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Washington, Ga.,-June 19.-Dr.
Saggus was arrested and placed in
jail here late today pending a pre
liminary hearing on charges of hav
ing poisoned his first wife and his
present wife'e first husband, Charles
The physician came from his
home at Harlem, near here and
surrendered when he heard that a
coroners jury had returned a ver
dict this morning charging him with
the deaths of the couple, which was
followed by the issuance of murder
warrants. Arrangements were made
to exhume both bodies.
Physicians testified that the symp
tons of both the first Mrs. Saggus and
Wilbanks, indicated poisoning al
though they could not be positive of
the cause of their deaths and letters
were introduced designed to show im
proper relations between Dr. Saggus
and his present wife before the death
of Wilbanks.
Dr. Saggus aserted that his first
wife, who was Miss Mary Walker,
of Barnett, Ga., died November 23,
1921, of neuralgia of the heart, and
that Wilbanks, who succumbed Feb
ruary 3, last, died after suffering sev
eral months with asthma for which
Dr. Saggus had been giving him hy
podermie injections. The present
present Mrs. Saggus told newspaper
men she believed her husband the vic
tim of a "frame up" on the part of
Witnesses testified at the inquest
today that Dr. Saggus carried $5,000
insurance on the life of his first
wife and the Wilbanks, had a $1,000
policy in favor of the present Mrs.
Saggus. There also was testimony
to the effect that Dr. Saggus col
lected $3.500 fire insurance when his
home was burned shortly after the
death of his first wife.
Mrs. Saggus who is thirty years
old, said today that she and her
first husband were neighbors of Dr.
Saggus and his wife, and that the
two couples were friends. She said
she had married Dr. Saggus in Au
gusta in April. The present Mrs.
Saggus was formerly Miss Corrie
Johnson, of Rome, Ga., and prior
to her marriage to Wilbanks, had
been matron at the Decatur, Ga., or
pha nage.
Spi'rtanburg, S. C., June 20.--M~en
prominent both in the religious and
n the educational life of South Ca ro
Iina are to be among the speakers at
the annual convention of the South
Carolina Sunday School Association
in Columbia, .June 20, 21, 22, and a
large attendance from all sections of
the State is anticipated.
Among the speakers and their sub
jec ts ar(: Dr. D. W. Daniel, Clemson
('olle'--"Chr'istian Co-operation for
Kingdom Service"; l)r. E. W. Sikes,
Coker College--"The Place of Reli
g ious Educationi in the Progralrm of
Christianity"; Dr. W. H1. I udson,
moderator of the Presbyterian Synod
--"'The lissionary Challenge of the
Soundav School''; Dr. Watson 13. Dun
('an, the well-known Methodist minis
t er .and lecturt'r- -"T he Discovery of
a Lit tle Child.'"
Rr. Rev'. Kirkmani (. Finday, Bishon
('-ad iutor of the Episcopal Church
he l'Ire andl Power of' Bible
Studyv in Chbristian Liv'iln'": Rev T.
"T'he liet l)et'ense of' the Bible"-' Re
A . I rigge rs, pais tor' of ChI('ison
Colliyget Me'thodlist C huorch1--"'Winnuin rg
a Ge'ne'rationu to C'hrist Through the
S'unda y School''; Dr. S. J1. Derrick,
pros ident of Netwbe'irry( Cld'ge'a.Ihe
('halIlenge of the P reseunt (Crisis'"; Dr.
S. [L. Te'mplemanr, Lau rens -"The
P'astor'al Leaderishi p of the Sundayv
Sc'h,,Il' or'ces''; 'T. B. l.anrham, Co
hnnhm'i, Stat' Secretary o' 'Y. M. C.
A., "T'Ihe Sunday School a luiun's .Joh.''
. ver' five'li hud red advance c1( onlvenl
.1.. State Sunday Schodl hewdquar
ters. m Sparitan burg. Tlhe v'arious
c'(ontils are competing' for the' atten
dlance' banner'l that. is offered for the
hIr (L'st prtloortilonate rl attendance1.
'cerifiicates ent(itling toi oIn and|
half far r 'ound trip rail road rate'
may be' secure'd free on r'quest by
addre-'ss ing State Sunday School Con -
v'nt non, Columbi ia. Delegates wilt he
'nt'rt a i ned at the U niv~ersity for
$1.It forI the thre daO Ifys, c'oveing
bo'ard and lodging. All who attend
and register' are' counted as dlelegates,
withiout formal appoirtoment by their
Sumnday' Scho(ols. A\ll trains will be1
me(t on0 arr'ivaiIl at omn Stat ion, Co
Inumbia, beginno M~\onday evening.
Chera w, Juone I 9.---uoring a row
overl fifty ('en(ts, whic'h it, is alleged,
Rober T lemple cla imed .Jo,' Ryon ow
ed him0, the formt~er stabbed the lat
2WM'~i..6 ASILLI
me secono
ter yesterday. Ryon died today.
Magistrate Malloy held an inquest
this afternoon, the verdict of the
jury being that Ryon came to his
death through a knife stab by Teni
pie. The latter is .i the Chesterfield
Raleigh, N. C., June 19.-J. F.
McMahon, chairman of the execu
tive commitete of the State Fed
eration of Labor today denied em
phatically that the proposed polit
ical organization of labor forces to
be launced here tomorrow contem
plates the formation of a new
Closed Car For Business Men Is Dis
tinct Achievement In Automo
tive Field.
First With All Steel Body-Other
Cars Have New Body Design.
Behind the simple phraseology of an
announcement which Dodge Brothers,
Detroit automobile manufacturers,
are publishing today in every import
ant city and town in America, lies the
story of a new achievement in automo
bile development. "Dodge Brothers
announce a business coupe; conserva
tive in the body design of all other
types," the advertisement reads.
The business coupe is the first t -
steel closed car ever marketed. n
this respect it takes a new and dis
tinct place in automotive history, for
it involves an entirely unique principle
of coupe body construction. The steel
body not only practically eliminates
the problem of limited production,
clue to the tedious and costly individ
ual worknanship required on wood
bodies, but also enables the manufac
turers to give the coupe the same lus
trous baked enamel finish which has
already contributed so much to the
reputation of Dodge Brothers open
cars. This process in itself will also
facilitate quantity production, as an
enormous amount of time was con
sumed heretofore in applying the nu
merous coats of paint required on
Naturally, these are important fac
tors in the determination of the sell
ing price, resulting in economies
which Dodge Brothers are passing di
reetly to the purchaser. "Wood is
practically eliminated from the con
struction of this car," said Harvin
Motor Co., the local dealer. "Even
the frameworc and panels are of steel
and the natural result is a lighter,
quieter and more durable car. Steel
prolongs life and reduces the possib
ility of squeaks and rattles.
"The business men of America have
been expecting such a coupe and
Dodge Brothers have biven it to
"It is in reality a coupe at a roads
ter price. While it is easily attrac
tive enough for any use, it is par
ticularly designed for the business
man--who needs the comfort and pro
tection of a closed car in his work,
but who can easily get along with
(lut a few of the luxuries which, in
the past, have made the closed car
so expensive. The business coupe is
built inside and out to withstand the
wear and tear of every (lay use-and
vet it retains the same lightness and
beauty of line which everyone is ac
'ustomed to look for in Dodge Bro
her's closed cars. It lacks only what
might term the depreciation liabili
ies of the more expensive coupe. It
s upholstered in genuine leather, has
I wide, com fortable straight seat, is
1cinippedl with cord tires, heater, dome
ight, windshield cleaner andc adjust
nents for raising arnd lowering win
lows. The doors are unusually wfide
md1( are fitted with niew~ easy closing
r'ale locks. PTere is more than the
Isual q mouret of leg room anrd coin
('ient andl spacious fuggagu~ conm
erimnents a re Jpr'ovidedl. Doctors, r'eal
starte mern :trd saleamen oft a ff kinds
lly On i .u thne car1 the'v needl. We
lrayhanve good indic'ationts of at
'"TIhe eba ne' of de'si vo in the other
)odge hitrother's cars 'ondicates- that.
vh il IDfodge Ib-otherrs have alwanys
dhetredl c'lose ly to the prartical they
re also pro'gre('ive' ande abr'east cf
he time. Ii is ifdge Brothers policy
o manke imront(veme'ntts y eat'rfter'
fter'I year andl month alfTt'r month
ond thN is s(impf Jy anrot her' ste(p for
vard." -Adv.
[he Stte of Sou1th Caro'(lina.
County of' (iarendor.
ly .J. Ml. Windha~m, P'rohate .fmdge:
Whereas, ILuke W. WNise nodec 4suit
(o me*. to grnant himi Let terts of Admrin
strnationI of the Estr.te and1( effects of
'erry L. Wise.
Th'ense arec, thue-rfore, to> site' anid
idlmonish all and singular the Ki idred
Wise dec'ensed, that they Iie tirif aip
rear' h'fore me, in the Couirt oIf Pro
iiate, to be held at Manoing on the
rd daiy of July next, after publi'ntiorn
hereof, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon,
to show cause, if any they have, wvhy
the said Admnistratnont should not bec
Given under my harnd this t6th daty
(If June, A nno, D~omini., 1922.
J1. -M. Windlham,
pd. Judge of Probaite.
' . 4
In The District Court of The United
States For The Eastern Division
of South Carolina.
In the matter of:
Peoples Wholesale Grocery, Inc.,
Summerton, S. C.
pursuant to ani order of the Honorable
RJ. Kirk, Referpe in Bankruptcy
dated the 16th day of June, 1922, I
will sell at public auction at Summer
ton, South Carolina on the 3rd day of
July, 1922 at 12 o'clock A. M., at the
storehouse formerly occupied by
Peoples Wholesale Grocery Company,
to the highest bidder for cash, the fol
lowing described personal property,
which has been appraised as follows:
Stock of goods ------------$405.21
Furniture and Fixtures-..... -80.00
Bills and Accounts Receivable 650.00
Total --------------$1,435.21
The Trustee will sell to the highest
bidder the open accounts and Bills
Receivable in one lot, and the balance
(Stock and Fixtures) in another lot,
Terms spot cash.
George F. Scott,
25-2t-c Trustee in Bankruptcy.
State of South Carolina,
Clarendon County.
Court of Common Pleas.
Mrs. Jessie M. Merrimon, Plaintiff,
Annie E. Webb, Minnie Rouse, Eliza
Dunham, Amy Colclough, Milly
Webb, Lula Webb, John Webb, the
younger, Isabelle Webb, Richard
Roe Webb, name unknown, Samuel
Frierson, John ' Frierson, James
Frierson, Estello Frierson, Maggie
Frierson, Pretto Frierson, Mary
Frierson, Mattie Frierson, Clarence
Frierson, Clarence Webb, Estelle
Webb Taylor, Minnie Webb, George
Webb, Jefferson Webb, Annie
Francis, Ida Guess, and all other
persons heirs and next of kin of
John Webb, deceased, names and
addresses unknown, Defendants.
Upon reading the petition of A. S.
Merrimon, plaintiff's attorney in the
above entitled action, and it appearing
that George D. Shore Jr., Esq., is a
proper and suitable person to be so
It is ordered, that the said George
D. Shore, Jr., Esq., be and he is here
by appointed guardian ad litem for
the absent infant defendants Milly
Webb, Lula Webb, John Webb, the
younger, Isabelle Webb, Richard Roe
Webb, name unknown, Samuel Frier
son, Maggie Frierson, Mary Frierson,
Mattie Frierson, Clarence Frierson
and James Frierson for the purposes
of this action and he is authorized to
appear and defend said action on
their behalf, unless said infant de
fendants, or someone on their behalf,
within twenty (lays after service up
on them of a copy of this Order, ex
clusive of the (lay of such service,
shall apply and procure to be appoint
ed a guardian ad litenm for said infant
It is further ordered, that service
of this order be made upon said in
fant defendants Milly Webb, Lula
Webb, John Webb, the younger. Isa
belle Webb, Richard Roe Webb,
name unknown, and their mother,
Irene Webb, with whom they are said
to reside, and upon the infant defen
dants Samuel Frierson, John Prier
son, Maggie Frierson, Mary Frierson,
Mattie Frierson, Clarence Frierson.
James Prierson, and their father.
James Frierson the elder, with whom
they are said to reside, by publication
thereof, in The Manning Times, a
newspaper published in the Town of
Manning, in the County of Clarendon,
State of South Carolina, once a week
for three successive weecks, and that
conies of said order lbe maiiledl to ';he
inrant defendant Milly Webb, Lula
We'bb. John Webb, the younger,
Isabelle Webb, and Richard Roe
Webb, name unknown, anid to their
mothrer, Irecne Webb, at Sylvester,
J1. B. CA NTEY, (Seal)
Clerk of Court of Common Pleas for
Clarenrdon County, S. C. 25-3t-e
Ma rming, S. C., .June 17, 1922.
State ofi South Carolina,
County of Clarendon,
CTourt of Common Pleas.
Louis Levi, Plaintiff,
Anonie E'. Webb, Minnie Rouse, Eliza
l)unham,, A my Coielough, Milly
Webb, Lula W/ebb, .John Webib, the
younger, Isa belle, Richard Roe
Webb, name unknown, Samuel
Frierson, .John Frierson, James
Frierson, E'stefle Fr'ierson, Maggie
F'rierson, Preto Frierson, Mary
Frierson, Mattie Frierson, Clarence
Frierson, Clarence Webb Estelle
Webhb Taylor, Minnie Webb, George
W/elbb, JTefferson Webb, Annie
Franceis, Ida Guess, and fil ether
persons, heirs and next of kin of
John Webb, deceas.ed, names andi
addresses unknown, defendants.
Upon reading the petitiord'6 Won
dlell M. Levi, Plaintiff's A ttorney in
the above styled actionr and it appear
ing that Raymion Schwartz, E'sq., is a
proper' andI suitable personi to be so
It is ordered, that the said Raymon
Schwartz, Esqj., be and he is herebhy
aippoinited Guardian Ad Litem for the
absent in fant defendants, Milly Webb,
Lula Webb, JTohn Webb, the younger,
Isabelle Webb, Richard Roe Webb,
iame unknown, Samuel Frierson,
iKat eA~ffarAcn TnoI1
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John Frierson, Maggie Frierson, Maryfo hesucsiewesan thtCrndn onyewllelatpb
Frierson, Mattic Frier-son, Clarence oisosadodrb maedtth leactntohe ig st ide fr
Frierson and James Frierson for theinntDfdat Mll WebLuacstth rsdne of heat
purposes of this action and he is aua- WbJh eb h oneIa 1hooeSeif eesd rdy
thorized to appej)ar and dlefend said ac--Lel ela( h 0t a f Jn, 12 t1
tion on their behalf, unless salid in-Rihr Ro Web o'lkA. I.heflwngPsnl
fant defendants, or someone on theirnaeukonan totermtepprytow: 1ml,3had f
behalf, within twenty days after set r n eb tSletr eri atl,7hgItohre wgn
vice upon themi of a copy of this Or-.BCNE, Sa) 100shnls ugyadhres
der, excilusive of the day of such ser- ClrofCutoComnPesorI ldbgy nlhaes,1ot f
vice, shall apply and procure to be CaednCutS . 2-t osadpo olIgaodsi
applointed a Guardian Ad Litemn for annS . ue1t,12 btr otn patr eso
saidl infant [Defendants.11wga,1dmae uooie
It is further ordered, tha servincmcin,4hose1hy ae
of this order be made upon said infant N TC o fpatto olaot7
D)efendants, Milly Webb, Lula Webb,- uhl on 0buhl evtbas
,John Webba the younger, Isabelle ilapyt teJdeo r-I n-os a rll uhl es
Webb, Richard Roe Webb, name -r.bt o lrno ony Suh1(ta atoIdul a-lso
known and their mother, Irene , aoia nStraJlit 92 usalsoko ecads n
with whom they arec said to redo ateee,'lc ntefrno orfxue n h olwn rwn
and upon the infant Defendants, ia icag sEeuo ftecrp,6ate fcto,1 c-so
Samuel F'rierson, John F'rierson Mag- s iladtsaeto ai otn 2atc fot,4arso o
gie Frierson, Mar-y Frtierson, tattle onon(lcaelac,1qure aresgr ae 1
Frie-son, Clar-ence Frierson, James J oubsJhsn ar ieadayohratce e
Frnierson, and their father, James MtnnS . a 1 92eglnigt adett o etoe
Frierson the eldecr, with whom thoyintsnoce
arec said to r-esidec, by publication .loeBn rs o
ther-eof in the Manning Times, a news- AD IIrl'ot'SAEdmnsao.
paper- published in the Town of Man-ByTM.Wls
ning, in the County of Clatrendon, Pusatt anodr flo. TIc.C hi.
Stae o Soth at-lin, oce wek or Wihree s ueew k, and P t hat o Candnn, C .t, Jue wilel6t, 1pub
coie o ai odr e ale-t-he-i ucio .o.hehghstbddr.o
inatDfednsMil eb Ll aha h esdne of telt
Web, oh W bb te ouge, sa Teoor Sherff dcaer iFrdy
belle - Web n ihr o W b,.l .1 h f owng2 t1
na e nk ow , nd toth i m th rprpety to wi1 mule 3 ea o
1rn-e b t S l e t r e r i . a t e o s w - o s a o

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