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/Pungent Paragraphs.
When a man tells you that honesty
Is the best policy you may take It for
granted that he has tried both.
Some men are so perverse as tc d!?
ju*t the day after a bargain Bale In
mourning goods.
Wigg?"You used to detest that girl,
and now you are in love with her. I
remember you once said thai she didn't
know enou?h to come in out of th?
rain. wagg?"And I still insist that
she is a little duck."
Cancers, ulcers. old sores, scrofula,
bumps and risings on the skin, pimples,
boils, catarrh, offensive eruptions,
aches and pains, eating sores, blood
poison, eczema, scabs or scales, and all
blood troubles cured forever by taking
'l to 8 bottles of the famous It. It. It.
thoroughly tested for 30 years. It. Lt. B.
beats every sore, stops every ache and
imakes the blood pure and rich. B. B. B.
'cures obstinate cases after all else falls.
Cures guaranteed. Druggists, $1. Trial
treatment sent free by writing Blood
Ttnlin Co.. it Mitchell street, Atlanta, Ga.
'Describe trouble, and medical advice free.
We never get anything tor nothing in
this world. So. 37.
u "Well, 1 say that the very
1 . r 'i * i t
nest 01 men don t know the
difference between their souls
and their stomachs, and they
fancy that they are a-wrestling
with their doubts when really
it i? dinners they're a\vt<**ning
"Take my old man. A kinder
husband never drew breath;
yet so sure as he touches a bit
of pork he begins to worry
hisself about the doctrine of
Election, till I say, "I'd be
ashamed to go troubling the
minister with my doubts when
an Ayer's Pill would set things
straight again."
J. C. Aver Company,
Practical Chmmti, Lowell, Man.
Aycr*? Sarsaparilla Ayer't Hair Viger
Ayer'a PilU Avcr'i Cherry Pectoral
Ayer'a Ague Cure Ayer'a Comatone
To Produce Raw Silk.
The Chamber of Commerce of San
T>lego, California, is making an effort
to establish the production of raw sill;
In the agrieulturnl dlstriets about that
city. Steps have been taken to secure
a large number of silk worms, and
D000 mulberry trees will shortly be
planted. The elimate of Southern
California is deemed even preferable
.Tor this industry to that of Prance,
the home of silk eultnre. The ronton
option of raw silk in this country
is enormous, and the entire supply
comes from foreign eountrles. prinelpally
from Japan. China and Italy. In
ISb'.t the total Imports of this raw ma
terial wort' valued at $43,r?40.S7'J.
lie Tanque?"Guzzler is a pretty
etrong drinker, isn't he?" O'Soeque
"Strong? Pooh! Why. sometimes he
can't eve* raise the priee of a drink."
That ordinary treatment
fa Us to roiiove paiafui ,
periods m
They know Lyeffa E. PSnkham's
Vegetable Compound
will and does and
has? more than any other
Every woman knows
about Mrs. Plnkham's
Every woman knows
some woman Mrs. Pinkham
has cured.
But nine women out ot
ten put of f getting this reliable
remedy until their
health Is nearly wrecked
by experiments or neglootl
man i noy writ a to Mrs.
Pinkham and sho cures
themf but of course it
taxes longor to do so.
Don't delay getting help if
you are sick.
She has helped a million
WOrffCx" nrst VftU ?
! Thompson's Eye WaUr
An Old Crime Unearthed With the
^ Bones of Its Victim.
r?omrn ru>Dncr\ iiiitu iinnncn
r?niTic.n onrtnutu nun itiunut-n
A Start line Discovery I.ends to 11? ? Ar
rent of Peter Austin, a UVII-Kunwi
Farmer In Dutchess County. N. Y.?
Charles Krower, With Whom lie 11 in I
Quarrelled, Vanlslieit Many Years Agi I
PoUKlikcepsio. N. Y. (Special!.? Petei
'Austin, n pros|H?rous farmer. living
near Storm villc, Dutchess County,married
nuil the father of several children,
was arrested. charged with inurUcr in
the tlrst degree. lie was taken into
custody, mul after Coroner Bevier had
held au inquest in the case of Onirics
Brotver.whose skeleton was found twr
weeks ago in an old well on a farm on
which Austin formerly lived. 1 trowel
worked for Austin and disappeared
fniirlooti vmivu ntni un<1 1 l?? <
decided tluit the evidence was sullident
to warrant liis arrest.
When the skeleton was found it was
roealled that one night fourteen years
ago Austin and llrower left Austin's
house together and started aeross the
farm. The men liail quarrelled ami
bad liu< 1 a personal aberration two
mouths before in whieli Brower's leg
was fractured. An examination of the
bones found in the well revealed a
fracture, and Coroner Bevier accepted
this as conclusive evidence that the
skeleton was that of ltrower.
The body had been wrapped in ti
cloth. In the skull was fopvd a frae
tare, evidently from a blow. Austin,
before Blower's disappearance, hail
rented front ltrower, it is said, the
Implements with which he worked his
farm, lie failed to pay for their use
and ltrower threatened to |Atjce a lien
upon the farm. When they left the
house 011 the night in question they
were disputing about the matter,
ltrower never returned and Austin said
that lie could not tell where lie was.
For twelve years afterward Austin
passed the old well every day. From
time to time logs and other debris
were thrown into the well, until it was
completely tilled. Austin sold tint
farm two years ago. and (lie lack of
water this summer led to the reopenJ
lug of the well and the discovery o'
the skeleton.
Austin refused to talk when lie was
arrested. He is one of the best known
itu mi i ^ 111 ill** i nning ?iiiii IN i-oiisiuert'd
well olT.
A In tin I ii Inert* him* <if Crlnm in ('olur.iiln
Mit.v OliHiign llin l.utr*.
Denver. Col. (Spcciall. ;TI?' t li of
Lif.iau 1(1*11. prominent in Denver musical
circles. *vl o was sandbagged by
a highwayman two works hro. has
aroused tho adv? nates ol* capital punIshtiiont
and there !<* a wave of sen
I intent that will probably result in the
reinstatement, of the hanging law by
the next Legislature.
Three murders, four attempted murders.
ami a snore of brutal assaults on
women by robbers in Colorado within
the past month is the record. Veteran
detent Ives and police officials all declare
that crime has rapidly increased
since the abolishment of capital punishment
two years ago. A table recently
compiled shows that there were
130 homicides since 1S08.
IVIfe I'iikI* n II nullum! Who Sim Thought
Wan Uriel.
Norwalk, Conn. (Speciali. Mrs. Sarah
IC. Lynns, of this city, will shortly
<tart for Indiana to ioiu her IhkIvhi.i
who is nn ollicial in :i soldiers' home
in that St a to.
Mrs. I.ynes separated from her litis
hand several years ago. and eaeli apparently
iost iraee of the other, and
for a long time Mrs. i.ynes thought
she was a widow. Heeently she applied
to the I'nited States Pension Btiretin
for a pension on aeeouut of her
husband's services in the civil war.
To her astonishment she learned that
her hnsbnnd was himself drawing a
pension, and ;i tetter soon proved his
\\ liatever separated tlietn long ago
has now hoen forgotten and husband
mid wife will soon he reunited.
Ttir Crnmiii Shiiw* It telle nenv Indium
ii|toll*, I int.
Washington. 1>. <\ (Special!.?The
1 pi mi census shows nppoxiniately that
the I'nited States has ii population of
fiiiiui (.?,.?(in r.nm. :is ayainsi i>-.i>??.?*>(i
iii lspo. mi itn-rcnsc ?>l' 12."."ill,
or more tlimi twenty per ivnt..
mill iInn tlic oeniiv ol' population will
In* near Indianapolis. lnd.
In cities so far counted Illinois lends
In increase. two of its cities having
Rl.tHi per rout. Two in liuliaiia show
Itl.lis pi?r cent., fiv?* in Now York !tT?.1."
per cent.. live in Ohio .T2..V.I per cent.,
four in Now Jersey. .'tu.77 per cent.,
four in Now Kualainl 27.il."? por oont..
ntul four in Pennsylvania "21.G7 jmm
I'lot Aquino! tlit* Sultan's I.He.
.\ I ill it I 11 :i iii iil'x onjoyiuoni of tlio ju
Idleo festivities which began on tin
completion of Ids twenty tlftli year as
hoaii of tlio Ottoman Km pin- lias hi-cii
s|lolled by the discovery of a plot
tigamsi ms me. nni> imndrcU ;iikI
f?Mi arrests. including several
high otlieinls, have already been made
and a secret Inquiry is proceeding.
Trust Will Wash Clothe*.
Twouty-two of the largest laundries
In ('Ideago have combined, and prices
have been raised all along the line.
The capitalization of the combine is
Thirteen In nn I'xploolnn.
The boiler of the Ihiuublnn steamei
Negotin exploded near Klndovo, Austria.
aud the captain and twelve of tLie
crow perished.
OT When You Take
1 T astele
1 Chill
H booauso tho formula la
fl showing what It oontai
their formula, knowing th
ESS cine if you knew its ingr
||$ and Quinine put up in cor
R? less form. Grove's is tl
?Kw and any druggist who is nc
rj3 that all other so-called " ta
{ t Grove's is the only C
lis the malarial sections of th<
case of malaria, chills and
A New (iospel Ship.
"A now gospel ship has recently been
put into commission for service in the
Japan Inland Sea," says the Congrogutionalist.
"Mrs. Allan, a Presbyterian
of tho family which maintains tne Allan
Line of steamers, on a visit iO Kobe !
became interested in the work of the
Rev. K. A. Thompson, representing the
American Baptist Missionary Union at
that im portant commercial centre. Mr.
Thompson's sympathies had been
tlrnnil ?... tin, > . ??-- ? ??
uv.. IVU Hit- m i ll.-. UL lllf I <111 t.Illll
Islands and of the sailors in the Inland
Sea. Mrs. Allan, moved by his appealing
story and contagious zeal, proposed
to the Missionary I'uion to equip a ship
to cnrry out his plans. lTpon the death
of Mrs. Allan. Robert S. Allan took up
his mother's project and has brought
it t~> a promising beginning in the i
equipping of the Fukniu Maru, or Ship
of flood News." j
Chief of Detectives?"Have you
found that missing 12-year-old girl?"
Detective Sleuthpup "No, I'm completely
haflied. I've been to every ir j
cream saloon and and soda fountain in I
the city."
An ICxtcnnlve Alllcagc (took Service.
Arrangements have been effected by
which 1,000 mile book", the price of
which Is ?25 00 each, issued hy the
Hkaiioahu Air Lisr. Raii.way, arc lion
orcd through to Washington over the
Pennsylvania Hailrond; from Portsmouth to
liidtlmoro over the ltallimore Steam Packet
Company, and between Clinton and Columbia
over the Columbia. Newberry A I.aureus
Uallroud. This arrangement includes the
books issued by the Florida Central A Peninsular
and Qeorgln A Alabama Hallroad.
seeing is iwiinvlng until you look into one
of those convex mirrors.
Have you ever experienced the joyful
sensation of it good appetite? You will if
you chew Adams* Pepsin Tutti Fruttl.
It Is not until they into n tight squeeze
that sonic men become sponges.
Dyeing Is as simple as washiug when yirn
use I'cTNtM r.tni:i.i.ss Dyk-. Sold by all
The only difference between a physician
and a doctor is in the hill.
in Curs it Cold in Our liny.
Take I.axativk HkoMo Qcinisk TAni.vs.
All druggists rotund theinouey if it failsto
cure, E. \Y. IIrovb's signature on each box.
Straws: show which way the wind
blows. So docs hay fever.
I'im's Cure for Consumption Is an fnfal'iblc
niedicine tor cnuglis itml colds. N \Y.
Samcku Ocean (trove. N. Feb. 17. 100O.
ready for the summer's tria
is dangerous and destructive
is to give new strength to tl
life and work with CASCA.
Get a box to-day and see he
1 o any needy mortal suffering from bo
Sterling Remedy Compa
HJ1 '
plainly priniod on aaoh bottk
'ns* Imitators clo not advcrti
at you would not buy their me
edientr. Grove's contains Ir
rect proportions, and is in a tas
be original Tasteless Chill Toi
">t pushing an imitation will tell y
tsteless " Tonics arc imitations,
hill cure sold by every druggist
e United States and Cuba that
fever, or money refunded. F
: 2,000 Volunteer Firemen in Parades, i
Rarpc anH Tfirillinir rnnlrtclc
tuvvui ua*u I III ailing %'UIIIVOIJi
Virginia Slate Firemen's Association, >
Richmond, \'a., September 26th, j
27th and 28th--Reduced Railroad
I "ares For the Event.
The Virginia State Firemen's Asso- '
ciation is hooked to inert in Richmond, j
Vu.. and the citizens of Richmond have
raised a big fund with which to entertain
the visitor-, and so anxious ai
j the Bremen to lake part in 11t is years ;
1 convention, it is b dieved almost every
( volunteer tire company, with very few
I exceptions, in the State of Virginia, together
with great numhfrs from North
Carolina, South Carolina, some from
West Virginia. Maryland and Pennsylvania,
will attend, judging from the invitations
that have hern accepted up to
August 1st.
The programme of entertainment has
lifin ntiifU ;??t : 1....... 1
....... v, ..w ? .?%!??' I n r, i Ml ? I <T IMIiUI
entering into Richmond will Rive reduced
rates to all visitors for those
dates, and some few days before and
after. Prizes amounting to over a
thousand dollars have been offered for
competition among the lire companies.
and those contests of hose car- j
riages. hook and ladder trucks, tire
engines, races and drills will attract
thousands of visitors to Richmond.
There is nothing so thrilling as the-e
firemen's displays, and as cash prizes
are offered to the be.-t uniformed companies.
many of the visiting eompan- j
ies have bought new uniforms for the j
On Thursday. September 27th. a parade
of all the visiting tire companies j
from the siv will I'.l- ...
eompanicd by 1 r? bands or more. Some |
of these companies will parade with '
pic? i s of five apparatus of both antique j
and modern make, and is this is the
largest show of its kind ever held in
the South, it will be a sight never hefore
seen by a great many Southern
Richmond is famous for its own paid
I lire department, which is undoubtedly
He thinks he
one. No pcrsor
^ ^ver *s dead.
most people spei
in warm, stuffy
8,^ workshops. M.
ij\ exercise as they
xviiuws max pe
weight, but mea
,m and useless, rott
the body when i
burdened, deadened
y?u are, with a de
time for resurrectic
Get all the filth ou
ils with clean, clear blood, body, fc
: unless used, in a gentle persuasi
le muscular walls of the bowels, ?
RETS, the great spring cleaner, d
>w quickly you will be
wel troubles 2nd too poor to buy CASCARETl
iny, Chicago or New York, mentioning advertu
4 ||ll??sS 1
It jiff" S
oull!!| p?^l I
is guaranteed to cure any g
rice 50 cents.
the finest in any city of its size in tlie
world, and as an attraction the annual
inspection of its lire department will
lake place during the convention time
With the view of bringing as man* ,
bands as possible to Richmond during 1
ibis time, prizes have been nut iid. and 1
(here will be a band contest to which j
all visiting hands are entitled to enter !
and play their best. This will occur in
one of its city parks, for which Richmond
is so famous. Ojtuins at the
time when it is so easy to leave home,
and being held in a city so full of his- |
toric interest, to say nothing of the j
fact of the programme of entertainments
provided by the citizens of j
Richmond, thia year's Firemen's con- j
vention will be as attractive to out- I
siders as to firemen, and around, Septeml>er
2?it.h. 27th and 2Sth. one must
expect to hear the old cry reuewed,
"On to Richmond."
FITS permanently cured. Noflttmr norrnuv
DOsafter tirstday's iih of Dr. Klins'i Grat t
Nerve Restorer.s~ trial buttle and t reatisef ree
l)r. K. H. Ki ISl. Ltd.. Til Arch St. I'hila. I*a.
The successful borrower always I
keeps in touch with the public.
Tlie Ileal I'reaerlplloii Kor t lull*
ntnl Fever i? a bottle of (litovt'H Tastej.rhh
Chii Tonic. It is simple iron and i|uibiuo
in a tasteless form. Nocure.no pay. l'rioeUac.
Looking :?t other people work makes
some people tired.
Mm. Whulow'o Soothing syrnp for children
teething, softeiiB the gums, rednooslnflammalion,
allujrs pain, rurn* wind colic.-uc.abottle.
Ilcnfiirk* I nnnni lie Currd
l?v lnrnl applications, ast.be>* canunt reach the
diseased isirtion of th< nr. There is only nnu
way to cure deafness, and that is by constitutional
remedies. t>. aTnens is caused by an nttaiued
condition of tlie nuict ua liningof the
Kustaclilan Tube. Wben t.liis ttibe is intt
m.ed you have a rumbling sound or iin|>erfect
hearing, and when it is entirely closed
1 Wmfnoca * -? I* -- - 1 * ** " "
u?< iiniii^iiuu unit-**- tot* ttiHiim
mat.ion ran he taken out ami this tube restored
to it* normal condition, hearing will be
destroy# d fori ver. Nine eases out of ten are
caused by catarrh, which is nothing but an inflamed
ondition of tlie mucous surfacer.
We will give One 1 Intuited llollurs for any
ease of Deafnt's- (caused by catarrh i that rauuot
bo cured 1 y Hall's t utarrh t tire. Send
tor eirsular*. free.
K. J. OnrsKV Co., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Hall's V'aimli I'llla uro the best.
That Little Beck Fer Ladies, ft."'.".!:
AI.1C1' MASON, lioi'iiiotn N.Y.
ATTK!*TION is facilitated if you mention
this paper when writing advertisers. No.37
Tolumbia Business College, C0,8.uc.BIA'
B?**t Unnin?** and Sh??rtha'??l Couriw^
bt-itcr In?lu?f mentH. ami moro t*riulutit**h
in i?OKtft<iiiH thniinll other ItUflnf.^ ('alleges
In s. t\ ? mhliicil. T-ruin low. ('uul(?K FHKK.
lives, but he's a dead
1 is really alive whose
During the winter
id nearly all their time
houses or offices or
my don't get as much
ought, and everybody
ople gain weight in
rule it is not sound
ns a lot of flabby fat
ing matter staying in
t ought to have been
it the liver was over?stopped
work. There
ad liver, and spring is the
>n. Wake up the dead!
t of your system, and get
>rain free from bile. Force
ive way, and the right plan
ind stir up the liver to new
isinfectant and bowel tonic.
> wt wilt send a box free. Address
icmtnl and paper. 4-*
V r>W' '-';j
Machinery and
Olnuing Systems equipped with the
Murray Cleaning an?l Distributing
| System.
i Power Equipments,
' Saw Mill Maohluery.
Farm and Mill Machinery In Uenerul.
8. C. Altonts for Steele's New South
Krlrk Machinery.
W rite us for prices on anything in onr liu?\
w. h. gibbes & co.,
without MUSIC
ORGANS $35.00 UP.
PIANOS $175 00 UP.
t f~ W rllr for CaUloeue mul Tcrnu,
Columbia, S. C.
o: :o:: with : :o: :o
I titi nnw prepared to repair and rebuild < oltoa
lilna as tjinroughly as the msauTsclurrm. This
br_dchof the business be uuder tha personal supereltlou
Ulr. W. j. KLMOTT,
who has had fourteen rears of practical experience
to building ttia P.l.l.IOTT olN. and who la well
known tw most |1n users In tuts State
MT Now is the Time I ftrinf Your (iins.
Before You Need Them I
| Complete Ultinlu* Systems. cqulppe I with the
most perfect Pneumatic Klevmlng and Distributive
kr stems on the market Sixty eight complete outBls
Inuao la this Htato, and every ono of them giving
absolute satista tlon
Highest tirade Engines, Hollers. Maw Mill*. Cora
Mills, flvtek Machines. Wood Working Machinery,
haws. rulleVa. eto.
WE OKKkK: Qui ok Delivery. U>w Trloes and
Kras^nable terms.
U26 Main St. COLUMBIA. S. C.
\ ll i|
|fj^ss3-^jjr txr" ?*>**
$ 9k\ I.nrgnt Xl*krr? ? 1
? HeVof Men* $3 and $3 60; B J
,, Br mt lie i*>>rl<1. Wn <B <
. a Blv k .i more S3 and 93 w; B R
s ^^BKalioe* than any <>thn< K 3
I-'m g nvomanuraiturrtslc! W _.
Or 1 nited Stat**. (
fT* I^Bt Tlir UrnauiimnrrjBE
Ku BMBtI ?h.x-?are?onUliananyfB
?r- niuilu'r nuikc It ln'tunsi-IB?
ii fl'lir? urrlhrHnl.Wi
* K BEST. BE9t\?%
V of llie t*at Tin \M ?
? BMtT > ported and Anr(lcan?| a
fEIraUi.T*. Tin lwrkioiuiA1 >
mBtuAatilplsiinexecllgd, Tlieeiyie^A'
^ rgMmf\n equal to St anil Si alio?* of TV
D ?Hjri*ot!icr make*. They fit Ilk* rut Tgx
/Mfrftoininadealmea. Tlu-TwlHontwearlSk
W/itn painof other raukrs at the saint-*t\
BWirur that hare no reputation. You aA
^^(^nn safely re- -uiinirnfl llicni to your.,. T?
??c.jnuUT ^3;5^TI
thiMi. -3,50^2 |jp|f W
[I Ths Real Worth of Our $3 and $3.50 Shoes tf
> j compared with other makes Ij $4 to $5. a
11 ll*Tln? Ihi* I ir~est $3 and Si.fO shoe bu?t- a
Mnraa in the world, anrtapcrfoct ayatetn ol B
E-l inantifao * Inir. enable* u? to i>ro<lut-r B
1 11 hlRlier trr-vde $1.01 n 1 ?j.& 1 shoe* tl.nn B
I |4''an be hail el now he re. Your dealer H
1 llthonld keep t Ik-im ; we Rive one dealer pJ
13 exclusive sale In each tow n. tf
U Take no aiihat tt nt ? J Ilisistigr
HonhavlnirW. (..Douglas shoes with B
n nninrand prior stamped on liottom ff
W If your denier will not Ret lliem fortjf
\ uyon, send direct to factor*, en M
] 13 closing price itnil '&< entra B
| B for carriage State kind of ?w
wk Iratlicr, aire, and wultli, flf
tn. plain or cap toe. thir Aj
3R shoes will it ach jrou Apr
r> yfir
Send for Catalogue
Enter Sept. 4..
( IIAS. K. KCKKKliK, I'roMrtont.
Mention whrrrt you raw notice of School.
mL virt'>#x*m.7FXr7o#, wraaa tiaww
von any make ok gin.
A ml for *im?. ^bnftlna, Pnl_l*T*
WVIUU n, iUjrt iUiB, I n ? *. > aiTB 11(11 rilllCVR
1 H <?.>. c v^JW 0 i)uirk r>- ' i?f *nil cum worrt
< .??! h-> ? I t?,l lli.iiibl-. ami lO tlN v?"
line. l/r U U OREEM ? bOWb. IJoz b. Atl.nlb. ('
m, W?S WH?Ht AIL ELSt^llS. Efl
H 'H?t (.X>?Kti Syrup. Tauten Uae
Lxl In time. Sold bv riruclHta.

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