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epts Place on Condition That Army
u J~eid ra Agree to a PolIsjrof Re
trenc iment - Backs 'Wsehington
t la n-New Cabinet Comes Into
Power With Avowed Intention of
agrrying Out Arms Reduction.
\2sTokio, June 12.-Admiral' Baron
f" ate today accepted the. premier
His non-party cabinet comes
r with the avowed intention
(pg out the agreements of
- z eh Ington conference.
s tIah:ont condition on which Kato
dwthe premiership was
grement of. army leaders to re
uce the estimated army budget by
4 00,000 yn and to adopt . a gen
e policy of retrenchment. Kato
A il have the support of the Seyu
;t'kaI majority party in the Diet and
the Kenkyukai, the largest group
i.of peers, -ln the House of Lords. It
is eunderstood that Shrdehara has the
refusal of the foreign office portfolio
kt' hi Kato's cabinet.
Concoliatory Policy
Washington June 12.-(By the
Associated Press).-The accession
of Admiral Baron Kato to the re
miership of Japan - is looked upoT
in many quarters here as not only
a notable triumph for the princi
ples of. the Washington arms con
ference, but in a broader sense as
the beginning of a new day of
concilatoy policies in the Tokio
government's relations with the
rget .Ofthe world.
Advices received by Japanese ele
tnents .here have convinced them
that Baron Kato would accept the
premier's post only if he had assur
ances of sufficient support to keep
the militaristic group in Japan in
check. It is assumed that these
guarsntees of support have been
given and that the significance of
his acceptance, therefore, is even
greater than press dispatches indi
Against Aggressice Acts.
Although himself one of the most
< fstinguished of Japanese naval of
ficers, the new premier is said to
have olng held the vie wthat Japan's
place in the world could best be
f2lled if she avoided agressive acts
and pursued "a foreign policy based
, primarily on the maintenance of
peace. He is 'understood to be par
ticularly anxious that good relations
be restored between Japan and
China, a fact. which in itself is re
garded here as making his accept
ance of the premiership at develop
ment of . first importance in Far
Eastern politics.
Ever since Baron Kato's service
in Washington as head of the Jap
anese delegation to the arms con
ferenge he is said to have been
working assiduously for full ac
ceptance of the conference program
in Tokio, as a result of which, it is
:, suggested here may have made it
necessary in tie present disturbed
political conditions there 'to take
the helm of government himself.
Clemson College, June 12.-The
.following remedies, any of which
will prove setisfactory, are suggest
ed by V. L. Starkey, Chief of the
Animal Hpsbandry Division, in an
swer to inquiries from farmers on
this subject.
1. . Crude Oil Treatment.-This is
How the B
the F
* You, the Far'mer, ar
Sducersof wealth. But b
money for your crops ma
* The crops must be sown,
reaped and SOLD!
The Bank is your F
carry you over the weels
planting and profiting se
purchase seed, fertilizer,
* In times of stress it
hielps you weather the st<
Are YOU getting a
bank offers farmers?
Learn how we can
information from our
pleased to tell you more
the mostvidely. used treatment' fore
hog. li gg should be applied to! the
hogs b =pouring. it down the back
and, rubbhing it over the entire body,
taking ufns to see that the head
and ears: are well covered. One ap
plication of crude oil, provided it-'is
thorough, will eliminate hog lice.
Of course, In -all cases it is necessary
to. clean up the hog houses and
sleeping places - and disinfect them
with the same' preparation.
2. Creolin.--By taking an ordi
nary coal tar preparation, seh as
creolin, and diluting it about 1 to
851 you may be able to control hog
lice.. As in the case of erude oil the
application of thiacniaterial should
be thorough. When a coal tar
preparation is itfsed it is necessary
to repeat the treatmet in ten days.
because -the lice ,are killed but the
nits are not.
3. Oil From Garages.-Oil from
garages which has been drained
from the motors has been used very
satisfactorily to control hog lice.
However, some of the oil which is
obtained from garages has' a great
deal more kerosene in it than others
and when this is the case it some
times blisters.
Dayton, Ohio, 'June 13.-Capt. A.
W. Stevens, aerial photographer,
McCook Field, established a new
parachute jumping record today
when he descended 24,206 feet in
safety, officials of the. field an
nounced tonight. Another record
was broken at the same time when
Lieut. Leigh Wade piloted a twin
motored Martin bomber, carrying
three passengers, to an altitude of
24,206 feet, it was announced.
Capt. Stevens ascended in the
same plane with Lieut. Wade.
The. pilot, accompanied by Ste
vens and Sergt. Langham, observer,
took off at 11 a. m., and reached
the maximum altitude at 1.05 p. m.,
requiring two hours and five min
utes to make the climb.
Stevens, who has made aerial pho
tographs here for several years, to
day made his first flight where oxy
gen was necessary. Reachinf the
maximum height, the party partook
of refreshments and Stevens made
ready for his leap.
When he left the plane he did
not permit his chute to be opened
by the wind and then lift him off,
but leaped over the side and
dropped several thousand feet be
fore it opened and checked his drop.
The oxygen tank, which he had
sewn to his flying suit, was torn
off in the leap and lost.
Thirty minutes were required for
the descent. He left the plane
while over Springfield, and landed
at Jamestown, a small village 25
miles southwest of here.
Flying conditions were ideal to
day. The temperature on - the
ground was 75 degrees and zero
an~k Serves
America's greatest pro
efore YOU receive the
fly months usually elapse.
mdst be fertilized, tilled,
riend because it helps to
s and months between
asons. It permits you to
machinery, on credit.
stands behind you and
l1 the benefits which the
1elp YOU. Ask for full
officials. They will be
bout our service.
:& Trust Co.
DuRANT, President
4 --
I 'Tired
I was weak and run-down,"
rSlates Mrs. Eula Burnett, of
Dalton, Ga. "I was thin And
just felt tired, all the time.
SI didn't rent well. I wasn't
ever hungry. I knew, by
this, I needed a tonic, and
as there is none better than-q
The Woman's Tonic
S .. .,I began using Cardui, "
continues Mrs. Burnett.
"After my first bottle, I slept
better and ate better. I took
four bottles. Now .I'm well,
feel just fine, eat and sleep, 40
my skin is clear and I have
gined and sure feel that
..Carui is the beet tonio ever
Thousands of other women
have found Cardui just as
Mrs. Burnett did. It shpuld
help you.
At all druggists.
was reached at the maximum atti
tude. So strong was the wind at
24,206 feet that the motors, which
were tarveling at about 100 miles
an hour, only served to keep the
ship upright and the wind forced
it backwards at a speed of about
twenty miles an hour, only Wade
said upon discent.
Hamlet, N. C., June 13.-Mrs.
Branson Millikin shot and instantly
killed William McGhee, negro when
he attempted to assault her at the
Millikin home four miles from here
Sunday. The negro had previously
threatened both Mrs. Millikin and
her husband and when he entered
the home Sunday and continued to
advance on her with a brick in
either hand, the intended victim
seized a gun and fired, the negro
being killed instantly. Mr. Millikin
was not' home at the time.
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United States District Court
Eastern District of South Carolina.
In Bankruptcy.
In the matter of .J. C. Dennis and
Sons, Bankrupts.
To the Creditors of the said Bank
Take notice that the above bank
rupts have filed their petition for
dlischarge andl that a hearing wvill he
head thereon ,before said Court on the
26th day of June, A. D., 1922, at 11
o'clock in the forenoon, at which time
andl place all creditors and other per
sons interestedl may aippeair and~ show
cause if any they have wvhy the pray
er of tho saidl letitioners should not
be granrted.
Richard WV. H utson,
21-4t-c. Clerk.
I will apply to the Judge of Pro-.
bate for Clarendon County on the
19th da~y .June, 1922 at 11 o'clock A.
M. for Letters of Discharge as guar
diarn for Beulah Hicks, nowv Beulah
Hardy3, formerly a minor.
Charlton DuRant,
Manning, May 1G, 1922. pd.
I will apiply to the Judge of Pro
hate for Clarendon County on the
19th day of June 1922, at iI o'clock
A. 31. for Lett'.:~ of Disch.re as
Adlnanisrtutr ;,f the~ Est.a of J.
Bunyo'n IH arv'in dehensed(.
pd. . Admninistrator.
Silver. S. C., May 16th, 1922.
I wirll apply to the Judge of Pro
bate for ClIarendon County, South
Carolinar, on Saturday, July 1st, 1922
at eleven o'clock in the forenoon for
&a final Discharge as Exeutor of' the
last will and testament of David A.
Johnson, (deceased.
J. Columbus Johnson.
Mannilng, S. C., May 31, 1922-chg.
Carefully Examined,
Glasses Fitted, Broken
Lenses Duplicated.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
To All Mem
Your Association is CC
on a postal card which v
Your Association must
many acres you have plar
order that we may help y
Your Association has I
successful sale of your to
dressed postal with your
Your Association will c
way, Darlington, Dillon,
Kingstree, Lake City, La
Marion, Mullins, Nichols
ville, Bladenboro, Cerro
Proctorville, Rowland, S
Do not fail to Mail you
Tobacco Grow
Durham, N. C., June 13.-Ernest
J. Green, former ruperintendent of
city schools in Durham, has been
elected president of Carolina Col
lege at Maxton, N. C., according to
announcement made today.
Mr. Green was for seventeen
years identified with public school
work in Durham. He resigned to en
ter business. He will, it is an
nonnced, accept the presidency of
Carolina College.
prise wh
lot of the
or repla
place the
are not on
exactly the
.pose is hailf
course, is
forever- if
water" vari
double mor
Your near
you honest
Write us for list of FREE P
and no substitutes" from
177 G
bers of The T
vas sent to you this week ai
know where you want to de
ited, and the answer to every
ou sell your crop to the best
,he warehouses, the graders
bacco, provided you will ma:
answers AT ONCE.
pen warehouses at Andrews
Georgetown, Hartsville, He
ke View, Lamar, Latta, Lor
Olanta, Pamplico, Sumter,
Gordo, Chadbourn, Fair Blu
t. Pauls, Tabor, Whiteville.
r answers THIS WEEK.
Pers Co-operative
Philadelphia, Jdne 13.-Loy Camp
bell, whom army intelligence offi
sers testified was involved in the
theft of $100,000 worth of shpplies
from Camp Dix, today was sentenced
to serve a year and a day in the
Atlanta penitentiary.
Berlin, June 13.-The German
Government has decided not to re
et a peasy
en you find t
odd jobs o
cement aroi
lower grade
ly "good eno
grade for dhe
the skill of bue
:oo.) The oth<
insisting on "
:cause it lasts j
you get the
ety-and theref
hey' s-worth of K
est retail yard
advice. So wi
LANS for farm buildings-but in the meantir
your local lumber dealer-no matter for
ufacturers' Associal
raham Bldg., Jacksonville, I
rage inree
rer the questions printed
id to mail this card im
liver your tobacco, how
question on the postal in
md the money to make a
.1 this stamped and ad
Aynor, Bamburg, Con
mingway, Johnsonville,
Is, Lynchburg, Manning,
Summerville, Timmons
If, Fairmont, Lumberton,
u Un ummmtmUmUm U
quest that there be a neutral ob
server present at the raising of the
steamer Luistania in order deter
mined whether-the ship bore a mili-.
tary character when she was torpedo
ed. The Berlin newspaper recently
have suggetsed that a neutral be ap-.
pointed as an observer should the
hull be raised.
The government holds that it is
not privileged to request the pres
ence of a neutral observer as the
attempt to raise the Luisitania is
to be made by a private company.
tnt sur
hat for a
f repairs
Lind the
s of
Ligh,"' but
etting the
given pur
ring. (Eco
:r half, of
iypress, of
true "tide
ore means
will give
se insist on "CYPRESS
what purpose you buy.
Insist on " tide
you can identify.

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