ginning, God made man first, and he
has been first and foremost ever since.
Go back to the beginning of history,
and see what man has done for the
world, and note how few women are
mentioned in the pages of history.
Our beautiful country, would still
be called the Sea of Darkness, had
Columbus not discovered it. We would
still have the primitive idea, that the
earth was flat, and be afraid to ven
ture too far to the edge, for fear we
might'fall off, had it not been for the
perseverence of man, that proved the
earth was round.
Look, at the men, that have fought
nnid fell on the bloody battlefields, de
fending our rights and liberties and
has kept our flag to this (lay, pure
and sacred, an emblem of right and
All of our rulers, presidents. law
makers etc., are men. From George
Washington, who is callod the father
of our country, down to our modern
heroes and great men.
All of our explorers and inventors
are men. Consider the inventions that
are indispensible to our every (lay life
our cars, machinery of every descrip
tion, telephones, telegraphs, and all
valuable inventions were discovered by
Man has indeed conquered the
realms of the universe. He now
travels by ways that civilization has
never dreamed of before, he now pilots
his plane through the misty air, and
plows his ships through the dark sea.
Our greatest writers, poets etc.,
were men. Daniel Webster who gave
us the wonderful dictionary, William
Shakespeare the greatest play writer
the world has ever producem', and Mil
ton the wonderful blind poet.
Man has succeeded in every realm
of industry and enterprise, since the
(Continued on page 7)
t er
hgricultural, Manufactur
Floral Displays, Home
Boys' Pig and Corn Clubs,
rcantile, Fine Arts, and
Auction of pure bred Poul
ig and Old. The big~A. B.
od Band Music and other
1.8, from 10 a. m. to 1:00 p.
ontest for the honors and
iery Department are'
S. J. WHITE, Vic
Drowned Profits!
T HOUSANDS of acres in this state are lying idle under
water! Miles of rich "bottom land" producing nothing
of value-waiting for the mighty force of
to turn into fertile fields ready to bring forth good crops!
Drain your swamp lands! A great many acres in this
section will be drained this year by using Du Pont
Dynamite because it is a quick, easy-and usually-the
cheapest method.
If you will write us regarding your work, we will be glad to help your
sending an expert demonstrator, if necessary. Our Handbook of Ex
plosives tells the most efficient methods of using dynamite on the farm.
Buy Du Pont dynamite from our local dealer.
Bloomville, S. C.
E. I. DU PONT DE NEMOURS 8 CO., Inc. Brown-Marx Bldg., Birmingham, Ala.
ER, S. C.
Sumter County School and Athletic Day Friday, November 18th. Every
white teacher and pupil in every school in Clarendon, Lee, Florence, Richland
and Kershaw counties invited and will be admitted absolutely free to our fair
grounds, as the guests of the Sumter County Fair Association.
Spectacular Pageant of Progress Parade of several thousand school child
ren and hundreds of teachers and members of County Community Clubs, Wo
men's and Girls' Clubs, and other features of interest.' Will take place Friday,
November 18th, Sumter County School Day, at 11 o'clock a. m.
By attending this splendid fair you will become an apostle of optimism.
You will forget your temporary troubles, and will resign from the Crepe
Hangers' Union and banish your grouches to Jonah Land. Admission only
50c and 25c to Fair Grounds. No charges to see free attractions.
vanted. For further information address or see
e-President, J. FRANK WILLIAM 'tary.
r Department of Publicity.

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