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beginnin 9 time" It Is %is hand
which - dout theforest, blast
ed out t i"plowed oiit the field,
and achieved his sublime bravery
and o "tf greatest- glories of the
It is man, which has ascende4 high
est mountains of thought and plunged
deepest . into the tdmr stous sea of
untraversed thdught. "n- fact the
great deeds of man, the progrefs of
civiliation, ,in his. daring is not im
valed. by. -coatrast t9. JxplGer, of -old..
e ahto
sun itself. He has guided the world
and supplanted doubt and uncertainty,
by truth and progreps.
Tb e great.d"endo of men with their
instingtive characteristics, marki their
name throughout the' years, with a
halo infinite.
William' Brunson.
Second Negative
by Mdry Esther McKnight
I think that woman is greater than
man for a kood many reasons. First,
that from the beginning of time down
to the present day, women have been
fantous in all fields of endeavor, and
notwithstanding her civil and political
han'dicaps, many of which still exist,
she has accomplished quite as much
and a great deal more than men.
Second, Woman was chosen to be
the mother of mankind, and also the
mother of the infant Christ, I love to
remember that; "Not she with trait
ious kiss her Savior stung, Not she
'denied Him with unholy tongue-she,
hile apostles shrank,'coild dangers
brave-Last at the cross' and earliest
ttt the grave." For these great dis
tinctions, I believe, to her was, given
the qualities to be the nobler, tend
er, and greater.
My opponent may say, that the
country we are now living in, would
have remained undiscovered had it
not been for man, but, remember had
it not been for a woman pawning her
jewels to finance him, even his ships
and provisions could not have been
purchased to begin the voyage. See
At one
at th
T Sfine to be sui
I response2S when y
jump your car a)
just as necesary to be
Oin aI low throttle.
It is not so difficult
-gasoline that will dL
these things welL. Eu
a balancedl ga~.:s
omny, cheun burning o
age, took years of ex
from every prodneha'
mnmerable tests ini el
physical laboratories
thkousandl~s of aultomfl(
And wvhen you
"'wat weak and run-owa,"
relates Ur&. Eula Burnett, of
Dalton "was thin andI
$$st felt tired, all the time.
I. dst rest well. 1, wasn't
ever hungry. I knew, by
this, I needed a tonic, astd
a there is none better than
Te Wo'ma's Tono
I began using Cardu,"
centinu:e Mrs. Burnett.
""After my first bottlej I slept
better and ate bettr. I took
tour bottles. Now I'm well,
feel just fine, eat and sleep,
mir skin Is 'clear an I have
pined and sure feel that
Cardul is the best tonic ever
Thousands of other women
have 'found Car4ul just as
Mrs. Burnett 414. It iUyGgl
help. you.
At all druggists.
Columbus trudging his way along the
dusty highway- begging bread by the
wryside, seeking aid for the equip
ment of his voyage, from one king to
another. Refused by every man he
then seeks aid from a woman; and
she pawns her jewels to equip him for
his voyage. The name of Queen Isa
e next the
re of quieI~ types~ and uinder
L311d wat toi rvie
aleIt to idleC 'Stand J~ard" M
surpassing good
to makie a derful in ,voluti.
> either of (O~)cpletnss of
to pr'od..ee mriIeage'. It assi
(cwer, econ. peiling p)oweri
2d big mile- Even in coild m
perenc in3 perfectly conit(J
'with(1IX2 crde shi..?ilh, you e'
g field, in- Iran, clean..buri
ieical andir miix~ltre of "E
tand with Gasolinie. WVhy
biles (of all with othecrs "jn:>
Lf'ed oil say PO LA R I NE. Af '
suae care-ahbays right.
(New Jersey)
bOllaf ill ever I e the pages of
hdt ry,'and hf' 0iory Will list for
ver in the Western Hemisphere, as
the emblem of ohe of the greatest and
noblest deeds of histpry.
Then again history tells us of Joan
of Arc, noted maid of Orleans, known
as the savior of France, who led her
country on to vict6ry. Wounded in
battle and finally taken prisoner she
died the death of a martyr--heing
)urned at the stake, where she heroicly
met he'r doom.
Also Cleopatra queen of Egypt, who
reigned under the patronage of Julius
Then there is the world's first war
hurse, Florence Nightingale. From a
girl she attended the sick an.l needy
and in the Crimean war becaine
famous as the world's first war nurse
She found favor with kings and
queens, atnd was the indirect founder
of the Red Crogs of today.
There are many women writers who
are famous, the whole world over, and
in fact women surpasses men in art
of any kind. Take for instance Rosa
Bonheur famous painter whose won
derful paintings occupy an important
place in the famous art galleries of
the world.
Then other spectacles of women's
lives that illume history-are famous
Queen Victoria who was one of the
most popular rulers of history, Clara
Barton who was the organizer of the
American Red Cross, Emma C. Wil
lard first woman educator and first to
advocate higher education for womei.
and first to substitute kindness for
punishment in school. Julia Ward
Howe author of the most loved of
American battle hymns. Susan B.
Anthong the first Tem perance advo
cate and others equally as great
whose deeds show that the heresy en
tertained and ivnplied by sonic that
woman is p mere adjunct to man, an
appendage or an afterthought-evi
dent to them because a man was first
created is a false thought. They per
haps have not observed the fact that
the animals of the earth and the fowls
of the air were created before man
so that such an argument drawn from
priority of creation-would prove that
animal was greater than man.
Solomon by the stroke of his pen
set forth the imperial character of a
woman. He shows that the graces of
her heart and life will ever give coro
nation to her.
full powi
motor fuel is
tor' Gasoline o)f
ne(ss. It is woni
itflame~t~ speed,
'athuer, whleni less
ionedt gasoliner is
:1m (opera~te, onm a
uing, ecomnmical
it:.dal"] Motor
I as~ good"?
'de with the
P ANY ( li
WQmawr-s an indenendent reation
and was 4tended _1 1i sIhecose, to
live blo.e, to walk alone, act alone,
think alone and fight the battle of life
alone. Thp Bible says: "It is not good
for man to be alone,' but does not say
anything about woman being alone.
The fact that there is such a large
majority of women in the world today
proved that they are the greater and
will soon be the guiding spirit in all
that takes place.
It is easier for a woman to be a
Christian than a man because her
heart is more responsive to the plead
ings of divine love. The fact that she
can more easily become a Christian
can be proven by the statement that
three-fourths of the members of the
Churches in all Christendom are wo
men. So God has appointed them the
chief agencies for bringing this world
back to hih.
I think that woman is indeed great
er than man and I heartily agree with
the writer who said: "The hand that
rockls the cradle is the hand that
rules the world."
The Sumter County Fair Associa
tion, and the Sumter County Chamber
of Commerce most cordially invite
every white school teacher and pupil
of every school in Lee, Clarendon,
Florence, Richland, and Kershaw coun
ties to attend our fair on Sumter
County School Day, November 18th
as the guests of the Fair Association
with free admission to the fair
grounds. No tickets will be required.
All that will have to be done will be
for the teachers and pupils to say
Carefully Examined,
Glasses Fitted, Broken
Lenses Duplicated.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
er load
Prepared for B
DO YOU know that thous
suffer at child-birth? Pe
many others that this should a'
Let Mrs. Mattic Paul, of Ocilla, Ga.,
tell you. She is onec of thousands who
has demonstrated this fact:
"As liam a young mother of one
baby, 1 am writing for free booklet
to 'expectant mothers.' I used only
two bottles of Mother's Friend be
fore I was confined vnd had a quick
and easy time through labor. I can
recommend Mother's Friend to all
expectant mothers. I will never go
through pregnancy without it."
You, too, can have this booklet
for expectant mothers by sending
coupon below.
WARNING: Avoid using p/i
they act only on the skin and ina
Used by Expectant Mothers
for Three Generations
they are teachers and pupils and give
the name of their schools. They can
come in groups or individually-just
as they prefer.
Plans are about completed for a
mammoth pageant of progress parade
on Sumter County School Day in
which it is confidently expected that
several thousand city and rural school
children-and hundreds of teachers
and members of women's home dem
onstration clubs, girls canning, sew
ing, gardening, poultry and other
clubs will march. There will be other
attractive and spectacular features of
this big parade. Sumter county wants
the teachers and school children of
every county adjoining Sumter coun
ty to be with us on Sumter County
School Day as Sumter county believes
in stressing educational advantages
and creating interest in city, town,
and rural educational facilities. A
moving picture film will be made of
this parade for exhibition all over this
country. We would appreciate it if
33 1-3
Per Cent.
33 1-3
Per Cent.
"TheStore of Cou~
1513 Main St., C
For Sale at your Dealer
bys Coming
ands of women never really
rhaps you have thought with
lways be the :ase. But how?
it goes into the features of maternity
mnl gives, in a plain, interesting manner,
info-nation about what the mother
n s in clothig before baby is born;
what clot'aing v ill be necessary for the
baby; an interesting table as to the
probable date of delivery; simple but
necessary and helpful rules of hygiene to
follow, and much other worth-while infor
mation. This little booklet also tella
about Mother's Friend and the wonderful
good it is doing for expectant mothers.
Don't let false modesty keep you from
performing this duty to yourself-your
family--and your baby.
Send for your copy NOW.
,in oils, greases and substitues
y cause harm without doing good.
-- - - - - ------ -------- -- - ----------.
Dept. 20, Atlanta, Ga.
IPlease scnd me without cost a copy of your 1.
I booklet on MOTHERHOOD and The BABY.
Name-------------------------------.. . .
St., R. F. ..
ou will kindly extend this invitation
Ahrough your columns.
Yours truly,
Manager Department of Pubiicity
and Amusements.
W. T. BROWN, President,
Notice is h.er'eby giva by the un
lersigned that Certificate of Deposit.
"o. 11 in the First, National Bank of
Manning for $1156.20 has been de
stroyed or lost, and that application
will be made to The Fitat National
Bank forI a new Certificate of I)eposit
m1 Thursday, the 15th day of Decem
)er, 1921, at 10 o'clock A. Al.
Paxville Sehool District No. 19
Cha irmanii Board of Trustees.
County Treasurer.
Dec. 1-lp.
dIford 9~
On;' entire stock of fall
andl( w iW er suits, including
larg. lect ions of styles,
manrialW s and colors.
$45.00) Suits, now _ .830.00
$60.00 Suits, now .._S40.00
$75.00 Suits, now ...$50.20O
$100.00 Suits, now ~..$66.66
Special showing of new
dresses in silk or wool ma-.
terials nOW ofl'red at the
following reductions.
$25.00 D~resses, How $18.75
$37.50 Dresses, no w $28.12
$50.00 Dresses, now $37.50
$65.00 Dresses, now $18.75
rteous Attention"
Pencil No. 174
Made in five graden

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