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i . Wik. R. GRAOrORD.
{Subscription prico ?1 \>o.r your.
CorM.<|n?nder?co on current subjects is
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. B i As an advertising medium for Char.jlotto,
Piiievttto, Fort Mill, ami Rook
/.Till business houses ThoTitnos is tnisnr
. (CJwed, Rules made known on applica.
,i'(l i Mi,i liiilili:;.!!' .
. Local Telephone No. 20.
AUGUST 1, 1900.
AC ihr National CupUal.
^'Regular oonvspomlouoo.
wakhingtuN, July oO, 1900.?
o airman Ilichardsou, of the Dem$
ocraiic Congressional tnnipuign
committee, returned to the Washington
headquarters this week from
flr* p. trip to New York and is nowengaged
upon tho speech he will uiake
aschiirumri of tho committee to
notify Colonel Bryan of his nomination,
r.t Indianapolis, August 8.
t Yir. Richardson reports tho Congressional
campaign in New York
1o he entirely satisfactory to tlie
Democrats, hut says he will not go
30 far at this time us to claim more
thqn a fighting chance for the
electoral votes of the Stnte. Information
sent to Democratic headquarters
from the Middle West is
decidedly cheering. Instead of
f claiming Illinois iind Indiana to
l>e doubtful States, there is now a
disposition to put them in the certain
Democratic column, and many
.believe that the desertion of the
Republican party by German voters
who can not stand imperialism
will also fiivo Wisconsin to the
Democrats: Illinois has 21 doctoral
votes, Indiana 15, and Wisconsin
12, all of which Mr. Mckinley
received in '95. Democrats
around houdqnurtors are not roally
claiming ns much as tlio news rct-y
ceived would justify them in doing,
becuse they do not wish to
create the impression that they are
chasing rainbows. Every day the
lirohflllitilitc itinvnnofl 41,r-l- 4l.r, ? ?4
I 4 ^^r,...w.vw ?UVA wuov) VUUb I'll VI IK'Al
House will be Democratic and that
Uryan and Stevenson will be
looted if the Democrats throughout
the country keep up their presonfc
aggressive attitude.
The statement previously made
ia this paper, that tho Sonato committee
ordered to investigate receipts
and expenditures of money
in Cuba would not begin work in
mt,." - time to make a report before the
election, has boon practically eonfirmed
by Senator l'latt, of Connecticut!,
chairman of tho committees.
Directly after Congress
adjourned Mr. Piatt said ho would
iKi!- ~..ll <
cuu me* uouiuiuu'0 logeuier ns soon
as n detailed statement of expenditures
and receipts which the War
fe and Post-Office departments had
been ?s!tod to prepare ns a basin
for the committee's work was
roady.* he says that, the War
and Post-Office depcrtmonts are
Conducting investigations and that
be will not call the committee together
until they have finished and
iFu rnished him copies of tho result,
This is all twaddle. Mr. Piatt
"know.5 that the party bosses have
ordered the Senatorial investigation
held np until there will be no
danger of its affecting the election
and that everybody elue knows it,
Although carefully edited by
PoMtmnfller-f I nnr vnl Sn.Jll, i...f
r . M. ?7brrvii OVTUIV
it was made public, the report of
Fourth Assistant Postmaster-General
Xlri3tow on the stealings of
Neely and liatlibone and their
pin},' and other crookedness connected
with the Cuban postal Rervioe
shows that. a disgraceful state
of a IT a Irs existed in Cuba, in which
rascally* Republican officials showed
tlio Cubans that Ihey could outdo
tlio Spanish officials in stealing
Hf and extravagant expenditure of
public (policy Still, thoro are
persona who expro..H surprise because
Cubans do not recognize
American* to be superior to them.
Representatives McCnll.of Massachusetts,
and Littlofield, (if
Maine, bothoi whom voted ngainet
their party on tho l'orto liicin
tmiif bill, are to be sent into the
Middle West to stamp, their respective
districts being ovorwholm\
'ngly Republicnu, in order to try
to.keep the large number of He
ynblifc.'ins it1 tnut aiK.tiop who
t' I
:fil uSBv^
v i lHn>ii*ii ni?
?r% |4' 1
aa they did about the j
Porto llicun tariff in line for MoKin
Senator Jones, Chairman of tho
Democratic national committee. I
stopped in Washington on Lis way
to New York, to hold a conference l
with a number of prcmiuent Dcm- !
ocrats on the conduct of the cam- j
paign, which is to bo at once started
anil pushed aggressively until i
election day. lit* is fall of onthu- j
Biusm over the outlook, which he!
says i6 far brighter thun it was at!
this time four years ago.
A message from Minister Conger,
dated July i, has been received
at the State Department.
I saying that Pekin was in a shite of
! a unroll y and that tho foreigners
who were all cooped lip in the
British legatiou and under constant
tire were bound to be killed
j if help was not at oneo had. This
message seems to corroborate the
opinion of those who think that
the administration lias allowed itself
to be completely hoodwinked
by tho Chinese minister in Washington.
Mr. McKinley has been
negotiating with tho government
of China and promising to act as
a mediator in its behalf, when according
to Mr. Conger's dispatches
there is no government of China,
tho capital being in a state of anarchy.
Souio go as far as to ex
[ lt'tib uie opinion inai uio imineso
minister at Washington, who btil!
insists thnt the foreign ministers
fit Pekin are safe, hns never received
n line from Pekin since tho
trouble begun.
Polltfctil Pofpimrri.
Tho Newberry Hernld's editor
keeps up with tho cnini>aign perhaps
better than nny other editor
in tho State, because he has better
opportunities. He says that the
report is being systematically circulated
that Mr. Gary is gaining
great strongth and a strong fol
lowing nnd Unit McSweeuoy is
losing. This in done by the friends
of Mr. Gary for the purpose or discounting
Governor MeSweeney.
There is no real foundation for it.
The situation has not changed materially
since the campaign opened.
The claims of the friends of Mr.
Gary brings to the memory of the
Newberry editor that in his county
some years ago in tho contest between
Tillman and Sheppurd the
Shoppnrd supporters hud a comnlete
roster of tho vritorH nml <rnvo
Tillman ail t ho doubtful voters ami
then had him heat by about 100
II is a remarkable campaign that
is drawing to a close in North Carolina.
To-morrow the people of
that State will vote upon a constitutional
amendment embodying
tho Louisiana method of restricting
the suffrage, the practical effect
of which is expected to be the
elimination of a major part of tho
j negro vote. At tho same time State
! officers and members of tho General
Assembly will be elected; the
i General Assembly to choose the
I successor to Hon. Marion Butler
1 in tho United States Sonnto. The
Republicans and Populists have
i euectcu a fusion of the two parties
and are united in opposition to the
proposed amendment, which the
! Democrats support.
Such, in general, is the situation
and the issue. As to the
merits of the suffrage amendment,
; it is merely the old question of getting
rid of the negro vote and of
i safeguarding the unlettered whiio
vote. It is a familiar proposition
; iu every Southern State. In North
Carolina, however, it is coinplii
catod and accentuated by elements
; which make the contest one involv!
: ai f?21? -_ ? i * ?
; mg mecivur/.a ion, oru m\siaomty,
progress,and fair name of tho State.
It is not nn ordinary political content
nt all. It is n struggle in
which there is arrayed on 0110 side
j the intelligence, decency, and responsibility
of the State, largely
regard 1 of a of party, and on the
other the negro and the ignorant
j and vicious malcontents of the
whites, led and inspired by poli'
ticinns who are the legatees of the
j enrpot-bagger and the scalawag of
other days.
If the people of North Carolina
iljaift not lost tin* sterling good
' nf-nsc (rum ,vh*ch $hey have sel
? TT* %> sr?'M> syrt - r ?<** -*
dooi lu^ed in the past, a landslide
may be predicted with confidence
for the Democratic ticket and what
I ^ i
it Btands for. We should regard j
any supposition to the contrary as J
au insult to tlie intelligence, pa-j
liioti&ra and probity of a noigh-1
boriuy commonwealth.
Here is Chinese Gordon'sopin- j
ion of the Chinese, delivered many !
years uj;o to an Duglish friend and I
now put in print because of the ;
tM*trvr>lmi? n?*r?nmntr af ift? nemK-i* !
i/" V41V-tions:
"They do not fear death,;
; and I havo soon Chinamen stand
: up bravely sometimes and t'y like j
sheep afterwords. But what Euro-1
I pcauB have to consider is tho aw-!
ful consequences of a general
movement, when we least expect,
it, in tho vast inert mass of hun-!
| ;
dreds of million men to overwhelm j
i '
the 'foreign devils' whom they hate
like poison; and tho danger of,
such an outburst becomes greater
every year, for the Chinese are continually
harassed by the European
states with demands for compensations,
in some ens"S very just, in
others quite frivolous; and, as they
1 ( liiii tlioii1 r,nl\7 lvnnt.u ..P
j ing tho aggressions i3 to organize
; an army with improved weupons*
, you may depend upon it that they
will buy guns and rrJes and ships,
and with the aid of Europeans,
who will always bo found ready to
drill and organize them, some lino*
day you will luivo to face a formi- I
dablo army. Of one thing be quite j
sure. Tho days when you could j
march up to Chinese troops in po
sition, or in defense of a position, j
and sweep them away like Hies,!
will soon be over. No more military
promenades by a few hundred
lhitish and French troops
through the country driving t housands
of Chinesebforo them. Never
trust a mandarin, great or small. ;
I was only to glad when 1 left their
j service. With all their hideous
; superstitions, their vices, and their |
iffuorance. the CI 1 inpho nre f.?r tnn
good for their nobles?or whatever
you like to cull the rulers of the
people. The govern merit of France,
Russia, and England have treated
them most scundously for the last
' 10 years."
Tho State ticket contains the
names of candidates for just 10
j offices, for which thero are just 20
1 candidates. Separate tickets are !
to ho provided for congressmen, J
solicitors, and county officers. The
voter 13 required simply to run a
i line through the names of the can- 1
.1 r-_ ?I ? ' *
i mumes lor wuom ue noes noi wish
' to vote.
Efforts will be made by the Slate
I committee to bavo the results at
every precinct in the State reported
by wiie to the State chairman on j
; the night of the election, so that
by the following morning the result
of the first primary will be
known as far as possible. Every
i county in the State will do well in
this matter to follow the lead rof;
liichlaud. This county has made
provision for messengers from eac h
I county precinct, who will start for
the county sent with the returns |
as soon us the count has been completed.
By 11 o'clock tho result
in the entire county will therefore
i bo known. It is very essential i
that these returns bo sent in, for ;
... . .
Me public interest in tlie result is j
always great, and a little manage- j
meat in each county can easily :
avoid the delays that, have hereto-,
10ro been experienced in getting j
tno returns to Columbia, where I
they can be tabulated.?The State, j
A great deal of undno pronii- J
nence has been given the Charlotte !
Observer's action in bolting the
National Democratic platform and '
its nominee. From the trend of,
events for the past live years it will
be seen that the Observer has
hiiowu a decided partiality for Re- i
publicanium, growing stronger and j
moro bold ae the tiino foritscnpitlation
d?w nigh. It will bo remembered
that Mr. D. A. Tompkins, j
controlling owner of the Observer,
has through bis high-sounding
Southern Spinners'Association left
no stono unturned to put n solid
gold rim around the policy of imperialism
and pngnr coat it for the
1 Southern cotton mill men to swallow,
!Tom Charlotte, ho has busied
)<;.-elf advert '?ug bis noo.enity,
the Spinners' Association, by frequent
press dispatches giving out
long-wincied resolutions against
Democratic policies. Having fought
Democracy before the platform v. as
fornix!, we can not attach any importance
to his action now in fighting
the party, and can not eeo that
his influence against the ticket
dow will accomplish more than it
has ^ ia influencing imperialistic
sentiment by the subterfuge of n
broad pretence based upon a pitifully
narrow actuality. The fuel
that he himself declares that he
does not represent the people of
hia State, county, and city ought
to pet at ropt the nervous alarm and
solicitude felt by our Republican
contemporaries for the faithful few
when tho panicky rush sots in
from the hades of Democracy for
tho peaceful bosom of Mnrkuf
Ilanna, wh< re benevolent assiinila
tion ami protection await nil wlic
trupt in liim and tho Republican
party and God/'?Anderson Intelligencer.
From a betting standpoint, sas)
n New York press dispatch, tin
campaign can bo said to be fairlj
under way here, so far as tho Pros
ideniial contest it? concerned. Already
n considerable number <?i
wagers have been tnndo nn?l man}
i f them above the thousand dollaj
mark. The odds are with fev
exceptions in favor of McKinlej
end Roosevelt to a alight degree
but Bryan and Stevenson aduiiren
ore taking nearly all beta that an
offered where the odds are 100 tc
SO. The betting on New Yorl
state in particular ia quite brisk
with the odds slightly in favor o;
the Republicans.
Of Interest to Local Militiamen.
Tbo following item, taken frou
The S'nte of yesterday, will b<
read with interest by the memberi
of the local military company
"Yesterday most of the qunrter
master's ordnance and other sup
plies furnished the State by tin
| United Slates government in ac
I cord an co with the notitioabons re
cently received arrived in the city
The supplies arc now being hauler
to the Stale armory. As soon r.i
all of it can 1)0 resorted nr.d nr
ranged the adjutant general vil
begin the issue of supplies to tlx
several companies in the State
He promises to send a sullied >n
amount of the uniforms, etc.. tc
exist ing unnniformed companies t:
uniform and fully equipeach com
pauy to the full strength of 6(
men. All recently admitted com
panics thus far given no supplies
will bo equipped for fiO men each.'
The Times is requested to stat<
that a meeting of the Fort AIi 1
camp of Confederate veterans wil
be held in the park Saturday after
noon at 1 o'clock for the purpo (
of electing a delegate to represent
the interests of the camp in tlx
selection of the county board ol
pension CotiltnisgionecR.
Ton Varieties,
Good and Fresh
! HA Nil RttfW
HOOK HILL, 8, 0.
fill OLD 811
. o?
Ono hundred and fifty pairs of ]
Low-out Shoos
These Shoos are worth from ?1 tc
i to you at 50 cents, 75 cents, and ?1, o
about HALF the WHOLESALE <
choice, aa they will not last long.
i Everybody can afford to buy a ]
. ; your heavy shoes and buy a pair of S
. | ing this hot weather.
; ,, Miscellaneous
> We have just received another lc
, 10, and 12 1-2 cents. Also a lot of L
Boy's and Childrens1 OVEEALI
? i
: T. B. BELR.
3 Wo arc headquarters for FUR^
% J
> ! n
I1AT5, StIOES, h
' ' u
^ ! f
i AND THE i i
I a a a a ax W ' ?a * ' 1 I
We look especially after the shlp
ping tradi aod below quote very close j
figuics. \s 111 bj glad to have your
orders. Turin; cat h with order. (
Corn, per j<al<o??, t>? jug (boxed), ^
Si.50, $1 75 and $3. j
All ~ > ? *
.... *k-VIM9B pXUU.I Ul 4>]>75 flllli '
Ryes from $1.60 to $3, $3 50 arftl A
$3 50 P^t" Rft'lon.
Gins frotn $1 60 to $2, and $3 50.
Genuine Imported ,.cIaIi Gin" at $3
pet gallon*
Apple lirar.dy, 5.2.35 per gallon.
Recch Drsndy $2 50 per gillon.
No ctiorge for jug and b >x oj? above,
and no churyent these p.-lce* for k;g
when WHntrd us ??ch quantities. f
Let us I ave your odor* and ob'ige,
. ?
- 1
All STOP."
' ??
li'idii's", Misses', and Childrens*
Mast bs Sold.
i ?2 a pair, bat wo now offer tliom
r rather we are Belling them at
COST. Como at once nnil got
L^air at these pricfee, bo lay asii.o
Uppers and be comfortable clur
> Bargains.
>t of WHITE LAWNS, at 7 1-2,
iodioa' Nice UNDERVESTS.
jS at 25 cents per pair.
from 31.50 to $2. n
?resh Meat
Fresh Ice.
Yes; Ira O. Sniytke & Son will keep
anstautly on hand a supply of Meat*
ud lea. Comparatively speaking, wo
avo been unavoidably oat of the busiest
for two months, but wo hope to bo
bio in the future, by closeattoution to J
ashless and fair dealing with our pa- M
rAiti! fA r.I. : 1 1 ^ ?r M
iv? wiin doc 11 mear. m~
nil Ice in season, and merit a liberal ^
hare of the public patronage.
Orders for Sunday Ice received Satnrlay,
and Ice delivered from 7 to 9 a. in.
inudays. Call up No. '27 any time you g
loed Beef or Ice.
lRil (i. S51YTBE & SON.
Spratt Machine Oo.
Brick, Lumber, Lethe, Lime, Shinties,
Building Supplies, and House
-ittin&a of all kinds.
Contractors and bulldei s. E?tlnntes
on all work furnished promptly*
- ? ?
Cwpv K O J ^
The Center of Attraction j
'or tho.ie who am especially particular
ibout the laundering of their Summer
rarmeats is the lanndry. Kveryono
nows oxcept those who haven't tried
>ur \voik, how clean; properly starched
aid iroued every article proves itself to
?e after it has been through our hands,
t' yon don't know us, let's get acpiainted.
j .?! i-tiKMu mma ana corn Tort of body,
>o Hnro that your laundry goes t?> tho J9
.lolul .Slciun latnudry. Charlotte. N. C.
fcd. L. flcLLIiANAY, Agent,
Fort Mil, S. C.
The Arlington Hotel. J
icjt Lighted nod Ventilated Mote 1
In the Cit>.
A A Ct wtd * '
r?. r?. UWJ3,

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