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SAID TO NUMBER 1,000,000.
l-#ondon, Jan. 2.?The British. Wax
office, according to a London dispatch
of yesterday, estimates the present
armed forces of Qermany at approximately
one million men, as follows.
lingular army 400,000; land
torces of regular navy 12,000; armed
constabulary 40,000 to 50,000; temporary
volunteers and regular army
reserves 150,000 to 200,000; and civic
guards 300,000 to 400,000.
By tho torms of tho peace treaty
Ccrmany is rcquirod to reduce her
regular forces to 100,006 by March
.11, and it is also provided that th?
iiuuruvr 01 gonaarmes must not De in
excess of tho number of military police
in 1913.
It is sulci that the slowness of tho
tiorman Government in reducing the
regular army in compliance with the
troaty obligations has been due in
part to the delay in the ratification of
. tho peace treaty and also to unsettled
condtiions in Gormany and the desire
of tho Government to avoid action
which would increase the number of
tho unemployed.
While the present armed forces of
Germany aro, as Indicated by; the
abovo figures, no doubt much ..larger
than has generally been supposed,
unofficial information recently
brought out of Germany by British
army officers seems to indicate that
there is no immediate danger to the
Allies from thlB source. One of these
reports which is anrwirontlv cvninni
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Working to Bene!
Our Federal Reserve Bi
but throuerh its memhAr v
one, it is in constant touc
business of our Federal R
eludes South Carolina anc
It not only enables us c
credit and currency our c<
it is all the time working
ditions and better bankir
benefit our depositors.
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The Home N;
Send for Booklet, "How'
roads In part aa follows:
"There If no truth in the stories
that Germany has a secret, mobile
army. Not only are the German people
war woary and anxious for peace,
but there Is u great shortage of war
supplies, such as rubber, petrol, coal,
horses, and in addition, the rolling
stock ot the country is greatly depleted.
Manufacture of arms and munitions
is not going on in any large degree,
although it is probable that to
force the Germans to give up all the
rifles stipulated in the penco treaty
will ho imnnAnihln ixinnn fhrv nnnnnnl.
ment of arms is not difficult. There
is no danger of warlike aggression
frorru Germany in the immediate future.
However, if the Germans are
permitted to maintain volunteers and
civic guards these bodies would constitute
a potential dnnger, as they
would provide basic material for a big
new army."
Chupin. Jan. G.?Mr. and Dun Massengale
returned to their homo in Atlanta
Wednesday after spending
Xmas with Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Clark.
, Mr. Bernice Wosslnger spent a few
days in North Carolina last week, visiting
friends, or a friend.
Miss Edna Harmon of Virginia
spent Christmas with Miss Stella Wesslnger.
Rov. J. L*. Cromer spent part of last
week at Hickory. N. C.
Mr. T. O. Stoudemiro after having
left town for two years, decided there
was no place like homo, and moved
back in his old home last Wednesday.
Mr. Boroy Summer, who is with
U. S. Navy, spent Christmad with his
home folks.
Mr. L?. K. Fulmer spent the later
part of last week in Baltimore, with
his brother Asfcary who is there at
the John Hopkin's Hospital for treatment.
The town was saddened on Sunday
morning when the nows came that H.
Asbury Fulmer had died. Ho had
gono to Baltimore for treatment and
also un operation which proved fatal.
Ho has a host of friends who will be
pained to learn of his death. He has
made his home in Hickory, N. C. for
past years. He Is the son of Mr. nnd
Mrs. I1; S. Fulmer*of our" town. He
leaves a wife and one son.
Mr. and Mrs. P. 8- Fulmer with a
numbor of their children left this
morning to attend the burial of their
son "Asbury,"
Prof. J, W. Fulmer who is teaching
at Campbello, 8,-C. after spending the
'Qhristmas season with his parents Mr.
and Mrs. D. C. Fulmer returned to hits
work Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Frlck, who are
teaching near Bpartanburg, after
spending the Christmas season with
their parents returned to their work
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Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
J. I*. Jonca, a well known druggist of
Cubrun, Ky., says, "I have used Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy In my family
for the past seven years, and have
found it to bo the best cough medicine
I have ever known."
Our Depositors
ink is in Richmond, Va.,
)anks, of which we are
h with the farming and
eserve district which ini
Lexington county,
onfidently to supply the
ommunitv reauires hnt
for steadier credit conig
methods which will
i and let us discuss how
m helps us meet your
r needs. fcSSS
ational Bank
i, S. C.
Does* it Benefit Me?" |
Saturday. |,A'
Mrs. Aquilla I>?rrick on Route 1
spent several days with her brother*,
and sisters last week.
Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Bullcck of Newberry
spent New Year's day with Mb.
and Mrs. P. M. Frlck. * _
highway newb.
We are having- some very cold
weather for the past few weeks.
Mr. Lt. G. Culler and family visited
Mr. and Mrs. Elure Crlder Sunday.
Mr. Albert Jumper and Miss Ruth
Culler were happily married Christmas
day by Rev. Griffith.
Miss Sallio Carrie Culler was the
guest of Misses Bessie and Mae
Mr. and Mrs. Ix G. Cfufior visited
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Hill 'Wednesday
Mr. And Mrs. Ix G. <*uller and little
grandson were the guest of Mr. anc*
Mrs. John WannamaVor Sunday^
Miss Sallie Carrie Culler wus the
guest of Mhp Jettlo Crider and Sallie
Wannamaker, Sunday.
Mrs. Sallie Saylor spent a few days
with Mrs. E G. Culler, and Mrs. J. H.
Jumper. -l
Mrs. Emma Bates spent a few days
during the Christmas with her brothei
J. P. Hill. .
Mrs. H. M. Jumper visited Mrs. I*.
G. Culler Wednesday.
Mr. L. G. Culler and family visited
Mr. Jake Kaminer Christmas day.
Mr. Richard Rucker visited Mr. E
O. Culler Christmas.
Mr. Clarence Scnn visited Mr. and
Mrs. Li. G. Culler Christmas day.
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Cook and little
son were the guest of Mr. E G. Culler
Friday night.
Mr. W. W. Liucos and family visited
Mr. and Mrs. E G. Culler Friday,
i Mr. Bob New was the guest of Mr.
L. G. Culler during Christmas.
Mr. Clarence Stabler and Miss Allio
Wolfe were married Christmas eve at
St. Matthews parsonage by Rev.
Jack and JUL
Two marriages of widespread interfist
nPriirrA/l Of
??-. \JiUVC |l?4"
sonage recently, the contracting parties
being Mr. M. Victor Shealy and
Miss L. Mae Koon, and Mr. Claudius
R. Oswald ad
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The Gentle An of Selling
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There is hardly a 3urgical operation
on a chronic malady that
calls for more careful diagnosis
than certain forms of the eye
trouble that find relief in glasses.
In spite of this fact, many per
son9 with serious cases of this
nature, place their confidence in
the skill of the combination man.
A reason for this is hard to find,
when the service of a specialist,
whose entire practice consists of
the correction of eye troubles,
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grace the face,
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wateringford news.
Old uncle. J?enry says "gee whte how
cold. I wlah Jake would quit prOphekyla&"
Mrs. Nozzle Crout has returned!
IrosnV after spending . Christmas, with
relatives in PrtcevUle." I
Forty cents cotton caused many of |
our-farmers to go to town with the,
fleecy Staplo last week.
Mrs. Dettie Kirkland and daughters,
Misses Farirs, Carle' Lou and .Lottie
MflA hnvn J 1
t,?. w .vtuiuuu auu?, oxter an extended
visit among relative^ In
Springfield and Blackville, S. C.
Mr* John D. (not Rockefeller)'Miller*
lias moved near LteesviUe* where
' ' "r v. * '
he "Will engage In farming thla year.
a*r. A. L. Kirkland, was gci#ent-1
ally kicked by a young.mule last "fuesday,
he was resting very will when
last heard from. '
Mrs. Bertha Harmon, Is.on the sick
list, wo hopo she wil soon bfe'herself
aKalft;' *" .
> i ,
Why does C. P. wear o frown when
it ought to be a smile? There is a
little newcomer at his house. . ' .
Messrs. E. M. Taylor and P. J. Mallington
have put in a-shingle mill on
Mr. Jacob Taylor's place. Let 'er bill.
Mr. Jeff Leaphart has. moved to
wliat is known, as the "Will"' T.on?ri
old place. V
Mr. J. A. Long, of near R&rr, visited
Ijk-these parts New Years<day.
fcfr. 1L G. Kirkland and wife have
m<$ved on his father's place rear here,
wljere he will farm this year.
L. Sol Smith has moved to Woodford,
where he and Mn G. S. Crout
will run a garage an? repair shop.
Christmas has come and gone and
not even a scont of orange blossoms,
that looks like sensible young people
Jan. 5, 1920.
Holidays Over and Everybody Getting
j Down to Work?Box Party for
Benefit of Shoocl.
Special to Dispatch-News.
Gaston, Jan. 6.?The health of this
I Every new co
1:. So realizing the qi
1.. Summer will requ
^fage of this
J c
* Endii
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bers we find impo
ity of materials wi
per cent, discount.
May we sugges
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ious to serve you.
community la very good at preeeni.
The Christmas holidays have passed
quietly and the folks are taking up
their duties after a few days rest.
. Mr. Summers from Chapin and Miss
Kleckley from Lexington are back after
a two weeks vacation to take up
their touching again.
Mrs. Hughes and duughter visited
the former's sister. Mrs. C. 8. Goodwin,
during the holidays. '- >
Miss Grace Fall aw has been with
her sister, Mrs. Alice Martin, recently.
7-Qulte a large crowd was disappointed
Sunday afternoon * as Rev. Mr.
Jones did not get ort to fill his regular
apolntment at the Baptist church.
Mr. C. R. Wilkin's hew residence is
being completed which adds much to
our little town. i?
Our old friend, C. fi. Goodwin, has
had his handsome and modern new
home fitted nr. Win. *-*-?? - ----
-W j-reiw ugnu.
Mrs. Minnie Weatherford, daughter
of Mr. Frank Ooodwin, was buried in
tho cemetery bore Thursday. She
leaves a husband, three children, a
father, brothers and sisters besides
other relatives and friends.
Mr. Joe Jumper and family visited
Mrs. Jumper's mother, Mrs. Mary
Slghtlar., Sunday.
Mr. Willie Miles from Columbia
was seen on our streets during the
holidays. He visited his mother.
Mrs. Mary Miles, on Route 2.
Miss Bertha Fall aw, who teaches
at Oak I>ale, was with her mother for
the holidaya
There wil be a box party, cake walk
etc., at Sand Mountain school house
on Saturday evening, Jan. 10th, beginning
at 7:00 o'clock. The proceeds
are to go for the benefit of the
school. Everybody is invited to come j
out and enjoy the evening.
1' I) iOTlCK-JEPtX)AT.
Swansea, Jon. 6.? Miss Minnie Furtick,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 1?. C.
Furtick, and Duncan Jefcoat were.
married in Swansea on December 2S,
the Rev. Mr. Oriffith officiating. 1
- " ' - ?v ^
rset maifpg one s
he eh ange o f efi
? . * V
uite severe demands
lire you will surely w.
iction Sale
rd Corset:
ning January 5th
ig January 15th
it. to 33 1-3 Per Cen
Regular Prices
lat we will carry thro
a 10 per cent, reduc
ssible to duplicate on
ill be offered at 15 pe
t that you get your e
3w while our prices a
The French Chamixy of Deputies,
aocording to a Parts report, on Wednesday
passed a bill by which it is
provided that families having four or more
children will enjoy special privileges
as to railroad fares. Those traveling
third class will be given reductions
in rates amounting to thirty per
cent, to families having four children,
forty per cent, to those having five
children, and fifty per cent, to those
having six or more children.
I forbid anyone hiring Charlie
Dreher, son of Jim Dreher, without
my oncsent, under penalty of the law.
said boy being- a minor, 19 years of
ago, Jim Dreher,
j ' " ^ v
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Lexington, S. C.
J ^ r ! | ' - '
eera to have a |
e<5t seems so I
> the Spring and |
ughout the season i i
:tion. The num- I
. account of scare- y
:r cent, to 33 1 -3 I
ntire Spring and I
re DOWN. I
US are here anx- I
1 i
1 1409
I? Main
I Street
'K :

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