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(Special Correspondence.)
Washington, June 12.-President
Hardlng's plight resulting from the
expose of Attorney General Daugh
erty recalls the famous toast to the
We can't get along without them
and w can't get along with them."
From the viewpoint of orthodox
party men, it is inconceivable that
President Harding will request Mr.
Daugherty to retire. It was Daugh
erty who made President Harding
what he is today, and it is generally
believed here that the President will
stick to him regardless of conse
quences, through that mistaken sense
of loyalty conspicujus in weak men
and even in inexperienced men of
greater strength of character.
On the other hand, to astute poli
ticians as well as to the average citi
zen it is inconceivable that a Presi
dent would retain as a member of his
Cabinet a person under such a variety
of attacks as the present Attorney
General and retain his own self re
spect or show a decent respect to
public opinion.
Many of the mots important papers
of the country, Republican and Inde
pent, as well as Democratic, are de
manding Attorney General Daugh
erty's resignation, and these are de
mands which apparently are giving
the administration some concern, as
witness the week-end cruise of the
Mayflower, on which the President
had as his guests Attorney General
Daugherty, Secretary of War Weeks,
Senator Harry S. New and the as
sistant Warwick of the administra
tion, Chairman.Lasker of the Ship
ping Board, the best advertising agent
that ever occupiel that position. It
:is understood that the Daugherty
case was discussed, and the impres
slon given out after the return to
Washington is that the President will
ptand by Attorney General Daugh
If this inipression is correct it is
bily another illustration of the close
political personal bond of friend
ship between the President and Mr.
Daugherty. They have been life
long associates, as close as David and
Jonathan, McKinley and Mark Hanna
or the Siamese Twins, lacking the
physical membrane. And Attorney
General Daugherty is the dominating
spirit of the Harding administration.
President Harding knew exactly what
kind of a man he was putting in the
Attorney . General's office. Daugh
erty was his personal appointee, and
President Harding must bear in a
large measure the responsibility of
Mr. Daugheity's acts, although his
party mus. share the responsibility,
for it we ; a Republican Senate which
confirmed him against a nation-wide
Morse Pardon Petitions Increase
Moral Turpitude.
Te attempt of Attorney General
Daugherty to shield himself in the
Morse case by getting behind the peti
tions for Morse's pardon signed by
Senators and Representatives and
other prominent men has not created
the favorable impression evidently
hoped for and expected. These peti
tions were obtained by the wife of
Charles W. Morse based upon repre
sentations that Morse was in a dying
conditions, and few men are able to
resist the appeal of a sorrowing wife
and mother in such circumstances.
Instead of strengthening the At
torney General's position, it has
strengthne' the case against him in
the minds of those who had taken the
trouble to analyze it. It is adimitte-l
now that President Taft was deceived
as to Moi m's cond itioin, and these
Senators muid Represenltat ives oblvi
ously also w.'re .deceived. Tiherefore
the moral tu rpituade of those who
pract icedl the (dec(pt ion is all the
greater bJecaiu. it was i'racticel uonil
such a grea: numbi er of men actuaited
by humane feleas and miotives.
D emnocra tic P rosperity3 Versus ite.
pub Ilican l)isaster.
WNhen WVoodlrow Wilsoii went into
otlice as Presbicent. in 191 8, the es
ti mated wealIth1 of the Unoit ed States
was $ 180 ,000,000 ,1 in; when lhe ret ired
at tihe end ot eight years it was $300,
(000,000,000, a giain of $21 5,000,000),000.
The presenPt (st iited wealth of the
t.United States is $2235,no00,000,000,
in the fifteen mon'uths ai tepulicanit
ad~minlistration hai~s been ini power.
These tigoures werie recentlyv staited
by Se'nator King ( l)em., Utah,) upon
the floor of the Senate. 'ThIey are
apprjoximately correct.
The grea ter parit of this loss has
been siust ai ned by the farmers of the
coun ltryI in land valutes, aigricuiltural
produocts and live stock v'alues, al
though a part of this loss has fallen
upon every industry and1( business and
upon every form of pioperty values.
All the argumients that Cani or will
be made(I by Republ1lican speakers cani
not wipe out or mate ria lly change
these figu res. TIhey are ai conicrete
illustration within the understandIing
of everybody (If what it means in the
way of prosperity to have a Demo
cratic administration and what it
means in the way oIt disaster to have
a reactionai y Republican administra
Republican leadership, in the H~ouse
has degenerated to that point where
-it can hardly be dlescribed wvithout
'the use of the wordl maudlin; from the
<days andl dimensionis'of men1 like Reed
and Cannon to the times and antics
of Mondell and Campbell it is surely
a far cry. Campbell s mystified m-an
euvers anent the oodlruf--Johnson re
solution calling for Congressional in
vestigation of Daugherty's laxity in
prosecuting war graft are very aug
gestive of a mudllldl mind and a
monumental cowardice. The logic
diwelling in the average man's mind
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Entrance Examinatioins
Entrance examinations to the Uni
vorsity of South Carolina will b
held by the Couinty Superinterfden
of Education at the County Cour
House Friday, July 14th, 1922, a
9 a.'m. .
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es of study in science, literature, his
tory, law and business. The expensel
ire moderate and many opportunities
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University of South Carolina,
22-3t-c Columbia, S. C.
causes him to wonder what knowledg<
of guilt on the'part of big Republicans
may cause the leaders to refuse at al
cost to permit the lifting of the vei
which partly covers the doings of the
Department of Justice.
It will be recalled that when the
Republicans, with the aid of every in
terest that could not use Presideni
Wilson, carried the House in 1918, the
first thing they did was to create the
Graham Smnelling Committee, whose
purpose was to dig up enough Demo.
cratic venality in connection with war
contracts to damn the party for forty
years to cone. That committee sat
and labored through winter's snow
and summer's sun and finally reported
that the finger of suspicion pointed in
the direction of one great corporation
-the Standard Steel Company of
Pittsburgh, controlled by Andrew W.
Mellon, who, shortly thereafter, was
appointed by the President to take
complete charge of the people's funds
in his capacity as Secretary of the
Treasury. The ardor which tho' Re
publicans showed in creating the Gra
ham Committee and in giving it plen
teous funds and sweeping authority is
sadly missing when it is now pro
posed to investigate one of the mem
bers of the Republican cabinet.
After the Committee on Rules had
favorably voted the Woodruff-Johnson
resolution out of the Committee, pres
sure from some high source must have
been exerted upon Chairman Campbell
to cause him to at first fail to report
the resolution, and later to refuse to
report it and finally to have the Com
mittee vote to rescind its action. It
must be humiliating to Republicans
in the country to read of such perfor
mances on the part of the men they
elected to Congress. When the mat
ter came up in the House two Demo
crats signally distinguished themsel
ves by the power, lucidity and ability
of their utterances-Finis Garrett of
Tennessee and Walton Moore of Vir
ginia. Their speeches pointed oul
clearly the merits of the controversy
and held the Republicans up to a
richly-merited ridicule. Mr. Garreti
ceneludled with these words:
"Mr. Speaker, it is extremely pain
ful to have to indulge in this sort of
talk, but I wish it understood here
and now that never at any time dur.
ing the Democratic administration, 01
now, has there been an objection fron
any individual, from the former Pre
sident of the United States down t<
every man who had any discretion in
official activity, to an investigation
The gentleman from Kansas makes at
assault upon the past administration
The committee that you would create
if the gentleman had stood by hi
vote, would investigate the past ad
ministration. It would add to the
Graham investigation, if it could. The
house organization is in the hands o:
thei Republicans, The Republicanm
woul' not suffer and injustice by n
committee that might be appointed
and the Democrats would be investi
gated and the Democratic administra
tion would be investigated as well am
the Republicans, and they arerad
f'or it. (A pplause on the D~emocratii
"'I have here a letter from the form
er- Attorney General of (lie Unite<
Plaites, ai man11 whoi wats assatiledi mor<
viioushy, prob~ably, 'than any oflicia
in hiighi life, exceplt (lie President him
self, by the Republicans, (luring t
latter 'iart of his ad miniistration.
can not readl all of (lie letter heeaus
I have tiot (lie time. ie knowis th i
comm iiitte(e woulid investigate himii ami
he invites (lie investigations. Wha
does your Attorney General say?"
The letter of formei' Attorney Glen
erail Palmer gives the fatcts as to ail
the- big cases5 which were hiandlled by
himit as Alieni Proper-ty C'ustod ian; re
ferr-ting to the Borisevh Magneto cas<
he said:
"T'(he IBosch Magneto Company wva:
Germ to the core. Before we en
tered (lie war its management violat
ed our- neutrality In the most infamou:
fash ion. Its oflicer's sought to concea
ts (rine ownership bhid a camou
Jlage of German-A merican stockhold
ers. They finally made sworn i-eport
however, declaring all the stock to bi
enemIiy owvnedi, and I thereupon tool
charge of the compathiy IA the inves
tigation as to its ownership Qtto
Heins; representing the Gerfnan. own
era, declared its value to bis$,0O
000. Its stock- was ftAlly sold
through my direction'at an'opet} U,
lie auction sale, after wide edve44e.
ment,, for $4,150,000 to the highest
bidder, representing a syndicte. of
tore. than. a hundred American bank
ers who organized a new corporation
to make the business a 100 per cent
American enterprise."
Congressman 'Walton Moore, in dis
cussing Chairman Campbell's remark
able flip-flop, said in part.
"The chairman of the committee on
the 3rd of May voted for the resolu
tion, and except for his so voting it
could not have been -passed, and now,
forsooth, the chairman stands here
and sayp the* criticisms he hears in
regard to the Attorney General and
in regard to this whole business,
makes him think of the issue from the
mout hof a sewer. Yet he is respon
sible for those criticisms having been
deliberately considered and for the re
solution to investigate having been
adopted. After the Attorney Gen
eral had been in the office for more
than a year, listening to and consid
ering the charges' against himn, the
chairman of the committee was instru
mental in having the resolution passed
by his committee and directed to be
brought before the House.
"No*, I wish to say this-and I
speak for myself, and I think I can
speak for every -member of this side
of the House--th'at anyone who direct
ly or indirectlc charges that we who
favor an investigation, who favor it,
among other reasons, cecause the
sentiment of the countrd calls for an
investigation, that we are endeavor
ing to prevent the prosecution and
conviction of malefactors can receive
but one answer. If any such asser
tion should be made with respect to
'me or any of the gentlemen who sur
round me upon this side it shall be an
swered in only one way, and that by
a sharp, short word of three letters.
"When I have the time - and
strength, not as a partisan but as an
American citizen and Representative
and as an Amerig an lawyer, I am go
ing to discuss the record of the At
torney General since he took office. If
the opportunity is afforded me, I shall
undertake to show that his conduct is
unparalleled so far in the history of
the Department of Justice, and that
if there ever was an official anywhere
who ought to court investigation, if
innocent, and, if guilty, ought to be
brought to the bar of the Senate, it
is the Attorney General; and when I
deal with the subject, I shall not con
fine myself altogether to the war
fraud cases, so called, but shall in
clude cases which have arison since
the close of the war."
The Central Control of the Republi
can party got another distinct shock
from the nomination of Brookhart
for the Senate in Iowa. Henry Wal
lace, who runs an intensely partisan
paper in Des Moines, and who tries
to make the farmers vote as he die
tates, will have much to swallow if he
supports Brookhart in November.
Wallace proved, at least to his own
satisfaction, that Brookhart is thoro
ughly unfitted for the job.
Daugherty, in his effort to take
public attention from scandals affect
ing his administration of the Depart
ment of Justice, gives it out that some
fl:h pirates are trying to steal all the
fish in Alaskan waters. That would
be a nice scheme, if it would work.
Just at this juncture, however, Mr.
Sutherland, Republican delegate in
Congress from Alaska, bluntly an
nounces that the whole thing is a lie.
Mr. Daugherty should first have made
sure of Mr. Sutherland's sympathetic
Clemson College, June 12.-Fowls
are often infested with several spec
ies of small tapeworms, which may
occur in the intestines in such
numbiers that they seriously injure
the health of the birds. One of
these tapewvorms, known as the spiny
suckered tapeworm (D~avainea echi
nobothridla), is of especial interest
to poultry raisers, since it pr'oducca
small nodules in the intestines
closely resembling the nodules caus
ed by tuberculosis. If intestinal
nodules arc found in birds infested
with tapieworms, if the liver is not
affected, and if other symptoms of
tuberculosis, such as lameness, are
not present, the condition may be
considered to be causedl by tape
worms and not by tuberculosis. The
tapewvorms are usually found attach
edl at one endl to the mucous surface
of the intestine, and the nodules are
dlue to the irritation thus prodlued.
From what is so far known of the
life cycle of chicken tapeworms it
may be stated that the eggs of the
tapeworms pass out of the bodies of
infested chicks with the droppings
adare eaten by various insects andl
other small invertebrates, within
wihthey undlergo a partial (level
opment. If the infected insects are
then eaten by chicks, the tapeworms
reach their complete development in
the intestines. For this reason
fowls can not infect one another di
rectly thru their droppings, as hap
peiis in the case of roundworms.
However, as It is neither practicable
nor (desirable to prevent chickens
from eating insects, treatment and
preventive measures shouldl be di
rectedl towardl removing the tape
worms from the birds and properly
dlisposing of the manure to reduce
the chances of the infection being
spreadl to possible intermediate
A number of treatments for tape
worms in fowls have been tested by
the nuamu of Animal rInustry but.
"~~~ ~ ~ ~ I ' _ ( .1
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Most of all, perhaps, for its splendid self
reliance, which makes the Hupmobile a.
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ely settled regions.
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has iron the lasting admiration of motor
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S il uprnobile
none have proved very successful. Tennessee now as the foot of the list the young men who applied for ad
A few worms may be eliminated by according to B. C. Riley, Vice Presi- mission to the camps before the cam
eahoirswthanen of the Military Training Camps paign was closed at midnight, a.
dosing each bird with a teasj)oonfulad
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oil), according to the weight of the terest of hor young men in this Area including North Carolina, Ala
splendid opportunity for a vacation at bama, and Tennessee, the recruiting
birds. The medicine should be given Government expense and for army in- period had to be extended until June
after a fast and repeated in 10 days. struction which will equip them for 15th, consequently these states will
If this treatment is combined with greater service in case of emergency, not secure an increase in their quota
but it also shows the results of the which is based in every case upon
measures to maintain the surround- splendid efforts, of South Carolina's pculation.
ings in a clean and sanitary condi- State Chairman, Reed Smith, Director " -
tion, including good drainage and of the Extension Division at the State BOB-WHITE AN ENEMY
remove' of manure and other litter, University who has worked untiringly OF CORN ROOTWORM
infesta*. n with is not so effort to acquaint the Citiens
ifss.nvthtapeworms isd boys of the State with the plan The bob-white eats the adults or'
likely to cause serious trouble, and purpose of the Citizens' Military beetles of the corn rootworm which
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TOP IN TRAINING CAMPCelanerAnsnAlanFotowom anifsthecn. s
South Carolina followving close onJue2ttoAgs2t.toheBraofEomlyofh'
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State in the Nation to fill its quotaCroiahslath vyfrtetrehvebenoudntesomc
for the Citizeni Military Tramning rs fteSae nteNto n
Camp to be held this summer. Southbeasheqothabenoes-ofoe o-wiTerdedd
Carolina stands out prominently srbdteWrDprmn spa-wopcengtak adnl
among the other states in the Southnigtreoneth paroimoknbrdadpobels ette
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