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wKirtnaifeinmnsn. ikxinotov. south Carolina, wkoxesijay. i>i:ckmbek si, i9i?. number i?.
Following the - recommendation of
^ ' W' W. Long of Clemson college, Dr.
W? M. Riggs and D. W. Watkins, of
Clemson, a radical change was affect'
cdat.the meeting of the Anti-Boll
Weevil association and interested parL
' . \ j *
ues Jaere yesterday. Under the new
"Son. adopted by the entire conference
oddities where the pest is present in
r.;/" numbers will be grouped into
uni& of* three and men experienced
in handling the boll weevil employed
to work these districts and fight the
pest. .The funds will be supplied by
the various counties by. the county sup
Iy^jfr ply bili in the general assembly, if the
$T- plan recommended yesterday is perClemuoa
college and the department
for agriculture of the United
j|>' -States would have control of the men
^ .:and direct the work in the various
^.4'; -groups. Under the plan of Mr. Long
^flh al?out counties would be grouped
:V; into/ten groups for fighting the wee f;
vSL^While this is an abandonment
of first idea adopted here some
time ago it does not mean the abolition
of the Anti-Boll "Weevil association,
but rather a strengthening ot
this body which will cooperate anc
aid in directing the work in the groups
for eliminating the weevil in the state
Those attending the meeting, includinfr
mewiwrs of the executive com
I tee of the Anti I'.oll Weevil assoion,
and interested business rner
<xi over the state approved the ne"W
i and it will be recommended tc
various county delegations for acMust
Produce Cotton,
r. W. Long, who advocated th(
pty fight plan, in speaking of the
' scheme differed materially witt
on leaders in the state and advoid
the contiuance of raising cotwhere
it was possible and said he
not one of the men who wanted
je? the South's'great staple crop
idoned .The boll weevil is nc
sing in disguise, but a calamity
isguised, was Dr. Long's stateit.
Mr. Long was emphatic in his
Bment that h-e was not in favor oi
idoning the cotton crop of the
th, but thought diversificatior
lid be practiced enough to pera
farmer to well care for his wants
then plant cotton. Dr. W. M
js, president of Clemson college
lily endorsed Mr. Long's plan as
Dr. J. X. Harper of the. soil inv
'ement committee of the Southerr
ilizer association.
tiese three men arc among th<
:h's leading citizens and their adwill
be followed .by many Soutl
ilinians.?The State.
TO 3fBiET JAN. 10
io Lexington County Teachers as
ition will hold its next meeting or
rday, January 10. at 11 o'clock ir
Lexington high school building
rofessor from the University o:
h Carolina -viTI '.address the meetlere
will be a forty minute uision
of spelling by the teachers
;ing separately in high school, inediate,
and primary departments
jr salaries' with more thorc
lardization" will' also be discussed
meeting premises to be filled with
est and it is hoped that every
igr ip. the county will be present
e health of this comrraunify is
good at this writing.
Mij. and Mrs. Perry Harmon of
& Lexington spent Xmas with their sisgF
Mir. Daniel Sanders of BennettsT\
grille spent Xmas with his aunt, Mrs.
:V'-BUa Burkett near Samaria.
f Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Abney of Sa?rmaria
spent Friday with their friends
' "Mr. and Mrs. Lee Smith.
- Miss Hanna Gantt and sister spent
v'the> week end with their sister Mr.
?:?Oscar Risinger at Batesburg.
- Mr. Callie Burgess of Lexington
school is homp spending the holidays
-ynzn ms lamer and mother ax ?ajRfcf
Eari Hail and Mir. Wei ton Shor
near Steed man were in BatesIk|P
Wrrg* Friday nigrht.
Miss Ella Gunter is spending the
BP-'' rv'e^- with '" r :~ri"' ' '* -?'! . and Mrs.
H|fc Vv1$nte Johftson near Samaria.
Effie Bnrkett of P.at*3bursr
Kp-^pfent Christmas with, her aunt Mrs.
Rg^f Jgp*' Byrkett.
' -*^lr. Lever *.Vestrnor."lar:d o:" S^-rr.-ria
vcaa P.-"1 r.r-sl-'jr/ ?V" -h-y -nor::
"" ~ ~ ~~ I
About 2 o'clock Christmas morning
an attempt was made to rob the Bank
of Chapin. The front door was forced
, open and then an attempt was made
to blow the vault door. The combin
ation on the vault door was broken
^nit the door was not opened. The
jf.4arg-e:steel bolts still held the door
firm. They absolutely frilled to get
through the first door. To have
reached the money they would have'
had to open the second door to the j
! vault and then secure an entrance into
' a Victor safe made of Manganese
Steel, the hardest stc'el made. From
what can be learned they left the
^ bank in a few minuter after the exi
/ ... .
plosion, having made an absolute fail-j
1 ure. The bank lost nothing, as the
' insurance company will pay for all
^ damage done the vault door and all
repairs have been made on door.
' Had they secured entrance into the
'k safe and got all the moiiey the bank
would have lost nothing-, as the "our-1
[ gukir insurance carried was sufficient
c to cover all the cash in the safe and
* more. This bank always keeps the
3 bulk of its cash on deposit in city
banks and carries burglar insurance
to cover cash kept in its own vaults.
1 ?O- >
>lr. and Mrs\ D. C. Lever Celebrate
Golden. Anniversary at Home.
i Special to the Dispatch-Ncws.
> Chapin, S. C., Dec. 24.?On Sunday
t December 21st the home of Mr. and
. Mrs. I>. C. Lever was the scene of
. a small family of children and a lim>
ited number of friends, the cause of
I the reunion being the celebration of
> the 50th wedding anniversary of Mr.
\ Lever and his wife Mary Caroline
Lever. Three children, one girl Mrs.
. j \Y. P.. Wessinger of Chapin and two
?j sons Mr. J. A. Lever of Columbia and
!: Mr. J. W. Lever of Irmo were born
> | to these parents and each child was
t1 present with their families, each one
.(being well and happy, 10 grand child;
ren and 11 great grand children were
. given to them and all were present
, but three.
j ... The bride and groom were fully
. equal to the occasion and seemed to
i enjoy the fine dinner that was spread
on u long table in the liall of the
i house. The groom will soon be 76
-land the bride 72 years old.
i! We wish them many more happy
.-.wedding anniversaries.
One of the- Guests. ;
Leesville. Dec. 29.?Mrs. Sallie M.
- Livingston died at her home in l^es1
vile on the morning of December 2S.
i She was the wife of C. E. Livingston
and only daughter of J. P. Bodie. I
? Mrs. Livingston, was one of Leesville's j
best home builders. She was also ac- j
live in the promotion of measures .
which were for the betterment of her '
town . and coimmunity. She was 35
years old and for the greater portion
. of her life a devoted member of the
Methodist church. Having faithfully
served her day and generation she
' was not alarmed when she was strickr
en with double pneumonia.
She is survived by her husband, C.
L-' Livingston, two daughters, L. E.,
10 years of age, and Ernestine, three
! j years of age, together with a father,
one brother, J. H. Bodie, one uncle
B. X. Bodie,] two aunts, Mrs. J. P
Able and Mrs. D. X Crosson, and many
relatives and friends who feel keenly
their loss in her death.
Her body ws laid to rest -at Leesj
ville this morning-. It is worthy of
i note that she died only a few hours
1 after the eloSe of the 13th anniversary
of her marriage.?The State.
i A regular communication of Lexington
lodge. No. 152, A. F. M. was
held Saturday night, the 27th, at
which the following officers were installed:
T. Lr. Harman, W. M .: Dr.
G. F. Roberts, S. W.; S. J. Leaphart.
J. W.; Scott Hendrix, treasurer; A.
D. Martin, secretary; J. D. Carroll,
S. I>.; J. IJ. S'eay, jr. r>.; Eli L. Cor-j;
ley, tiler.
i A pelasaat featuer of th<- meeting |
j was aTi oyster supper at Drafts' hotel, j
Which was greatly enjoyed by those J
The third degree was conferred. j"
.Miss Clarissa Howard, interpr*-fativo
artist, is the* n^xt attraction of the
Lyceum course;'hooked for Monday
night, January ii. at the high school
md!t ;7Yi. Miss IT >\vard is ssiid to
be- onv of the grr at "finds" of the
Her repertoire is said to co\er n.
very wide range of material and the
faithfulness to types depicted is said
to he almost startling.
Miss Harrol i has proved a popular
attraction of the Lyceum course
wherever she has appeared, ar.d it is
hoped that a good crowd will greet
her apeparance here. next Monday
evening at 8 o'clock.
Well h.; the- holidays arc over, and
it is time everything was getting
down to business again I'll let you
hear from me.
Tim entertainment given at Pond
Branch on B -e. 19 by the school, was
well attended and very enjoyable to
all present.
Mr. C. Howard from, the Cherokee
section visited his parents last
Ray, the In tie two year old son of
jM_ R. and Mrs. Crout while playing
in tlm house with the other children
acciciently fell in the fire in the
chimney badly burning his left hand.
Mr. and Mrs. P. TV". Miller of Perry
spent Christmas with their.parents.
Mr. M. A. Howard, one of uncle
Sftin's servants from Swansea, eat
Christmas dinner with the old folks
at home.
Mr. and Mrs. R. TV. Guntor of the
Oak-Xlrove section visited tlie lattcr's
sister Christmas.
Mr. A. L. Kirkland of Boiling
.Springs spent Christmas nigh.t with
oM ''uncle Henry-"
Mr. M. R. Crout mingled with the
vorshippers of Boiling Springs last
Sunday evening.
Misses Mattie and Eva Kyzer,
dsited Mrs. I.. A. Howard last .Sunday
Mr. D. C. Kyzer and family visted
his sister Mrs. Eula Itikard near
Summit as a Christmas treat.
Mr. TV. R. Hall of Gilbert was a recent
visitor in these parts. It looked
natural to see "'Bo'" down here.
The first quarterly conference of
the Gilbert circuit- hold its first conference
of the 1920 conference year
at Pond Branch last Saturday and
Sunday 'Rer. Staekhonse prcsidlnna.
1 >eC *ruber 29. 1919.
Tin- home of Mr. John Meetze in
the St. Andrews .settlement of t.he
Fork section was destroyed by fire
early last Friday morning with practically
a total loss of the furnishings,:
the family barely escaping with their j
lives. Among other things destroyed ^
in the fire was a tin box containing!
in the neighborhood of $200 which 1
was solved by one of the children and
handed 10 Mrs. Meetze, who shortly
ufterwards fainted and dropped the
box. The charred remnants of the
. , v >w,t Ti-l.p.i uon) trt XVo a>i i r? iO rm fnl"
redemption, and may not be a total
So far as was learned no insurance
was carried.
| j
I '!> . T ^ . . t" 4 e. \ 1 Ci VI I
Ills' OVA i lit; LUll IJVJM v>i (.us.- ?\iii ^ * * I
can Legion will hold a very import- [
ant meeting on next Friday evening;
at 7 p. m. The oluI) roomys in the j
new Corley building, with hot and i
cold water and other conveniences
.will soon be ready lor occupancy. Lc- j
giGir headquarters in other towns in j
South Carolina have become the most j
important social center of the town, j
Certainly the Lexington headquarters
will furnish new attractions for
the service men at least. Very im>ortant
matters regarding these room^
will be decided at this meeting.
Since this is the vacation season j
the s%?retary, treasurer, and histor- j
ian all will have an opportunity to j
be present and have stated their in- j
tention to be there. A number of
ex-service men who have not yet j
united with their comrades in this!
organization in which they have the
distinguished honor of membership
have statec! their intention of join-1
Preparations for the Legion minstrel
which were practically suspended
for the holidays will be taken up
again next week and interesting and
enjoyable entertainment will he in
good form by January 22. the date
set for the minstrel.
The meeting Friday evening will
! he held in the office of Efird and Carj
1 -
The following poem. "Home from
School," rearranged by Uncle Josh,
is eery appropriate at this time of
the year, when our boys and girls are
returning homo from the various
schools arid colleges, full of life and
vigor with the grand anticipations of
all the joyful and happy events of the
season. They have been spending
months away amid their books and
closed confinement, and now ^how
good it is to have them home again,
bubbling over with the pure joy of
livinngs -adding joy where ? joy
aooundsrt-making Joy where ner?#?"i.c
"All this time-their rooms lay st ill
Patient and orderly, and ehilled:
1 wiped away the unstirred dust.
' With little sighs, as mother must.
Each night beside the empty bed
A little prayer I softly said
"X/Ord keen their hearts clean and
j And bring them safely back to me!"
Windows and doors today stand wide,
And pouring in from every side.
The heath fill breezes laughing go.
Waving the curtains to and fro.
An open trunk beside the bed
Displays its contents widely spread
Crumped in curious bolls?dear, dear,
What? dreadful unpacking have we
A tie rack, with its gorgeous load.
Upon the nearest nail bestowed.
A rod. disjointed, standing near.
With fisith >oks on the chiffonier:
A camera, and snapshots gay
Ui boys and girls on holiday.
(She has a charming face, that last!
Ah me! must sons grow up so fast?)'
At bedtime, confidential chat.
About who stole the tutor's hat,
Who used?or didn't use?a "trot,"
And who "made A." and who did not;
I With growls about the frightful
. That ' washerwoman give to socks,
i And full description?Gre?k to me!?
j Of how "our team licked T*. of P."
f !
l A J- ... 1- ?*,. .4 j
i v,\ i v, vv:\; : im uiv.? .
fly! ;
And time will come to say goodbye:
A fareive'l brush to hat and coat.
A lump t<? swallow ;ri *hv throat;
Then?silence, and the empty bed. !
And thai brief prayer, so often said,
liord, keep my boy's h art clean and j
And brine: him. safely back to me! j
|--Margaret It. Seeback, in Youth's j
j Miss Emma Corley and Mr. Henry !
Carl Cooper both of Columbia were j
quietly married at the parsonage of!
St. Paul's Lutheran church, Nov. 22. ;
at o p. m., the Rov H A McCullough i
officiating. Immediately after thr'rj
return a beauTtftrt wedding supper!
was tendered them and a few invited :
guests at the home of the bride's sis- j
ter Mhs. Bernard Roof. They left :
on an early train for a short tour af- '
'er which they will be at home in {
.\Jrs. F. V*\ Shealy visited her old
homo in Allendale Christmas.
Mr. K. J. Sharpe of Gaston was a
business visitor in town Tuesday.
Homer R. Long of Saluda is visiting
his aunt, Mrs. B. J I. Bar re.
Mr. Ben J. Derrick 01* the Fork sec**
tion was a Saturday shopper in Lexington.
Mr. and Mrs. i>. 1; Melton were tiie
welcome aues;ts of Mr. and Mrs. O. M.
Harm/in Sunday. .
Mrs. Monroe Bowman of llarley|
ville is visiting her parents, Mr. and
M rs. C. *-Roof.
Joseph Thomas of urangeburg visited
the Rev. W. H. Riser and family
on Christmas day.
Mr. and Mrs. Yoder J. Swygert of
the Ilollo.w Creek section were visitors
in town Saturday.
Mr. S. Ernest Shealy or Chapin was
a visitor in town Monday, ami called
at The Dispatch-News office.
Mr. Rufus L. Oxner of the Hollow
Creek section was among the business
visitors here Saturday.
Miss [Tattie Smit.lmeal. <>t Columbia.
spout Christmas with her sister,
Mrs. R. B. Roof and family.
W. P. Roof, Jr., of Columbus, Ohio,
is spending a few days with his parents.
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Roof
Col. G. T. Graham returned Monda..
from his winter home in Florida,
where he spent some time recently.
Prof, and Mrs. gid J. Derrick of
Newberry were visitors at the home
of lion. I>. F. Rfird and family Christ,
Mr. fl. Maleom Kyzer, son Mr. J.
E. R. Kyzor, spent bis Christmas vacation
at the oid homo. He is teaching
in Cothra.n. Ga.
Mr. and Mrs. Reed Addy of Columbia
are spending the holidays at the
home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs
Q. 12. Caughman.
R. Kellers - Mitchell and family ol
Greenville are visiting at the home
of Mrs. Mitchell's parents. Mr. ant
Mrs. John J. Taylor.
Mr. and Mrs. \V. K. Black and
j daughter, Miss rfara Edna Black. ur
| visit in a* relatives in Pallida rind Pros|
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Oaughman of
Rock ITill are spending the holiday
with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. W.
Misses Thclma Riser. Virginia Riser,
and Zenith Riser are spending a
week with their aunt, Mrs. S. C.
L'.ndsledt, in Orangeburg.
Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Callison and
children and his sister. Miss Mamie
Lee Oalison. visited relatives in
Edgefield during the holidays.
Mrs. Ira M. Sligh and little sons
have returned from Lancaster, where
they spent" the holidays with Mrs.
Sligh's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. Y.
1 latch cock,
j Prof. Julius E. Sharpe, now teachj
dig at Xitehings Mill, Aiken county
i visited his mother at Edmund Christj
mas. He w^ also a glad gu4st in
I town.
Capt. Charlie B. Harman of Atlanta,
and Willie E. Harman of Augusta
! viuiiArl SI .-> t 11 r*rl te xr ?"i r> a fitm/lov tVlftir
jpcrnts, Col. and Mrs. M. D. Karraa.ii
at the old home,
i Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Dixon and child!
ren and Mr. and Mrs. J. 8. Dixon and
! children of Bishopvillc are spending
1 the Chisrtmas season with their sis;
ter. Mrs. L. I.. Parker and family.
Mr. J. Eugene Kaufman, now of
; Rishopville, visited his mother, Mrs.
Addie Kaufman, Christmas. We are
always glad to have "Duck"' with us,
lie is such a clever fellow.
Mrs. Wade Gregory with her daughter.
Annie Belle, son. Beroy, and
other smaller children of Cross Hill
is visiting her sister, Mrs. Q. E. Oaughtnan
and other relatives near here.
We were glad to shake the hand of
our big cousin, Oscar Ij. Derrick,
Christmas who was here visiting his
mother and other relatives and friends
in town. He is now at Fayetteville,
N. C.
Mr. Vastein Taylor, a substantial
citizen m> on Tfollow creek, was
here last Friday. Ho found that
tie just as well bo out of the world
as to bo without the weekly visits
of the Dispatch-News, so he renewed
for another year.
^ ^ ^
With food high in price and in
many cases difficult to get, it is of
the greatest importance to cull the
poultry* this fall.
! Further developments in the mysI
terv which surroirnded the death of
| Harold, the 12-year-old sou of Mr.
and Mrs. "VV, H. Suber of Peak, ar?
expected momentarily.
Sheriff Miller, aided Ly detectives.
| has been, actively., at w.orJ* on the
case. Last Saturday he arrested
Jack Summers, a negro, who is being
held in the_jail at Lexington as a suspect,
in addition . to John Adam.
Kirklaml. Who was arrested soon after
the death of young- Suber, As yet
there is no direct evidence to connect
i Summers with the tragedy, but he
was not able to account satisfactorily
for his whereabouts on the day &uj
bcr's lifeless body was found in the
woods, fie claimed to have gone to
Little Mountain in his father's buggy.
which the elder Summers denied.
There is also positive evidence, that
he was in the town of Peak on the
day in question, notwithstanding his
denial, and that he was seen shortly
after the fata! shot was fired.
The case is being- still further investigated.
It is expected that the
coroner's jury -will be brought togethi
! or again at an early date for further
j deliberation, no verdict having yet
j been rendered.
Suiter's lifeles body was recently
' j found in the woods not far from his
"atlier's home in Peak. A. gunshot
vound in the back of the head had
>ausod his death. The wound was
such as to practically preclude the thetpy
of accident, athough the b'oy was
, opt hunting.
1 ? o ? ? *
On last Friday the descendants df
the historic Alewiae family of the
qppt-r Dutch Fork section of De^cington
County gathered together to pay
homage to Mrs. Mahala Alewine, wife
- of Mr. Henry Alewine, one of the he
roes of the Confederacy. Mrs. Alewine
is one of the great number of
E" Lexingtonbounty's daughters of the
- 60's who suffered many hardships and
I privations because of the great struggle.
At the death of husband she
I was left with a large family and poor
means of support. But with a heart
full of determination and steeled to
sacrifice she went to her task with
f radiant hopes. Through hpr devo>
tion and never ceasing efforts she
came through the crisis victoriov. iy.
Today she is living in contentnw-nt.
enjoying the fruits of her well done
. task.
She now lives' with her. daughter,
Mrs. Mattie Eleazer of Spring Hill.
' Having reached her eighty-fifth birth
day, the family was determined to
i show devotion and appreciation for
its existence by giving honor to Mrs
> Alewine, who duly deserves it, on
last Friday.
The family, though somewhat scattered.
began to assemble at 10:30 and
contiued until 1.30. After the pre
sentation of many useful and hand'
some gifts the guests were ushered into
the dining room, where a feast indescribable
was spread. Mrs. Alewine
was given the seat of honor.
Prayer was offered by Mr. J. N. Eiei
. /* - - v_ mubi
. izer ana in? leasnng oegan. xius
' was the climak of the assemblage and
was enjoyed by all. After this was
completed the guests gathered around
the family altar and enjoyed a few
hours of lively conversation. The
different families then departed to
their respectii'e homes, carrying with
them a deep feeling of gratitude for
having been present to pay their respects
to one of the few survivors of
the dark days of the 60's.
Those present were: Mr. J. N.
Eleazer and family of Spring Hill, Mr.
Willie Koon and family of Peak, Mrs.
Perry Martin and children of Chapin,
Mr. Anderson Counts and family of
Peak, Mr. and Mrs. N". G. Summer
of Chapin, Mrs. C. P. Clark and
daughters, Misses Ollie and Esther of
Chapin, Mr. Heber Meetze and family
of Spring Hill, Mr. A. C. Summer
and family of Columbia, Mr. and
Mrs. Hugh Hook of Columbia, Mr.
O. it. and L. S. Summer of Chapin.
x'isg.th congregation, desiring to
make the hearts of their pastor and
family glad for the holidays, presented
them v.'ith a liberal purse on Friday.
The hearty thanks of the pastor
and family are hereby tendered
to ail who helped to make up this
purse to gladden our hearts and to relieve
our necessities.
0. B. SHiOAftOU&E.

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